The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina on August 28, 1991 · Page 21
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The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina · Page 21

Gaffney, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1991
Page 21
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Early intervention program teaches coping By ANGELA WORTHY Ledger Staff Writer State and federal budget cuts took a large bite out of many programs sponsored by the Cherokee County Mental Retardation Board (CCMRB). However, one of very few areas nothit hard by the $33,300 in budget cuts is a new program sponsored by CCMRB called the Early Intervention Program. Featuring a train-in-the-home policy, the program is geared to teach parents, guardians, or caregivers how to cope with a mentally retarded child Man in hospital being bitten at Associated Press NORTH MYRTLE BEACH -A Pennsylvania man on his honeymoon was hospitalized after being bitten, probably by a shark, while swimming in waist-deep water, authorities said. Brad Hibshman, 23 of Allen-town, Pa., was in stable condition Monday night after having surgery to repair deep cuts to his lower leg. The bite tore a tendon and muscle tissue, did some nerve damage and exposed the bone in Hibshman's leg, said his wife, Donna Hibshman. A nursing supervisor at Grand Strand General Hospital said it was "probably a shark." Donna Hibshman said the same. "Every medic we talked to today, they all said the same thing," she said. "There was no Greyhound bus driver charged with DUI; 45 riders on board Associated Press MINNEAPOLIS Greyhound has fired a driver who was arrested on a charge of drunken driving after police saw his bus weaving down a highway. "The way he was weaving, all it takes is a little lapse and then you could have had a head-on crash and that would have been serious," State Patrol Trooper Jeff Grabow said. "I'm glad we got him off the road." Gregory Kent Olson was arrested Sunday after police stopped his bus, carrying 45 passengers. The bus heading from Minneapolis to Fargo, N.D. was pulled over on Interstate 94 about 200 miles northwest of Minneapolis. Olson apparently drank during the trip because two supervisors who had spoken with him shortly before he left said there was no indication he had been Survivor of boat mishap hopes TV show can solve ocean mystery Associated Press SAVANNAH Nathan NeeSmith was the only known survivor when a 34-foot fishing boat sank in the Atlantic Ocean 16 months ago. Now, he's hoping a television show can do what the U.S. Coast Guard could not: solve the mystery of his three missing companions. A crew from "Unsolved Mysteries" was in Savannah last week to film a segment about the April 1990 sinking of the "Casey Nicole." Their visit was prompted by a call three months ago from NeeSmith, a Darien resident NeeSmith said he hopes the show can help find his brother, Billy Joe Neesmith; his nephew, Keith Wilkes; and his friend, Franklin Brantley. He is convinced the three missing men are safe, despite the time that has elapsed since the sinking, and he believes the Coast Guard gave up its search too quickly. He said his sister and others have received suspicious telephone calls from people who spoke no English. "They spoke Billy Joe's name. They were foreign people. I'm and meet hisher needs Early Intervention will serve up to 12 clients up to six years of age. It is available to clients now involved in the Infant Program at the CCMRB, as well as any child enrolled in the public school system or the Headstart Program. The Early Intervention Program began July 1 and is being taught by Cassandra Gaffney, a Cherokee County native. Gaffney has a Bachelors of Art degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. In addition to her education, she also has nine years experi doubt. They think it was a sand shark from the (bite) patterns. "I'm just thankful that he's all right," she said. "There are worse things that could happen." Donna Hibshman said her husband was swimming with a raft in waist-deep water off 41st Avenue South around 1:30 p.m. when he was bitten. "He said he felt a tug at his leg, then he felt pressure pulling on it and saw blood coming out of it," she said. But Brad Hibshman never saw what bit him, said his wife and Norma Jean Page, the North Myrtle Beach waterfront director. Page said the wound was definitely a fish bite but could have been a shark or a bluefish. No drinking, said spokesman Bill Kula at Greyhound's headquarters in Dallas. Olson, 37, was fired Monday, Kula said. A woman at Olson's suburban Eden Prairie house said he had not been home since the arrest. The woman, who would not identify herself, said she didn't know where he is. Olson was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor. Under Minnesota law, the legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers of commercial vehicles is 0.04 percent. Grabow said a breath test showed Olson's blood-alcohol concentration was m ore than 0. 1 percent, the legal limit for drivers of standard vehicles. The trooper would not disclose the exact results of the test. Olson was taken to the Clay County Jail, and released with really hoping that maybe (the missing men) are hostages in a foreign country or in a work camp or something," he said. "Maybe they were picked up by a cargo boat." "Unsolved Mysteries" producer Tim Rogan said he can't predict whether the show will help NeeSmith find his companions, although about a third of the show's segments do bring results. "I've tried to predict before, but I've been wrong," Rogan said. "We do know that life is stranger than fiction." The show will be broadcast on NBC Christmas night, Dec. 25. NeeSmith played himself in the filmed episode, with actors portraying the three missing men. The segment was filmed off Wilmington Island, east of ence working with the handicapped in Spartanburg County, and meets all pre-requisites for the teaching position. Children served by the Early Intervention Program will be placed on learning objectives at their day program sites (CCMRB Infant Program, Head-start Program, and Public School Programs). These learning objectives will consist of methods for the day programs and Early Intervention program to use for teaching the child self-help independent skills such as feeding themselves, personal hygiene, etc. after beach one else saw the fish and there were no shark sightings elsewhere in North Myrtle Beach Monday, she said. "There's no positive proof that it was a shark," she said. "We do know that bluefish are very dangerous, and they swim with their mouths open." Donna Hibshman said doctors told her the cuts were too severe to be a bluefish. Mrs. Hibshman said the couple delayed their honeymoon for six weeks so they could buy a house and travel at the same time as their relatives. Several kinds of sharks usually swim off the shores of the Grand Strand. But in late August, they often come closer to shore, said Dean Cain of the state Department of Wildlife and Marine Resources. out bail. Greyhound authorities were notified and another bus driver was sent to finish the route. A court appearance was scheduled for Thursday. Olson was one of 2,800 drivers hired by Greyhound after drivers went on strike in March 1990. Kula said he could remember only one similar incident a few years ago, when a Greyhound driver was arrested on charges of drinking while driving a bus. Dennis Martini, federal programs manager for the Southwest Region of the Federal Highway Administration, said Aug. 20 that his office has launched an "exploratory examination" of Greyhound's driving record. He said data submitted by Greyhound would allow a comparison of its performance before and during the strike. Savannah. On April 11, 1990, the four men left a Mcintosh County pier for Tiger's Ledge, an uncharted fishing reef off Edisto Beach, S.C. On April 15, the boat sank about 50 miles offshore. The cause of the sinking is unknown. Almost 100 hours after the boat started taking on water, a private vessel found NeeSmith in the Atlantic Ocean, 20 miles off Hilton Head Island, S.C. He was clinging to a small fiberglass engine cover. The last time NeeSmith saw his three companions, they were hanging onto a rubber raft. NeeSmith, formerly a commercial fisherman, is now a machinist because he's afraid of water. After the accident he tried shrimp fishing, but he couldn't handle it, he said. It will be the responsibility of the Early Intervention teacher to apply these learning objectives in the home and provide parents with the assurances to use the methods. Gaffney will make weekly home visits at a time established by herself and the parents of the children. She will use these home visits for teaching the parents to train the child on the learning objectives. This will allow the progress being made in the day program to continue at home. 12 PRICE AJ BUY 1ST TIRE AT BUY 1ST CEF 1HQ IIFIF AF RtC. Tint AF FF? PRICF OF PRECE OF P16!j8I)H13 P1758IJH13 P18W80H13 PI8575R14 P19W5RM P20575R14 P2l15'7bHI5 P21575H15 P??5;bRt5 P?3575R15 $51 85 $54 65 $57.45 $62.25 $65 60 $69.00 $72 70 $76 60 $80.55 $94.75 $25.93 $27.33 $28.73 $31.13 $32.80 $34.50 $36.35 $38.30 $40 28 $43 38 .nNcnnnE METRIC ALL SEASON RADIAL FOR IMPORTS AN0 COMPACTS ?19! 95 SIZE 155R12 HLACKWAl gOODVEAR If J GOODYEAR b GOODfYEAR GOODrEAR TIEMPO J ARRIVA INVICTA GL 1 THE ORIGINAL ALL SEASON A ALL SEASON V DOUBLE STEEL BELTS -BELTED RADIAL II BELTED RADIAL "ALL SEASON 1 WHITEWALL I WMITEWALL t WHITEWALL g w, $1 Q78 fi . $9735 hi wf $9E181 - $Q7 Iwhiiiwaii VJ whiiiwaif mm m y , whiffwaii mmJ $ I0H 1HI Sf CONn 1IUI WHitJ YOUBUV j 'FOR THT SFCONH I IRF Will N VOl! RUV "FOR IMF SF CUNIJ IIHF WHI N YOU BFJY ft ONI flMHI HII, III AH PRIM OF S.ij ',!, pH ONF AF 1 llf RF lilll AH I'MIU 01 S'i1 '0 (FNI AI ThF RH,IJI AH RIIICF OF SM 35 M SIZE PRICE (30 95 16f)fm (31 95 I7-71R13 $34 95 18570R13 (35 95 JtM31 GE Microwave Oven Ideal for , $16888 students! Close-Out! All GE Room Air Conditioners Hurry for best selection! Sale limited to stock on hand DDE5F00 GE Heavy Duty Dryer $3e49J95 $299 mum J "Quality and Value For Over 47 Years" CAROLINA TIHG 113 Cherokee Avenue 489-5708 Page 9B The Gaffney Ledger, Wednesday, August 28, 1991 She will monitor the child's progress on these objectives and document her findings. If, for some reason, the day program staff and trainers are unsuccessful in training the child using given methods, Gaffney will offer suggestions for methods the parents may have found to be successful within the home. For this reason, the program serves a twofold purpose. Day program staff and trainers can benefit from methods the parents and Gaffney have used GOODYEAR TIRE REGULAR PRICE-SECOND TIRE 12 PRICEI BIFY1SF GFT 2ND Ml tint AF REEF. TIRE AF J PRICE QF PRICE Of PI6V80H13 $ 63.95 $31.98 P17580R13 $ 67.35 $33.68 P18580R13 $ 70 90 $35.45 PI8575R14 $ 76.90 $38.45 P19575R14 S 80.70 $40.35 P20575RI4 $ 85.10 $42.55 P20575R15 $ 89.70 $44.85 P21575H15 $ 94.35 $47.18 P22575R15 $ 99.30 $49.65 P23575R15 $104 50 $52.25 BUY FSF TIRE AF RED PRICE OF SHE P16580R13 P17580R13 P18580R13 P18575R14 P19575R14 P20575R14 P19575M5 P20S75R15 P21575R15 P22575R15 LaNcaane CALIBRE HP RAISED WHITE LETTERS TWO STEEL CORD BELTS S SPEED RATED SIZE P1B5 70A13 WHlTFWAtL 88 m MA""' SIZE PRICE SIZE PRICE t5T 95 P?tVW5 i 95 P?0&.ORU (60 95 p?bij.0R1b $74 95 P?1!W0R14 (62 95 P?1!).60R14 (6? 95 P2?570R15 (66 95 PI9b (50HT5 (60 95 P?1V)'iHI5 $64 95 CT113I "Big Red" 38" Cut Rally Lawn Tractor GE Heavy Duty Washer Regular $369.95 $31888 GE Heavy Duty 5-Cycle Large Capacity Dryer Regular $378.95 $32988 C0L $848 Ssss r 1 1 W, AW WWA8657 W WWA3650 V------' fiiililu in the home, as well as parents benefitting from methods found and used by day program staff and trainers. With the assistance of the Early Intervention Program and Gaffney, there should be an increase in the progress of the child and also a decrease in frustration levels experienced by the parents. Through these avenues, the Early Intervention Program will give a great start in yielding a productive and independent adult. EAGLE ST IV RAISED WHITE LETTERS STEEL BELTS PERFORMANCE TREAD OO size a m uu WFFFIE LEFFEB rl.D'FUMIo FOR FHF SECOND FIRE WHEN YOU BUY ONE AF THE RFGUI Afl PRICF OF 'j GEF 2ND FIRE AT 12 PRICF OF BUY FSF GEF2K0 TIRE AF RED. FIRE AF 17 PRICE OF PRICE OF $29 80 $31.35 $33.00 $35.78 $37.65 $39 68 $39.68 $41.73 $43.90 $46.15 P18570R13 P19570R13 P19570R14 P20570R14 P21570R14 P22570R14 $ 79 65 $ 84 00 $ 88 40 $ 93.05 $ 95 90 $ 98 90 $101 95 $105.10 P22570R15 P235770R15 P21565R15 P21560R14 $ 99 85 $ 96 95 o.""mOmor,: "otter? . inroiw . ... " TBXY14LM 1 GE 14 Cu. Ft. 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