Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 7
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*«t»«ri> i W Poga 3ht HOPI STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS 146 •.»'•¥ f CLASSIFIED Ms Must Be In Ottic* Day Bfefer* Publicfttlofi Number of One Three Sbc Ofce ® '—• -'— Words Day Days Days Month Op to 13 45 .90 l.oO 4.50 18 to 20 .... .GO 1.20 2.00 31 to 25 .75 1.50 2.50 - 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 28 to 30 to 35 16 to 50 1.20 .... 1.35 1.50 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 3.40 2.70 3.00 2.00 6.00 0.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Hates are (or Continuous Insertions Only , • All Want" Ads Casn Irt Advance « Not Taken Ovej 1 the Phoiie For Sale GROCERY' "STOKE, SERVICE station on 20 acre farm, living quarters in store. Good barn, garage, 15 .miles on Hope to Rosston road. W. N. Bailey, Rt. .« a, Rosston. 27-6t .^SAWMILL COMPLETE WITH power unit, 2 good log wagons, 2 log trucks. W. N. Bailejf, Rt. '-2, Rosston. - " 27-8t -ONE PRACTICALLY NEW 1946 . ton and half Studebaker truck. 'Stake body, 8:25 tires. See Buck , "Williams.6-tf Help Wanted MAN OR WOMAN. RESIDENT of Hope to take over established route, selling Watkins products in Hope. Excellent earning. No investment necessary. Write or leave your name at The Hope Star and a representative of the J. R. Watkins Co. will contact you in the near future. 4-3t Found BLUE MALE SETTER, FOUND in SPG. I am warning hunters to stay out as it" Is dangerous. Thomas L. Compton. 2-3t Wanted to Rent FURBISHED APARTMENT WITH private bath. References will be supplied. Call Mrs. Fred Duncan at Barlow Hotel. 26-61 Wanted Fair Enough By Wcitbrook Pcgler •Copyright, 1946 Bv King Features Syndicate. SPORTS IM* t. fiJkrtn, A. ball?. Well, Lorem ?*-.-. •V i s _ * •; CHRISTMAS .GIFTS. FULLER r' brushes of all kinds. Especially stiff bristles. Mrs. Leon Bundy. Phone 138. 19-lm 255 ACRE FARM, GOOD ROAD, larg^ 5 room house, large barn, wagbn shed, blacksmith shop. Double ' garage, meat, house poultry house, good well water. !£ 3r,'4eJftant houses^..2-with barns, 2 with, wells, 10 acres woodland, 2 good pastures, water year round. Rest in .cultivation, .good fences around farm, *k mineral right retained. 7 miles south of Hope; 2 milos -east at highway 29. Mrs. L. W.-Shepard, 915 West 6th St. Hope, Ark. 30-6t NEW OR RENEWAL SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine. Order your Christmas gift subscription now. Phone 28 or 369-R. Charles Reynerson at Hope City Hall. 15-lm Notice I PAIR MATCHED LOGGING rfiares, c6ming t^.and 7, Weighing 1400 Ibs. Cbrifiplete harness and log wagon, Moore Bros. ' 30-31 STRAWBERRY -ROAN SADDLE colt, 18 • montbs»> old. Gentle. A fine disposition arid -partly broken.- $75.00: See "Donald Moore. • .„, -,„ . 30 . 3t GOOD 252 ACRE PA'RM. DESIR' able location. IVfe rtiile northeast "" of Blevins. Wallaceburg community. Good .roads". Priced 'for quick sale. Eunice Stephens,' Ble" vins, Ark. 30-6t OWN YOUR HOME. FHA & G I loans to build; buy a home; or refinance **& improve your present home. You may borrow 00% to build, 80% to Buy a home .already built. We have assisted hundreds to own a home. Let us help you. Langhbrne & Company . Realtors. 317 Tnxarkana National Bank Bldg., Texarkana 1 , Texas. Phone 704. 2-7t AUCTION SALE, SATURDAY, Lost LADIES' BLACK KID GLOVE, lost Saturday night downtown, Phone 636 for reward. 3-3t WOOD FOR SALE. GOOD SUP- ply of hickory, oak and ash blocks. Also stove wood oh hand. - S3.57 per load delivered. Phone ,' -772; Bruner-Ivory Handle Co. 2-6t APARTMENT SIZE, PRACTICAL- ly new gas cook stove, dresser, radio table, davenport, drop-li-;if kitchen table, iron 'bed with sorings and dressing table. Vaughn Hilyard, 312 South Wai-, nut, Sti ^Hope,, Ark. 3-3t ^ 1S36 D&DGJ}.- EXCELLENT , GOpD ' '"tires; *' engine, ''clean. See "at 303 [, •»»'p"c« A V e '-.-or Missouri Pacif'c f Ereight office. Phone 836-W. '" rEXTRA GOOD ' BOYS • BI- cv'cle. 1012 Foster Avenue. Phone 659-W. _ 4-3 1 1946 DODGE HALF TON TRUCK. 'See J: H. Warren. East Second St. . 4-3t REDBONED HOUND, WEARING small collar. No identification tag. Reward $10. • Notify Roosevelt Garland, Hope, Rt. 3, Box 243. 3-6t $90 GOVERNMENT CHECK, SE- rial No. 17013141. Paul D. Oiler, Feeders Supply Hope, or phone 22-F-2. 5-3t Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone New York, Dec. 4 —Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., who reviewed and praised in the Mew York Herald Tribune a borik called "The Plotters," is a son of Arthur Melsr Schlesinger, Sr., a Harvard professor of history. Young Mr. Schlesinger is precocious. He recently did a piece for Henry Luce's "Life" magazine purporting to give the Ipwdown on the Communist party in the United States. He named some CIO unions which are dominated by the Com rnunists, but I found fault-with him In that he might have emphasized the Communist influence in others, among them the New York newspaper Guild, the mine, mill and smelter workers and the office and professional workers' union, all of the CIO. Young Schlesinger does not mention the National "Citizens' Political Action committee, a creature of :he CIO, although he does say that the greatest field of Communist penetration is the trade unions. The N. C. P. A. C. is a Sidney Hillman political front rind Schlesinger's father is a prominent mem ber. The House committee on un- American Activities, formerly known as the Dies Committee, compiled a great and reliable di- i ectory of persons, organizations and causes involved in the Communist and Fascist movements in the United States. It shows the attachment of many individuals to groups ;ind causes which it investigated without necessarily suggesting guilt. However, by a decision of the Supreme court in the Harry American, or even an alien, is without guilt even though he associate and cooperate with ideological i enemies of the American government who advocate its destruction by violence, if in that association and cooperation he shall stop short of joining them in the advocacy of Ihat final objeclive. Thus Prof. Schlesinger could gaily collaborate with inimical Communists and remain legally innocent. The first mention of Prof. Schlesinger in the reports of the committee to Congress occurs on page 265. There he is listed as a member of "The National Citizens' Political Action Committee." "The National Citizens' Political Action committee includes a formid able list of confirmed fellow-travelers and frouters for Communist organizations," the report says. "It genious Valparaiso U. coach, -plans to spring one on the Garden court fans against Long Island xonight and while he says he didn't borrow the formation i'rom football, ihe two are comparable. . . Ellin' diagrams show a one-man "line-up under the basket, a quarterback in the free • throw circle and two halves and a :"ull just outside. . . . He doesn't explain how they assume those fixed positions when most basketball systems seem to be grab-the-ball-and-run-like-heck . . . The day after the Pittsburgh Steelers concluded their season, Coach Jock Sutherland had seven scouts aboard trains :"or various parts of the country looking for big league football players. . . He prob.'ibly would swap the total fitu" for another year 01 Bill Dudley' performances. in basket- stop.moving until he reached Casa- Fllis ' in- blanca. where he learned ihe Euro. '' ' . i_ 4: !!„ u.-. U -.*•! tiiot u'*irt nnn bean title he had just won had been taken away from him. Three years later he returned and collected the million i'rauc purse :'rom the French promoter, who, trouble alre.-idy. . Another record goes io the football Giants for selling out Sunday's Washingon game a week in advance. It Wouldn't Work Ernie Lanigan, the baseball historian, suggests an all-time ball team composed of former coal miners and nominates Hughey Jennings and Mordecai Brown to start . . . But wouldn't they strike out too often? Cleaning The Cuff Hope Team to Gambling Gets Attention of Baseball Meet By LEO H. PETERSEN United Press Sports Editor Los Angeles, Uec. 5 —(UP)— Baseball was laced with its §ii\vest pioolem since the black sox scatunu unt-K in Is)19 today as Us Hope's basketeers will start the ^ „ ,--- vii,,i,, major and minor leagues mot in'cage season Friday. December 13, lover last year, lonpetl U.\ M'<•'".' seiiuiate conierences to a ;ciclo at Nashville', the first game of a sans 5H.si!) count al us .-\n .\i- Thursdoy, Dcecmbof 5,^ Big Hike in Attendance at Grid Games By JACK HAND { New York, Dee. S —(AV- College ootlxill iiUi'iidiitKP spirdllecl toward n new hiyh in HHil with a survey of H7 leading colleges reporting a 48.-I per coitt increase Thursday, December 5, 1946 _______ ________ wmtt to do about the gambling evil wmcn is plaguing the game. W. G. bramham, who at '?2 and In ill neaitn, is stepping down as schedule which will carry the Bobcats ull over south Arkansas. Coaches Dildy and Tollett will depend largely on Robert McCul , ^^ ........ ,.,,., ... ------the Czar ot minor league baseball j lough, Charles Kennedy, Long John in favor of George Trnutman, Mci.ood, .luck Hay, Jimmy Wai ininced no words irt disclosing inai the game wns In jeopardy because of tne inroads of gamblers. He said, and backed it w:th proof, that minor league players weie throwing Dall games, Dotting against tlu'ir own cluos and openit- ing in collusion svith gamblers to One-Minuts Sports Page Marcel Ccrclan, the French mid-j dleweighl, claims a record of some sort for the delayed collection of a fight purse. In 1942 Marcel ftniftht Jose Ferrer of Sp.-iin in Paris by German demand. After slil'fcning Ferrer in 82 seconds', Cerdan didn't Brooklyn scouts. Envious rivals id- are suggesting they'll have to locate ball players by radar. . . The 1940 Ger>r;>i;i football \carn is Uie first since Pop Warner's Bulldogs ot 1H9U to go thruugh a season un- boaton and untied. And the 1896 team piaycd only :"our games. December. 7lh. 10 a.m.' Furnish-1 Bridges deportation case, an 'ings of Tom-Carrel's apartrnenx » >--- -- -- - 1 -— ; house. Opposite Hope Police Sia- tion. Silas Sanford, auctioneer. '3-4t Fights Lost Night Bv The Associated Press New York (Jamaica Arena) — Jimmy Carollo, 200, Corona, N. Y. outpoinled Sandy McPhorson, 219, Oklahoma Cily, 8. Providence, R. I.—Jackie Lovalt. 143 1-2, Providence. T. K. .O. Auriello Vasquez, 145 1-4, Mexico City.(3. Binghmton. N. Y.—Andre "Indian" Gomez, 164, Havana, out- poinled Johnny Eagles, 102, Detroit, 10. 61. 23-2mo Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netian Blinds, wood or metal, ' outside rnetal blinds and awnings. Wrile Riloy Cooper, 1909 West 37lh St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo 1937 FORD IVfe TON TRUCK, RE- cently overhauled. 41 motor, Good rubber. H. E. Patlerson, 2 miles 1 out' on" Washinglori road. ' 4 ; 6t 'T939 4 DOOR OLDSMOBILE SE- dan. A-l condition...G. B. Goodwin,. 2 miles eastr of Bodcaw, Ark. ••?;"' 4-6t FOUR SQUARES OF 8 FT. GRAY asbestos siding. -Also some galvanized roofing. P. H. Stephens, Blevins, Ark. . . . ^'^ MALE SETTER WHITE AND black birddog. About 8 .yaars old. Reward. K. H. Stewart, LET US RENOVATE THOSE OLD matlresses or make new ones. .. Phone 229-J. Cobb's- Mattress Shop. 23-lm FOR PROMPT DELIVERY OF •sand, gravel' and dirt, Call 138. 30-2w By United Press Prcsque Isle, Me.—Johnny Lawless, 16G, Providence, R. I., slopped Johnny Mara, 16S, Boston <4i. Bangor, Me. —' Herbic Freeman, 142, Bangor, outpointed Billy N:ip- per, 146, Boston (8). Oakland, Cal.—Jackie Wilson, 146-1-2. Los Angeles, drew with Earl Wilson, 145-1-2, Richmond, Cal. (10). Bcsketbali Results By The Associated Press Notre Dame 36; Franklin (Ind) 38. Arkansas 5G; Tulsa 21. Penn State 57; Susquchann 33. Baltimore Loyola 5(1; Fort Bcl- voir 42. Louisiana Slate 81; Kessler Field 48. has been clearly established that Oklahoma GO; Texas Tech 37. he N. C. P. A. C.- is the major Connors (Okla) J .G. 35;. Musko- 'gee (Okla) J. C. 26. Nebraska 68; South Dakota 34. Duke •14; High Point :'.9.': North Texas Stale 59; Texas A & M 49. DePauw 56; Canterbury 43. North Carolina 03; Cherry Point Marines 29. Bii-eihiu GO; Ro.inoke 42. McPherson (Kasi-50; Sterling .1!)'. Springfield-(Mo) Tchra 53; Rock* hurst 43. : Oklahoma "B" 10. Tinkei; (Okla) Army Air 30. Dr. 'Popper (Dallas) 41; East Phone 474 or >83-J. 5-3t MIDDLEBURSTER AND MOWER for A model Farmall tractor. Good condition. Cecil McCorkle, Hope, Rt. 3. Blevins road. 5-fit HUMPHRIES CIRCULATOR, RA'« diant gas heater with pilot light » — re<nilatn>- and Aluminum vent. ST A beautiful stove. Phone Ifi4. ?j o-3 1 L NEWtlMARLIN 22 .REPEATER model iSO-A and 8 -boxes of shells. See -between 7'a-.mrnnd 0 p.m. at 805 South Walnut St. fi-3t 4 Libel Suits Against Paper at West Memphis Marion, Dec. 4 —(/P)— Four $10,000 libel suits against the editors and publishers of the Wesl Mom- phis News have been transferred from Critenden counly to Craighead county for trial in the February term of court. Circuit Judge Waller Killough granted the change of venue yesterday after defense counsel pre- senled lestimony in an effort to show thai it would be difficult to get. a jury in . Criltenden county because of the publicity in connection with ,the case. The libel.suits were filed by udge C. H. Bond, Sheriff Cecil Joodwin, and Sheriff's Deputies van D. Dickson and H. D. Holand during a political campaign in >vhich they were opposed by Jack I"' For Rent and Pete Coughlin, co-editors of he weekly newspaper. FRONT BEDROOM' ADJOINING bath, Mrs. Gus F.ogtei, Phono 301-M. •-. - 3-3t Christmas Trees Select Yours Early Monts Seed Store 110 E. 2nd Rhone 64 VISIT OUR NEW AND COMPLETE RECORD SHOP • Records and Albums for every age and taste. MAKE THIS A MUSI5AL CHRISTMAS Shsp early. The perfect Gift awaits you at COBB-TQOLEY RADIO CO Radio, Phonographs and Radio Service 'ront organization of tbc movement^ t represents the Communist par- y's supreme bid for power, it is clear that the major''objective of he Hillrnan-Browcler-CIO axis is he gaining of a dominant position n the councils of the Democratic )arty. The genius of the Comrhu- lisl-front organization is to secure he services of distinguished persons whose very names aid in concealing the real nature of the organization. "Concerning Communist front organizations, the Attorney General (Biddle) made the following observations: 'Testimony showed they were represented to the'public for some legitimate reform objective, but actually used by tne Communist oartv to carry on its activities pending the time when the communists oetieve'itipy can seize power through revolution.".' The report then relates that Biddie circulated among department heads of the executive branch of the government memoranda nam ing 25 organizations as subversive and Communist. The committee found that 82 of 141 members ol Hillman's N. C. P. A. C. had been associated with those 25 groups. Prof. Schlesinger is listed as a singner of a petition to discontinue the Dies Committee, sponsored by the American Committee for Dem- ocr.T'.y and intellectual freedom. "The committee is a Communist from. GpL-mting among college teachers and professors,' the report to congress stated. "The committee was strongly preoccupied with the defense oT Communists. The committee issued the call for a so-called citizens' committee to defend free public education, the real object of which is to vilify and obstruct the New York Legislative committee investigating subversive activities Trading Starts Picking Up at Baseball Meet By TED SMITS Los Angeles, .Dec. 5 —(/P)— After a slow start, baseball tr.-iding activity appeared 'i.o be picking up today as the of major leaguers opened their off-season meeting, crosstown irom ihe minor circuit sessions. Business manager William Mul- igaii'of the Portland Pacific Coast League club announced the purchase of Tommy Bridges, veteran vigjit - handcr, irom the Detroit Tigers. Pittsburgh announced the 'arming of Outfielder Tommy O'Brieh o Oakland as part payment for .he budding young outer .garden- jr, Wally Westlake. O'Brien was vith Hollywood last season. Latest candidate for the coveted job of l,os Angeles' manager is Charles (Red) RulTins, New York Yankee fixture. The big pitcher got his .-jutright release alter injuring a uice. Indications today were ihat Billy. Jurges, mentioned l.'or the jcrth, probably would remain with .he Chicago Cubs . The Cincinnati Reds signed )ong George Kelly, long-time .major player and coach, as a coach, and Cleveland sold Second Baseman Lambert (Dutch) Meyer to. Newark. The Yankees also figured indi-: rectly in the signing of Jim (Mil-, man) Turner' as Portland :tjana-: p'e'r.. The; Const • LeaRiic clllb ' announced','a one year contract for the.lo'rme'r rqliof hurler who man- presidents present at this winter comerence ot National Association ot Professional Baseball Leagues would admit that they had the gumming problem wmcn Bramham uisctosca in his final icport, but mere were plenty of indications mat the men wno direct tne game weie ready to take steps to combat the racketeering element. Advised by Bramham tnat the situation was "getting worse in- steacl 01 better,' the minors were ters, Bill Morion, Glen May, .lac* Wells. Charles GoURh and Buddy Stilton to carry Hid burden this season. Tne schedule: December 1!!: Nashville, there. December 21: Nashville, here. Saturday 21: Prescott, there. there. there. Malvern. there. Tuesday 21: Texarkana, here. Fliday 24: North Little Rock, here. Saturday 25: Little Rock. here. Tuesday 28: Texarkana, there. Friday 31: Hot Springs, here. February: Tuesday 4: Forclyce, there. Friday 7: North Little Rock, there Tuesday 11: Smackover. there. Friday 14: Malvern, here. Tuesday 18: Smackover, here. Friday 21: El Dorado, there. i;iepared to do everything witnin J Tuesday 25: Fordyce, here, their power to bring baseball back | Friday" 28: Camden, here, to a sports rather than a gambling level. They faced a major job and evon the major leagues, which began their winter meetings today, sverc expected to delve into the problem. Altnougn Baseball Commissioner A. B. iHappy) Chandler said ihat he had not. been advised of any gambling troubles 'in the minors and that it was up to those concerned to do their own house cleaning, it such was necessary, the 16 National and American league club owners realized that gamoling is becoming so widespread that steps to curb it should be taken. OUicially, Ihe Nalional and American League in their separale sessions today were to consider the player's pension plan, Ihe new ma- jor-ininor league agreement, possible lirnilalion of night baseball and assorted other mailers, bul il was a good bel thai Ihe gambling evil which Bramham disclosed yesterday in his final report as Czar of the minors-would come up for consideration. While tne majors were meeting, the minors were scheduled to convene to elect Trautman, general manager of Ihe Delroil Tigers and former president of the /ynerican A!;socialion, as Bramham's successor. They were rcporled willing lo give him a five year contract at. $25,000 a year and already hud voted to retire Bramham at $10,000 a year in the role of a consultant.. No definite 'dale was set for Bramham's retirement but it will come when he'finishes up the work which this convention produces. '• Arkansas Has Easy Time in Defecting Tulsa Fayetleville, Dec. 5 — W— As usual the University of Arkansas Razorbacks are off \o a victorious starl on another basketball season after having drubbed Tuls.i 'University, 50 to 21, without even working up a sweat iast nighl. The Porkers' next encounter will be with Springfield, Mo., ve.ichers college at Joplin Saturday night. George Kok. Arkansas skyscraping center who was high scorer with 15 points, sank a i'ield goal in the opening seconds, and the Razorbacks led all ihe way. Forward Al bor stadium. On the basis of thr Wolverines reported gross of $1.121,000, big lime football drew well over W2,- 000.000 nt the box office with at least 20 bowl games still lo be added. ft Crowding Michigan for top honw.; was the University of Pennsylvania which ntrarted nO'J.OOO for seven games at Franklin Field in Philadelphia. They were only colleges to better the half million mark. Next in line among ihe ,'irst 10 in nome drawing power were UCLA, 429,423; Ohio State. 371.017: California, 307,000; Yale, 357,000; Minnesota. 326,913; Tulano 208,430; Southern California, :!97,ll!l; and Northwestern 28!),000. Grid interest showed the sharpest spurt in the South where a 59 p«y cent increase was loted in a survey of 2(i schools drawing 2,52(1,032. Tulanc, Louisiana .stale. Miami and Georgia were among vhe pacesetters. Texas almost doubled its 1945 total by packing in 228.000 ;or six games!. The Middle West proved, io bo the most iootbnll-minded sector, drawing a total of .1,580.783. Allhoin'h Perm piled up the highest Eastern total, Yale's increase from 186,007 in 1945 lo 3">7,000 Jn 1940 was outstanding. Harvard ,s^.i out its stadium, seating 57.700, -or the first time since 1937 in ihc Yale game and Cornell's gate •"vu'ff' to a now all-Mmr *tii?h •>( 102,000 from a puny 33.800 last soa- • Popi Williams tallied 14 points, I Missouri and ull but iive of the 17 Porkers'Nebraska who saw action broke into the scor- .Oklahoma ing column. ! okl;l - A / Coach Gene Lambert employed St. Louis reserves most of vhe way. Arkan- ' r "i^ susled , 27-11, at hall'aime. Boston College. Navy. Pcnn Stale Princeton and West Virginia also enjoyed a turnstile boom. Football attendance at Big Six Missouri Valley and Southwest colleges: College. <l!M(i> home games, total. (1945) home names, -.olal^ii that order: Drake Iowa State .. . Kansas .. Kansas Slate filiate" of the national emergency conference for democratic rights. The report says thai in 1940 the Communists decided to revise Iheii organizations and showed a pre ference for the phrase "democra lie righls" in naming the new Groupings. The report flatly calls Ihis conference a "Communisl fronl." Schlesinger is named again as an "affiliale" of Ihe nalional federation for constitutional liberties. The report said il was highly sig- nificanl that almost 25 per cent of the leachers of Ihis federation were members of Hillman's milional Citizens' P. A. C. Prof. Schlesinger's biography in "Who's Who in America'" lisls many associalions, bul none of the foregoing. The Dies commillee made an ex- h«<i<st<ve run-rlnwn of Ihe members of Hillman's Nalional Citizens' po- lucai action commillee through .he membership rolls of hundreds of red .fronl organizalions and the signers of appeals, proclamations and petilions issued by groups Allied or affilialed wilh Ihe Commun- isls. , ., another Yankee.-.slp^'m) last year. An . informal^-Yankee-Portland ue-up -was indicated.? • ":.i The'-.Brooklyn Dodgers .and the Boston Braves today were; reported in trading negotiations involving five Dodgers and two Boston players including the Bums' prized bonch?silting infielder, Slan Rojek. While officials of bolh clubs declined comment, it was reported the.,Dodgers wanted First,-iBase- rnan-outficlder Johnny Hopp; and Infielder Nanny Fernandez. .Included in 'the negotiations were Rojek, who hit .272 in 70 games last season, Southpaw Pitcher Vic Lombard!, Third Baseman Bob Ra- mazotti and eilher First Baseman Ed Slcven or Howie (Slrelch) Sliullz. Pete Rieser more or Jess hogged the infield scene lor the Dodgers last season, and Rojek, said to bo the object of al leasl six major league overture, couldn't get into the lineup oflen. .-. . f.:'4,h,e'- biuvcs want;, to " substitute .:'4,h,e Oiitfielder 'Tommy Holmes for Hopp in ihe deal, and the reports Said; that if Brooklyn XOOK Homes r^who-'^il over .300 a couple of seasons ago, Pitcher Hahk Bermnn and Al-Vranca would be tossed in. Elsewhere along the diamond mart: '. Btooklvn- Dodgers swapped Infielder 'Eddie Basinski to Pills- burgh for Pitcher Al Gcarhcauscr, who was ticketed :or the Dodgers' Montreal farm. Kansas City sent First Backer Johnny Sturm to Seattle in a cash deal. Institutions to Be Protected in Colorado Denver, Dec. 4 —(/P)— Governor Vivian announced today that "enough coal to Care for institutions, hospitals and other essential ilaces had been found above R found in Colorado to lasl for month." He said work was being starled immediately to find ways to move the coal to essential places to the coal to essential places to mcel immediate emergencies. Meanwhile Vivian indicated Ih'ere was lillle chance -he would call miners inlo Ihe slale mililia and assign Ihem to duty working in coal 4 33,000 5 28,000 ..4 45,000 4 29,500 ..5 115,000 5 03,730 .. 3 40.!00 4 ••IG.OIH) 4 76,150 3 40,500 4 130.700 4 60,000 4 111,GOO 5 90,000 Okla. A. & M. 4 03,000 3 41,450 .. ..0 65,386 G 32,!)17 ....7 102,023 7 72,150 ...5 76,303 4 40,780 .. ..3 40,000 G 35,000 .. G IG'i.OOO 7 110,943 .. ..5 127,000 r> 54,'Ml ..(i 228,000 G 111),! Arkansas Baylor .. Rico ....... S.M.U ..... Texas Texas A. & M. .5' 109,000 5 95,000 T.C.U ............... 4 54,000 4 72,000 Know Ihe localion of the nearest fire alarm box and Ihe correct way to call the local fire department. To make sure curtains wear evenly, frequently alternale Ihose lhal hang al shady windows with those i sunny openings. Green and black tea can't be obtained from Ihc same kind, of leaves. CHRISTMAS CARDS It (Sentry Printing Co. Hit, Run Driver Is Sentenced ot Hot Springs Hot Springs, Dee. 4 UP).— Otis rlookard, 3H, of Hot Springs, who idmitted running down and fatally njuring an expectant mother and icr four-year-old child with his auto mobile here Nov. 92. was sentenced ,o two years in prison by circuit Judge Karl Wilt yesterday. Kook- .ird, a truck driver, had pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter. The two victims were Mrs. Evelyn Howard. In. and icr daughter, Sandra Lee Howard. Officers said the man was drunk at Ihe time. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R ORDER NOW / Don't take chances on your fuel supply. Winter is here. Hope Butane Co. Hope, Ark. Phone 188 — 554-J in Ihe public schools. A long lisl of Communist leachers was exposed jy Ihis (legislalive) commillee and they were subsequently dropped." The report names Prof. Schlesing or as a member of the American friends of Spanish Derriocracy. II s-iys the Communisls considered aid to the loyalisl (Communisl) side in Spain to be of firsl imporlance. Piof. Schlesinger was named as a signer of a leller to President Roosevelt asking an amendment lo the neutrality law, adopted to guard against, involement of this country in foreign wars, so that the Americ.'iii communists might openly ship aims to the so-called Loyalists. This was a Communisl parly proj- ecl al the lime, bul a number of prominent Americans, n°ver su«- peeled of pro-Communisl senli- mcnls, sigliud me ietier. Prof. Sehlcsinger is named as an 'affiliate" of the American student unicn. The report says this union was a rnerfiir o -• Sludenl League (Communist) and the Student j_,uaguc ior .inuudu.ui Dpmocr'icy (Socialist)." "The merger was in accord witli Ihe Untied ironl policy adoplcd by the Communisl international in 1935 calling Cor joint action with Socialist groups throughoul the world," the report continues. "The combined organization- was under Com- munisl control irom its inception jnd followed the official objeclives il the Communist party. On numerous occasions, the American student union exposed its connections with the Communisl party and its loyal adherence to the party line. Without exception the union supported defense of leuchcrs and sludents charged with Communisl aclivily." The report named Prof. Schlesinger as a sponsor of the national emergency conference. "The personnel of the sponsors of the conference indicates clearly lhal il was a Communisl Jront organization," says the report. "A chock of the index of this report will establish the extensive inler looking dircctoralc of Ihe conference with all other Communist- tront organizations." 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