Bevier Appeal from Bevier, Missouri on May 4, 1906 · Page 6
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Bevier Appeal from Bevier, Missouri · Page 6

Bevier, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1906
Page 6
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SCENE OF DESTRUCTION IN CENTRAL PART OF CITY. If further proof were seeded of the CLASS DISTINCTION "WAS WEAK AND DIZZY Dr. Williams' r:k PlUa Restored the Patient to Perfect Haattlt Anal Strength. Mrs. Mary Gagner, of No. 576 South Bonimer street, Ilolyoke, Mans., hat paaaed through aa experience which proves tknt some of tbe greatest bless tugs of life may lie within easy reach and yet be f onud ouly by mere cbnuoe. A few years ago while she was employed in the mills she was suddenly seised with dizziness and great weakness. " I was so-weak at tiroes," she says, "thai I could hardly stand, and my head became so dizzy that it seemed aa if the floor was moving aronud. "My condition at last became so bad thatJL wns obliged to give np work in he mill, and later still I became so feebly that I could not even attend to me household duties. After the slightest-exertions I had to lie down and rest until I regained strength. "A frieud who had used Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pule People urged me to try them. I bought a box and began to take them. The benefit was so positive aud so quickly evident that I continued to use the pills until I had taken altogether six boxes. By that time I was entirely cured, aud for two years I have had no return of my trouble. I am now in the best of health aud able to attend to all my duties. I am glad to acknowledge the benefit I received and I hope that my statement may be the menus of Inducing others who umy suffer in this way to try this wonderful medicine," The secret of the power of Dr. Wil leveling character of conditions It might have been aeea yesterday after noon, when "If ike" Do Young, of the Chronicle, millionaire and political leader, stood In front of one of these little offices. Down the street In aa automobile belonging to ex-Miytr James D. Pbeian came Abe Reuf. the triumphant Republican boss. When be aaw De Young he waved his hat and called out a hearty greeting, to which De Young responded with a gay salute. For one not Intimate with San Franclsro to fully realize what tbl means he muat be told that Reuf, Phelan and I)e Young are the respec tive leaders of the most bitter and antagonistic political factions In the west. If you stlUdoubt that the mlllenlum Is upon us g-j down the street two blocks to where the relief committee la working 24 hours a day from the showroom of a vegetable grocer and you will find flavin McNabb and Abe Reuf with chairs and arms touching, tanghtng at the name grim earthquake Jokei and putting the two craftiest beada In San Francisco together for the Immediate relief of the afflicted. A week ago aa the bosses respectively of the Republican and Democratic ranks. America could have afforded no more striking Instance of deadly rivalry than would have been adduced by mention of these two names. Beiurrectln g a Dry Goods Store. From another cigar stand white-haired, esthetic Raphael Well Is resurrecting the moat fashionable dry goods store In the city. He la old. wealthy and practically retired. He could easily turn bis back on San Francisco and live the rest of his days, the one other place of his delight; but says be: "I shall stay here and aee it all up again Just aa It waswith perhaps on difference. It will be about twice as good." Up and down all the streets one can aee curbstone fires, where the people are cooking their meals lit obedience to the municipal order to light no fires In the houses. They being without large ranges, small kitchen stoves, improvised sheet Iron ovena and the old brick Dutch ovens are used and from which are turned out some wonderful concoctions. Most of the servants have either run away or been sent away and the people who get their own meals out of doors are among the best In the city. Cooking their dinners In the streets may be sen girls who have been educated at. Stanford, Berkeley, Yassar and Bryn Mawr. Bpreckela Heir Brn on Sidewalk. But of all the astounding leveling feats accomplished by the fire and earthquake the most remarkable occurred In front of the Pacific avenue home of Rudolf Spreckels. son of the president of the sugar trust. There on the sidewalk, behind some screens, Mrs. Spreckels was safely delivered of a handsome and healthy son. It Is a free state, everyone beginning over again, rich and poor alike, Just as the front rank broke from tha line the day Oklahoma territory was opened to settlement Not Fair Shake; Start Again. Young men who can awing a small capital to-day will be millionaires In a few years. Millionaires who today are walking the stret-u mourning over their Ill-lurk will never again be flush. San Franclsro, queen city of chance, born of the gambling fever, bred of the gambling energy, dreamed out of a gamtder's visions of wealth and glory, with a fierce and terrible grandeur, has smitten all who loved her and said to the half million who had sworn by her: "It's not a fair shake; start again." Rescue Insane People. Many stories of heroism He burled In tbe rutus, but come tales that make the heart tinyle are slowly filtering through official sources. This is the story of the noble work performed by Mrs. Kane, matron of tho Detention hospital, and rollceropn John McLean, who was de- . tailed there the night of the great earthquake. The Insane patients at the ruined city hall were kept In locked cells, from which only the keys of the steward could free them. At the hour of dawu on that fatal Wednesday morning, tba structure in which the courts were housed was the first to fall. The weight tenae nervous energency and the officer tbe detention hospital, which was on the ground floor. Steward Manville was so badly Injured by the falling ruins ( that ho died two days later. Mrs. Kane j and Policeman Mclenn. however, man- j aged to rut-'h outside to momentary j safety Both of them are well advanced lnvears. but the nurse Is a woman of In - tense nervous energy and the officer is a man of giant frame. As soon as they i I I j ! ' ; ; ; I ; i ' ' "Vef i , A".:", CONFISCATEDTHE LEASE. latrrlttr ltruarlairat Deprive Gaffer aad Gal, of Oil Property Bersu Hallaaa Were l(Urrar4d. Muskogee, I. T. The Indian ai?ent acting under Instructions from the department of interior has taken every producing oil lease owned by Guffey A Galy out of their possession and placed the land la tba poss-ess-lon of the allottees from whom the lease was taken. This action wxxa ordered because Guffey & Galy had sold -their leases contrary to the expressed provisions of the lease and the rulings of the department of the Interior under whose supervision the leases were taken. . The price quoted for the aale was alleged to be $1,250,000 Guffey A Galy have leases that cover fully the 4.R00 acres which la the maximum the company is allowed to lease The specific charge against Guffey & Galy is that they sold their leasea Including all their producing wella to a trust company of St. Louia and that the leases were again transferred thla time going to the Osage & Oklahoma Oil ft Gas company. t INDIANS WIN OLD CLAIM. Government Moat Vmy C'kerokers Sam Vthli-h, wilk lulfffit Slow I H.IK, Amoantu to ,000,000. Washington, D. C. The expense of transferring the Cherokee Indians from the east to Indian territory more than DO years ago, originally assessed ngalust the Cherokee treaty fund and amounting to $1,000,000 must be paid by the federal government according to a decision of the supreme court of the United States Mond;y. The effect of the decision is to give the entire sum awarded to the eastern ChorokecH, cutting out the "old settlers." or western Cherokees. Originally there .were 10.000 of the eaatern Cherokees but tneir aecena-ants now number about 50,000. The original claim was for $1,111,284 but Interest since brings the sum up to $1,000,000. Karopntkla Panllsbra Memoirs. Moscow, Russia. The memoirs of Gen. Kuropatkln, a voluminous work covering the Russo-Japanese war, Is being published here under the super vision of its author. The volumes give a defense for Kuropatkln's strat egy in all the Important battles of the war and criticise so freely the lack of support given the general In high quarters in St. Petersburg and the conduct of certain of his subordinates that the author thought seriously of publishing the work only posthumously. Americana t Oatlnae to Lead. Athens, Greece. The continued success of the American athletes in the Olympic gnmes is causing some ill-feeling among the Greeks, although on the whole an excellent temper has been displayed by the competitors and spectators. A few of the latter, however, have not been able to conceal their feelings and some hisses were heird Friday. The Amcrtca,Ti8 again figured prominently in the day's re sults. Tornado Daraasr la Xrbraaka Omaha. Neb. A special to the Bee from Oxford, Neb., says a tor nado did much damage In Furnas coun ty at 6 o'clock Monday evening. Tele graph and telephone wires are prostra ted in the territory covered by the storm and only meager reports have been obtained, but it is known that several residences were wrecked and a number of persons Injured, although no fatalities have been reported. To Reward Dynamite Sa.aad. Washington, D. C. President Roosevelt has called upon the war and navy departments to report the nanus of the officers and enlisted men of the marine corps and army who displayed special gallantry in checking the San Francisco Are by the nse of dynamite; this with a view to their reward and commendation. ' r a. ULXTHQT7AXX AT 1AH TXJMCI&-CO PLACTS EICH AND FOOK OH AKK LEVEL SIDELIGHTS ON THE GREAT CATASTROPHE KUUioaaJrs and Pauper Vow rrieada Business Blng Conducted Ami 1 ths Bain Bir to Wsalth Barn on Sidewalk. Ban Francisco. Cel. This town Is "on ths level" In every sense of the word, writes Richard Barry. You can land on Tar flat and aee Telegraph bill with no otiatructlon but a few skyscraper skeletons. South of Van Ness avenue It is not even a junk heap. No more should are abot berauaa there la nothing to steal, and they will have to pay men to carry off the amaahed bricks. Russian, Telegraph and Nob bllla, which formerly made urh magnificent metropolitan saddis against the Golden Gate, look aa they do In the print of '49, when errubby bushes rambled across their barren facea. They have been acraped of foul and talr by a mighty muck rake. The homea of three-fourths of the people are annihilated, and aa one walka through the desolation be alowly realties that the world can never know -whit baa happened; that 100 Pompella would be swallowed In these rulna and that California In tragedy, aa In all elae, haa ahaken her Jaunty flat In the fare of history and written "flnls" to the volume. , Social Distinctions Leveled. Yet theae amaahed buildings and d-olate atreeta do cot present the significant leveling. The material loea la great, .but It doea not stagger the Imagination. A few hundred million will mend the hurt and there are many poo-pie here to-day who think the shake-up la worth tho leveling. Society la on the ground, face to face. Every artificial barrier la a wept away. The social distinctions built up In 50 yearn have Ween obliterated with the aame swiftness and finality ahown by the flume toward the property. The loaa of lite la email, the loss of aortal posl- tlon colonial. Down to the element, now nothing counta but human loaa. Money baa momentarily lost I la pur- haclng power. Servanta. luxury, hab it, jireatlge y, amity, feuda, hatred, Jealousy and contempt have disappeared. Humanity la la the flat and very one la on the level. Here are a few random Incidents picked from the edge of the cataclyem: Fillmore street, a third-rate metropolitan artery, haa become for the moment the business center of the town. Here, In dinky bakeries, cheap randy stores, tawdry photograph galleries and Insignificant lodging nouses, are found all that la left of the great-eat business Institutions on the Pacific coast. A sawmill that formerly employed 4,000 men haa Ita office, In a hall bedroom that used to rent for one dollar a week. A bakery that era-ployed 300 carts before the fire la operating out of a hand laundry that was run by three women. The largest. department store In the went la being resurrected from a soda water stand that haa een roughly partitioned, the front 14 by 16 feel space being used foranqfike. In a rear roomof similar extent the" exclusive heads go for frl- cle4 and coffe warmed over an al cohol lamp. , Odd. Quarters for City OfSclala You can see the chief of police in Ean Francisco as easily aa you could tee the sheriff of the backwoods ' county In Arizona. He slta In the window of a corner grocery and aa you pass on the sidewalk you g'auce at his bright face and hear hia hearty laugh. The mayor Issues bis orders from the lodge room of a secret society, Ths suucrjqcouty la being .held lit a Jtwlsll srnafrrpifV while the city and county fitordi r furled In a tomb In the linfconfc "cMrietery. The 'tiewSpijsrs t(ut,-onto occupied the prtaclpaskyscrXpara Ip vhe city are being ota.,e4, lr)m .four little rooms In th ani, block, no one of which, baa biibre than a 80-foot front or a BO-fW-depfb... On on aide of each room yonran. see tht slgji "Sub-eerlption Department, on the. other "Advertising IVpartmen,", while on each rear 'wU! la" hung. a. rough sign, "Editorial- DepartBWJJt.; . " I " One NprJrl pSUe a Bedroom. One of Ujf "i)i;i6rtuna paper. - after much waetring, haa managed to commaAde'rsecGnd-rioor bedroom, the tfhtara- of 'Wlioaf rjrevloua eeupsnts U'tteated, by ; the-.- notice till binginf '1rom"-iii? cb3tode:ier, which mdCotftiUa'; Pot the Ga. In ij g?5 rooi,Hfwnd two mall tabjes. is. congregated (ha Tour-BallsUc talenftbAt'lormerty onducUK! a world-famous organ from suite of 15 room In one of ths most alignment buildings In tba west. GUESSING ON RATE BILL. Senate Shows Signs of Coming to a Vote at Last. talk lirllasa f lalM SaSSrlrnt SlrenatlS) o ( err Tbrtr kmrn. meals Win Time Cuiura. Waablngton, I). C. The decision Monday to Uke up the railroad rate bill on Friday neat for aruendmenta under a fifteen minute rule, means a final vote on. the measure at no distant day. On aorue sides hj the senate It la atated that the meaning is that tho f.u-tlon demanding a court review uniendtiiHiit hm been assured of the neceasary strength to adopt such an amendment while other senators charge that this faction haa been unable to get the atrength to Hmer.d the till) and has abandoned lta fight Senators Crane and Kean suited unqualifiedly Monday that they have the rotes to amend the bill but that no agreement had bfen reached as to what the amendment will be. They said, however, that In every sense It would be a broad Judicial review. The pride of authorship la said to Interfere with an agreement on any particular amendment, but preference would have to be voted for one of half a dozen, any one of which would lie satisfactory to this so-called conservative faction. Several other senators favoring such a review amendment, exprt-ed similar views. Contrary opinions were expressed by Senntors Dolliver and Long, two of the men who have founht for the bill as It was passed by the hotine or with some such court review amendment as was agreed upon at a conference at (he White houne by friends of the bill. They stated, after the adjournment of the senate Monday, that they did not believe there were votes enough in the Bcnate to put a broad re-lew amendment Into the bill, and that they were not sure that the senate wanted any change at all, even such a limited review as was proposed by Senator Ixjng after the White house conference. In some quarters it has been stated that thoHe who have sought to amend the bill have become satisfied that provision for a broad review already exists and that this is much broader even than the friends of the measure have thought. t'ndoubtcdly there are several votes In the sen.'ite that both sides are claiming ami of which neither side Is certain. HrliKlt.n. Sertlrm Wrrr Held. Snn Francisco, April 30. Scattered congregation!) were reunited Sunday morning dining the hours given over to religious services, which were, in many instances, held In the open air or in tents. Pastors from various religious institutions, visited the camps where, hundreds of homeless families are quartered and in every instance the attendance was large. The clergymen addressed to thtdr flocks words of hope and encouragement, ad vising them to abide by all regulations nnd co-operate with the officials who have charge of the city. Toraado Reported la Trita. Fort Worth, Texas. A tor iado, It Is reported, has swept away the town of Bellevue and damaged the town of Stoneburg. Meager ad vices received here Thursday night been killed and many injured and missing. Fire was destroying -tho ruins caused by the tornado. A spe-i rial train started from Bowie. Tex., IK miles distant, for the 6cene. Bel tTUC aa d IUWU Ul it' luaauiuuu. Tw Ei-Marara Dl. Marlon, Ohio. Simultaneous T Hh la of ex-Mayor Johnstone here Monday came the news of the death at Chinicothe. of John G. Mader, who retired as Marion's mayor last January. liams' 1'iiilc fills in cases of debility, such as Mrs. Gaguer's lies in the fact tliat they make new blood, aud every organ and eveu every tiny nerve in the body feels the stir of a new tide of strength. Dr. W illlams' Pink Pills are sold by all druggists or will be sent, postpaid, on receipt of price, 50 cents per box, six boxes for $3.50, by the Dr. Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. wiut noil i. tin nnn ' oum nrv Hujck. lavaa ihn Siijiavf thi "ill par lie rr -- slvlaraa ibii 3L S4A, Mill i el l . low. NOBILITY NOTES. Princess Ena of Battenberg is the only royal child born In Scotland for more than $00 years. King Edward has nine motor cars. The king does not need to have his cars numbered and doea not use a driv ing license. The king of 8pain and Prince Fred eric of Schleswlg-Holsteln are generals of the British army. There Is no foreign ardlmals In the navy. Prince Louis of Bavaria is among the few royal doctors. He is a skilled surgeon .and has performed several operations In Madrid, where he was itaylng before the marriage of his son. Kaiser WUhelm Is of medium height. but tbe German empress is tall, and that Is why the proud kaiser will never consent to be photographed beside his wife, unless she sits while he stands. The important news Is officially an nounced by the British war depart ment that horse No. 81,775, of the ar tillery, has been chosen for tbe use ol the prince of Wales on public occa sions. Queen Alexandra, of England Is, like most women, 111 at ease on the ros tmm. Her voice is low and sweet with just a suspicion of foreign accent about it There is an almost pathetlo note In Its tones that lingers In the memory hauntlngly. However, all her lubjects loyally declare that she Is a most charming speaker and that tha foreign tinge Is but an added charm to the voice. The new queen of Norway is salj to be a great admirer of Dickens and to have read the "Christmas Carol" so much that she can recite it from beginning to end. Not long ago she said: "No one can be really bad who can cry over Tiny Tim." Every Christmas she sends parcels of pres. nta to tbe crippled children in tba homes and hospitals of London and to each present Is attached - a card bearing tbe message: "With Tiny Tim's love." FOUND OUT. Trained Norse Discovered Its Effect. No one la in better position to know the value of food and drink than a trained nurse. Speaking of coffee a nurse of Wllkes- Barre, Pa., writes: "I used to drink strong coffee myself and suffered great ly from headaches and Indigestion. While on a visit to my brothers I had a good chance to try Postum Food Coffee, for they drank It altogether In place of ordinary coffee. In two weeks, after using Postum. I found I waf much benefited and finally my headaches disappeared and also the lna gesuon. ' Naturally I have since used Postum among my patients, and hare noticed a marked benefit where coffee has, been left off and Postum used. - "I observe a curious fact about Postum used among mothers. It greatly helps the flow of milk In cases wbert coffee Is Inclined to dry it up, and where tea causes nervousness. "I find trouble in getting servants to make Postum property. They most always serve it before It has been boiled long enough. It should be boiled 15 of 20mlnntes and served with cream, when It is certainly a delicious bevex age." ' , There's a reason' tot Postum, reached the open court they were greet- i state that the town of Bellevue is toed by the terrified shrieks of the insane tally destroyed. 1$ or 15 persons having that pierced through the smoking ruins around. They refused to leave their helpless charges, and both went back Into the cbaotlc debris. Sew Buildings Are Planned. The work of rebuilding ban Francisco will proceed rapidly. Mrs. Herman Oelrichs cf. few York haa agreed to repair tne uiaito ouuuing boo u. hiis .i. r,n the site of the Crossley. She and her sister. M-s. W. K. Vander- but. Jr, have also stated that they will ; pat p solid office structures on theU, Montgomery street site. ; i I '

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