The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 10, 1937 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1937
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 10,1937 773 CROWS FLY TO DOOM DUE TO WHITTEHOREAIM Sportsmen Under Clarence Elbert Defeat Geo. Schultz Boys Whlttemore: The crow hunt ended Monday. There were 41 meni- bers of the Whittemore conservation unit who partook In the hunt Geo. Schultz was elected captain for the east side and Clarence Elbert for the west side. A total of 773 crows were shot. Captain Clarence Elbert was the winner with 477 crows on his side and Geo. Schultz had 296 on his side. A. D. Brogan was the best hunter, bagging 271 crows and won first prize of $5 and Geo. Schultz bagged 168 and got. second prize of $3; Oscar Poirot won third prize of (2. A feed was given the winners by the losers Monday night A Dutch lunch was served to 75 and cards were played and every' body felt that they had done their share to protect the wild life. Parents of Twlni Mr and Mrs. Elmer Ludwig of Corwith are parents of twin boys, born to them Sunday morning. The grandparents are Messrs, and Mesdames Frank Ludwig and Rua- sel Nellls. . At Wedding Fete Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck and daughter, Lucille and son, Henry, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Erwln Struecker and family drove to Steen, Minn., Saturday to visit at the parental home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck, Sr., and Sunday they attended the 40th .wedding anniv- Caponizing Free Free Free Culling and Poultry Service Work MAKE MONEY ON CAPONS! Swift & Company, Algona, Io_wa, will caponize your cockerels free of charge and will contract to buy your capona at a premium when they mature. If you are interested In making more money on your poultry, capons will produce that extra profit. Drop in to see us or send a card for full particulars on our capon plan. It will make you money. We have two men with university education In Poultry Husbandry available to do your culling, free of charge. Call us or write for appointments. Now is the time to cull out the non- layers—oave feed and money. Swift & Co. ' • • • •&•-•'• Phone 264 Algona, Iowa Market Your Poultry and Egg* Direct for Increased Returns. Brown Dairy Farm, Herd Make One of the Finest Model Farms Two miles south of Algona, the Loren Brown dairy farm of 320 acres, Including 100 acres of nicely timbered pasture land, Is one of Kossuth's many fine farms. Although the farm Itself may be very well known to many of our readers, the^e are some facts concerning it that may be real news. In 1931 Brown began his first milk route In Algona. Today he has 40 Guernsey cows, milking, and a total herd of about 90 head. In the employ of the dairy are four men, Lester Brown (no relation) in the plant Lyle Clark on delivery, Keith Shepard in the barn, and Henry Brandow, field man. In March, 1933, the dairy put In a pasteurizing plant and equipment and about 18 months ago added an automatic bottling machine. In recent months the addition of orangeade bottling equipment has been made. The barn on the Brown place, one of the largest in south Kossuth, was built in 1919, and is still a show place among fine farms. Mrs. Brown, the former Florence Laabs of Good Hope neighborhood, was preparing two chickens for dinner during our visit to the farm, and indications were that the farm mangement Is not a "one person" affair, but that Mrs. Brown Is a very valuable link in the machine, which has brought success to the young couple in their business enterprise. ersary of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lauck. About 130 attended. L. W. Swanson and son, Rex. were Des Moines visitors Thursday. Will Heller of Dows spent Sunday with his family and other relatives. Oscar Poirot, local garage man, is laid up with a bad case of blood poisoning. Helen Farrell of Mason City spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Nell Farrell. Irene Miller of Algona came over Sunday to visit her mother, Mrs. Grace Miller. The Lutheran school picnic was well attended Sunday in the Geo. Maahi grove. T. A. Swanson spent the past week In Chicago visiting his son, Jesse and family. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mosbach of Humboldt, visited at the John Mosbach home, Sunday. And you'll have to hurry to make it while the sun shines this spring. We have all the necessary equipment ' to make short work of haying. ROPE We have 1* •• miles of rope. Come get what you need. FORKS Three tine forks $1.20 NYE and PORTER Hay Carriers Equip your bam with one of these earners. Guaranteed to give satisfaction. PULLEYS OF ALL SIZES Kohlhaas & Spilles Prof, and Mrs. F. J. Rochford drove to Sheldon, Sunday, to spend the day with Mrs. Henry Kaschmitter. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Eisele and family of Blue Earth, Minn., spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eisele and family. Pat Cullen, who recently underwent an operation for appendicitis, came to the home of his parents, the J. S. Cullens, to recuperate. Luclan Meurer was in Des Moines Saturday and Sunday attending the Reserve Officers Association gathering of Iowa at Fort Des Moines. Raymond Besch, son of Mr., and Mrs. Mike Besch, who attends Crelghton College In Omaha, came home last week to spend the summer. Mrs. Mary Foley, Josle and Dan Foley drove to Omaha Friday for a visit with Father J. J. Foley, S. J. They returned home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Elbert, Mrs. Leo Elbert, and Mrs. Charles Salz drove to Dubuque Sunday to visit Sister M. Mathilda. They returned Tuesday. The banns of marriage were announced Sunday for the flrat time between Richard Vaughn and Minnie Elbert and Catherine Prlester and Robert Walker. Mrs. L. G. Laidlcy and daughter, Lorraine, attended a shower in Ringsted, Thursday, In honor of Genevieve Busch. Lorraine stayed for a three weeks' visit. Miss Rosella Voight, who is employed at the court house In Algona, is spending a two weeks' vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt of here. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell and daughters- Cluirc.; and Bevvy oi Blue Earth, Minn., spent the week end at the home of Mrs. Bell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dietrick Cordes. Mrs. Clarence Jenkins entertained 28 children, Thursday, in hon- of her daughters, Marlene and Bonnie's birthdays. Games were played and a delicious lunch was served. Helen Ford came home from Cedar Rapids Saturday to spend the summer with her parents. She completed her course in teachers' training in the Cedar Rapids junior college. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neu and son, George and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Neu of Kansas City, who are guests at the Neu home drove to Caledonia, Minn.. Saturday for a short visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Sounders. Mr. and Mrs. John Uhlenhake and Alma Genevieve Cairy drove to Fort Madison Thursday for a short visit at the James, George and Joe Krogmeier homes. ' lola Barber of Forest City and Bernice Winkel of Lake Mills spent Sunday with their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Barber and Mr. and Mrs. George Winkel. The girls are beauty operators. Mrs. J. S. Cullen, Mrs. Lizzie Higgins, Ella. Frank and John Edward Burke drove to St. Benedict Sunday to attend the wake of Mrs. Germann. Mrs. Germann is the mother of Mrs. Martin Eischeid of this place. Henry Dahlhauser of Tallulah, La., called on friends in town one day last week. Henry has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Dahlhauser of West Bend. He expects to spend the sum- summer here. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vaudt and daughter, Sclma of Farnhamville, and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vaudt of Gowrie, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William Vaudt. Herbert Vaudt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vaudt, spent the week end here. Herbert Braatz and Tbelma PilU of Mapleton. Minn., and Alvina Braatz of Minnesota Lake, Minn., spent Sunday with relatives in Whittemore. Esther Braatz accompanied them to Minnesota to make her home in that state. EUla and Bobby Braatz alao accompanied them borne for a abort visit TheMan About Town Says "No parking" signs adorn the entrances to the Tourist park. Or what was once the tourist park. It has ceased to be. The poor who are forced to travel and the lover of overnight camping are crowded out. They must seek more expensive stops of private enterprises. This city hospitality is gone. • » * At the head of the Decoration day parade were highway patrolmen. Coming toward them at a high rate of speed was a big car. The patrolmen waved It down. One jumped out and ran back with anger in his eye and an impression that someone was going to catch a plenty. But suddenly he stepped back in attention and his hand went up in salute. It was the governor. With a smile and a wave of the hand he was directed to a parking space. Oh boy, what if it had been one of us commoners. • » fr Tom Lynk is a busy man. Those twin lads are two and a half years of age and demand a trip up town with papa. Each time an order for candy, ice cream cone or private needs comes up for reckoning it must be doubled, else trouble. » * * George Kanouff has a riddle to to solve, but needs help. He is privileged to retire from the mall service on pension. Leisure and pleasure is ahead. Since the sons have gone the family car Is unrun. Here's the problem. George cannot drive the car until he gets a license and he cannot get a license until he learns to drive. • * * Milton Dahl Is a careful driver and one with a humanitarian aspect Motoring Sunday night a black cat loomed up in the glow of the headlights. Milt slowed down and stopped but not before the car eased over the cat. Inspection found it unhurt but a cat or kitty with a wide white stripe length wise on the center of its back. • • * The swimming pool opened Tuesday with a capable crew in charge. Although the Ice was not visible it was cold water to swim in. Lifeguard Bob Sellstrom earned his pay the first day when he pulled to safety a swimmer in distress with cramps. Much ado for a while and witnesses said Bob handled the matter like a veteran although he was much smaller than his cargo. • • • Ardella Rovey is having the worry of her life subduelng a story which the young fellows of the A. & P. store want to see in this column. Don't lose sleep, Ardella, nothing injurious will come of it. • • • Gervalse Is an odd name; a likeable name with repetition. Is it a name for a girl or a boy? The only instance of our knowledge where It adorned the person direct Is a boy, GervaUe Dtard. He want through high school and spoke daily but not until he sold ears for Kent did the trua name come out • * • • A year ago Supervisor McDonald applied patented remedies to his lawn shrubs for the purpose of keeping the dogs away. Constant attention from them kills. This year he had to rely on the old favorite and sure cure, woven wire preventatlves. * » * We have been told, sad but true, of a situation far from this day and age. A father told his daughter that If she ever did anything to warrant the publishing of her name in the Man About Town column he would kick her out of his home. One of those "Go and never darken my door again" types. If it is a sin or crime to have a name appear here in the way of a pun, or truth of Interest to that father perhaps it Is time the girl left such a home. Wesley Family On West Coast Trip Wesley: Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kunz, Julius, Jr., June Adele and Mary Adine left early Sunday morning for a three weeks' trip to the west coast. They are going out via Kansas City, and Fowler, Colorado, and Salt Lake City and the Royal Gorge, returning via Portland, Oregon, the Yellowstone National Park and the Black Hills. (By Chns. A. Williams) Our friend, W. D. Kncker, Is building a fine barn on his farm In Garfield township. The dimensions are 40x80 feet. 30 feet high with stanchions for 20 cows and hay loft capacity of 85 tons. This barn will make a fine addition to Mr. Kucker's large productive farm. Arthur Thilgr* has corn tall enough to row at a distance. Mr. Thllges is a newcomer to Garfield township and is a progressive young farmer. I am sure he is welcome to this community as he makes friends easily. George F. Hackman, formerly city official of Algona and several years sheriff of Kossuth county, is getting along nicely at his large, spacious home south of Algona. T had a pleasant visit with Mr. Hackman a few days ago. He has plenty of ambition yet, at 74 years, and has few Idle moments. His many friends wish him many more years of useful service and sound judgment. SENECA NEWS Mrs. Cecil Bailey was an Emmetsburg caller Saturday. Harriet Olsen is spending this week with relatives and friends In Mallard. Lavon Bailey spent Friday night and Saturday at the home of her friend, Jean Looft. Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Merrill and sons spent Friday evening at the Robert Burt home. Mr. and Mrs. Emll Elmers entertained a number of friends and relatives at dinner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cast and their daughter, Florence, spent Thursday evening at the John Homan home. M. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell and family spent Friday evening at the John Homan home southwest of Seneca. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell and family spent Sunday afternoon at the Lawrence Nielsen home near Rlngsted. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groen and daughter of Swea City spent Thursday evening at the Sheldon Merrill home. Mr. and Mrs. Irvln Classen entertained relatives of Mallard and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Olson and family at dinner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn of near Armstrong are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday. Mrs. Dunn was the former Andrea Pederson of Seneca. This is their first child. Had a nice visit with Mr. Park* at the Kossuth county farm and found him a very busy man. He is well liked out there, as this Is his eleventh year of management at the county farm. He Is doing a good job of keeping those who are able to work busy and contented. The home Is maintained In the best possible sanitary condition. Nick Elschen of Cresco township is getting along nicely, planting 280 acres of corn. Nick has several fine boys to help him. The oat and rye crops In the southern part of the county look fine. The pastures and legumes, alfalfa and red. white and sweet clover Is the best since 1927 with hundreds of fine cattle grazing. It makes one glad to live In such a garden as Kossuth county. John Fisher of near West Bend has a. mare that fonlcrt twin colts last week. Both were fillies and alike as two peas In color and markings. Doris Phillips. Algona, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise, this week. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Taylor and family spent Sunday at the Monroe Heiter home, near Livermore. W. J. Green spent the week end with his family here. He is employed with the Metz Construction Co. at Ida Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson, Wlndom, Minn., spent Sunday at the Clarence Anderson home. The men are brothers. Mrs. A. D. Richards, Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham and children and Vf. E. Worster, were Sunday dinner guests at the A. L. Greenfield home. A Children's Day program wilt be given next Sunday morning here by the Sunday School children. Mrs. B. E. Sanders, Mrs. Drusilta Noble and Mrs. Steven are directing. The A. Abbas family moved to Buffalo Center last week and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Fitch moved into the Fitch house here. Saturday. Chester's father, Ed Fitch and son, Harold, also live with them. TAFFETA. Their "old fashioned rustle" will delight those always on the alert for "something new." Tjbs beautifully and tiit icamt are rip proof. kollm Our Newest Flatterer!... WHITE PATENT 3.50 ... it gives your feet a "smooth" grace... and plenty ot ir space tool With Cuban or high heel. We've score* of other new styles too! Keep your Budget and Temperati :ure Wear Sheers Cut down your upkeep this summer . . .wear SHEERS! You'll be degrees cooler and lots smarter in any of these crisp young styles. Prints, pastels. 12 to 20

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