Birmingham Post-Herald from Birmingham, Alabama on September 3, 1965 · 4
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Birmingham Post-Herald from Birmingham, Alabama · 4

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1965
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PA6I 4 — BIRMINGHAM POST-HIRALD— Friday SaftMibar I IMS $40 Million Building Program In Works :? BY JAMES BENNETT A 140 million construction program in Birmingham including a major new convention center a Mock-long trade mart and a 300-bed charity hospital have been put on the drawing board by the 1005 Legislature The three project aponaored by the Jeffenon County Legislative Delegation arc all expected to get under way within aeveral year Although scheduled to he built in Birmingham taxpayers of the entire county will be called on to help provide financing for the three projects On several previous projects such as Legion Field and the city art museum tlie burden of payment rested solely with Birmingham The proposed new convention center estimated to call for an investment of $25 million is scheduled to Include a 20000 indoor coliseum concert hall opera house and sports arena The facility is slated to be built in an expanded area of the Birmingham Civic Center between Eighth and llth-avs n and 19th and 21st-st Target Is 1971 Sponsors are hoping to have it completed before the city's 100th anniversary in 107L In line with legislative directions Rep Holt Bast has scheduled a meeting here Tuesday to organise a five-member board to administer the convention hall In approving the program the Legislature named Birmingham Mayor Albert Boutwell and County Commission President W Cooper Green to the convention authority At its Tuesday meeting Jefferson County legislators will name two more members The four will then name a fifth One of the five however will have to reside in the Bessemer Cutoff area of the county Refore the regular session ended last month the entire Jefferson legislative delegation called on the authority to name the new 20000-seat coliseum after long-time legislator Rep Tram Sessions dgarets Taxed Sessions dean of the county's l7-membcr House delegation has long proposed construction of a major coliseum in Birmingham altho’’gh the project never got off the ground until this year The convention center is to be financed by a 2 cent hike in county cigarct taxes bringing the total levy to four cents per pack The additional cigaret revenue estimated to reach some $12 million a year is slated to be augmented by another new tax a 1 per cent lodgings levy expected to net another $60000 Both went into effect Wednesday The proposed new charity hospital scheduled to rise some seven stories in the University Medical Center on the South-side is slated to be financed by still another new tax program Lawmakers passed a new one-half cent county wide sales tax estimated to bring in — along with existing taxes on whisky miniatures and half pints — some $44 million annually The sales tax scheduled to go The municipal levies still will be collected The charity hospital proposal talked about for years is designed to completely revamp the county’s indigent care program removing its patients from University Hospital Estimated construction cost for the hospital ranges between $4 and $5 million It will be administered by the County Itself The proposed trade center dubbed the Southern Products Mart is scheduled to be located between 21st and 22nd-st at Morris-av and the mlr'ille and Nashville Railroad tracks Authorized during the specbl session on education last Winter the trade mart is ochehiled to include several decks of downtown parking The other two projects were approved during the just-endod regular session last mon'h into effect Oct 1 will be the county's first venture into the sales tax field although several cities including Birmingham Tarrant Fairfield and Mountain Brook already have such taxes The trade mart could cost u much as $19 million although the exact construction costs depend on the amount of 'eases the mart authority can obtain before building time Financing will be done through bonds The County Commission recently named a five-member authority to administer the facility including William Spencer III as chairmsn and Ferd Weil Jjhn Jemison Jr Mark Hodo and Albert Mills Spencer who said mart plans a still in the “feasibility stage" said members of the authority have been visiting trade marts in other cities to aid in the Birmingham plans Spencer has visited Denver while Jemison and Mills have gone to Dallas and Weil and Hjdo have been in Atlanta :? ASTRODOME IN BIRMINGHAM— Architects for 'Operation tyiip Birmingham" have visualized the proposed new convention rater in Birmingham to resemble Houston's new Astrodome The fiftslity approved by the Legislature last month is scheduled to In cjpie a 20000-seat coliseum plus other convention centers to be Dwtlt from receipts of the new two-cent per pack cigaret tax and - " day TRADE MART PLANS UNDER WAY— Members of Birmingham's newlyapointed Trade Mart Authority are touring existing marts over the country to firm up details of this proposed new market center (center right) in Birmingham ONB architects have offered this design now on display at Municipal Airport for the Birmingham center approved by the Legislature earlier this year I !i Mountain Woods griefs Requested il$dge jCu$ait h J Edgar Bowron-presiding judge of die 19th Judicial has asked for briefs on a petition to review Probate ONG litigation connected with the incorporation of the Just-de-claM municipality of Mountain Woods i S- v-v5 tfMy William Acker representing the new city argued yesterday that a review by Circuit Ctjnf of the Probate Court rul' ingids premature at this point aiW'hould be held up until after Je mayor and council are elected Sept 21 jitftr Charles Spier who filed the petition for review on behalf of Mrs Alberta Jones and Wldfom C Garner Mountain Wopd residents and Berkshire Development Co charges irregularities in the Incorporation proceedings and Insufficient narftta on the Incorporation petl- fifige Bowron asked for briefs bjL Wednesday to consider whiter he will review the low-ervfceurt rulings (ountaln Woods incorporators Jan election Aug 17 after California lyow Leads In Population Iffiway In the M's the Census Bureau this week gave some pojpgation ' estimates showing atpsAg other things that Call foifiia now a our largest state 3 the standpoint of people omia’s population was at 1980200 ahead Network's 18029 0M home owners in the area appeared on the point of losing a long-standing battle with shopping center promoters Vestavia Planning Commit-Won following the incorporation election voted to change soiling to commercial of the proposed site of the shopping center which is separated from the city limits of Vestavia by the newly incorporated Mountain Wooda municipality - Incorporators contend the shopping center site now separated from Vestavia by Mountain Woods cannot be zoned by Vestavia NEW CHARITY HOSPITAL SET — Scheduled to rise some seven stories in the University Medical Center the proposed new mercy hospital will include emergency facilities and 300 beds for county indigent patients on completion Plans are now underway for the facility to be built from receipts of a one-half cent countywide sales tax along with existing taxes on whisky miniatures and half pints The soles levy goes into effect Oct I 1 Meetings Continue— Housing Act Explained To Leaders was estimated to'of the housing subcommittee of 000 people a gain ofhe U S Senate Banking and cent over I960 This ia Currency Committee BY DON CUMMINS It was "foil steam ahead" yesterday for Jefferson County Operation New Birmingham continued to spearhead the "new spirit" in Jefferson County with a series of meetings on the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1905 Here for the meetings arranged by ONB and at the re-of-quent of Sen John Sparkman was Dudley O'Neal chief counsel national average of with 2845000 was Mississippi with 23flgD00 had gained 06 per cent anCOeorgia 4357000 had gain erH5 per cent Watt Virginia was the only state to lose population It was1 Mr O'Neal met with business leaders civic and governmental officials throughout the day explaining how the various com' munitiei and businesses in Jefferson County could participate in Uw new homing and development act The new act waa an effort on down 28 per cent ’the part of the Federal govern Nevada is a small state In ment to return the tax dollars population but its gain of 542l0n a 50 per cent f 66 basis us utna 4ke mnnnsf In Ina a per cent was the biggest in the nation with Arisona 235 per cent listed next ABC Agent Guilty On Morals Charge A 32-year-old agent for the Bogrd was convicted yesterday in Birmingham Recorder’s Cofp of two counts of indecent exposure and sentenced to six months in jail and fined $100 and costs on each count -I James E Higdon 7M First-' av Lipscomb was identified by four girls ranging in ages from 10 to 13 as the man who exposed himself to them in West End The girls were in pairs on July 31 and Aug 2 when the alleged offenses were committed One girl in each pair got the license number which resulted in the arrest several days later Judge Joe Jasper released the defendant into the custody of his attorney Morrell Montgomery until today to allow him to make appeal bonds on the two teases development of open spaces and M per cent for beautification and extends the urban renewal program for four years Necessary Funds The balance of the necessary funds Is supplied by the local community or business In a brief rundown of what la helpful during a breakfast session O'Neal mentioned assistance could be obtained for acquiring land for the Birmingham civic center He urged local citizena plan and seek federal hinds on projects local leaders feel necessary to the area's growth progress and success He told a group of businessmen during a midmorning meeting that private enterprise could profit from its participation He said the Federal government is putting emphasis on decent housing and private enterprise doing it He said the land con be acquired under urban renewal and following preparation the cleared land can be sold to private enterprise firms for their development at a profit He also told the group that private enterprise can profit from the rent supplement program Private Business "We hope this will move the Federal Government out of housing and pill housing with the private financial community" O'Neal said As for Birmingham O'Neal said those projects which are ready to go should go with the community deciding the priority The many plana in Jefferson County which fit the housing and development act need to be fit info the overall plan fur the County Vincent Townsend chairman of ONB told the businessmen and development there will be staff and a man to assist and follow through on all programs submitted by the county communities If desired ONB will move to set up a O'Neal told the mayors of Jefferson County municipalities during an afternoon session lie said the act was one of the few times the government has aimed at community development Develop Commusltlri It's purpose is to develop communities in whk'h people can live in better and more beautiful surroundings O’Neal a native of Andalusia pointed out that one of the key points In the program Is com prehensive planning for the present and the future He said the Federal government has money for beautifies tion open spaces preservation of historical sites and structures as well as urban renewal and housing “Congress has put a little more sugar on the doughnut” O'Neal said in describing the new housing act He said the set provides 50 per cent for sewage and water M per cent for open spaces and real seminar he said But it will take some Investment on the part of those participating Should Co-operate Later he told the mayors that all elements in Jefferson County should co-operate to get things done “Jefferson County is metropolitan In its interest" he said "We are not going to rest on the $100 million that will move in county economic channels in the next three years” O'Neal urged the mayors to get their programs in and be ready Mayor Albert Boutwell said "We're on the right track” Bessemer Mayor Jess Lanier pointed out the Atlanta regional office for the Federal government has proved to be a bottleneck in making application to qualify under the programs Fairfield’s Mayor Claude Smithson agreed with Mayor Lanier saying It has teen impossible to get cooperation in Atlanta The series of meetings will continue today beginning with the Mayor and City Council and the Jeffenon County Commission Later in the morning O’Nea will meet with the Chamber of Commerce and climax his stay here with an executive meeting at noon Schools Off ering Variety Of Vocational Courses City schools are now offering Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 to 9 wide variety of new evening classes Floyd H Lawson director of vocational education said yesterday All classes are open to adults or young people over 1$ who are not enrolled In regular day school classes he said Registration is $3 per quarter A minimum enrollment of 15 students Is required In the organization of any class Mr Lawson said ('oarers At Woodlawn Classes at Woodlawn High School annex (128 or 130 57th-st n) will Include: Blueprint reading for the ma chine trades starting Monday and scheduled Monday and Wednesday each week 6:80 pm to 8:30 pm Shop mathematics classes will be held at the same time time Machine drafting 4 starting Tuesday and on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:30 and 8:30 pm Schedule At Clean At Glenn Vocational High School (ON lOth-at I) Printing now underway pm Electricity (basic) starts Tuesday same time Cosmetology now under way Mondays through Thursdays 0-10 pm General continuation (basic education) starts Oct 1 Monday through Friday 6-9 pm: instruction in elementary and high school subjects Vocational Training Center: Industrial electronics classes start Monday and will be held Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30-i:M pm Good Red Training HONG KONG Sept 2 im — Red China's massive Mao-inspired learn-to-swim campaign has beecome a handy means of escape according to refugee sources at Portuguese Macao in the Canton River mouth They said that of 751 refugees who reached Macao from China in August more than half made It by swimming and almost all of these had participated in the program dedicated to the mighty swimmer Chairman Mao Vote Ruling Appeal Set By KAY MARTIN Fairfield Mayor Claud Smith-son said last night the city will appeal Probate Judge J Paul Meeks decision ordering Smith-son to set a date for a change of government election The decision stipulated that a date be set for the election within 49 days but Mayor Smith-son said he would “try his best to get the decision set aside” City attorney Frank Parsons said he would attempt in circuit court to "have the judgement reversed” Mayor Smithson said Judge Meeks "went out of line" "This la the rottenest thing that could happen" he said “Judge Meeks approved names he had no right to approve” He said a great many names at the petition were fraudulent and that it could be proved The Fairfield Business Association began the petition after crltisicing the council government fbr “poor management” Apparently the $19 million null to be built In Fairfield ignited the campaign to change city government If the election ia held residents will decide on the present council form or change to the three man commission government Pelham Crowder spokesmen r Fairfield Businessman's Association said people la Fair-field were “sick of the city’s delaying actions putting off the election by appealing the decision” He said the mayor and other city employes should “stop using taxpayer's money for a personal fight” He said there were many persona In Fairfield who want a change of government “Those persons are now pay-ing the mayor and city attorney for something those persons definitely don't want the mayor and city attorney to do” Mr Crowder said Mayor Smithson said It was not a personal fight "Wo are fighting this battle” he said "for the City iff Fair-field and the majority is with us” Betsv Roars Chapmans Plan UHF TV Station BY EMMETT WEAVES Post-Herald Amuemeat Editor Still another new UHF television station for Birmingham Is on the viewing horizn The Chapman brothers veteran Birmingham broadcasters are moving ahead for their plans to get Channel 21 on the air Meanwhile In another development UHF channel 4! may be delayed about a week from MIAMI Sept 2 in -Hurricane Betsy packing winds up to 159 miles an hour plodded relentlessly toward Use U S mainland tonight perilously cksee to the Bahamas Islands and their American missile tracking stations The mighty storm was still three days from the mainland at Its speed of 8 miles an hour but at 11 pm EST a hurricane hunter plane located it only about 195 miles east of the San Salvador Island tracking sta-tion That location waa near latitude 244 north longitude 717 west about 459 miles east-southeast of Miami Three Island tracking stations were battened down as the storm approached and a fourth planned to follow suit at dawn The Cape Kennedy spaceport was put on preliminary alert The Weather Bureau uid Betsy would apparently remain on the northwesterly path it assumed earlier today for at least 12 hours but it was so powerful that weathermen refilled to declare the Bahamas safe They warned Island residents against high swells and gusty squalls "Maximum winds are estimated 125 to 150 miles per hour near the center” the Weather Bureau said tonight "and gales extend out 200 miles in the north and 100 miles in the south semicircle" Every hour that Betsy held to the more northerly turn it took suddenly today lessened the danggp to the Bahamas and their millions of dollars worth of US missile tracking gear Grand Turk Island reported wind gusts up to 45 mph early this afternoon and seas ranging from six to nine feet Missilemen at the island's tracking station were on maximum alert along with similar installations at Mayaguana and San Salvador READY FOR WORK— Members of Local 612 of the Teamsters Union join Miss Elizabeth May of Spastic Aid in making plans for next week-end' telethon The teamsters are (from left) John Pierce secretary-treasurer Bill Gunning business manager and Joe Creel Teamsters Ready For 18th Telethon m t A project which began 17 years ago win continue again this year ' 1 Begun was participation by Teamsters Local 612 In the annual Cerebral Palsy Telethon — and tbs onion ia proud they have kept their string of service unbroken to this day The Teamsters provide transportation for every single volunteer worker in the entire telethon and they travel for and wide throughout the state to pick up donations which have been pledged by telephone But the group has another contribution which is always a great source of pride to them — their own donations Each year they strive to be the one grog that donsteo tho most to the telethon Last year they gave 17000 All Teamsters who participate In the fond gathering and volunteer transportation will have special safety hats — the hats will serve two purposes to identify them as CP waters and to remind everyone to drive safely its original target date date of Sept 12 This is because of a hold-up in receiving parts and also connecting up t h e power supply Complicate Pictare Two new UHF stations tor the metropolitan Birmingham market would complicate the viewing picture This would probably mean that the new outlets will be competing for those NBC and CBS shows not carried by VHF station 13 Yesterday George Chapman one of the brothers who own bama and operate WCRT AM and FM radio said that he anticipated beginning construction on Ch 21 by the middle of Ocobcr The FCC in Washington D C has already allocated the channel to the Chapman brothers However it is necessary that there be a 50 -day waiting period before actual construction starts The allocation for tho new UHF outlet w a s approved Aug 27 Chapman said station’s studio would likely be located in Homewood as in "our original plana although this hasn’t definitely been deckled” Ne Exact Date The Birmingham broadcaster didn’t give any exact "target date” tor putting the new channel on the air but he did say there was a possibility that it might be in operation by Christman provided the necessary equipment arrives in time to be installed Concemi n g the station's programming he said: “We understand we can get some of the programs from all of the networks" The Chapman brothers also are moving ahead with plans to put another UHF station on the air Tuscaloosa's channel 23 Said the broadcaster: "We expect to start test patterns for this channel by he end of September and are hopeful we will be on the air by Oct 10" The Birmingham brothers likewise have applied tor a UHF operation permit for Anniston but the FCC has made no decision on that request The Anniston Star which also runs and operates WHMA Radio also has asked for s UHF televirion permit also CHANNEL SWIM: Three of the gridiron stare of tonight's pro-game at Legion Field will be guests on this morning's Tom York show at 7-8:39 s-m over Channel 9 Former Ala-U-American player Lenqr Jodjlan and quarterback Don Meredith both of the Dallas Cowboys along with Minnesota Viking’s quarterback Don Meredith will be interviewed The Sunday Sept 13 pro-game between the New York Jets and the Houston Oileri will be televised by WBRC-TV which will interrupt its coverage of the Telethon especially to bring this game to the Alabama fans of Joe Namath It’s still quite a twist though to have an ABC affiliate station carrying NBC pro football games on its schedule! Benn Named UPI Manager In City Appointment of Alvin S Benn as manager of the United Press International Bureau In Birmingham wu announced yesterday by R T Eskew UPI's Southern Division manager in Atlanta Berm succeeds Anthony E Heffeman who recently was named Atlanta Bureau manager A native of Lancaster Pa Berm attended East Carolina College He Joined UPI in August 1964 after tlx yean service in the Marines coining at that time to Birmingham While in the Marines Bern was assigned to the Armed Forces Radio and Television service working aa a writer producer director announcer1 and cameraman : ’ He is married to tnte 'former Sharon Am Boumel of Silver Spring lid They reside at 1030 Highlandev O'Brien's Wife Ready To Assist Her Party Although she’s been called on often In the past' from now on Mrs Larry O'Brien will go to the aid of the party (Demo cratic) in a larger capacity She's the wife of the new postmaster general Gloria Ohllger profiles her in a feature on Page 13 ' What President Johnson and Ho Chi Mlnh say about ending the war In Viet Nam makes the two seem not for apart on essentials But closer look at the situation shows a great distance reasons R H Shackford In an onaljrain Peace moves His report is on today's Editorial Page (10) MRS O'BBl ffiaure urge Raba ind Bonnio Qaati In their weekly Youth Paredo Figure R't on Pago U V

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