Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 5
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- _ -j Bt*» •« f -r rf, •v". '- fevm a" *i -M » t" » '-. -X*>«"'»»"«'M«V(*l'«*S^*"WI F««« four DOROTHY DIX Long Engagements How long should a couple be en- vounfisters are doing It, or 'State College, finds hasty marriage 1flr | te _ sei S ht j Leisu r e to be the most frequent cause of I Repent in Leisu e HOP! STAR, MOP I, ARKANSAS , i n i, - •-_.!.. -..'- ' *• Army'GetsT 'Battlewagon', Thursday, December 12, 1946^ ick _ ty of the first part and the party of the second part can find out enough about each other's dispositions and characters and manners and morals to be certain that they want to spend the balance ox their lives together. How true these words of wisdom are we are having tragically proven to us just now when the world is swamped in a high tide of domestic misery, brought about py '--- J into on tu ~ or a when those w'ho"had"rna'rried in a hurry got their bargain home and took a second look at it and found they had lost their taste for it. But you cant call off a marriage as easily as you can a date to the movies, and behind these dvorces are the hordes of fatherless children, the 11 grass widows,- who are still children then> selves, struggling with jobs they had never been trained to fill to support their children, and the old parents who are always the victims of their sons' and daughters' unhap- S^. a 58£ in SSft < i?, Su their sons' an of cocktails. Boy meets girl, and P* _ ma L"^f eS e Very marriage is because they like j the same tand t , O ^course, ^r^ Q£ a 8 pie they decide that they are pro there would be very few thai destined soulmates and rush off , b»t /here wouia g tf to the nearest justice of the peace i ' , n _ Dect i ve husband and wife and tie the knot Or they marry perfect strangers because all the i C.';A I -| BETTER YOU SERVE BLLf£;R/BBON BREAD -GROCERS and -r v DA If C P Y ftl I D M IV L. I\ I husband and wife would ^ to study not only tness for the job they are contemplating taking on, but whether the one they are thinking ot tying up with for a life partner will be easy to get along with, or It takes time and study for any man and woman to really get acquainted with each olher, and wilh- out the long engagement that is an impossibility, for between them lies MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Many sufferers relievo nagging hnckaena quickly, once they discover that the real cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys. , The kidneys are Nature's chief way of taking the excess acids and waste out of the mood. TheyhelpmostpeoplepassaboutSplntaaday. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, It may cause nagsing backache, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puffiness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan's Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. Doan's srive happy relief and will help the IB miles of kidney tubes flush'out poisonous waste from, your blood. Get Doan's Pills, B.R, Jester, Resident of Patmos, Dies Burgess Riley Jester, aged 78, a resident ot Patmos, died in a local hospital Tuesday night. Funeral services were Ifclcl at 2 p. m. today at New Hope Cemetery, near Hope. He is survived by three sons, Asa ot Lewisvillc, Clarence and B .1 ester of Pnlmbs, two daughters, Mrs. Eva Martin of Tulsa, Mrs. Ethel Hatch of Texas. —— —6 President of Nash Corp. Visits Hope Mr. George W. Mason of Detroit resident of Nash - Kclvinaloi orp, H. C. Doss of Detroit, Firs Complonluvhcan Vice President. ot Memphis, Southern .-„.- . manager, and H. t,. Alexander of Memphis, Memphis Zone manager, i spent Wednesday in nope.'as gucs of Byron Hefner of the IJcfnei ash Company. They are visiting ic southern Nash dealers. They were entertained with a but COLD BUG'WxiM? ELP E ,SE CHIN& CHEST MUSCLES RUB ON _ MENTHOLATUM/' Among new armored monsters being delivered lo Ihe U. S. Army is this new tank-type battlewagon, developed by Chrysler Corp. The 63-ton vehicle can be made ready for action in five minutes by backing up and ramming its spade trail into the ground to resist recoil. It's pictured with eight-inch rillc, through whose 35-foot, nine-inch barrel a 240-pound shell can be hurled 27 miles. Ihe rifle is interchangeable with a 10-inch howitzer which shoots 360• ~ ' \ pound shell 10 miles. the barrier of sex that keeps Ihom , lost in a brief engagement, but from ever pcrfeclly understanding ! a long engagement tnev can be u ~tun.. A«^ thorn io (ho pin. lifn savim' station. On the safe si each olher. And Ihere is Ihe gla- mor of romance lhal makes them life saving" station. On the safe sic of tho alter they can gst a line 01 mor 01 romance inai unices mem ui m- cm.v.1 nn.., >...... &-- ....... blind lo each olher's peculiarities, each other's little peculiarities ai A_J <u~,.- ;,. tw.n nvionncniniic: ripppn- ho nhlo to decide whether their vi And there is the unconscious deception of their pulling the best fool forward during courtship. All of these safeguards against making a mislake in marriage arc and had lor the Nash set-up UJJU. " Mr. Mason said that the Nash sin bin-ban car would be on display at the Hefner Nash Co. in the vcuy near future. VISIT BYERS' Do Your Christmas Shopping Early We Have Many Gifts for All the Family Toys for the Kiddies Christmas Cards, Seals & Decorations Use Our Layaway Plan iwiiiaa^aS'SSi'S! f) Thursday, December 12, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Five Upstairs Over Bycrs' Drug Store 117 W. Second St. Phone 535 Treatment Can MakeXmas Tree Fresher For a Christmas Irco lo hold its S e ,i illlcl rom »'» fresh and green nH through the holiday season, Mary Dixon, homo demonstration agciil, suggests giving it the follow- irfg treatment. 'Place one gallon of water in n noil- metallic conUiincr (stone- or glass jug or crock). Add to . o ic wotcr. 15 grams of calcium carbon- ate, fi grams of dry citric and 0 grams of dry mallic acids. Cut the base of the Christmas tree at an angle to allow a greater surface for moisture absorption. Then sol the tree In a container of chemical liquid just as a flower would be placed in a vase of water. All liquid will evaporate and bo absorbed by the tree, be sure that the base trunk of the tree is deep enough in the liquid to remain blow the water line all through the season. Make the tree stationary in the liquid conlainnr lo prevent wobbling. Wooden wedges placed between the tree trunk nncl the "nocl< of Ihe jug container will take care of this. If a wide- mouth .contain- . er is used, Ihe 'Iree may 'be held stationary with wires or siring. Any evergreen tree—pine, spruce, cedar or holly—will react favorably lo the above treatmcnl Ihc home demonstration agent advises. CAUTIOUS Kas., Dec. 10 Brooks, assistant attorney general of Kansas, shied away from explaining the legal ins and outs of wedlock to a prospective bridegroom, saying that caution has its limits. Reprieve Granted Two Negroes Scheduled to Die Jackson, Miss., Dec. 11 — (/P)— Two teen-age Wilkinson county Negroes scheduled to die in the electric chair Friday were granted « reprieve unlil January 17 yesterday by Governor Fielding Wright. The governor said his action was taken to give him more time lo Traditional Arbor Day on Saturday Saturday is Arbor day, dedicated to tne planting of trees for the development of natural resources. A Kansan wrote the attorney gen- | investigate the case cral, wanting to the marriage law. 'know nil about and all about the divorce laws, because I never did like couldn't to get',into gel out of." anything 'I The Negroes, James Lewis, 14, and Charles Trudcll, 15, were con- victcd of murder in the slaying of | unfl Harry McKcy, Wilkinson county lumberman for whom they worked. For those in Hempstead county la- king part in the traditional ceremony Home Demonstration Agent Mary iJixon lists tlic following steps for proper procedure for planting YOU W&&T YOUR MEAfcS TO A VBP FR©flft OtD ST.N8CK- PRINCE ALBERT in CANS 1 ' CarronJL. 20z. Con •-,* <• 71: ua be able to decide whether their vi lues outwsigh their faults. An engagement should be regarded as an option on the hearts and hands o£ the interested parties, which they are free to take up, or :eave, without prejudice to .either parly. That would make the two- year - plan enfiagemenl a sure thing for being happy though married. When you choose your meatat your A&P Food Store ... . you can be sure that expound i'sline quality. A&P now . . . as always . . . features only top grades . . . and that means you'll find each cut tender, juicy, and brimming with tempting flavor. Visit the Meat Department of your A&P today and make your selections. Remember, if your favorite cuts are not available . . . they soon will ~be . ;-: for more meats are arriving all the time. PORK CHOPS ^±-49V •*~r' 7d-03...*-•- fr-J. f>'~ • ^-' ~.1t~ : #'->?4*_ ^^ ^^^ ' ^^ Mi \ I C '"-f^. I' • • ''••'?; i*^'"i^^\ ^V ^T^l f°P Q ua ''W >C ^\ f \f P JfaX I' "-•'' i^ \^J /•% ^J I Chuck or Arm >°- ^J ^f V* Center Cut PorV Roast or Chops Veal Sirloin Steak Veal T-Bone Steak " .Veal Short '"'" N Ribs Ground Veal Fillet of § . , Redfish »• 'Am ,. -- Whitmg '"" Select Oysters Sliced Rindless , b . 55c Bacon Dry Salt i b 47c Bacon ib. 49c ib. 25c ib. 35c IB. 43c .b. 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Foot Del Monte Early Garden PEAS lona Dessert Halvel PEACHES lona White Cteam Style CORN White House Evaporated MILK Cranberries Si?e TeJiV Nabisco Grahams Nibiico Premium Crackers Armour's Star Tamales A&P Tomato Sauce lona Fancy Cut Beets Crystal Apple Juice Sunmald Seedle» Raisins Carrots Ruisel Potatoes Firm Rip* Tomatoes PlclJweet Peas Luce 8lackey«d Peas Punch Tomato^ Juice Policy Peas Stokl«y'i Ketchup Del Moni* W. Corn BY WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, Written'; for. NEA> Service;Y'..\:-.-,'.<• Fa'rrri-ariirnal.'r'as: \vell;. ; a's farrp. machine, accidents make farming a very 'dangerous occupation.- The tractor, because it is used more thtin any other farm machine, caus cs the greatest number of accidents but any animal can be a real men ace. Animals ao not think when they inflietin jury. They defend themselves instinctively by kicking, sinking, or trampling with the feet by biting or bumping with the head 01 by soring witn the ho r ns. Dr. Carl F. Schlotthauer offers some siniplo rules for handling farm animals which will reduce the number of accidents. Never approach an animal with- cut first letting it know of your 1 presence. Talk to it, sing, or whisl- ' le to attract its attention. Bvforo attempting to do anything lo an animal which will cause it discomfort, apply some lorm of restraint lo tho beast. An animal in- stinlively resists anything it v dislikes or.does not understand. Never provide a vicious animal with the opportunity to make an attack. Do not enter a pen with a bull unless tho animal is first tied and has a staff attached lo a rin<? in its noso to keep it at a safe distance. Vicious dogs can be muzlecl or tied on a leash, but seldom is it pot-sibic to change the nature of such animals, and it is more humane to have them destroyed. A good farm dog whoso only fault biting or injuring animals can ••> made into a safe herd - dog y extracting his canine teeth. 'his will not interfere with his hawing food, but it will make his ile harmless. Never Take Chances Horses should never be left un- icd or unattended. If they hear or ce fomelhing which frightens them .hey instinctively run away. Many arm accidents are caused by runaway horses. . . In handling farm animals it is lever wise to take chances. It is lo.ssiblc lo deal with animals firm- y yet humanely. Although bulls arc generally considered the most dangerous animal in the farm, horses account for the nosl accidents, because farmers jecomc more careless in handling lorses. o ggypticm Premier Again Sets Up New Cabinet Cairo, Dec. 10 — t.Vi— Mahmoud Fahmy Nokrachi Pasha, named premier .''or the second iime within 10 months, sot up a new Egyptian cabinet today in the midst of renegotiations of a treaty touching on British, Egyptian and Sudanese interests. The 12-man cabinet gave equa representation to Nokrachi Pasha's. Ssiadist party and the Liberal Con sliUitirin p : irtv, which together com mand a majority in the Chamber nf Deputies. Nokrachi himself took the foreign affairs and interio portfolios. The new permier, a 58-year-ol one-time school teacher, was ap pointed by young Kine Farouk yesterday to succeed ailing politic ally independent Ismail Sidkv Pas ha who resigned '.he post Sunda; ainid differences with the Brills ovor a new treaty to replace 1h 10:iG Anglo-Egyptian alliance. Paper Shell PECANS Ib. 59c WALNUTS Ib. 49c MIXED NUTS Ib. 59c (•^M«a«]imWMMiM» Htsrd Christmas Candy BRIGHT COLORS Lb. 4VC ynmaid Seedless Raisins 15Oz. Pkg. K B Shortening u-,1.60 8^3.20 ; MRS. $MITH: ,1, will.say that iji^ ! Kroger store is the cleanest, 1 best-looking store in town. . • KROGER: That's just a case of -. "sweets to the sweet," sweet- 1 heart. The Kroger ctorc of today is second to none in fine anpcar- '. ance and scrupulous cleanliness, as well as in ita wide selection of high-quality, low-priced values. New Crop Dried. In Cello Bags. SPOTLIGHT Kroger's Hot Dated Coffee ADMIRATION Cup Tested Coffee. Lb. Bog Lb. Bag .Lb. Jar 21 c Here's better bread . . . richer golden-crust, whiter, finer texture . . . because every loaf is made of finest-milled, pure-vWi/fe flour. Fresher, as always, whiter Kroger Bread is today's best buy in bread.* mm YOUR SAVINGS . . . TOMATO SOUP . . 2 cans 25c Heinz Cream of Tomato. 1. Select from a nursery or native woods a thrifty tree of a hardy species and about B lo 10 feet high. Select a tree with one central leader and strong crotches. 2. Dig Ihe planting hole before digging Ilia Iree. Make a circular hole with vertical sides approximately 2 feel deep and 3 feet broad. The hole should be large enough not to crowd the roots. !i. Dig the tree carefully, preserving iiboul half Ihe branches wilh a Ihe roots with damp burlap as soon as the tree is lifted. 4. Prune Ihe lice properly, removing about half the branches wilha' sharp pruning knife or snips. Leave no piolruding stubs. Do not cut back the leader. Remove surplus branches fr;om Ihe lower trunk and twigs along the branches. 5. Place Ihe Iree in Ihe center of the hole, and hold it in a vertical position. Arrange the roots by distributing them evenly in the hole. Prune off Ihe ends of any ragged, broken roots. Hold Ihe- tree so it will be as deep or a little deeper than it formerly stood in the soil. 6. Fill in the hole using well pul- vciizcd top soil free from trash. Leave no air spaces. Keep all roots G inches or more beneath the final, suiface. When all roots arc cover-, cd, pack the soil as the hole is filled by tramping with Ihe feet. 7. Trees 10 feet or taller should be supported by slakes and guy wires, using old rubber hose or burlap in contact with the tree. 8. After tho tree will stand alone but before the hole is quite filled, apply enough water lo soak completely to the bottom of the original planting hole. This usually requires Ci to 10 buckets flfj to 30 gallons). If using a hose, fill the hole completely and let the soil absorb the water. Finish filling the hole by leaving around the tree a sauccrshaped retainer 3 to 4 feet broad. If the tree is on a slighl slope, flare Ihe upper rim of this small terrace to catch water from rainfall. 10. When rainfall is not sufficient, Belated 'Santa' Weather Soon Is Prediction Washington, Dec. 12 —(/P)— The breath of old 151. Nick blew southward today a promise vhal the nation's thermometers soon will start making like December instead of May. "Don't quite me too strongly on this," the weatherman cautioned, "but it looks as though the cold air moving in i'rom Canada will soon start the mercury skidding-.back down to somewhere ar.ound normal— normal, that is, for December. "The northern plains nncl northeastern states will start back to normalcy /probably tomorrow, with the.southeastern states cnilling off, some Friday.' But for another day or two • at least, Christmas shoppers can sally forth in spring-like weather. It's to be fair and warmer in the southwest. o France Has Toys But at High Cost Paris, Dec. 11. —(UP) — Shiney Christmas toys will be plentiful in France this year, but many war- weaned children will sind their stockings, empty again —this time because of innution. morning disappoint- be doubly pathetic. PECANS . Papershell. New . . Ib. bag 59c Crop. WHITE FLOUR 10 Country Club. Lb. Bag CALUMET 16 oz can 17c Dependable Balling Powder. • RAISINS . 15 oz. box 23c Seedless. Fresh. CITRON PEEL Ib. bag 49c Fresh! 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The game is played on a map of the world. Small ceramic boats jump Agent Explains Why Clothing Is Scarce A casual glance into store windows and at counters leads one to think that clothing and shoes are plentiful, but closer inspection shows that merchandise is still of poor quality and over decorated, stales Home Demonstration Agent Mary Dixon. Simple good -quality dresses, slips, gowns and pajamas at moderate prices are still out of supply and simple walking shoes, with toes and heels in, are just as scarce. Some of the reasons for .present scarcities are that manufacturers make more profit on highly decora^ ted types of clothing; supplies of cloth and leather are scarce; and skilled workers arc too few. Many experienced workers have;not 'returned to the textile trade because other jobs pay better. Pent - up-demands for goods has not yet been filled. A back log of woven goods, tanned leather and .other supplies necessary for making clothing has not yet been built up by manufacturers. Merchants have not been able to build up slocks in sufficient quantity to have a complete range of sizes or styles. In view of Ihis siluation, what can the consumer do? First, buv only the merchandise actually needed, advises the home demonstration agent. Let the retail merchant know that poor quality merchandise is no longer desir.ed. A .buyer's strike on wearing .apparel can be just as effective as a worker's slrike. Styles will pYobably change greatly next spring, so lhal clothes purchased now will be out of date, she slates. In Ihe household textile field the Topping Signals Salufday/ Coppe- cuers': •- <UF') — signals '-eased to- &ers' hope 1 dimmed j|iner buried,, alive gs by a cave-l|if«, t; 3s burrowing JnttJ 'a indoned shafts- to ,,.-ore and earth im- •Orejcar, -50, refjort- unable to gel ''any rptn Ihe miner*' »V , .,&¥' trapped fay"'a .'Slide S.;lh'3 Buckeye Mine'oh Ipficrfer. here.' Grimi res- '"* 'Swed by crumbling and cramped -work- Arkonsas I terns, •+ 1st ' studehlsV'^tt .'.the "University . Arkansas, 'IJayelleville, have cone; Iribuled $50p' cash to the Hendrlx.:; college $1',000,000 campaign, DrW C. M. Heves,- champion * aire'dlori^ announced 'today. ;* The University's M.e;iiodist stUf'* dents originally contributed $250" and then doubled -it in collections;;, by the Central Methodist "church,"" Fayetteville, .which has attained its own goal of $10,000. ^ ; fill the retainer about once a week, from one port to another and pick up cargo. The first player to amass a fortune becomes a rover—with an ominous black boat which can gather other boats into his fleet. Tinker-toys are back in multi colored pieces. There are doll houses—complete with bathroom fixtures—to' : be assembled at 'home. Some stores are displaying small motor boats that will chug around British Troops Held for Fleeing Ship Bound East Liverpool, Doc. 12 — (If]— One hundred and seventy-five British •soldiers who scrambled' off a troopship bound :°or. the. Far. 'East just b'jforc the troopship, Empress were held . in open arrest today. They comprised the third group to jump the vessel within 24 hours. i The soldiers clambered down landing nets : crying "we want ;iu's- ticje and , better, acc'qni'rriodations", juijt before the trooship. Empress of jScoUsnd, ..sailed last^night, hours. late, with the r'crna'incfeivfli 7ier".'2,'-. 300 service personnel' aboard.:. 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Sweet Meat POTATOES Kroger Selected Red Triumphs. 10 ic dock, complaining less \v;is crowded, the food :'nadc- unte and that go of latrine aboard, Officers and military police fin- ack on board, 50 more soldiers boll- complaining ound vessel was also were persuaded to get Bismarck, N.-D., Dec. 12 — (/I')— venneth K. Kyitor, a bartender, valked into the Bismarck Tribune lewsroom and .slammed .six 50-cenl a desk, ho said, given to him by Bismarck con- for finding ;?!!!, 000 worth of endorsed and negotiable nvncd by the contractor. Our Price When Available Lifebuoy Price When Avai 2 Bars 21C Our Price When Available Our Price When Available Ivory Soap Our Price When Available Lux Flakes Our Price When Available Our Price When Available Our Price When Available Take Month for Industry »>to Catch Up By CHARLES MOLONY. V Washingloh,, Dec.' 12—W)— Goy- ernmenl economisls said today it will take a month or two — pos- aibly longer — for production to I'eturn lo Ihe peacclime peak that had been allained on the eve oJ Ihe 17-day "coal slrike. •i, Nevertheless, Ihey added privately, the nation has been spared the Smashing 1 blow thai a prolongec sjtrike would have meant Hence vMien finally measured againsl the vasl scale of Ihis counlry's eco omy, Ihe effecls may seem "only mailer of supplies is jusl as .bad Broad woven fabrics, such as : bed sheeling, window curlains, drapery, material and blankets, will continue to be scarce next year, so. supplies on hand should be cared for' as carefully as possible to remake them last, .she advises. . : V---V;' Colton piece goods will.'continue lo bs high 1 , in price and scarce; Produclion is still- nol up to prewar levels and the demand for thi* type of material is very high. o Southern Group to Back Any Move to Hike Teacher Pay Memphis, Term.-, Dec. 11 — The president of the Southern-Association of Colleges and Second, ary Schools, Dr. William R. Smith ey of the University of Virginia, j'redicts Ihe body will'throw., its ull weighl behind the campaign ?o"r ligher teacher salaries. The association membership 'con sts of more than 300 universities and colleges and :some 1,300 high schools. : ' • V, '-. :} Dr. Smilhey .said he 'elt sure"' :he association's executive ' com- millee in ils'a-eporl lo Ihe body Thursday would reco.mmend an ncrease in minimum" salaries for accredilcd high schools. The associalion now requires high schools lo pay instructors a minimum of $900 a yegr and recommends a minimum "of $1,000 —o... Little Rock, Dec. 10 (/P). —Plaris ' for construction of a huge incandes-r cent ^ama .manufacturing plant lere Were'announced today by iVestinghouse Electric Corporation. The announcement, over the ame of Weslinghouse's Vice Pres- dent Ralph C. Stuart, disclosed purchase of a 27-acre tract :!or vhe )lant site on the old Pulaski coun- ty.Jiospit^ One economist remarked it may turn out that "the greatest luss was in tempers and creature com forts." All agreed, however, that it wil ds,.acj;,oss the rail-, road ^Jfayckfet'^H'om, ;the'l"new state Ivestppk-^nj^igrounds.; > » , The •'plam* r frill have a d^ily ca-,;: pacity of 400,000 light bulbs daily;:; !*•'^ ^"^A •••'••- '''I ' • ' ''- -,-'• V«£ ,5" ,announcement sai,d'.:ihe plant;; would be V^es'tirighpuse'si:ri'ar'lher-;| esi South arid ';fer,lheres't» -west" op-Aeration. • Cost of the plant was not;; disclosed but the plant was listed as $70,500. site cost!! . •' •!•' Rivers in State, Soar Toward Flood Stage Little -Rock, Dec, 12 —I/PI Heavy downpours in Arkansas "and the watershed states of.its. various streams sent them roaring toward or above ilood stages. .>,- .. Rises were reported on. the Qua? chita, White and Arkansas rivers. The Weather Bureau forecast additional rain today and tomorrow. The Arkansas ... River,/ at..Eo Smith rose 0.3 feet in 24 hours to top flood stage there by two :'eet, At Van Buren, the gauge register, ed 25 feet — three above flood tage. some time before total .affects Flood stage readings .were pre of the shutdown become fully ap- dieted for the White and Ouachita parent. Besides the coal itself — not only a source of power but a basic ma- .terial in production — the other industry hardest and most directly hit by the strike was steel. Steel also is a fundamental link affecting the whole chain of the economy, and analysts said it probably will take two or three weeks or more to restore steel production. The automobile industry, another sufferer, was seen as rebounding omewhat more quickly — in a eek or two. Also hit quickly and hard were arts makers, whose production oss threatened to throw out o; ear the making of many iinishec 'i-oducts. Several building materials in sev rely short supply, including ce •ncnt, and chemicals, paper and lulp also were said to have ielt the iffecl of the coal stoppage sharply. On the score of wages and prof- ts, the economists said losses vill bear hard on those who suffer- d them, but are not likely to loom arge against the national totals. • Coal mining accounts for but $1,100,000,000 of the $81,000,000,000 .otal of wages and salaries paid by private industries last year. Manufacturing industries as a whole — :>rincipal secondary sufferers •— jaid out $38,000,000. In totals like that, ihe economists said, the estimated $67,000,000 in wages lost by 400,000 miners over a two-week period and the smaller one-week loss by perhaps 150,000 others "doesn't make an appreci able dent." .. \§ood Any. time Believes Retail Food Prices Hove Reached Peak New York, Dec. 11 — (UP) — Retail food prices apparently have reached their peak and begun to level off, Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson said hi an address to the Dairymen's League Cooperative Association. Anderson added that a downward trend may develop during the latter months of next year. o POSTAGE Clarkfield, Minn., Dec. 12 — (/P)— The Rev: J. E. Akre of Clarkfield received' a letter that cost §850 — in inflated Chinese money — to send to this country. The bark of the envelope is cov ered with stamps. The .letter was .sent by Edward SoviU, n missionary in China. The first Pilgrim Thanksgiving it Plymouth in 1621 was given whole week of feasting ' ..t

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