Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1946
Page 3
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«9*«^^ Page ¥w» H 0 P E S T A R, H 0 P E, A R K A N S A S Tuesday, 17, fe p» $ I 1 , Market Report POULTRY AND PRObl/CE Chicago. Dec. It ^WPJ—Pro- duce: ••••.• Poultry: one car, 23 trucks; fiftf: fijers and broilers 32 - 37; geese 36 heavy clucks 33 small ducks 2(5; ducklings 29 .torn turkeys 2(i-32: hen turkeys 44. Cheese: twins 42-1-2-43-1-2; single daisies 44-1-2-45-1-2; swiss 73-76. Buttovr 498.639 Ibs; "firm; 93 score 79: 92 score ?9: SO score 751-2; :89 score 72-1-2. Eggs: 11,849 ; cases: steady, r\-tras 1 and 2. 48-51:- 3 and : 4, 43-46: standards 1 and 2. 41-1-2: 3 and.4. 40: current receipts 39 • 40; duties 29-30-1-2: checks 28<29-l-2. ®- ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards", 111., Dec. 1.7 —4iTM--Jlogs. 9.500: slow;' weights 17tMbs up fully 50 lower than Monda>;is, average; lighte_r weights 35~" " ' gq 23". ... . sows--1.00-50'lower:, bulk land choice 170-270 Ibs 22.75;> top 23.00 mostly for weights te-;220 Ibs; 280-350 Ibs 22.25-65: 130-JSO 4bs 20.00-21.00; 100-120 Ibs mostly 18.5-19.75; good sows 500 Ibs down 20.00: heavier weights 17 00-30: stags 15.00-17.00. Cattle.,,5.000; calves. 1,700; opening trade active on all classes with pnc,2s..5>trcng on steers..heifers and cows: bulls and vealers steady: several loads good'and top good steers 23.00-26.00; some good-and choice held higher;" medium and low good heifers and mixed yearlings 16.00-2KOO; good cow's' arbund 16.00-50: common - and medium 12.00-15.50: canners and cutters 10.00-12.00; medium and good sail- sags' billls 13.00-10.00; a tew good beef bulls 16.50; choice Vealers 30.00: good to choice 17.50-28.75; medium to low good 14.00-17.00. Sheep. 2,500; market stow; lambs opensd steady to shippers and small killers; about two decks strictly good and 23.75-24.00: others choice lambs not established. follow- export GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago. Dec. 17 '•—(#)—' Profit cashing entered the grain future pits toward the close today ing a let up in buying by interests. •••••• • . • Opening under yesterday's close in most deliveries, the rallies that developed were not sustained. Corn showed the greatest strength of the season, but sagged with other grains when commission house buying. said to be for exoort interests, lagged. The Commodity Credit Corporation announced that no wheat or corn had been purchased in Chicag oyesterday. At the close wheat was 1 .3-4 to 2 cents lower than yesterday's finish. January $2.12. Corn was 1-2 to 1 1-8 lower, January $1.34 1-4-1-8. Oats were 1-2 to 3-4 lower, December 85. Barley was 1-4 to 1 3-4 higher, December SI. 37 1-4. Lard " Was ".25 ?20.75. . tower 'to .10 higher, July NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Dec.-17 — (IP)— Cot- ton futures declined here today in response to heavy long realizing, hedge selling and weakness in other markets. Thb market closed baiely steady $2.56 to $5.26 a bale Icnver. Mch high 33.08 — low 32.30 — close 32.3034 May high 32.54 — low 31.63 — close 31.63-78 Jly high 31.28 — low 30.40 — close 30.47 Oct high 28.00 — low 26.75 — close 26.75-27.02 Dec high 27.53 — low 26.32 — close 26.32 NEW YORK COTTON New . York, Dec. 17. — l.fl— Cotton futures moved into new tow grounds for the day in the finnl hour of trading on liquidation and hedging. The late part of the seS- sibn was featured by New Orleans selling and trade buying on, scale down, along with some short covering. • Futures closed S2.10 to S4.75 a bale lower than previous close. Mch high 33.05 — low 32.25 — last 32.25-40 off 42 to 57 May high 32.55 — low 31.68 — last 31.70-75 off 53 to 58 Jly high 31.40 — low 30.50 — last 30.55 off 53 Jly high 31.40 — low 30.50 — last 30.55 off 53 Oct high 28.15 — low 27.00 — last 27.30-35 off 60 to 65 Dec high 27.59 — low 26.37 — last 26.60-75 off 80 to 95 Mch 1948 high 27.20 — low 26.55— last 26.40N off 90 Middling spot-33.40N off 48 N-nominal; B-bid. The frozen land mass at the South Pole has a perimeter of some 14,000 miles. x Tuck.a shoe in each of those Christmas stockings. For •fitting: baby socks or bobby socks . . L . we've the shoes .for them . . . Featuring those "famous POLL-PARROT .sfibes .for Children. Shown are only a" few'of the shoes you'll find at FOSTER'S. Get'them today for the Kiddies .Christmas.' BELOW Poll- Parrot b|ack patent pump. Sizes 12 to 3. Widths A to.C. ' ' BELOW Poll - Parrot Mary Jane in black patent. Size 12 to 3. Widths A to C. 5.85 ABOVE Baby Deer white • leather,. soft sole shoe. 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' > National Advertising Representative— Arkansas Dallies, inc.; Memphis, Term, Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Mddison Ave.; Detroit, Mich.. 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg;; New Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to- it or ' not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Hopg Cagers Meet Nashville Friday Night Three Hope basketball games will be- seeking revenge her'e Friday night when they again tangle with cagers from Nashville who "took" all three games in Howard county last week. It will be Hope's initial appearance on the local court. Play 'will start at 0:30 when 'B' teams' of the two schools will meet. At 7:30. the High School girls will play and the 'A' teams are scheduled to tangle at 8:30. - o Mississippi Act Continued from Page Onq gladly because they thought it represented a nice sentiment. The project, consisting of the church, a cemetery and the parsonage, was described as the outgrowth of Bilbo's desire to erect a memorial to his parents and himself. - • ' The donations ranged from $155 by A. B. Friend, one-time Bilbo campaign manager who worked on the $1,731,000 Key Field at Meridian, Wliss., to $3,500' i'rom Maurice T. Reed, who built the $2,000,000 Jackson, Miss., air base. Donations of varying amounts we're listed by F. T. Newton, Edwin Jones. B. L. Knost, Mike T. Morriss'ey and John R. Junkin, all of whom worked on the '$13, 000, 000 Keesler Field at Biloxi. The 'contractors also testified they made varying gifts,. loans and campaign- contributions to Bilbo. Most of the gifts were in connection with' constructioh"'pf ''a 23-acre lake and, ari island "Dream House" on Bilbo's- P'oplarville estate. •••-•• - ' The witnesses gave the following account of' the aid they extended: Neyvton — $1,200 loan which Bilbo repaid arid $75 for furniture as a hristmas present. Knost — $1,200 loan on which Bilbo still owes $450: Morrissey — A $6,000 loan still covered bv Bilbo's notes, -$3,672 worth of work in digging the lake and a swimming nool and a $lj900 Cadillac. " Junkin — $1,194 worth of work on the still-unfinished swimming pool. Reed — A $1,790 paint .ioh 'on dream house No. 1 '(near the 'lake) and $5QO worth of furniture for dream house No. 2 which- was fu'r- nishcd for Christmas, 1941. Morrissev said he put idle equipment on the lake and swimming pool when he learned that' Bilbo was trying to do all the work with a one-armed Negro, two 'boys and a mule. Junkin said he put in concrete crews on the 25 by 50 foot pool when he hapnen^d nast o"H '" Bilbo trying to do the work with a few' wooden forms ana' a one-uag cement mixer.. . : • Reed said he drove past one day, noticed that dream house No. 1 needed painting, and ordered it done. All of them placed the costs on their war contract 'books at first but transferred them to personal accounts later. " ' • ' • The committee also heard that Bilbo obtained a $3,000 loan from A. L. Shushan, New Orleans dry goods merchant, to help 'pay alimony to his divorced wife; The money was handed Bilbo under a leaky shed near Pearl River, Miss., July 21, 1938 and repaid "by Grant Stewart, a New Hebron. Miss., retail merchant, July 15; 1040, Shushan -said. . The committee brought out that the loan was made during a period when Shushan was having trouble with the internal revenue department about his income taxes and that he was repaid during Bilbo's 1940 reelection campaign. Shushan agreed that he asked Bilbo's help in trying to settle a civil suit on the income tax matter. He said it had nothing to do with the loan, however. Nor, he said, was the repayment involved with any threats to bring it up in connection with the campaign. Fight? By The Associated Press Newark, N. J. — ' Pedro Firpo, 133 3-4, Camden, outpointed Frari- kie Carto, 131 3-4, Philadelphia, 10. Miami, Fla. — Humberto Sierra, 130 1-2, Puerto Rico, stopped Cliff Gregory, 132, Newark, N. J., St. Louis — Jim Richie. 176, St. Louis, outpointed Teddy Randolph, 189, New York,' 10 . By United Press New Britain, Conn. — Joe Bennett, 151, New York, knocked out Pay Byers, 150, Annapolis, N. C., «J. New York — William Beltram, 136, New York, outpointed Freddie Russo, 134, Rahway, N. J., 10. Providence, R. I. — Dave Andrews. 144, Lowell, Mass.,' out- pointed Luc E. Lima, 142, Providence. 10. Baltimore, Md. — Charlie Milan, 140, Baltimore, knocked out Pat Scanlon, 143, New York, 1. Jg, I«y, December 17, 1946 CHRISTMAS SPECIALS For Every Member of the Family! Shop Owens for Specials for Christmas, Every member of the family will be delighted Christmas morn to find trjeir gift .came from our store. MOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS tal and P eta i an Phone 768 Between jfiiii?-' crsona 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. $jt Ladies House Slippers m In wool, felt and fabric, plain or fur M? trim. Select her slippers here. * 1.98 to 3.95 CANNpiN BLANKETS All wool. Size 72 by 90. 4 Ibs with satin bound. Special $10 LADIES GOWNS In satin, crinkle crepe, batiste, Jersey, and in lovely plain or lace trim styles. 2.98 to 5.95 15 BLANKETS 25% wool, size 72 by 84 ial 5.95 / 7 CHENILLE ROBES — For the Ladies Lovely'chenille'robes in many cojors!". While a few last. Sold up to 9.95 ial 7.95 L'ial Calendar day, December -7 J Fidelis Sunday School class ic First Baptist church will their Christmas party 'rues- evening at 7:30 HI me nomo of i. Olaf L,ucU on Jlosslon lligh- mwW- I'-'Jich member is a.skccl to $&B™ n 6 ii gilt the cosl not to exceed dollar for the tree. It;!; Th 9 Vclcrnns of Foreign War ^Auxiliary will hold Ihcir lirsl an- Chi-istimiK parly Tuesday ovo- _; at (i o'clock at the V.F.W. hall mcinbeis are urged to attend. 1-fe The Cosmopolitan Club will mccl ;'SfTueiiclay evening at (i:4. r ) at the "j$sjioine of Mrs. Edwin Stewart for a KSbuifct supper. All members are '*•'•• exceed $1.00. Associate hostes- to bring a gift, the cost not f!»™~ -'li" I)C ' : Mrs - Mfiek siuarl, m Mrs. Perry Moses, Mrs. Jim Me gls.cn/ie and Mrs. Charles Yoi Wednesday, December 18 Phe Presbyterian Mon will entertain the Ladies of the church with a turkey dinner at Hotel Barlow Wednesday .evening m seven o clock. A special program has Uccn arranged and all ladies arc urged to attend. For transportation please phono Jack l,owc Mrs McN( rs. C. C. McNeil and Miss Peairv Bi cNcil. Miss Hall's marriage to Mr. John Loren/o Stewart .will be an event of December 26lh. Monday, December 23 Mis. 11. U Gosnell and Mrs. W. DOROTHY DIX Appalling Divorce Rate .•£•».,. 1 « 1 O — — •"•!.«!, 1->1 V,VWIV 1JVU end in divorce. If this is true, it surely marks the high tide of tin- happiness, for there is no divorce that does not leave behind it bitter roBrcls and broken hopes and blasted illusions. You cannot return a '=• 'v- Jj. uuHiu'ii ana Mrs. W. lt « illusions, rou cannot return a J' osier have issued invitations I husband or a wife to the bargain •—""'" ..... ------- " - • - . aons to bndgo at the home of Mrs GoKiTjll on Monday afternoon ai ''MCO o clock for the pleasure of Miss Nancy Susan Robins whoso marriage to Mr. John Scott DcLec be i- - ' ° Frkluy - Dccclr '- We Hove a Few LADIES GOATS left. Select a coat for her Christmas at this savings • Marked Dpwn to Sell. Some Marked down as much as 50% 13 Pairs LADIES SLACKS All wool in plaids, checks and solids. 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Carter Johnson will entertain at dinner at their hoine on Kast Second street iluirsday for the pleasure of Miss Nancy Susan Robins ancl Mr. John ocoii UoL.ee whose weddmp will be an evont of December 27 at the 1-irsl Presbyterian church here. Norvcll-Zurnwalt Marriage Announced Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Norvell announce the marriage of their daughter, Trula Fa ye to William Kay Aimwalt. son of Mr. and Mrs Carl Zumwalt of Ejlevins. The marriage was solemnized on Sunday December 15 at the home of the bride's parents with the Reverend Abncr.n»ddin officiatinu in the presenco of the immediate families and a few close friends. The briclo was becomingly gowned in light blue wilh black accessories. Following the ceremony a wedding dinner was served by the par- cms of the bride. After a short wedding trip Iho couple will be at home in Blevins. Mrs. Jesse Brown Hostess to Y.W.A. counter as casually as you would n hat for Which you* had lost your taste, and never give it another thought, loo many other lives arc mixed up in everyday divorce, loo many little half - orphaned chile/- ren are Ihe victims of wrecked homes. The war is being blamed for the epidemic of divorces that is sweeping the country and no doubt, lo a large extent, this is justified. Most of the boy - and - girl marriages are foredoomed to failure in any case because they were to young ancl ignorant lo know what Ihcy wauled in their mates, or to assume Ihe responsibilities of a fain- y. And for the older men and women, Ihe war made an oul for husbands and wives who had losl Ihcir allure for each other ancl whoso marriages were beginning lo be a burden to them. Many a wife enjoyed her first breath of freedom Irom her husband's petty tyrannies while he was in the Army, and many a husband found Army discipline easier to bear than a henpecking wife's nagging. Adjustment Hard ^ now thai Ihe war is over and Ihe husbands have come marching home, both husbands and wives are finding il hard lo adjust Ihemselvcs lo each olher. They have both had a tasle of freedom and Ihcy are loath to put their necks in Ihe ma- Irimonial yoke again. Hence the rush to the divorce courts. No doubt the return home of the soldier is a bitter disappointment in thousands of cases to both the husband and the- wife. In Ihe long years of soldiering in foreign parts he has been building up his home in his imagination as a place of peace and perfect joy and contentment, and he has pictured his wife as young and gay and beautiful Great is his shock when he finds his palace of dreams is a lilllo crowded house.or apartment, with loisy children yelling and fithling and smiabbling, and thai his wife las pollen Ihe middle age spread ind acquired bossy ways, ancl lhat somehow he doesn't seem to fit inlo the picture anywhere. .And Ihe wife is equally disillu- "imied. for she had expected lhal Johnny would be so overjoyed at Celling back home again and being ivith her once more that they would lave a second honeymoon, and that no would praise her for how well she had managed everything and think the children lilllc angels And she can't understand why he is bored and fault-finding, and why he wants to spend all of his lime talking love lo her. And so they decide thai they no ongor love each other and 'that .hey would be happier apart or married to somebody els.". And an- to adapt themselves to a changed husband and wife, as well as to a changed world. II would slop many a warlime divorce if the husband and wife would wail, a couple of monlhs before filing Ihcir appeal for a decree absolulc. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Pdft TTiiti Clubs \ Evening Shade The Evening Shade Home Dem- onslralion Club met on December 5, at the home of Mrs. Jewell May, for the Christmas tree and party. Eleven members were present and each answered Ihe roll call by telling "One Ihing Christmas means lo me. ' Mrs. Dale Muni gave Ihe devol- lonal, Mallhcw 2; 1-10, and the Lords Prayer was repealed by the entire group. Also the song, "Jingle Bells," was sung. The hostess served fruit *afid — . P ^. •.•^ifbLuu iJWlVW^-l 11L11L (.11 1U Christmas candy, and gifts were JEANNETTE COVERT NOLAM ' • '** • Copyright by J. C. Nolon,' Dlilribuled by NEA SERVICE, INC. • •luinuu u> suineoociy else. Ana an- Mcmbc-rs of Y.W.A. met Monday otner ll nme trocs on the rocks and evening at 7:30 p.m. in the lovely moro li( -"c fhildrcn have Iheir lives home of Mrs. Jesse Brown for thf>i warped bv being forced inlo an un- ITI •• - • < «*• i* • * i i, in n n; 11J VUl home of Mrs. Jesse Brown for thei annual Lottie Moon Christina: program. The house was beauti •ABB*** STANWYCK LIZABETH SCOTT VAN HEFLIH Select a Gift For Her MEN'S NIGHT 113 6:30 to 8:30 p. m. MEN . . . visit our store Men's Night to get that special gift for Her . . . We have lots and lots of lovely things she'll appreciate. 51 Guage Nylon Hose She'll Love ® Lace Trim Lingerie Slips — Gowns • Costume Jewelry Be Here Early ® • • MEN ONLY "We Gift Wrap Her Gift" SPECIALTY SHOP a unnatural relationship in which they fathers" 01 falher; ' or to ° ma "y And the pity of it all is that what these unhappy people need is nol a divorce but to get acquainted lLlll Y n decorated in the Christmas motif. The mantel hold an artistic arrangement of the Nalivitity with Holly, bells and other greenery A beautifully lighted Ircc was in the entertaining room. The meeting opened with the song, "O /ion Haste". Miss Kathleen Gardner, president, called the meeting lo order and presided over a short business session. Minutes «'. tnc last meeting were read by Miss Wanda Kugglcs. Miss Mary Ethel Purkins presented the program on "Open Iho Doors of the World." Devotional wkas given by Mrs. P. .L. Purkins; her topic was "Purpose of liic Lottie Moon Offering." Others on the program were: Clara, Mai-kin, Marian Stewart, ,,,iM'.'F kms, Wanda Ruggles, Belly Whitlow, Mary Purkins, Jesse Clarice Brown, Francos Jane Osborn and Joan Walker . Following the Lottie Moon offering Miss Norma Jean Archer played "Sweet Hour of Prayer" softly "" the piano. Miss Jesse Clarice 'own gave a very interesting inspirational reading. The hostess served a delicious plate with Russian lea lo 30 members and ciuncilor, Mrs. Perkins Irom Fosloria. Holly corsages were given as favors. New members were Margaret Blake, Wanda O'Sleon and Mary Adelo Waddle. Guests were Iwb M 'M' .F'r'P' Lou Moore ancl Martha Nell Urrcy. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Arvil Hickman and ion attended a dinner ancl Christ- iias party at the home of Seoul Executive Harold T. Moore and Mrs. Moore in Tcxarkana on Saturday evening. Mr and Mrs. Earl Kinard of ni" lcll " n City, and their daughter, Mrs. Richard Seec and Mr. Secc it Huston, Louisiana spent the week end with their father and grandfather, Mr. H. M. Kinard at lie home of Mr. and Mrs. E P Young here. Lnsign E. P. Young of the U.S.S. Kearsarg, New York City has ar- •ived to spend the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young here. Mrs. Dennis Chafton has returned to her home in Ronoake Va after a weeks visit with her .parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell mcl other relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell lad as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Anzie McDowell and child•en and Aulery McDowell and ittle daughter, Dianne, all of Fort Vorth, Texas. Miss Imosene Burns of Little HOCK was the week end guest of ler parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S Burns of this city. Mrs. Dwight Bailey and little daughter. Sandra of Abbeville, La iave arrived for a visit with Mrs sailey's mother, Mrs. Cue McAdams and other relatives here. Personal Mention Conwav, Ark., Der. 14 — Ruth -use Reynolds and William Tolle- on of Hope are on the honor roll for the second six week at Arkansas State Teachers College. THE STORY: Major Cameron, veteran of Ihe Losl Cause, is a man who believes the spirit of the Old South can never die. He scorns the Yankee town he lives in, hales drumming Spunky Mule lobacco, leads a dream existence where Ihe vulgar question of money never intrudes itself. Miss Amy, kindly wife and mother, never queslions any- Ihing he does. Their children include; beautiful, trusting Rose who has had a secret "adventure" wilh a strange young man; derisive Sidney, 19, who wonders why Ace Latshaw slopped writing to her; Jeff 22, whose ambitions to be a car- Loonisl arc encouraged by Sidney; Beau. 10; and Hannah, 12. The vein- is .1910. The Major approached by a stranger, a Mr. Milgrim, who says he is organizing a company to exploit new oil lands and is looking for a responsible Blakesville citizen to head it. The Major is interested XII Rose was wearing her brown moire laffela and a small brown hat, for this was Friday, Ihe April mo- ntnly meeting night of Blakes- ville Chapter, Daufintcrs of Ihe Old Dominion, to which Rose and Sidney belonged as fully accredited members, and Miss Amy as an affiliats or courlesy member, by virtue of marriage. Mrs. Rulher- Earle, Basil's mother, was entertaining the Daughters tonight. Rose had dressed quickly and was now waiting for the others. She sat al Ihe piano, soflly playing "I love you Truly," humming Ihe melody. His name was Richard Breen. Rick lo his intimates. "Rick to you, Miss Rose Cameri. "••But how did you know my name?" "How? Did you think I wouldn't find out?" They were standing again in the arcade of Lahr's store; and her astonishment was largely feigned, for somehow she had been sure, gelling off Ihe trolley Ihis morning, lurning (Involuntarily, perhaps) toward Lahr's that she would sec him. He knew her name? Magic! "Have you been her long, Rick?" "Long and often. Right here. I had a feeling you'd show up." He took her hand in his. "You were bound lo, honey." Without further speech, they had fallen into step, sauntering down Mam Street, side by side, their hands just touching. They stopped before the door of a confectionary store. "Is this a good ice - cream place?" "Hermann's? The best place in Blakesville, Rick." He laughed. "And Blakesville's the besl place in Iho world." . She had no answer and went wilh- oul a word inlo the vanilla- scented aunospneic of Iho confectionary-- Percned silently on a tall stool, sue couict only sip troin the soda glass, while her heart, like an imprisoned bird, iiuUsrcd furiously m her throat. ' Afterward they walked down lo the river and sal '>n thn rim of the oand - shell in Sunset Park. Hicham ne was irorn on." "You think so?' "Because it's your you're my girl." town and Rose's cheeks flamed lo crimson. A .!' en l y° u taking a lot for granted?" j " Am ,J ? ' ' Ho opened Hermann's door. Too much?" .. o^.u Chicago, in Blakesville on a busi ness Uiianu. itosa wisned he would tell her more iibout himself. He didn't. Instead, he drew her out to tell him about her own life, her family and her Home, tne things she lined. He didn't make love lo her at all, didn't even hold her hand. A good thing, too, perhaps— tnough nol quite what sue had expected. Then the Pi csbylcnan church bell chimed lor noon, and Hose said she teally musl go. Tney got up and walked through the park. At the corner of River Avenue and Clark Street, i\oss naused. "You miistn t take me all Ihe way. Of course, I want you to meet my people; but Mamma would think we ought to have been introduced. Mamma is queer about some things. Maybe we can find somebody to introduce us." J-K? understood at once, but shook his head. Until he was better acquainted in tnc town, an introduction would have to oc postponed. "But that won't keep me from sec- ing you, Rose?" ... "No." she said. "Tomorrow, Ihcn? In Lahr's ar- caclu, at three'.'" Stiff - corseted and stately in her ajuc, MI»S Amy .entered the parlor. "If only Sidney would huriv—" Rose turned. "You look lovelv Mamma. You've got your hair in bangs!" Miss Amy beamed and patted the curly bangs under Ihe velvel brim of her hat. To hide her pleasure, SORE THROAT due to colds Let a little Vicks VapoRub melt on the tongue. Works fine, to soothe sore throat due to colds and helps relieve irritation in upper breathing passages. To Ease Spasms of Coughing: Put a good spoonful of VapoRub in a bowl of boiling water. Wonderful relief comes as you breathe in the steaming medicinal vapors that penetrate to cold-congested upper breathing passages ... soothes the irritation, quiets fits of coughing, helps clear head. For Added Relief, rub VapoRub on throat, chest, back. Let its famous double-action keep ^ — _ —^ m ^ ,-, on working form^f ^ US 'lours as you sleep. V VAPORUB HEAR— REV. CHARLES SISSON Municipal Auditorium WED. THURS. DEC. 18th- 19th, 7:30 P.M. THE BEAST OF DAN. 7:7-25 & REV. 13:1-8. In a vision, I be- helcl a seven headed beast, and that beast'was Russia - Beast is typefied by political power back of him. Outline of events of the last days. HEAR THESE MESSAGES A GIFT FROM KEITH'S for HIM Will be Treasured with Pleasure and Pride Gifts of Beauty . . . Really worthwhile selections that he will enjoy for years to come . . . and they're all endowed with the famous Keith's quality. • GIFTS FOR HIM « • Columbia Diamond Rings • Watches • Tie Clasps « Watch Bands • Billfolds « Cigarette Lighters • Parker "51" Pen and Pencil Sets KEITH'S JEWELRY South Elm Hope, Ark. exchanged by all the members. ihe next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Robert McCormack on January 2. Rocky Mound The Rocky Mound Home Demonstration Club met December 12 in the home of Mrs. H. H. Higgason ihe house was called to order bv the President, Mrs. Ted Purtle. the history of the song, "Oh. Promise Me, was given by the sone eadcr. "Silent Night," was iSnf Y Ife ^ lre eroup. The Devotion- fi ' u Mi ! Uhcw ., Z: M8 " wa s read by the hostess. Thirteen members ans- swered the roll call by telling things Christmas meant to them Old and new business was din- cussed Mrs. Norman Taylor was elected Secretary. Mrs. Willman Fincher was .elected Home Improve mcnl leader. Our New Home Demonstration Agent, Miss Dixon, gave a very instructive talk on Christ- she repeated: "If only Sidney-oh, he _rc you are, dear. Let me see whether you're buttoned; you seldom-Sidney, your red dress? Wear thFnki-" 0 ' Earle>s? D ° you '•'Yes. Mamma. A dash of red will do the daughters good " Miss Amy gathered up her purse and gloves. They would get the 8 n , C /° ( h k 1 5 ollB y- < But as they stepped out the door, they saw Basil d rive n «f surrey". ^ ™^ l " S tasscl ^°P' ••< r ii! I Tm tim . e? " Basil said. 1 ,. i 1 Squ l r 1 iyou to this sh 'n™ ' 'w an i M I S ' Cam eron up u me ' He handed her in set- in e [ h °V h ? f £ ont seat - "Child^M e bacl k Rose? Mind thos e Al in^rr ' a ^' Sid! Red Cross Outlines Aid to Veterans i £. on , c 'il ay CIaim s Institute was held, at the Ctty Hall on Friday, December 13, 1946 by Milton B Young, Field Director, American r, e . d , Cr ° ss ' Veterans Administration Little Rock Arkansas. ;The course was regarding all services to veterans, which the Red Cross can give. ,, Tho |, e amending the institute were Mrs - ^ P> Philli P s . Chapter Chairman, Mrs. J. T. Burlingame, Executive Secretary Little River County, Mrs. Helen Smith, Executive becrolary, Nevada County, Mrs. Ellis, Executive Secretary Howard County, Royce Weisenberger, Chapter Chairman and Mrs. Lucille Carr gan Executive Secretary, Hempstead County. Guernsey Captures Two Titles in Spring Hill Meet Guernsey captured two basketball titles last weekend at the Spring Hill tournament, winning both junior and senior boys games, while Spring Hill, host of the invitational meet, took the girls division. ''It's nothing at all. But," he said, taking up the reins, "I have been thoughtful tonight and I be- leve I've snaffled onto a revolutionary idea-concerning you Mrs Cameron. I told Mother at dinner agrel 'too 2 '' 1208 - N " W ' " ^"'M "ust (To Be Continued) Summer in the starts in January February. South Pole and ends in mas tree decorations. After the business meeting the group enjoyed a party. Games and a Christmas tree which was for the grown ups and chijdren. The next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Florence Fincher on January 9. Soap making will be the Demonstration. The hostess served delightful refreshments. The Woman's Creed was repealed by all Mother of Local Woman Succumbs in Mississippi Mrs. Marshall Turner, mother of Mrs. Dewey Camp of Hope, died today at her home at Amory Miss. Funeral services will be held at Amory, Wednesday, Mrs, Camp has been at the bedside for some time. Members of the Amish 'religion are forbidden to ride in automobiles .or tractors. WOULD YOU SEND HAPPINESS ACROSS THE MILES? PLDRALCD. 111 V). WALMUT-Pfl.Ul <5tafe 2U-J-2 Christmas Values at Rephans A few of the many values you'll find in our store for L.nristmas. Come in and shop for the entire family Be sure to see these real values listed below. Come Early Entire Stock of kinirc JIUCK Or • LADIES DRESSY DRESSES Pretty dressy dresses in spun rayon, crepes and woolens. Just right to wear" now and later. Buy several. To close out for 1 '/2 PRICE Extra Large CHENILLE BEDSPREADS Beautiful chenille bedspreads in solid colors. They will make an appreciated Christmas gift. 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