Nottingham Evening Post from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England on February 22, 1958 · 1
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Nottingham Evening Post from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England · 1

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1958
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iim Evening Past Feb 22nd 1939 ' for Binoculars Barometers J Microscopes ViewMasters and other Optical Goods — COUNTY SALON Ladies’ Hair Stylists 45 BURTON STREET i on u " i iKottm Co operative Society ! LTD i OPTICAL DEPARTMENT llotfmuu Mng jM Appointments Tel Nottm 44526 Alio at GRANTHAM Tat 156 6 DERBY ROAD ! phone NOTTINGHAM 40789 SATURDAY FEBRUA&Y 22 1958 No 24812 I REGISTERED FOR TRANSMISSION IN THE UNITED KINGDOM 8 PAGES TWOPENCE f- n STAGGER YOUR HOURS " CALL TO MAJOR INDUSTRIES f SPREAD-OVER PLAN TO EASE PEAK TRAVEL PERIODS I I Ml a ml 1 I 1 1 if Bid To End T raf f ic Crawl $ I — Wed At Miss M Tinkler of 21 Gahvay-road and Mr J M Worthington of 41 Calverton-road both of Arnold who were married at St Mary’s Church Arnold to-day (Photo: Millington and Chapman) NOTTINGHAM GUNSHOP RAIDED Weapons And POLICE forces throughout the country have been alerted following the theft of two automatic pistols a revolver a 12-bore shotgun and about £1 1 in cash from the gunsmith shop of C Smith and Sons (Newark) of Milton-street Nottingham The descriptions of the guns including their serial numbers has been circulated to all police forces To-day a Nottingham police officer told the Post: “This is a matter of the utmost seriousness Consequently we are making exhaustive inquiries on every line possible" The thieves who made their entry by climbing a roof at the rear of the premises left a note on a -ble in the shop The note which had been typed o- a machine belonging to the firm read: “We are very sorry but the IRA need all the small arms they can master Signed J P Malone in charge” The police have not yet decided how much credence to attach to the possi-blity of the raid being the work of the IRA and this matter is being investigated In the shop was a large number of other arms and a lot of ammunition bu: this was untouched by the raiders WAS IT IRA? However Mr Arthur Wilson and H D H Strong who work in the ‘ m gunroom are inclined to treat the note as a hoax To-day they gave the Post a list of pointers which turned to them to indicate that the IRA were not responsible The thieves took only a small tpmy of firearms “ If it had been IRA they would surely have made 1 "rough job of it and would prob-r have taken nearly the whole lot” aid Mr Wilson Sir Winston Doing Fine All Very Happy About Recovery h Winston Churchill received to-I I'S first visitors at the Villa La Roqucbrurte Cap Martin since nf was taken ill early this week They p ’ Captain and Mrs Arthur vjranvillc Soames who are on holiday °n rne Riviera blrs Soames told reporters: “Sir mnston is doing fine We are all very njppy about his magnificent recovery air Winston had another quiet night member of the household said to-day His two doctors Lord Moran and -lavid Roberts made their regular mng calls ” 83-year-old statesman was last r) 'tated to be definitely improving t'”n pneumonia and pleurisy t“ j has kept him in bed since One Found Three Sfi At Liberty from "t 01 llle f°ur youths who escaped r'’T Lowdham Borstal Institution last himself up at Arnold after jpt i uuujcil lip 11 MUU1U nllvi y0i'han three hours’ freedom The L - yO-UPOr evU 11: 1 1: T I ’—I Fora'i’ 20'kear-old William Frederick to it m’ of T-ondon was taken back p ‘j lnsttution by police officers Karfu°® are now making a general bam f 01 e countryside around Lowd-'u-nu uc 0ller three youths 18-SmHa"y Francis Fallon of 8 J ’‘'sc Rochdale Anthony Aley and “or( near Melton Mowbray Herbv ‘ycar'old James Smcdley of Im'th Relieve the youths are lying he arca possibly hiding in hedge bottoms thSter!°llr yoillhs wearing blue wind-rrt f'8Lcy Hannels and brown shoes itfutjL nt0 be missing from the in-Ptn °? 'twecn 730 pm and 845 loestinnoa night’ Police stopped and -oncd motorists in the Nottingham Arnold Cash Stolen No ammunition was taken for the guns — two Browning automatics a Belgian revolver and a 12-bore shotgun The IRA do not usually take money but in this raid about £11 was taken from the shop The thieves went to the trouble of typing out a note on the firm’s machine which implicated themselves — if they were the IRA Said Mr Wilson : “ If I had been in the IRA I certainly would not have wasted time in typing out a note” Boy Severely Burned Notts Accident A 10-year-old Mansfield Wood-house boy suffered severe burns when his clothing caught fire at his home to-day Keith John Savage a pupil of Oxclose-lane School went into the living room at his home 30 Maple-toft-avenue and was moving one of Keith Savage his younger brothers from where he was playing near the fire when his own clothes caught fire “ He came running into me in the front room with all his clothes ablaze” said his 27-year-old mother Mrs Joan Savage “ I wrapped a rug round the lower part of his body and tore the rest of his clothes from him" A friend Mrs Ellen Walker who lives four doors away was called and sent for an ambulance which took both Keith and his mother to hospital Keith was detained and Mrs Savage received treatment for her badly burned hands which were heavily bandaged COURT CLERK RETIRES Tribute was paid by police magistrates and solicitors to the Assistant Clerk of Chesterfield County Magistrates Mr Albert Presc when he retired to-day Mr Harold Shentall presenting him with a silver salver on behalf of the magistrates said that when Mr Prese was appointed Assistant Clerk Mr Shentall’s father was chairman of the Bench Mr Prese had served the court for 50 years starting as a boy carrying the clerk’s box and papers Mr Prese was presented with a set of golf chibs by Mr George Slack on behalf of the solicitors NOTTM PILOT EXPECTED IN SUMMER an attempt to relieve the crawling chaos travelling hours the Chief Constable Capt in a statement to the Press to-day that a months ago to tackle the problem has proposed 7 — That the four major local industries — Boots Raleigh Industries Chilwell Ordnance Depot and Player's — should stagger their hours departmentally In connection with the last named suggestion Capt Popkess said that a pilot scheme is likely to come into operation some time during this summer Next month he added the committee is to meet to discuss which firms can be included in the pilot scheme “I think” said Captain Popkess “that Nottingham is the first city in the country to carry out such a scheme and 1 am sure it will change the whole nature of the present hideous rush to and from work But I see no reason why it cannot be applied elsewhere” Capt Popkess’s statement said that for some months representatives of Nottingham Chamber of Commerce Nottingham and District Trades Council and other interested bodies have been engaged in working out a scheme for the staggering of hours in central Nottingham Recently he continued the Traffic Commissioners wrote to him saying : “ It does appear as though you are well on the way to achieving a worthwhile scheme for the staggering of working hours and I do hope that your further efforts will meet with every success “This matter of staggering working hours plays an important part in the economics of bus operations” Police Surveys Captain Popkess added: "Everybody who has had the doleful experience of standing for long periods in traffic queues especially at this time of the year must be wishing the Alfreton Woman Fined £40 Children Visited Her Betting Shop Children were said at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court to-day to have been seen visiting a betting shop run by an Alfreton commission agent at Grassmoor Derbys The agent Alice Moss 66 of John-street Alfreton pleaded guilty to four charges of using an office at Chapman-lane Grassmoor for the purpose of betting between February 1 and 12 She was fined a total of £40 Her clerk George Philip Sills 52 of Crofton-avenue Alfreton pleaded guilty to four charges of assisting her He was fined a total of £20 Chief Insp Parkes said that police raided the premises on February 12 “ We found a small betting room inside occupied by Moss and Sills and 10 other people” he said “EXPECTING IT” Moss said they had been expecting a police visit as they had been there for 18 months without being noticed by the police “ You may think 10 was a small number of people” the inspector added “ But a time was chosen when not many would be present If we had gone on a Saturday there would no doubt have been 50 to 60 there” The worst feature of the case was the fact that children visited the shop “ It is a great danger to them” he said In court Moss said they had told the children not to visit the shop Sills had nothing to say The 10 people found in the shop — a woman and nine men from the Grassmoor district — were bound over not to frequent a betting house for a year Each was ordered to tav 4s costs “ And please don’t let vour children go to such places” said the chairman Mr Harold Shentall Bingham Man's Clothes Stolen While He Slept No one believed storekeeper Bill Strong of Bingham when they heard his reason for missing a day at work “ Someone broke into the bedroom while I was asleep and stole my clothes” he told his workmates But Bingham police believed him for less than 100 yards from Bill Strong’s council house in Edinburgh-drive they have found the clothes the burglar discarded before changing into Bill’s trousers sports jacket and overcoat When Mr Strong who is 62 went to bed on the night of the burglary he slung his trousers over the back of chair at the bedside “ I didn’t hear a thing in the night Neither did my wife’ he told the police when they called to investigate the robbery next morning Gone with his clothes was a small amount of cash and a few personal belongings including a watch The discarded clothing was found bundled in a heap near the railway line which backs on to the council houses The American Ambassador to Italy Mr James Zellerbach presented the Pope to-day with the George Washington Carver Memorial Institute’s annual gold award for the betterment of race relations 2 — That firms in central Nottingham should arrange wherever possible to vary their starting and finishing times efforts of the committee God speed" The police he commented had been carrying out extensive surveys during the past few months in order to find out the best way of tackling the problem The surveys were confined to firms in central Nottingham which employed more than 25 workers The committee — the Staggering of Business Hours Committee — will continue in being indefinitely so that it can sort out problems as they occur Queen Mother’s Triumphal Tour Drives Over Sydney Harbour Bridge The Queen Mother drove across the massive Sydney harbour bridge to-day to lunch in the wardroom of the Naval base at Balmoral — HMS Penguin She showed keen interest in the bridge which spans the harbour and is the pride of the city From her qz‘h she peered up at the huge girders towering above her Hundreds of private cars many gaily decorated with streamers and surf club colours followed the Royal procession and it was estimated that 150000 people lined the route At the naval base she was greeted by a specially planted flower garden spelling out “ Fear God and Honour the Queen” Hundreds of yachts under sail in the sparkling blue harbour the bright dresses of the crowds and the white summer uniforms of the Naval guard of honour made a gay scene After lunching at the base the Queen Mother sailed in a Royal barge escorted by yachts to Manly for a traditional surf carnival with parades of burly sun-tanned lifesavers and and demonstrations of surf-riding BOY WTH PISTOL Police raced to the ferry pier at Manly a few minutes before the Queen Mother was due when a 16-year-old boy was seen carrying what appeared to be a revolver They found that the youth had a 32 starting pistol and took it from him They ordered him to report to the police station but said he was only a practical joker Enthusiastic crowds stopped the Queen Mother’s car several times during her drive from the botanical gardens where she inspected 1300 Servicewomen to the Naval base The sun was hot and the humidity high during the botanical gardens parade and 28 Servicewomen fainted The Queen Mother however appeared unworried by the heat and did not seek the shelter of parasols carried by members of the Royal Household COMMUNISTS ATTEND She frequently 'topped to speak to Servicewomen and was loudly cheered by a crowd of about 300000 After saying farewell to Service chiefs she left for the Balmoral Naval Base in an open car Two well-known Sydney Communists conspicuous in informal light grey lounge suits attended last night’s State reception to the Queen Mother in Sydney Town Hall They were Mr Pat Clancy State secretary of the Building Workers’ Industrial Union and Mr Edgar Ross editor of Common Cause the Miners' Federation Journal GIRLS’ NARROW ESCAPE A shocked silence fell on the crowd of about 4000 people when three girls fell on to the road almost under the wheels of the Royal car as the Queen Mother drove to Government House on her return from Manly The surging crowd had suddenly thrust forward as the car drove away from a wharf and the girls were knocked to the ground within inches of the rear wheels As policemen ran to pick them up the Royal car moved away with the Queen Mother apparently unaware of the accident No Sunday Cinemas For Ilkeston An attempt to get Ilkeston cinemas to open on a Sunday has failed for the time being The Youth Committee wrote to the Corporation General Purposes Committee requesting that consideration be given to the question They wanted cinemas to open after normal church services had finished The committee have resolved that no action should be taken The Queen received three of her Windsor staff at Windsor Castle to-day and presented them with the Royal Victorian Medal in silver They were Mr W Allfrev and Mr L Ashton both tractor drivers in Windsor Great Park and Mr R Young chief cabinet maker at the Castle SCHEME THE of Nottingham's peak A Popkess announced committee set up 10 these solutions : 3 — That firms of one type of trade should avoid the present peak travelling hours Capt A Popkess Nasser To Head Egypt -- Syria Union Huge Crowd Hails Result Of Plebiscite President Nasser of Egypt President of the Syro-Egyptian mammoth rally in the Square The introduction was made over loudspeakers installed in the square amid the cheers of hundreds of thousands of people The huge crowd had converged on the square to hear the results of the plebiscite in Egypt and Syria on the union Oriental music blaring over loudspeakers mingled with the peal of church bells in Christian churches as the newspapers foreshadowing the result of the plebiscite proclaimed: “ Arab republic is born Result of plebiscite— unanimity” About 6500000 Egyptians and 1360000 Syrians voted in yesterday’s plebiscite The result was a foregone conclusion in favour of the union and of President Nasser as first leader of the united republic “WILL NEVER RAISE ARMS AGAINST ARABS” In a speech after the announcement of the plebiscite result President Nasser referring to allegations that the Egyptian Army invaded the Sudan told the Crowd : “ The United Arab Republic will never raise its arms against an Arab people Unity is our weapon against our enemies” President Nasser said: “God has always been aiding us in our struggle for the great aims we are striving to achieve With His help and bv His aid there has arisen to-day the United Arab Republic” President Nasser continued : “ The unity attained to-day is our weapon against our common enemy who This Week’s Quiz Thl is a well known spot again in a fairly central position in Nottingham Where was it ? Sudanese Premier’s Protest To Egypt Not Told Of Border Dispute THE Sudanese Premier was making another protest to Egypt to-day this time over the failure of Cairo to notify him of Egypt's placatory decision on their frontier dispute The Prime Minister Abdullah Khalil told journalists last night that the latest Egyptian decisions had not been officially notified to the Sudan Government— although they were widely publicised by the Egyptians by radio and in a communique issued by the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum He announced that he would call the Egyptian Ambassador in Khartoum to-day to protest The communique as broadcast by Cairo Radio said that Egypt agreed to defer further consideration of the fron tier dispute until after the Sudanese General Election next Thursday — as the Sudan had previously asked The communique said the decision was subject to the Sudan agreeing to start negotiations on outstanding problems between the two coutries after the elections NOT TO HOLD PLEBISCITE? The Sudanese Premier commented: “The Egyptians are obviously proclaiming their decision to the people while ignoring the Government of Sudan “ We shall wait and see before taking a decision on our next step” The Egyptian communique was interpreted as meaning that the Egyptian Government had decided not to hold its plebiscite in the 10000 square miles of disputed territory over which Egypt has claimed sovereignty NEW GOVERNMENT Mr Mohammed Mahgoub Sudan’s Foreign Minister told Reuter after a Cabinet meeting yesterday — before the Egyptian communique had been broadcast — that the Sudan had told Egypt that it would be ready to enter into negotiations immediately after March 20 when a new Sudanese Government would be formed “ It is our sincere hope that a satisfactory peaceful settlement will be was to-day acclaimed first United Arab Republic at a of the Republic Cairo launched a direct attack against us when he struck at Port Said He could never have succeeded but he attacked stealthily and had to withdraw thanks to your unity He won’t be able to fight us again” COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF Cairo radio said that President Nasser's first decree was to appoint the Commander of Egyptian armed forces General Abdel Hakim Anier to be Commander-in-Chief of the forces of the United Arab Republic with the rank of Field Marshal 9999 PER CENT APPROVE President Nasser welcomed the Syrians into the union and thanked them for the trust they had put in him After his speech he drovg from the square through the gaily decorated streets in an open car amid cheers The Minister of the Interior Mr Mohieddin told the rally that yesterday’s plebiscite approved formation of the republic with President Nasser as its head by 9999 per cent in Egypt and by 9998 per cent in Syria 616 Pits Work Saturday Shift The National Coal Board estimate that the voluntary shift was worked at 616 pits to-day East Midlands 85 On the comparable Saturday of last year 679 pits produced 261900 tons of coal Decision On reached” he added “ We are very keen to maintain the best friendly relations with our Egyptian brothers Mr Mahgoub said that the Sudan would not allow an Egyptian plebiscite to be held in the border area which is the subject of the dispute with fcgypt Of his talks in Cairo he said “The Cabinet agreed unanimously with all I had done” He added “ My talks with President Nasser and his Ministers were cordial but we reached an impasse” UN DISCUSSION The United Nations Security Council met last night to consider Sudan’s complaint of “ impending Egyptian aggression ” in the frontier area It took no decision on the dispute but members urged both sides to stay their hands The question remains on the Council’s agenda West Bridgford Bus Fares r Applications For Increases Barton Transport Ltd are applying to the Traffic Commissioners for permission to increase fares on bus services operating via Melton-road and Radcliffe-road West Bridgford to maintain co-ordination with West Bridgford LfDC The increases are: Broad-marsh to Valley-road 5d to 6d Hununatfon-street to Valley-road 5d to 6d Clifton Colliery to Valley-road 5d to 6d : Ryehill-street to Valley-road 3d to 4d Broad-marsh to Radcliffe-road 5d to 6d Ryehill-street to Radcliffe-road 3d to 4d A Skill of St Peter’s-street Nottingham is asking for permission to increase the Huntingdon-strcet — Gam-ston Bridge fare from 5d to 6d single and Trent Bridge — Gamston Bridge from 3d to 4d single on the Nottingham to East Bridgeford route Permission has been granted to Nottingham City Transport and West Bridgford UDC to cancel existing “'inward journeys only” fares and introduce 2d fares from Trent Bridge to Midland Station and from Midland Station to South Parade Barton’s have been given permission to introduce a special single fare of 2d from Woodhouse to Swadlincote and increase the single fare between Attenborough-lane and Kegworth post office from Is to Is Id FIRE BRIGADE OFFICER CHARGED Son And Another Fireman Also Accused brigade A London fire brigade station officer his son and a fireman were at Marylebone to-day remanded on bail until March 11 The station officer Joseph Randle Riley 46 of Margaret House Mul-ready-street Marylebone was charged with receiving about February 21 at his address 64 gramophone records valued at £75 knowing them to have been stolen His son Frederick Randle Riley 25 railway porter of Torquay-street Paddington was charged with stealing between December last year and February 21 at Marylebone goods station 75 records valued at £100 the property of the British Transport Commission The fireman Ronald Robert Morris 28 or Methley-strcet Kcnnihgton was charged with receiving a camera and a flashlight unit knowing them to have been stolen D s Barrett said there were a number of other inquiries still to be made All three were remanded on bail of £25 each NOTTM MEN STOLE CYCLE Worth £26 they tried to Sell it for £4 Two labourers who stole a bicycle worth £26 from outside Nottingham Employment Exchange in Castle-boulevard tried to sell the machine for £4 it was stated at the Guildhall to-day They were Derek Frederick Nod-dings' 30 labourer of Goldsmith-street Nottingham and Patrick Dennis Cotterill 21 labourer of Portland-road Nottingham Noddings was remanded in custody for sentence at Nottingham Quarter Sessions His record was said to include a conviction for robbery with violence for which he was sentenced to five years' imprisonment Cotterill said to have one previous conviction was bound over for 12 months The world's oldest sports car race the Royal Automobile Club's International Tourist Trophy Race will be held at Goodwood on September 13 Insurance Is ‘ Intimate ’ Sir John Benn Warns Against State Monopoly Sir John Benn Bt i nhis annual statement to shareholders of the United Kingdom Provident Institution says: “Insurance is a personal and intimate business and anything approaching a state monopoly could quickly destroy the advantages which the competition between 80 Life Offices now affords” There were three requirements for successful insurance whether private or state — independence sound finance and efficiency “ I believe that the role of the Life Offices in encouraging people to stand on their own feet has never been more important than it is to-day “ Every insurance policy is a declaration of independence and a pledge of personal effort” On sound finance Sir John says that if a Government were to introduce a new pension scheme it should oe separate from and not confused with its primary duty to maintain a basic standard of living for old people The gap to be met by the taxpayer between National Insurance contributions and benefits would in the years ahead be a steadily growing liability “ Lord Beveridge perhaps the chief architect of the Welfare State made some strong comments on this situation recently When the Fairy Queen begins to speak in the accents of the Demon King we must all take notice” BASIC BENEFITS The subsidies on basic benfits could be kept in bounds by supplementing benefits with soundly financed pensions “ On the present basis if benfits are raised still further even larger subsidies will be required and may defeat the whole object by further undermining the value of money” The Labour Party’s plan for national superannuation would have the effect of redistributing inciome “ If as a matter of social policy there is a case for such a measure it should be imposed openly through the Budget and not under the guise of insurance” A new national scheme would include transfer rights but the cost of makiing? reirement? pensions? compulsory throughut industry would be far greater than many firms could bear in relation to present output Spring Buzz-By With spring just around the comer things are really humming in the fashion world and here is a beehive shaped hat to prove it The hat is of draped white organza with tiny springs of lilies of the valley and pink roses Release of Aircraft Demanded The South Korean National Assembly to-day unanimously adopted a resolution demanding the immediate release of the South Korean aircraft— and its 34 passengers and crew — whiefc landed in North Korea last Sunday The resolution also called for the immediate abrogation of the 1953 Armistice Agreement the unconditional withdrawal of Communist Chinese troops from Korea and an election in North Korea to fill the 100 vacant seals set aside for North Korean representatives in the National Assembly The National Assembly later voted to send the resolution to President Eisenhower the 16 United Nations who fought in Korea Mr Ham-marskjold United Nations Secretary-General the International Red Cross in Geneva and General George H Decker Cominander-in-Chief United Nations Command and United States forces in Korea Two Hurt In Accident Near Loughborough Two Keyworth men were taken to Loughborough Hospital after the car in which they were travelling overturned at Rempstone near Loughborough early to-day After treatment for abrasions and shock Stephen Read and Alan Porter both of Croft-road Keyworih were discharged The Harriet Cohen International Music Awards for 1958 announced yesterday include the award of 'he Arnold Bax Society’s prize for composers of the Commonwealth to John Gardner (Great Britain) An extra medal is awarded to Benjamin Lees (USA) A i i i fli t A tj n 4 I I I Vh

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