Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph from Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 14, 1968 · Page 31
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Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 31

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 14, 1968
Page 31
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- S| i TALKING IT UP — The scope of the meaning of the vocal-visual display of this male cowbird is unknown. But according to CU Center psychology professor David G. Nichols, the roughing out of his tall, wings, and bill, accompanied by a complex call, mav mean a Si « St « Si Si greeting to a female close by and a warning to male birds to "watch their steps around these girls,” Nichols will give a public lecture on "Biological Communications Systems" Friday at the center. Councilman In Canon Asked For Resignation The resignation of a Canon City councilman from a special 'TV committee was called for ! Wednesday when it was learmd jthe councilman’s sihi is on the board of directors of one of the four cable TV firms seeking a franchise to operate In the city, i Councilman Max T. Chelf is ,,one of four councilman on tlw ¡special committee investigating applicants for a cable TV fran-' chise in Canon City. His son. Max G. (Mickl Cheif, an officer in Southwestern Transfer and Storage Co. is one of the four I directors of Televents, a Denver ba.sed corporation, one of the ; seven firms interested in serv-; ing the town with cable TV and, one of the four firms still active-, ly seeking the franchise. Others listed as directors of Televents are Carl M. Williams. Paul Keohane and Dale Rus.sell Keohane and Russell are from Canon City. Councilman Chelf said he owns no stock in Televents and IPIIN«S Sunday, April 14, 1968 Saxatfa Tabgraph—i-8 Biological 'Language PuMic Transportation CU Confer Lecture Topic pgfj pj^y Jjgpjg "Birds rinn't t:i1k hut npntilo varinii« aiitnmatir tranemittina "Birds don't talk, but people various automatic transmitting chirp " systems, such as radar, and the did not know of his son's involvement "until about a week or so ago.” He said. "I told Joe l> (Mayor Dewhursti that he'd better take me off the committee, but he didn't take any action.” ...,y , — EDITOR’S NOTE ~ The fol- "Significantly," said the state Dewhurst and his wife arc "No animal signal system Problems of communication lowing is the final of a three- traffic engineer; "of that 20 per now vacationing in California even remotely approaches the «nditions. He pan series on the activities of ,j„ousi„es handle Chelf called his son’s position functional complexity ot human noted that l»th problems had si-Peterson Fle d and some pro- „„ the cable TV firm ’a l.tlle, laneuaee but osvcholocists now tndnrities with principles at-jections tor the future os dc- . , awkward lor me, but I dont nav close attention to human known in the animal vised by state planners. due to what I ve said before franchise on- chirpmr- non ^ exTra »»'•I'i- By RAY BROUSSARD labout the cab company. The It-1 u,, „uncil." At first Chelf said; linguistic communications be- Nichols spent 10 years follow- mousines are scheduled to meet he favored the Televents prop- Staff Writer gjj fijgfjfs whereas Yellow Cab osal over the other applicants | Public trans^rlahon to Pe- ,he city franchise but com-i terson Field? Mighty scarce! ^ mented that his son’s position State and local planners say IP''can eariy. changed rado Springs Center ol the uni- *" -e--- “"I“--™ that unless vou have a car to The private auto involves 80 .. versity of Colorado, will discuss J ®. drive to Feter.son Field you per cent of the total volume of ' Rav these observations on animal oj Call om.a a Berkeley for a forget about Ly t h e passenger-vehicle move- Another councilman. Ray and human communication in a doctorate in psycholinguisticstravel, .so insig- ments at the terminal. lecture on "Biological Commu-w'th an emphasis on basic prob- nications Systems" on Friday, »cms of information transfer rNichols' talk, free and open to ^'^d translation WINNERS NAMED — Winners of the second annual Fountain Valley Film Festival were named Friday at the is Perry Jr.. headmaster at the .school school. Shown above are, from left, Lewand a judge for the event; Brad Dr>urif of Fountain Valley, second place in the 8 mm division for "Blind Date”; John Howard of Colorado College, first in the 8 mm division for his "Stalemate’*; and Hunter Frost, English instructor at Fountain Valley and sponsor of the festival. (Gazette Telegraph Photo) tween humans.” ¡ing the war in government Dr. David G. Nichols, psy- research involving technical chology professor at the Colo-s ® continuing in- rado Springs Center of the Uni- ^^rest in linguistics influenced Carson Soldiers Hurt in Crash Early Saturday W tie * * * Fountain Volley Names Film Festival VVinners Winners in two divisions were Smith was in charge of public- announced at the Fountain Val- dy. Richard Robinson, John Two Ft Ca>-.son soldiers were ley School Film Festival follow- and Charles ______t »_ t* A ___i_...............«L_ ITmorcnn u/Ara ii«h#>rc observation* on animal »t California a Berkeley for a , passenacr-ventce move- ,he .njured early’.silurdavw,wn>he 7Hnhôw;nk'o7n"a,nàteûr “-^hers other TV rfimmittpp Wcrtn6S-: driver «lüDârcntIv went to sloeo slsff members included Tim ,he areLday called for Chelf’to^^ Hoiles. David Ander.son, .loe portafion system taken for the entire metro area . * he committee creek along Interstate 25 ac- In the 16 MM divi.sion a 30 Holloway. Weslev Posvar, Kent th;'‘;nbhe,’‘’;;il".;7 S«“ m smce Join,ng the CU pxychojo- 'he" !"heTale"-hiZav deÎ::r'.meni Powers ï* '-rH that e,.d,n, to the State Hikhway mi„„.e fitm enter^ by Cordon Minthorn. an^doh,, f^ailey. XU- ...le., gv faculty last fall, he already an engineer for local planners. Additional Max was a stockholder in the 1 atrol Hitchms of New York City en- Ihe University I^ectures series gy faculty last fall, he already «n engineer for local planners. Additional Max was a fff’khoider in me r airoi Th. r Lr ” at the center. It will be at 8 has set up stations in Austin ,he Colorado State High- counts were made in February, company and 1 told Joe Dew- The two, Diinald Cordell. 21. titled, Sunday on the H,yer. . pm in the Manor Lecture Bluffs in monitor animal com-^3^. it this 1968 since State Highway 83 wa.s hurst that if this was the ca^,the driver, and Paul Evans. 22, won first place, and Newj Ik kK. rroonx/xr HniiH munications. During his lecture *. not open from Airport Road to he ought to resign from the were both taken to the base hos-^0 Keefe, a six minute entry of j vill play some tapes of Colo- ‘•Air traffic at Peterson Field Hancock Expressway when the council. Max said he isn t a^pital for treatment of face cuts, Mike Hollins of Fountain Va!lcy| 3 magpie chatter to indicate 1^35 a proportion of 1967 counts were taken. stockholder and I believe him. ¡Evans also suffered a broken School, won second. ^ complexity of their commu-l^alf 3J, „juch as Stapleton Fountain Boulevard, a four-; “However he certainly ought nose. | An 11 minute fh>J. ‘Stale- .♦mn International AifDort itt Dcnver. 1 3 n 6 divided facility, is to quit the committee and Patrolman A. G. Murin re-mate,” entered by John Howard i campus. Interest animals began early for Nich- the behavior of New Automotive Equipment Given To Area Schools ol7"'the son of a zwlogist who nication patterns. International Airport in Denver. 1 a n e divided facility, is to quit the committee and Patrolman A. G. Murin re-mate,” entered by Jonn Mowara j was curator of ichthyology of Sponsors of the University gjxth largest airport in the na- pre.sently carrying 2,310 ve-shouldn’t take part in the deci- ported their vehicle, headed of Colorado College won first j jviore than $6,400 worth of new the American Museum of Na- lectures series are the College {¡on yet, with this bulk of air hides per week day. This is sion,” Powers said. north, traveled along the me- place in the 8 MM a‘^s*on’ 8''^« automotive equipment has been tural History in New York. At;of Arts and Sciences and Stu- jj-affjc Peterson Field and about one-tenth of its capacity,! other members of the TV¡^'^n strip for 53 feet, struck a Brad Dourif's "Blind Date won ja jpaj. pggj^. - • •. vi««« r-woxxmi«« r«, j ^ tremcndous economical says the state highway plan-addition to Chelf continued another second in the same division schools by Phil worth it conveys public transit ners. Peterson Street, leading to Powers, are councilmenl^f '''oot into the creek Dourif is from Fountain ¡Long Ford. Bob Foss Motors, to the field is so small as to be the military facilities, carries pgj j^ Print'z, chairman and ! An audience of several hm g^^ Baldridge implement almost non-existent.” 6.450 vehicles per week <lay.; pgjj ’ The mishap occurred about 21 ¡dred watched the results of the Public transportation at the The U.S. Air Force is planning .... ‘miles south of Colorado Springs, amateur’s efforts, and Lewis au. terminal consists entirely of two to improve this road to four ^ franchise is ex- ' headmaster. ^ ^lile engines, fresh off carrier companies: the Air lanes from its present two-lane ^of ^ - ... 18 he was a field mammalogist Governing Council for the museum on expeditions to Alaska, Europe, Uie desert areas of the American West, and Florida His experiences in learning French in Europe led him to his first studies of language learning in people and animals. After receiving a bachelor’s Richard Reed is Outstanding Carrier for 6T , . uected by the TV committee or Lines Cab Service (limousine) capacity. th inHt and the Yellow Cab Company The state highway depart- council taxi, ment’s analysis concludes that Richard John Reed, 17, has said the sta4e traffic engineer all routes presently operating degree in Slavrc U^uages, he earned himself a thrM^ay. all-;^^o helped to prepare a report ™ went to the Pacific as a Marine expense paid trip to Chicago in „ p.*... below capacity ” intelligen« off,«r luring World j„,y being nam^ the Out.,®"..™'™ Data collected by Uie highway War II. There he worked wit^|gtapbi„g Carrier Salesman for y^u’d better cail department regarding the origin " the Gazette Telegraph. ' ^ ........................................................................ ^ John Setterbcrg Rites K'«* ® Scheduled for Monday student and the son Cavalier Club To Hold Next CU ,'upLt "least an^hour ahead of of "trips destini for the airport i Anfll 01 High School jj^g^ ppgy y^g cab indicate that 21 per cent of all lllQv H|ll II it I 1 of Mr. and' KAfnr« I wAotrlv trini! nrì0inaf#» at Ft. _ .. Ora Collins Rites Slated on Monday lomooiitf iicmi wi uic Myron Wood, local photogra- |jpc ^c|.p Billy Mit- pher; and Herman Haymond.^.^gj, pg,j„pp Wasson and Broadmoor Hotel artist and gra* widefield high schools. Official phic designer, judged them. presentation of the engines was F'uneral services will be held The entrants wrote their own j^^^g Ballew, customer Monday for Ora Collins, 211 N. scripts, prepared their own rpjatjons manager of Phil Long Weber St.. who died here Satur- titles, directed the films ajj« pord. in his capacity as chair- day. He was 79. operated the cameras. man of the Colorado Springs Mr. Collins was born May 20.¡length of the films and the sub- ¡)ca|pp Community Relations 1888. in Plainville, Kan., and i ject matter was left to the ama- Q,f^^i,|gg gj ^^e Ford Motor Co. two since 1938 and cabinet maker. was a retired July 15, where he will stay at the Sheraton Hotel, and during Mr i .t • • . * ■ had been a resident of Colorado'tcur producers. Mru lohn T Reed 1023 N Insti-^^®^ airport l^fore ¡weekly ^ . The Cavalier Riding Club of Springs since 1958, He was a re-; The following were the entries; of the engines tite St hisS i^aíí-ilr L without,Carson.purity or Widefield in^ successful SL|tired farmer. ¡from students at Fountain Val ‘ was part of the program the tute St.. has been a carrier on „ PfHe farmed all his life in ley: Mike Hollms. six minutes Company dealers The nearest city bus route is politan area Anotoer nine per I atricks ” Plainville before retiring ¡"New O’Keefe.” 16 MM; Brad j^g^.g g^ fg, pg,t fggr more than three miles di.stant. cent come from the Broadmoor by Lrnic Tullís, Riders left Ft. ^ ^ ^.¡„(Id „ u r i 1. 10 minutes, "Blmd years Commenting on the pr to determine the per- area. Carson stables at 9:.30 a m.. ^ Second'Date.” 8 MM; John Dorn, iour paUg^ commented, Services for John A. Setter- route 1740 for the past berg, 1260 N. Meade Ave., will years for the Gazette. be held at 10:30 a.m. Monday at To earn the desi^ation oj ig gr^çj. to determine the per-area. Carson stables at 9:.30 a m . Pa'Jg g jgim I)orn, four^Jgg^^^^ r^v* srr*da"c„r„n :;;i.,r "de;*"^du^ ”urr^n.|~ sia^c d 7u:r^r„^'l: 'in su'ied by h. wid„w rrr miîc" srr r:: i;::ifs -oÆ: "rS^rgtTFrlC at'^r h^lsollr^ iola, an a '”"1 r'VIl-'làié 1 ^ 0 ^ :r?thl7 Is colihin"J"'ïriroT‘tî:'tî;i rre,at""it1ir“S ^Su“ Rev. Ward Hur.hur. wIl TS' ' He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Shaw of here; a sister, Mrs. Minnie Fellman his trip will attend a game between the Chicago White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. He’ll i a sisier, Mrs. Minnie rcinniiii — --------------— ---------and limousine companies of Minneapolis, Minn., and Set the chance to meet me ggj^g^gtg^j g^jggt 20 per cent of ^ nffiA«* 4 Ka rrrtrrtA I.. ac- studys, city and county. niece. players after the game. til til « the passengers. Cablevision Gets Go-Ahead After Hearing OUTSTANDING CARRIER — Richard John Reed, left, son of Mr. and Mrs. John I. Reed. 1023 N. Institute St., has been named the Outstanding Carrier Salesman for the Gazette Telegraph. He is accepting the trophy he received as part of the award from Ron Trevethan, district supervisor for the <]IT. (Gazette Telegraph Photo) her competitive trail raid. President Fred (Tiess appointed a Special Events and ;of Laura Nesbit, Ruth Tyree, judging committee, consisting Pete and Jean Steinbach, Rider and Wiedmaier, with Bel Evans as chairman. The next trail ride is sched- , uled for Sunday, April 21 at Ft. Vumore Video Corp., supplier j^ggj^ g^ 9.30 of Cable television to the Colo- jggyjgg from the Ft. Carson I rado Springs area, has been g^^ a given the go-ahead by the Fed- request that riders bring a bag eral Communications Commis- contact Gerald McCord Sion. at Ft Carson, Ext. 5597 or Mrs. The FCC Wednesday, after a j^jgfjgrd Mosgrove 4954067 as special hearing in Denver so g^ pggj,^j,ig that all protests over the deliv- __________ ery of Denver TV signals into the Colorado Springs area could be heard, authorized the operation of a Cable TV system here. William H. Wolf, 1935 Oneida The Colorado Springs system St.. Denver died early Saturday is being constructed by Vumore morning in a Denver hospital (Cablevision), which has so far after a short illness. He was 52. laid 235 miles of the anticipated He was chief engineer of the 412-mile system, ('wistruction of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. He the remaining 177 miles is pro- was born and educated in Den- ceeding at the rate of 16 miles a ver and graduated from the Hay. school of engineering at the Bill Daniels, president of Vu- University of Colorado, more, noted after the hearing In Colorado Springs in 1941 he that "We originally predicted 5,- married Betsy Ross, daughter 000 subscribers by January of of Mr, and Mrs. P. W. Ross of ,1969. but in less than days,. 101 .W Cheyenne Road. Her iCabie vision has signed up more‘brother-in-law is Thomas W.j than 10.000 subscribers.” Ross, chairman of the English 1 The Cablevision system must department at Colcwrado College. officiate at the 2 p.m. services! Hunter Frost. Fountain Valley ¡courages good work habits. It in the Chapel of Memories Mor-jEnglish instructor, was sponsotjgives a student a feeling of sell- tuary, and burial will follow iniof the festival. Bill Kellough confidence and pride of work- Memorial Gardens. ¡was director. Charles Emerson,man.ship It Pallbearers will be Genejwas production manager, î^t? Munson, Elwood Chess. Charles ¡liam Pope Jr was electronics Ehlert. A1 Ellington. Dave ¡consultant, John Bolton andifher it ' _ Reese and Herschel Scoggln. ' Fred Ford were sound men, Skip ^ * William H. Wolf Died in Denver be 100 per cent completed throughout the city limits of Colorado Springs by August, Mr. Wolf Is surviv«! by a son Tom who Is studying in England; Katherine, 25; Marjorie, under the terms of the city pe-i21; Robert, It; and Barbara, 15, !mit. all of Denver. EQUIPMENT PRESENTATION — Joe Ballew, third from left, presents written materfeil to go along with the $6,400 worth of automotive equipment given to Mitchell, Palmer, Wasson and Widefield high schools recently by Bob Foss Motors, Phil Long Ford, and the Baldridge Implement Co. Accepting the ma­ terial is C. W. Christensen, Palmer instructor. Others in the picture are, at left, J. W. Smith of Wasson, and at Ballew’s left, Ernest Baldridge, owner of Baldridge Implement Co., and Walter Johnson, general manager of Bob Foss Motors.

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