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The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon • Page 4

The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon • Page 4

Portland, Oregon
Issue Date:

rrUUAY, MAKLti 24, VZZ. DAILY JOURNAL. PORTLAND. OREGON. Ington Cooperative Real Estate Deal- aire of a group la the senate to. let 1t era' conference, held in Tacexna, Wednesday. The resolutiom waa presented by sblrnber. 'r Radio Programs SL w. Thempaon. prcsideat of the Vi couver Benlty board. Today "Vf I to I Music. 740 to I Journal news -report. AS to tilted: SUtes Health MUSlCbMI FOUND 6UILTY0FCHARGE BROUGHT BY GIRL Officers; Named by IINH HEUTRAL pilliOllllOilOF 15 1 '1 bureau bullettas. uhenalis Kiwaiuans Daily, Except Saaday The Journal news servicer via TM administration, of course, eager to nee Pomerene replaced Jy a Republican senator, hut tot tne moment it is concerned about who a hall oppose aim. Friends of the president ere divided in therr' support of the various candidate It would be erabarrassinf for the administration to take sides, even if tt did have a I -t BtBTOKS CASE rSIQXB The case of I Representative Burton is unique; Ha long was a member of the United statea sec ate and declined to run for re nomination In 1S14 because he -be Northwest Radio Manufacturing company: 7:39 to p. to. General and Northwest news, sports, markets Chehalis, March 4. The Ki- wanis duo, newly; organized, completed organization at a Itnxneon Wednesday and finance. Tri-WeeUy WUIard P. Hawley. Jr. Mnala. A verdict of guilty, with a recom Tt (Coprrtht, mi. Of TW Joonw!) by ejecting the following orficers: W. A. Scheol. president; Dan, W. Bush, vice 1 O. Cord, secretary mendation of leniency, waa returned at Jtuesdav and Wednesday, to I p. it o-ciock xnuraaay nignt in tne lieved he had served lone enough tor the court of domeetlc reUtkms against Fred party leaders to determine whether or Jeanaet, mosiclah, who was tried for aot he shemld be returned, and He D. W. Noble, treasurer: George R. Sibley, district trustee John W. Alexander, A. A. Hull. T. J. Long. E. H. Hager. Jess R. Imue, Harry, Feaglea, H. contributing to the delinquency of a 17 Whtnton; March' -14. President Har4m will remain neutral rn the fight to be made In his bom state of Ohio for the senatorial told Representative Barton that while be wm friendly disposed to him ud wlstjed him luck if ne ran for the senate, then ouM no administration candidate at year-old girL disinclined to enter a primary having on previous occasions been elected by the state legislature. When: former Senator m. Thursday, to ao p. m. Seki-Weeity Northwestern Radio Manufacturing Cpr-Tuesdaya and Fridays, ul tn, U. HealtB bureau bealtb nulietlnsV Weefcty Northwestern Radio Manufacturing Ce. Journsl of Electricity and Western Industrie, General, cottitaerelal B. Donaitee. directors. If the jury bad remained out lust one minute and one second longer It would Poraker entered the face and Republican leaders thought bta reentry Into politics would disturb the harmony of the organ- have received another dava nav. BILTEC AGAI3 COUXC1LXAS Dallas, Or, March 14. Charles K. BiV- the primaries or a party Convention Six Other men. one a musician and ene should be yeu. former councilman, waa elected by uation, warren O. Harding put into five dental college Students, remain to 1 Mr. Hardlnt hat Wen besleired by' hla the raca. Tbua ha succeeded Burton. It and industrial news bulletins, Man be tried on charges made by the girl the Dallas council to succeed Floyd E. Moore of the Third ward, who resigned. The council voted to order the construe waa a Republican year and moat every 5 pays, -m p. m. Involved fn the present case and another body agreed that if Burton had run he gin associated wrth her. The girls are tion of about two miles of concrete sJde- would have been elected easily. Mr. friends in Ohia to teU Horn have rone ahead aad created- the 'impression that he favored a particular, candidate, acoordtnff It helped to spread uch, thoucht tn political circle But, whan cCjalilvj Golfed iArrierica musicians. Burton made a trip to south America voiks this spring. The Journal bulletin new aervios la broadcasted in oooperation with President Charles it Austin of tha ana twvioped further hla Interest in for Sentence will be passed on by Judge Kansier Saturday morning at 11 AMwi1r eign relation, and last year decided to Northwestern Radio Maaufaeturing POCK SEAR COMPLETION Vancouver, March 24, The ea co. wtuara p. Hawiey, Jr and Um run for congress, this time for membership in the house of represenuurveft He tension of the municipal dock will be tiauoca Watson Radio Service. COtTSTT TO fist TSACTOa wa elected by a big? majority from- a completed within a week, giving the Mr. Burton went to the White tfonae oand the preatdeht very -axhttJ to have It known that he would no inter fort. 1 'i OTHftftS lpKSTlOSEIIr i Besides Mr. Wton.f there la talk of Hepreeantatlve Ijoiwrwottiv Jhe i soa-W law of the lata President Roosevelf! Sundays, Mondays and Thursday Cleveland district It rarely hAbpeas dock a frontage of 840 feet. The total The county commiaaioherg today or that a maewwho-wd once senator cost of constructing the main dock will aerea tne prcnase Of a Holt "western comes back to co tigress in the house. Mr. tractor at a price of 850. to be used between and p. Listening period for long distance points. During these houn all local sending station are under agreement to keep Burton la highly esteemed hy tha presi approximate The first installment of dock bonds, voted by the people, was aold to the Vancouver National roaa worn. dent, and was recently nominated to rep Representative Simeon "ese vchnJ- bank, amounting to $130,000. 1TBCE IS FATOBED resent the house en the allied funding commission. A constitutional disoute At hours other than thn Vancouver, March 24. -A reso has arisen t6 whether members-of JCDGSEXT IS GKA5TEP 'tinned in thla nraram kMmniii lution calling on the state to take up congress can serve on such an executive Vancouver, March 24. The ana other musie is frequently fcroad- tne oonos voted hy Clarke county build share of the Inter. commission, end If the senate decides he la ineligible, it win give him added op espeeiauy just anar I p. 61, 8tubbe Electric company was given i judgment for 1295.84 Against the Van man or the RMptibltcan -ooncreaetonal committee; and Walter who has been Working, on a. fownment roor-' anUatlon plan for- the president. Although- Ohio politic are- especially Intrreatinc 'beceuae the president halls from that state, the situation iflven a fcllmpse Into national politics. For one thlna, the atrensrth' of" Senator Atlee omrene. Democrat, who- la up for re-f election's conceded by the Republi- rtate bridge and to the bridge free portunity to make the race in Oho for couver Electric company, J. E. White. The wave length in broadcaattag the senate. was adopted By tho Southwestern Wash by Judge Simpson, Thursday. rim always set The bonus may be an lasue In the Ohio I senatorial primary. Repesentatlye Feu voted for It, while Mr. Burton made' one of the principal speeches against it. The cane, They whisper one another 1- i EPIDEMIC IS OjrWASJ! 'i Lebanon. March 24.Tbe diphtheria situation in the city is fast improving, but two new 'Oases having developed that Pomerene will be, a hard man to de administration wanted the bill defeated, Mr. Burton a supporters will probablv feat, aa he has mown rare courage dur make moat of the fact that he followed Ins; hla term of office. He won fame thle weekT" Dr. Invine, city health ofCki I I -V by hla relehtleas prosecution the New the wishes of President Harding on. a car, reports tne prospect vi rajsins; quarantine sOOn. i berry raae. whrn It seemed to be the de- viiai question, i -X -y Tomorrow Lttat Day of Drug Sale in Basement of c) Merit Only 4- With a brand new and" dazzling array of stunning gowni in a Everything for cash everything for less- l'! to ere tomorrow' A Sale of Boys' 2-Knicker Suits $7.95 -Spring suits for the boys of 7 to 17 ycars and each suit has two pairs of trousers. They're in the popular Scotch wool mixture! in homepuns and tweeds. The "colorslight and dark gray and brown. The.8tyleo are the plain and pleated models that boys like so well-f-styles that have all the snap of "big brother's" suit. And, too, they are constructed fbr wear. la the Economy Basement tlpraan Wolfe A i "f-itt Girls' Dresses, Special $179 Girls wash dresses of plaids, checks And iblid colon C.rmr:A Men's Corduroy Trousers at 1 $3:98 Eiceptioriah quality COrauroy -troutert that are sturdily m4de.n With heavy drill pocketi, 'Cuff bottoms and loops (or -belt. Made ef Harrow wale material in practical mouse shade. Evdry pair guaranteed against rip and tear. Sizes 28 to 42. la. the Keaaeatyf nanaAftt. pique and self materials edged with ric-rac braid. These dresses are exceptional Valttet it this very low price. lb the Liamaa. Wolfs Girls' Wraps; Special $4.98 Tailored coats and cape for the gffl of 3 to 14 years: Well tnade garmentL in Tull-lincd and halMined styles A good selection of the new spring styles is represented in the" lot Very specially priced for Saturday selling. 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