The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1937 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1937
Page 3
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The Algona Upper Dee Koines, Algona, Iowa, May 13, 1937 IftLS BECK'S LEG IS ON THE MEND i "Union Man Who Was Injured in Fall, Now Able to Walk Union: Nels Beck, who had the misfortune to break RIs leg In March, when he was assisting In moving a building on the Chris Knutsen farm, Is able to be up and around, although the fracture has caused him considerable pain. The Injury to trie leg was a fracture near the knee, an upward break Injuring the knee cap. It Is not definitely known whether the limb will remain stiff or not from the Injury. At Algona Party Ladles attending the party at the Academy In Algona last Thursday were Mesdames N. J. Krleps li. Bode and L. Glsch. Their guests were Mesdames Emll Stoffel John ErpelcSing, Rudolph Will, Frank Thompson, Harry Ward, George Kohl, Robert treason, Robert Keefe and Miss Cloye Zentner. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bailey spent Sunday with Grandpa (B. F ) Schrouse of Crystal Lake, Minn. Mrs. Chester Bailey spent last •Thursday visiting her mother, Mrs. Eva Gardner at the Raney home near Irvlngton. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Boevers of West Bend, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kriethe and daughter,- Eugenia of near Burt, were callers Sunday afternoon at the George Boevers home. Mr. and Mrs. Franz Teeter spent Sunday with the latter's mother, Mrs. Petra Larson. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Martlnek, Aline and Mrs. Ruth Sparks spent Sunday afternoon In Brltt. The Henry Metz family and Henry's father spent Sunday with Mrs. Metz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Glrres. Donald Wyborney, who Is employed at the Wm. J. Martineks, spent Sunday with his parents at Rockford, Iowa. The Dean Andrews and Dale Struthers families spent Sunday with the ladles' sister, Mrs. Henry Mertz at Ottosen. Mrs. Ross Bufflngton had her mother, Mrs. Marie Chrlstenson, and Margaret Chrlstenson at dinner guests Sunday. The Van Hanson, and the Theo. Hoover families and Harry Seeley family of Whlttemore were dinner guests of the Loyal Youngs Sunday. Mrs. Harvey Johnson had as dinner guests her brothers and sisters who reside In and near Algona. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, reside with their daughter, Mrs. Harvey Johnson. Read The Want Ads—It Pays FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. MAY 14-15,1937 BEEF ROASTS These roasts cut from Government Inspected beef and are stamped "U. S. Good". For this sale the price is 20c and 21c per pound. BONELESS BEEF ROASTS For those who prefer a boneless roast because it is easy to carve, we have a lean, boneless Baby Beef Boast at the special price of 21c per Ib. HAM TO FRY Center slices of fancy Skinned and Smoked Ham to fry with nice fresh eggs. 2 slices for 29c as a week end special. VEAL CUTLETS Not expensive at our special price of 23c per Ib. as these steaks are lean and boneless. Nice to pan fry and for veal birds. PREMIUM BAKED LOAF . .Ib. 19c BEEF TO BOIL .... per Ib. 15c PEANUT BUTTER I A wholesome between meal lunch for growing youngsters—Graham Cracker Sandwich with peanut butter. The big 2 Ib. jar of Council Oak Peanut Butter at a special price of 26c. SEEDLESS RAISENS Plump, meaty raisins for sauce, pies and general baking purposes. Mix raisins with peanut butter for a delicious sandwich filler. For this sale the big 4 Ib. bag for 29c. DILL PICKLES Crisp, brittle dills of uniform size in the big quart jar at the special price of 16c. Put two garlic buttons in the jar and replace the cap. Let stand for 48 hours. When you open the jar you meet a happy surprise. CHOCOLATE COOKIES A real table treat. A dainty round wafer topped with vanilla marshmallow and covered with a dark cocoa icing. For this sale a special price of two pounds for 27c. SUPERB PEAS Large meaty sweet peas under the 'Superb' Label assures the best of the season's pack. You will find these large peas as deliriously tender as the smaller sizes. Buy a supply of the large 8 portion cans at our special price of 12c. KELLOG'S FREE OFFER Buy 1 package of Kellogg'a Krumbles and 1 pkg. Kellogg's Whole Wheat Biscuit and get a free tumbler. For this sale the combination price is 21c. COUNCIL OAK COFFEE Buy this quality blend in the whole berry so we j can grind it to fit your method of making coffee.. You then get all the flavor and strength in the cup instead of throwing part of it away. By ery Day Low Price on the Council Oak Blend is 27c per pound or 3 pounds for 79c. Exchange the empty bags for fancy chinaware. FANCY HOUSE BROOMS A light weight, loiig lasting broom. 5 sewed, velvet lock and made from high grade broom corn. Save 20c by buying this broom at the special price of 59c. TOILET TISSUE Stock up on "Excello" Toilet Tissue at our special. During this sale we sell 2 big rolls for MOP STICKS I You may need a new mop stick soon. Better I buy a spiral spring mop stick at our special I price of 7c each. BLUE BARREL SOAP I The soap that comes in big pound bars. The I soap that does the work of 3 ordinary cakes. I For the week end 2 big bars for 13c. ANDREW ELBERTS, WHTTTEMORE, WED 25 YEARS; CELEBRATE ON SUNDAY Hosts of Friends Help to Observe The Occasion Whlttemore: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Elbert celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday, May 9th, at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert were united in marriage here 25 years ago by Rev. Dullard, formerly of here. The Elberts live north of town. Dinner was served at noon to: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Elbert, Otto and Minnie, the Frank W. Elbert family, the Mike Schumacher family, Father Wm. Veil, and Father Gretteman, the P. J. Fuchsen family, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Hayes and son, John, the Leo Walters family, the Leo Elbert family, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Elbert and Petey Joe, Mrs. Helen Walters, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Parrel, R. J. Vaughn, Richard Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Duffy, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Joe EJsle, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Elbert, the Oeo. Winkel family, Mr. and Mrs. Will Lauck, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fandel, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Semon, all of Whlttemore. Those from out of town who attended were: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schumacher and Diane of Armstrong; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Zinnell of Rodman; Mr. and Mrs. George Elbert of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Elbert of Pocahontas, and Mrs. Nell Hayes of Tacoma, Washington. Table waitresses for the occasion were Bernice and Mary Winket, Mildred Fuchsen and Marvel Elbert. The dinner was prepared by Mesdames George Winkel, Will Lauck, John M. Farrell and Lawrence Schumacher. Monday evening a free wedding dance was held In Higglns hall. Win From Bancroft St. Michael's Academy baseball team met the Bancroft nine Monday afternoon there. The locals defeated Bancroft 6 to 1. Uhlenhake Buy* Home < A deal was closed last week whereby John Uhlenhake became the owner of the Dr. L. B. Smith home. The Uhlenhake family plan to take possession August 1. Volgt Birthday Party A party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Volgt on Thursday night In honor of Mr. Volgt's birthday. Among the relatives and friends who were present were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Volgt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Relnhard Ostwald and daughter, Gladys, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wagner and son, Wayne, Miss Ella Volgt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schumacher and family Mid Lloyd El- bmt all from htn; Bdwin TUtc and sons, Ortwln and Raymond; Clara Granmenz and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Luedtke and daughter, Mrs. Scheid- Leudtke, and daughter, Mrs. Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schmidt, and family of LotU Creek; Ewald Volgt. Adam Elbert and Carl Morlck of Algona. The evening was spent at cards and lunch was served at the close of the evening. Paul Urich visited with relatives In Garner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cavanaugh visited with relatives at Fort Dodge Sunday. Mary Ruse of Pocahontas spent seyeral days last week at the Joe Esser home. The James B. Geelan family vis ited at the P. J. Schiltz home in Fort Dodge, Sunday. Father John Cullen of Sioux City visited at the parental J. S. Cullen home Sunday and Monday. A. W. Rudnlck, extension specialist of Ames waa at the R. A. Bartlett home Monday on business. The Frank J. Rochford family spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Grimes in Manson. The young married folks' Sunday School clogs held a party at the Ralph Relmers home Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schumacher and Marion Hy~nck attended the wake of Mrs. Roach in Garner on Sunday. Frank Bestenlehner and John Uhlenhake, local banker*, were in EmmeUburg last week attending a convention. T. A. Swansea of Ulendale, California, in visiting at the L. W SwuiiMon home. L. W. in a nor. ol the former. Mm. Ralph Walker and Mrs. Art Heidenwith were at Algona Friday to help Mrs. Lloyd Walker paint and decorate. lulu iiarber, who in employed in a beauty shop in Forest City, spent Sunday with her purenU, Mr. anc .Mrs. KJmo iiarber. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Maher of Bar- nuni, Iowa, spent Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mr. anc Mm. Curtis Sheidler. J. S. Cullen, local postmaster anc Wade Sullivan of Algona attendee a postmasters' convention in Speii cer Saturday, May 8. Mr. and Mm. Kalph Walker anc Mr. and Mm. Jack Dctrick were in Fort Dodge Sunday to viait with relatives and friends. Beatrice Duffy, K. N., of New York City, is spending a. week or more with her parents, Mr. anc Mrs. Martin Duffy, Sr. The Aliases Buth Adeline and Mary Corrino Fleming spent the week end at the James Fleming home in Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gengler and Mary and Michael Gengler. Jr., o LeMars spent Sunday at the Geo and Mike Uengler homes. Mr. and Mrs. Dolph Misbaeh of Fairmont, visited at the Henry Halm home Sunday. Mrs. Misbaeh in a daughter of the Harms. Mm. Mary Foley, Josie and Dtui Foley drove to Cherokee Thursday to spend the day with Sister Mary Dorothea at St. Mary's College. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and I sous, Joiues and Edward, spent Sunday with relatives and attended the funeral of Albert Behnke. Prof. H. W. Behnke played the pipe organ Sunday at Lotts Creek to relief Prof. Wm. Schmtel whose daughter had died Sunday morning. Louis Grelnert, Hugo Meyer and Mrs. Ross Saunders purchased new Chevrolets from the Poirot garage and Ed Maahs purchased a Ford V-8. Miss Bernice Winkel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Winkel. left for Jackson, Mlrrti., Monday where accepted a position In a beauty shop. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cole of Cedar Falls spent the week end visiting at the J. S. Cullen home. Mrs. Cole is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Mr. and Mrs. George Schultz drove to Garner Sunday evening to visit at the home of Leonard Meyer. Mrs. Meyer is reported to be on the sick list. Mrs. A. C. Brown returned to her home In Pennville, Indiana, Thursday evening after spending several weeks visiting at the John Van Hise home. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brunner and Mrs. Gertude Hockenberry and children, Homer and Velma of Mason City spent Sunday at the Robert Finnell home. The play, "Cyclone Sally," presented by the senior-Junior class of the Whlttemore nigh school, held at the Academy hall Friday night, was well attended. Mr. and Mrs. Will Meyer accompanied Mrs. Henry Kuecker to 3arner Thursday where they were called on account of the illness of Mrs. Leonard Meyer. Mrs. Martha Heise and family of Easton, Minn., arrived here Saturday to spend Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Schattschneider. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cullen and Marcella and Cleophus and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cole, Cedar Falls, spent Sunday at the Joe McTigue Nome in Emmetsburg. Mrs. S. A. Savage accompanied by Ethyl Airhart drove to Kansas City, Saturday to visit with their mother, Mrs. George Airhart. They returned nome Monday. Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer accompanied Erwin Bruhn to Rochester Sunday and report the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruhn will be home the latter part of this week. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schumacher and sons, Joe and Eddie, were at Clarion Sunday visiting with Mrs. Schumacher's mother, Mrs. Jacob Tbul, who is ill at the present time. Wm. Fandel, Joe Faber and Geo. Elbert were in Sioux City on business Thursday. While there, Mr. Fandel visited with his son, James who attends Trinity College at that place. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finnell accompanied Mr. and Mr». R. A. BarV- Utt to WMt Bm4 TUMday «ir*alnK for open house for the 00th wed ding anniversary of Mr. and Mm Tom Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell and daughters, Betty and Claire of Blue Earth, Minn., visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich Cordes and attended the funeral of Albert Behnke recently. Mrs. N. Hayes arrived in Whltte more from Tacoma, Washington on Thursday evening and will spend the summer visiting at the home of her son, Ves Hayes, her daughter, Mrs. Frank Elbert. and Mrs. Andrew Elbert and her sister, Mrs. Martin Duffy, Sr. Miss Alvina Braatz of Mapleton, Minn., and Edna Braatz, R. N. of St. Paul, Art Putz of Minnesota Lake, Minn., and Ernest Heber of San Francisco^ California, were Friday vistors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz. Mr. Heber an uncle of Mrs. Braatz, left for Milwaukee, Wis., to spend several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Kourt. Mrs. Kourte was formerly Myrtle Braatz. He will then go to New York and sail for Germany. Sherwood Forest Theme Used For Ottosen Banquet Ottosen: The annual junior-senior banquet was held Friday evening at twilight In the school house. The scene was Sherwood Forest. The following program was given with Leo Wehrspann as toastmaster: music; welcome. Conner Starin; response. Alice Thorscn; Merry Adventures of Senior Class, Marvin Ltest; Ballad of Merry Men, Melvln Brattand; Who Stole the Deer, Frances Enoekson; Fortunes, Nonsense, Free Advice, Sheriff of Nottlnghamtown, Supt. W. P. Truesdell. Theatre party at the Humota Theatre. Guests of honor were the seniors: Barbara Clave. Lola Watnem, Mildred Knuteson, Alice Thorsen, Harold Henrlkson, Elliott Klnseth. Joe Leitl, Marvin Llest, Melvln Bratland and Loren Bakke. Other guests were: Supt. and Mrs. Truesdell, Mr. and Mrs. H. Jncobson, Miss Glue and Mr. McClellan. Bridal Shower A miscellaneous shower was held In honor of Mrs. Herman Ludwlg of West Bend at the Lutheran church parlors Saturday afternoon. The bride received many useful and beautiful gifts. A delicious unch was served by the hostesses. Rural Club Session The Ladies Rural club held a Mother's Day program at the Community church parlors Friday aft- ~!rnoon. The following program was given: Mother'} Dny pr>"m, Mrs. Roy Jncohson: rending. Mrs. Roy Adnms; son;?, Bnrfonrr\ I..OTIR; poem. Xnomi St:uthrrs; talk. Mrs. Fred Nolson. county chairman. A two course luncheon wns served. Mr*. Watnrm Homo Mrs. Amelia Watnem who fell and broke her hip. was brought home from the hospltn) in Fort Dodge Sunday. She Is getting along ns well ns can he expected. Her daughters will care for her. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Holt were business callers at Algona Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Telford and children went to Albert City. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stone of Alta visited at the John Stone home Saturday. Mrs. Carol Nessen of Bode spent Thursday at the Percy Watnem home. Mrs. Hedeen of Bradgate spent Thursday until Sunday at the Roy Jacobson home. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Knuteson and children were shoppers in Fort Dodge Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne left on Saturday for Texas, where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacobson and daughter, Lois, went to Pomeroy Sunday to visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Olson and sons were Sunday dinner guests at the Fred Lenz home in Rodman. Mr. and Mrs. James Hedeen and daughter of Bradgate were Sunday dinner guests at the Roy Klnseth home. Mrs. C. Householder Heads L. Rock PTA I/ine Rock: The last parent- tenchcrs' association meeting was held Friday evening in the school auditorium. The following officers were elected for the coming school year: president, Mrs. Calvin Houae- holder; vice president, Leona Schnlz; secretary and treasurer, Margaret Schioeman. This was exhibit, night of the various grades, and a large crowd attended. Bead The Wane Ada—It P*rs USED TRACTOR AND MACHINE BARGAINS 1— F-30 Parma)!. Equipped with rubber tires all ar- •iiird good as new. 1—F-30 Farina!!. Equipped with steel wheels. Two years old. 1! regular. Complete with cultivator. Rebuilt. 3 -Mrrrrmick-Deering 10-20 tractor, both in good shape. 1 MrCornii^k-Deering 22-3G. Looks and runs like new. I Mn:;«ey-l!arri? \Vallis 20-30. A powerful tractor, priced risrht. 1 — Aultman-Tnvlor 23-inch thresher with 14 ft. Garden City feeder and Ileineke weigher. Ready for worn 1—1933 GMC 1 i/o ton truck. Complete with factory mr'tt grain box and stock rack. New 10-ply dull tire? on rear. This truck is in excellent condition. Also large n'linber of used tractor and horse-drawn 2-~ow cultivators, binders, plows, etc. 5—hca-1 of colts. Corwith Implement Co. P. J. GREINER * SON CORWITH, IOWA LONE BOOK NEWS Mr. and Mm. Robert Schmidt and son, Fred, left last Thursday to attend the wedding of a nephew in Watertown, Wis. Lillian Coombes, Maxine Flaig and the Charles Hill family were Sunday evening dinner guests of the William Raths. William Bilsborough, daughters Ilia and Letha, and Ray Webb Algona, were Sunday guests of tiie M. O. Richards family. The Dtlmar Angus family, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests of the R. T. Angus family. They also visited other relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vant. Bancroft, were Monday guests of the L. B. Hollisters. attending commencement exercises here. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Nelson and Mrs. H. J. Bacon, Algona, spent last week Tuesday at the Joe Sev- ertsen'a Mapieton, Minn. Mr. and Mi's. Fred Genrich und Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton attended the funeral of Albert Behnke, Whittemore, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Donntll, Eileen Walsh und Leo Nurre. Bancroft, drove to Carroll Sunday, being a guest of Jtanette Miller. They also called on friends in Eurly. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough and daughter, Grace, spent Sunday with relatives at Humboldt. W. .J. Reynolds und Nuncy Reynolds returned here with them for a week's visit. Mrs. M. K. Blunt-hard and Mrs. Alex Krueger drove t.o Clarion Monday afternoon where they attended an aniiounccmtin party of the approaching marriage of Aletha Forbes and Howard Blaucliurd in the evening. They returned here Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kaul^tich, children Gloria and Charles und Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jaskulke, Fenton, drove to Granada, Minn , Sunday, to see Hubert Luitbs, who was seriously burned Saturday evening when 11 gasoline lamp exploded in uu, hands. Department Stores Smart Patterns Fast Color PRINTS 19c yard All the newest floral patterns that are so desirable; also many beautiful designs In smart shades. Heavy Double Thread 20*40 Towel* 22xM 25c Double terry threads assure the utmost service, colored borders. 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