Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 14, 1946
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^uWu**!- *» 1 Pdjje Two HOft STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS Saturday December 14 1946 TOUROUIST seizeb Koine, Dec. 12-^W>— Police ar. a man they said was carry- a bomb, a pistol with a silencer, ammtmitton^etips «nd across the street from the Spanish embassy last night, but declined to say. As some newspapers did— that " . the" arrest had foiled an attack on Sunday - Monday - Tuesday Social; and P< >octal) ana i crsona Phone 768 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. I Social Calendar Monday, December 16 The Annual Christmas Party of the Business Women's Circle of the First Baptist church will be held at the home of Mrs. M. S. Bates on South Elm Street Monday evening at 7:30. The Lottie Moon Christmas offering will be taken at this meeting. All members are urged to attend. Tuesday, December 17 The American Legion Auxiliary will hold their annual Christmas arty at three o'clock Tuesday af- ernoon at the home of Mrs. Bill mith. Gifts will be exchanged and special program has been ar- anged. A full attendance is urged, j you. riday, December 13 The Paisley P.T.A. will meet at he school at 7:30 Friday night for "Falhers Night" meeting. The upils of the school will present ic program and a full attendance s urged. Sunday -Monday - Tuesday Tuesday, December 17 The Oglesby P.T.A. Tuesday afternoon at News of the Churches ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL Elm and Third Streets The Rev. W. NorVhey Jones, 3.T.D. Acting Rector Dec. 15. The Tihrd Sunday in Advent. 11 a.m. —Morning Prayer and Sermon by Dr. Jones. ' The cry of the Baptist is heard; "Prepare ye the way of the Lord." He bids us all to prepare for Clubs Christ's coming.. This Church has a message for will meet 2 o'clock at the school. This is an executive FIRST CHRISTIAN North Main at West Avenue B Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister Sunday School —9:45. Classes for all ages. We cordially invite anyone not attending any other Sunday School to visit our school. Morning Worship. " ! ~" and Sermon —10:50. of are the P.T.A. and urged to attend. all •neeting mothers oileen Carroll Weds Hugh McKee Announcement is made ol the marriage of Miss Colleen Carroll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E Carroll of Walnut, Kan., to Hugh H. McKee, son of Mr. and Mrs James McKee of Hope. Ihe wedding was solemnized at a nuptial mass at St. Joseph s Catholic Church November 16 at 8 a.m. by the Rev. Father Charles Me- Communion, The special music wilTbe a vocal duet by Mrs. Lora Jones and Mrs. B. L. Rettig. Christian Youth Fellowship meeting 6:30. Any teen age boy or girl will enjoy attending the meeting of this group. Evening Worship, Communion, and Sermon —7:30. Monday: 3:30—The women of the Church will make calls. If you can do this visitation, contact your circle leader. . Thursday: 6:30 —Meeting of the Laymen's League. This meeting has been designated as Ladies Night. Spring .Hill The Spring Hill Senior 4 - H Club met at Spring Hill School December 12 at 10:15 a. in. with 21 girls and 26 boys present. Lona Lee Powell, president, was in charge of the meeting. She introduced Miss Mary Dixon. new Home Demonstration Agent, to the club. Glen Townsend and Betty Jo Fant were elected song isauers. The club wants a lo- calleade r to hely oul with the 4-H Club work In the community. Mary Lou Butler and Patsy Foley were appointed to contact prospective local leader to help out with the 4-H Sinyard and Raymond Clark for the boys. Mary Lou Butler was elected as club project captain for the girls. The following were enrolled as new club members: Mary Lou Butler, Ann Hamilton, Lynette Lee, Edith Rae Wright, Wayne Butler, Glen Townsend and Bobby Wood. Upon concluding of business Winford Cox and Cleotius Thomas presented a cattle grub demonstration at L. E. Brown's farm. The boys from the two groups learned how easy it is to drive 30 penny nail- holes in a fruit jar top through which 1.65 per cent rotenone dust pours from a jar and can be rubbed into grub holes in the back of cows. Miss Dixon gave the girls suggestions on Christmas decorations. The girls will report in January on what suggestions they carried out. Henderson to Play Monday at Prescott Henderson Stale Teachers Red- dles will meet the Garland Prides of Lewisvillo in a feature basket-- bnll game at the Prescott gymnasium at 8 o'clock Monday night, December IB. These closely matched teams are being brought to Prescott by the Prescott Boosters club, which also has other big basketball attractions planned to entertain southwest Arkansas funs in the best gymnasium in this section. JEANNETTE COVERT NOLAK Copyright by ). C. Nolon; Dlitrlbutd by NEA SERVICE, INC. Budget Group Slashes State Police Funds Little Rock, Dec. 13 — </P)— The state police department's request for an annual budget of $408,110 resulted in a bitter debate at yesterday's session of the 1947 legislature's joint budget committee. THE STORY: Major Cameron, veteran of the Lost Cause, is it man who believes the spirit of the Old South can never die. lie scorns the Yankee town he lives in, hales drumming Spunky Mule tobacco, dreams Idly of being able to take lis family to more elegant surround Ings. Miss Amy, kindly wife and mother, never questions anything he does. Their children include: beautiful, trusting Rose who has had a secret "adventure with a strange young man; derisive bicl- ney, 19. who wonders why Ace Latshaw stopped writing to her: Jeff, 22, whose ambitions to be a cartoonist arc encouraged by Sidney; - Hannah, 12. the Beau 10; and year is 1910.. X PATMOS Patmos Junior and Senior Clubs met Tuesday December 4-H 10 The bride wore a green suit with brown accessories and an orchid corsage. Miss Patty Carroll of Parsons, Kan., a sister of the bride, and Thelmar Galloway of Hope were attendants. . A breakfast at the Colonial Courts in Prairie Grove followed. Mrs. McKee is on the nursing staff of the Veterans Hospital. She was graduated from Mt. Carmel School of Nursing in Pittsburg, Kan. Mr. McKee, a student at the University, is a veteran of five years service in the Army. They are at home at 43 South Gregg Out "of town guests for the wedding included Mr. and Mrs. Carroll the parents of the bride. —North West Ark. Times. Friday Music Club 'arty Thursday Evening The Friday Music Club enjoyed a Christmas party Thursday even- ng at the home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart. The house was festive with gay decorations of holly, red jerries, snow scenes and burning red candles. Spirited games were directed by Mrs. Arch Wylie, Mrs. Henry Haynes, and Miss Beryl Henry, with prizes going to Mrs. A Spraggins, Mrs. Jim Mc- Cenzie, Mrs. S. A. Whitlow, Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, Jr., Miss Kathleen Gardner, and Mrs. Haynes Christmas carols, led by Miss Gardner, were sung. Mrs. Basil York accompanied at the piano. The hostess assisted by Mrs. Garrett Story, Mrs. Franklin Hortor, Mrs. Nathan Harbour, and Mrs. Whitlow served a delicious salad course with coffee from the lace covered beauty table. Gifts were distributed from the lighted Christmas tree by Santa's helpers Mrs, J C. Carlton and Mrs. J. O. Milam. Siehteen members including two new members, Mrs. J. E. Cooper and Miss Carlene Bruner, were entertained. Hope Wanes for Safety of 32 Men Aboard Plane HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Prov. 3: 5, 6 Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —11:00. Choir Practice —5 p.m. Christ's Ambassadors Services Evangelistic Service —7:30. . Tuesday: Christian Service Bri- ga w e edn"e 7 sd I a'y 1 ?' HI-C. A. Brigade ~p'rayer m and Bible Study —7:30. Thursday: Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —10:55, mon by the Pastor. Vesper Service—o p.m .at 9:30 and 10:15 at the Patmos High School. The presidents were in charge of the meetings and the election of our local leader and two song leaders. Mrs. Llovd Smittle was elected as our local leader and Burl Joe Smittle and Bobbie Ann Payne were elected as our song leaders. A total of 48 were present. James Huett was enrolled as a new club member. Following the business session two cattle grub demonstrations were presented to the boys at Mr. T. J. Drake farm. Raymond Jones and Horace Hollis 4-H Club mem bers presented the demonstratior and explained the use of rolenone dust and how it should be appliec from an ordinary fruit jar with a i ten quarter inch holes in the top Miss Mary Dixon, Home Demon stration Agent, met with the girls Miss Dixon gave the girls sugges tions on Christmas gift ideas. Major Cameron put on his hat before the hall mirror, flicked a raveling from the sleeve of his best suit, and .took up his Bold- headed cane, prepnrntory to scttint; forth for the Hotel St. George bar-'-' "-e shav- had have his hair Some hours earlier Sidney lation in the midst of fabulously fertile acres and hundreds of Negroes to do her bidding, but in a ilce stone house, rising sheeny and high, from the pavement of the main street in the town of Myra. The Major remembered the house very well. Clearer in memory -than anything else about it was the fanlighted front door, with its polished brass plate and inscription Henry Cameron, M. D. Dr. Henry Cameron had been Aunt Pet s father and the Major's grandfather, so able u physician that he syas called in consultation all over Virginia, in. the spun ot a lifetime amassing both u tidy affluence and an incal-. ciilablo prestige and bequeathing both to his spinster daughter, Pet. But everyone knew, as did Aunt Pet herself, that in a region inhabited by such gentry us the Kiltred- gcs of Kingdon Manor, it was the prestige alone which sustained her and'shed an aura of distinction upon her maidenly existence, nee,, homestead and all it sheltered. Poor people? The Major marched, tapped his can irascibly, snort- started the day off wrong for him. , cd through Ills mustache, and having read the precincts of the rom Supt. Jack Porter's proposed 224,360 salary total and $39,050 rom his request for a $173,750 op-,- --- • . M ig ,cmj ,i,_ K .. — -,-•-, rating budget. He had been sealed, the Major , G eor g e Hotel, went down the bnsc»- Thc legislalors approved as re- recalled, at his desk in Ihe upstairs ] mcnt slcps ant j j n i o the barber uesled a 827,075,000 annual high- hall just after breakfast, when bid- shop j o( y s c ) ia ir was empty; Joe vay department budget and recom- ney assialed him, forcibly. seemed to be waiting for him. mended a $542,990 annual stale "Papa," Sidney said, "I want to ealth department budget, com- go to business college." lared to the $467.590 the depart- The Major had glanced up. ment now receives. "What? What for?" Consideration was begun on the "To learn to do somelhing, so I itatc education department's pro- can get a job." posed $19,290,425 but no action The Major had laken off his vas taken pending additional spectacles. "Nonsense, Sidney. Ihe study. Cameron girls—" The Resources and Development "I know. But I could us an as ommission requested $2,319,261 sumed name. 1 want to earn mon- The Major sighed. "Money? Are---=-'--• '-•- Sid- or the next two years but the I ey. committee did not act on the re- 1— _-„. .,,,quest. The R. and D. commission n't your needs provided for now has a biennial appropriation ney'. 1 " of only $460,552. I "To an extent, o By 953 AD the Chinese had printed their major classics in 130 volumes. Not as I would like them." . , He shook his head reprovingly. Then yoir are ungrateful. Your brother Jeff and I make every effort to provide for the women 'in our family. Jeff and I work for y °"But," Sidney said, . "that's just I it. Why should you? Why should | "Good mawning, Mistah Majah! I though you'd be a - comin . The Major divested himself of h» hat, coat and tie, hoisted his bulkiness into the chair and relaxed against the plush. Joe bent tenderly over him. "Shave an' a hair - trim, sun? Yes, Joe. Everything." "An 1 a shampoo—an' a shine?" "Everything." , , Joe beckoned to the ^ bootblack. "An' a manicure, suh?" . For a startled instant, the Major hesitated; never before had he none quite so far. Then he noddco\ "Everything," he said firmly and closed' hts eyes. Poor people! , (To Be Continued) Ser- followed V C.3i-'»-l u**•.»»—— — c- • • . by the Young Peoples Meeting. Auxiliary & Circle Meetings, at the church Monday. Men of the Church, Christmas Banquet Wednesday at the Barlow Hotel, with ladies as guests. You are cordially invited to worship with us. Liberty Hill The Liberty Hill Home Demon stration Club met at Ihe home o Mrs. W. H. Light Tuesday Decem ber 9th at 2:00 o'clock for the ai nual Christmas party. The club voled on Arkansas as he song for the State Home Demonstration Council, on the Red rose or the flower and on orchid for the color. The officers and leaders of Liberty Hill club for 1947 are as follows: President, Miss Ella Beard; Vice- president, Mrs. Ivan Willams; Secretary, Mrs. W. H. Light Reporter, Mrs. Grace Huckabee; FIRST METHODIST J. E. Cooper, Pastor Pine at Second Organ Music by Mrs. Dolphus Whitteni-Jr, —9:30 a.m. v .> v: Church' School —9:45 a.m. (Please bring "White gifts for the flower and blue and white ] for the color. During the business meeting Ihe club voted to consult other mem- ~^,~ n -> i t <~~ O niv I'm not an I ^t^X^lne^^ mffiie^c^l^Vc^U^ I The club members feel that the club house has to be repaired or sold but they wished to consult other members who were not in attendance before they took sleps. Spring Hill port ,.,j*^.~. "I'm sure that Jeff never feels our way of living is silly, never | feels imposed upon in having to Special Xmas Program at Tabernacle Several years ago the Tabernacle , The"Spring Hill Junior 4-H Club| f °°\; 0< . tric hi" mel al the fourth grade room on I such an osvncn --. December 12, al 9:30 a. m. with 18 . girls and 10 boys present. Kamp | i Taylor, vice - president was in gardening, Mrs. L. A. Davis: Im-1 charge of the meeting. He introdu jroving home grounds, Mrs. Buster Starnes,; poultry, Miss Ella Beard Food Conservation, Mrs. Clyde Huckabee; Household management, Mrs. Huron Light; Clothing, Mrs. A. A. Fuller; Home improvement and handicraft, Mrs. Huron Light; Child development and family life; Mrs. Irvfn Betts: Recreational Pro?ram an.dj song leader, Mrs. W. D. i>tarne6';"',Mrs. Mrs. R. L. Brown; of lafety-health-home Buster Starnes. nursing, Mrs. food to Sunday School next Sunday The January meeting will be he d morning to be distributed among I °* ^° *«™» "f ™™ Pnrr, P H,,rk- needy families in our community) at the home of Mrs. Parrie Huckabee. Mo'rning Worship — 10r50 Anthem: "Come to my Heart, Lord | Jesus". Soloist: Mr. Thos Pur- Hi n'ton The Hinton Home Demonstration vis. Sermon: The Cradle" by Pastor. Vesper Service —o:30 p.m. will be a special Christmas The Groups Around Club met at the club housa Mon- _ . ^ t J_.. T-\ »«U~.. Ot-U -4- O.rvn n 'nl nr *\r day December 8th at 2:00 o'clock. This I for their annual Christmas party. Pro-1 The club voted on America as gram by thT boys and girlTin the the song for the State Home Dem- k. .'. •*. %-;•:_: ~r „.',,. nhnrfh nnstrnf nn Pnimnil nn thp rpd rnSfi Children's Division of our Church | onstration Council, on the red rose Townsend. Youth Fellowship —6:30 p.m. Choir Practice on Monday evening, Dec. 16 —7:30. . Also on Wednesday evening, Dec. 18—7:30 p.m. ced Miss Mary Dixon, new Home Demonstration Agent, to the club. BUlie Jean Kidd was elected secretary to lake Ihe place of Frances Flowers who expects to move out of the community. Richard Hunt was. elected song leader for the boys and Mary Jo Hampton for the girls. The club wants a local leader to help put with. the. 4-H Club work in the "community. Betty Jane Quillen, Wilma Lee Arnold, Richard Hunt and Donald Ray Brown were appointed to contact prospective local leaders. The following were enrolled as new club members: Ophilia Collins Jo Ann Cox, LaJune Gratiot, Billy Jean Kidd, Mary Jo Hampton, Betty Quillen, Mary Scaggs, Venie Mao Townsend, Thomas Edington, Bobby Ray Hatch, Kamp Taylor, Doyle Ray Huckabee, Richard Lynn Hunt and Wilbur Earl her I len sacred concerl and Christmas be Program. They are return' '" this year by invitation ... MnTnV'hfinkpd for the mo- \ give an extensive, unique and on- •'uSft^.-asa fe«$|;&ss now. B»l. he «»K&r»Vr»"« wil] b= con- sumcd with piano, accordion, haw- For Health's Sake Seattle. Dec. 13 - WP)— Hope waned today for the safety of Ai marines aboard a transport plane missing for three days as the worst storm conditions in a decade stymied searching parties. The plane disappeared while en route here from San Diego, Calil. Official sources were silent but searchers, based on Mount Rainier, expressed fears there can be no survivors of the missing plane. The plane last reported herself south of Toledo, Wash., at 7:id p. m. (EST) Tuesday. . Search turned to Mt .Rainier alter Park Supt. John C. Preston reported hearing a plane overhead about 7:15 p. m., Tuesday during a heavy downpour ,and a ranger at Paradise Valley, near the glacier also told of hearing the plane. Preston said that if the plane truck the mountain, it would nave been buried in the deep snow, and Announcing The Opening Monday, December 16 Of The Waffle Shop In the Old Arkansas Bank Building on S, Main * Come in and Enjoy A GOOD BREAKFAST SANDWICHES — SALADS DELICIOUS WAFFLES COFFEE — TEA — MILK SOFT DRINKS . Featuring The Best Ice Cream Sundaes in Town • Our shop is brand new and all new electrical equipment throughout. Come in and enjoy delicious food served the way you like it. WAFFLE SHOP Mrs. Fred White CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Otis L. Rowe, Minister Bible Study —9:45 a.m. Preaching —11 a.m. Communion —11:45 a.m. Young Peaples Class —0:30 p.m Preaching —7:30 p.m. Wednesday Night Bible 'A welcome awaits you at the Church of Christ. Meet and worship with us. FIRST BAPTIST Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service —10:50, Sermon by the pastor. The Adult Choir will sing the anthem, .God So Loved Ihe World" by Slamer. Training Union —6:15 p.m Evening Worship Service —7:30 p.m. Sermon by the Pastor. Special music will be rendered by the GUIs' Glee Club of the.Hope High School under the direction of Miss Hour, Wednes- DOROTHY DIX Charm and Beauty Every girl in the world wants to be admired, to be popular with the boys and have dates, and when she isn't, she drinks her cup of bitter tea to the dregs. No matter Class— what sorrows after life may bring £ Youth' Choir Rehearsal, Wednesday —6:30 p.m. ,„ , Adult Choir Rehearsal, Wednes- da junTor P Cho'ir Rehearsal. Saturday 2:30 p.m. it may be some time before it can be located even after the weather ° Marine corps headquarters to- dav announced a list of 31 men board the missing plane. The list ln pvt. eS Bobby J. Stafford, next of her, there is no tragedy from which she ever suffers so acutely as never having a beau when she is 16. I get thousands upon thousands of tear - stained lellers from leen- agers telling of their woeful plight and asking how to remedy it. "The boys don't know I'm alive," they wail. "They just pass me by. They never take me to a school prom or a ball game. They don't even ask me to have a soda at the drug store. I'm left out of everything. What can I do to get a boy friend?" Alas, this is a question to which , no one knows Ihe answer. What makes one girl a wow with the boys and another one a drip is a mystery that science has never been able to solve. But while no girl ;an possess IT unless she was born ;vith it, she can make herself a synthetic substitute thai is practically as good as the real thing if she #ill only use her wits. To do this she must first quit being a copy - cat. She must call attention to herself by being original, he mustn't plaster her face with osmetics just because other girls do it. She must wash it clean. She riust remember that all imitalions re cheap stuff, and that a homely a iil trying to look like a living pic- ure only looks like a caricature, and that a fresh - faced girl in a arettv femi'^nfi rU-<«:s spiels r»'t_'n who plays a keen game of bridge who is a superlative dancer, and who is the life of any party can snap her fingers in the face of Miss America every time. Another charm that is as for dates as a nickel is for SKATE AT THE ROLLER BOWL East Division St. But she still slood here smilinf to make your plans to atlend this strangely at: himi "Ifwe coukl on- special Christmas feature^ ly be what we are, Papa. Poor people!" Poor people? The phrase rankled in the Ma "or's breast, as he walked erectly, ane tapping, the length of Clark _treet, turned the corner into River Avenue, walked on downtown. Intrinsically an innocuous phrase, perhaps, but not apt and therefore lateful. The Camerons were not :oor people, and couldn'l be. Neil ier were Ihey rich people, which was a phrase almosl as repugnant Nor had he evei% the Major felt, I misrepresented the status of the nerons. Never rich, and certainly never poor, the Camerons were— well, they were above having to examine anyone's financial slalus, even Iheir own. Probably (if these things must be gone inlo) Aunl Pel had been Ihe weallhiesl of Ihe Camerons, but the Major knew (never pretending otherwise) that Aunt Pet was not rich, really, and that her position of eminence in Culpepper County, Virginia, was based on nothing so crass as material possessions. Aunt Pet had lived not on a plan- Week Days: 4-6; Saturdays: 7-9; 9 - 10 9 to 11 A.M. 2-4; 7-9; 9 - 11 P. M. Sunday: 2 - 4 P. M. ROLLER BOWL, Inc. gopc a gin ger cake is enthusiasm. Boys like girls who are alive, who are on their tiptoas, who laugh and who enjoy everything. And they fall for girls who are not too heavy on their pocketbopks. And girls who are friendly without being possessive and monopolistic. These are some of the many ways in which a passed over girl can get a date. Try 'em out on your piano, girls. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) kin, parents, Mr. and Mrs. John M Stafford, Box 478, Route G, Texarkana, Tex. Pvt Joe E. Bainter, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bainter, Route 1, Canton, Mo. o Southwest Coaches Meet Plan Games for 'B' Teams Dallas, Tex., Dec. 13 — W) Planning of schedules for "B" bas tetball teams and spring sports is expected to highlight a meeting of Southwest Conference athletic di rectors and coaches here tonight. Track, baseball, golf and tennis schedules are to be drawn up. The conference faculty commit tee also will be in session bul plan only routine discussions, including the return of eligibility standards next year to their pre-war status. o As early as 1766 BC the Chinese knew about the magnetic north and magnetism. _ group of Sloppy Joes like a light- nouse in a ae^n. Juvery man will notice her. Substitutes for Profiles Next, the forgotten girl should be blight enough to substitute the charms she possesses for the charms she lacks. Perhaps the beautiful can afford to be dumb but I doubt it, taut the girl who has n't a Grecian profile must have i good line to offset it. She must ac quire the fine art of being able to put a bashful boy at ease and ge him started babling about the thing he is interested in. When a boj takes her out, she must make hirr feel that she is having the time o her life and that hotdogs are he favorite food. She must read th papers and the magazines and b an enterlaining and amusing com panion. The girl whom boys like to tak out must have a repertoire of skill and be adaptable, for no lad is go ing to drag around a girl who Do Your Christmas Shopping Early We Have Oodles of Lovely Gifts For the Ladies New Merchandise Arriving Every Day — So come in today — Make her Happy with a Gift from Ladies 7 Specialty Shop Meet Your Friends at KELLEY GRILL Sunday Dinner 75c trumps her partners ace, or steps on his feet when she dances, and who never fits into any crowd. On the contrary, the girl who is Sally- on - the-spot wherever she goes, Baked Young Turkey With Dressing FRIED CORN PEAS AND CARROTS CREAMED POTATOES HOT BISCUITS • » Drink ® • COFFEE TEA MILK • • Dessert • • HOME MADE CAKE WITH FRUIT SAUCE KELLEY GRILL 118 W. 3rd Street wwiwwwoliw^*^ SfflftWWSWS! ° Saturday December 14 1946 MOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS By Ray Gotto OZARK IKE By Chick Young 'M CALLING } JA STAY RIGHT FROM THE < |l| y THERE IN THE DRUGSTORE, j (. PHONE BOOTH AT SIXTH ,A_V "I'LL BRING AND CEDAR r^=J> VOLJ THE OTHER GREEN HES AROUNb... HE WANTS 6UONDIE/I CAME AWAY FROM HOME WITH ONE RED SOCK AND ONE GREEN MIDNITE WINKED AT HI-BAWL.,. AS IF IT WAS A SIGNAL FOR SOMETHIN'- WEVE HIT TH HOMESTRETCH, AN' (GROAN) HI-BAWL'S SIX LENGTHS BEHIND/ HEY, MISTER-DID YOU KNOW you've GOT ON ONE RED SOCK AND ONE GREEN ONE? OH, DEAR HOW TERRIBLE FROM WHERE ARE YOU CALLING ? BUT THE FINISH LINE IS ONLY • 200 YARDS AWAYf By Michael OMalley & Reupvi Lane By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES By Dick Turner CARNIVAL OKAY, GROWL \ TISHT LINE/ HELLO, VIC. I CAME OVER EARLY BECAUSE I WAS AFRAID YOU MIGHT RUN OFF WITHOUT SAYING GOODBY. JANET. A LITTLE FRIEND OFMINE NAMED -TACKY THOMAS H HERE'S A TELEGRAM FOR YOU. I MET THE BOY.ON THE WAY OVER AND. SIGNED. . FOR IT.- .x 1 WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner THE WAV; \U\IINS QUIETUS BUCIOf, DID VOIJ. \IN KE^/ WEST EVER LEARN THE WlUL SHE GETS WHEREABOUTS OF J'HER DWORCE! THE REM. COUNTESS Cl GfcNZINl f CRUSTV OLD SO SHREWD THAT HE'LL WAKE UP SOON MNUS A HOUSE) WITH NO PROOF THAT WE GOT IT THRU FRftUD! WINDY/1 CONSIDER ONE OF WvV WJOFUTE CLIENTS J '//z. ..WELL. IN THAT LAST WIRE SOU THE SHACK WE BOU6HT •/ DREAMS, PAL...AND •DRE/MA HOUSE ON I NfeVER EXCLUSIVE GOSSAMER I STREET DEVOTED' MORE EXCLUSIVELY PUMPS!! WHILE, ENROUTE WORTH TO INSURE HE'D BE PLEASED TO KNOWTHhTiBUCKV! MtD SPE&WNG OF >FRNJD.,.WD NEVER MISREPRESENT MW THINS, I KNOW, BUT... DONALD DUCK By Wolf Disney •m< COPR. 1946 BY NE» SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off -— TWENTS DOLLARS THIS IS O JUNIOK MOPEL $15 A. PAIR! COPR. IMS DV NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF He broke his arm trying to hang by hre knees to impress a girl, and she didn't visit him once—I'm afraid he has 1 lost his faith in womanhood!".^ WEA.P UP ONE RESULW5 L, PMC, THREE PAIRS OF SMS FOR THE KIPS! "Mr. Dooley will see you nowl'l FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer HMM...HOW MUCH FOR THE RESULAR SIZE-? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WE WANT TO THAWK THE PERSOM , }L CAfJT WHO SENT us THAT CASHIERS CHECK; 7 T£u_ WOULD YOU TELL us WHO HE is? J YOU., HILDA/ ELL.EVEM THOUGH THE SCHOOL PLAY FLOPPED AS A MONEY-RAISER.. JHE' PUBUCITY FROM LARD'S FAMOUS RIPE CAUSED SOMEONE To SEND Trie KIDS ENOUGH MOMEY "K5 PAY FOR THE PAINTOJ& PPISCILLA I) By Carl Anderson -TWO THOLl.SANDiTHREE OKAY, HENRY-NOW WE'LL ONE -TWO -THREE HUNDRED AND FIVE a a o FOUR -FIVE -SIX SEE HOW LONG YOU CAN STAND ON YOUR HANDS . * TWO FOUR- I SURE WISH -THAT INSTRUCTED US MOT pi U |i>J^ irsw>w| b-i^ '*•*•** l^**-*! / 1 ' »nfc-i-M^**-i» TO REVEAL. HIS IDENTITY.' I WHO HE WAS SUY HAD GIVEN ME THE AUTHORITY TO •. ACT IW Hie BEHALF ^*iaSKii£v3>^ . (A; A }t.'y;i I • COPR. !•>« BY NCA StRVICt, INC. T. M. REO. U. t. PAT. t>ti?W'?,.P / WOULD R1RIITS RESERVED. I2"I4 ^ "It's a sure way to get rid of salesmen on rainy days!" . By V. T. Homlin ALLEY OOP SHOT OUT THE Thimble Theater AM 6LAP YOU WELL, BLOW ME LIKE GOOD < POWM.'! THE MUSIC. THEY > THOUGHT QUITE S WELL OF / ME AT THE I CONSERVATORY ME MONEY.'.' Bv Edaor Martin BOOV<» 11 VJCXCOME HOME 5 PHONE f\ND HfiRO TO GXX. With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY SOO'D OUT A BULLETIN!" YOU'LL NEVER GET HIM IM IF HE'S ear TH 1 LEAST 'SPICIOM J~n:\ WE'RE GOIM 1 OUT.' | \ PUT TH' CAR BACK J> IM TH' GARAGE AKV . PUT VOUR HATS AM' )' ^, —\ COATS IMS1PE AM' .,. ACK LIKE YOU'RE in SWEEPIW 1 TH' PORCH ER . APPEARS PLEAfeEDVOlTlA 6COTT\SH ne ONUS NUDE LUCKY t/VS BLEST IF" THEY MTHAT Of W KRCTiC EXPLORER Bv Fred Harmon RED RYDER OSS THOSE STOLE* COWS.' f ES, BUT "IHE RUSTLERS PAT ANT to IT! LITTLE" TOES 515 SAY KEEP-UCN OUT, RED RYDER? OPEN DAILY SKATING SCHEDULE

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