The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1953
Page 12
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f AW TWELVE JJJL.I. Despite Discontent Stirring In Russia, Revolt Not Likely By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — In idle moments over their coffee men here in Washington hav« wondered what kind of celebration there would be in this country if the Russian people suddenly overthrew their Communist masters. There was dancing in the streets after World Wars I and U. Ther« might be again, after a Russian revolution. In a foreword, the committee» chairman, Sen. Wiley, Wisconsin Republican, added his own word of caution against hope in this country that a revolution is ready to pop In Russia. 'Because these tensions exist," to Hit ntturnl American! should bop« lor th« day, even though they h»v« no assurances that In th foreseetble future the Russian am satellite people* wUl destroy thei: Red overlordi. CMorge Kennan, former Ameri ean ambassador to Moscow and on* of this country's top authorities on Russia, predicts a revolution there. But when? The most he can do tor that question is cay: "Even tually." "Plainly," he said this month "the edifice of Soviet power faced today with severe strains and crl»ls.". That there are deep discontents within the Soviet orbit was shown this summer by the riots In the MtollltM and could be perceived In Premier Melenkov's attempt to •oothe the Russian people with promiMi of better living stand- ardi. Further Indication of this stress hai Just been supplied by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee In > 93-page study, prepared by Ruaslan experts at the Library of Congress, called "Tensions Within the Soviet Union." 1W» study, bringing up to date • similar one made In 1951, covers a wide field of Russian living. Its purpose was to round up evidence ef strains and resentments built up among the Russian people against the Communists. Caution Urged But the study cautions against atarry • eyed optimism that the Kremlin is going to topple coon. It says: "An Illusion against which one •hould be on guard considering the tensions within the Soviet Union Is the conclusion that because dissatisfaction exists in Russia, therefore an armed and organized revolt Is imminent there. "It Is even debatable that those who are dissatisfied would necessarily dlsaflect from the Soviet Union and Its Communist regime In case of a military showdown with the West, particularly If no well-thought-out guidance and encouragement are given the dissenting elements from outside." What kind of encouragement? At this point the study stops. It offers no solutions of Its own, since that was not the purpose of the study. he said, "does not mean that the Russian people are ready to spring to arms in revolt." But while the study talked of giving "well-thought-out guidance and encouragement" to the "dissenting elements from outside," Kennnn said the United States should pursue a hands-off policy toward Russia's internal problems. The library experts did a research job to put the study together, examining Russian newspapers and various sources, such as books and reports on Russia by people who have been there or have specialized in a study of Russia. They covered 10 areas of Russian groups, minorities. Aed Army, .ife: youth, intelligentsia, religious women, workers, collective farmers, and forced labor. The Btudy said: "Perhaps the greatest area of .enslon In the Soviet Union—that is, In terms of numbers Involved— ies within the youih group, normally thought of as a thoroughly ndoctrinated sector of Soviet society, filled with enthusiastic mem- )ers of the various Communist 'outh organizations." Because the study Is based on )ooks, papers or documents pub- icly available, there is no inforrna- ion In It which could be considered new, or hitherto secret. But when the various pieces ivhich make up life under the commissars are pulled together in one lace, as they are here, It makes . gruesome picture. Dishing Worms G/Ve "olice a Scare FARMINGTON, N. M- C/T)—Some dire thoughts flitted through the minds of police called to investigate "a terrible odor" emanating rom a foot locker at a bus station. They breathed a little easier—but lot much—after the box was open- Second B-36 Group Lands In Japan TOKYO W)—The second section of "Operation Big Stick," & mas- flight of B36 super bombers from the United States- to the Par East arrived at an airfield north of Tok yo today. Several of the huge 10-engim bombers put down in a light rain a Yokotiv Air Base, 32 miles north of Tokyo and home of many of th B20 bombers which used to ham mer North Korea. Yokota is less than 700 miles from Soviet Vladivostok. An Air Force spokesman said there was "no significance" to the nickname "Operation Big Stick. The operation is officially described as a training mission. Security regulations prevented disclosure of the length or elapsed time of the flight It was not known how long the planes would remain in the Par East, but they are expected to turn to the United States soon- The B36s which arrived on Tuesday have alread departed for an undisclosed destination. Ladies Criticize Kinsey Studies LOS ANGELES (/P)—"An unfair appraisal of American woman- nood." That's how the ladles of the Pan-Arcadian Federation of America feel about the Kinsey report on their sex. In a resolution yesterday, the auxiliary of the federation, reek - American group, criticized the Kinsey studies because only 6,000 women were interviewed. "The answers probably came from braggarts, exhibitionists and ;hose more or less abnormal," declared the auxiliary In convention here. The resolution concluded: "The notorious report has created a sensationalism which mighl ed. It contained two boxes of fish- affect the moral code of women and !ng worms, quite dead. family relationships." AND BASIC TO IT ALL, the "at-ease" feeling of Jockey Shorts MooV only by YOUR CLOTHES can soy you're a well-dresied man. Bui lo fee/ your best a* well as look your besi, you've got to start with Jockey Shorls. Jockey Shorts are made from 13 separate pieces, to fit you snug and smooth, keep you comfortably "ot ease." And they feature: long-lasting, heat-resistant rubber waistbands . . . leg openings that won't sog or bindl Exclusive no-gap angled front opening I COME IN and get a supply of Jockey Shorts. Then feel as we»l dressed « yo« arcl $1.20 $1.00 MID-AIB DRAMA — When Sgt. Richard N. Cleaver, Niagara Falls, N. Y., felt "a wad of silk" in his face during jump at Ft. Campbell. Ky.. he grabbed it and held. It was the collapsed 'chute of fellow Jumper Pfc. Harold D. Lovell, Oklahoma City, The photo shows Cleaver dropping safely with Lovell dangling below. Both were unhurt. (U. S. Army Photo via AP Wirephoto) Swindle by Swindell WICHITA FALLS, Tex. IJP>—Ok- .homa City officers had returned to Oklahoma today with a man charged in the $1,800 swindling of an Oklahoma City automobile firm The 37-year-old man's name: F. G. Swindell. Read Courier News Classified Ads Panama to Ask U. S. for Higher Canal Zone Rent PANAMA, Panama (tp>— delegation prepared to sail today for the United States to press Panama's demand lor more TJ. S. rent for the canal zone. Backing them, thousands rallied in downtown Panama City last nifjht. Negotiations between Panama and the nited States on revision of the 1904 Panama Canal Zone Treaty will begin in Washington Sept. 10. Under the 1904 pact, the United States paid $250,000 in gold annually for the 10-mile-wlde strip of land bordering the canal. A later treaty made the annual payment of $430,000. Thousands of persons jammed the Cinco cie Mayo Plaza for the mass rally last night. President Jose Antonio Remon, accompanied by the iirchbishop of Panama and six ex- presidents of the nation, led a march that preceded the rally. The tone was friendly to the United States but speakers insisted that Panama was not getting enough rent. Computing Alphabet SCHENECTADY, N. Y. (/P) — Computing machines have more "initial names" than departments in the federal government. Some of the new business machines being manufactured here hear such titles as WAC, SWAG, XRAC, UNIVAC and ELECOM. And there .is one called OMIBAC, teh name of which was inspired by the Army infantryman's "Oh, My Aching Back." Spelled out in full, what it really means is "Ordinal Memory Inspecting Binery Automatic Computer." Don't ask what that means. Submerging Streams Three Idaho rivers (Big Lost river. Little Lost river, and Birch creek) flow into the ground, "disappearing into the desert east of Arco. SOVIET'S DAM POWER—This is the Soviet Union's newest hydroelectric station, at Ust-Kamen-j ogorsk, on Siberia's Irtish River, according to caption material supplied by an official Soviet photo agency. It is said to supply power to industrial enterprises, construction projects and farms in eastern Kazakhstan, and in mountain regions of the Altai. No power production figures were given. DuPont Tax Bill Exceeds Pay Roll WILMINGTON, Del. |7P) �� The E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., world's largest chemical firm, reported today its income tax bill to the U- S. government was higher thn its payroll for the first half ol 1953. Du Pont said it had set aside 233 million dollars to pay federal taxes, while wages and salaries paid em- ployes amounted to 226 millions. "If state, local, society security i and other taxes had been included," i De Pont pointed out, "they would! lave added about 16 millions more ;o the tax bill." St. Louis Prepares for Legion 'Sfo/en' Flowers Win SEDALIA, Mo. (J?} — Mrs. Oscar Pagan didn't think her flowers were pretty enough to enter in the an- il Sedalia Rose Society. Her friends disagreed, slipped into her ;arden, snipped some blossoms and entered them in her name. The entries took the gold and silver awards, the Uvo top prizes of the sho\v. Wild Potatoes Improve Domestic Type, Expert Says DURHAM, N.C. (/P) — Potatoes from the backwoods, real wild life, are pointed towards development of better spuds for the American dinner table. Dr. Donovan S. Con-ell, a bontan- ist from Duke University, says that out-of-way sections in Central America and Mexico have developed disease and frost resistant strains which would help potatoes on U.S. farms. In his book, published by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Dr. Con-ell says that the potato had its origin in the Andes and Bolivia and Peru- Correll has gathered wild potato relatives in Mexico which are now being used in breeding investigations in the United States, Germany, Canada and Alaska. Exterminator won 33 stake races, more than any other American race horse. 1 ST. LOUIS Iff)— St. Louis is taking on a festive air in preparation for the official opening next week of the American Legion's national convention. Some 35,000 members of the legion and its auxiliaries are expected and they're swarming in already. Every hotel and tourist court for 25 miles around is booked solid. Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (H- Wis.) will speak before a joint session of the legion's foreign relations. Americanism and national security commissioners at 4 p.m. (EST) today on "The Defense of a Republic-" Highlight of the convention speeches will be a major policy speech Wednesday by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. Vice President Nixon announced plans for the speech yesterday after two White House meetings at which Dulles reviewed international developments. 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