Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois on January 28, 1959 · Page 9
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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 9

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1959
Page 9
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SECTION outhern IllMofem. SECTION Sporfs Classified Carbondaie HerrinMurphysbnro, Illinois SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1959 National Champs Win 58-53j lllini Gymnasts Edge Salukis By Five Points r TTe University of Illinois qvnr nasties team scored a 58 to 53 H ictorv oer Southern Illinois Univefs;tv at GiiVmctale Tuesday niht before 1,200 enthusiastic fans. The five-point defeat bv a chool shich has won the Hiq Ten title every year since 1950 ind shared the nations co.lci-ste title last year was far from decisive. Southern, in fact, held i 29-19 lead after three events and then sacd in the hih bar, parallel bar and rinj;s to a point vehere the Salukis could not pos-iblv win before the tumblinj finale bcan. Coach Bill Meade's SaluVis produced 11 scorers to eiht point-getters for Charley Pond's lllini. Gymnastics, unlike other iports, pas no attention to balanced scoring or depth. It's quality that counts in j;mna,tics. ITie lllini had the qualitv in the persons of Abie Grossfcld and Don Tonrv, each of whom won two events as they split 33' points. Allen Hancv also came up with two seconds for eight points. Bundin Leonard Kalakian of SIU was the mvt popular performer as he won the trampoline and tumbling events and finished second in free exercise for 16 points. John Taylor w as the next most productive Saluki in collecting 91? points in free exercise, side horse, hih bar and parallel bars. The results: Free Exercise 1. Don Tonrv (1) 1S3 2. Len Kalakian (S) 166 I. Jack Wilev (S) 164 4. Ed Gombos (1) 158 5. John Taylor fS) 157 Trampoline 1. Kalakian 177 2. Allen H an ev (I) 169 5. JonShidler (S) 145 4. Gordon Claycomb (I) 139 5. Rom Ruppcrt (I) 45 Side Horse 1. BobKies(S) 173 2. John Ostarcllo (S) 160 Jim Blazek (I) 157 4. Taylor 147 5. Abi Grossfeld (1) 133 High Bar 1. Tonrv 183 2. Tavlor ISO 3. Grossfeld 174 4. Gombos 169 5. Jerry Bickenbach (S) 155 ' Parallel Bars 1. Grossfeld 17S 2. Pat Bird (I) 173 I. Taylor 172 3. Tonrv 172 5.FredTijerina (S) 164 Rings 1. GroWeld 1S2 2. Ed Foster (S) 176 S.Bird 175 4. Tonrv 175 5 Chuck Milliard (S) 170 Tumbling 1. Kalakian 175 2. Harvey 171 3. Wilev 170 4. HugK'BlanevS) 160 5. GrosftfeM 158 i i Royalf on Wins; Some Upsets !n Prep Games Rovalton's Ro?er Potoski scor- Southern lllinoisan Sport Talk By Merle Jones "Your Opinion Is As Good As Ours" cd only three points at Walton-ville Tuesday nteht but the three-point cluster at the end of the game gave the Pirates of Bob Crowd Enjoys Gym Show Even Though Salukis Lose "You should have beaten us watches football and basketball. Mrs. Jean Xordber: 4- CarbondaU Herrin Murphysboro, Illinois Carbondaie Relies On Press Defense To Spill Du Quoin Sparked by John Greer's 31-point scoring effort, Carbondaie Community ripped out a 57-49 victor' over Du Quoin on ths Indians' floor Tuesday night. The Terriers avenged an earli- 4 i it 1 1 4. L 4 7 J V V I loins nhlMMI rriMi-atinr f,V ii - tnnnhf hr crnrnrc u nr, !? ' Dy g -0-t margin. Johnson a 53-50 triumph and ' ... n. . n r , ! US over a bus oad or stu-; Gfccr . diffcrcncc "in ntii H.vdlUCU for their trip. Next year SIU will face Michigan, Michigan State, Indi- 1 Til I ana ana iinnois among omen in ullied nine markers at the frce lftrow linc. ne took nine re- virtuallv clinched the Little Egvptian Conference title. The victorv gave Pxoyalton a ;9-l conference and a 13-4 sea son mark. Crab Orchard beat Woodlaun 64-62 and Vali- ier beat Bluford 39-31 in other I league games Tuesday. Bluford, Woodlaun and Waltonville were Rovalton's challengers but all are at least two games off the pace ! t-ii- IT! -w iltnn cin "llnrli m at- 'ters Fridy with a win at Wood-!'"0 lirst- a third and two fifths, j was scored on his reputation ra- abden suffered its second ther than his performance. : straight loss after 16 wins in, So there s even a second ... . i i Hrnnnino an 81-60 decision at iin smnarics, tnou?n oniv a vm Charley Pond told SIU Coach Bill Meade after the lllini had taken a 58 1 2 to 53!i victory over SIU at Carbondaie Tuesday night. Most of the partisan 1,200 SIU fans would agree with Pond's appraisal. The lllini, Abie Grossfeld in particular, did not hae a hot night. Manv observers felt Grossfeld, who got in the second meeting of the rivals. The slender Terrier guard made 11 of 18 shots from the floor for a .611 average and jin gymnastics is reaching a high pitch which may restore SIU to the national prominence it en-iocd under the tutelage of the late Joe DiGiovanni two decades 320. Trico. Cobdcn also lost t h e ! Southern Six Conference lead to Hurst-Bush, which has one loop loss compared to two for Cob- ;dcn. ! The Black Diamond race became a dogfight again as Scsser i upended Zeigler 92-72 with Ron Maddox getting 35 points for the winners. Elkville, which finished last a year ago, is now the only team with only one defeat but Zeigler, Scsser and Carter-wile each hae lost onlv tuo lea- scoring was ac- IT TAKES MUSCLE The Iiuqc biceps of lllini Abie Grossicld strain as he docs a handstand on the rings in a ovm meet t Caibondale Tuesdav niht. Grossfcld won two events and scored 17 points to lead the lllini to a fic-point victorv over SIU. Csrnien Piccone New Football Coach Af Southern Illinois U. guc games. Pinckncvville won its sixth straight Southwest Ecrvptian cam; n C.- 1 'TJ Johnston City Coach Tom Peeler trotted his basketball team ucss j out for a Saturday morning prac- V aUicp aftrr 1rt;inn R".4 tr Mir. tew or the tans present probably! knew how the complishcd. The scoring is done by four judges after each individual performance. A perfect performance would bring a score of 100, though there are virtually no 100 scores and were none Tuesday. Each judge who, incidentally, has a pretty girl "secretary" who flashes his score to the of- ...cuit Keeper on a si ate- Bovdston has radio-phobia The hih and low scores arc eliminated, the two middle scores ion in the Pvramid tourney Fri day. 'I he team responded w ith a 65-60 upset w in over W e st Frankfort Saturdav. West Frankfort Coach George Iubelt did the same thing after his club scored a 56-54 won over Marion on Friday, Jan. 9. But the next night the Redbirds lost to Centralia 82-63. SIU Athletic Director bounds and figured in numerous ball steals. Coach Don Raines team, still crippled by illness turned in a solid defensive performance. Gerry Howe is still sidelined, Mike Womack made brief appearances despite a ankle injury and Bart Bridges played with a sore throat. Raines hopes that Howe will be back in the lineup for Car-bondale' two weekend matches. Terriers Shoot .404 The Terriers shot .404 against tne Indians, which is a Dig improvement for Carbondaie who has been hampered throughout the year with sub-par scoring. An effective press played a big part in the Terrier triumph. "Our to shape for the first half but roared back with a .611 field goal percentage in the last two quarter. Greer, recovering from a recent illness, missed only one floor shot and one free throw in the third quarter while ripping the nets for a 14 point output. Mine and Bridges were in trouble with four fouls in the third quarter but Greer's shooting show put the Terriers on top by a 41-27 count at the start of the final frame. Bridges fouled out and Grace picked up his fourth personal with slihtlv less than five min-utcs remaining and Du Quoin cut the deficit to 10 points as Steve Riggio hit three nice jumpers. Riggio'.s scoring threat failed to overtake the cushion the Terriers piled up w ith the 18 point third quarter. Du yuom shot 5U per cent in the last quarter but finished with a .333 floor mark. totaled to "ive the performer his to maintain its two-came lead, points for the event. downing Chester 59-42. Carbon-1 The man with the most dale scored a 57-49 surprise at! points per event gets first place Du Quoin. and six points for his team. Sec- Lirtle Alto Pass continued un- ond. third, fourth and fifth places beaten in the Mound Citv tour- 2et 4, 3, 2, 1 points. Gymnastics, unlike most other team sports, depends upon individual brilliance rather than team depth and balance. Gross- Earl Lee's Cahokia Com- feld and Don Tonrv of Illinois Carmen Piccone was appointed couraced and quit football be-Ranches ported their third win j scored 33 li of their team's 58 Vi head football coach at Southern fore they get a good chance tOj1" a r.ow m a " win ai in- it . ... l r. . . i !' .1 . - r L i-; Nashville. Illinois university dv me boaraimake me ixansmon irom nin , - i i . j M w v.;n vujuinuia uuu school to college play. ja 5g.51 nin over ana Line coach Bob Franz, e n djftoxana upset Wood River 64-58 coach Andv Yau2hn and prob-jin two games which knocked ncy on the strength of a 68-42 win oer Grand Chain. Mound Citv beat Cairo 63-57 in the other round cme. of Trustees Tuesday afternoon. He assumes the duties as head coach in time to plan for spring He succeeds! resigned after practice m March Al Kawal, who four seasons. The 29-vear-old Piccone, a Philadelphia native who came to! SIU four years ago as Kawal backfield coach after thev met at Temple University, received a continuing appointment for no definite period of time. I ablv backfield coach 1 1 any Shay will return on the staff. down the stock of two Southwestern Illinois powers. Red Devils Crippled W hat are Piccone's head coach? Wright Joins Faughn On Shelf Murphysboro basketball for- to gradually regain use of his plans as runes absorbed a second crippl-ling blow Monday after- Bob Wright t ana went "First I've got to find some;n0on when junior Ud. l uu V1"1' . r. . suffered a bone chip t-.i.r-ij -c i . i. t . 11 1 on the shell tor several weeks. uacKiit'iu ui qudiiei ijjlk nil Norwood, halfbacks Cirver Shannon and Rancttc Lew is and fullback Cecil Hart bv points. Len Kalakian had lb points for SIU. The top perfor mers enters as manv as five events. lhe balukis have a return en gagement with the lllini at Champaign Feb. 21. "We may not catch up with them this year," said Meade, "but next year I think we can. They lose both Grossfeld and Tonry by graduation and they will have to come up with some exception- Senior r r i suticrcd Fauchn BRADLEY FACULTY PAY ON YEAR-ROUND BASIS Peoria, Jan. 28 (AP) Faculty salaries at Bradley University have been increased and appointment of faculty members will be for a year instead of nine months. Bradler trustees Tuesday announced that effective Sept. 1, maximum salaries for professors will be $10,500, associate profes-wrs will get $9,000, assistant pro-ftuoit $7,500 and instructors $6,000. Dr. Harold P. Rodes, Bradley president, said the new rate is considerably higher"" than present salaries. The pay scale in effect now was not reported. The trustees said faculty member will be required either to teach it one of the two summer terms or do other academic work aimed at improving the curricu-lus. hon. Line holdovers will be plentiful and there are some experienced backs returning but the backs being lost have been the1 "folded up "bread and butter" men for about three seasons. Piccone will also seek a back-field coach to replace himself and a coach for the junior varsity. "I want to try to build up a junior varsitv schedule and program if at all possible," he said. "Our junior varsitv program has not been a strong one and usually our freshmen arc not ready for varsitv ball Manv become dis- ccnter Larrv a fractured bone in the gradua-ifoot three weeks ago. The cast was removed over the weekend. Coach Bob Col born said Wright was engaged in a "one on one" defensive drill when he without anv con- ap- parcntlv twisted his left foot. A doctor's examination revealed a bone chip, putting Wright out of action at least several j weeks, Colborn said. Faughn will not be able to rejoin the squad for at least two weeks, with doctor's instructions tact. Lolborn said rieht broken rirht foot. Both players were first string members of the Red Devil basket ball team were lost by bone fractures in the same season. I "Faughn and Wright went, through out entire 10-game foot-, ball schedule, plus all of our prac-; ticcs, without any major injury! . . . and thev call this basketball ; a mild sport!" Colborn said. allv good bov.s to replace them. 'T enjoyed this meet tonight more than any sports event I've seen in a Ion area prep Don He can't stand to listen to a broad cast of a Saluki contest. He sits by the radio, however, and turns it on every few minutes just ta learn the score. pr&s is rcaiiv up," Raines said. A startm2 In a hard-fou"ht came, there were 44 personal fouls. Du Quoin made only 12 field goals but picked up points at the bonus lane, making 25 of 37 attempts. Leon Longshore, usually a strons corin2 threat for the In- C7 C7 C'DALE Hine Langan Grace Greer Bridges Womack Mitchell Jamison Totals Du QUOIN 3 2 11 18 5 5 2 0 47 G 1 2 n o i FT FM FP 3 2 4 7 9 0 0 0 0 19 19 12 24 57 S G FT FM F 4 6 31 0 5 4 0 night a n dians. had an off scored only six points, Du Quoin jumped to a quick PREP BASKETBALL Carbondaie 57, Du Quoin 49 Coultcrvillc 87, Vergcnnes 48p- lead but Greer, ball handler Xeal Longshore Pxiggio Appino Frederick Marek Jent ! Keller Totals Cdale Du Quoin Trico 81, Cobden 60 Ridgway 87, Galatia 45 Gorham 82, Karnak 62 Golconda 69, Vienna 60 Metropolis 72, Eldorado 55 Hurst-Buh 70, Carterville 65 Pinckncvville 59, Chester 42 Sparta 63, Freeburg 48 Cahokia 47, Nashville 41 Kinmundy 103, Cisne 57 Columbia 58, Dupo 51 Roxana 64, W'ood River 58 Sesser 92, Zeigler 72 Valier 39, Bluford 31 Douglass 5.9, Sumner 57 Bridgeport 73, Olney 64 Flora 86, Mt. Carmel 74 Lawrenceville 59, Fairfield 51 St. Anthony 63, Beecher City Jersevville 43, Litchfield 41 O'Fallon 72, New Athens 58 1 I ! r - I I Z ' II time" caiH nnp vrao vjrenara ot. w ooaiawn coach who normally ol Mound Uty b5, Uairo 5 7 7 5 4 4 5 1 36 1 2 3 0 8 7 3 5 0 0 0 0 4 3 1 1 3 0 1 4 1 5 3 3 3 0 4 6 14 11 3 9 0 2 0 1 12 25 12 20 49 9 H is 1657 5 13 9 2249 Malcolm Hine and Dick Grace ..ii .t .1 r- put tne snoe on tne otner toot as pRQ BASKETBALL tne i erncrs pulled to a o com- EasUm p jvision mand at the end ot the tirst quar-1 y pct qjj ter. Carbondaie pressed and;Bo,ton 34 13 .723 men dropped back into a JL-i-zytxK York 27 20 .574 movediSvracuse 2 22 .522 Phila. t t T zone wnen the Indians the bail downcourt. Greer Leads Way Greer tallied nine points in the second quarter, hitting adeptly on 20 feet jump shots on the right side of the keyhole. The1 Cin. lerners outscored Du Quoin by a 14-13 margin in the period and held a 23-18 cushion at the half- 7 9h, 14 way point. The Terriers 20 27 .426 Western Division St. Louis " 33 12 .733 Detroit . 19 29 .396 Minn.' 17 29 .370 13 35 .271 Tuesday Results St. Louis 112, New York 111 (OT) Cincinnati 100, Philadelphia 92 15U 161$ 21 Vi 41 shot onlv .276 ; a m vinn! u UUUVUVUHWUHH HIM I ors TRIC0UNTY Alto Pass 6 0 Mound City 5 1 Mounds 4 3 Thebes 3 3 Ullin 2 6 0 7 Dongo!a 1.000 .833 .571 .500 .250 .000 PRICES SLASHED ON ALL PRICE TAGS M ARLYN FURNITURE HERRIN NOTICE SHEKINAH LODGE No. 241, A.F.t A. M. SPECIAL MEETING THURS. JAN. 29, 1959 6:30 p. m. WORK IN EA DEGREE A. W. Sutton, WM. Everett V. Miller, Jr., Secy. WINTER IS HER HE GROUP BOYS W IE 1 J AC Charlotte, X.C. Randy Sandy, 160, New York, outpointed Walter Irby, 160, Columbia, S.C. 10. " We 1 always do 1 1 1 L we j W 'fx Find It Fost In The Yellow Poges BORD 95 n 53300 Aluminum Triple-Track STORM WINDOWS ... As Low as ALUMINUM STORM DOORS . . , . . . Full Thickness Aluminum JALOUSIE STORM DOORS , . . . . .Best Quality HY-WAY LUMBER CO. 1409 South Park HERRIN ILL. Phone 6-163! $S4 95 FREE GIFTS -- FREE PRIZES THURSDAY, JAM. 29TII CELEBRATION SUGAR AND CREAMER SET FREE With The Purchase Of A TAHKFUL OF DX B0R0II GASOLINE For The Children INDIAN HEADBANDS and BUBBLE GUM GRAND PRIZE LARGE COLA COOLER MAX CREMEENS B-X STATION Main and University CARB0NDALE Reduced To Sell 1 u I -JL" WHEN YOU BUY I ill ?m ui u n l I S' BE SURE T0 GET I fl TV STAMPS I II TELL YOUR TRUCKERS YOU WANT g SUPERWASIIED BUCKHORM" i COAL NOW ONLY 1 o g HOODED ZIPPER and TOGGLE COAT ONE GROUP BOYS SLACKS SIZES 4 TO 16 FOR YOUR ASSURANCE OF CLEAN COMFORT-ABLE DUST-FREE HEAT, IT COSTS NO MORE TO BUY QUALITY, PLUS SAVINGS BUCKMOFirJ MINES Conveniently Located Just 2 Miles East of Johnston City, III. SQUARE DEAL CLOTHING HOUSE MURPHYSBORO, ILL 3k f

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