The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1937 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, May 20, 1937
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MARCH OF TIME •t HOt H>tTOMO» ttMl djcaigona Established 1865 Great!" Thnt scetrw to he the verdict of readers with whom we have talked about "The March of \ Time", appearing every week in The Algona Upper Des Moines. M yon have'nt read «*The March of Time" do It this week, and well guarantee that you won't miss another Issue In the future. Yon may read your dally papers thoroughly, but after read- Ing "The March of Thne", you'll feel as though you had never heard of, or known about, the national and International topics as presented In Time's own, Inimitable manner. History In the making—and Its yours every week In this newspaper. On the 75-mile span of highway between Freehold, N. J., and Atlantic City lies the small town of Lakewood. There a flat, pine-wooded New Jersey terrain and the ocean nearby conspire to make an Ideal health resort for idling oldsters like John D. Rockefeller Sr. There, too, In Paul Kimball hospital, the only one on the road, cracked-up joyriders keep Surgeon Robert Buermann's ctaff of 15 doctors and 30 nurses busy with lacerations, fractures, burns and shock. OPEN COUHTT WAR ON DRUNK DRIVERS ^lW • ^^B • ™ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ „ np/Mir&T o nT 1TP Cock-A-Doodle Doo! Pun Fest! Rooster Days in Algona Next Week To Give Farmers Premium Prices Old Man Rooster will be king of the day, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, when Algona's first Rooster Days will be celebrated here. Two thousand, three hundred personal invitations to farmers of this section to visit Algona on the days, and bring the roosters they do not want, will be mailed out this week. Roosters will oring premium prices, both days, at the Swift & Co. plant here. AH visitors here f :r the two days are acked to register for the Roost- Since the V. S. Navy 16 years ago established Its llght- eMfaan-air base at Lahehurst, 9 miles away, the hospital staff has known the hour at which big ships Uke the "Hindenburg" would arrive and depart, Mid the hospital's telephone operator and'the operators at the base have understood their roles thoroughly, Just In case. Thus, when a terrific dull boom came from the direction of Lakehurst at 7:23 one evening last week, everyone at the hospital knew Instantly what had happened, and the air base operator's horrified call was unnecessary. The hospitals operator promptly mobilized all ambulances and nurses on call In Lakewood and neighboring towns. Within 90 seconds Dr. Buermann nnd his own unit were streaking for the flew, their ambulance siren scream- Ing through the pines. Fifteen minutes later one time War Surgeon Buermann and Lieutenant Carl Green, Jr., Lakehurst naval surgeon, were shooting morphine into tortured "Hindenburg disaster victims, dousing their burns with any kind of oil or grease they could get, giving injections to ward off lock-jaw and Intravenous injections of glucose In water to counteract the dehydration of being roasted alive. The 26 worst cases, Including the "Hlndenburg's" three Captains (Lehroann, Pruss and Sammt) went • Lakewood bos- er Eating Contest. A first prize of $5 in cnsh will be awarded by the Chamber of Commerce, and Swift & Co. will provide second and third prizes. The Chamber of Commerce will offer a special purse of 60 cents n pound for the rooster with the a rooster drive rooster^ injhe each of the boys will be paid 10 cents apiece for driving, by the Chamber of Commerce. The boys who drives the rooster across the finish line first will receive $1. The roostpr must be driven only, and not kicked, pushed punched or carried. The race will be held on State street, between Harlan and Moore. Special prices will be paid by the Chamber of Commerce for the heaviest roosters in the following classes: . White rock or buff or barred rock, 50 cents per pound longest Wednesday, at 4 p. m., race will be held, with roosters for races to be supplied by Swift's, and also the twine for driving the roosters. Only school boys of 12 -years or under will be eligible to enter. The first 25 boys to register at the Cut Rate grocery will be allowed to White Buff Orpington. New NEW RENDERING WORKS $15,000 ADDITION HERE Walllaurgs Add New Lunchroom, Five Tourist Cabins In Ike WEEKS NEWS CVRRENT EVENTS PHOTOGRAPUM FOR The Upper Des Moines Hampshire reds 50 cents per pound White buff, brown Leghorn, White or Black Minorca, 50 cents Black Giant, White or Silver Laced Wyandotte, and White or Rhode Island red, all 50 cents per pound. Next Tuesday's Advance will carry the final details of the two big days, which should be worth dr y- ing miles to attend. Folks with roosters will also find that Algona will pay them well for bringing in their roosters, on those two days. 92 Seniors Graduating From 2 Algona Schools Point Pleasant, Newark and New York. Four days Inter, with the emergency over and only 7 of their original 26 "Hindenburg" patients remaining; Dr. Buermann's staff settled down to await the usual •rrlst of motor accidents. But ur. Buermann himself will renew an old Interest next month upon the arrival of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., to whom he Is June-to-September personal physician. Final Windup Next Week At High School and Academy Ninety-two Algona senior high chool and academy pupils will vind up their high school careers here with activities and graduation exercises within the next few days DO.. H. £.. PRAYER"— BROCKVILLE, Ontario— When Lou Pelleticr was arrested near Brockville for driving Humorist- Economist Stephen Butler Leacock's truck without proper flares and clearance light. Dr. Leacock, a former resident of Montreal, pleaded guilty by mail, sent $19 to cover fine and costs, addressed "a humble prayer (uncopyrlght- ed>" to the magistrate:— "It Is not possible for me to read over the Ontario statutes regulating traffic and the various cases and precedents that interpet them. I am wel aware of the legal principle that •Ignorantla legis neminem excusat 1 but I claim that it belongs with a great deal of our law . . . whlcl the comlpexity of our industria life has rendered obsolete . . . My truck is painted green. Is that le gal or is it too Irish? I have no Idea. I am a member of the Church of England. Does that disqualify me from using a truck in Ontario? In what direction can I look for light. What remedy have I except to move back to the Province of Quebec, where they temper the administration of the law with the saving grace of common sense, and where a penitent tear blots out a fine." — o — PEE-WEE JOKE- SACRAMENTO, California: Famed in California Senate for introducing bills for the excl'iMvc 'ben- fit of his own county, San Diego's Senator Ed Fletcher was made the butt of a legislative joke in Sacramento last week when a Senate reading clerk uprose and, in hit most serious monotone, droned off the text of the bill which Senator Fletcher's colleagues had drawn up in familiar Fletcher style: "The sum of $8.635,000.03 is hereby appropriated from the unappropriated moneys of the general fund of this state for the purpose of dredgins Pee-Wee River in the county o Ban Diego, which rifer flows 2U inches of water during three days of each year, if and when it rains. Apparently fearing that the bil might be passed, the Senate joke sters had the Finance Committee attach an official amendment reducing the appropriation to three cents. WOBK- CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Mtoto of Henry C. Wakeman, Detroit lingerie talesman who was fatally injured when ne slipped on » cake of soap in a Cleveland hotel bathtub, lost » suit to collect industrial coui- pen»»tion for his death la»t week when Judge George P. Baer ruled that a traveling •aleunan'tt work does not include taking a bath. Algona's spring building and improving boom reached the end of the first stage, this week, with the new postofflce building rapidly nearing of completion of the new Ing of a new $15,000 plant at the Algona Rendering Works, and the nearing of ocmpletion of the new Wallburg tourist camp addition, at the north edge of Algona. The new postoffice received a slight setback, but nothing serious, when a government inspector going over the building here last week, found several things that needed changing, and are being done. 10-Ton Cooker At the Aigona Rendering Works, a new modern structure has been by the General By-Products Co. of Des Moines, which owns the Algonn Rendering Works. W. A. Vigars, proprietor of the Rendering Works, Is now the manager of the expanded business here. A new cooker weighing 10 tons was brought to Algona from Chl- ago. It cost nearly 55,000. Five rucks are now operating from the )lant, one from LuVcrne, Fenton, Vest Bend, Titonka and Armtrong. The new plant will bring an expanded industry to the city. Proc- ssing of animals will be done with a dry cooker and will be odorless. New 2-Story Bldg. At the Wallburg tourist camp, a new two story building is almost ready, and will provide a lunch room, and living quarters for the Wailburgs in the second story. Five more tourist cabins are also being built, and n new oil station is be- There nre 17 seniors to graduate at St. Cecelia's Academy, and 75 seniors graduating at the Algona nigh school. The high school graduation prc TOWN & STATE OFFICERS PLAN REAL CLEAN-UP, 40 From Kossuth At Big Meeting Here Tuesday ,-*• Swea City's county high school baseball champions are pictured above. The cut was loaned to the Upper Des Moines by the Swea City Herald. Swea City won the title by defeating Titonka, 4 to 1 in the final game. Front row, left to right: Bucll Pearson, stud-"'. mnnaeer: TOith Griffith, Martin Holcomb. Ellis Pehrson, Walter Peterson, Howard Hewitt, Robert Sanders. Back row, left to right: Kenneth Brones, Thomas Olson, Junior Hanlfan, Harry Johnson, Mclvln Krumm, Hnrold Schuler, Conch A. H. Schiller. :ng constructed at the west edge of the property. The Wailburgs came to Algona ago from Hutchins, grated a grocery seven years where they sti SWEACUYANSIN DAMAGE SUTT TO COLLECT$16,750 John Campbell, Plaintiff With Ed Wilson, Defendant A damage suit for $16,750 was flled In district court, Wednesday, by John L. Campbell against Ed Wilson. Both men are from Swea City. The suit resulted from an automobile accident, Dec. 3, 1936, in which Wilson's car struck a concrete bridge, and Campbell was badly injured, and claims Injuries at the resent time resulting from the collision, between car and •ridge. Campbell alleges that Wilson was driving in a reckless manner. Asked Slower Speed The plaintiff further says tha when the car was traveling over a newly graveled road, near Sheffield at a speed he thought was too fast ie cautioned the driver, Wilson and asked him to slow down. The petition said that ruts in the road were also a hazard to driv Saturday morning the faculty wi be host at the senior breakfast at the State park. Baccalaureate services will be held Sunday, May 23, and graduation exercises at commencement May 26th. Graduates from the high school senior class Include the following: Don E. Akre, Lctha Bilsborough, Thomas Bruns, Glendora Burbank, Ruth Butts, Lucille Calhoun, Helen Chubb, Twilla Collinson, Erma Lea Deal, Gwendolyn Deal, Jeanne Devine, Louise Devinc, Bob Dewel, Margaret Ditsworth, William Ellsworth. Herbert Engstrom, Kathleen Evans Harlan Frankl, Kenneth Fras- cr, Ida Mae Gardner, Mary Louise Gilmore, Harry Greenberg, Robert Gronwall, Irene Hainefc, Annette Hanson, Wanda Hanson, Jerome rlardgrove. Irene* Heller, Jack Hemphill, Betty Hilsteadt, Harry Hull, Vera Humphrey, Russell Hutchins, Eleanor Jenkins, Dean Jergcnson, Kenneth Johnson. Fred Kent, Helen Kuhn, Lorraine Lattimer, Helen Lemkee, Rose McMahon, Grace McNeiil. Ray Madson, Owen Mathes, Dorothy Mawdsley, Andrew Monlux Virginia Morck, Etheline Muckey, William Neeling, Caroll Owen, Madelyn R. Paetz, Lorraine Palmer, Martha Palmer, Russell Pickett. Marie Pommerening, Bertha Potratz, Derwood Potter, Frank Sehoby. Helen Schulz, Amy Seefeld, Esther Seefeld, George Sparks, Lura Speraw, Carl Spongberg, Ann Ste- britz, Genevieve Sterling 1 , Burdene J. Towne, Ted Vera, Dorothy Ward, Paul Watson, Rita Will, Adra Yeoman, Mabel A .Zeigler, James Spen- pected to get under way soon in elude the new Algona hotel addition, the new Mid-Continent oil station addition costing $5,000, nnd the reconstruction of the Call Theatre. PETTIT STUDIES POSSIBILITY OF NEW HOTEL HERE Rice Takes Over State Theatre Sunday; To Run Both With N. C. Rice taking over man agtment of the State Theatre, starting Sunday, as the result of a deal completed early Tuesday mora-H «, J0 ar and a half ago, Is pondering the possibilities of other lines .of JUNIOR LEAGUE BALL SCHEDULE, 5 TEAMS DRAWN Lakota, Wesley, Algona, Titonka and Bancroft In Circuit cer, Charles Beardsley. Post Graduate Joyce Christcnsen Evelyn Black, Mary Catherine ing. In the collision, Campbell receiv- | ed a badly cut and crushed leg, with v fractures, injuries to his back j and body, a cut on the head, severe shock, and total disability for a time, with possibility of some disability the remainder of his life. Two Years Salary Included in the total amount asked, is $10,000 for the injuries, $750 for medical attention, and $6,000 for two years' salary to cover the approximate amount the plaintiff has and will lose in income. Quarton & Miller are attorneys for the plaintiff, and Sullivan, McMahon and Linnan will represent the defendant, acting for the insurance company, which is the real defendant in the case. Hum, Kathryn Kellty, Tom Merryman, Charles Paxson, Virginia Schnepf, Marjorie Van Alstyne, and Herman Mocre, unclassified. On the graduating list at St. Cecelia's Academy are the following: Thelma Aman, Evelyn Capesius, Anita Rose Kohlhaas, Viola Klein, Martha Krieps, Darwin Baker, Wm Barry, Aloysius Coleman, John Daughan, Alvin Erpelding, Sam Hagg, Calvin KoJlasch, Anthony Lichter, Robert Selzer, John Streit and Edward Thissen. The Academy graduation exercises will be held Sunday, May 30. The Kossuth county American Legion junior baseball league schedule was announced yesterday by Jim Watts, county director. After a meeting at Bancroft, on Monday night, final plans for the league were worked out by Watts and Legion directors from the other towns, who met at Art Murray's office. The league schedule follows: May Slst Lakoia—bye, Wesley at Algona. Titonka at Bancroft. June 1th Bancroft—bye. Lakota at Wesley. Algona at Titonka. June 7th Titonka—bye. Wesley at Bancroft. Algona at Lakota. June Hth Wesley—bye. Lakoia at Titonka. Bancroft at Algona. June Mill Algona—bye. Bancroft at Lakota. Titonka at Wesley. Algona Youth Hopes To Tame His Baby Fox Hubert Deal, son of Mr. and MJ-S. Bort Oral, Is no pleased he IB turning handsprings over the possession of a baby fox, whim he nnd a group of boy friends captured Sunday. The little fox Is very frightened in hlH now quarters In the Deal coal bin, but Hubert expects to.tame and raise It, Mm. DcaJ said ttMftt'Hubert has walked many rtltei .hunting for u fox puppy.' Therri.wwe several other little foxes In the den, and ttie " ' " the entrance GOV. KRASCHE MEMORIAL DAY SPEAKER HERE Parade, Full Program Planned for Monday, May Slat Governor Nels G. Kraschel wll bo the Decoration Day speaker here County law enforcement officer* iledgcd 'themselves. Tuesday, at the irst all-county meeting of police. sheriff's office, constables, justices uul mayors, and with highway patrolmen also in attendance, to wage a vigorous wnr on drunken driver* n Kossuth county. The meeting was held In the court room here. 'The drunken driver Is n potential murderer," said Al Sterling, highway patrolman and one of tha speakers, "and his presence on the road Is n menace to every machine he meets. He must be stopped from driving a cnr at all costs, and we nre the ones to do it." Accident Avoidable "There is no such thing as a* 'unavoidable accident' on the highway," Stcrzing continued. He also pointed out that under n new state law, which goes into operation July Fourth, the minimum fine for careless driving will be $25. Stcrzing cited one Instance he knew of where a town marshal found a drunken man and then proceeded to help him find his car; tart It, and leave town. "If you don't want to arrest a runkcn man," he said, "at least <avc him lying where you find Im. Don't let him get into nl» cftr." Kcllry on Program O S. Ueiley, Chamber of Com- ncrcc secretary, nnd secretary of. ho Kosauth Safety Council, said hat law officers or Justices who are afraid to do their duty should resign, or else enforce the law. He referred especially to occasional times when "deals" are made with defendants whereby they pay the full costs of tho case to the satisfaction of the justice or marshal, but escape with practically no flna business. Pcttit said that he was investigating the possibility of a new hotel in Algonn. He owns two lots on State street, just west of the State Theatre, at the present time. To Rebuild Call And at the same time. Rice stated positively that the Call Theatre would be rebuilt as soon as insurance adjustments are completed. His plan is then to close the lown theatre entirely, and operate the State and Call. The site of the Iowa would be turned into a store or business office. In the meantime, starting Sunday the old Call theatre crew will take over the State, and the old Iowa crew will go back to Derating the Iowa. Rice's plan is to run most of the four star feature pictures at the State, and other pictures at the Iowa, at a low admission. Twenty-Year Lease Although Pettit retains ownership of the State building, he stated that the lease was for 20 years The State was constructed in November, 1935, and has a seating capacity of 700. ••The Call Theatre is my life, Rice stated, "and you can bet that it will be rebuilt." at ceremonies being planned to ' Mgcma store* However, tfca ,«W mother fox bent the boy» to It and had diiif another hole, rescued her bullies and taken them to different nnd safer quarters. Perhaps Mrs. Ucnl will have a beautiful fox fur neckpli-ci- when the novelty \vrurtt olf. How about It, IIu- hrrt? West Bend Man Jailed, Mason City Elvin J. Bnas, of West Bend, was arrested at Mason City, Tuesday, on a charge of assault with intent to commit great bodily injury. Baas Is alleged to have been the man who pulled a gun on Patrolman John Hrubetz, on the night of April 28th, when the officer stepped up to question him, ns he approached a car the officer had been watching. Hrubetz said the man pulled a gun from a shoulder holster, struck the officer, and fled before the officer could recover. at all. A. Winkel, county attorney. of the pro- i To Remodel Cafe Swea City: Mrs. Rachel Stockman has purchased the building she now occupies, known as "Rahel's Cafe", from the C. J. John_on estate. She is planning to remodel the building into a modern cafe. (Now turn to the Page for a continuation of March of Time" for tbjb week). Woman Burned By Liquid Spray West Bend: Mrs. Arthur Zinnel was badly burned on the face and body while spraying their brooder house. The liquid used in the spray exploded and burned her badly. Her face is badly swollen and one eye is swollen shut. She was brought to the doctor and is getting along as well as can be expected. Titonka Baseball Thd TitoVika Indians baseball team is calling for games. Team interested should write to Wm. F Batt, Titonku, for dates. Goes To Look At Chicks, Finds Fire Irvington: About 6M chickens were saved from burning to death by the cold weather early Saturday morning at the M. L. Ronty farm. Mr. Roney awoke at three a. m. and decided to go out to see if the chickens were warm enough. He found the place on nre with the floor all ready partly burned away. The fire started from the brooder stove which, supposedly got too hot. Life Insurance Week This week is national life insurance week throughout the U. S. Nine Kossuth life insurance agents, join in a display ad in this issue of the paper that is worth thinking about. One feature they bring out is that 60 per cent and better of the policyholders receiving benefits from paid-up insurance are living—you don't have to die to win. R. W. Caldwells To Take Western Jaunt Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Caldwell and daughter, Maxine, expect to leave as soon as school is out on a western jaunt which will take them through the Black Hills, Montana up to Seattle, Washington, down the western coast of that state, to Rainier Park and various other points of interest. They expect to be gone about three weeks. A Puyallup, Washington, they wil visit an uncle of Mrs. Caldwell. HOGS Best light butch., 140-160 . $7.75-8.50 Best light butch., 360-1BO .. 8.50-U.OO Best light butch., 180-200 10.00-10.50 Best light butch., 200-290 10.50-10.90 Daily Rain Still Falls in Kossuth Consistent rain was still the lot of Kossuth county this week, ul-j though nearly every day has been nice, with the rain falling at night or late in the afternoon, or early in the morning. Week's weather: High Low Prec. May 12 72 49 .24 May 13 61 40 May 14 63 32 May 15 59 46 .24 May 16 W 50 May 17 75 44 .11 May 38 75 44. .11 May 19 64 51 .35 Weather forecasts were for fair and warmer this week end. Med. heavy, 290-325 10.60 Butchers, 325-350 10.70 Butchers, 350-400 10.60 Packing sows, 300-350 10.00 Packing sows, 350-400 9.60] Packing sows, 400-500 9.70 CATTLE Veal calves $6.00-7.00 Canners ami cutters 2.75-4.00 Stock steers 5.50-6.50 Fat steers 9.00-10.00 Fat yearlings 8.50-9.50 Bulls 4.00-5.50 Fat cows 4.50-5.50 GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn, old $1.24'i No. 3 mixed, new 1-23 No. 3 yellow corn, new 1.23'-j No. 3 white corn, new 1.23'v No. 3 white oats 46'i Barley, No. 3 105 EGOS Hennerys I 9c No. 1 18c No. 2 15e Cash cream— No. 1 31c No. 2 29c Sweet 32c POULTRY Hens, over 4 Ibs 13'-jC Hens, under 4 Ibs 9 Hi Leghorn hena 9'-.c Cocks, over 4'.a 6Hi Cocks, under 4',i Markets subject to change by time of publication. Flower Plucking Argument Settled When youngsters began plucking his flowers, Mr. McWhorter, who runs a little grocery store on south Minnesota .street, decided that enough was enough and called the police. Chief Frank Green cleared up the situation, by having u talk with the storekeeper, and Mr*. Wm. Winters, whose child had been doing some flower picking. Plan Huge Fireworks Display, July 4-5th The Fair Management has just been advised by Thearle-Imffield Fireworks Company, producers of the world's greatest fin-works displays, that they art- building a number of new feature displays for this year's celebration. One of these. "The Blazing Sun", will be one of the most spectacular and colorful numbers ever produced. In this showers of gold with a combination of many brilliant colors will form a background for a mammoth spinning sun which when in action, covers over (JOO square feet of space. Many other gorgeous and beaut- ful designs, including huge foun- ains of silver and golden mist, immense many colored serpents and nines belching forth great clouds of lire and smoke and in addition nagriificent set-pieces and comedy numbers will be included in the retttest fireworks show ever presented here. Gov. Ni-ln (J. In Algona, Leglonaires, members of the Auxiliary, and other units in the Memorial 3)ny parade will meet at the Legion hnll at 9:45 a. m. and form a parade, composed of marching units, bands, colors, and marchers. If the weather permits, the parade will pass directly to Riverview cemetery, for the governor's address and other services. 8:30 u. m. Program If the weather does not permit, the parade will march to the high school, where the governor's speech will be heard. At 8:30 a. m. the customary marine service will be held at the Rainbow bridge in north Algona. committees have were other speakers on gram. Good Attendance There was n very good attendance at the meeting, with between 40 nnd 50 persons present. Those registering were as follows: II. A. Van AlHtyne, Algona policeman; Delhi Welter, Algona justice; A. E. Sterzing, Algona, highway patrolman; Claude B. Benedict. Garner, highway patrolman; C. E. Spccht, mayor of Algona; L. I* Pfeffer, mayor of Wesley; O. J. Wellik, marshal of Wesley. J. H. Sheridan, justice, Bancroft; G. A. Lindsay, marshal, Lakota; Art Lester, constable, Lakota; Dr. H. H. Murray, mayor. Lakota; Theo. Knccht, marshal, Whittemore; John Espe, marshal, Fenton; Oils Sanders, marshal. Lone Rock; Wm. Blomster, constable, Swea City. W. H. Rlcklcfa, constable, Titonka; John Uhlenhake, justice, Whit- temort; P. A. Danson, justice of the peace, Algona; V. J. Lattimer, constable, Bancroft; A. J. Doles- duil, marshal, Bancroft; Carl .Schrocdcr, marshal, Swea City; W. II. Steward, marshal and constable. Hurt; Iver Nordin, justice, Burt; Paul W. Larson, constable, Swea City; Albert Barnes, marshal, Led- yar'd; Lee O. Wolfe, mayor, Titon- Ua; Frank Green, chief of police, Algona; Patrolmen J. C. West and Tim O'Brien; Sheriff Loss and Floyd Newville, constable, Algona. Shi-riff Loss told of having complaints come in from some town* that on nights when dances were held, drivers of other cars were fori cd from tin; road by numerou* The following been named; Speaker and chaplain committee —L. E. Linnaii, L'oii C. Hutchison and Matt Streit. Parade—F. L. McMahon, John Foth and Joe Hang. Color Guard—A. E. Kresensky, Gene Wray and Ray Ladendorf. Music-—Glen Hanty. A. S. Hut-ser and Theo. Hcrb.-t. Graves decoration—K. J. Thiel, ^ Win. Get-ring. Lee Hopkins, H. M. j Smith and Charles Clement. Auditorium—Ted Larson. Street decoration—Joe Bloom. Flags and wreaths—G. I). Brundage. Marine service—V. V. N'audam, E. S. Kinsey and Harvey Beatty. j drunken drivers. Lightning Strikes Doan: Lightning struck the transformer at the Wm. J. Martirieks last week during a storm, and broke the lightning arrester and blew all the tubes out of their radio. Eight fubeb were also blown Auditor Warns Many home owners in Algona and KosbUth have not tiled their request for homestead credit on taxes, County Auditor E. S. Kinsey reports. May 29th is the final day. as the court house is closed May 3u and May 31- 20 Sign Up For Credit Bureau Here Establishment cjf a credit bureau seemed certain here after 20 firms had Mgned up for memberships the fore part ot' the week. O. S. Reiley. C. of f. secretary, will also bundle the credit bureau, under the present setup. Members have a choice of four plans in joining, with a top of $2 5U per month per tirm, and a low of $1.50 per month under the plans. Records \voulJ be kept at the Chamber of Commerce- office. Additional firms have yet to be seen, Reiley stated. LuVerne Man Talks LuVerne: Dr. H. D. Meyer. Lu- Veiiie, =|'okc be I ore the North Central Osteophutie clinic at Humboldt, this week, on "Use of Local Anesthesia in Sitting Fractures." I'. I). M. ADVKKTISINO UIKKtTOKY PAGE TWO— Jimime Neville Joe Bloom K. .S. Norton i: Son Kl.'i-ssiu Motor PAGE THREE— Riihardbon Furniture Co. Gn'cnburg Autu PAGE FOUR— Council Oak Kossulh Motor PAGE FIVE-- Titunka Theatre Aigona Flour 4i Feed E. W. Lusby PAGE SIX- Marie Clement lowu-State Theatre Algona Auction Co. Borchardt Drug Long's Grcjcery Hoenk Motor Service A. W. Amunscii Elite Hat Shop rioreiisen Grocery Curnming's PAGE SEVEN— Cloplon The Tailor Zender Ac Caldwell Kresensky's Ben Franklin Baldwin's I. G. A. PAGE EIGHT— Bolsford Lumber Co. PAGE NINE— Kent Motor Co. Life Insurance PAGE TEN— Kohlhaas Ac Spillea H. M. Colwell A. Ac P. Food Store Chrischilleo Store Annex

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