Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 6
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!.33HS^i!M«lrt^^ '^^ " £ §?* HOPE STAR, HOPE/ ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication frmnber of One Three Six One ® — Words Day Days Days Month Up to 15 re to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 81 to 35 36 to « 41 to 4;i (6 to 50 .45 . .60 . .75 . .90 .1.05 . 1.20 ..... 1.35 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.30 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 \\». w -t i if*/ u.uv» \j,\j\j i Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only » All Want Ads Cast, in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Real Estate for Sale - FOSTER-ELLIS 80 ACRES, SIX-ROOM HOUSE, big barn, numerous outbuildings, plenty cross-fences, on bus and tna.ll route, good water supply, five miles southeast of Hope. Sacrifice at $6,000. FOSTER-ELLIS PHONE 221 108 East Second St. 17-3t 160 ACRES; 8 MILES OUT - ON •highway 99. 6 ——-> binse, barn, some timber, fruit trees. 73 ACRES. 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New York, Dec. 1!) — It certainly is not the duty of our newspapers to act as detective agencies, but it is my belief that we have been careless in our treatment of the rise of gambling in both amateur and professional sports, when we should have been alert. The point- spread system of syndicate betting is a recent development whose sole function is to promote illegal gambling by amateurs, meaning the public, against the professional syndicates. The odds are against the amateurs, or customers, and yet we regularly print these quotations in advance of the games, knowing that the only result is that we act as a sort of accomplice for a tribe of parasitic out- 1946 Has Been Good Year for State Sports By CARL BELL Little Rock, Doc. 10 —(/P)—Surprises and growing popularity marked Arkansas sports in 1946. The biggest surprise and highlight of I he year was the University of Arkansas Razor-backs' ioot- ball comeback. Picked for a low finish in the Southwest Conference, the Ra/.orbacks drove vo 'their t'irst TS ROUNDUP CORN, S2.CO PER BUSHEL. SEE aws who Sivo themselves all the Austin Ellis. Emmet, Rt 2 19-3t better of it in these figures. I dis- '• - agree with mv colleasnip T.ovuis NICE BEDROOM SUITE, SG5. Springs, S7.50, Spotless innerspring mattresses, $17.50. Rollaway bed. gas heaters, $2.50 up. Gateleg table, kitchen cabinet, washing machine, tubs, electric mangel, ice box. other bargains. Must sell everything. Tom Carrel apartment house, opposite Hope Police Station. l6-6t AIREDALE PUPPIES. MALES $5. Females $1. Donald Moore. 17-31 LET US RENOVATE THOSE-OLD mattresses or make ne--- ones Phone- 229-J.- • Cobb's Mattress Shop. 23-1 m WE CAN NOW GIVE FROM 5 TO 10 days delivery on • new blinds ma'de in Texarkana. Guaranteed free estimation, also free installation. We can now , re-tape, re-cord, paint and make your blinds like new. 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UilULIlCl CtllUKcilll ilMQ clDSOl See at Teaybon Kindrick, 1% defiant underworld system Wllliae? r\11-J- nn T mir!ni.:1l«. U : -,1 I f l .. . _ ^ * : agree with my colleague. Lewis Burton, of the sports side of the New York Journal-American, when oai-'.cd a Cotton Bowl bid. «»voi suiurisins of Razorback surprises wore the tie with Oklahoma A. & M., the victory over Rice and the loss to O'.c Miss. Fort Smith Hi;,;-, school's track team caused more than a mild wave- of eyebrow lifting by snapping the Little Rock Tigers '20- year monopoly on the state championship. The Grizzlies swept both the state and the Arkansas conference meets. The Wonder Slate initialed a high school football playoff svs- lem in a disappointing manner this fall. The ease with which Litlle Rock breezed through the playoff New York, Dec. 19 —(fl 1 )—.Most popular gag in pro football clrcles'n the American (AAU) basketball this week was that both leagues'eague is Oklahoma City, bul the were having "draft" meetings—players live, work and practice in the national drafting now players Denver. . .Seems the team was or- niul the All-America now owners, .ganized in Denver and the play- Seriously, we hear that Ihe Clove- 61 ' 3 shoved into the organization land Browns are going inlo the All-t'iere before the company iiiuncl it America conference meeting wUhcouldrrt get n franchise there. •. . a change in the split of the gate The result is that the team has to receipts. . .The Browns, who did aleasuc is Oklahoma Cily, bul the tremendous business this season home. . .Doublles lhat's a fine and showed a profit only on tho snln Pl e ol the j'ast break. I programs, want the home club to I keep the entire gate. . .If -they're E "d Of The Line turned down on this, they will in- Ed Rossi, Western Michigan Col- sist that the visitors pay a proper-lego freshman from Arkansas, lionate share of the "promotion" pitched /or three independent base- costs Even Bert Bell, the Na-ball teams in Kalamazoo, Grand tional League boss, says Cleye. Rapids and Muskegon, Mich., last land did the year's besl promotionaumrner. lie says it was to gain ex- job. . .Incidentally, a report i'romperienee. . .Average atendance -'or Miami says the Seahawks 1 troubles (ho first quarter of the basketball were due largely to poor promotion association of America scheduled —and too much faith in .southern was about :!,7f>0 per game. . ,Wyo- Playcrs. niing U., had to turn back $20,000 _, ~ which basketball tans sent in for Given The Air season tickets after the Cowboys' The ''Home" town of Chuck Hy-4.700 capacity gym had been sold .-ills Continental Air Lines team .nit --'or all home games .,^ .. * vi,^ **winiKii-muci H..-1J1, vvutfii ivwvix uiuc/.tu uuuugii uic piayoir he says. "The news on the odds is against teams from smaller cities as important an the condition of has brought on considerable agila- the teams and a reporter failing "~" " ' ' " " to note this svoulcl be delinquent." The late Joe Patterson, of the News, had a mischievous streak of cynicism which moved him to insist that "the people" liked to gamble and that a newspaper shouldn't police their morals but ought to give them what they want. But he forgot that "the people" also had decided that gambling was an evil and had passed laws against it. They were policing their own morals. I think that is where the defect lies in the reasoning of Mr. Burton and some other sport- side editors and writers who justify the display of these odds on the ground of public demand. At the very best, "th? people" are certain to be trimmed, for the proposition is not an even thing and the percentage rides in favor of the men who decide the odds. tion for revision of the plan. Repeat performances of champions were numerous in 194fi, and attendance soared to record heights in all sports. Little Rock captured its second straight stato high school basketball title, and Marked'Tree grabbed its fourth straight in the girls' division. Richard (Bubba) Smart, the kid Cardinals Voted Team of Year in Press Poll New York, Dee. in —OT— The St. Louis Cardinals, champions qf Ihe baseball world, have been (voted the team of the year for I 1!)4fi in the Associated PI-OSS' annual poll of sports editors, succeeding Army's unbeaten fnotbnll- ors, Winners Ihe last two seasons. Notre .Dame's mighty gritl team gave the Cardinals a close race ?"or honors, oarnins 19 first-place ballots to 2<l for the baseball champs. Army got nine first-place votes to wind vip third. The final point total, compiled from the votes of the 02 nartici- panls in the poll, gavr Ihe Cards 110, Notre D.-imc Hlfi and Army 08. The Boston Red Sox, who mado a ruiiawiiv of the American League race only lo succumb to the spirited play of Kddie Dyer's men in the World Series, earned 23 points for fourth place. The Oklahoma Aggies, NCAA basketball champions in the 194f>- 4t> season, were only one point back of the Red Sox in fifth place. The Chicago Bears, National Football League champions, were sixth. The CViuiinals are the Kith base- f hursday, December 19,1946 Fiqhts Last Nighf New York (Jamaica Arenal — Tommy Houston. M7, Glenlnle, N. Y. and Roccn Rassono, 1-M, Brooklyn, drew, (B). Oakland, Calif •- Earl Turner. 149, Richmond, Calif, outpointed Charley Cato, I!M, Oakland, (101. Provllenco, R. 1.—Jackie Web-" cr, 131 l-'l, P.-nvtiickol, T.K.O. Tommy Creb, 137 1-2, Boston 2. Uy United Press Scranlon, Pa.—,1oe Falco, MO, Philadelphia, nulpo;»!td .A"dy Klinges, 43, Wilkes Barre, Pa", Bangor, Me—Max Cunikan, IfiO, Pittsburgh, outpointed Roger \Vy- nolt, 151, Halifax, N. rt.. (8). ball learn to be voted team of the,, year since the poll was started in 1031. They themselves have won Ihe honor three times while the New York Yankees have been des- ignaled seven times. Thursday, 19, HOPE STAR, MOPE, A R KAN'S A S roge Seven GLONDIE By Chick Young no aeciae tne oaas. ^^n;, juu i u uiu< It is an underworld activity, as F r> ll was n't an nc /ery ;newspaperman knows, and b ° Tys1 £ ct . , the ., d "P e 4 every ;newspaperman knows, although the lines are not very clearly, drawn as yet, we may be sure that if .this sort of gambling continues and increases we will find that we have helped to create another arrogant and absolutely _^*x,v, vi *. i^uj wn i^iinai.njr\., i • / 2 miles out on Lewisviile highway? Mrs. Harding Kindrick. 18-31 1946 FLOOR MODEL RADIO- phonograph. 6 months old. Used very little. S145. Mrs. Joe Dildv, 422 South 'Main powerful as the mobs of prohibition days. It could be even more dan rect dope, ponder this one. Columbia played LaFayette and Columbia was -given' 46 points. You could take Columbia and 'give' -16 points or you could take LaFayette and 'get' 43 points. The score was Columbia 46, LaFayette 0. A tie with the points and the cards state 'ties, you lose.' "If you think that isn't naming the score, you're crazy. And, broth- accident. Those I take it that Mr. Anderson means no instillations against anyone at either Columbia or La'ay- ette, and I certainly do :iot. But I learned several weeks ago, during my inquiries into the pleasant social relation between Leo Durocher, of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and George Raft ,that an interesting Basketball Results By The Associated Press Last Night's Scores East Dartmouth 47; Brown IM. Yale 51; Kings Point .'ill. Bucknell G8; Lehigh 40. Swarihmore Sti; Uelaware 20. Franklin-Marshall GO; Havcrford •10. LnSnllc G7; Gettysburg -18. Muhlenberg 59; Villanova 4S. Fordham (Jl; Newark (NJi 39. Rensseiaer 78; Clarkson S. Wittenberg 41; Rider. 3C. St. Michaels (VI) 45; Middljsbury 34. Wesleyan 74; American International 50. Navy 50; William and Mary 36. West Virginia 40; Penn State 37. Columbia Gl; Pratt 429. Oklahoma 5b; Wisconsin -10. Tulane 74; Valparaiso 59. Youngstown 57; John Carroll 53. these criminals moral support or Prestige and their racket is much i: i more facile than bootlegging was. 1936 OLDSMOBILE, CHEAP. SEE l Aftei ' a11 - ? n e bootleggers had to " 1 . run " «t*^ o. A L ^.utuia ut- t:vc(i inure aan- T-, .,; . '— ...^^.1^^1.111*, gerous, because newspaper con-1 JL X ansvillc citizen was making tel- niv.once or encouragement will eive I epne calls to acquaintances at *i • . . , ° ..... fc,. » w Til M^-lKt\». rtf -frt^4U..ll \ 1.. 1 sundberg,' Rt. 2. Phone 1936 FORD, 1935 ONE AND ONE- half ton Dodge truck. Both in eood condition. Earl Schooley, Highway 29. i8-3t Wanted to Rent BEDROOM FOR TWO WORKING sirls. References supplied. Call Hotel Barlow, Permanent. 18-3t Wanted NEW OR RENEWAL SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine. Order your Christmas gift subscription now. 1 Phone 28 or 368-R. Charles Reynerson at Hope City Hall, 15-lm REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES - Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) It No Answer Phone 3158-R DOLLS TOYS PictureFrames Pictures Blackboards REDUCED! 1/3 Off Also a Nice Selection of Christmas Cards - Seals Wrappings Upstair; Over Byers' Drug Store BYERS' 117 W. Second St. Phone 535 a numbor of football schools and was betting on college games in a big way. Tne gamblers, even those who might claim to be sportsmen, and however affable they may bo, run boats in from Rum Row a "uwcvur auaoie tney may bo, hazardous job that required invest-1 a - s , J 13 tnc syndicate profes- ment, and their business called tor S1 ° na ] s should be kept away from cocking, cutting and bottling plants and stills. These syndicate gamblers require nothing more than a all who are connected with college football. Coaches should refuse'to recognize them, even^socially, and forbid their assistants, and even few phones and a litle organiza- ^ orD ^ their assistants, and even tion. But, given a turnover of one the towel boys with access to the hniinn ftira i-», m r i ,.~^7 w ;n:— .1-11 secrets of the dressi?!? rnnm in . , billion five hundred million dollars a season on football alone, which was the volume for the 194G season reported to .me recently by the individual who is recognized by the police, the pulpit and the press as the greatest operator in the trade this underworld has the power to corrupt not only government , as bootlegging did, but the morality campus. This is crooked money will Dick Anderson, the sports editor of the Evansville press, wrote last Nov. 18: of the money and "crooked bribe its way. secrets of the dressing room, to talk to them on the phone or otherwise. Damon Ry.uyon made the undar- world amusing, but if you read his fiction stories .1 think you must have noted that most of his characters were actually very cruel. Their humor was brutal. "And, |at that, Damon gave them more than a shade the betcr of it in his character drawing, for he'was the humorist who made them iunny when, actually, they are almost ail ignorant, harsh and without that, honor that is sometimes believed of "To give you some idea of how f^ ist , amon S thieves. Some of the boys who pick the football I. ne Iowe .st things in more or less unmhlprc 1 v,ot_ohn Q *r. ^r^t jv,_ c 'Human form infesting the Miamis during the hibernating season of the criminal scum, and Broadway and Hollywood, now regard themselves as rather pleasant institutions, celebrities if you will, bo- cause they think Damon described them faithfully and quoted thorn verbatim. He didn't, though. He mi, wj 3 wuu piL-tv tilt: IOC gamblers 1 bet-sheets -get the Lost REGISTERED SHEPHERD COL- lie dog. Brown and white. Limps left front foot. Named Tony. Tagged 175. 383. Reward. Mrs . . . . v^uatmi. « e man i inouan tie Graydon Anthony. Phone 531-J. , was writing fiction all the time and Male Help Wanted . , 17-3t j nobody knew better than ho that true protrayals would have made them repulsive. Although we had a number of fights that we knew to be Barneys and others that could reasonably be sus_pected in my sport-writing WANTED, ASSISTANT BOOK keeper, general office work. Ap plications strictly confidential j c OUB i JC '-''-eu m my sport-writing Give full details as to experience ? avs - T thought then and still be- and salary expected. Write Box I } leve tna t they do little harm. The 90, Hope, Arkansas. 7-tfl kn °ckout in one memorable :'ake - - -- for the bantamweight champion- Wonted to Buy WE BUV HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 61. 23-2mo CALL 119 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size of mattresses. 1 Day Service in Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We Sell Sleep" P21 W. 3rd St.. Phone 119 OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators pf home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS his title was more dramatic than most legitimate knockouts nnd Jim Farley, who was chairman of the boxing commission, said, when it finally was exposed as a fake, that he thought he had seen a great fight. But fighting is not a big betting sport for all the vague talk of odds and a "rush of money" on one or the other. The fi xusually is arranged only to protect a champion's title or to assure the advancement of an interesting lighter who is coming along well, in a tight with some fellow who had no future anyway, but might rough and, for insurance, must be persuaded to hold still or execute the feat known as the dry splash. I think we would help to maintain decency in sports by sharply segregating the people of sports Irom the dirty characters of the underworld. We could do that by keeping gamblers and gangsters .and Hollywood and radio trash off ithe sport pages, oven in the guise of quaint and amusing illiterates. And if we are sincere in our solicitude we might cancel out the point- spread quotations hereafter inasmuch as no man can argue that they have any other purpose than to facilitate an illegal traffic tending inevitably to the corruption of sport. from Pine Blult, rc-urneu from the war and laid down his college books long enough to win his third state golf championship. Arkansas Tech, though it suffered its first defeat in two years by falling before the university's "B" team, again won the Arkansas ntercollcgiatc Conference grid race. Another repeat performance—on the distasteful side this time—was the cellar finish of the Little Rock Travelers in the Southern Association. As a result Willis Hudlin resigned as manager. The post has not been i'illed. The Razorback basketball team last winter duplicated its 1945 Southwest Circuit standing by finishing second to Baylor, Principal oddity of 1946 probably was the "locker room' 'final of the Little Rock invitation golf tournament, won by Gilford 'Wehrlc of Louisville, Ky. Anxious to wind up the tourney without running into another day, finalists compared their semi-final cares to determine which of .them would be the champion. •. : ' Other,.'id-lC highlights:' Marshall won the slate class B and Little Rock West side copped High 'school cage tournament, and Little Rock West side copped the Junior High title. The Camp Robinson All-Stars were victorious in the state AAU meet. North Little Rock boys club won the open division of the state AAQ boxing toruney, and Camp Robinson topped the novice bracket. The Fort Smith Golden Gloves meet was revived after a wartime discontinuance. Bauxite won state class B track and field honors—thanks to Leo (Muscles) Campbell, the "one man team." The Arkansas semi-pro baseball tournament at Fort Smith, won by the Fort Smith Edwards Veterans had the largest field in history—28 teams. The Little Rock Doughboys took the State American Legion Junior Diamond title for the third successive year. George Dunklin of Pine Bluff walked off with titles in both the open end closed slate tennis meets. Little Rock's Worthen Bankers were stale men's softball champs. Ka.cing had its biggest year—in betting and attendance—at 'Hot Springs' Oaklawn Park, ' And, though it wns a futile effort, Billy Conn trained at Hot Springs for his return bout with Joe Louis. Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana Heart and Sap Cypress Also Pine Across Street from Hope Basket Co. HOPE SHINGLE CO. Phone 1000 HARRY SEGNAR Contracting and Repairs PHONE 382-J 1023 South Main Street CHRSSTMAS CARDS Gentry Printing Co. Tarkio (Mo) 50; FiiycUe (Mo) Central 38. Maryvillc (Mm Tchrs 51; Emporia (KasJ Tclirs -14. Midwest Kiksvillc (Mo) Tclirs 102; Billings (Mont) Tchrs 35. Carbondale (111) Tchrs 72; Arkansas State (Jonesboro) 31. Northwestern (Okla) M; Friends (Kas) 82. McCpok (Neb) J. C. 34; Sterling (Colo i J. C. 20. Rockhursl 42; Baker (Kas) 38. South and Southeast Clcmspn SO; Wake Forest 4G. Quant ico Marines 63; Western Maryland 42. Due 54; Jacksonville (Fla) Naval Air 3G. Howard 41; Mississippi State 39. Murray (Ky) 56; Louisville 43. George Washington 70; Ml St Mary's (NMD) 5B. Tennessee 53; East Tennessee 23. Pepperdinc (Los Anglccs) 52; New Orleans Loyola 'IS. Arkansas A. si M. 42; Northeast (La) J. C .35. Hampden-Sydney 57; Roanoke 3 Handolph-Macon -M; Lynchburg 36. Maryland 41: Johns Hopkins 36. Southwest East Texas State 50; East Central (Okla i 38. Southern Methodist 52; Stephen F. Austin 37. North Texas Stale 50; Texas Christian 45. Southeastern (Okla)' State 47- Southwest Texas State 34. Far West Wyoming 45; Washington State ). Denver 54; San Francisco 43 Oakland Bittners 50; College of Pacific 45. Montana Mines (Butte) 47; Ricks (Idaho.) 45. LON GRANGE FORECAST Chicago, Dec. 19 — (XT')— Workers at the U. S. Weather Bureau office are certain Supervising Forecaster G. E. Dunn got a hot'tip on Chicago's current cold wave. J-Hmn and his family left Saturday for Florida for a vacation. The first heavy snowfall of the season occurred on Sunday and the mercury started {ailing. Yesterday's 5.1 abve zero was the coldest day since last February. Dunn doesn't plan to return until Jan. 9. HAVE YOUR CAR WINTERIZED at MAYO'S Texaco Service Station PHONE 6 Give Her a SPENCER SUPPORT FOR CHRISTMAS It means giving her a beautiful figure and better health. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Hope, Ark. At Christmas Time There is one gift you can be sure will give ' grateful pleasure and lasting happiness. Your Photograph Open Sundays Till Christmas The Shipley Studio "Artist Photographers" 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Doug /"^ITV' Carl Bacon \att I I Jones ELECTRiC CO. — for — Home tiunmrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 HOPE BASKET CO. HAS LUMBER FOR SALE Rough Pine end Hardwood Dimensions, Boxing, Posts, and Timbers. 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I'li isn't much of a place but it's close to transportation FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberacr "It's the cook again—because of the soap shortage she v wants the ladies who smear lipstick on cups to please use the straws!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bv Btosser OZARK IKE By Ray GoHo > (HILDA GRUSBLE.'] A ^^ J IT 15 MY HONOR. TO PRESENT TO SMADVSIDE HIGH SCHOOL THIS PAINTIN& OF- — CASH IN 5 MINUTES GOSH. HILDA, A GOODNESS, YOU MR. FROST PAIMTED COULD KNOCK. YOUR PICTURE I J ME OVER. WITH , r-^k FEATHER/ 1 / (, MEAN VOU REALLY COULD / ITS THE VERY FIRST Z KNEW L LOOKED LIKE PRISCILLA ALOEM, L MEANl REALLY/ 5 A New Month Means New Expenses. Have your cor appraised at Hope Auto Co. and borrow up to Us full yalue. You'll need no cosigners and no endorsers. Ask for Mr. Tom McLarty, HOPE AUTO CO. M. HEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. v\ QPR. 1946 BV NEA SERVICE. INC Thimble Theater rPOPEVE, KIN I 60 HE WILL BE POOR THING, ' ISN'T HURT— OkAY BUT I fPON'T\ I KNOW J SUSPOSE I ORTA HAVE YA BEEN -> A GOOD BOY SMELUN' SAUCE — HAH.'/ VA jV FEELIN' BETTER " NOW?? SWEE'PEA?? HCME/ WHAT PRESENTS — By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY With Moior Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE SAY,/AMOR.' 4HrEy,TE/\.'6A,MDHR. t\JE GOT TH& ^f 61M6S DOT CONCESSION FOR f CA&T-lRON SO06S A HOG.' WE HAVE THINK3 TOE A FIME CHRISTMAG. BUT HE ? MORE — SFOILIM' IT WITH BROKEN GAME LAWS. BUT ACRLJMKOF | ROM DAUBED VOITK CHEW 3 THE AWFUL. TEMPTATICM SILT/-— MOMA'S BEARD.' $ LAtflrtG EGGS L'M A BIGGER. GOOSE S THIS DISTRICT M&M BRUCE, IT BE A GOLDE-M EGG.' BUT THEY TELL, m OTHER. CHlrAPB You CAM iK. ODT OF COME UP vo\TH IMTREE AND FEED BlG&ER OWES//, 1 Hope, Arkansas SAT. DEC. 21st-7:30p.m. A I * • «»l 4*1 ^IH 1' ^K ^ COULD SPOIL A CHRIST/WAS- Admission 30c & 60e BORM THIRTV VEARS TOO SOON) ^V&Wi.EJ'iSvW, ( WITH AT MUCH WEALTH r COULD BUY THIS WHOLE COUNTY AN LIVE LIKE A THINK Wt DONE MADE DEAL/ I COULD COP ANY RACE IN THE COUNTRY WITH OZARK'S HORSE... i BUT, MISS RATION... HI-BAWL'S JUS' LIKE OWE UF TH' FAAA LY/ By Michael Q'Mo I ley & Raip.i Lane /THERE'S THE HOSPITAL,CHILI, ( WHERE VIC FLINT'S LITTLE FRIEND, TACKY THOMAS, IS. ITS A LITTLE EARLY TO TELL, MR. FLINT. IN AN INJURY LIKE THIS THERE 15 ALWAYS THE POSSIBILITY OF DAMAGE TO MUSCULAR CONTROL AND MOTOR CENTERS. EE THAT TACKY S EVERYTHING AT HE NEEDS, DOCTOR, MO MATTER WHAT IT COSTS/ TACKY THOMAS THOUGH HIS REMAIN PARALYZED T PLEASE By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES AH, THIS IS X EVER 1 ONE 5IW THMi EES THOSE HORRIBLE PEECTURES COUNTESS! \INPAPAPERS vou REWEWBER'. ODD,THO,VOUR W~" • wi FACE SEEMS If r*\ \4> MUST BE. WELL.MIY- T'ANKVOU! AHEM...TU NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF VOU! SEENCE I FOR UNWTTINSW CREATING THE IN BEHALF OF WAV 1 SdS VOU WRONG IMPRESSION ON VOU! FRWIKW.BVM ft HOUSE THP.T INDUSTRIES PO NOT LUKE LIKE NXIOUS TO SELU/ S»VT (AE JUSTA&S "WELLV.SO EVEfc!- MP WNSELFi I WELCOME OPs SURV-V OLD VOU TO OUR CITY ! Wf.PEC.TeC>! By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK By Carl Anderson ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin AL'_ RIGHT, STKONG BOY MAKE. WITH AND PLANTY NAGS TWHATCHA IN LIVERY STABLE QUICK 'y TH' STASE, SHE SOMETIMES 7 WHAT'U. V PLENTY Or 5*. EH? \ CARSV MOOCH GOLD-- / WE DO FOR \ HARDWARE SWAT'S Y=5 WITH E=T, WE GO FAR 1 GUNS A^D NO TROUBLE FOR SMART I. FROM HERE FAST, NJOfJL MOUNTS? BOOTS By Edgar Martin COMt It-lSlDt , 1 WttVJT VOU TO SOOT^i, ROD'S V-n?t ', SOOTS, THIS \<i KITTV COBRftN , | flN OVO SORORVTY 'il&Tttt. Of' NWE 1 OMt OF t^SV OV.OE.'b'X ftW) &&ST FRIEMO&i RED RYDER Fred Harmon HERE'5 DAVE'S WANTS AN EXCUSE TO HERE'5 ONE \\WICAN )'^ YOU'RE RIOHT.' IT'S NOT OUR \ PLACE, RYDER/ K.3URE, M C 5LEW/ WE'LU PROBABLE FIND YOUR CATTLE DEFEND MY5ELF/ RUN US OFF OUR LAND BRAND.' SOMEBODY.FUNTED 1 AND HE WONT GIVE "vOU \ STOLEN CATTLE ON OUR J A CHANCE TO CLEAR HOMESTEAD. TRILPY/J JOMEBODY? WE KNOW IT'5 N\=5LEW'S TRICK.' m I n '•* f

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