Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1946
Page 4
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^ ' ('.- ^.WWyjHai'ifcK iKfcfett Wj 4*^te4tWK<«V^>VMi&-^«VrMiSMlM.l»*ta M. (t Pour HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 19, 1946 Thursday, December 19, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page FSva ' Government to Jwn British Rail System'.'- • London, Dec. 19 —(/P)—<3overn- rrient ownership of Britain's 20,- QOQ-'Tnile railway system was vir- Wally assured today by the 362 to 204"vote accorded the labor government's far-reaching transport bill at, its decisive second reading in the House of Commons last night. While the measure still laces a third reading in Commons—probably some time next month—this will amount to little more than a Xofmality under the usual parlia- m^itary procedure. ,Tfi«i vote last night climaxed three days of debate during which the government's program was bitterly assailed by the conserative opposition, backed by a number of liberals and liberal-naUonsl. ..The issue was decided on straight patty lines, with labor presenting a^sol^d/ fyoht. but parliamentary observers noted that.... the ... .vote showed the heaviest participation of .Commons' members in several years and .marked the first time in this parliament that the opposition had tfltaled more than 200. iAnthony Eden, "Britain's wartime foreign secretary, concluded t|ie conservative , attack upon the measure by declaring that its pas- 'sage would be-"nothing less than a'major national disaster." He asserted that the-'only justification for the bill would be greater operating efficiency and lower costs, but declared the government had failed to show how this result could be achieved. Eden described the government s plan to reimburse stockholders with government securities paying less than their present holdings as "confiscation of income ior many who can ill afford it." Herbert Morrison, president of the council, replied that the bill— which also will bring trucking firms and other forms of commercial transport under government ownership—Will permit "a bold and con* sidered program of transport development." Budgets of Three Schools Refused by Committee Little Rock, Dec. 19 —(/P)— The Arkansas legislature's pre-session budget committee has refused to recommend appropriations for the Junior Agricultural College at Beebe and the vocational schools at Huntsville and Clinton. Sen. E. J. Butler, Forrest City, urged the action. Committee members favoring the motion asserted that the three institutions actually" were high schools and that there was no reason the state should support them. Sen. Eric Caviness, Danville, opposed the majority action. He said the two vocational schools werr ' Sood work and "should no- : • ' ">ed' completely." Governor Lai,-..; Appeared before the committee yesterday and State's Output of Oil Show Increase El Dorado, Dec. 19 —(UP) — Crude oil and condensate production from i.ie 54 oil and gas polls of southern Arkansas showed a material increase during October, according to the monthly bulletin of the state oil and gas commission. Average daily yield of oil and condensate was 78,501 barrels, 789 barrels more than the September daily average. Gas production from the southern fields increased from 168,253,000 cubic feet a day in September to 178.801,000 in October; Natural gas production in north- central Arkansas averaged 7,818,000 dubic feet a day, compared with 6,673.000 in September. The state's seven refineries processed 42,362 barrels of crude oil a day in October, or 2,886 barrels more .daily than the September average. A total of 17 wells were completed in November—two dry holes and 15 oil or condensate producers. Three were located in Nevada county, four in Columbia, seven in Ouachita and one in Franklin. suggested continuation of tentative approval of budgets considered necessary for the various agencies. "In the meantime," he. said, "I will studv the question and determine what can be done before 1 meet with you in January." 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Shortening 4 Ib. ctn. . . 1.60 8 Ib. ctn. . . 3.20 CREAM MEAL 25 Ibs. ...1.59 10 Ibs 65c MOTHERS OATS pkg. 38c Aunt Jemima FLOUR 25 Ibs ... 1.75 50 Ibs ____ 3.49 Aunt Jemima (Flour 16c . , . 3.1 e POST TOASTIES 1 1 oz. pkg. . 13c 18oz. pkg.. 18c Cup & Saucer or Plate Chocolates 1.19 Mixed Nuts Lb. SOc I SHORTS I Shortening 2, Bakerite 3 Ibs. Celery Stalk 15c Cranberries Ib. 59c Cheese Lb 54c English Peas \J r No 2 can ................ Old Custom Continued from Page One expensive automobile, n new home, an artificial lake, and an elaborate Baptist church parsonage on his Mississippi plantation, Bilbo said all the charges against him had been raised by Ross A. Collins, former Mississippi congressman, and his ex-secretary, Edward P. Terry. All the charges, he said, were fully discussed in the recent Mississippi election, in which he emerged victorious over four primary opponents. The issues were raised in his state by two groups, he went -en, the National Association lor the Advancement of Colored People, and an "Oust Bilbo Committee" in New York City. "One of them is an all-Negro group, which is headed by a man about whom I think it is fair to say that most recognized Negro leaders in America believe can be justly charged with expediency on the basis of past performance," the senator said. "The other group includes Communist party members and quite a few other people who have been closely identified with Communist-front activities." It listed Bilbo's, long-awaited testimony as the windup in its weeklong hearings into his dealings with the men he helped get government contracts. The committee left open the chance of a double-barreled aftermath, however, in the nature of a contempt citation .and perjury charges against Bilbo's former secretary, Edward P. Terry. Committee Counsel George Meader was instructed to take steps in that direction after Terry, testifying reluctantly .reversed himself once and finally refused to answer n secific question. Meader said he would have to look up the law before taking any action. He said he was sending the Justice Department a copy of Terry's testimony as the possible basis for a perjury charge. He pointed out that the contempt citation may be delayed, however, because the Senate is in adjournment until Jan. 3. The contempt citation and perjury charge were requested by Sen. Homer Ferguson, R., Mich., neai the close of day-long questioning of the chain-smoking, nervous ex- secretary. Terry testified that: 1. He and Bilbo both tried to help Mississippians get the con tracts for construction of Jackson Miss., army air base, Keesler Fielc at Biloxi and Key Field at Meridi an. 2. A. B. Friend, twice a Bilbo campaign manager, agreed to paj him $4,350 for help on the Ke Field contract. ($3,600 to pay Bilbo campaign debt and $75 toward a note Bilbo owed). Frienc denied it. 3. Friend told him he would killed if he testified against Bilbo Also, that two anonymous tele phone calls later threatened th lives of his wife and daughtei (Friend denied it and said h would "risk my life" to protec Terry from harm.) 4. Flix T. Newton, another con tractor, gave Bilbo $25,000 to hel select former Sen. Wall Doxey, D Miss., in 1942; that Newto laughed, "Oh .well, hell, I ca charge them out on income 'tax When Terry told him it was shakedown. (Newton denied '.t. i 5. Newton once loaned him $3 750 and shrugged off his .offer of repayment. (Newton said his mindi was a "complete blank" in the matter. 6. He (Terry) did ket $3.750 from B. L. Knost, another contractor, but it was paying off a bet ihat the contract Knost ultimately go would be awarded on a cost-plus- fixed-fee basis rather than through competitive bidding. 7. Mike Morrissey, another con- 1 tractor, gave Bilbo a $1,900 Cadil-. lac at Christmas, 1941, and other friends of Bilbo .joined in furnishing "dream house No. 2" for Bilbo as a Christmas present. 8. Bilbo ordered him (Terry) to draw up lists of constituents who had been served by the office and used the list to solicit contributions for a Juniper Grove Baptist church parsonage which was built on Bilbo's land at Poplarvilln. Mi«s. 9. Bilbo once accepted $1,500 from Dr. A. J. Podesta, Vicksburg, Miss. to arrange with the Narcotics Bureau in Washington for a "prescription" :Eor a drug addict. 10. He (Terry) while still serving as secretary, received $15,000 from a New Yorker to be used to dc-> feat Bilbo for re-election in 1946. It was the $15,000 that evoked the possibility of a contempt citation and perjury charge. It was reflected in Terry's personal bank account in the Jackson Stale National Bank at Jackson, Miss, DOROTHY DIX Good Mothers A woman with her first baby at.KS me what siic shall do to be a good mother. Well, the main thing in being a good mother is not to oveido it. Jusl inkc motherhood in your striae. Don't be one of the mothers, who, as George Bernard Shaw said, are so much mother tnat they are scarcely human. Be moderate. Love your child but don't stnotner it with affection. Even a baby can get led up on too nuFch devotion and howl with disgust svnen Mother surfeits it with isses and caresses. Look after our youngsters carefully, but don't [ways hold thsm by tnc hand. A imous Daby specialist said not ong ago that what the cnildren of evotod mothers needed more than nothing else was some wholesome eglect. Children need and crave children .ist as much as grownups do. They ecd to be on their own, to roll in ie dirt and get themselves mussed p and cat .some of the things they KC because they taste good, istead of flabby messes that are .ill of calories. Maybe that ex- lains why Mama's pampered clar- ng is so often pale and anemic, ,-hilc the little O'Grady and Spi'i'i- llis across the tracks, who have to hift for themselves, are-so hale nd hearty. Start molding your child's char- ctcr while he is still in the cradle. You have to get in your work be- 01 e the clay hardens. Psychologists ell us that tlie cattern of a child's ifc is s3t by the lime it is three ears old, so you will have to get >usy before Junior gets the uppei iand and dt?cides who is going to jo boss in the nursery. Over - Mo'hering Bad, Too Unless you toadi your children to espcct you when* they are babies hey will never do it. If you le hem walk roughshod over yoi vhen they are little they will tram lie you in the dust when they are jig. If you teach them to be sclf- sh, thoy will take the bread out of our mouth to gratify their own desires. If you work while they play, I'ou will have to toil to support hem as long as you live. Teach your child obedience which s nothing but respect for the law. The jails are filled with delinquent boys and girls who have never minded their parents, or respected any authority. Half of the men and women who are failures are those who cannot hold a job because they never learned to take orders. Teach your child good manners. Teach him good table manners. Teach him the usages of good society. Teach him what to say and what to do when meeting strangers. Give him a good approach. Good manners will do more than any ol- icr one thing to secure success in ife. Teach your child to stand on his own feet. Teach him to rely on limself and make his own decis- ons and do his own thinking. You can't soft-pad life for him. He has o learn to take care of himself. Teach your child courage. Breed grit Into him. Develop his back jonc. Life is full of knocks and un less he can take it on the chin and come up smiling he will be sunk. Whether Johnny is a quitter or a fighter will depend on whether you pitied him when he fell and bumped his nose or praised him for a brave boy Who didn't cry when he was hurt. Don't be a possessive mother Don't try to monopolize your child rcn or regulate their lives for them Don't make your love for them a curse or be a millstone nrounc their necks. After all. our childrcr don't belong to us. They are jus lent to us for a little while, and the best we can do for them is just to love them and leave them to work out their own fates. Santa Advised to 'Flameproof His Whiskers Boston, Dee. 1!) — (.4 T i — "Flameproof your whiskers" was the advice to Santa Clans today from the National Fire Protection Association. The fire safety organization said jn a statement: "High up on the list of Christmas fire hazards is Santa's; flowing beard, which will ignite easily and burn with Rreal .intensity. "So, Santa, if you want to keep your hirsute adornment and be around for .'.mother Christmas, be sure to flameproof your whiskers." here were any "presidential implications" in Miss Martin's reslg- uition. which her friends said had jccn requested. "I sacrificed « good deal to take his job." Recce said. "I'm not .urnim; tlie grindstone for any- jody's axe in l!)4li. I am not running and I have no one else running." Martin's assistant, as vice chairman of Cue committee and head of its women's division.. He thus disposed of reports that Mrs. McC.'iuley's appointment would be only temporary, leaving Ihc way clear for greater activity in the field of women's work by Mrs. Knlhorino Kennedy Brown of Ohio and Mrs. Horace II. Sayre of Oklahoma, committee vice chairmen who are considered Taft supporters. Recce previously had taken occasion to deny to a reporter that (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) o Taft Refuses to Accept Responsibility By JACK BELL Washington, Dec. 19 —(/P)— Senator Taft (R-Ohioi today denied any responsibility for the controversial resignation of Miss Marion Martin, insisting that lie is taking :io active part in the administration of Republican National Committee affairs. Taft, often mentioned, as a possible GOP presidential candidate in 1948, shrugged off questions about his political ambitions. But h.1 told a reporter there is no justification for reports that he or his friends are seeking to dominate tlie com- m.iUee setup. "Carroll Recce didn't tell me anything about it and di.In't consult me before hand if he asked for Miss Martin's resignation" as as sistant chairman of the commiuee, the Ohio senator said. Chairman Recce announced ?ast night the appointment of Mrs. .1me Hamilton McCauley, formerly Miss Charges Against Six Tennessee Doctors, Aired • Memphis, Term., Dee. Ill --ill!?) —Charge:; of "unprofessional" conduct against six Tennessee niedi- ^cal doctors will be aired before a ^meeting of the Stale .Hoard of Medical Examiners in Nashville, Jan. iiO-21, it was disclosed unlay. J he physicians were notified by Dr. 11. W. Quails, of Memphis, ,o .show cause at tiie Nashville meeting why Ihey should not be <;e- pnved of their .licenses because of alleged eonneelioii:; \vilh chain op. tical linns. Quails said the six arc accused under a section of the stale code which makes U unlawful for a medical physician "to be connected \vilh or employed by" any i'irm i which advertises. They are Dr. C. H. Tenenl. of Memphis; Dr. C. M .Ciipps, Knoxville: Dr. ,1. !'. David, Nashville, Dr. G. U. Walker, ChatlunooRu, all associated with jiational optical I stores: Dr. Owen Scott Dcthridgc. | with the Buhl Optical Co., Nash- Ivill"; and Dr. K/.ekiel llowell, with j United Optical Co., Nashville. il i.j eslimaled that the physical | output of Hi;- cotton noods indus- | try doubled from 1(100 to 15)37. New Congress to Take Up Excise Tax By SANDOR S. KLIEN Washington, Doc. IB •—(UPi— A complete overhaul of nil excise lax rates will be undertaken by Ihe new Republican- controlled CYn- ({ress, it was learned loclay. Ori- Uinal GOP plan were only lo reduce rates increased during the war. House Republican Leader Joseph W. Martin. Jr.. of Massachusetts, emphasized .however, that there is no chance the changes will become effective before July 1. Martin said many merchants and businessmen have reported a public tendency to delay purchase of luxury items .subject to excise taxes in the belief Congress would act swiftly to reduce them from hifili wartime levels. "There just isn't any chance vhat we can net around to excise taxes until laic in the session," Martin •mid. "I'm sure we won't have a bill ready for action much before July 1." ' ,. , Many Republicans believe ihal once Congress pusses the bill to rcmicc personal income taxes —some GOP leaders have promised Budget Committee Studies Funds for State University l.iltli: Hock, Dec. 113 proposed University of (IP)— A Arkansas budget of $2,7813,230 annually for the 'next two years was approved by the pre-scssion legislative budget committee today, but action on a request lor .$4,000,000 for new construction at !he iinivcr sity was deferred. This year the university received 82.15l.GXi. including construction. $500,000 for f, f; c—i They're needed ipr - FANCY NO. \ BIRDS Red Potatoes 10 Ib. Mesh Bag Yellow Corn }7r Cream Style No. 2 can * * . Chicken Dinner Morton's Lb. Jar Asparagus Agr No. 2 can -TWV» Maxwell House Coffee AQ C Drip or Regular Lb. ~-^ v Lima Beans Green. No. 2 can 26c !X Pork Chops Sliced Bacon Round or Loin Steak Kresh Ground Beef Long Term House Loans to Vet Urged by VFW By MARVIN U. ARROWSMITH Washington, Dec. 19 —(/Pi— An housing loans to veterans popped appeal for 40-year low-interest lousing loans to veterans popped up today as the government pledge an allout drive to encourage the construction of homes ior rent. The appeal for long-term loans was addressed to the Federal Housing Administration by Commander Louis E. Starr of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. But an FHA official told a reporter Starr should have directed his requesl to congress. He said tnu law now limits loans to 25 years in the case of one to four-family homes. Starr said in a statement he had told FHA Chief Raymond M. Foley and Housing Expediter Frank R. Creedon that elimination of 'most construction controls had ended the veterans emergency program. "Veterans—the majority of whom are on the lower rung of the ("'on- omic ladder—must now depend on the 'trickle-down' process ior housing," Starr said. LANEY FILLS VACANCIES Little Rock, Dec. 18 —(/P>— Governor Laney today appointed Clarence H. Levee, Little Rock, to the State Contractors Licensing Board to succeed Stanley Evans of Fort Smith, resigned. Appointment of A. H. Green, Little Rock, to the State Chirounn.- tors Board succeeding Dr. !•'. C. Crow of Hope, resigned, also was announced by the governor. The European eagle-own normally has a yellow iris, but it changes to red when the bird is angry. Eighl o'Clock Coffee Red Circle Coffee Bokar Coffee Sunnyfield Flour White Houso Evap. Milk Dr. Prica Vanilla Extract Rainbo Sweet Gherkins Grapefruit Juice Pinto Beans Del Monto C.G. Corn Butter Kernel Corn • Boston Hominy Duffs Gingerbread Mix Mb. Bags l-lb. Bags l-lb. Bags 25 Tall Cans l/j-OI. Bot. It-oi. Jar No. 2 Can l-lb. Pkg. No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2'/ 2 Can 14-01. 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More Sweet Juice >kl *.•:.•?* A •. .^»,—mi^-M—^vfr .Jr.'':: '••?.! '/>•?-. .-.i?i The university seeks the construction funds for the 1048-49 fiscal Deferment of action on 1hc request was in line with the committee's policy of considering all operating budgets before construction items. Of the recommended $2,785,230 annual appropriation, $1,730,040 would be for salaries, which are ,o be increased in line with those of other stale employes. The committee recommended a salary of $12,500 annually for the university president, a position now paying $10,000. In addition to salaries, the annual appropriation would include $102,901) for student and miscellaneous services; $516,290 for general operation, supplies and matching funds; $230,000 for capital expenditures and repairs, and $200,000 for support of the university hospital at Little Rock. Salaries, besides that of the president, set by Ihe proposed budget include $10,000 a year for the dean of the medical school at Litlle Rock and $8,000 each for Iwo other osilions on the medical school taff. The budgcl requesl was submil- ed and explained by T. C. Carlson, usiness manager of the univer- ily. Members of the institution's n 20 per cent cut— and the excise lax measure, it will not undertake ! any further revenue legislation ! until 1'JIU. Originally, t h e Republicans ! planned to deal only'wilh those ex- cisc taxes- which were increased' ''during the war. New. however, the jiartys fiscal expenses believe the whole .should be excise lax structure studied :i! o r revision. . | They feel changes arc necessary in the interests of stimulating industrial production. A majority of war-swollen tax #k&h I $$ff*KS California Navels. *»-—' Lb ' TANGERINES ..... Lb. 12ic 1 -M...C Size. Juicy Sweet FRESH CELERY .... Lb. lOc Golden Heart and Pascal. LETTUCE Lb. 12^ Largo, Firm Heads Iccuurg. RED GRAPES Lb. 19c California Emperors. I- rcsh. TOMATOES • Lb. 29c Firm. Red-Ripe. Cello Tube. f) 0 Perfect for festive meals—Contains over 60% fruits and nuts. fliT Firm, Sound, Ripe Berries rales are on so - called luxury items. Among these are furs and jewelry, which carry a 20 per cent rati>—double the old levey. Others items affected by the war-time .increases are distilled spirits, and imported perfumes, $9 per gallon as agaiiisl an old rale of $(j; fermented malt liquors, $f a barrel as against $7: billiard and P"ol tables and blowling alleys, $20 per table or alley per year as against $10; cabarets, 30 per cent of tiic check as against five pel cent, and local telephone service 15 per cent as against 10 pci cent. Pro Gridsters Trying to Cut Out Roughness New York, Dec. 18 — I/P)— The National Football League is 'not yet ready to introduce "sudden death" overtime play in regular- season games or to eliminate the extra point, but it has taken steps to cut down on unnecessary roughness. Before concluding their rules session here yesterday, the coaches and owners of the senior professional circuit agreed to recommend n faster whistle and to assign a 'ifth official to work opposite the lead linesman to spot code infrac* .ions; ; ••"'." Talk of the'first-filled championship playoff between the Chicago. Bears, and the- New. -York .Giants • here Sunday pervaded-the sessions^ and prompted the vote in favor of the safety measures]i .j^jL-".. Among the ""suggestions^turned* down were proposals to change clipping penalties,- to modify the- code on rushing the kicker 'and to • change the substitution rules. Recommendations made at this week's sessions will be.taken, up at oard of trustees also efore the committee. appeared Governor Laney was scheduled o meet with the group at 1:30 i. m. The committee yesterday: (1) Earmarked "for bookkeeping mrposes only" $346,000 as the pos- iblc maximum amount the state vould allocate from the genera! evenue fund for its share of pay- ng circuit judges, chancellors and )rosecutors under terms of amendment 37, authorizing , raises foi hose officials; -;•>'•: ^-.t" (2) Postponed action on a"p'. _ X)sed $8ae?288«i ! bie'nnial budget ior .he Arkansas State College, Jones )oro, pending conferences between college officials and committee nen from northeast Arkansas. (3) Recommended as submitted a $173,450 annual budget for Magnolia A. & M. College, which now receives $135,000 annually; (4) Approved a $5,500 annual budget for the lieutenant governor's office and $68,423.55 annually for the capital building and grounds maintenance, to which $59,183 now is allotted. t'ne league meeting in Chicago^.jan. ~3-25. The defeated suggestions lay be introduced at that time, y a minority report but only posl- ve action taken yesterday will ap- ear on the official agenda. .. , In the discussion 01: the "sud- en-death" proposal it was; tipinte'd ut that at least three ball parks n the league are not eauipped ath lights. Thus, if the overtime eriod lagged on until dark, games n these fields would end in ; ties nyway. - new Pep and Vim? Thousands of couples am weak. *rorti-otit, nx- baustcd solely because body lacks Iron. >'or DRW vim, vitality, try Ostrcx Tonic TulwHfj. Contains Iron you. tun, may need for pep: also flu police pep: ctory flu polic onto 35c.1 , yUutnJn ill. 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