The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 24, 1937 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1937
Page 4
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YOUR FRIEND AT MEALTIME FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JUNE 25 26 BEEF ROASTS When the Snnday Roust is bought at Council Oak there is no doubt about it being satisfactory in every respert. For this •ale, tender Juicy beef roasts are priced at 23c per Ib. SMOKED PICNICS Nice, plump, round, little pig picnics. Shanks removed. Perfect cure and smoke. Weight 5 to 7 Ibs. A dandy Sunday roast and our week end price is only 25c per Ib. STUFFED STEAK Lean boneless Flank Steaks at 23c per 11). So nice to shift, roll and tie for a Spanish style oven roast. These flank steaks are split and scored on request. SAUSAGE SPECIALS Warmer weather brings a desire for ready to serve meats for the cold meat platter and the plcnio lunch. Ring IJver Sausage and Large Bologna for slicing at 19c per pound. Mild Cure Summer Sausage at 25c per Ib. PURE LARD . 2 Ib. sanitary carton 27c HERSHEY'S SYRUP A genuine chocolate flavored syrup. Directions on label for a delicious hot drink and for a cold beverage. An unexcelled sauce or topping for Ice cream, pudding and desserts. For this sale the 5',£-oi. can for 4c and the big 16-oz. can for 9c. SUPERB PEAS Large, meaty sweet peas under the "Superb" label assures the best of the season's pack. You will find these large peas as deliclously sweet and tender as the smaller sizes. Buy a supply of the large 8 portion can at our special price of 12o. FREE CEREAL BOWLS With the purchase of 2 large packages of Kellogg's Corn Flakes during this sale at lOc per package, you get free a 4- inch Blue Cereal Bowl. MORNING LIGHT Apricots Choice Unsweetened fruit. For Immediate use as sauce or for pies. At our sale price of 49c for the solid pack No. 10 can Is less expensive than fresh fruit for canning purposes. COOKY SPECIAL Small crips Cocoanut Taffy Bars. Macaroon Cocoanut is responsible for the delicious tat,*-, for this sale the price is 2 Ibs. for 27c. "HONEY KRUSHED" Avoid constipation without the use of laxatives. Try our "Improved" Honey Krushed Wheat Bread. Tested and Approved by Good Housekeeping Bureau. Sold only at Council SUMMER DESSERT Keep a supply of Frut*-G*l on hand. The Ideal Hot Weather Gelatine Dessert It never fall* to jell. Brilliant colors and 1 delicious flavors. Our every-day price is 6 pkcs. for 25c. MARSH MALLOWS Angelus Marshmallows at a special price of ISc per Ib. A delicious confection. Nice in salads and cakes. Children like them in their cup of cocoa. COUNCIL OAK COFFEE A quality blend packed in inexpensive bags to permit maximum quality at a minimum price. Try it at our Ev*ry-day Low Price. 27c per Ib. or 3 Iba. for 79c. Exchange the bags for fancy chinaware. TOILET TISSUE Stock up on "Excello" Toilet Tissue during this wile, tor this week end our price is 2 big rolls for 7o. HASKIN'S SOAP SPECIAL HaHkin'i, HardwaU-r C'astilf is au rxrellrnt toilet and hath soap to uw in hard water. For this sale a special price of 4c per cake. Blue Barrel Fetrolene in the original 1-pound cake priced for Saturday at 2 hurt* for 13c. Lincoln hid a gooti answer. "Long tnougb," he drawled, "to leach from his body lo the ground." Thai stems a good rule 10 apply co a business, it ou^lit lo be big enough 10 do iLc job it is inu-uded to do. For more than 50 years, the Bell S> item has grov. 11 us ihi» cation has grown. Ic has to be big and well organised 10 provide efficient, adeij telephone krrvice at low to the millions cf persons The Uicfulttss of telephone service ha* incrta&eci greatly along v. ith the canon's grow til. Millions iijoie persons are \vithiu your «cac.h by telephone. Year after >ear service cleurer,iuster,iiiore ace move depeaciabi country, fast, clea and iar-rc.iching provided til a pr reach of a Urgci i the popular any other u> lu tt ..u than 1U c/n. The Algoha Upper Des Moinea, Algona. Iowa, June 24,1937 SWEA GIRL OF 9 IS SERIOUSLY ILL Phyllis Hammond Fights Off Infection of Ears and Throat Swea City: Phyllis, 9 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hammond, has been quite ill this week with intestinal flu and complications Swollen glands and Infection of her throat and ears has added to her discomfort and doctors fear that the ear-drums may have to be punctured. However, her condition is somewhat better at present, arfd it is hoped thnt puncturing will not now be necessary. Home Nears Completion The new Oliver Blomster residence on the lots east of the Lydia Eckholm property is nearing completion. The Haglund brothers' carpenter crew is in charge of the work. M. E. Basement Picnic Nearly 100 gathered nt the Methodist church for a picnic and get- together meeting last Thursday evening. The affair marked the close of a contest among the four circle of the Ladies' Aid. Scheduled to meet at the town park the picnickers adjourned to the church basement when the weather became threatening, Teacher's Resignation Supt. A. H. Schuler announces the resignation of Miss iVivian Strand, high school mathematics instructor. Miss Strand, whose home is at Manly, has not definitely decided as to her plans for the coming year, but will probably take graduate work. She has been a popular and efficient teacher here for the past five years. College Education Not Practical Open Forum D! M. Register: Ottar Tlnglum's qontribution on the Open Forum page of May 30 in regard to the failure of .American educational instiuttiona is due for considerable comment, and I am cet-tainly in a position to offer criticism. "I was graduated from the Oel- weln Senior high school with something like a 92 per cent average. I was told by my high school teachers that I most certainly should attend college. I accepted this as sound advice and began making preparations. My greatest obstacle was finances. However, by wbrking summers, and five hours a day while attending college, I managed to be graduated from the College of Commerce of the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, on June 1, 19.31. 'My chief interest was accounting. Part Time .lobs 'As far as a job is concerned. I might just as well have spent four years in the penitentiary. Before I went to college, I never rmd trouble finding employment. Now, nobody has any use for me. For- three years after graduation I remained in Iowa City and worked the part time jobs I used to earn my way through college, because I did not have finances to travel around in search of employment, because of the general scarcity of all types of jobs, and be- cause I did not care to go home and further burden my folks who were just managing to keep their heads above the water. On May 1. 1934, I returned to n»y home for better or worse. Since that time, 'except for a few hard labor odd jobs, I have b'een unemployed and hitch-hihing here arid there in search of work. In some cases openings for which 1 applied were taken by experienced men. I was told by 'a Des Moines automobile finance company last March that my knowledge of accounting wa» too advanced for the work they had to offer. Vote Getters Wanted I applied for a position at the Iowa Unemployment Compensation commission. I was told there that my ability and education were of no value as qualifications to secure a position. I was further informed that only vote getters could get a position with the state. I have discovered also that sons of directors of large corporations have :a much better chance. Before 1929 industry was more than willing to accept graduates from high schools and colleges. Today they demand only experienced men. Colleges cannot furnish experienced men. Industry complains that there is a shortage of good men. In their opinion a good man is a young man between 25 and 35 with years of successful experience. Inasmuch as Industry has not recruited any trained men during the last few years, naturally such men are not available. Industry cannot expect finished blacksmiths, engineers,' accountants, salesmen, etc., at public expense. All the public schools can offer is a good background knowledge. Industry must teach the practical end. We cannot convert our schools--into factories, shops and offices. Advice to Business Men Business men could accomplish much more if they would use the money they spend to fight political factions like the Roosevelt administrations In an effort to employ men and women: for "by so doing they.would eliminate the need for burdensome compulsory social security laws. Industries manage to form pools and associations to fix prices and avoid destructive competition. However, In no way do they combine to improve the working conditions of their employes or the welfare of the people. Industry has other obligations aside from producing goods at a profit. Give the young people jobs so that, they can support their aged folks, and social security laws will be unne.cessary.—G. Russell Anderson, 119 Third Ave., N. W., Oel- weirij Iowa, Burt News Miss Ma.xine Johnson of Armstrong visited friends and relatives here Sunday evening. Mrt. and Mrs. Harry Bergpren nnd Mrs. Annn Larson were dinner guests at the P. J. Heiken home Friday evening. Immanuel Lutheran Ladies' Missionary society met Thursday at the church parlors with Mesdames R. C. Swanson. Emil Ogren and Theodore Wallentine as hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bexell returned from Omaha Monday morning, having spent the week attending the meeting of the North American synodical convention. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thiel nnd sons of Kansas City. Missouri, are visiting with relatives here this week. Mr. Thiel is a nephew of John Anderson of Anderson's Oaks. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Vaux and children, Phyllis and Wallace, are' returning to Stillman Valley, 111., after a three weeks' visit with the J. L,. Vauxs here and the C. W. Pearsons at Algona, as well as with other relatives. Trouble on the Interstate Power Company lines near Albert Lea on Saturday evening caused Swea City to be without electric current until early Sunday morning. A severe electrical storm to the north of here is said to have caused the trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. K. Nelson and children, Donald and Doris, are spending the week with the parental Nelson and Watson families at Forest City. While there Mr. Nelson will complete the work of installing the plumbing and heating systems in the new residence belonging to his brother. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kesler and daughter, Darlene drove to Mankato. Friday, with the Keslers' oldest daughter. Mrs. Roy Crossley of Lebanon, Oregon. Mrs. Crossley, whose husband is a Baptist minister and former Swea Cityan, has spent the past month in Iowa. She will visit friends at Hastings, Minn, uncl other near Twin City points and to Oregon next week. John Schroeder, Gardner Patterson. Paul Kriethe. Jr., and Chas. Hanna fished at Gar Lake Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Gicfdings and son Robert, spent the week end at the home of their son, Guy, at Tama. Mrs. Alvina Powers and Martha Ruhnke were week end visitors at the James Powers home in Melbourne. The 3. G. Sewicks, and Robert Grahams, Algona. visited at the Kenneth May home at Pocahontas Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Seefcldt went to Minneapolis Monday, where Mrs. Seefeldt expected to have an operation. The J. P.' Stowes, Elza Woltzs, and J. O. Iseribergers visited Sunday at the N. M. Godfredson home near Swea City. The U and I. Circle met Thursday afternoon at Mrs. D. T. Hobson's, with Mrs. G. P. Hawcott as assisting hostess. Mrs. R. E. Gabriel and two sons, Armstrong, visited Sunday at the M. M. Chipman home. Mrs. Gabriel and Mrs. Chipman are sisters. The Jay D. Grahams attended a Beightol family reunion at Dolliver Park near Fort Dodge Sunday. Melvin Nelson, Lone Rock, took them. The Woman's Home Missionary society meets Wednesday afternoon of this week with Mrs. Thoburn Speicher. Mrs. F. L. Ryerson is assisting hostess. Mrs. R. E. Bartlett and son. Buddy, Whlttemore, spent Saturday at the J. H. Schroeder home. Mrs. Will Fisii accompanied them and visited Mrs. Edwina Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Everett O'Kecfe, Monterey, Minn., visited Sunday at the Maynard Beckworth home. The O'Keefes conducted a restaurant here for a short time a year or two ago. Mrs. F. L. Pratt and daughter, Marilda. went to Ellsworth Friday and on Saturday, Marilda attended the wedding of a fellow teacher In Des Moines. They returned home Monday. Mrs. J. H. Zanke and her sister, Mrs. L. P. Anderson, Whittier, California, and Mrs. E. M. Toothman spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Dg White. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Toothman are sisters-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Vinaas, Mason City, spent Sunday at the M. L. Vinasa home. Other guests at the Vinans home. Other guests at the H. Klamp and Mr. and Mrs. Will Dehnert, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham. Mrs. Bertha Wallace returned on Sunday from a three weeks' visit with relatives at Des Moines and Thor. On Sunday she attended an Iverson family reunion. She began working at the George Carroll home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. McAdams and two sons, Eagle Grove, spent Friday night at the Henry Gettman home. Th<> McAdams were on their way to Takima, Washington, where they expect to make their home. Mrs. McAdams is Mr. Gettman's sister. Wilma Slaughter, who Is attend- nig commercial college, spent the week end at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Slaughter. On Sunday the Slaughters took Mrs. Slaughter's sister. Rose Peterson, who has been visiting here to Brownsdale, Minn., where she is visiting another sister. They also took Wilma back to Mason City. H.W.POSTI Dray and Transfer Storage cf all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do «J1 kinds of draylng and. hauling. DES MOINES FORT DODGE AMES CEDAR RAPIDS .....MJ» OMAHA **•<» CHICAGO LOS ANGELES ONI.? 2 Bus Depot ALGONA HOTEL Phone 262 .80 ONE WAY $5.05 Round Trip 9 TRIPS DAILY INTERSTATE TRANSIT LINES NORGE ONE BAG OF THE Old Reliable Acme Saves -15- Bushels of Corn A BALANCED RATION of CORN and AOIE costs less- produces more pork than any other ration. $1.00 WORTH OP ACHE plus the sows' milk will feed your fall pigs until -3- months of age, wean your pigs with the sow, PREVENT the RUNTS. ACME fed pigs weigh 60 to 85 Ibs. when 90 days old. Algona Flour & Feed Co. Phone 257 Algona, Iowa 20-24 DOWN PAYMENT AS LOW AS $1AW THE ROLLATOR* COMPRESSOR... tot 3 (Jowly ,aMria* 10 power ImteW •/ tfo HUM/ fcurrW ktck+nJ-hrtk •ctiwv provlda mon fold for tfo current «*trf. (My Norf* ktt At Rolltter. » me. u. ». MT. an. COME IN and see the new Norse — the refrigerator with 'interior 9 different wiadoawa'bW'WidtfJ many other features make Norge the BIG VALUE this^&r. Let us prove it to you. R. G. Richardson FURNITURE COMPANY /; nl irm'ivi.I noO M (prove Former Armstrong Man Is Groom Armstrong: Mack Nicosen now of Rolfe, was married Monday, June Hth to Mildred Kueck, daughter of Mrs. George Kueck of Roife. The Rev. Robert Irwin of Arm- btrong officiated at the ceremony with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Beck of Armstrong attending. Mrs. Beck is . twin sister of the groom and it was also the Becks' first wedding anniversary. The bruit- wore blue lace and the attendant wore pink crepe. Mrs. is a graduate of the Rolfe ' hiyh .M hool and is now a beauty i operator in Rolfe. Mr. Nicosen, ! son of Mr. and -Mrs. (*. A. Nicosen. formerly of Armstrong, was gradu- ; ated from the local high school in ! ]'j'',2 and is now i-rnployecl by the ': Central Status Klectric Company • in Rolfe. The young couple will he j at home in Rolfe after a short trip to Kan.-as City. for Less Money on Your 1937 Vacation BURT NEWS Virgil Si hradt r .-pent the week end with ins wife at Clear I-ake. The H K Ra< huts and Nek, .N'el- soi:s. Britt picnicked at Eagle I-ake Sunday. Ray iM-nberger, Decorah. spent the '.VCCK em! with his parents, Mr. and Mm. J O. Isenber^er. Mr and Mrs. John McDonald and son. John Uavid. visited Sunday at iht O. P. MclKmald home. | Maxine Worden. IJows, arrived en Saturday for a few days' visit at tlie Rev. G. H. Websell home. The Archie Uundas family, Fairmont. Minn, were Sunday supper guests at the Paul Moore home. Beulah and Zelma Gifford sang at an amateur cunlcst in Elrnore, Minn , Wednesday of this week. The Earl Millers' and Ruth Si. hrocder were Sunday dinner guests at the Cox home in Algona. The Legion Auxiliary will hold it., muiilhiy sewing meeting at the A W. Radeke home Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs J.ikt G.fford called Sunday at tn<_ Charles Miller ; and Win ilu>mor.d homes at Lu ; Veine. COIN T HIS year, t«ke your vacation by motor car! Take it in the car that will give you a complete vacation from worry and high costs—a new Chevrolet! You'll travel more tajdy in a Chevrolet, for it'» the only low-priced car that combines such featurea aa Perfected Hydraulic Brakes, a New AU-Silent. All-Steel Body and Shock proof Steering*. You'll travel more comfortably, too, for only Chevrolet brings you the Improved Gliding Knee-Action Ride* at Chevrolet's low prices. And you'll also travel more economically, for Chevrolet's New High-ComprcMJoa Valve-in-Head Engine is unusually thrifty with gas and oil. Decide now to have more pleasure for lew money on your 1937 vacation— gp in a Chevrolet! mil fmr furl*. CHEVROLET MOTOB DIVISION „. Z~Z M«r. **• C-*.~-. DETBOrr. M10BCAN — THE ONLY COMPLETE CAR-PRICED SO LOW Kossuth Motor Co. Phone 200 Algoaa, Iowa

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