Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1946
Page 4
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Patterson. 2 mile? out on Washington road. 4-b 1939 4 DOOR OLDSMOBILE SE dan. A-l condition. G. B. Good 2 miles east of Bode aw 4-6 win, Ark. FOUR SQUARES OF 8 FT. GRA' asbestos: siding. Also some &a vanized roofing. P. H. Stepneno Wonted OR RENEWAL SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine. Order your Christmas gift subscription now Phone 28 or 3G9-R. Charles Key- nerson at Hope City Hall. 15-lm Fair Enough By Wettbrook Pegl«r Copyrlflht, 1M6 By King Feature* 8vnHle»t». SPORTS ROUNDUP Lost $90 GOVERNMENT CHECK. SE- rial No. 17013141. Paul D. Oiler, Feeders Supply Hope, or phone New York, Dec. All the bitter criticisms of John L. Lewis that are being heard today could have been utered when he was the political ally of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lewis has not changed. His methods and principles are the same. And the powers by which he called the strike ot .'us subject miners are no greater today than they were when teams of trained goons, many of them Communist New York, Dec. 0 — (/P)—Maybe this has been a tough year on :.oot- ball coaches, but the turnover •on't be anything like it has been i college basketball since last sea- on . Every Eastern intei-coliegi- te league team, for example, will perate under a new conch; vhe 3ie Nine has two newcomers, one eturnee — Branch McCracken at ndiana — and one who took over mid-season last winter . . . The Jig Six lists three changes and here's no counting the others ex?*&%•£%&& ffi?c&-<«8**a» » 22-F-2. 5-3t GRAY AND GOLD EVERSHARP pen. Dec. 4th in downtown Hone. Liberal reward for return. Call 716-W. 6-3t BOYS TAN LEATHER BELT with "Billy" Across back. Lost downtown Wednesday. Mrs. F. L. street-fighters, were state-wide areas and terrorizing lesser reg- Hairr. 7-lt RED BRINDLE MULEY COW. Tag No. 8 in ear. Fresh brand H on left hip. Notify G. H. 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Roosevelt gave Lewis those powers, Knowingly and with lull understanding of their extent and none of those who now Hi sown Lewis on any grounds but still revere Roose- vea can oeny tnai nistonc xact. These same objections to Lewis conduct that arc heard today were heard in those days but were howled down by the Roosevelt gov eminent and its political subsidi aries and proteges as the cries o American fascists. Roosevelt is dead, but this really frightening danger to the powe of elected government here and L tne faint hope of recovery in Curope is his bequest to the na- on whose constitution, on :tour oc- asions, he swore to uphold, :m- luding its purpose of insuring do- nestic tranquillity and promoting he general welfare. Roosevelt is dead, but Senator UlUM- aciiw*.i. ...«..«.. --- - .,, scholarships the way the 'big bad Southeastern Conference does Monday Matinee ,,,... r Tommy Karakas. kid brother of ••Iron Mike," the veteran ;oro noc- kev eonlie, is No. 1 nelmmder 101 the Minnesota U. team this wintei A Southern observer who sa\v Charley Justice in action twice and Glenn jama, Georgia, Auburn and North arolina are just some of chools which changed tutors the , \nd basketball always was — and still is — a sport in which a coach can stick around almost perma- icntly as Doc Carlson, Phog Allen, Nat Holman ,Hank Iba, Buck Read and a tew others seem to be doing. Pigskin Puzzler Although Frank Thomas isn't Burl Vander ... ••--.- .. tie All America b.-iek, is on th Yankees' list ot baseball prospects Cleaning The Cuff .. Tulane probably is I he urst col le«e to adapt the basketball dou biShcader idea to football. Prior v college games, the Greenies has- been staging bantam league contests for. 125-poundcrs under 15 sending his Alabama football team to a bowl game this year —which is unusual in itself — no fewer than five pre-war "Bama players will be bowling New Year s Day. Phil Tinsley, Bill Chambers and Mike Dimitro of the UCLA Rose Bowl team were on the 1942 Alabama squad; Hosea Rodgcrs, North Carolina's Sugar Bowl Hillback, and Howard Hughes, Arkan sas Cotton Bowl halfback, also at concern. Jed even went so far as to sue Helen for abandoning the show, but our co-First Lady won the Broadway Bv JACK O'BRIAN uiu um v-u-*. ...TV .-...-.„ New York—Helen Hayes, In her ca se on grounds that Mary would atos stnge hit "Happy Birthday," be an "Act ot God," and therefore joes on a magnificent and fantastic beyond the Bounds of mere legal, binge, "but serves notice before ,i ty . The udge found in tavor of he end of the play that it is her lhe MacArthurs. and the Act of ast drink, and that she Is In lac God will be on hand ChrUtrnai to •eturnina to all the normal social no te the occasion .with her lomcd liceties of the non-alcoholic div- 1 parents, Christinas trees stockings u\.t. in-*» w» • -.,« r .1 ii^^.^1 -.-— 4nt»lrnv nttf years . , old Emmett (Mark) YUblLa ui*.i • • • — ~ - ., Marquess, right winger of the rtershey Bears of the American Hockey League, operates a big cattle ranch in Alberta during the summer. He is reported negotiating fur the steak concession ior iho league's black eyes". . . When Bill Dudley rejoined the Pittsburgh Stcclcrs, Bert Bell handed him a blank contract to till in "or himself. Bill did, and hasn't drawn a blank since then. sion of fun. She suggests ways ,'hat she is a homebody who be- .ieves in the warmer side of hying, even just possibly might still believe in Santa Glaus. Helen, one of the tow "First Ladies" cf the American theater, Katharine Cornell being the other, served official notice the other any to her producers, Dick Rodgers and Oscar Hammersteln 2nd, that indeed she is heartily in favor of just such holiday celebrations as Christmas, even going so far in this direction as to Ignored the "shcw-must-go-on" tradition and ask to have Christmas afternoon off to spend with her family. Since the management in this case at least sees eye-to-ey*. with Miss Hayes on the subject, it has | given its permission, a highly unusual bow—for Broadway—in the direction of the homey side of life, and the holiday mid-week matinee vill be postponed from Christmas fternoon to the next day. Miss Hayes will spend her clay ilting around her Nyack fireside over the fireplace, turkey and sluffin'. Monday, December go along with his two companies 6f "Anna Luoasta" making him richer every day, and the new firm will bide Its time while look- at scripts for a year or two If na to, meanwhile operating the Civic ' Boater in Chicago'. SLICK BWJSH°OPF Champaign, 111,. Dec. 7 — ( UntversFtv of Illinois ice hockey enthusiasts have been moved out school's $350,000 ice rink is Cuff Stuff: The Algonquin Hotel is hanging onto literary celebrities despite the recent death of Owner Frank Case, the big names of the book and drama business still reporting for lunch, and dlnner^out of equal helpings ot loyalty and habit . . . .John Wildberg and Joseph Henry Curtis have joined in an unusual producing firm, with no intentions at all of immediate production of anything. John is completely satisfied to now being used dent housing. T..,. -flooded concrete tenis courts for their exercise. Bank Bldg., Phone 704. Texarkana, Texas. 2-7t Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 61. 23-2mo Female Help Wanted GOOD WHITE ROCK FRIERS, mash fed and just right. Hurry Geo. F. Dodds, Phone 670-W. 7-3t 6 ROOMS NICE FURNITURE— Gas heaters—coolerator —Washing machine—Tubs— Electric mangle. Must sell everything in next lew days. Come early and get your choice. Tom Carrel apartment house, opposite Hope Police Station. 9-6t UNENCUMBERED WHITE WO man for light housekeeping and stay with two children whil mother works. Private room board, salary, Write Mrs. J. J Crosby, 764, Goodman St., Mem phis, Tenn. 9-2w Salesman Wonted AGE 30-45, 8 YEARS OUTSIDE , Robert F. Wagner, who gave his lame to this terror, still lives and] s silent in the presence of the peril' hat his law put upon a nation vhich gave him refuge first ;.rom conscription by the Kaiser of his native Germany and, later :.rom Dachau. Felix Frankfurter still lives, a justice of the Supreme court by Roosevelt's appointment, who heartily approved the Roosevelt alliance with Lev/is and all that kind and he, too, against warnings of the consequences u> a generous nation which saved him not merely from the concentration camp but, almost certainly, from the gas chamber. It is wrong, it is dishonest 1.0 abuse Lewis today. He is not to blame. We do not blame a man ior asserting his rights under law and, whatever the courts may decide as to 'whether Lewis has technically over reached his rights, there have been many caseJ in which mdivi University Cagers to Get Real Test Fayelteville, Dec. 9 —(/P)— Carrying a pair of not-too-imprcssiye warmup victories under its belt, the University of Arkansas basketball team will get its first serious test of the infant season this week. The Razorbacks will be one o£ two Southwest Conference lives playing in the Big Six tournament at Kansas City Thursday through Saturday. Southern Methodist will be the other in a iield which also vith her Charles husband, MacArthur, Playwright and her , laughter Mary, quite famous a bit noie than 17 years ago .MS the •Act-of-God-Baby." Miss Hayes was forced to leave the cast of "Coquette" because of her imminent confinement, thereby causing Monday — Rice vs. Loyola o New Orleans at Houston; Texas A & M vs. Sienna College a Troy N Y.; Texas Christian vs Loyola of Chicago at Fort Worth Southern Methodist vs. Continental Air Lines of Denver at Dallas; Baylor vs. North Texas Stale at Waco Tuesday — A. & M. vs. Moorehead Teachers College at Louisville Ky • Baylor vs. North lexas State at Waco; Texas vs. Conti icntal Air Lines at Austin. Wednesday — No games. Thursday — A. & M. vs Bradle selling experience to business i d ua i s claimed rights under phases firms, usuable car, for vacancy o f law which had not been A. , __i!—i ~j—<.;„;.,„ c.~=_ i . FOUR-ROOM HOUSE, ONE ACRE ground. Located just outside city limits, Prescott, Ark., Mrs.-. Violet Coe, Phone 20S or ISO, Prescott 9 ' 6t ONE INDIAN MOTORCYCLE —I Excellent condition, good tires. I Price $165.00. Call or see T. F. Grayson, Prescott, Arkansas. Phone 568. 9 For Rent by AA-1 national advertising specialty manufacturer, established moo N ew lino contains placties, leather, novelties, souvenirs, exclusive calendar line, .largest . most diversified in field. Qualified men are making $5,000-$10,000 with us their first year. Our top producers made over $20,000 in W*5. Weekly check against sales. Write S. W. Allen, Komper- Thomas Co., Cincinnati 12, Ohio. with Frankfurter concurring. If Roosevelt, in creating this Football ecide that, after all, he was, and| £ar more competition than it had '" ---.=-- bargained for from. Springfield Saturday night but came through chielly on Williams' 19 points. In two games, Williams has scored 3d points! Kok, who paced the Southwest Conference in point-making last season, has taljieu '.11. All Southwest teams except Rice and Baylor, who will swing into action this week, have made their season debuts. Texas holds tuneup wins over North Texas State and Press THREE ROOMS FURNISHED for light housekeeping Q near Schooley's store. Phone 38-F-ll. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. _6-3t| Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netian Blinds, wood or metal, outside metal blinds and awnings Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo Miami (night). ... • ! ;— Sunday, Dec. LET US RENOVATE THOSE OLD Los Angeles. mattresses or make nes? ones. Phone 229-J. Cobb's Mattress By The Associated National League jNew *ork 3i; Washington 0. Philadelphia 40; Boston 14 . Chicago Bears 45; Detroit 24. Los Angeles 38; Green Bay 17 Only games scheduled. (Sonson ended). All America Conference Cleveland 66; Brooklyn 14. Saii Francisco 48; Los Angeles 7. Remaining games: Monday, Dec. 9 — New York Miami (night). is within his Ights.~"and the courts may :.mau- Tech Friday —A. University at Pcoria, 111. will include Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas buue. Arkansas will tangle with Nebraska in the tourney opener ihurs day afternoon. Paced by their tallest two performers — Forward Ai (Pop) Williams, 6-6, and Center George Kok 6-10, the Porkers registered a 38-2 victory ever Tulsa University and a 62-55 decision over Springfield, Mo Teachers last week. Coach Gene Lambert's tied and White got M. vs. St. Louis St. Louis; Bayloi vs Tiiiane at New Orleans; TCU Vs. North Texas State at Dcnton. Saturday — A. & M. vs. Ken tucky at'Lexington, Ky.; Baylo vs LSU at Baton Rouge; Texa vs Canisius at Buffalo; Rice vs DePaul at Chicago. . o— , monstrous power as a .favor to a political protege, was false to his oath to guard domestic tranquillity and promote the general welfare, what can Wagner say not to reconcile his law with his own pro- essed purpose to promote interstate commerce? How tranquil are we and how well off in the crip ot this coal strike, caused by ihe personal decision of one. man, and SECOND CHOICE Boise, Idaho, Dec. 9 —(A 1 )— Fine ing no coal at a Boise fuel yarc burglars made a second choice. They stole an axe, a cross-ci saw and a log chain. FIRST-AID FOR SCALP-SCRATCHERS If dry scalp itclica rub on a fuw drops of Morolino Hair Tonic. Helps remove loose, unsightly dandruff flnkos. MOROLINE HAIR TONIC DINE & DANCE Citrine, although not as hard as topaz, is said to be more durable. See Us For ... INSURANCE Insure with the Stronaer Mutual Companies. Complete Protection . . . 20% Return Dividend on Your Insurance Cost, in other Words, Maximum Protection at 20%' SAVINGS! CHRISTMAS CARDS Gentry Printing Co. REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. HARRY SEGNAR PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs PHONE 382-J 1023 South Main Street Houston YMCA. Texas A. M- , what is the condition of our inter- likewise beat North Texas ;South- 1 state commerce with the railroads Methodist and Texas Christian " ' ';he most urgent c -- ..... .•-,-- •, -i~ Friday, Dec. 1 3— Brooklyn at OF FOR PROMPT DELIVERY sand, gravel and dirt. WE CAN NOW GIVE FROM 5 TO 10 days delivery on new blinds made in Texarkana. Guaranteed free estimation, also free installation. We can now re-tape, re-cord, paint and make your blinds like new. Quick service Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 Coqcty •: Ayenue, Phone 4520-W. - Wanted Bosket-ball Results By The Associated Press La Salle 71; Loyola 46. Loras 53; St. Thomas (Minn) 51. . o • LOTS OF TIME Chicago, Dec. 9 —WV- Someone with time on his hands, broke into the car of Robert Ellsworth last night. Now the man with the time on his hands can keep track of it — he got 136 electric clocks. refusing all but kinds of freight and with paralysis spreading so fast that even a surgeon may be unable to operate on a desperate patient for lack of light, heat and power In this strike we nave heard, as thoi'eh it were news, that Lewis is dictator over the mine workers. t>ui a'e was a oiciator wnen Phillip Murray, now the President of ine C. I. O., and an eriemy of Lewis, WPO on° of his subordinates on vhe national roster of the United Mine "Workers. Roosevelt knew all aboul his union and his methods and knew he was a dictator. We have eard that the miners were not onsulted as to whether they snould trike Is that news to anyone? Were they ever consulted? Did Senator Wagner heed warnings during the debate on his law that have the interstate each suffered defeats at the hands of Loyola o£ Chicago and Oklahoma in doubleheaders at Dallas Friday and Saturday nights. Arkansas starting lineup will be weakened for the Kansas City dribble party by the absence of Guard Melvin McGaha, who resumed duties with the Cotton Bowl-bound Porker find team today. And a dozen basketball reserves also still are occu- 1 'Refrigerator REPAIRS Phone 800-J 24 Hour Commercial Service Savage Refrigeration Service Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT. BEN CAM! 1 PINE GARDENS Vi Mile East, Hy 67 Closed Sunday & Monday OPEN Rest of the Week 5 P. M. til 12 P. M. Plenty of Choice Steaks Chicken Dinners Fire Tornado Casualty Automobile Real Estate LOANS • Gl 4% Interest • FHA 4i% Interest Purchase Your Home Throuflh Us ... L*' to 20 Years to Payl Foster-Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone LIC SALE • Complete Paint Shop • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop pied with football. In .addition to the meet, games this Kansas City ic involving Legal .Notice • — *—= T^~.,^m . uTm WANTED, ASSISTANT NOTICE Notice is hereby given that there \ has been filed in the .office of the Department of Education of Hemp *>A* **- t **t • •™-—;rr , A_ i j-rcpui uiiciiu UA j^um-onwn wi **»-•..^ keeper, general office work. Ap- stead CountVj Arkansas, a petition nlications strictly confidential. purpor tj n g to be signed by the Give full details as to experience ma f ority O f t he qualified, elector and salary expected. Write °OTC\ O[ the j ron Springs School Distric 98. Hope, Arkansas. -7-«i__ .. ... 7-t Christmas Trees Select Yours Early Monts Seed Store 110 E. 2nd Phone 64 , Southsvest quints are: Italy and Germany, brought Fascism as a nationalizcdxversion of oss unioneers would power to throttle all commerce by calling out workers vithout consulting them hrow millions of others and out Give Her a SPENCER SUPPORT FOR CHRISTMAS It means giving her a beautiful figure and better'health. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Hope, Ark. eninism, and improvised, for lawful | No. 22 of Hempstead County, Ar Kansas. This petition asks th County Board of Education o Hemostead County to dissolve th said Iron Springs school district an annex the territory thereof to Blevins School District No. 2 of Hempstead County, Arkansas. Notice is hereby yiven that the County Board of Education will meet in the County Court House of Hope. Arkansas at 10:30 a. m. on Tuesday, December 17, 1946 for the purpose of considering and acting >n the above named petition. Signed: E. R. Brown County Supervisor of Education . 2, 9, 1946 VISIT OUR NEW AND COMPUTE RECORD SHOP Records and Albums for every age and taste. MAKE THIS A MUSICAL CHRISTMAS Shsp early. The perfect Gift awaits you at COBB-TQOLEY RADIO CO Radio, Phonographs Radio Service work and onto the dole at the expense of state treasuries? Can Wagner say that he was unaware that his law contained no protec- _ tion for the workers and the pub- techni ic against arbitrary decisions by —not ruthless dictators, Communist or erty, Fascist revolutionaries or common underworld gangsters? . Today we hear that Lewis is a sly one. That by using the strate- gem of merely refusing lo work "without a contract" he. not only clears himself of the charge ot ••mu^o a strike b"t saves money lor his treasury by withholding strike benefits. This "discovered" now in condemnation ot Lewis by-men who knew all about this lawyers' slick-trick years ago , ., ^..., 1 , 11 , r i,, r ] ji n was a n part of a plan whereby the state treas- •jve>- vhe ourdfin of unemployment benefits to workers maue juie oy union orders, leaving the unions' millions intact. May we abuse Lewis tor shifting th'« financial burden to the public ] and praise the name of Roosevelt who planned it that way? Lewis re-uses xo WOIK without a contract" because in going to work, his subjects would be guilty <" trespass; on the private prop. But that posi- , strong-arm substitute government. . In spring, again, the party promotion will organize new visits ot children, veterans of the war and other Americans to Roosevelt s grave at Hyde Park, to stand in artificial and degrading awe of a man who gave John L. Lewis his powers and called them "labor s gains." Inasmuch as this grave is j technically a national monument - COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Doug ^ITY Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. •— for — House < Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 At Christmas Time There is one gift you can be sure will give grateful pleasure and lasting happiness. Your Photograph Open Sundays Till Christmas The Shipley Studio "Artist Photographers 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. shrine is not and public prop- amiss to propose some symbolic reminder in bronze, say a Fascist symbol or a Swastika that he, too, had little iaith in the people's capacity to govern themselves and so gave them in -enormous herds and bunches to John L. Lewis, Dan Tobin, Walter Reuther and Jimmy Pelrillo. HAVE YOUR CAR WINTERIZED at MAYO'S Texaco Service Station PHONE 6 CALL 119 Let us help you with your bed ding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size ol mattresses. 1 Day Service in Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We Sell Sleep" 921 W. 3rd St. Phone...119. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS end CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R ORDER NOW Don't take chances on your fuel supply. Winter is here. Hope Butane Co. Hope, Ark. Phone 188 — 554-J erty of the owners. tion, ofipn admired as a shrewd technicality, was abandoned when the vandals and rioters who form, ed the United Auto Workers of the C I. O. under Lewis, occupied plants during his sit-down strikes. And the Roosevelt following then called this a class war and said the goons, most of whom never were employed in ine plants, had a property interest m their jobs which they had a moral right "to protect. In this crisis, in the alarming anarchy of the Oakland general strike ,as on many past occasions, the pleas to congress :?or remedial laws sound a conventional, hackneyed note of .caution lest congress, in a state of alarm, go "too ifar" and injure the cause of the workers. But what injury can the workers suffer from any law which merely breaks the powers tha Roosevelt gave to Lewis and hun dreds of other unscrupulous irte" to herd, rule, exile, regulate and yViarn the ea >>ni nKs of :<mlUons •> Americans without even consult ing their wisnes? Roosevelt's legacy and Wagner evil infliction on the United otate are bringing this country toda close to the show-down which, in William R. Herndon Photographer Second floor First National Bank Phone 493 Christmas Special 8x10 Sepia Portrait and One Dozen Personalized Christmas Cards (from your choice of 4 negatives) F oV4.00 Additional Cards • $3.00 Doz. i'S. AMERICAN CAFE PRESCOTT, ARK. 9 • Open 24 Hour; Daily • • Meet your friends here, Day or Night. We're always glad to serve you. Robert A. Gammill Mgr. 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Phone 10QQ Monday, December 9, 194(5 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS By Chick Young OZARK IKE By Ray Gotto NOW, NO MATTUH WHO WINS TH' RACE, AH DONE TOOBADYUH 0, ON THE EVE OP THE RACE WE FIND ONE ON THE ROCKS.. HU ANKLE. MISS RATION. PAS WOOD.' WHY PON'T I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING TO SAV M-M-M... THAT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU LOOK AT IT BIO. •..BUT HI-BAWL AND MIS5MIDNITE MADLY Q'Malley & Ralph Lane ~ _______ Michael I A LEAKY FUEL LINE HAS DRIPPING GAS INTO THE BILGE !p?he pepper shaker was my salvation. Shiv.had put me to sleep with the ether, ind then he sneezed. By Dick Turner CARNIVAL By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES FAIR TO THE GUINEA PIG. MISS LILT. OF THIS BOAT EVER SINCE WE PUT HER IN THE WATER. ALL f HAVE TO DO IS PRESS THE STARTER BUTTON/ ANYBODY MAKES PASS AT ME BLOW US All A SNEEZE SOMEBODY'S IN THERE/ YOU WOULDN T DAR£.' YOU HAVEN'T THE NERVE OF A GUINEA PIG/ FORGETTIN SOMETHING BUBBLE ? WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner #200 OOWNiEH? VES, WE'LL HWJE NO QUISBUNG, SIR. YOU'VE SOLD N HOUSE 1 . JUST MAKE OUT THE DEEP TO COUNTESS Dl GfcNZINI! WHW CAN I DO FOR VOU GENTLEMEN *. j WE'RE LOOKING FOR THE OUTRASEOUSW INEXPENSIVE HOUSE IN PMMETTO BEfcCH. IT MUST BE ON M4 OBSCURE LITTLE STREET .WITH ^ PLUSH 1 SOUNDING GO55MER TERRPvCE...! CfcN'T QUITE PLP.CE \T 1 IT'S A SHORT LITTLE STREET DOWN BV THE C\TV DUW.P. I'Mi Itf RWD YOU WON'T LIKE IT. \NHVi BLESS VOUR MILDEWED SOUL , POP... PONT TRY WKK.ING UP 1 OUR WINDS FOR US! ON 60SSNAEB. FOR &9OO.,. 4200 DOWN DONALD DUCK Walt Disney COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REC. U E ''Yes, I bought those white shirts for you the other dav but youcan't wear Well, maybe married life is like a drama, but why do I get all the. bit parts and my wife all the leads?" wear them till I manage to find laundry soap!" " ~" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WMEM i LAST SAW HIM. } JEEPERS7WE'D THE HORSE, WAS HEADED / SETTEE. CATCH FOR. TUflKEY CREEK / _J_ THAT NAG~r~ AUL UNEXPECTED DEPARTURE FOR. PLACES BROUGHT TME CURTAIN ABRUPTLV.AND'. ENDEP A SERIF'S OF MISHAPS THAT WEREN'T IM THE , SCRIPT:..- MEAMWHILE, WHA.T OF „ LARD SMITH ? By Carl Anderson J &RQJJ6HT YOU A TOY STEAM SHOVEL FOR YOUR GOOD CONDUCT^ HENRY.' .ONE IF By LAND, AMP TWO |F BV SEA; i ON ..._ OPPOSITE- SHORE ,. WIU.BE' WHEMTHEV WENT BY TRVIM& TO BUCK. HIM OFF/ ,2.9 • • • ••- CARL- mm ini«.Ki\r, FrATrflr*SYXMCATE i w |um:in IIII.IITKIT!TKYI:II "It's a mania with him—'he thinks all the rest of the I . . world is wrong!" _ ALLEYOOP By V. T. Hamlin *)£" '•- 'm^ ~~ . 1M6 BY NEi SERVICE. INC. T, M. BED. U. S. PAT. VEH, BUT \DU'LL GET USED TO IT— WE'RE NOW |N IG7S AN' THAT BUNCH OF SHACKS SHOULt? BE GORY GULCH.. NOW WHAT? LOOK,THIS IS A X -VVE:H,BUT THE ROUGH COUNTRV FULL AFORME A OF TOUGH PEOPLE -SO THAT'S A ) IF VOU WIND TO GET INTO THIS OUT- \. CINCH 7 UP IN TH'. Thimble Theater LAW CROWD SOU GOTTA B AAEANPP'N A OH, MY GORSM, THA'5 BAP, QCFUL RAD! IF I PULLS ME FISK ©^? OUT, THE SHIP WILL ' FOR A TIMBER me CALEHCAR JUZHEP BACK. 7O YEARS, 4t/-£Y OOP AND POP FISH HOPE TO LOCATE f 80 i O00IN(3OLD TAKEN IN THE HOLDUP OF THE GOSyGULjCH STAGED By Edgar Martin TrtlNG i IF 1 VOO'U. PKOt*M<S% NOT TO ft Copf IVJ.l. Kinj; 1'utuiM ^njirrjii |n< , WoilJ (ittin irMtirJ i ROONJtN tAUbttT OR. MPT PitoO WO y With Mojor Hoqple OUR BOARDING HQUSE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OOT£ TRAIN 16 HOUR UFVC& IN5 F\RR\VI«)6» THEWt'S SVQY* TWE. IT W& MCE Of- KMND ^s.V TAB SCOTCH Tp STOP GRLJMPIM 1 AN' COME OW WITH THAT IRON ~ PA' LL. BE PLEASED THAT WE BRANDED THIS LOMGEAR THEV MISSED IM THE EOUMDUP.' ,--' I WISH I WENT TO SCHOOL ALONE-YOU'RE A BUSYBODY, AL.LUS SEEIM 1 FENCES TO FIX--AN 1 IT'S NIKJE MILES ACROSS OUR, PROPERTY I'SAD/ OF COURSE TKCT'S •BOOSE/-*- A SCOTTISH 2EC6MTP/ IMFORMEO THlRP CDUSIM, WALLACE •AlDUQTKIAKi ROOPLE, ,hJ UMMTH160V4 AND HIS FAMOR.\TE DOTWeY WANfT VOL> TO SEMO PROPERLV 5PE(\KlK)S, oy Fred Harmon . / /IFttLR. ALLIriE 1hlE5E Alrt'1 EARMARKED .' tHEt'LL HELP STOCK' THE VALLEY AfTEfiL RtDER 3DRIVES OFF triE" KE5 FOR US-' KICK-UK BUU GONE, RED RYDER.' RU5TUER5 TAKE OUR CON5.TOO.' . RAIDIS5S\ OOC5IES RVPER'S HERO, OSLEM [TOR OUR DRIVES. \tROU6LE- 1 THE ME\M FAC& THE- CAST 12.- 1 CT,f?WlLUAMS> BORN THIRTV VEARS TOO SOOM

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