The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 24, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 24, 1937
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^MARCH OF TIME • «.*.»*£.«•*. UNEXPECTED FISRtNO TRIP— WASHINGTON: Shortly after John Nance Garner emerged from a tete-a-tete with Franklin Roosevelt one Way last week came Inconsequential news that the Vice President was gohig fishing In Texas, off • for an Indefinite vacation of two to six weeks. But Jack Garner is one of the President's chief behind- scenes wirepullers, an arranger of neat political compromises, and he had never done anything of this kind while Congress was In session. Moreover, the Executive department reorganization, wages & hours, and taxloophole-plugging bills were on the way and the Supreme Court enlargement bill was expected to produce such a fight that perhaps the Vice President's vote and certainly his influence would be needed. The Senate Judiciary Committee's majority. report, presented to the Senate the day after Jack Garner departed, read: "We recommend the rejection of this bill as a needless, futile and utterly dangerous abandonment of Constitutional principle. It is a proposal without precedent and without justification ... It Is a measure which should be so emphatically rejected that Its parallel will never again be presented to the free representatives of th » free people of America." That Jack Garner was excused from duty by the President at so crucial a moment was therefore attributed to one of two reasons: , Either the Vice President had ( grown more and more to side with those "free representatives" who want to kick over New Deal traces or President and Vice President neither expected nor hoped to win action on the Supreme Court or any other important issue for several \VcCK8. OENTLEMENOF THE PRESS- PARIS, France: In the woods near Bagnoles-de-1'Orne, French gendarmes stumbled last week on 4wo dead Italians whose throats had been slashed, whose bodies had been riddled with bullets. No mere murdered tourists were they but the famed exiled Italian antl-Fas- •cist Brothers Carlo and Nello Roselli, who for years have published in Paris "Guistizia e Liberia" (Justice and Liberty), organ of fugitive Italian liberals. To the Surete Nationale (French Scotland Yard) the Roielll Brothers' good friend Francesco Nltti, nephew of Italy's one time (1918-20) Prime Minister, declared: "The murder of the Roselli brothers could have been committed. . . only by experts in political crime . . . Some considered Carlo one of the most determined enemies of the Mussolini regime. He had preserved contact with his friends In Italy and was able to print information which the Rome Government found embarrassing." One kind of embarrassing Information that Carlo continually •4 Italian press from the Propaganda Ministry, samples of which were aUo published last week In New York's anti-Fascist "La Stampa Llbera" by Editor Glrolamo Val- entl, who said they came "from Paris." Excerpts: "January 11—'Don't reproduce the correspondence from Rome to "The Christian Science Monitor' on the popularity of Minister Clano. "February 26—Insist on the eventuality that Eden may leave the Foreign Office post . . . "March 5—Absolutely suppress any news of the arrival in Naples of wounded volunteers from Spain on one of our hospital ships. "March 7—Don't publish anything about the "Rex" having met a terrible storm between the Azores and Gibraltar. . . "April 7—Do not fail to bring into relief the super-power and immorality of the adventurer Stalin "April 14—Reproduce and enlarge the news-dispatch by "Stef< anl" (Italian news agency) from London about the invoking of a big fire that could destroy O e filthy popular section of London, unwor- ! thy of a civilized epoch. Add that had Edward VIII remained on the throne, he would have remedied the situation. "May ft—Express deep sympathy to Germany for the loss of the "Hindenberg'. There miwt not be published any article or reference to the English Coronation." "AIX OF US"— PHILADELPHIA — Respected alike by lovers and haters of the New Deal is Texas' level-headed, 230-lb. Tycoon Jesse Holman Jones, who last week received an LL. D. from Phildelphia's Temple University, arose to his full six foot three tnehe* to expound a practical man's r«*sons for supporting the New Deal; / "We still have unemployment and the government la still being called upon to d« many thing that should be done by private enterprise. There is a Omit MJ What the government can do, or, .what it should be re- quira4,tQ:do, but no one should be allowetjhtp iMfler from want. People muat support their government and n»t *>B*ct the government to •uppoK t»*» , . . Just how we are to get back to self-reliance and quit demanding ao wucb of the government will teat UM wit* of all of us. . . . Th* tatfWK* put off correcting thto, th*WM« dangerous it will get and the,|H«», difficult to meet ."litiitur* <&>>•*? th »t lt coa ~ greaa at this session voted taxes enough or reduced government appropriation* lor relief and other purpose sufficient to balance the budget, h»l| the members would not b* melected. So let us not blame it all t« Congress. The place to begin eooaomixing is at borne. The electorate must practice restraint before economy can be accomplished in government." Bancroft Lions Entertained, Tuct. Bancroft: Tb* members of the Lions club and tbeir wives mat at the Al Kudu borne Tuesday evening. After to* btlainess meeting tb* »ea bad a wiener rout at the Fuck** outdoor fireplace and tb* ladies spent the evening playing altar wbieh e delicious lunch served. Algona HISTORICAL eg JltomesT Established 1865 AIA40NA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1<n7 Ton Pasos YOU :{5.—NO. 25 BANCROFT NINE WINS JUNIOR TITLE Heat Wave Hits; 101 Here Wednesday, Year's High €rop Prospects Reported Extremely Good In Most Sections You can let your furnace fires go out. At least that Is what the weather bureau readings indicate, and Wednesday the thermometers in Algona reached a mere 101. The week's weather readings as compiled at the L. M. Merrit station here follow: Date High Low Free. June 16 74 60 .32 June 17 81 58 June 19 87 64 .48 June 20 81 62 .43 June 21 85 61 June 22 87 59 June 23 101 No break was foreseen for another day or two, although U. 6. weather forecasts were for a more moderate reading over the week end. RED TAGS GET A WARM RECEPTION Red Tag Days in Algona, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, met with a warm reception. Pres- plration dripped from the brows of Junior Chamber of Commerce members as they shoved out Red Tags from rooftops in the business district three times each day. Free movies were provided for youngsters at the Iowa Theatre both mornings, and hearty and enthusiastic throngs turned out to see a full length show, free of charge. WARM WEATHER HAILED AS BOON TO CROPS The spell of warm weather was not without its silver lining, however. With plenty of moisture thus far this spring and summer, hot weather just at this time is being welcomed as a real boost for the crops Small grain crops have had the advantage of needed moisture, hot weather. And although we haven't asked County Agent Brown about it, we'll wager that the corn will be "knee high by the Fourth of July" anj then some. 5 TRAFFIC CASES BEFORE JUSTICES LAST FEW DAYS Traffic violations resulted In five cases in justice court here, this week. Jep Smith, Webster City, was charged with speeding with a truck. He was unable to appear, Saturday, and the case was continued. Patrolman J. C. West charged Smith with driving 42 miles per hour. Patrolman A. E. Sterling arrested Edmund Bell, West Bend, on a charge of reckless driving, June 21. His case was scheduled to be heard Wednesday night. Sterzlng also handed Al Guerdet of Armstrong a tag on a charge of operating a motor vehicle without a proper drivers' license. He was fined $10 and $2 cists by Justice Delia Welter. < C. W. Shanbarker. Dodgeville, Wis., was fined $1 and costs of $2.25 by Justice Welter on a charge of falling to stop for an arterial Shan- barker said he was a former motorcycle patrolman and that he didn't like the way his case was handled. Sam C. Escher, Des Moines, was fined $2 and coats on a charge of failing to stop for an arterial by Justice Welter. Playing With Son, Gets Cut on Face Burt: Father's Day had an unpleasant accident, at the C. I. Mansmith home here, Sunday. The Phillip Puffers of Corwlth, and the L. W. Gillespies of Algona were visiting at the Mansmitb home. Little Jerry Lee Puffer, who was playing with his father, fell on a bottle, and cut a gash on his face which required six stitches to closej and for which an anesthetic had to be given to the little fellow. Kossuth P. M. Is State's Best Liked It might have been a surprise to Ida E. Larson, Swea City postmistress, but it was no surprise to any of the rest of us that know her, to find that she has been voted the "most popular postmistress" in the state of Iowa. Mrs. Larson, who is also an official of the national postmasters' league, was awarded the honor at the closing session of the group convention, held IB Des Moines. Wed 30 Tears County Recorder and Mr*. J. J. Dooley will boid open house at their bom* bare, Friday, from 3 to 6 p. m., wben they observe their 30th wedding anniversary. Tbe Dooley family alao plan a family dinner at the Hotel Algona, in honor of tbe occasion. SQUARING OFF AGAIN NOT HARD To TAKE JOE/ ALGONA YOUTH HELD, CHARGED WITH ROBBERY Tom Merryman, 18, Is Brought Here After Ames Arrest Extra! Swea City Editor Found Asleep at Switch Swea City: Despite the fact that Is supposedly an editor's duty to know everything that's going on In town, here is once that a wide- awake editor Was blissfully ignorant of an Important social event being planned in hU neighborhood. _, at Ws own 'bom* and to/ cap the climax. the" editor and his wife were to be honored. However, Edtlor and Mrs. Ray Sperbeck of the Swea City Herald are not to be accused of negligence or Inattention to duty. While they were busy at the Herald office Saturday afternoon, relatives were preparing for a surprise party in their honor. In the form of a garden party and reception on the Sperbeck lawn. The occasion was the couple's silver wedding anniversary and the party was planned by their uaugh- ter, Jeanne, their niece, Mrs. Andrew Van Alstine and Mrs. Sperbeck's sister, Mrs. Wm, Barger. Arriving home from work late that afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Sper- lowa State Brand Meeting Held Today The annual meeting of the Iowa State Brand Creameries Is being held today (Thursday) at Mason City, and a good representation of Kossuth county creamery men and farmers, had planned on attending. The company's report shows that during 1936 total butter sales were 17,392,000 pounds, also one million pounds increase over 1936. Cheese sales jumped to a new high of 48,538,000 pounds and supply sales also increased. Election nf officers was to conclude the program which opened at 9 a. m. HOGS Best light butch., 140-160 . $7.50-8.00 Best light butch., 160-180 .. 8.00-9.00 Best light butch., 180-3200 9.00-10.50 Best light butch., 200-290 10.80-10.60 Med. heavy, 290-325 10.80 Butchers, 325-350 10J70 Bucthers, 350-400 10.25 Packing sow, 300-350 9.90 PackingTBOWB, 350-400 9.75 Packing sows, 400-500 9.60 CATTLE Veal calves _ 5.00-7.00 Canners and cutters 2.50-3.75 Stock steers 5.00-7.00 Fat steers 9.00-10.00 Fat yearlings 8.00-9.00 Bulls 4.50-5.75 Fat cows 4.00-5.50 GRAIN No. 2 white corn $1.14 No. 2 yellow corn 1.04 No. 2 mixed corn 1.03 No. 8 white oats 40 Barley, No. 3 75 New oats 27V4 EGGS Hennery* • 18c No. 1 17c No. 2 Uc Cash cream— No. 1 31c No. 2 29c Sweet _ 32c POULTRY Hens, over 5 Ibs Hens, 4 to 6 Ibs Hens, under 4 Ibs lOVic Leghorn bens lOHc Cooks, under 4H 7c Cocks, over 414 9c Springs, over 4 IDS, 20He Springs, 8 to 4 17Hc Leghorn cocks 7c Leghorn springs 14'nc Springs, 2 to 3 Ibs 15M* C Markets subject to change by the time of publication. beck were completely surprise to find thirty-six guests awaiting them with congratulations and gifts. The guests included many who had been present at the wedding 25 years ago. The beautifully landscaped lawn and garden furnlshel a perfect Mt- Ung .far .the anniversary party, and the guests enjoyed an hour of informal entertainment including several recitations by little Marian Barger, niece of the couple. A buffet supper was served at 6 o'clock and relatives presented a set of silverware. The entire community joins in extending congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Sperbeck on their anniversary. Mr. Sperbeck has edited the Herald since 1909, and his wife has lived here since girlhood. She is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bruce and taught for several years in the Swea City schools. Several years ago, the Sperbecks purchased the old Packman property for a home and have made it into one of the real beauty spots of the town. The couple has one child, a daughter, Jeanne, but four nieces, Mrs. Harry Chambers of Dubuque, Mrs. R. A. Kluger of Armstrong and Mrs. Andrew Van Alstine and Mrs. Howard Hosier of Swea City, who were reared by the Sperbecks following the death of their mother. Swea City unites in wishing many more happy years to Editor Sperbeck and ills wife. Roof Fire Here Put Out Monday A roof fire, Monday morning at the home occupied by J. N. Thul, on Linden street, was extinguished with small loss, by the city fire department. The home is owned by the Algona Ice Cream and Candy Co. Mr. Thul drives a Royal 400 truck. When the fire was first discovered, the ice cream plant was Immediately notified, and Kyle Keith hot-footed it across a half block to the home where he put out the fire inside the roof, where the flames had eaten through, and firemen attended to the outside part of the blaze. The place was insured. Breaks Arm In Davenport Fall St. Joe: Betty Joyce Reding, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Reding, had the misfortune to fall from the davenport at the Orville Wagner home, Thursday day afternoon, and break her right arm between the elbow and the shoulder. Dr. McCreery of Whittemore set the break. Betty Joyce will be two years old, the latter part of July. 4 Wedding Licenses Wedding licenses issued this week in the office of Mrs. E. J. McEvoy, were as follow: Robert Walker, Algona, and Catherine Priester, Whittemore, June 21. Hughie L. Gordon, Boone, and Helen Penny, Lakota, June 21. Richard Vaughan and Minnie Elbert, Whittemore, June 21. Hurl D. Potter and Margaret Reid, Algona, June 23. Son on Dad's Day Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hanson are the parents of a fine 10% pound son. born Sunday. It waa an especially appropriate present for Pad's Day. Both Mrs. Hanson and the new arrival are doing fine. This is the second child in the family. The Hansons live two miles east and one mile south of Algona. SAYS PAL GAVE HIM STOLEN STAMPS Tom Merryman, 18-year-old Algona youth, was to be returned to the city today, to face charges and answer questions pertaining to a series of robberies In this section of the state, including that of the Kossuth Implement Co. office here several weeks ago, Chief of Police Frank Green said yesterday. Merryman was arrested at Ames, Monday. Stamps of the same denomination and value as those stolen from the implement store here, were found on his person. He said during police questioning, that they had been given to him by a friend, and thnt the "friend" had threatened to machine gun him if he told on him. Involves Sioux City Man Wednesday, state agents took Merryman to Fort Dodge, where the arrested youth had spent several days and nights In a hotel, authorities said. From Fort Dodge they were to bring him here for further questioning. Local officers say he is suspected of being implicated in robberies at Garner and other points through this section. Merryman was arrested at Ames after officers believed him drunk. He had been throwing firecrackers from his hotel room window at passing pedestrians, Merryman's story is that a certain "Tom Lewelson", supposedly a Sioux City gangster, had been hiring him to drive his car. He further added that this Lewelson wanted him to come to Sioux City and drive for a "gang" at that point. ndtag effl.Ue cflalpywlll be filed remains to be seen. The youth is under technical arrest and In custody, but with several different cities likely to file charges against him, local officers are not certain what will happen, or where the young man will eventually be taken. About $60 was taken from the local John Deere implement store, and a smaller sum from the Klassle Garage, about two weeks ago. Police voiced the opinion, also, that they believe they may find the answer to a series of petty robberies that occurred in Algona about a year ago In the business section, and also And out about a stolen car epidemic. • Elk Cleaners To Change Hands, 28th H. A. Norman and R. F. Perry have purchased the Elk Cleaners from the Becker Bros., W. J. and Henry. The new firm will take possession June 28. Mr. Norman has been employed at the Modern Dry Cleaners for the past eighteen years, and needs no introduction, being well known in the community. Mr. Perry was employed by the Elk several years ago. He comes here from Wells, Minn., where he has been assisting Ray Brown, a former Aigonian who owns a dry cleaning plant there. He has also been in the dry clean- Ing business at Rockford and Freeport, Illinois, and South Bend. He is a brother of Mrs. Howard French, Titonka Teachers Taking Trip To Alaska Swea City: A party of Swea City teachers left here early Saturday morning for a sightseeing tour of the Northwest. In the party were Misses Frances and Edith Dahl, Miss Naomi Hewitt and Miss Omu Huff. They left in the Huff car for Seattle, and will take a boat trip from there to Alaska for a two weeks sojourn. Miss Hewitt is an Algona teacher, and the others are from Swea City. Miss Huff is from Armstrong. JAIL INMATE DIED TODAY Harry .Mohr, being held in The Kottkuth county jail on u charge of hwulng a bad check, died Thursday morning. Two doctor*, called to attend him, wild the- death remitted from cardiac trouble, induced by acute alcoholism* Mohr, from Ogden, Iowa, was arretted ou a traffic charge about 10 day* ago. He appeared before Justice Delia Wetter, and wu» nned. He paid the fine with a check. Hiea the check marked no funds. Floyd Newville, constable, wan seut to Ogden, and brought Mofar back here Tuesday, and he wa» placed In Jail Just about the ttane he wa* returned, Mohr began to iihow curious nynip- tenui, and Caoey Lowi, county sheriff, Immediately called medical attention for Mohr, 6 Lucky Boys! They Need Luck! At Big Celebration Here, 4, 5th BASEBALL TEAM WINS PLAY-OFF HERE WED'SDAY Down Titonka, Algona To Get Crack At State Title Again The Six Lucky Boys, world's fastest foot-jugglers of human beings, coming to the celebration nt Algonn, July 4-. r > ns n fenture of the matinee and night shows before the grandstand, believe thnt luck plays n big pnrt in the show business. Lester Whitson, end man on the toboggnn. and manager of the net, calls this their "lucky picture." It was taken In a London amusement park, and ns the boys were leaving the gallery a messenger boy handed them a telegram, requesting thnt they cnll at the Empire Theatre nt once. An engagement that ran for 30 consecutive weeks in the famous London "Crnzy Show" resulted. Although the Lucky Boys perform their stunts with amazing speed, they nevertheless find time to inject comedy that provokes shrieks of laughter. They create the laughs by showing how a difficult trick should not be done, and how they are able to emerge from some of the complicated falls and croppers with no broken bones is something to wonder at. S. F. PHILLIPS, LUVERNE DIES; FUNERAL, WED, LuVerne: S. F. Phllllpu, prominent LuVernc citizen, who has been in poor health the past year, died nt his home, Sunday afterr.oon. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips had lived in Lu Verne and vicinity for 28 years, coming here from Henry, III., where he had a hardware store. The family lived on a farm northwest of town until eight years ago, when they moved to town. Mr. Phillips would have b»en G."> years of age In August. He was assessor and township clerk in Sherman township for 15 years and had served as councilman since he moved to LuVerne. Funeral services were held at I he LuVerne Presbyterian church on Wednesday afternoon, nt 2:30 o'clock, with the Rev. E. E. Hancock in charge, assisted by the Rev. A, G. Heddle, Thornton, a foimer pastor here. Surviving are Mrs. Phillips, and four sons, Harvey of Dows, Ernest of Sioux City, and Paul and John of LuVerne. There are four grandchildren, and two sister* and two brothers surviving. Swea City Scene Of Baptist Conclave Swea City:; Under the direction of Rev. R. P. Bronleewe, local pastor, the First Baptist church here is making preparations to entertain the 48th annual meeting of the North Central Baptist Association, Saturday and Sunday, June 26 and 27. The association is made up of all Baptist churches in 11 north central Iowa counties, and includes a membership of 3,000. About 20 churches are affiliated. ALGONA ADVERTISERS DIKKtTORV Page TWO— Vic's Tire Service Maxwell Motors Bjustrom's Gamble's PAGE THREE— Jimmie Neville Barry Recreation PAGE FOUR— Council Oak Richardson Furniture Kossuth Motor Co. Algona Flour & Feed PAGE FIVE— Klassie Motor Johnson D-X PAGE SIX- Pratt Electric New Call Lobby's Laing & Muckty Christensen Bros. Algona Ice Cream & Candy PAGE SEVEN— Hub Clothiers Iowa Theatre Kresensky's Kohlhaas & Spilles PAGE EIGHT— McCormick-Deering Store L. W. Swanson Madson & Hanson Kent Motor Co. PAGE NINE— Norton & Son Greenberg Auto Supply Botsford Lbr. Co. M. P. Haggard PAGE TEN— Algona Auction Co. Cowan Bldg Supply Co. Chrischilles Store Truckers Fined For Overloads At Lakota Lakota: Two truckers were pick ed up at Lakota, Saturday, for drlv Ing 'HtltJrtaiiflUiltnt llrrmsp plates, and with overloads. Gall R. Hobbs, Lake City, was arrested by Patrolman A. E. Ster zing, and later fined $25 and costs of $2.50 for having 4,930 pounds o overload. Wayne Trotter, also o Lake City, was arrested by Patrol man Benedict and fined $26 for hav ing an overload of 3,950 pounds on his machine. Both machines were loaded with oats. FRANK A.WfTHAM FUNERAL TO BE HELD SATURDAY Frank Austin Witham, retired farmer, passed away Tuesday at his home here after an illness of about six weeks. Heart trouble was the ultimate cause of death. Mr. Wlth- um was 79 years of age. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 o'clock at the Methodist church, with Rev. J. H. Edge preaching the funeral sermon, and interment will be in Riverview cemetery. Mr. William was born July 6, 1858, in Wurren county, Pa. He received an ordinary school education. His father homesteaded in Iowa, on the family farm, west of Algona, in the spring of 18B5. The place was known as the Orchard Grove farm. In 1884, Mr. Witham and Hattie Chase became bride and groom, and went onto their own farm, also west of Algona. Seven children were born to the union, one of them dying in childhood. Surviving children are Howard of Algona, Everett of Algonu, Clair of Volga City, lowu, Myrtle of Algona, Roy of Fort Uodge and Harry of Minneapolis. Brothers und sisters surviving are Albin Witham of Woodland, California, Charles of Valley City, North Dakota, Lottie Fikt-s of Los Angeles and Jennie Anderson, of Compton, California. There are also 21 grandchildren and six great grandchildren surviving. All children will be present at the funeral. Mr. Witham was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge, and led a consistently active and useful life. The sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved relatives, by their many friends. BROILING SUN NO DETRIMENT TO PLAY Bancroft's Junior American Leion baseball team, winners of the owa State title last year, began nother march toward a possible epetition of the 1936 season, Wed- icsday afternoon, on the Algona iamond. Flaying off a three way tie be- ween Algona, Titonka and them- elves, the Bancroft boys won both f their games to take the Kossuth ounty title. Arrangements are now being made for the dstrict playoff;) wlth- n the next two weeks. Algona Drop* Pair The Algona Juniors, one of the urprisc tennis in the enrly season ilny, lost both of its games. Game results: Algona 4, Titonka 8. Algonn 3, Bancroft 11. Bancroft 11, Titonka 1. The Bancroft boys had things heir own way in both games, and behind airtight pitching on the part nf Ackerson and Riddle, who allow(1 only 7 and 4 hits respectively, tic up-county team hammered the Titonkn and Algona clubs hard for victories. Hitting Stars Krumm and Riddle were two of he heavy hitters for the Bancroft team, and all of the nines played surprisingly airtight baseball, with very few errors In any of the games. Box csores of the three games tell the story better than words. The teams displayed some fine talent, and excellent sportsmanship. Box scores as kept by Ed Thaves of Burt follow: Box score of the Bancroft-TUonk* game, won by Bancroft, 11 to J, th* final and championship game, follows: Titonka (1) Ab R H & Miller, c 3 000 Ricklefs, ss 3 Oil Rlppentrop, 3b 3 012 Hansen, p 3010 Doege, If 3 o 1 0 French Ib 3 o 0 0 Wood, 2b 2 100 Andrews, cf 3 o 0 O Batt, rf 2 000- Wesleyan Fined $25 On Saturday A fine of {25 was assesed against N. C. Nelson of Wesley, last Saturday night, after his arrest, and pita of guilty to a charge of taking noney from the cash drawer of the Wesley Auto Co. Nelson was arrested by Marshall Prank Wellik about three o'clock. Wellik had been informed of the disappearance of a number of different bills from the company till, and had secreted himself back of the counter. 25 1 4 3 Bancroft (11) Ab R H E- Krumm, ss 4 211 Murray, 2b 4 1 1 o Ackerson, 3b 3 221 Welp, c 4 220 Riddle, p 3 430 Patterson, rf 3 021 Valentine, Ib 4 020 Johnson, cf 3000 Griffith, If 2 000 30 11 13 3 Umpire: Kinsey. Box score of the Titonka-Algona game, won by Titonka. 8 to 4, follows: Titonka (8) Ab R H S3 Miller, 3b 3 100 Ricklefa, 88 4220 Rippentrop, p 3 000 Hanoen, If 3111 Doege, c 3 120 French, Ib 3 101 Wood, 2 b 2000 Andrews, cf 3 110 J. Batt, rf 2 111 Algonn (4) Devine, 3b Nelson, p Gilgride. c McNeil!, Ib J. Watts, ss Thiiges, cf .... Hinrich, If B. Watts, 2b D. Nelson, rf 26 8 7 3 Ab R H E .3 001 2 0 1 1 1 1 4020 2000 3000 4 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 27 4 5 4 Umpires: McFadden and Kinsty. Box score of the Bancroft-Algona game, won by Bancroft 11 to 3, follows: Bancroft ill) Ab P. H R Krunun, ss . Murray, 2b Ackerson, p Welp. c Kiddle. 3b Patterson, rf Mousel, If Johnson, cf Algona (3) Devine, 3b Nelson, ss Gilbride, c McNeill, Ib J. Watts, p Thilges, cf . .. Hinrich. if B. WatU, 2b Dodds, rf 38 11 16 3 Ab R H B 4 1 1 1 4111 4120 4021 301 4 0 00-0 3000 3000 3 U 0 0 32 3 7 3 Golf Tourney Pairings for a two-ball golf tournament at the Algona Country club lave been announced, to be played this afternoon arid evening. A Dutch lunch will follow the tournament. The club championship .Gurnament will get under way scon Championship Fight Pictures This Week Pictures of the championship right between Joe Louis and Jim Braddock. taken Tuesday night m Chicago, will be shown at both the Iowa and New Call theatres here, Thursday and Friday nights of thU week, N. C. Rice announces. Prints were made immediately after the tight, and arc the authentic pictures of the battle

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