Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California on November 10, 1942 · Page 10
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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California · Page 10

Santa Ana, California
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Tuesday, November 10, 1942
Page 10
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ffii I Williams Has Nobody To Blame But His Sulky Self For Missing Player Award By LAWTOV CARVER (I.X.8, Sports Writer) NEW YORK. To hear the capporters ef Ted Willi im teU it, you'd think the Boston Red Sox outfielder was Jobbed out of the American league's most valuable player award, whk - b rightfully went to Joe Gordon, acrobatic second baseman of the New I'ork Yankees. Actually, Williams was lucky even to make it close despite his heroic hit ting. The award is based on a players value to his team. with deportment and sportsmanship considerable factors. On that basis, W Oliams eliminated himself in midsummer. The exact date was July 2. It looked at the time as though the Red Sox might overhaul the Yankees and possibly fro on to the American league pennant Williams picked this spot to prove his lark of value as a team man, rather than to continue to ward clinching the award, The Yankees had straggled through the west in their worst slump of the season. The Red Sox had breezed along to 20 wins in their last 24 starts to cut the Yankee lead to three games, when Williams was benched against the Senators and fined $250 for loafing. This was on the eve of a three - game series with the Yanks. This was the Red Sox's big chance. It was, in fact, to all intents and pur - poses the possible turning point of the race. After fining Williams, manager Joe Cronin gave him a tongne - lashing and in reply to Williams squawk over the boos of the fans, the reason for his loafing and sulking, Cronin said: "It's the privilege of t h e fans who pay their way In to boo anybody they think is not doing his best. Williams is going to hustle for the Red Sox or he wont be In there." Does that sound like the description of a "most val uable" ball player coming from his manager at a time like that? While Williams thai was carrying on his feud with the customers, Gordon was carrying most of the hitting burden for the Yankees and did more than any other single indi - - vldual to put them in the world series. What happened after that doesn't matter. His slump against the Cardinals doesn't count In the most val uable nl. voting i of the ne prior to rJS AaaaiM1 DorJSejulars To Start Agaimst r; " ne . tA Ka Jul . "w moit i Point "UU1 N PEACE - TIME RELIC Harry Hopman, captain of team that won it m 1559. inspects Davis Cup. emblematic of world tennis supremacy, now stored in Australian bank. Trophy was Aus - traiia's during World War I, too. Camilli to Retire Unless He Lands PCL Berth? REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK Ed Goddard will hp rpmpmhprAH at Washington State colleee for ai Jot of things, including a play hei line would be managing a Pa - made up on the field to beat Stan - cLfic Coast league club. C - iord m 1938. LATTOXTILLE, Cal. (AP) Dolph Camilli, Brooklyn Dodgers' first baseman, says he is through with major league baseball. The only thing that could interest him in the baseball Irish First on Rose Bow! List Says Mahon "It worked so I kissed him, explained Coach Babe Hollingcery. "Otherwise, I'd probably have taken his suit away." ims story comes to mind be cause Goddard, now an ensign in the U. S. Navy, comes here tomorrow as coach of the Los Ala - mitos Naval Aviation base football team which plays Santa Ana jaysee. Washington State had been using a shift in which the backs uned up on one side and the line J3l I X. J S I ! 1 - I milli, for nine years a National league figure, declared yesterday. The big first sacker has none of the usual reasons no salary or management troubles; nor is he particularly dissatisfied with his last year's performance. It's just plain homesickness. It has been tough on my family, taking them east every spring, and I haven't been able to take care of my ranch properly," he declared. "Anyhow, I like the coast better Welsh Surrenders In Customs Case By JACK MAHOX (I.N.S. Sports Writer) NEW YORK. - Our grapevine from the West Coast which sputters less frequently these days than it has in the past, came to life over the week - end with the in - formation that Notre Dame is No. il on the Rose Bowl committee's invitation lie t - j j wus uiu 11 11 goes through the rest of its sched ule unscathed will get the first bid .' to the Tournament of Roses game at Pasadena. Assuming N.D. does just that which won't be, by any means, easy we are in a position to state there is a better than even chance of them breaking tradition and accepting such an offer. Decrease in attendance figures and box office receipts due to the war; the possibility that there may not be another season in '43 and the 18 - 19 draft which mav in sure the collapse of the college game au add up in favor of collecting as .much grid gold as pos - oiuic, wiiiit: 11 is possioie. Coach Frank Leahy refused to comment personally on the ques tion, tie pointed out the board of faculty control announced in mid - season last year .Notre Dame would not accept anv cost - season offers but admitted he didn't know if they would stick to such a policy. Coast Conference Heads Meet On Bowl Contest CORVALLIS, Ore v (CP) Pacific Coast conference officials will meet in San Francisco Sunday to discuss selection of an Eastern representative for the New Year's day Rose Bowl game at Pasadena, Percy Locey, chairman of the P.C.C. Bowl committee, announced today. The coast team will be selected after the final conference game of the season December 12. Sports Roundup BY HUGH FULLER TON, JR. (Wide World Sports Columnist) LOS ANGELES. - (UP) - Ed - HOSton Crt ana In rwvrtincrl ward Welsh, Long Beach sporting j goods dealer, surrendered toHv Cumm. D...h to a federal information eh WMawi Dy JXtw 1 UKK. ( AP) This (if read i probably will draw rebut tals from at least 47 places, but off this season's football records we figure it will be just too bad for other states if those Ohio grid coacnes ever carry out their threat to route all their eood rfavers to Ohio State. ... As if the Buck eyes weren t already good enough. just think what they'd be if you added, say, Frankie Sinkwich and his catcher, George Poschner. now at Georgia; Eddie Prokop from Cleveland and Georgia Tech; Hills Hume and Jack Martin of Navy! Rochester's Jimmy Secrest, leading scorer in the east and those Colgate freshmen from Columbus, Jack Clifford and Walt Mn0,t0 I i Los Alamilos Air Strong Club Here Ensign Ed Goddard, who gave Santa Ana Ull spine - tingling Thanksgiving afternoons when h!" ing at FuUerton jaysee in '40 and '41. send k, Naval Aviation base eleven against Santa Munidnal Eowl tnmnrrnw innlrnff a s , - .uvuuu - iuuc IS Z AI) o m uc uic uiiiy ijuiiuctv football offering in Orange county on Armistice Day, as well as the a IKVrrrft IVn orrrn m:.! . . ... ... - x &z :tL"jz:ji cmn wnjskers cough ? Lr c ? uromers, urange twins, who star at f" na Jumor Uege's undefeated football squad. M 3f wo inches taller and several pounds heavier than Harlan, but they were born on the same dayl9 years ago "rfr'HafJa"ls a sophomore and Hartford a freshman. That's because Hartford was seriously ill when he was a child and missed an entire year of school. (Register photo.) Georgia Teams 1 - 2 In National Poll He made it up in the huddle." unbalanced to the other. From this the Cougars ran and used a flood pass to the weak side. Goddard noticed that the de - iensive left halfback was sucking mis mi xrymg to intercept the pass. He made up the following " 'c uau was passea to the passing back, who faked to the left Goddard hesitated five counts, cut out to the right, took the pass as diagrammed and ran yaras to score the points. winning I Jack Clifford and Walt McQuade, wno were two good reasons why he sold 50 gross of fish li ZatC new nm r4vC , Moiumpia lost that "basketball ers to local merchants after de - Sports Editor Will'im Jgame Saturday. . . . Anyway, you stroying the "Made in Japan" the Times - Picayune predict Tin hk T fan Say ihe way to 2et tags the merchandise HrtSJw own rnfJSS i footba11 team to head for the bore. cnTir 7u S..tlu"S Pennsylvania coal mines. Welsh was rele i K.n UT, W1JZ He will answer to the charge; a suor "of SSSSSrS i ?" V violation of customs remiltinn Tech rJL 51 ia letic director t Hamline univer - this week. w ov. sity (at St. Paul, Minn., in case 1 Tn A A 1 . . ... President Joseoh B. David nf ex?tt "a"!!e s the Qiirro i3,i 1 "wnciuou mwu ana ssks nnai 6U vji Kauizaiiun sain i tin vnn rauI j m.dTT" P,aces a MiSon Square j A. jl lie Wrti COm - I l.flrrlon n flu a "Z ' rt.r'?. "H1 ruue "exi answer is "Get a "..V.O. wjicuicr io sena question naires to prospective teams. NEW YORK 'Rusty" Roquet wasn't looking for a soft match when he "chose" Lt. Eddie Erdelatz during Sundays Air Base - Navy Pre - Flight game. Erdelatz is boxine inst tor at the St. Mary's Na - y base. xiuquet sam trdelatz socked mm on the side of the chin on a touchdown play. Erdelatz replied he had used only a "high block'' and that because Roquet mu uetn employing the "rip - uD" jiiuh nave gotten mad - der and madder as he thought about it because he waited until the teams lined up to try for the extra point Then he bustled into the Navy's huddle after Prd - i. atz. Officials temporarily quieted w,c uls iacKie out the argument was resumed after the goal was Kicked, and suddenly Roquet let trdelatz have it Pla VOre an1 ticials quickly stepped between the men Buys Bonds with Turf Earning NEW YORK (AP) - Horse xramer Andrew Scuttinger has added another contribution to war reuer, bringing his total for the season to Jsuu. Every time one oi ms norses wins a race, Schut tinger gives a portion of his cam. Jngs to the war relief program. Bowl Lineups Big Georgia Game Already Sellout ATHENS, Ga. (AP) The Uni f AP) rJrsity of Georgia is pre Darin? to isn t tiKeiy that last Saturday's taKe care of 42,000 football fans when the Bulldogs meet Georgia Tech, their Atlanta rivals, here Nov. 28. All seats are sold and an addi tional 8000 temporary seats are being installed., Both teams are undefeated and untied to date. U.S. (No.) NAVY SANTA ANA (So.) better record than Hamline's." . . . That may sound rough but, after all, Aed has to pick teams that ! will fill the Garden, and thev don't do that unless thev nlav th Governali First to Join All - East NEW YORK. - (AP) - Paul Gov - HoaOn Quits Golf ernali of Columbia coulrin'f w B,wyMU VUI1 Anoy Kerr's Colgate gridders by Cnr' niirntiAn completing 17 of 25 passes for 173 FOr UrOTIOn collection of upsets will be dupli caiea tnis weekend but that doesn't mean there won't be a lot of shifting in the next Assyria tArt Press poll to determine the 10 best couegiate football teams. Right now Georsia and Gonrtrin Tech are at the top of the ladder Public opinion as expressed by 112 experts and it isn't likely that Sinkwich & Co. will be much dis - turnea by Chattanooga. The complete first ten: Georgia. 1088: Geormm Th 988; Boston College. 81 Q - is?rfJ Dame, 772; Alabama, 418; Mich - ! fr; WKconsin, 208; Texas, luisa, uo; Uhio State, 204. last home game for the Dons unless they line up something in December. Santa Ana goes to Riv erside Nov. 20 and to FuUerton Thanksgiving. The Air Raiders bring here a lineup, composed chiefly of for mer college, jaysee and high school stars, which has beaten Pomona college, Chino institute and the UCLA freshmen and lost to Compton jaysee. March field and the USC frosh. DONS STRIKE FOB 15th Coach Bill Cook's undefeated untied Dons, striking for their loth consecutive win since early last year, will be favored. Reason santa Ana won from Compton (14 - 0) which shaded the Navy u - ;. uimpton is the only ODDon ent both haw 1hma oras Troy Scrimmni For Oregon Jackie Robinson at Officers' School FT. RILEY. LOS ALAMITOS NAVY Navy 13, Pomona College .6. Navy 6. Compton J. c. 13. Navy 15, Chino Institute . Navy 20, UCLA Frosh 6. Navy 0, March Field 47. Navy ft, USC Frosh 19. SANTA ANA Santa Ana 40, Santa Monica 0. ' Santa Ana 39, Pomona ft. tan ' S"" Bernardino 13. Santa Ana 13, Loyola "B" 7. , r . . ... opariong the Loss An.U 1VT ... . " "avy iuck iserrv. left half. - ws lex I JIIVfr c ar - a . - oau - pacxer at Oreeon far twn years. Other "name" nlavoK, iign uoaaard's roster include Cliff Berryman of USC: Bob Bur gess, captain and center wh made the Little AH - Amen he played at Fresno State; Leon Utman, all - Eastern division guard at Chaffey jaysee before entering (Turn to Page 17)' Ssta Lie hns LOS ANGELESjSS pating a tough sessw8rn University of Oregon H Coliseum Saturdav rff Cravath today puthk ei jans through a heavy Shelby Calhoun, wh.0 Oregon against . TT t - ' ween and UCLA, had mow about the toughness Aaa provement of the Weltfes the Spartans using 0N the Trojans went their offensive driva ing attack. dic ere (By United Pm,nt BERKELEY - Cc J tC California VridmeV, fact that hlDtHust 1W ter irnrJl H . m and blockinrOh game," Allison Lid "JOUW palo a t vaTZ '... . ead Schwartz A0 v vvuuiviu KT arm mAi,Hl aa - ainat Oregon state kI Ii .""u - niiung Mini back: Boh Haii ,..STl La Prade. guani: 1 . ire rn Kcis meiigitile for md a chaDce to sw actios pw at COR vat. i, re; 71" . roadc today had a now nan in John Beauchamp, recc from end to halfback. Cafe 1 stiner said Ruiu - iun' I would aoearhoarf th r.. ..." against Stanford SatunUj. ETJGE.VE. OreTToriMPO - - 5aed Webfoofs went thnKS$i, tensive offensive drill uxJ?wo paratioa for th Southern Z contest at Los Anrele $Zq4 I yards in the eame hem SatnrHaw but he tossed his way right into tne annual East - West earn at (74) Davids'n LE Smith San Francisco. (72) Huppert LT. . , Murohv tssts . After the Sme. Kerr, who heads Jimmie Heffron of the Anaheim Bulletin writes, they are calling FuUerton javsee Anaheim University because there are ao many Anaheim tra on the squad. FuUerton fan right now are looking for nager on the Horneta to knock off Santo Ana in their annual Turkey Day battle at ruMenon." lie; itman .LG J. Mitchell (57) () Burgess C . Xewquist (29) (3) Shaw . .RG Christof'sen (52) (65) Mulcahy RT. . . . Gelker (17) (40) Parker RE.. Fletcher (51) (S9) Bolinger Q . . . . Gulley (19) (48) Berry . ,LH. ... Cleary (IS) (15) Carlson RH. ... Rousos (54) km, Biiunger t page 56) SQrAD ROSTERS (Numbers Precede Names) I nc At . . i - n m - nmiiwa NAVY (i Cil. d, (13) Vv&vmond, b: (lis i - al . man. g; r2o Berry b - " aik 0 BennpJt bI. (fl - nporiauon problems being ..v are, coaches Bill Cole mil Am.k: t: l . Aisoet of Santa Ana u x - omona high schools (which tangle here Friday) made a "gentleman s agreement on scouting this season. They agreed to exchange formations by mail Country Club Caddymaster Eddie Stauss has checked in his last Z il Aor ine aurarjon. Saturday Jerr,Wit.y contin - wv :uix aiacAnnur. "After that he comments, your guess is as good as mine. Only two wwks ago. - Mickey Snyder, assistant caddymaster. Joined iu t10 was sent to Fort Riley, Kas. 7i 172) e: Parker. : U3 ok ?lV, , f?2i V.64) Gr'. t; Mulcahv t - iiiourn. t; 71) ObertieR; k - fPT McEride. g: 5 - ;ijLIPQrti i ' Beitler. ir;7 t? c , i" Harlan Smith. 4, M. Smith, t: m, Vincent : i2! Heroandea. g; (2) Ho Koussoa. g; 3) B. Biarkw' Wr ii. U - w Racer, g; 35k the coaching staff for the Eastern squad, extended the first invita tion for the New Year's dav char. ity game to Governali and the Co - mmDia star accepted, Keer announced he had selected George Hauser of Minnesota as co - coach of the all - East team. Packer Tells of One - Inch Pass UKhEN BAY, Wis (AP) lony Canadeo of the Green Rav Packers claims, the shortest touchdown pass on record. The ball was on the nnP i une when I passed to Don Hutson for a touchdown. insisted Tony. "iij uiu you ever pass in a spot like that?" scolded one of me coaches. "Cecil I?bell tossed a four - incher not long ago for a rernrri and I wanted to beat it vou don't get an opportunity like that very often," grinned Tony. TULSA, Okla. (UP)Ben Ho - gan, No. 1 golfer of the United States, has given up his putter ror an airplane thrattle. The golfing ace said today he would not play golf any more at least not seriously until after the war. Hogan wants to be an aviation instructor and he and his wife have moved here where he is entering a school of aeronautics for a nine months course of in struction. Riverland to Duck Bowie Handicap BALTIMORE (AP) River - land, once victor over the mighty Whirlaway and scheduled for an. other test with him in the Gover - f nor Bowie Handicap at Pimlico Wednesday, won't run in tho ra Trainer Moody Jolley announced today. The Governor Bowie is a mil and five furlongs race, and Jolley said "I guess he (Riverland) doesn't want to run that far." Riverland lost the Gravson Handicap, a mile and a half, to Aon - barr Saturday. Hutson Far Ahead CHICAGO. (AP) Don Hut son, the Green Bav Park ord - wrecker, is running away with tuc ituonai jjootbau league scoring race beintr sn far Wnx call that he is 67 rjoinrs ahrt f . - miVUU V ms nearest competitor. Hutson's 103 points, which surpasses his league record of last year by eight, has caught 13 touchdown passes and missed nniv points. KAS. Am . Corp. (Pete) Bostwick. interna tionally known polo player, is training to become an officer in me norse cavalry. - Completing his basic training at the nation's only Cavalry Replacement Training center, he now is attending the 20th class of the! cavalry officer candidate school.1 Lpon completion of the months course, he will be mJ missioned a second lieutenant in the army. I Corp. Jackie Rohinsnn Olympic Negro star and UCLA toot ball ace. also hac extra.for duty at the officer candidate' I scnooi. Attend Merchants War Bond A i r . 1 ui v - ourTnouse - lomorrow, Armistice De MPO FI - KM KCA - . uction - Sir's RICHER, SMOOTHER, FIRST PUFF TO LAST mi WW b: tf Dennlsoo. - (45) Beitlr U Lae. f; (57 j. ilitchelC (54) g. OFFICIALS BUSH; STREET BILLIARDS BANTA FINEST 417 Bush Street REPAIRS SERVICE CYCLE 8UOP 427 WEST 4TH STREET HENRY'S ARMISTICE DAY FOOTBALL! SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL BOWL See a Service . Team in Action s. A. DONS vs. LOS ALAMITOS NAVAL BASE Gates Open at 1:30 Kickoff at 2:30 o'clock Special Music by the Santa Ana High School Saints Band St . - VS.: 1 7i ?2f TAC 1 Like Buying U. S. Bonds '3IPO - 3 i :mpc i ' :kca l r :hj Ga .fwb : ' 'VTV T III PIMPCM EGA I KHJ J; SNX u m Boi IMPC C ,'ECA B CMTat CMPO fat roi - yaMr mm ciprttttt h werj fcal packaft fPrbcbcrt PRINCE ALBERT ' UNDERWEAR COOPER B.V.D. MUNSINGWEAR TIES HoIIyvogue Grayco Botany Nationally AdvertT 7 ;eca s QUALITY BRANDS FOR Christmas Giviiy0 SUITS and TOPCOAWgm KUPPENHEIMBB MICHAELS Sfe - ? KECA CL0THCKH' - H KMPC Fruit - of - the - Loom S4bca1 1 MANHATTAN 5H3 WILSHIRE SHfc KHJ B MALIORY HATS HYDE PARK HA" KECAr - B WALK - OVER SH? SPORTSWEAR B.V.D. xn - xso KMPO t IUOCV. KECA V IOOC - Ab PHOENIX COOPftlSi MUNSINGWEAR THE NATIONAL Hill HV1 - XBC "alNC CLOTHIERS JOY SMOKE Fourth at Broadway - . . f MEN . . SINCE W

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