The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1937 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1937
Page 7
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 3, 1937 Sorensen* and Saturday Fancy Cookies, per Ib. ,__ Crackers,2 Ibs. Kellogg corn flakes, 2 pkgs. ____ 23c 22c Quality Home Butchered Meats Fancy Fresh Dressed Spring Gicken Baby Beef ?0-22c »*"* per Ib. LV ^• C Lamb Stew, per Ib. Lamb Roast, per Ib. Baby Beef Boil, per Ib. Dried Peaches, 2 Ibs. _ Toilet Tissue, 4 rolls for ^ Complete Assortment of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Veal Stew, per Ib. Ham Loaf, per Ib. Sorensen Grocery Co. We Deliver Phone 138-139 STATE THEATRE Now Showing—Spencer Tracy, Gladys George, Franchot Tone in "They Gave Him a Gun" Friday-Saturday, June 4-5 Bargain Days—All Seats 26c Two Big Attraction* Warner Oland J Ftfl Rwlt H Shttr (MifM! "OUINTUPIET' in "Charlie Chan at The Olympics" Plus Deluxe News, Band Act Matinee 2 p. m. Friday—1 p. m. to H p. m. Saturday Dally matinee at 2 p. m. WIN-O Sat. Only Sun.-Hon., June 6-7 Dally Matinee 2 p. m. Sunday 1 to 11 p. nt. ffonttol THEY'RE COMING ON SKATES] in their gayztt, gtoddesf show! Tuesday, June 8, Matinee from 1 o'clock Continuous Show—Register Special Tues. Mat.—Bank Nile Gen* Raymond and Ann Southern In "THERE GOES MY GIRL" Plus "Bad Housekeeping"—News—"Pudgy Makes Bow'? Wed.-Thurs., June 8-9 —Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard in "Romeo and Julite" Gr*4ftM»I.S.T.C. Fentoft: lt>& C_nt» V«f*_t and nephew, Cftii V«Mtt, -iM James Holldorf, **ft tf<5i_rtMls, «n Monday, t4 fttt-£l i<M<trtm exercise*Ji tHt&mi *-» fetch- era' Oill^ '• Mrs. Vlft*f« »«HtHf. Ar^ls, was course other r«tUA was ate* _t*K * two grades Miss -T-,— and Mr4.:|L'J. _ teach tft*$fik«t« the Pe*tl* •"" - . »f Mr. •AA will •ales in Th^Mtm About Town Says Many » W)r hu «O«4 a ft* feet away frtti It ttlM»«-« *•!« and tried in v«_t U Wtlt *Jr tKrAwing rojks. V <t4y OMk *«•• • Kit in on • try. H« £•*• Mt i*M Mr the Boaters. WMfr nyk awajr _*4k *ut of the thytt* Mi, NtrtovM the ball driv<_ M* * Utte OMk bat, turned anA Ntjl «tMk t»* inn hop. ing to sUftMffr M4k tl* runner going 11*4 ftlii Jbto. The ball squarely •Mtt «C*_t_l_» of a light pfc* A** MUM* Mutk aver Woody's NtarM< heme a« wasn't. ednjTatul- •'«( 0_§ ftrlght- UkMl fr*tn his te UU fbtdoor i4^n and furnish excellent spots to hide battles when through but with morning they loom right up in the open and the owner may have the same by identifying them. If he has the nerve, which is doubtful. * * • Algonn In big enough to have a building for meeting places. At this time the hotel, Legion hall. V. F. W. hall, high school, floral hall, country club and the city hall, places used for gatherings of a private and public nature cannot supply the demand. For Instance, the Junior Chamber of Commerce has waited long for an opportunity to secure a place for a meeting and now it must hit and miss when some other body is not in session. • • » The good old swimming hole, the soft water pond, has been in use for two or more weeks by dozens of Uids. It used to be an axiom that Decoration Day was the right time to open the season but the present day boy is in a hurry. Any- way it affords lots of fun in closing day of school. the The dog owned by the Miedkes and praised by Ralph is of the opinion he is just about it in dogdom and cardom. He takes a notion to lie down in the center of the busy street and he does. Neither does he move when a car comes along, it must find a way to get around him or else. Hasn't done much damage to date, but some day those cars are not going to give in. • • • Mart Weaver likes to fish and he enjoys telling tales about fish. However, on the recent fishing expedition to Cnss Lake, Mart stood for hours in a line of six men casting and haulmg them in. All but Mart. The fish wouldn't bite on his plugs. A limit came. Disgusted and intimidated he couldn't stand the laughs of the crowd so he dropped his pole and cooked the meals. How about a few tales of cooking nnd dishwashing 1 from Mart? Andy Tuesday blushing u m atlons. Tfttt est of r cheeks wi_ _ trip of a cMUfcM fishing frMU. Last ritMr wli«B t&e •_•* was piled hlg& 6*1 t&* rMAr kUcked WHO far*****-** dUtttn carried news of CM**, & D., Mn* tettated for about M itffm and a serious shortage if f**i an* fuel. Of special Interest «_• C*nd», for that Is where the Mbr*r4 Vhuon family moved last falL HowmrA, visiting here now, tU. tf th« r*d(4 and chuckled At tie new* Mr Kut two days was ttte ehttre time a passenger bus fr«M' Atetfeen filled t* keep Its scAedvl*. • ' * • • Of speettl »•*• wo a private evening Mae* Tvevlay. TV* ministers an| aa Mftifcrw Af the liquor store eat at th« title. That is the way & _hMU_ fee , Bifcth line of business IJMl'rii-iy tt» (Ml is here tc stay ;et tfc«m W*Hc f*r the general ffU_^ «• ttttfe. The four tmiU^tt tto l-ftfe store attend iMr* lyahrfar *tb«y support It. lMjaSi\3t 4lMk old wounds, M* M* t» a *Zttttl un- darstandUf,, a fnnrtit treM toward tMT gkaL Ing th pipe, and Int. The> • which fuHtttt baby chleta hatcherle*. regard gt«vt tfMe ttc north ttjvawtn .mid- itMres ttttAMHuidsof U« Swift '• * •' of his lawn to Ing their thinking on Tme shrub.i B. P. Benson, M. & St. L. agent at Albion. Iowa, spent the week end with his family at Algona. Marlon Rising, who is employed in Des Moines, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rising. Bernicn Norton returned Saturday from Gary, South Dakota, where she had spent two weeks visiting her cousin, Mrs. E. L. Lohr. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rising returned Friday after a two weeks' vacation trip to Frankfort, Iowa, where they visited Mr. Rising's relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chubb nnd baby of Humboldt spent the holidays at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chubb. Chnrlott* 1 Hilton was home for the week end visiting her brothers, Jack and Bill. Charlotte is employed in the offices of Pillsbury Flour Mills. Mrs. Emery Boanmn and children of Havelock, were guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. \V. 3. Becker, and her sister, Mrs. Everett Anderson. Mrs. A. D. Lehman and daughter, lola, of Des Moines, returned Monday from Cullom, Illinois, where they had been visiting relatives since Friday. Dr. W. D. Andrews left for Des Moines, Sunday where he will conduct state board examinations and take a week of post graduate work. He will be gone ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stock and two children, Gale and Johnnie, of Sioux City, visited the former's father, A. H. Stock, and sister, Bernice Stock, over the week end. Jamc« Bishop and Harlan Sigsbee visited the former's aunt, Miss Maude McBroom. his sister. Ruth Bishop, and a brother, John Blshop> at Iowa City during the week end. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Hutzell and family spent the week end at Earlham where they visited his parent* and her sister. Mr. Hutzell is manager of the McCormlck-Deerinj •tore. Mrs. F. O. Davis, mother of Mrs; Burdctte Agard, who has been vis iting at the, Agard home, left Sunday far Waterloo, where she wil visit a sister, Mrs. R. J. Rook, before returning to her home in Davenport. I M in Roper or Campus Trunks And Swim Suits STRAWS The coolest, most comfortable straws we have ever offered. New smart shapes aud styles—Sailors, Panamas, aud Special weaves. 95c to $3.45 Zender & Caldwell Latft^i or ^jilted Waist. Built in. ifopp&rters for and Looks 100 tso 1:95 2;45 «n Mi4 Boys & Caldwell C. B. Murtngh of DCS Moines •spent Memorial Day with his fam- y. Glen Brunson of Des Moines spent the week end in Algona with friends. Earl Brndlry of Muscatinc arrived Sunday for a few days' visit with his mother, Mrs. Kcziah Bradey. Mr. nnd Mrs. B. E. Hilstcadt and daughter. Joan, visited Mrs. Hilsteadt's mother, Mrs. Anna Strandburg at Boone, Sunday. Sirs. Bernard .Jensen, Marvin and fluby Kucck of Lone Rock were Wonilay dinner guests at the Lloyd Walker home, Algona. Mrs. Henry Kurck of Lone Rock spent Monday with her mother, Mrs. Emily Heidcnwith at the home of Charles Gcilcnfeldt, Sr. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. \V. Lusby drove o DCS Moines. Sunday to visit the '•I. Picrco Witmcr family and to set acquainted with the new grand- daughto'r. born May 2fi. Emma Spongbrrg arrived Saturday evening to spend her summer vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Albin Spongherg. Emma is a school teacher nt West.Union. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walker and son, Roy, and Mrs. Dennis Goeders visite'd at the home of Norman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Walker at Salix, Towa, from Friday until Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. !•. Lone were week end visitors at Galesburg. III., at the home of their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lane. W. L Lane is the operator at the Northwestern depot. Dr. nnd Mrs. Fred Bunker and sons. Richard and Donald, of Newton visited from Saturday until Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. O. S Lindsey. The Lindseys are the parents of Mrs. Bunker. Mrs. Sunie Englcr visited from Friday until Wednesday with Mrs Stella Sabin, an old acquaintance BIr. and Mrs. Burdetto Agar< wers guests of Mrs. Ouy Agard a Goldfleld Memorial Day. Eunice Foely, nurse at the Gen oral hospital, left Tuesday morn ing for a two weeks vacation al Kirksville and Shelbyvlllc. the lat ter is her home and she will visit her father, Charles R. Foely. Jolui Lojnuth fell at hU home in uch a manner that he cut and irui.seii his left hand recently. It va.s necesary to take seven stitrb.cs close the wound. A shot for ockjiiw was also administered. Mrs. Miw 1 Harris spent last week rinK for her daughter, Mrs. Milon OiddinRH and new baby boy, Marvin William at Wesley. Mary Inrris stayed with her sister. Mrs. iomer Anderson during the mother's absence. /aila Kinnell Butler left Tuesday or Pes Moines where slu> has accepted a position with the State Hoard of Assessment and Review. She accompanied Grace Kouba of Wesley who is secretary to Comptroller C. B. Murtagh. Sir. and Mr*. Harvey Kohl and Richard Kohl of St. Paul spent the holidays with their parents, Mr and Mrs. George Kohl. Wednesday evening another son of the George Kohls arrived from St. Paul with his wife. Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl. Jr. The V. F. W. firing squad and the Vj F. W. Auxiliary nnd post colors, and Hit™? post colors put on exercises at LuVerne for Memorial day, Monday They adjourned to the Ernst Thiel home in Algona and had pictures taken, and were inter treated to a feed. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest I.. Phillips of Selign\an. Missouri, came last week and are visiting at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and M/b. Jjinics Phillips. The younger Mr. Phillips recently sold his fruit ranch in Sellgman, and is looking for a new location. William Monluv, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Monlux. was awarded special honors at Iowa State College lust Thursday at a special convocation on the campus at Ames. William will graduate thi.s year in veterinary medicine. He is a member of the honorary scholastic fraternity, Phi Zetu. Mr. untl Mrs. I.. C. Path of Gilmore City spent Saturday. Sunday and Monday at the .John I.amuth home. Mrs. Lamuth has not been feeling the best the past week. Mr and Mrs. W. H. Ryno and sons and was necessary to take seven sitches Irene came from Fort Dodge early Sunday morning. Mrs. Maine Kennedy came down from Minneapolis fur Memorial Day and for a short visit ut the home of her sister. Mrs. Tom Sherman. The death of her husband, Dr. Kennedy last November leaves her alone in her Minneapolis home, and her future plans have not been decided. Her many Algona friends are always glad to see her Meryl and Edmund Norton of Molina, Illinois, spent the week end at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Norton Stanley McDonald accompanied Meryl to Algona and the three returned to Moline Monday. Stanley visited bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mc- Dnoald. Meryl is educational director of nurses in the Moline hospital. The boys are also employed in Moline. Mr*. Boda Carlson of Omaha visited at the home of her mother, Mrs. Anders Anderson, Sunday. Mrs. Anderson returned to Omaha with her daughter, for an extended visit. Mr. nnd Mrs. ("has. O'Hare of Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Youne of (.'hiecisjo ami Mrs. Lon.i MncDotigall of Mason City were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. MacDougall. Mr. nml Sirs. Russell Fickbohm, Mrs. Harold Kueeker nnd Mrs Lloyd Walker were entertained at a dinner at Rockwell City last week by ex-Senator P. C. Holiloeg- el of that place. Mr. nnd Mrn. \\. A. Vigars drove to Cedar Falls Sunday to attend the graduation exercises of Iowa State Teachers' College, and to sec their daughter, Margaret, graduate. They all returned Monday. (tlndy* nnd Rosulyn Laidlcy, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Dow Laidlcy. will be home Thursday (today' after visiting their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. G. 13. Nichols nt Fort 13odg.\ since Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. T. O. Peterson of Mason City spent Sunday and Monday visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Clayton and Mr. nnd Mrs. II. R. Clayton. Mrs. Peterson is a daughter of the A. E. Claytons. Mr*. C'. A. Pnnnknk, Mrs. Ted Fancher and little daughters. Don- Mr, and Mrs. of Fairmont nn and Nancy nnd George Kcngol. all visited relatives and friends. Sunday. Mrs. Pannkuk and Mrs. Kengel will bo remembered as the Misses Margaret and Maude Platt respectively and Mrs. Fancher was formerly Mildred Taylor. Chris Jensen of Milbank, South Dakota, and daughter, Valgesta of Minneapolis were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Becker. They all went to Galva. Iowa, Sunday and visited relatives and returned home Monday. Duane Jensen returned home with his father to South Dakota for a month's visit. Dunne has been with the H. W. Beckers for the past year. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Raney nnd Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Smith left Sunday morning in the hitter's car for a vacation trip through the east and south. They attended the 500- mile auto races in Indianapolis. Monday, going from there into Kentucky and Virginia, up the cast coast to New York City and Niagara and back via the Great Lakes. The trip will be completed in ten lays. Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Walker of Hampton moved into the H. W. Becker tenant house on North Phillips street Tuesday. Harold is brother of Norman Walker and will be in the employ of the Met ropolltan Life Insurance Company. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morrall, former tenants of the Becker house have moved into the Wm. Pestot- nik house on East Lucas, which they bought. The Pcstotniks have moved to Boone. Anna Nelson was a guest at the home of her mother, Mrs. Alma Nelson from Saturday until today (Thursday). Anna returned to Shadron, Nebraska, and will teach summer school at the Nebraska State Teachers College. A daughter, Gertrude Nelson, student at the Gustavus Adolphus College at St. Peter, Minnesota, nnd a son, Wilfred Nelson of Chicago, were also week end guests of their mother. Mrs. Alma Nelson. Wilfred is employed in Chicago. Fined By Delia Melvin Weiss was fined $1 and costs of J2.24 ill Justice Delia Welter's court, Tuesday, for failing to stop for an arterial. DANCE The Talk of the Town Swanee's Swing Band Tues. June, 8th V. F. W. HALL ALGONA Latest R. 0. A. System and Dance Hits Here Tuesday, June 15 Rhythm Club Swing Band DANCE to The Dan.'-c Stvlist Lawrence Welp aud his Electric Organ FENTON IA. Friday, June 4 22« And I 00 Other Times Wear Washable SLACKS Koep ' i ool, comfdrt- abl<* and smart this summer in slacks. We bavo thorn irt all the new patterns, chettks and solids ... all pro- shrunk. $465 ; 95 $025 Boys' Panto 98c Madson and Hanson The Home of Bettor Values Th« whole family will appreciate (hi* cooling beverage! Serve it often during the warm sum- mar months. TEA Juicy LEMONS Ib. Blend 29c Free Iced Tea spoon ir.A Tomato Juice 303T lOc CALIFORNIA WHITES New Spudspk 43c Oranges 2 doz. 29c FRESH Pineapples . . 10c Baby Limas, SOOT Rd Morrow beans 300t Rd Kidney Beans Clarion Corn Standard Tomatoes IGA Sardines, tom-m. 3 for 25c I»K HAKTI.KTT Pears 2% size 21c 1HK Sliced ur H.tlvrs Peaches --2 ! 2 size 21c at. Peanut Butter 29c CAROL. ijl. Salad Dressing _ Sandwich Spread IlED "A" Coffee Ib. 19c SANTA CLARA Prunes 2 Ibs. 15c I'ABST-ETTE Cheese lib. 17c DAWN Toil. Tissue 3 rolls 17c PALMOLIVE Soap 2 for lie MEDIUM Oxydol pkg. 20c Dreft ___lg pkg. 22c Shredded Wheat _12c IGA GOLD TOAST Corn Flakes 2 for 19c Saturday Only Tender, juicy Swiss Steak Ib. 20c Calf Hearts Ib. 13c Young Beef Roast Ib. 20c Calf Liver Ib. 30c Cheese, No. 1 Colby _ _ _. Ib. 22c Chicken Loaf Ib. 32c Fine for salads and chicken pie Baldwin Food Market Your IGA Grocery Phone 355 Free Delivery

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