The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1937 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1937
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Molnea, Algona, Iowa, May 20,1937 Irvington School Closes With Picnic Held Last Friday Irvington: The Irvington schoo closed Friday with a picnic. A short program was presented by the pupils before the noon hour There was community singing. Miss Eunice Thompson, who has taught here for two years, will not return next fall, and was presented with a picture from the school. A number of the pupils were presented with awards for excelling in certain subjects. After the picnic dinner the pupils enjoyed races and a ball game. The Erby Bensons, Buffalo Center, were recent guests at the Paul Hudson home. Wm. Hahle, Sumner, visited Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hahle here. Mrs. Hahle, who was critically ill some weeks ago has had severe hemorrhages from the nose. The Aid society met Thursday afternoon at the church. Mesdames Edward Blanchard and Wilfred Coleman were hostesses. The Aid members decided to hold another bake sale at the Sorensen grocery store, Saturday, May 29, beginning at 10:00 a. m. A group of Algona people took their suppers and went to the O. L.. Miller farm last Wednesday evening and surprised Mr. Miller, who was celebrating a birthday. Those attending were the Everett Lees, Elliott Skillings. Willard Gregsons, Charles Harveys, Jess Lashbrook, also Russell Fry and daughter, Audrey. The Frank Kulows, who recently returned here from Los Angeles, California, were callers in Irvington Friday evening. For the time being they are staying in Algona, but Mr. Kulow reported that they might settle in Pocahontas. The Kulows left here last December, after having a farm sale. Mr. Ku low completed a course In Dlese engineering before returning here. Mission Meeting Irvington: The Missionary societj will meet this week Friday after noon at the church. Topics will b Latin America" and Spanish Speaking Americans." Mrs. Wm Boldridge will have charge. Shoot Heifer Irvington: H. T. Sabtn had to shoot a young heifer late last week when they discovered her one morn- ng with a broken leg. The break was just above the ankle and it is not known how she received the in- lury. Money is nothin but trouble. Which explains why a many people borrow trouble. We have just tak en a contract to build a nice modern brick home for the Chas. LaBarre family. We can always make room for a few more customers Come in! We can build anything in the building line for you. Casey, the section hand, struck his foot with a pick. The foreman had to make out a report On the blank was a space for "Remarks". The foreman hesitated, then wrote, If you have a flat roof let us quote on your next roof. We apply a guaranteed roof. "This budget business drives me crazy," said Mrs Jones. "Last month I had to put in four mistakes before it would add up correctly. Let us figure your next building. There's a housewife In Algona who * she likes to 'eed tramps because they never complain boat hti "I ought to get 105% on this examination," said the Freshman. "I answered two questions they didn't ask." Our architect is at your service any day. Call and visit him. The only way to keep from breaking the law now-a-days is to go to bed and stay there. We are putting In a new basement for the Anton Dldriik- sen home. Diner—"It's been half an hour since I ordered that turtle soup." Waiter—"Well you know how turtles are." - -—--' •• — •-Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 Jim Pool Merrill Parsons of Irvington Go To Walpaca, Wis. Irvington: Mr. and Mrs. Merrill PflVsons left here Sunday evening for their new home near Walpaca Wis. The couple were married on March 6th at Walpaca by the Rev. H. R. Misdall, but no putflic announcement was made at the time. Mrs. Parsons is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thompson of Lu- Verne. She was graduated from the LuVerne high school in 1929 and later attended Mornlngside College for two years. For the past two years she has taught the first four grades in Irvington. Merrill Is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Parsons and was born and reared in this vicinity. He attended the Algona high school and for the past two years has been employed on the Chester Schoby farm. Last spring he rented and took possession of a dairy farm near Wal- paca. The wedding ceremony took place when the couple went to look over the farm, just after Mr. Parsons had rented it The bride then returned here to finish her school term. Mrs. M. Parsons entertained Immediate relatives at a farewell dinner for the couple Sunday. divided Into shares of Fifty Dollars <$50.00) each. The nffalrs of the corporation nre mnnnpred by five directors who ahull elrct a President, Vice President, find Secretary ftnd Treasurer, and such other officers ns they may pee fit. The annual election shall be on March 4 of each year, ard then until the next nnntml meeting" on Mnrch 4. 1938. the directors shall be normnnn, Sebastian Kramer, Stephen Loss. M. L. Roney nnd A. M. Lrmkce, all of Irvlngton, Iowa, ard thp officers shall be: President . Sim Lelg-h Vice President ..Barney Frankl Secretary R. c. Lase Treasurer ....Sebastian Kramer all of IrvlnRton, Iowa. Private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from corporals liability, and the hlRhPst amount of Indebtedness which the Company may at any time subject Itself shall not exceed one-half of the capital stock. SIM LEIGH. Prpsldert It. C. LAOR. Secretary. 19-22 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Reed and children of Klemme were Sunday visitors with Mrs. Reed's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stoeber. Notice to Redeem STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. To W. J. Morehart and E. H. annkuk: You and each of you are hereby notified that at an adjourned sale f lands and lots for taxes on the list day of May, 1934, by the Veasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, the following described real estate situated in said County, to-wit: South Fifty (50) feet of North half (H) of Lot Two (2) of Part of South Six (6) acres of Out Lot One (1) of the City of Burt, Kossuth County, Iowa, was sold to E. H. Pannkuk and duly assigned to P. A. Danson who now holds the said certificate therefor and that the right of redemption will expire, and a deed for said premises will be made, unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety (90) days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 26th day of April, 1937. 18-20 P. A. DANSON. Notice of Probate of Will STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. In District Court, March Term, 1937. No. 4246. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified. That an nstrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Nicholas Altman, Deceased, dated April 26th, 1913, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 3rd day of June, 1937, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House In Algona, Iowa, before the DVtrlct Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock A. M., of the day abov mentioned all persons interestei are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if an' they have, why said Instrumen should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Test ament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, May 6th 1937. KATHARINE MC EVOY, Clerk of District Court L. A. Wlnkel, Attorney. 18-20 (Ifi), snld Township and thence east on the highway on the cast and west center line of said hectlon Sixteen (16), one-half (V4) mile; and beginning at the north- cast corner of Hectlon Thirty-one (31), said Township and Range thence west on the highway on the i;orth line of said Section Thirty- one (:!1), one-half ifc) mile; and beginning nt the northeast corner of Hectlon Thirty-three (.13), said Township and Range, thence south on the highway on the east line of said Section Thirty-three (33). one (1) mile, thence west on tl.e high \vny on the south line of snld .Section Thirty-three (33). one (1) mile. Beginning at the northeast corner of Section Sixteen (16) Township Ninety-nine (99) North. Range Thirty (30), West of the 5th p m thence south on the highway on the cast line of snld Section Sixteen (16). Sections Twenty-one (21) Twenty-eight (28) and Thirty-three (33), said Township and Range ard .Section Pour (4). Township Ninety- eight (98) North. Rafige Thlrtv 130). West of the Eth p. m.. five (r>) miles, thence west on the highway on the north line of Section Mne (9). last named Township and Hange, one (1) mile, thence south on the highway on the east line of Sections Eight (8). Seventeen (17), Twenty (20), Twenty-nine (29). ard Thirty-two (32), last named Township and H/inge, Sections Five (5), I'.lght (8). and Seventeen (17) Township Ninety-seven (97) North' Knnge Thirty (30), West of the Sth P .m.. eiffht (S) miles; and beginning at the corner of Section Twenty-five (25) last named lownshlp and Range, thence west on the highway on the south line of said Section Twenty-five (2S> one (1) mile; ar.d beginning at the northeast corner of Section Eleven (11>. last named Township and Kangc. thence south on the highway on tbe east line of said Sec- Ion Eleven (11), one (1) mile; and 1M.OO 132.00 12S.OO 4.10 23.00 74.00 10S.OO 96.00 44.15 8.00 14.70 7.00 1.00 2.TO 4.00 1.00 7.00 SfOTICE OF RENEWAL OF CORPORATE; PERIOD TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice la hereby given that the Sherman-Irvlngton Telephone Company, whose corporate period expired on April 4. 1937, at a special meeting of the stockholders held for :hat purpose on the 24th day of March. 1937. renewed and extended he corporate period of said company 'or a period of twenty (20) year's rom and after the 4th day of April, 1937. and adopted and filed as by aw provided a Certificate of such enewal and Amended and Subntl- uted Articles of Incorporation, pro- vldln* *••follows;. The name of the corporation it Sherman-Irvlngton Telephone Company," with principal place of bus- ness at Algona, Iowa, and the ob- eot Is to own. maintain and oper- te a rural telephone and branches nd to rent telephone services, with Iglit to buy, sell, hold and convey eraonal property. The capital stock la Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars (12500.Oi)> Official Notice BEFORE THK BOARD OK RAIL- I1OAD COMMISSIONERS: TO THK CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COfNTY: Notice In hereby given that a petition for a franchise to erect, use anil maintain pole?. wires. guy wires, towers, cables, conduits and other fixtures and appliances for the purpose of conducting electricity for lighting, power and heating purposes has been filed by the Central States Electric Company. Cedar Rnplds, Iowa. In the office of the Hoard of Railroad Commissioners of the State of Iowa: that said petition asks the right to construct, operate and maintain said electric transmission line over, along and across the foliowing- described pub- lice lands, highways, streams and private lands (6600 volts, single phase) Beginning at the northwest corner of Section Six (6). Township Ninety-eight (98) North. Range Thirty (30). West of the 5th p. m.. Kossuth County. Iowa, thence South In the east margin of the highway on the west line of said Section Six (6). Sections Seven (7). and Eight (S). said Township and Range, three CD miles; and beginning at the northwest corner 'of the Southwest • juarter (SWV,) of Section Sixteen leglnnlng at the southeast corner of •Jet-lion Twelve (12). last named Township nnd Range, thence west on the highway on the south line of said Section Twelve (12) Sec- tlor.s Eleven (11). and Ten (10) last named Township and Range, three 13) miles: thence north on the highway on the east line of Section Nine (fll. last named Township and Range, ore-half (H) mile; and beginning at the southwest corner of Section Twenty-three (23), last named Township and Range, thence east on the highway on the south line of said Section Twenty-three (23). Section Twenty-four (24), last named Township and Range, and Section Nineteen (19), Township Ninety-seven (97), North. Range Twenty-nine (29). West of the 5th p. m., three (3) miles: and beginning at the southwest corner of Section Seventeen (17), last named Township ard Range, thence north on the highway on the west line of said Section Seventeen (17), one (1) mile; and beginning at the southeast corner of Section Thirty-four (34). last named Township and Range, thence west on the highway on the south line of said Section Thirty-four (34). Sections Thirty- three (.13). Thirty-two (32) and Thirty-one (31 >. last named Township and Range, three and one-half IHt miles. The Board of Railroad Commls- loners has fixed the eighth (8th) day of June. 1937. ten (10) o'clock m.. In Us office at Des Molnes. Iowa, as the time and place for bearing said petition. Any objections to the granting of sect, franchise must be In writing and filed In triplicate wltli this board at least five (!•> days before '.•He of hesrlng. The Hoard of tnllrond Commissioners suggest-* hat the objector be represented at he hearing by someone who has 'ull authority to act for ft Dated at Des Molnes. Iowa. May BOARD OF RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS OF THE STATH OF IA. ATTEST: J. J. Lynch. Secretary. File E2759. 20 : 21 dry . _ Paul Phillips, assessor salary. Oncnr Frandle, assessor salary Clyde Brlatow, bounty W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage ; Peart Rlcklpfs. assessor salary Joe CoRley, assessor salary Ihno Gerdes. assessor salary City of Algona, light service . A. L. Smith, bounty ... H. W. Post, freight Gerald Oronwall, bounty Gerald Oronwn.ll; bounty .' Harold Roethler. bounty H. W. Trainer, bounty Rimer Jorgewn, bounty John Hartshorn, assessor salary John Faulstlch. bounty Reuben Leutke. bounty ~ * H. Junkermeter, assessor salary Philip Ooetz, bounty ~ D. C. Ellis, assessor safary D. C. Gardner, assessor salary Fred c. Wpgener, assessor salary . .._. Hurt Monitor, M. J. Duffy, Co. vance bounty Frnnk W. Elhert,"assessor "sVl- ary Oeoree Srhultz, bounty V. Pierce, bounty R. O'Donnell, bounty" Reuben I.eudtke. bounty _ __I larvey Steven, bounty ""pter Muller, bounty Mary K. Sands, salary __""" Roselfa Volst, salary _ loyd Mtiller, bounty III" Reuben Luedtke, bounty"! Northwestern Bell Tel. "Co., tel. service August Ptuder, bounty Gerald Gronwall. bounty E. H. Beardslpy, assessor salary F. Wm. Baum, comm. and session J. H. Fraser, comm. and session W. E. McDonald, comm. "and sess. Chas. Morris, comm. and session 194.25 w. S. Cosgrove. com. and service 1S6.20 103.00 5.00 74.00 153.00 75.00 printing 11.20 '"•" Trcas., nd- 23.58 61.00 2.10 1.10 13,50 3.00 3.00 90.00 05.00 7.00 2.00 S3.49 1.00 4.10 343.90 201.94 171.90 175.» Martin Meyer, mtg. 4.9 TV. A. Schram, mtg. 4.01 Chr!» Brandt, mtg. 4.01 Andrew M. Hansen, mtg. 4.01 E. P. Hansen, mtg. 4.01 A. B. Lappe, mtg. . 8.0! George Grlese. mtg. 8.01 Rlnard Johnson, mtff. 8XX Earl H. Ciishman: mtg. 8.0t Ole K. Flom, mtg. 8.« L. A. Bolenetia, mtf. S.0( H. J. Sherman, mtK. 8.0t Fred A. Dlekmnnn, mtg. . 8.00 Henry Blscheld, mtg. 4.00 U. B. Frankl, mt. 4.00 J. Devlne, mtg. 4M Cart Hutchlns, mtg. 4.M Henry Bormann, mtg. 4.00 Chftg. Plathe, mtg. 4.00 John Bormann, mtg. _ 4.00 - - .90 BOABD PROCEEDINGS BARGAINS TRACTORS Mai i, I M.I lot M..IM M.I i i, I M; M.'ilnl M.tlnt. Mill nt M.HM 1 -Malm. Miilnt. Malm. Mi Mm n I Auditor'!" Office 2 O'clock P. M. April 23, 1937 Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members pretitct. Motion by Fraier and second by Morris that Mcdulre Brothers be awarded Grading- Contract In Kossuth county for 1937. Aye»: all. Motion by Morris and necond by Cosgrove that a Notice of Hearing on KptahliHhment of Proposed Secondary Itoads be Bet for May 18th, at 2:00 P. M. Aye«: all. Motion by Haum and second by Morris that bids for Court Fund Inn liondH be advertised. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and nerond by Fniner that the Official llnridn of J. W. liolllg Assessor for 1500.00; and O. W. HerSKreii Assessor for |SDO.- tni hp approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Comcrove -md second by Fra.ier that Haum be appointed t't make n*'cew«ary repairs <,i. J^ruln I: -K. No. 4 ami l.iraln No. i. Aves: all. Motion by Co.Hgrove and second by Haum that tile County Auditor make application to the Stute Comptroller to transfer I1H979.93 from fund to County Fund. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser ami second by Mclior.ald be appointed to make repairs on Uraln No. l::7 Aye.i: all. Motion by Frawer ami serond by ''os«rove Morrlu be appointed make repairs on Drain No. S3. by Fraser and serond by it the lollowlng Resolution HKSOLI'TIO.V IIK IT I1K.SOLVK1) by tbe Hoard of Supervisors of KoMjiiitii (,'tiuntv I'lalm-i on Doinentli: Animals killed or irjuretl by tlogs or wolvea must I,,- «i«ned by two witnesses, one of whirb mufct be a Supervlnor from claimant's district. Therefore iinlenw your rlaim bears the sl«n:i- lure of ytjur Supervisor ami one other witness, nt/ claims on animals killed or Injured by doga or wolvea Will be allowed Adopted this ;:;r.l day of April. )'J-17. All members of boa i ij pies- ent. I-'r;j^er and aectji.d by osKi'ov.- be apljointetl tt> 1'raln No. Jo. Aye*: nls antl ser-ond by May lijth at 1::;,| .'• the datv f,f bearlnn ilr.iln.iKe mallei of C n Tri-l.'tjunly No Ayes: all Ve ami set.ttinl |,y f'jilovvint; trans- i is f,ir inateri 4 la Mt.Kee In ,••.!,- ii.ikiitif f»f ii.-w Eraser that a l-.OO re-fund b<- made to Erneot C. Bcnkendorf. reason, paid old age pension tax twice In 1938. Ay««: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Cosgrove that a resolution adopted by the Town Council of Bancroft be approved. RESOLUTION WHETtBAS 152.89 be accepted as settlement In full for delinquent taxes of o. S. I'ndvrkofler and also that the Interest and penalty be cancelled. Ayes: All. Motion by Cossrove nnd wcondrd by Morris that (Iravel Petition No. 414 and No. 4V- be placed on tile. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Cosgrovi- that the realisation of Win. II. lillbrlde a» a mem«>er of the Soldier's Relief Commission be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Fram-r that ('has. H. Taylor be appointed as a members of the Hoidlcr's Relief Commission. Ayes: All. Motion by Haum and Hecoiided by Morris that the tuxes on 1.01.4 II, 15, iid 11 In lilock !:'. I.-ikota Incorp , for the years of rj;>j ,,nd l!i" lie nudpfiid- i-'h reason, old age assistance. Ayes: Motion by Morris and mTonded by fo.-«rove that Fra.ter !»• appointed to nake necessary repairs on Drains No. IDS, N'o. t'!. .Section 5; N i. ;t I. Section .£: No. 9. Section Iii, Ayes: All. Motion by Ciuutruvi- nnd m-i.onded iiv Morris that liaiim be a|»pointed to •nake necessary repair* on Drains No. ffl, .See. 30; No *_'. Sec. Hi; >'„ I!/.'. '. ID; No. li>i. Sec. 'M; No. W. See. . Nu. SO. See. IJIJ; No. W, S.-c. hi; No. t'. Sec. 10; No. 'JO, Hee. 21; No 1TJ. Sec. H; No. «. .Sees. i:j and Is; No. »>, •*>•':. 5; No. Vi. N,-<-. IT; and No W/. 29. Ayes: All. u w: Amt. 1'J (!') ip. Motioa by Morrlu and seconded by Haum that tbe following Official Hoiids be a|>provrd: Mofjulre iirolli- eis. I21.KI.OU: Ceol'Ke 1' Hawi ott. 19.000.00; and W. L. Keym/ds, i."/JOOO. \yeii: All. Million by Fraser and »econded by cos«rove tbaftbe Final K»tlm:tt«4 of M. T. Molulie be approved. Project No. •..'!, »!.'V!'j;l; Projm-t No H, tUf!>i: Project No. 19, 1711.31; Project No. 8, (Ki'JiHi. Ayes: All. Motion by MorrM and second,-,) by CongroVe that the l'j>i taxes on 1. '-'. 3. t, ',. ij and Outlt,t No. :i Hiib- addllion t< Ildin.'ii'ift Iii'-orp. be aiis- jientb d ie,i. S tjii oi,l a^>; as^i^tance. A>es: All. Motion itv Ii.tuin an be'-'on,ifl,J l,y «'osi4rove- the 111.;., t.lXe.-i on Lot* I. -. and .:, hl.K.-k I. l-ikui. t Ine alMpelidetl. rea.-.Jll. old Ul$e iti.- Ay-s: Ail. Motion by Fra.»i-r ainl i»f,nr|etl ComjroVe that a i; •« [,,,11 lax ,,f lliuellin.ilin (or I*, I,., abat.-d. re on. i,i!jo; r Ipt f,,r I!(W p.i.l t:o »«l<lnitt,-,l wild affidavit Vies' Moilfiu by Fiiwer and .-,.,.•,,n,It c,).--rove the i--t;tioii f.,r i'T.I exelliplioll on Lot K. b;.,e (lfi^ii::il j<lat Wllltlclllol ,.• In U'hlUflllt,re. low.I I,." a[i|,l Aye,: All. li.i.-iid pro, ,,,;,,! |,, audit abd J.H.- ,i.< p.-r "Schedu.u of Ci; l.-rein:ift.-r writt-n. ^Motion It/ Kia»,-r an<l .•>!•'-'in le ''ow^i.,... that tile aj,]j!U'uli,*n ' 'l.i,-.i "I;" I,, ,-r |,eim:t U i.,l IMJI,, Hi..- A la,.in i.'oiintry Club lie a;.;,r A>t-a: AH. Col'NTV FI'ND N'irthwi »l.-rn He.. Tel. Co. Bob Walburger, sheriff fees M. J. Duffy, co. Treas.. advance bounty H. W. Post, freight National ReempSoyment Serv., office exp. Evelyn Dole, salary Dorothy Shatto, sn'lary Lucille Dole, salary C. H. Ostwlnkle, del. tax coh" office exp. „ „ Casey Ix>ss, board and lodSFng prisoners Wm. Shirley, offlce'expT L. A. Wlnkel, office exp. M. C. McMahon. attorney fees G. B. Luwlg. weed comm. F. H. Mescher. assessor Yal- ary W. H. Rlcklefs, qirar.'expT S. P. Eckholm, local registrar I. E. Wortman. local registrar H. H. Dreyer. local registrar Man' Elaine Devlne, local registrar H. A. Thompson.""foc"al"fegls- trar William Royken. TonafreVlsfrar R. II. Flnnoll, local registrar Adah Carlson, local registrar Florence Hof. local registrar" Fred A. Dlekman. local registrar Clotilda HutchlsonT O"."A."""K Invest. Fred Yates. supplies Monroe Calculating Mach.""Co.T supplies Burroughs Adlng Mach." "do" supplies Wm. Blomster. consf.'feeg II. K. McMurray, labor R. F. Donovan, ins. premium Casey Loss, serving notices Elmer Boyken, bounty Philip Reffer. bounty Alvln Hrrpkes, bounty Eugene Wert)»s. bounty"! Donald C.eerdest bounty .1 Lawrence Hanson, bounty A. D. Brogan, bounty Clifton iBifckels. bounty Fred ButterfiPld, bounty Robert Johnson, bounty " R. A. Evans, coroner's fees P. A. Danson. J. P. fees Ca»ey !»•». sheriff fees . Odena Waterbury. wltnes* fee* Ed ftohllnd. wttnesa feea . . C. F. Specht, mayor fees f. W. Green, marshal fees" F. 8. Norton & Son, supplies Des Molnes Drug Co.,' supplied Dr. C. H. Cretrmeyer. visit II. Jail Callagnan * Co.. supplies " Perkins Broa Co.. supplies Kllpto I,OOIK> Iv<>af Co., gup- piles Koch nrotheTi"«"uppiie«~"IIII Fldlar & Chamber*, supplies" B. W. I.usby, mipplles .3 Jenkins FcrKcmann Co., gup- plies J. H. \Ve|cb rrlntini{ co.. sup" plies Lefebllre I 'ori'orat iim. Sllpf/fles Matt 1'arrott ft Sons Co., BHII- plles VVhltti'moie (.'TiTrmplijii, prfn't- 14.75 9.07 6.24 8.81 95.00 60.00 fiO.OO 93.75 68.61 345.B8 81.80 4S.S5 10.* 1S.10 12.1.00 3.00 2.50 2.75 3.25 4.2S 4.00 2.25 5.75 14.75 2.00 3.25 10.00 1.00 38.00 6.79 2.30 187..15 1.80 22.05 .15 .10 .23 1.20 1.20 1.50 5. W 1.00 I.CO l.OD 8.75 3.50 6.7S 5.60 S.60 3.00 1.15 £6.17 12.24 3.00 10.00 1.48 101.34 2.68 1.28 .61 25.41 10.V7 4.V4.1 Modern Dry Cleaners, supplies COUIRT FUND W. H. Rlcklefs, witness fees.. 6.20 H. J. Klttleman, court reporter _ 197.74 Nayruce Oaihseh, witness fees 4.20 D. A. Prink, witness fees 23.70 Richard Frlnk, witness fees ._ 23.70 Catherine B. Dougherty, witness fees 23.70 H. J. Klttleman, court reporter 63.03 John H. Foth, bailiff . 6fl.0» State's cafe. Juror's meals 6.38 Mildred Ryther, bailiff 9.00 H. B. White, attorney fees 10.00 Clerk of DIst. Court, court costs • . . 99.55 John Ii. Hart, witness fees _. 7.60 Comfort & Comfort, witness fees 7.60 Chas. R. Blair, witness fees 15.00 Park A. Flndley, witness fees. 14.00 Frank J. Comfort, witness fees 13,00 Phyllis Parsons, witness fees. 2.10 INSTITUTE FUND Dr. R. W. Eaton, exams. ._ _ 10.00 INSANE FUND Katherlne McEvoy. clerk fees 15.75 Casey Loss, sheriff's fees 4<>.83 A. Hutchison, comm. fees 6.00 C. H. Cretimeyer, comm. fees 6.00 Dr. J. W. McCreery, witness fees „ 5.20 Dr. J. Q. clapsaddle, witness fees . 6.00 Mrs. R. L. Cogdall, witness fees 3.00 MAINTENANCE FUND Brady Transfer & Storage, freight 4.63 Interstate Power Co., light ser. vice ; 6.69 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 26.23 Railway Express Agency, express 1.47 City of Algona, light serv. ... 11.76 Peter Movlck, adv. patrol . 25.00 Railway Express Agency, express £028 Brady Transfer & Storage, freight 3.54 Central States Electric Co.. light service 1.28 H. W. Adams, labor " 12.25 H. W. Post, freight " 6.37 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service . .. 16.89 Peter Movlck, patrol . 69.50 Wilbur A. Fisheri patrol " 91.00 Oliver Young, patrol ~ 80.50 Floyd Erlckson. patrol 13.60 M. L. Worby, patrol " 86.« Clifford Holmes, patrol 91.00 Lyell Miller, patrol .. " 89.01 Jim H. Merryman, patrol 31.55 Clem Goodman, patrol 22.60 Hubert Mergen, patrol 31.50 Bert Shellmyer,- patrol . w.oo Ed Fuchsen, patrol S4 00 Wm. F. Oronbach, patrol 80.50 Tom Weir, patrol " 91.00 Fred J. coon, patrol .."III" 8935 Wade Coon, patrol .. 39.00 William O. Ludwlg. patrol . " 91.00 Ralph Markla, patrol 87.60 S. D. McDonald, patrol ..." 104.00 John Hanselman, labor 189.86 Harry Helmke, labor 14905 Joe M. Esser. patrol . "" »1.00 Lynn Kuchenreuther, patrol 80.85 A. J. Hlldman. patrol 75.% J. E. Falk, patrol "" 111.20 Relnder Kromlnga. patrol 71.70 Jay Qodden. patrol " 7S.05 J. F. Qulnn. patrol 87.60 Chester Alme, patrol " SS 45 Alton Pettlt. patrol I." 92.80 Oeo. Qraham, patrol " 42 30 Mervln Marlow, patrel" 69.85 Dwlght Graham, patrol . " 34.HO Arnold Delperdang, patrol ..I «5.8S Leo Delp«rdang. patrol 62.40 Jake Keller, patrol 39.40 Earl Earing, patrol „ I ." 81.20 Mike Baker, patrol 90.30 J. B. Smith, patrol 7S.7S 92.7S r>RAn*AGE FUND Dr. No. 4— A _ Dick Baade, labor ».2» <B. G. Stenstrom, labor 8.0* Nels Bftrtelson, labor 7.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 3.30 Farmers Elevator Co., supplies .84 Dr. No. 5- Chas. E. Chnfob, engineer 1B.09 Farmers Elevator Co., supplies 4.74 Dr. No. 20- Dick Baade, labor . . 2.00 Dr. No. 27— George Looft. Ininor 10.50 D. B. Mayer, labor 12.00 Nels Bartelson, labor . 1.7S •B. G. Stlnstrom, labor 2.00 Northern Lumber Co., supplies .97 Dr. No. 33- Dlck Baade, labor 8.00 Dr. No. 45— Dick Baade, labor ... 2.00 Dr. No. «0- Nelso Bftrtelson. labor 1126 H, G. Stenstrom. labor H.OO Northern Lumber Co., supplies 1.94 Dr. No. 75- Dlck Baade, labor S.09 Dr. No. 73— Dick Bancle, labor 1.2O Dr. No. SO- Pau! Trasamar, labor 3.50 E. 6. Stln«trom, labor 16.00 Nels Bartelson, labor 14.00 Henry Chrlstensen, labor 4.00 George Looft. labor 24.50 D. B. Mayer, labor 28.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 8.60 forthern Lumber Co., supplies 1.82 Dr. No. 82- Paul Trasamar, labor _ 3.50 Henry Christiansen, labor.. 4.00 Dr. No. 83— Chas. E. Chubb, engineer . 6.75 Jim Chubb, labor _ . 1.50 John Kohlwes, labor . 2.40 Dr. No. 85— George Looft. labor ._ 31.50 D. B. Mnyer, labor .. 86.00 Dr. No. PO— Henry Christiansen, laJior .. 24.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 3.48 E. G. Ptenstrom, labor 6.00 Dr. No. 121— Nels Bartelson. labor £28 Northern Lumber Co., "sup- Piles ,J7 Dr. No. 133- Chas. E. Chubb, engineer . 6.0» Dr. No. 139— D. B. Mayer, labor 800 George Looft. labor .."II" 7.00 Dr. E. K. No. 2— E. G. Btlnstrom, labor S09 Nels Bartelton, labor " 3.50 Dr. H. K. No. 2- J. S. Rafdal. cleanout work 2*1.98 Chas. E. Chubb, engineer 24.31 Homer Nolte. labor .. 4.0T Jim Chubb, labor ~ 27t Dr. P. A. K. No. 1- Chas. E. Chi*bh. engineer .. 38.50 Jim Chubb, labor 4 4$ Dr. H. K. No. S-87— Haggard & Waller, printing. 9.» Chas. E. chuhh. engineer 7.01 POOR FUND District No. 1. Dr. Walley, med. 13.00 Dr. Jansp, med. JOO Dr. Cretsineyer, med. .. 20.00 Dr. Bourne, med. " 650 K. D. James, med. 7.04 Mrs. Wm. Blglnirs. prov. " " 20.80 • Bert Sankey. prov. ]W Stephens I. O. A. Store, p'rovT" 36.00 Huff Restaurant, prov. " B.0» John Waldron, prov. " 791 H. R. Zumach, prov. 21.00 Herman Wise, prov. " " ItOO H. W. Oeelan. prov. I. 8.00 Frank! Store, prov. 9.00 Klnseth A Son, provT " MOO " w.i--* All. ,1 by salary lil 00 irtif KIN.SKV. ounty AuiJIl.i May .'!, l'j,!7 Motion by Morris «r,,J Haum Ih.a Ih. p.oard auc tlflt-d ll»l of Kurin Hun lotai Thrte Hiin.lnil CfKj) ,uj,l it,, t.e awiovt,! Motion by Ayes: MorrU lity-flVt! Ch;u. Lii.dbo 1'ete HjTliej." '< II Ul.ihan oal.iry »,ilary salary or aal- . Sullivan. P. Harwjou. aat iieynoldd, i . - Ilutehlna. aase i-y iicrnlla-rd, ,^ or aalttry aj>uul»or VV. H. Stewart, ojsensor" J XV Uolllif. a««,:*«or »a I* o ii. Ouertlet, iiattc-WBO ury 4400 133-00 144.00 'J.IJU HO.OO 144.00 1U.OO 20.00 123.00 96.00 M.OD 178.00 ITiJ.OO UG.OO 73.00 163.00 oal- I.u Verne N.-wn. prlntfirx L<-.» O Wolfe. prlntlnK News-World Pub. c,,.. prln'tl/TJ Utkota Ilecord. prlntlnK Ilancroft Hexrliiter, printing Aflvancc PublUhliiK Co.. prfnt- llIK Fred I'eteistjn, mtK. ""I" L. c. KnutHon, mt«. A. H. Tweeten. mtK. IIIIIIIII A. C. Llllfle. mtK. IIIIII A. J. Chrlatensen. mtK. Picric Sartor, intif IIII Homer Downs, mtK. H. F. Honacker. intic Fred IlaKen. mlit L. F. Callb*. mtif. A. Mlsaal, mtK. III"! Frank Hemeiilehner. lnlg~. A. Polrot, mtK. "II Wrn., mm. James Ueelan. mtK""IIIIIIIII Uene Martina, mtK. W. A. White, mtK Frank KrihlliaiiH. mtK. I" Tom Kaln. mtK. J F. Overmyer, mli""!"''" W. A. Poster, mis. .II" f.eijfhton M/nbach. mtg Hurry Habln. mtK C. N. Hoblnson. mtiT Jfihn L,. Oerber, mt« M. N. Phillip*, rnu. H. C Allen, mlK Frank Clapnadille, m"tk" Albert A. Schlpull, mt«. "Ill" (i. F, Chainbers. mtK- .1 II. Warbiirlon, >ntK. Paul Ilertzke. nil*. I. H F. l-Mwaiilj. mtK ll-rt Cotter. miK. U r . H «e|iwletert,""intg W. W. Kinifstlorf. mtK !•:. H. Iiittnier. mtg. II" H. O .Mann. :ntg. P. M. I'lirlflniHiiu, "mtir Alex H.idiK. mtg. I '). H. Ji>hn»on nitK II. H. Dreyer. mt«. ..IIII ''. C Haas. mtK II F. Scliuitz, iniB. Fred H. Koliiiscb. intg"! Walter Vamlt. mtK. IIIIII A. A. FanKu-uinn, mtg. .(. F. COM,,.. niU. . John Kaiston. IIIIK. L. J. Korkler. mtK. IIIIII Kosco-; Mawtlsiey. mtg. Henry Jialley. intjj-. Alfred J-rKeiiHon, mti" Olurk Ueiiffham. mtg. .III'II P M. CiirUtenneii, IIIIK AU-x RadU, mtif. (J. B. Johnson, miff"" II. II Dreyer, mix. n, H Jeiiaun. mttf. IIII I*. C. (3a»t. mtK I. F. KiiKe.-<.Hfi. m'tg.' chrU Dahl. intg. Rlineon I.elnli. mt«. H.-nry J Ku'ilhaan. :ntg" "I" H. A. WariMoit-r, IIIIK. J_ .Itihii P. Hoiniaiin. mtg. H W. Harm*, mtg. Jo« Schaller. mtK. B. K. BerniiishaUii, mlg. Mike WaJini-r, mtg. lieoiKe tink, mtg. I.."II" Iwadure Mayer, mtu I John Arndtjrfer, mtif. IIII dt-orge H. I.udwig, uityf Jou Rain.-, mtg, J. K. Kelly. niu. . •go K. Butterfleld, mt«. .. J. I. AnJ«nun. Hits. LouU Andervon, mtg. Guy B. Htsik. ml*. .."Ill"" Lee W. KesiKl. mtg. Fred E. Duttoa, mtf' ..IHII _ A.niier»oii, mtg. IIII Walter Kiiggtroui, iut^. Fru.nk Jii£ob«, mUf. "" Floyd Q. Colwell. nit*. . Ax«l Krlckson. mig. Martin Mollnder, rat*. "I" Arthur E. Andcraon, uiti7"III O. L. Thur»on, iut|f. K. O. Kwoldt, mt«. P. J 1 . Kriethe, mtg.' G. W. Blelch, mt*. E. H. WotU, nit*. " Rica PotritU. mUr. " " C W. Elbtrt, mtg. HI"! Pft«r Ulbert, uitif. 7. SO r, rt) 10.70 11. M 84. M 90.97 4.00 401) 4.00 4.'iO 3.00 600 6.00 300 fi.OO 3.00 300 3.<K> 3.00 3.00 4.HO 400 4.00 4.00 3.00 8.00 8.00 HIM 800 S.09 8.00 8.00 4 0* 400 4.00 40i) 4.00 40; 4.00 400 400 loll 4.0D 4.0il 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 VOO .t.oo H.W 800 $.00 8.00 4.01) 4.00 400 4.00 4.00 4.01) 4.00 4.00 400 4.00 300 8.00 8.00 8.00 400 4.0D 4.00 4.00 809 8.00 8.00 11.20 4.00 400 400 4.00 0.00 £.00 ti.OO 6.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.0» 4.00 4.00 ** c*, cvmtin. p*lroi _.. Hugh Butterfleld. patrol H. T. Turley, patrol „„„„ Rimer Ewlnff. patrol Ed Baker, patrol "IIII" J. H. Montgomery, patrol Ed Willard. patrol II" Morris Lien, patrol Melvln Dltsworth. labor Otto Humus, labro __ Frank J. Ilurke, labor Henry TJaden, labor _ Robert Wood, iflbor Tony Seller, latnir . Joseph M. Stiider. laJ.or" Will Knight, labor Ill" John Orm»by. labor AinoM Kromlmta. labor Pb.rfn 'Bnrtlett. labor Dlfk Hiuide, labor Albert, labor William K. Meyer. (leor«e l,ooft, latin. K. (J. Htinstrom, labor" Nela I!artelH,>n. labor Walter HrhH-urtz. labor IX II. Mayer, labor IIII" I'aul TruHamar. labor John Rlffertref, labor I'eter N. ThllKeH. Ubor'IIHII Jameft Kelso, labor IIIIII J. M. I^intf. labor (Maf Oftedahl. lalior I John II. Foth. labor IIIIIIIH J. I. Merryman, labor ~ * C. C. HerKKren. labor P. H. Norton & Hon, auppiieil Arnold Motor Kupply, 8uppli**ii MtM'nrmlck DeerliiK Ktore, «up- Pllen Kltmirp Cement" &" Tll"e""Co" supplies A. H. Two-lei), "nuppllei"""" IVtenton <].llaKe. supplies" Farmers ('o-op. Klevator. iup~ Dutch's Buper Service, gup. Northern Lumber Co., »ui>" pile* __ Arthur Pehraon, nupplleg I Northern Lumber Co., »up- pllen Hlbert Oarage, »iipi'Men~__I_II Hamman Motor Co., wupplle*" Ralph Hrown, supplier J. H. Schultz, supplies IIIHH M. F. CulbertKori, fiuppllerf Farmer* Klevator Co., »up- plle* Kohlhaas & Spilled, auppfieil" (leorge lloltzbauer, nupplle* Oreenberg Auto Supply. »up- plle* Botsford Lumber Co., imppllea Prank Hef.nold*. Hupplle* Hleg Port Dodge Co., nuppflej "entury Tool & Metal Co., SU|.plle» J ItjtHCO Alloy Co., uuppllei* __" 'Central Auto Klectric Co supplies Iowa Machinery" & Bifp"|ily"~Co" HllKo Iron Store Co., supj/lles UlKKS Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., SUJ>l)l|eI) M,'.Mauler Carr Supply cj." Kelley How Thoinsoif ""co" Standard IJearlnga Co."Ju.p- Hargunt Machine Co. "s"u"p|<ilei Concrete Product* Corp., »up- pllea . American Crystal "SuglTr"""JJ~ Globe Machinery" ^""Supply Co., supplies John I.uciu & Co., nuppllei Peerles* OH Co., »uuj>lle» K. & H. Coop. Oil Co, »up" pile* _ . f'lupl/s Kervlee," supplied"" Shell Petroleum Co.. supplies" Rimer Keller, supplier Htaiiflaid OH Co., supplies Iowa I'nlon Tel. Co., tel, i-er\~ West Bend Journal, printing Itoyken Iii*uraiicc Co., Innur" premium Algoiia Insurance Age-ilcyTTiiV premium Central SUU-K""Kicctf/c"" Co" light »erv. Iowa Public Servic«~Co",~ "light •crv. CONSTRUCTION" WIND " & N. W. Railway Co.. 87.80 1004.0 80.60 89.25 43.73 Ifl.W 33.30 33.CO 2400 7.00 52.IW lo 50 19 'ft 15V.V) .100 •J* jO iYw 300i| •Jfi.3'i l.'.V) 1«.W S500 1'.75 3750 l'l.<») 4«,50 10.M 1400 SW.90 7.i» 24.M 177.3) 3.31 10.14 23.05 74.74 11. rj 3.61 15.72 4.52 10.00 4.70 25.00 .'.00 7.10 157M H K> 3. IS 12921 68.34 100 39. W 98.10 100.90 13.19 Cut Rate Grocery, prov. . 12.00 C. B. Johnion. prov. 4 09 Corwlth Lumber Co., fuef 14.4* Belmond Lumber Co.. fu«| " ««S Farmers Elevator Co.. fuel «B C. H. Llchty. rent " ew District No. 2. Dr. Janse, med. 12.60 Dr. Cretxmeyer. med. „ • moo Dr. Bourne, med. " 14.00 cut Rate Clroccry. prov. 41.M C. S. Johnnon. prov. " " 5S 60 Dr. Thou. C. Herrtck. medT'I" KM Dr. Rvann, med. (.V Dr. Keneflck. med7 I M.OO Dr. R. M. Wallace, med7""I~ 4».00 Dr. FYaser, med. »_j» Dr. Ol.on. dental " f«5 B. W. L,u»by. med. ...""". ».n Kossuth Hospital, hosp. car*. J64.W W. T. PHcher. prov, " ~ lioo R. A. Clark, prov. S4.00 Anderson Store, prov. ------ 7^0 Anderson 'Rite-Way, prov! a.BO Htore. snppllea . .51 udaln, fuel 3.JZ Hpawn & Koae Lumber Co.. fuel n«3 Botsford Lumber "co"fuer" 29 97 K. S. Norton, fuel . «95 M. M^'-ritt. funeral ."HH 45.0* Henry K. Ilrnnn. opening urav» 5.00 Alex Miller, rent 100O Mr». J. K Mould* rent Wm. P. Ilehnke. rent A. M ColllnKon. rent Mm. Mary Wcb^f-r. ran- Mm. Wm. Myer». cure Mr« Kd Iiavlntin care Ml. Anthony lit,me. care'IHH W. K. Coiirtiu-y. cure Knhlhuan & Splllen, auppfieKi"" Dl»trk-t No. 3. >r. JanHe, med. Cut Hate- r,rocery""|)rov7"IIIH Koni(iith Hospital, lionp cal'w"" I>r. Tlmlall, im-d. Dr. K. K. Rlrhar<l«on,"ine<r" HonnenberitH. prov. II ( alllt'M Store, prov. Jame« MiK'alley, prov."I Kiau« Store, i>rov. Neumann, prov. I \ Farmers KlevatorT'fiief Karmem co-op. Hoclety, fuel"" Henry C. Nelnon. rent .. .." Leo J. Hanlg. rent T. P. Doerr. rent District No. 4. Or. Cretzmcyer. tned. KoMuth Hovpltal. honp. care* L. M. Merrill, funeral Dr. Mueller, mod. Dr. ISgan. med. Dr. Andrew* mecT Oeneral Ho«pltal. ho»fi. "cara" Smith De-pt. Store, prov. Hood's Store, prov FlnriH Grocery, prov! Will Vogel. prov. ..."I Wrede & Kraune. provT'IIHH ,4.00 MOO 1000 7.00 10.00 12.75 45.00 3.JJO 1.27 1.00 fi.OO XI.GO 42.WJ r, 01) r,.oo 15.00 3.00 1100 i.oo 36.01 40.13 5.00 1000 10.00 40.00 24.36 DiiOli 47.M 1Z3.C6 1HA.1S, 210.70 cure. l/JO 4<i.X II 07 947. 14 4.W i.oo uo.oo 14, W W. A. Murray, fuel " "" W. (J. McCullough, ainbulanco «erv J. H. 8heildan""rent Arthur Llnj»a>, rent L. M. Owen, rmt Mrs. AuKiista Helti"caf« District No. 5, Or. Keneflck, med Ku*»ut)i Hoiipital, ho»i»" Dr. Mlnkel, mwj. Dr. Dolmaije. im-dT Prederk'kaonu. prov. II. M. Dyer, prov Wilson's .Store, prov" Hloin>iter'ii Store. provT Danlela (jroo., prov. MM. Hamey Henviif, i,]Zv rarnitTH Klevator, fuel H J. Schutter. funeral Mr». lien Hunhtoii, rent John Oniaiiil, refit Moore & <'roak». rent A. K. Van AUtyin-, rent OBfNBIUL FUND""" (Jialiam * Store, »uj>f>!len AUona. Cemetery AIW'II, loti" Foster Furniture Store, uup: Florence "fieardslVy "Vu"li)|]Ji"" Wllxoii'n Bakery, «ii|iullt-« " HI 1 m a Oatium, labor K. W. Luvliy. Biippllea /under & Caldwell, nuppflji""" C. S. Johnson, uuppllea Mm. John Coon, labor 800 H.75 1X.OO 30.00 3SOO 7.00 1760 13.00 25.00 K.X 6.00 2000 I.OO 4«.U 22 (X) a>.oo 900 10.00 15.00 .V)00 9.00 li.'oo 1A.OO •JOOO 111 95 22.60 1175 IB.OO 10.00 10.UO 10.00 400 Frank U Fred Park, .. John Hermlns, labor I>r. Janse, rued. M. G. Uournc,"iiid7 Dr. f --- --- .^-<»> >iv., M1'_'U, homtutli HunplUI. h«»j>. car..' Thou. Akro, prov "~ freight N. wT"k¥Uw«y"co" & N. W"fuh~wwr"Co,7 ____ & v ' Halfway" "cj: freight Chicago frtlnht C. H. I. freight ....... ____ J. I. Merry nioii, bridge work H. M. Smith, engineer iiajary" JJon T. Nugent, wilary John D. evader, rodinun MJHou MxjFadden, rmSuia.ii J. V. EKwrt, canting Clark & Clark, printing Lee O. Wolfe, printing ..... Advance Pub. Co., JJrhitfmf St<f'"Jp<l Supply Co., suppllei" Whueler Lumber Bridge & " Co.. 1.CJ 222.27 5OT.72 'MOW . 7iM.<K IfiO.OO 30.00 i.un'.H 1S.W U.40 23.43 403.06 2W2.IB 1GO.OO 133 2.03 6.00 34.25 4H.K1 2jtr, .7S 17.70 MS3 10.00 5000 2.00 £1.87 4.83 M 3.10 3.06 '-'.OH 27.03 9.44 fi.GS 138.40 1.90 .18 10.00 42.36 clutblnif Co. auppllt (Jrnham'a Sturt, »uppllt» Fred Park, Hroscnuky'*, £' iS'u Nort "" * Sun. fuel""" KolUhaa* & Splllen, Kuppllel" b™***, 11 " 1 ^™™. aus.plba ''•*• Wm. Dau UUUi . , Coimty Auditor.

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