Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on August 23, 1925 · Page 10
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 10

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1925
Page 10
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THE OREGON STATESMAN, SALEM, OREGON SUNDAY tORNlKGi AUGUST 2371925 iiiir .- t - . i i i ii i m - 1 I f A A ' tLIIS WILL D ffl TEMP E SOI II Finishing J ouches Are Being Given to Building and Its -Equipment IThe final touches are being 1y-en to the new $230,000 Salem Klks' temple at State and Cottage, tapestries,' blinds and a few other article's of furniture are yet to bee placed and the' landscaping out side the building:' The hew temple will be (ready for;' occupancy by tbe first of the month. ' ' , !' 1 ' j 'j. .-.. ! Two white alabaster marble statues, eafch weighing 600 pounds, guard the entrance. One represents the goddess of tbe day and the other the goddess of the nights. They were carved by special order!, by Baldcct, an Ital ian sculptor.! Twenty-one tons of rubber tile hare been used In tnakinr the floors soundproof. ' The main jiQunglng room at the feast' part of the building toward Ibe front has been built with an Immense fireplace at f one side. Hooks and magazines will be kept In shelves at 'one end of the room ' Mahogany i wood work is used throughout qn the lower floor. The color' scheme of tbe entire building harmonizes perfectly. In the lounging room the walls are of a soft, neutral buff,. with cornice ,and, frieze to harmonize.. The wall decorations of the whole low er floor nave Deen eiaDoraieiy oulded and colored with burnt range, cream and goia. A luxurious Wilton carpet, half tin inch in thickness. Is to be placed On the' floor 6f 'the lounging room and the ladies' parlor; which has been built Immediately south (f the loungjng room to the left of the Cottage street entrance to he huilding; The ladies' parlor will be furnished with .'overstuffed urnJture. anid the walls will be of olden Tiffany. The dining rpom uat south of the ladies' room will ave Italian! stippled walls and transparent Chandeliers. At the front of the building on (he lower floor the reading and Writing room has been built east 6f the entrance, between the en fnnree and the lounging room. The card room, billiard room and buf fet with its ! soda service extend ing across the west side. 'Six mas sive pocket tbllllard tables were Installed there this week. The buffet is to have a Tennessee mar ble, facing to match the floor. . The pass pantry at the rear and ' center of the lower floor are fin lshed in old ivory and French gray enamel. Ah elevator has been installed by" means of which service- Tan be had to the second floor- and mezzanine. In the mezzanine ;rpoms have- been con-j structed fori nse,by;,-entertalners whjKUge the stagewhjch Is at the sojjth end of tbe banquet and ball room, on tbe cast , side' of ' the building : : , , , The, deep rrown moulding high up .online, walls .or... the huge Dan-que and ball room is particularly rich 'In color" and general artistic workmanship.' 'The stage Js dec-. orated with-antique gold arid fcar-, lands of fruit and flowers lh nat ural colors, harmonizing -with the carved moulding of the roontJBe- hind the molding 200 border lights are concealed. ' The principle of indirect liisht- ing Is used throughout the Interior of the building. ? The stage is equipped with the most up to date fixtures, and has curtain of deep green sflk ve- lour, : ;. ! -'- North- of the' ball and j banquet room at the northeast corner of the upper floor, the ladies rest room is located. It will be equipped with Venetian reed fur niture, With ' draperies to match. The Italian electric fixtures catch the eye of ' everyone" , Who goes through! the room. . The lodge Toom,' measuring 57 by 80 feeti extends along the west side of the upper floor, and will be floodlighted by means of 30 spotlights,: concealed at the corners and being of various colors. The walls are of kanestone, the carved corners colored old ivory, and high-lighted with soft creams and robin's egg. blue. The center ightingi fixture Is in the form of a sunburst, colors being gold, rich orange, cream and a touch of blue. Furnishings for' the lodge room are made of mahogany, including! the stations for officers, and the altar. The officers' stations are upholstered in leather, Two hundred and fifty opera "chairs are arranged about the edge of the room. At the raer of the lodge room which is the north end, a loft for the organ and choir has been built high up In the wall. The Elk's do not have an organ at present, but Intend to purchase one at a later date. A room for 'moving picture ap paratus has been built at the rear of the banquet and ball room as well as at the rear of the lodge room. i ' . . The candidates. room and other smaller, rooms are at i the north end of the lodge room. The grand l staircase, leading from the first to the second floor, begins directly in front of the main entrance to the building. It reaches la large landing, onto which the light shines through i rich piece of stained . glass, sun light being allowed by the; con stuction j of the building to come down from above as far as the glass.. The staircase divides at the landing, and goes on up to a large hallway on the second floor, which opens to the hall and banquet room on one side and the lodge room on the other side. ' In front it opens to the logia at the front ofthe building.; ' 1 mm EXHIBITS LISTED Outlook Is Bright for Banner ' Year; Many Improve-, ments Are Made OREGON GETS SETTLERS SALKM REPORTS 27 XKW ARRIVALS IX MONTH The proud little slogan of "Trail em to Salem" was made manifest Friday when the chamber of commerce, operating under the statewide development, plan, reported 2? new settlers during the past month, to the land settlement department, j . Salem is cooperating with the local chamber in checking up on the new settlers,! and sincetheir With practically every Important nroducing I country of the state anticipating a bumper har-1 campaign started In June has re- test this year the Washington ported z is new seiners ior ivz htali fair. September. 14-19, at APARTMENTS PROGRESS WORK BEING RUSHED UPON TWO XKW STRUCTURES Construction on" two new apartment houses is being pushed in order to have , these . completed early in the fall. The Fisher apartment, on South Commercial is rapidly taking shape with near ly all -of the exterjor "work completed, j Windo ws were placed this week. The building, three stories and basement; Is of concrete. ; In North Salem near the- J. L. Parrish j junior high school, ' the bungalow court, apartment .being erected by Adam Engle Is neartng completion. This building, all on the ground floor, is of hollow tile construction. v i t , Yakima, renewed after a recess of two years, promises to be more truly representative than ever before of the resources of the entire state. Decause the fair was omitted in 1924 the hew manager A. E. Lawson adopted the policy of putting all available funds into the promotion of this year's fair as he most effective method of placing the fair on the sound basis necessary for further permanent improvements. Premiums for the educational departments were . increased all along the. line, and the total in awards for all departments is ap proximately (25,000. At the same time it was determined to put on the best possible entertainment program and $20,000 is to be spent for the grandstand attrac tions. ! ! The response to the attractive offerings has been, marked. On August 10. nine counties, including the 'largest producers of the state, had entered exhibits in the country competition. Several more were planning etxhlbits, and competition will be keen for the $100 per county to be pro rated on the basis of comparative scores. In the boys and girls club division, for which about $400 had been offered previously, a total of $1,200 in premiums and awards is being offered this year. Miss Elmlna White of Washington State college,' superintendent of this work, haa asked for reserva tions for 150 boys and girls, twice the number at the last fair. necora oreaKing exnimts are promised in the livestock depart ments. Ample room for the poultry is afforded by an annex to the poultry house constructed since the last fair in 1923. D. F. Mitchell of Spukane la superin tendent of this department. , Dr. R. J. Donahue, until recent ly state .veterinarian, heads the livestock department. Among the entries already in are some 125 head of Guernsey cattle, of which about 40 are from: the state herd, exhibits by J. H. McCroskey and J. E. Trimble of Garfield, and H S. Curtis of Palouse, all new ex hlbltors at the Washington fair, and exhibits irom Lewis , county which have not been seen at Yakima before. - The Short . Horn Cattle association has added $250 to the fair, premiums, and the Aberdeen Angus ; association .has offered a special 'premium of $75, for which the Congdvm & Battles herd and one or; two others will compete. Community carlots of Holsteins. Jerseys, and hogs are expected from the. Mount Vernon district. Other counties have also started a visiting and welcome campaign. The Corvallls chamber of com merce is at present making a can vas of Benton county, and word was received - Friday from The Dalles-Wasco chamber of commerce that a "welcome committee" had been appointed to locate and visit all new settlers. As soon as completed a list of the newcomers will be sent in to the Portland land settlement department. The Eugene chamber of commerce Is doing a like work in Lane county; Medford chamber of commerce for Jackson county, and Grants Pass chamber of commerce for Josephine county. H EJBSIM ey m mm Thousands of ADplications , Received for Entrance Into Film Roles Restricted Residential District Being Planned A restricted residential district on Ben Lomand hill, east of the McKinley school, is to' be opened in the near future by Charles E. Cone, who plans the construction of modern homes to sell for around $300. The property was withdrawn from sale 15 years ago and has only recently been put on the market. Mr. Cone came to Salem six weeks ago from Lincoln. Neb., where he was in the life insurance business. 'State awards $1,000,000 con struction contracts on Roosevelt Highway. ... j , 7 3 w x i The Farmer and His Bank V.v . -.: . .. -. , ' ' . Farmers of the Salem community can profitably make use of tlie facilities and services of the United States National. r ! By. bringing in y6ur problems and working close with your bank, Mr. Farmer, you have at your disposal our experience of many years in promoting the development of farm and field in this section. , United States National Bank K Salem.Oregon. Worlc Is Beinq Rushed on New YMCA Building WTille the new YMCA on Court street is being rushed" atrresent arid forms for the first floor have been placed. Rafters are now be- inir erected and early 'this week the forms will be extended for tbe second story. " - Pendleton Wheat crop In Um atilla county estimated at 5,000,- 000 bushels. ' - ' j An oil extracted from locusts is being used to lubricate watches in South Africa. HOLLYWOOD. Cal. Varied types are Included in .the many thousands of men, women and youths who come here each year seeking careers in the motion pic tures. Few ever reach stardom. Estimates compiled recently revealed that since 191? more than 150,000 persons registered with screen employment agencies on the Pacific coast. Today the list of those steadily employed numbers little more than 15,000. Therefore, some 135.000 failed to find a footing on the stepping-stone to clnemaland. Statistics obtained from film la bor bureaus here and in Los An geles show that 300 bald-beaded men, whose principal bid ror screen fame is their lack of hair. and 100 one-legged men, who be lieve that they should be in pic tares because they have but one limb, are registered. On the files of these agencies are listen ten cross-eyed men, 50 athletes, 200 professional and non professional gamblers, 12 midgets, glass eaters and sword swallowers. So great is the desire of per sons to get into tbe pictures that in an hour's time counterparts of all famous men of the past. enough cowboys to stage a rodeo or sailors sufficient to man a ship can be brought together. In a day's time 5,000 persons for a mob scene or 1,200 women for a ballroom can be assembled. They bring their own costumes. The wage scale at a majority of tbe studtos is similar. Extras for mob scenes, who are taken irre spective of age, size, or nation amy, receive an average or $3 a day. Hand picked extras of approximately the same size, similar features and color of eyes are paid $5. Character extras, those who are "camera wise" including win pome misses and young men who possess complete wardrobes, are paid $7.50 a day. Young women in afternoon and evening gowns. capable of giving proper atmos phere to gatherings of the elite. are given $10. A scrubwoman si paid $7.50 for a few minutes work before the camera. A stunt man Is paid) $1,500 to drive a motorcycle at! forty-five miles -an hour into a racing car. Swimmers are given $100 to dive 100 feet into the sea and'a rider $400 to "fall" a horse over a cliff Into a mountain stream. An ex-prize fighter earns from $50 to $100 to give and take, bare-tlsted. in a scrap of a few minutes duration and a juggler receives aa high as $200 for showing his tricks In a circus side-show scene. Sixty per cent of the thousands of persons registered at the film employment offices are women. The greatest number of an indi vidual group are girls and young women seeking employment in ballroom scenes and similar work. Many girls who are listed possess wardrobes as elaborate as any owned by a millionaire's daughter. Catholic Parish School Work Is Well Under Way Work on the new Catholic par ish school in North Salem is progressing rapidly and the interior Is nearly ready for the plasterers. The structure is on story with basement, and will be ready for the fall term of school next montb. LAUREL PARK PLATTED SECTIOX IV XORTII SALEM HAS MANY FIXE HOMES . most expensive have already been sold ' to Alert' Moea and Harry Wles. Laurel Park, a district restrict ed to modern homes has been platted, dedicated and placed on the market by the firm of Becke it Hendricks of this city. Laurel park lies along Laurel street be tween North Summer street and Highland avenue, i Suitable build ing restrictions are incorporated 1 Into each deed which preclude the building of any home smaller than $2000.! That the people of Salem are become awakened to tbe value of building restrictions is evidenced by the quirk sale "of a similar property on South Winter street between Cross and Howard streets bandied by Becke tc. Hendricks In which all lots were sold before street was opened up and several lots have re-sold at advanced prices. : This district lies directly west of the Williamson tract where a building restriction has been Imposed and guarantees to th buyer a proieciea district or all new, homes. 't . . j There are an even fifty lotsi priced as low as $300 and the two1 Lone Star Service Station and Camp Ground 199S N. Capitol Street John Williamson Prop. Also Builder of Homes for sale on easy terms. If you are looking for a home call on us. An Attractive House with Sunny Rooms Gambling is NOT ! Investing Investment means money placed in profitable channels where, safety is considered of paramount importance. ' Where the element of gambling occurs, speculation is the only term , that can be applied. ' i . ... ' . Hawkins & Roberts have eliminated gambling from investing for nearly ten years in the Salem community. We have never been the cause of the loss of a single dollar to any investor. ; Naturally, then, many are making their investment headquarters with us. ; 'J . 1 : ... . . You can always be assured of our cooperation in making your money grow to the ; best advantage Mortgage. Loans Bonos and C Invc.stmc.nts 2nd Floor. Oacoon Bldo Or lALKM. GON HAVII NS- ' ROBERTS INC It . 0-- a i)ir J " j ' - ' I ' BED ROOM 1 " .' S First Floor j X Second Floor HWMKa.X18 - -V' , Dmmrl by Jmmk A. Spm,mtwrw mJ Ei Umrtim Cmu A mwntmm fmtm BHdi Aji int " i i " ... Ml HERE has been much discussion about the economy of building the square house over the L-shaped house, and there is little doubt that the square house can be built more economically. But when the L-shaped house is well planned the difference in cost is not excessive, and many home-builders gladly pay the difference to get the advantages which the reshaped house offers.' j . The house above-illustrated has these features. Notice how the living room and dining room and two of the bedrooms on tha second floor have windows on three sides, thus assuring, plenty of sunlight and free circulation of air throughout the house. The cheerfulness imparted by such an arrangement is difficult to measure in dollars and cents. . . , Comfort, convenience and attractiveness one wants in his home, and it is always well in, planning a house to bear in mind that a few hundred dollars well spent in getting what one wants may he returned many times oyer. Economy and skimping are two entirely dif ferent matters. Many things in connection with building that seem economical at the start turn out costly, and many things we think we cannot afford turn out to be the most economical. i The'eirjerience of the nast is teaching many "home-buiiders that first cost is not the vital consideration in building, but that slow depreciation, low repair bills, lower insurance rates and reduced fuel bills really decide the soundness of the home-building investment. ! A11 this is a bit beside a discussion of this particular house, but we shall not see a very great improvement in American homes until the American people learn the fundamentals of-home-building economies. . . ' The architects of this house have combined a pleasing and interesting exterior with a well-. planned interior. The decorative treatment of the corners, windows and doorway all add to the charm of the face brick walls, while the mass of the house is in flood scale and proportion. The rooms oh both floors are comfortably large and conveniently arranged, .The overall 'dimensions of the house are 32 feet by 38 feet. HOUSES BUILT OF PERMANENT MATERIALS COST BUT LITTLE MORE THAN THOSE CONSTRUCTED OF. MORE TEMPORARY MATERIALS But the Upkeep Expense of Such Houses Is Small See us for common brick, face brick, building tile,4 partition tile, silo tile, drain tile, - . vertrified sewer pipe. . SALEM BRICK & TILE CO. V. li t: h r n c! CI 1. I l t ' i i TELEPHONE BIT 8ALT3I, OREGON

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