Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1946
Page 5
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Res ° 4 5 Continued t ;V * rdftred by tin <b retried. -Ester Lee E ft first deg . Hi W. aJx murder 1 slaying of BWcniShert Ark: jftorj? tu 19-15, r the last t ectroouted afm Jan. 4. 'The future i .irkansas rath jls the result ^determined. • ' Three perso Itnd nearly t\v ured in the Inferno last S ~ M Governor Lf fory committc oad ills for 1 Smmended $ I'll! funds annif • Arkansas, \v" escurces, con nany new fac Ses ot scores .^The first ct,~ Rchool fcwtbal' fjrict eliminatii' on by the 1 •Lnck of comp.*" Ittl state chai ^ agitatio , alayoff plan. ; .The propoj let, which so ileat at the Ne- ffould have r<--- Ischool distric' " ;,179 to 380 Rchool educat! CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of .One Three Sbc One ® — wbrcte Day Days Days Month Up to 15 45 .90 1,50 4.50 16 to 20.. "" ' " 21 to 25 .. 26 to 30., •81 to--85., 38 to W ... 41 to 43 ..... 1.35 46 to '80 1.50 Friday, -75 .00 •1.05 I 1.20 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 2.00 -2.50 •8.00 3.50 4.00 4.30 5.00 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 .. . .Rates aVe for Continuous Insertions Only » All Want Aus Casn In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Sale CHRISTMAS GIFTS. FULLER brushes of all kinds. Especially stiff bristles. Mrs. Leon Bundy. Phone 138. , 19-lm GET YOUR RED, BLACK AND Chilli peppers at Monts Seed Store..... 14-7t Wanted to Rent BfipROOM FOR TWO WORKING girls, References supplied. Call Hotel Barlow, Permanent. 18-3t Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netian Blinds, wood or metaJ, outside metal blinds and awnings. Write. Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lrno LET US RENOVATE THOSE OLD mattresses or make new ones. ' Mattress 23-lm Phone 229-J. Cobb's Shop. GET YOUR SKIPPER COM- pound, Liquid meat smoke. 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New York, Dec. 20—My learned colleague, Mrs. Roosevelt, always a stimulating writer, has recently expressed, for the second time, opposition to freedom of expression for the Rev. Martin Niemoeller, the German Lutheran clergyman and a Nazi, too, I understand, down to the point at which the Nazi authority would have substituted Adolf Hitler or some pagan must or fume rising from the German soil for the God of Christianity. The Reverend Niemoeller has come? to the United States to explain his position to those who are willing to listen, but with no sug- eslion that anyone should be compelled to listen or forbidden to disagree. As one of those who disagrees with him on certain matters. I am Countv Aveme Phone 41 W m on ceran mae am County Avenue, Phone 4o20-W. mind f u! . nevertheless, that Mrs. 7-lm For Rent UNFURNISHED ROOM S, Lights. Mrs. Maude Frisby, Rt. 4. Box 288, Patmos road. " 19-3t Male Help Wanted WANTED, ASSISTANT BOOK- keeper, general office work. Applications strictly confidential. Give full details as to experience and salary expected. Write Box 98, Hope, Arkansas. 7-tf Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have 1 you? Phone 61. 23-2mo Notice NOT TOO LATE TO GIVE MAGA- zine subscriptions for Christmas. Sea Chas. Reynerson, 28 or at night 369-R. 20-3t Basketball Residts By The Associated Press Last night's scores: East City College New York 52; Bowling Green (Ohio) .15. Louisiana State 62 ;St. Francis (Brooklyn) 57. Harvard 5: Boston Univ 45. Pennsylvania 73; William and Mary 46. Midwest Tulane 67; Chicago Loyola 52. Texas 61 ;DePaul 43. Northwestern 65; North Carolina 51. Kansas State 74: Drake 32. Missouri 54; Washington (St. Louis) 40. Kansas Wesley an 49; College Emporia 38. Central (Iowa) 70; Parsons 54. Creighton 46; Morningside 43. Michigan 45; Stanford 37. William Jewell 33; Fayette (Mo) Central 30. Cape Girardeau (Mo) Tchrs 58; Texas Wesleyan 57. 20. . Kansas "B" 51; Midland (Neb) Dubuque 29; Cornell (Iowa) 27 Iowa 44; St.' Mary's (California) 41. Butler 58; Cincinnati 53. Canterbury 57; Wabash 39 46. 41. Fort Hays (State) 03; Was'hburn i. Springfield (Mo) Tchrs 40; Pitts- Wichita 56; Oklahoma City Univ Central (Okla) State 46; Northern Okla. J. C. 35. South and Southeast Georgia Tech 5; Davidson 41. Washington and Lee 72; Camp Lee 31. Johns Hopkins 47; Gallaudet. 30. Florida 52; Banana River (Fla) NAS 31. Southwest Conway (Ark) Tchrs 39; Centenary fLa) 29. Abilene (Tex) Christian 41- Southwestern (Okla) Tech 40 Southeastern (Okla) State 45- Southwest Texas State 40 Far West REMOVED FBEE ' ' >• Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Roosevell has often held that Communists should be allowed to explain their theory ot government and advocate its adoption here. The supremo court has so held, too, with the proviso, however, that in advocating this change they must not incite persons to use violent means. I understand that Niemoeller doesn't advocate national socialism for the United States at all. but. at most, merely reveals it for our inspection. There was much more to national socialism than the ostracism, then the persecution and finally the massacre of Jews. Some of its elements have been- present in some phases of the New Deal in which Mrs. Roosevelt herself believed from kiver-to-kivcr. National socialism is said to have wiped out the unions and the "labor movement" in Germany. I never understood that to be the case at all. .1 thought national socialism merely converted the "labor movement" into an auxiliary of the ruling party under dictatorial bosses and it has seemed to me that the New Deal did this, too. only with less success. Here, the New Deal swept millions of workers into unions whose bosses were fierce partisans of the party and, when we got into the war, the agencies of the government, which were actually party cells, took over the functions of the union officials. That is, the government took authority to say what wages a man should got. which, under iruc unionism, is the duty of the union representative in collective bargaining. In the recent John L. Lewis case, the government pretended to seize and operate the coal mines and thus to become ihe employer. We know the government did not "possess" or "operate" those mines in the honest sense, but merely cstablishe d a technical legal position as the employer. However, here was the government acting as both employer and bargaining,, agent to fix wages, which was just what the National Socialists did in Germany. Not only that, but in 1944, when her late husband was running for a fourth term, Mrs. .Roosevelt must have observed that many unions in the Roosevelt political party collected forced contributions 'rom workers who opposed Roosevelt politically, and used them to re-elect him. The Italian Fascist party thought of that first and the German National Socialists adopted it as a good idea. Then the Roosevelt party adopted it, too. We were told that it was just nonsense to say that our workers were forced to join these unions, but, if that was the case and they were willing and enthusiastic members, why did the u.-.ions insist on the closed shop and why did the New Deal government give it to them? Add if the New Deal party abhorred national socialism, why did it permit these unions to levy political taxes for its benefit from unwilling donors and why didn't it repudiate this device and spurn the money? If all this was national socialism in Germany it seems to me to follow' thai it. was still national socialism here, although I heard it called Democracy. One phase of national socialism consisted of mass athletics under government direction. True, the final purpose was to produce a generation of nimble and magnifi- icently healthy young men for an jarmy to conquer the world, but of itself, the wonders. The some great athletes and the "result m stalw-T-tness was apparent to anyone. Their youth were, as one ot our Journalists observed min- At Christmas Time There is one gift you can be sure will give grateful pleasure and lasting happiness. Your Photograph Open Sundays Till Christmas The Shipley Studio "Artist Photographers" 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Card-Dodger W«« »• .,, 'I* Tie Voted Sports Oddity By The Associated Press New York, Doc. 20 —W't— The St. Louis Cardinal-Brooklyn Dodger regular season tie for' the National League pennant has been voted the No. 1 sports oddity ot 1946 by a close margin over the Ted Williams shift. Twelve of the 0 writers who par- icipated in the annual Associated Press poll to determine the oddest event of the year, agreed that the .-ed bird-brook stnadoff was tups .vhjlo 11 thought that the Cleveland .ind St. Louis shift for slugger Ted •villianif: of the Boston Fled Sox .vas the strangest occurrence. The other votes were well scattered Although the Chicago Cubs and ihe New York Giants played off a tie game which decided "the IPOii pennant in favor of the Cubs, xhe -ard-Dodger deadlock marked -the .'irst time in major league baseball .hat two teams wound up the regu- :.;ir season in a dead heat -'or the utle. the lead and both contestants lost, resulting in a best-lwo-out-of-thrcc name playoff for the flag which ihe Red Birds won in two straight games. The now famous "Williams shift" was employed by Manager Lou Boudreau of the Indians after the Boston strong boy had b^Mcd three home runs off tribal hurlers in the opener of a doublehoader. Boudreau moved practically his entire team into right field and Manager Ed Dyer of the Cards used a variation of the move in the World Series. The strategy paid off as Williams was held to .i'ivc singles. Stoppage of a second tramc of a twin bill between tho Dodgers and Chicago Cubs because of an invasion of cnats at Ebbcts Field drew five votes and Enos Slaughter's mad clash from first to home with the Cards' payoff run against ihe Sr ed , JSox in the last Same of the World Series gained four votes. Football oddities .included .such beauts us Ohio State Hying lo Los Am.'elcs .ior a game with Southern California and forgetting to take along a single football: a Washington and Lee player lining up in a West Virginia huddle by mistak" m a game played in the mud; officials instructing the band to play the Star Spanpled Banner three times during the Arixona-Santa Clara game to halt play because of roughness. Although '. received only one vote the sinking of the judges stand at the Womens Nations! Swim championships at Shakamak Park Ind.. caused plenty of guffaws. While baseball hogged most' of the spotlight in the oddities poll Navy's football team vesterday was voted as producing sports' most surprising event of the year for its performance against' unbeaten Army. The Blue Jackets. Although losing the game, 21-18 were on'ihe Cadets' three yard line in the -"inal minute of play and drew :2(i first place ballots with the Cardinals' upset jver Boston gaining 21 first place votes and second place. ^———— ——- Q _, FALSE ALARM Chicago, Dec. 20 —(M—Three police squads from the Racine avenue station raced to the Rational Security, bank last night "in response to a holdup alarm. ...; Approaching the bank cautiously the policemen heard noises- -inside and deduced three must be a while gang of bandits. But a watchman who opened the door said -10 bank employes were having a Christmas party. One of the dancers, he explained, had accidentally stepped on a button connected to the automatic alarm Drawing "Of course, the 5182,907 your football team took In wasn't cn- _'-" y proflt - There's still a matter of 517.29 for block letters!" New York. Dec. 20 —(/P)— Figuring some angles: Syracuse U. is more than a bit annoyed at Biggie Munn's hurried departure for Michigan Stale. . .One suggestion (heard from at least two sources) is that the Michigan State wanted him to support its effort to become he tenth membcr.of ihe "Big Ten". . . Munn has the background and popularity in the Western Conference that Michigan State needs: the Soartans' rival ::or the conference spot is Pitt, which has the same sort of a guy in Wes Fesler, plus s strong western football schedule for next tall. . .Question is where Biggie improved his position: Syracuse alumni agreed to match the salary offered and Munn may find himself on the bottom in a scramble for talent. . .One result of the Syracuse peeve is that Ribs Bav- singer, an assistant these many [years, may be upped lo the head coaching job—but even that isn't sure. . .Another upstate coaching story lias Da Grosa going irom Holy Cross to Colgate, with a number of interesting changes to follow. But Colgate's athletic de-pi, hasn't met to consider Andy Kerr's successor and Da Grosn ain't talking—except about what a h.eck of a cold he picked up on Ihe mashed •f control of the "instruments of public opinion" and 1 have noticed with angry suspicion, attempts io do the same here through stealthy book-publishing companies, through ihe radio, including even some "of the ostensibly funny programs, through comic books for children and textbooks for their schools and through the movies. I wouldn't agree with much that Niemoeller had to say except to ho is in a better position i to .judge: whether ihc ..-T;p!e "Mko !:, lie governed and not mingle in politics" or govein themselves. They tried gov- ejmng themselves and made a under their Kaiser. But I dis- _ with Mrs. Roosevelt's position that we shouldn't be invited to ] listen to him. We don't have to lis- :ober the ihange th ; 2. The the Nortl 'captive" F expressed l.e wis did Tnake imi mine Jeac • These <, lot rushir htieiely rt ast sprir jnd willic any time 3. Lew |i ie prefej preme Ce iempt apr Feb. 1. " ; One thi snove is 1 'The Ul )U the st .niners v jroups a. tract. Lewis visiting I ?er cf th' ho corn re Heart and Sap Cypress Also Pine Across Street from Hope Basket Co. HOPE SHINGLE CO. Phone 1QQQ The National Socialists undertook to stop immigration, but other countries which are :iot called Nazi or Fascist nations have done the. same. Australia draws a color line So does Mexico, and, for that matter, so do we. Would we call southern Ireland a Fascist or Nazi nation because Eire undoubtedly vvould block any mass immigration or heavy infiltration which would impair the Irishness of the Irish people in a generation or two or antagonize the religious unity of the nation? I say Americans generally would recognize her right to preserve her '-'haracteristics and her integrity, whether you call it "racial" or "facial." Ireland is their country, not a public ground jopen to all the world. Mrs. Roosevelt once wrote that Niemoeller "sounds like a gentleman who believes in the German doctrine of the superiority of race " He may at that, but I think most Americans believe in something comparable, although not identical. I don't agree that it is fair to say that we believe in the "superiority" of one race over another. We obviously do, however, believe in. or have an instinct for, our respective kinds. For example, although I am willing to believe that ihe Roosevell family has no such sense of "superiority," I have casually observed that among the many Roosevelts and Dclanos there are no colored members of the Jamily. I would be the last to conclude from that that the Roosevelts "hate" Negroes or that they :;cel "superior" to them. 1 know the Nazis preached hate and went out for conquest and I hated them for that no Jess than I now hate those private gestapos in our own country which preach hatred of Americans merely because those Americans disagree with Ihem on immigration, for example, and the iniquity of the New Deal's adaptation of Adolf Hitler's "Labor program". The Nazis got Little Rock, Dec .19—(7P)—A previously approved $5,000-a-year position of state institution supervisor was eliminated by the pro-session legislative budget committee ir an unexpected move today. The position had been proposed personally by Governor Lancy. The commitee also ripped to ihrcds the Arkansas Resources and Development Commission':; c-equesl, backtracked to recommend elimination of the inveslipa- tion division ot the si.-ite Revenue Department and postponed until Jan. 6 action on possible elimination of the job of Assistant Revinue Commissioner Walter Lokcy. Two weeks ago the committee recommended elimination of >iine investigator posts in Lokey's division, action which Governor Luney le.-med a mistake. • Reconsideration of the state institution supervisor proposal came on the motion of Rep. Dick Wright Arkadc-lphi.-i. Governor Lnney has sought to create the position to provide a liasion between himself and trustees of the various institutions. e/po? nn? mrniUee cut ITlorc than $1,6.34,000 irom the .R. & D. Commission's requested $2,210,834 biennial appropriation. Among reductions in the R & D wiliest were: ?«,700 annually irom ^administrative office expenses; '^l''^n I 1 '"'" tho « col °S.v division: $14840 from the agricultural and ndustnal division; 3519,030 from v%u,o°^ y ,. cl ' visl °"! approximute- ly $1512,000 Irom tho parks division; 530,900 from the Hood control ivater and soil conservation division; $35,400 from the publicity division and .?G,700 -from the planning division. , " potato circuit. Deer Teacher Johnny Nelson of Lucllow, N. Y.. was reciting in English class at school Ihe other clay when the teacher interrupted: "Johnny get your gun.". . .She wasn't quoting an old song, either. . .Johnny took a look, dashed out the back door and returned with his rifle. He slid up to the window and bagged an eight-point buck. . .Nine deer had wandered into the school yard. Dots All, Brothers Tulanc's pro-season football dope book hailed the Greenies' schedule as exceptionally tough. Three of the ten opponents landed in bowl games and another, Notre Dame, could have had any bowl it wanted. . . . Tipsid''s fi>_'hting (or the welter tile, Ray Robinson opens his new res- ui..at uiuiy. . .joe Bill AdcocK plays center on the Louisiana State |h-'sketbnil tnnm which met St. j Francis in the Garden last night. ! ii'liy ,)oe AIICOCK is Vanderbiit's star guard. They don't meet during the regular season, but imagine | the confusion if they should come i together in the Southeastern Conference tournament next spring. Fighfs Last- Night B'y the Associated Pross New York (Forum Arena)—Pete Kennedy, 14G 3-4, Elmsford, N. Y. knocked out Vit; Pignataro, 144 1-4. Now York, a. Highland Park, N. J.—Juan Serrano, lot), Brooklyn, outpointed Mel Hiuykins, 1(50, New York, 8. Pittsburgh— Charley Young Civic, 151, Pittsburgh, Knocked out j Barney Moore, 155, New York, 1. By United Press Burlington, -Vt.— : Buster Beaupre, 142, Burlington, ' oulpointecl Maurice (Lofty) La Chance, 139, Lisbon, Me. MO). Fall .River, Mass.—Buddy Farroll, 159, Ncward, N .J., stopped Johnny Eas?le, 1(50, Detroit (2) Atlantic City, N. J.—Sandy McPherson, 219 1-2 ,New York, out- pointed Austin Johnson, 192, Al- lantic City (10). o BIG FISHING FLEET PLANNE FOR POLAND Warsaw—A.P.—The simi- officia newspaper Rxeczpospolita said a t'ishiiiL! fleet capable of supplying 140,000 pounds of fish annually for the home market is being planned under Ihe ihree-year inveslmenl program of Ihe chief maritime in- stitue. Tho journal said "his ohould contribute to a general im- '••-"vpmont in Polnnrl's food situation and protect at the same time uiu ciiiue population. Conn's Showing Agtainst Ltwis 'Flop of Year New York, Dec. 19 —(fl 1 )— Billy Conn's dismal shovvlfig a'gairist henvy-weiglil king Joe Louis from tlie opening boll of thofr championship fight lo the very second he was clouted oul in the eighth round Inst June today earned the "Pittsburgh pretty boy" another title — "Hop of the year." Almost five years from the night when he captured the nation's fancy by his heroic .stand ngainst Louis in their first contest. Conn exiled himself lo .fistic oblivion by his puny, punchlcss efforts before '15,20(5 cash customers who paid up lo $100 a ticket in the hopes of seeing a reasonable facsimile of their first contest. In that initial bout Conn nearly lifted Louis' crown tin- til he got careless In the thirteenth 1 round ;md the champion knocked him out. But the second "fight." wns a waltz without music as far as tho fans were concerned and the crowd cheered long and lustily when Conn wns flattened. That inglorious performance by Coiln wns named of 35 winners out of 73 throughout the country ns their first pick for the sports disappointment of the year in the Associated Press' annual year-end poll. All told Conn received a total of 120 points on a basis of three for first, two for second and ouc lor third. The writers had been nskocl to name the top three disappointments of 1946. Conn's "landslide" overshadowed tho fall '(flops" of Ted Wil- li.-ims individually and the Boston Red Sox in general Tor their defeat by St. Louis' Cardinals in the World Series. St;igger Williams' weak hitting in the series was rated the second greatest disappointment —the splendid splinter being awarded 14 first place ballots and a total of 00 points. Tho Red Sox would up in a tic for third with the baseball New York Yankees, each team receiving four first place ballots and a total of 1)8 points. The Yanks had been voted the "team most likely to succeed" in the American League during the spring because of the return of many of their war veterans. They finished third behind Boston and Detroit and never had much of a chnnre. And one of tne Yankees' veterans, jolting Joe DiMaggio, who was expected to lead his loam's attack, was ranked as the fifth biggest disappointment for his less than .300 hitting performance. DiMaggio was named first by two writers and received a total of 10 points, one point more than the Oklahoma Aggies' football team and two more than Texas' gridiron combination. Alabama's football combination was selected eighth \yith 13 points. The Aggies, unbeaten in '45 and Sugar Bowl champions by beating the Gaels of St. Mary's, won only three and tied once in eleven games ihis year .They received three first place votes. Texas, heralded as or.e of the greatest teams in Southwest football history, fell with a crash before Rice and Texas Christian. Alabama. Rose Bowl kings of Jan. 1, 194G, also had a miserable year, losing lo Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana. State and Boston college. $50 Damage Is^ Result of Accident Truck Accident An accident at Walnut and streets yesterday afternoon r! cd in approximately $!~>0 damn a truck owned by D. Blanke which collided with another owned by Henry Coley, Negro o ' Robinson Gets Chance to Mak* Title Official New York, Dec. 20 — VP)—S Ray Robinson, the "uncrot champion," gets his delayed ch to make il official tonight whc 1 takes on Tommy Bell of Yc stown. Ohio, with the welterw title in Die balance. After five weary years of wa for a shot at the 147-pound ct the Harlam Sugar Man is a: hibitive 1 to 4 favoritc^o , Bell and earn recognition by the New York Commission an< National Boxing Association their 15-round Madison Sq Garden bout. The fans arc expected to out If),000 strong for a $90,000 Beaton only once in his c( of 75 fights, and then by Mf HAVE YOUR CAR WINTERIZED at MAYO'S Texaco Service Station PHONE 6 Rep. Michael Feighan, of Cleveland, Ohio, in cockpit, gets "the word" from Seaman John Hartman, of Somerville, N. J., before taking oft 1 from deck of USS Leyle for a practice dive bombing strike against Culebra" Island. Rep. Feighan was among congressional gioup that participated in Navy's recent Caribbean •• maneuvers. HARRY SEGNAR PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs PHONE 382-J 1023 South Main Street CHRISTMAS CARDS Gentry Printing Co. Give Her a SPENCER SUPPORT FOR CHRISTMAS It means giving her a beautiful figure and better health. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Hope, Ark. Doug flTY Carl Bacon Vul I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Snauirrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 HOPE BASKET CO. HAS LUMBER FOR SALE Rough Pine and Hardwood Dimensions, Boxing, Posts, end Timbers. Orders Cut to Your Specifications Limited Amount of 16" Wood . . . $7.50 a Cord WE DO NOT DELIVER HOPE BASKET CO. Saw Mill Dept, MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Reoresentntive for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana CHRISTMAS TOYS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 8. Main DINE& DANCE Vi Mile East, Hy 67 Closed Sunday & Monday OPEN Rest of the Week 5 P.M. til 12 P.M. Plenty of Choice Steaks Chicken Dinners Local Tea Meet Nash CagersTon Tonight at Hope High Sch ketball fans will get a ch see three local basketball t action against cngors from ville. f It will be the second ?ire teams from the Iwo schools first session the Howard teams won all three games ing hardfought contests. The first game will get un at 0:30 between Nashville nndi Junior boys. The second ma the school's girl teams at and the senior boys will lak at 8:30. 9«>*™*»«S!s^^ i-i*;'^•.-.-,:..<;'.! .'/,;''*!<»,'• •• TriJoy, December 50, 194(5 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE PAGWOOP IT'S VOUF? TURN TO CLOSE THE WINDOW THIS MORNING By Chick Younq IT'S AMA2ING WOW VOU CAN SET OVEPf THERE AND BACK WITHOUT TOUCHING THE FLOOR/ CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Golbrairh weight Jake LaMotta, Rob had been matched with Mart vo for a championship scr before the Schencctady welter: caled his throne because of af nose. Bell ilnally was s*actl a logical foe and all agrecij recognize the winner as the? king. 1 The two welters met befog January of 1045, with Robj , earning the decision. In his laslli ing, Sugar Ray got off the float stop Artie Levinc in Cleveland'!*' Servo copped Ihe crown by k}]< ing oul Freddie (Red) Cochrat four rounds last February. Hi tired without defending. 0UIU0IN&- c— ioi TO /BO m?*-' COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF. COPR. 1M< BY NEA SERVICE; INC. t. M. REC. U.'S. PAT. OFF. "r^n.-,' I2.-20 * -: Christmas Special on CARDS and PORTRAIT Make your appointmer now for group pictures c the children and famil around the tree. (Thes will make ideal Xma cards next year. OL j W. R. Herndon 1st Nat'l Bank Pho. 493 - 1 Refrigerator REPAIRS Phone 800-J 24 Hour Commercial Service Savage Refrigeration Servl "And I think Senator Smelt would make an excellent chairman for the food surplus investigating committee—he's ; always been able to find out which side-his bread was but..... tored on!" _....... Can't you dress up in the evening? All that the children and I ever see of you, you're sitting around in your working clothes!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer WANTED and (P Clear and Clean / ^ 0 ^ le SHE WAS ONI ™ E COMMITTEE TMAT .OBVIOUS ARRAMGED PDR. THE RA/MTI^-— MILDA (3RUBBLE? / AND L UMDERSTAMD SHE CDN- ' FERRED WITH THE ARTIST / I7.-10 DlD VOU POSE NO,FRECICLES FDR. THAT 1 DOMT ' PORTRAIT OF THIMK I'M PRISCILLA / PRETTY , ALPEN? J ENOUGH/ Overeup Oak Log and Heading Boltfj Post Oak Lof\s and Heading Bolt;' "I have to wait 750 bars for my boom-boom!' \y POPEYE Bur WHY ALL THE FUSS?THE PICTURE is BEAUTIFUL, AND CAN i HELP IT I ' IF If LOGICS UKE ME ? 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC Thirnble Theater For Prices and more Detalj Apply to: jj HOPE HEADING] Phone 245 Hope, Art MY FRIEND, WHILE YOU ARE GONE SHALL GUARP YOUR MONEY AS IF IT WERE MY IT WON'T BE t I HERE, WIMPY" HAVE WHAT TO DO WITH IT// T W // S & ^ 0^A *?C ^C I VAAA QIVIN 1 J IT AWAY.'/ r BOTH VOL MILLION DOLLARS?? ic: IOH 'PEAR <&' r AHOV, POPEYE-CWONJ LB'S GET STARTED?.' <%v' " T^ Kinj: 1> fTo^»-^8W r fr s Tio L*^/^ 'rsr^ . ^> .Ut In, VniU ri^lu, ivttm-d CASH IN 5 MINUTES OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hpople OZAKK IKE By Ray Gotto AN HOW KIN AH RESIST SUCH A TURRIFIC FIGURE, W BUGZY? "*• KAY RATIONS OPPERIN'YUH PER HI-BAWL, OZARK/ VIC FLINT /I TRIED TO GIVE YOU / A BREAK BY PAY]N& POR THE HORSE/... V NOW I'M FORCED'TO MISS RATION AWL STAYS! \ WITHOUT MING YOUA CENT WRONG, , BIG BOY,' FLINT MIGHT BE SHAVEN DOWN FOR SOME DOUGH IF HE KNEW WHERE HE COULD GET A SUPPLY OF CUKARC, EH. CHILI ? CHILI? WHO IS THEES CHILI? By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane I AM BILLED AS CORAL STRAND, AN ENTERTAINER AT YOUR CLUB/THE BLUC- PAVILION. WOULD IT HOT BE BETTER TO FORGET THAT I WAS E.VER CALLED , CHILI SEQUIN? AS FOR THE SHAKING DOWN OF VIC "" FLINT FOR A QUANTITY OF THE WINS OtATH FOR TACKY THOMAS, FLINT IS- NOT A MAN OF WEALTH OR A FOOL / '/ CORAl. ISJRAKO \t BESIDES. CON THE SEAL, I HAVE,DI5TURB- M. i WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner iNOU FOUND MOTHER HOUSE IN PM.VIETTO BEIWTWT SUITS you fcS MINE DID/ COUNTESS! A TOSS-UP BETWEEN THEM MR.M.CKEE.THO WINE EESA WORE- QUAINTER OVERLOOK P* WATER! EEF ONUV W FORTUNE HUNTEENS- VEELMN I OMCE WISRRV DON' LEW?N 1 BUY EET— TILL OUR PIVORCE EES FEENI5H ' DONALD DUCK HE SOTTA BEES* 7M.ENT FOR SQUANDER FORTUNE.,fr,U I SfWE FROW HEEIA EES WW HE DON KNOWIHfWE'. WELL.YOU'U SOON BE FREE OF THE SCOUNPREL, OH, BV THE WftSi COUNTESS; I'D LIKE VOU TO SEE OUR SLftNT: By Walt Disney HENRY THACT'S WHACT t PW....SEMP ME ^ CO/APXSS! By Carl Anderson 5CAf*l_ C • V ANDE(V5Of4— r- 12.20 , . i ALLEY OOP A'J. R'SiiT, GO7- OM UET'5 GO/ J OUR WAY/ AHA,' THHSS IS { WHAT'S (. TH' LIVERY DOCK 50UP-- VNEXT ? A STABLE.' PLANTV SONS/ By V. T. Homlin OKAVT i y BOOTS By Edqcr Martin 7 OWOOH .' FOR FIFTEEM VEARS HE'S TURNED OUT THEM FRICTIOM , NUTS AM 1 HE DOM'T ; KNOW WHAT .THEY'RE FOR.' BECAUSE IT'S MOME OF MY BUSINESS/ THEY GOT MEM DOIM' THAT.', THEV UIKE vou TO i KEEP YOUR NOSE ^ WHERE IT BELONGS, BUT THEV SEEM TD PROMOTE THEM THAT HAS THEIR NOSE IN EVERYTHING.' /#< li '' tC= -,y\ m® c A New Month Means New Expenses Have your car appraised at Hope Auto Co. and borrow up to its full value. You'll need no cosigners and no endorsers. Ask for Mr. Tom Me Larry, HOPE AUTO CO. ft 3* Cv 'f?/ sv PD" W \ m <^??> : S*J IZ-20 r-- torn. i I HATE- TO WIPE OUT ONE f&Zz OF M BOYISH MME'S PLAY "u-UN.66, BUT POULTRY 16 H\6H A6 A CATS BACK /-— |F I CANi GET rtEA TO THAsT GOOSE !N> THB BACK YARO. \NeXL. -—-— i / •^ * J Ssji NO, MRS. HOOPLE.' I'D ^^ RATHER SUVA GOOSBTUAM SEE VOU SLA.V THAT PATRIARCH/-**-THE MA^OR DOE6NTT KNOW IT, BUT HIS »i GAMOER IS 23 NE/XRS OLT>^ I'D RAWER. EAT THE . OFF A ^ r/r- 1 fei Ss f RS y^(^£ 'HARPTp~T5l&&5T- THIM6 \5V£ \<5 ONt OF THE <3(?ANDE=>T GRVS DOM'T STf\«0 i NOli MEftW, 1 DON'T GtT ^ \ HOW D\O YOU TWvVi \<b VitttRt I CPMtW* KED RYDER By Fred Harmon L.OOK-UM., RED RYDER.' YOUR BRAND ON COW/ ' ( THAT'S MINE A ^ ALL RIGHT/ ) M C SUEW Ah:DI5AIO ALL A10NGTHAT DAVE MANX WAS A P.U5TLER.' ^ANY CATTLE WITH 1ED RYDER BRAND, BUT ME NOT FIND-UN MY CALF \\Cls-UM

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