Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada on July 1, 1969 · Page 33
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 33

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1969
Page 33
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California Legislature Faces Budget Crisis SACRAMENTO (UPI) -- The state of California approached the new fiscal year Monday without a budget and on the brink of what tHe Reagan administration called "absolute chaos." The first Republican legislature in a decade was stumbling over a Democratic roadblock in its race against a midnight dead,line to send Gov. Ronald Reagan a $8.2 billion budget. Legislators, divided by an Assembly fight over new school aid and tax reform, planned emergency steps to keep govern ment operating in the nation's most populous state. Without any budget, there would be no authorization to pay the state's 150,000 employes or maintain government services, such as the Highway Patrol. Lawmakers planned to pass a 'skeleton" budget tiding the state over for another month. But Finance Director Caspar Weinberger said this still would leave the administration with "pretty horendous administra tive problems." He said there GOV. RONALD REAGAN tells a hurriedly called news conference that Assembly Democrats have carried "political partisanship to a ridiculous and very dangerous degree," as the first Republican Legislature in a decade stumbles over a Democratic roadblock in its race against a midnight deadline to send Reagan a $6.2 billion budget. The state approaches the new fiscal year without a budget and on the brink of what the Republican administration calls "absolute chaos." (UPI Telephoto) PROMOTER EXPLAINS: 'No Connection With Austrian Riding School' A spokesman for "Professor Hermann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions of Austria" denied in Reno Monday night that publicity for the equestrian show scheduled in Reno July 12-13 implies it has any connection with the famous Vienna Spanish Riding School. A statement issued from the Austrian Embassy in Washington asserted, "Hermann's show has nothing in common with the performances of the Spanish Riding School . . . nor are the performances of the Hermann Horse Show in any way organized, sponsored or otherwise promoted by the Spanish Riding Fireman's Fund Announces New Reno Building Fireman's Fund American Insurance Companies has announced plans for a new building to house its Reno branch , office. The building will be a single ·level structure of 8500 square feet at the northwest corner of East Plumb Lane and Yori Avenue in Reno, costing about $250,000. Parking for 40 cars is included on the site. The branch now is located at 218 California Ave. in Reno. The facility is being constructed by the Reno building firm of Hancock and Hancock. Vhay and Ferrari of Reno did the architectural work. Estimated completion date is mid-No- 'vember 1969. Fireman's Fund American is one of the largest insurance writers in Nevada and the fifth largest nationwide that sells ex- clu£*vely through independent ; agents and brokers. The Reno ; office services the state of Ne- ;vada; Inyo, Mono and Alpine counties 'in California and four counties in Utah. The Lake Tahoe area is also serviced by the Reno branch. James D. Ellett is resident vice president and branch manager. Premium sales for the local office exceeded $4,000,000 last year and are expected to grow to $10,000,000 by 1980. The Reno operation has a staff of 40 to provide a full range of sales, underwriting claims and engineering services to 80 independent agents and brokers in the branch's territory. SPAPFRI School in Vienna, or any other official Austrian institution or organization." Clem Poechmann, advance publicity agent for the Hermann show, which is booked at the Centennial Coliseum, said Monday night his group does not pretend to be the same as the Vienna School. Prof. Hermann imported and trained these Lipizzan stallions," he stated. "He purchased the stock from a stud farm at an Austrian country town, the same from which the Spanish Riding School gets its stock . .. We do not claim Hermann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions of Austria come from Vienna." A publicity press release, however, mentions Prof. Hermann mounted "upon Favori Contessa, a rare Royal Lipiz- zan Stallion imported from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna." Poechmann disavowed responsibility for that press release. The statement from the Austrian envoy -- Dr. Gerald Hinteregger, charge d'affaires at the Austrian Embassy, in a letter to the editor of the Nevada State Journal asserted that "the Spanish Riding School of Vienna does not . . . sell trained Lipiz- zan stallions." He also stressed "this Embassy had no knowledge whatsoever of any role which Mr. Hermann might have played in the famous episode of the rescue of the Lipizzan horses at the end of World War II on which the well- known movie 'Miracle of the White Stallions' by Walt Disney was based. It is a historical fact that the Lipizzan stallions were rescued by the American General Patton and the Austrian Colonel Podhajski. Walt Disney's movie was made with the participation of the horses of the Vienna Spanish Riding School. None of Mr. Hermann's horses were shown in this film." Both Poechmann and Bob Dill, Reno advertising agent, said no attempt was made to insinuate that Hermann's Lipizzans were the same ones mentioned in their publicity story giving the history of the breed, the story of their rescue from the Red Army, and the Disney movie. (The article twice mentions the Vienna Spanish Riding School.) "Every place we show some crank comes up with some charge like this," noted Poech- mann. "We do not claim to be or have any connection with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna." were many government programs that couldn't be stopped for just a month. "It's a situation that the state has never had to face before. Weinberger said. "It's an administrative nightmare." The last time the legislature failed to pass a final budget by the June 30 deadline was in 1963. But Weinberger noted the legislature at least that year passed a mini-budget good for the whole fiscal year. Gov. Edmund G. Brown called the lawmakers back into special session and they padded an augmentation bill. Weinberger said the state would fall into "absolute chaos if no budget were passed at all. "Every prison guard t h a t worked after midnight would be working on trust and on the as- asumption that nobody owed him anything," the Reagan aide said. "That also goes for em- ployes of mental institutions and :ven teachers." Reagan told a youth group the legislators "were playing chintzy." "It might be very interesting to close these doors," he saic vith a grin, "and see how the jeople of California gpt along without us." A six-member conference com mittee, comprised of three members from the Assembly anc Senate, reached "general agreement" on a new budget. It contained nearly $200 million in new school aid. Negotiators had hoped that would satisfy Assembly Democratic demands. But at a private noon caucus, the Democrats voted to hold out for closei to $400 million. They also want Reagan's tax reform plan placed on the 1970 statewide ballot. · Assembly minority leader Jess Unruh, a potential campaign opponent of Reagan's next year, said there were at least 22 Democratic votes for placing the governor's plan before the voters. Such a move would require 54 votes. Republicans control the Assembly by a slim 41-39 margin. Saturday, they rejected the idea, pointing out there were unresolved flaws in Reagan's plan that could cripple some school districts. A revised Reagan tax reform program, increasing the sales tax from 5 to 6 cents on the dollar to finance property tax relief, was killed Saturday by Democrats who called it "garbage." Republican Assembly Speaker Robert Monagan of Tracy contended Monday "we have ac- ceeded to every one of the Democratic requests. If they now do not vote for the budget, they are acting very insincerely." Parcel Post Size Increased To Some Offices The parcel post weight limit will be raised to 40 pounds for shipments between first - class post offices after July 1, Postmaster M. E. Lewis, Jr., announced Monday. The maximum parcel post weight limit will be increased from 30 pounds on shipments Detween the larger post offices in the third through eighth parcel post zones, more than 150 miles. On packages sent locally to offices in parcel post 'zones one and two, the ceiling has been 40 pounds. The maximum size of packages sent between all first-class offices remains 72 nches in combined length and girth. The size limit on parcels sent to or from smaller offices, rural or star routes, military post offices, and all Alaskan and Hawaiian post offices stays at 70 pounds, with a combined length and girth of 100 inches, Lewis said. Public Law 89 - 593, enacted Sept. 20, 1966, authorized the postal service to increase weight and size limits on shipments between larger cities. On July 1 of 1970 and 1971, the length and girth limits are scheduled to rise to 78 and 84 inches, respectively, on shipments between first-class post offices. Soviets Arrive BERLIN (UPI)--A Soviet delegation headed by Deputy Premier N.A. Tichonov arrived in East Berlin Monday for economic negotiations with East Germany, the German Communist news agency ADN reported. TWO NEW multi-million dollar hotels are scheduled to open in Las Vegas this week, beginning with the latest Howard Hughes acquisition, The Landmark, right, tonight, and the International, billed as the world's "largest resort hotel," Wednesday. Both hotels are two blocks east of the famous Strip, in what is expected to he the start of a second Strip on Paradise Valley Road. The International is opening with Barbra Streisand, the L a n d m a r k with Danny Thomas. (UPI Telephoto) 'Truth in Lending' Must Begin Today WASHINGTON (UPI)--Those traditional advertising come ons: "No money down, three years to pay" and "only $1 a week" are due for a modification Tuesday. Equal billing will have to be given the interest rates charged the customer. The change is one of several provisions in the so-called "truth in lending" law designed to combat misleading advertising. The law, which takes effect Tuesday, covers all credit offered on cash loans and goods or services for personal, family, .household or agricultural use when the total amount is less than $25,000. Real estate deals are covered even when the total exceeds this figure. The only exceptions are transactions involving no finance charge or when the credit Plastic Bid For Test Site Totals $77,044 A $77,044.40 purchase order has been issued to Westlake Plastics of Lenni. Pa., for plastic panels to line the shot chambers of two underground nuclear test emplacement holes in Central Nevada. The purchase, for the Atomic Energy Commission's Nevada Operations Office (NVOO), is being made by Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co., Inc., prime support contractor for NVOO. The shot chambers will be steel chambers of 116 inch outside diameter and approximately 41 feet high, at the bottom of 5,000 foot drilled holes. They will be lined with polypropylsne plastic. The plastic will be fabricated in panels and bolted in place in the steel chamber, with approximately 300 panels needed for each chamber. The emplacement holes are located in Hot Creek Valley in the Central Nevada area being developed by the AEC for underground tests. Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. Window Shades Custom Made Large Selection of Colors I Dai/ Service 2S5 S. Virginia 322-7067 is repayable in less than four installments. Advocates of the new law indicate that the effect may be primarily educational and may not make much of a dent in consumer spending habits. One version is that those who now borrow from consumer finance companies; with their traditional high interest rates, probably will continue to do so because their credit ratings are too poor to be acceped by banks and stores. Under the new law, customers will be told that their 1 12 per cent monthly interest actually amounts to 18 per cent a year. Other new "Truth in Lending" provisions: --The consumer must be told how much time he has to make a payment without incurring the "finance charge" and also how such a charge is determined, what the minimum payment is and what additional charges may be made. --In their monthly bills, stores must spell out finance charges in dollars and cents, along with percentages. Vegas Woman Killed in Crash Of Private Plane LAS VEGAS (UPI) -- Donna Moiser, 36, a North Las Vegas cocktail waitress, was killed over rhe weekend in a plane crash near Mesquite, Nev. The aircraft piloted by Cal Lombard!, owner of Cal's Gin Vlill on North Las Vegas, crashed into a hill when he approached the landing strip near Lhe Southeastern Nevada community. Lombard! suffered serious injuries and was reported in fair condition Monday. Miss Moiser was pronounced dead at the scene Saturday. Graveside funeral services for the victim were scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday at Woodlawn Cemetery. --On a straight cash loan from a bank or loan company, the borrower must be told the real rate of interest and how long he can use the money before he has to start paying back. --On installment loans for cars or large applicances the customer must be told the number, size and due dates of the payments as well as how he will be penalized if he is late with a payment. This should restruct the "baloon payment" --a final payment, sometimes doubled in size, which in the past caught borrowers by surprise if they did not investigate their payments thoroughly. --The buyer, even after signing a contract, has three days to reconsider and cancel before it becomes binding. In addition, the buyer, if victimized, may take a businessman to civil court to sue him for up to twice the charge of the finance charge imposed on him, with a $1,000 limit. And the government may prosecute violators, with up to one year in prison and a $5,000 fine as penal- lies. SEPTIC TANK TROUBLE? BLUE CHIP fASHOE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Estimates and Information Gladly Given Dimrilil L. Jensen 780 Jensen St. 323-6054 Vegas Alan On Probation LAS VEGAS (UPI) - Richard Lee Simmons, 22, of Henderson was placed on five years probation Monday when he appeared in U.S. District Court to be sentenced on a narcotics violation. He was sentenced on charges of facilitating the unlawful transportation or concealment of marijuana as well as aiding and abetting. lie was charged with being aware that a 20-year-old Henderson man transported about 15 pounds of marijuana into the United States a year ago. The U.S. attorney's of f i cc charged that Simmons helped with the transportation and concealment of the marijuana. Nevada, State Journal Tuesday, July 1, 19BT-7 New Skyline For Vegas LAS VEGAS (UPI) - Industrialist Howard Huges and Financier Kirk Kerkorian are not only changing the financial concept of this gambling resort but also are altering the skyline. Both business tycoons are opening gambling resorts this week. Both resorts are a break with tradition in that they are not located on the Las Vegas Strip -- but rather east of the Strip near the Las Vegas Convention Center. One hotel is the tallest in the state . . . the other bills itself as the largest in the world . . one has the state's first high-rise- casino . . . the other the largebt lotel showroom in the world Hughes' Landmark Tower has a saucer-like head atop a space- needle shaped tower. Kerkorian's International Hotel is a 30- story resort which looms as a tall-side giant on the skyline. As the two tycoons battle for lower in this gambling resort, .he public relations men arc aattling over statistics. The Landmark Tower is billed as the tallest in the state at 346 'eet. But promoters of the International say that their crown room atop the desert resort is 375 feet above the ground. Hughes is opening the Landmark Tower Tuesday, his sixth ;ambling resort in Southern Nevada. He purchased the eight- year-old space-needle shaped ho;el last October for $17.3 mil- lon. Eleventh-hour court problems nvolving bankruptcy c l a i m s against the former owners, Plaza Tower Inc., almost delayed ;he opening of the Landmark. But the final legal hurdles were cleared in time. The Landmark has been a white elephant on the Las Vegas Strip in that its construction began eight years ago but it never opened for business due to the financial shortcomings of previous owners. When Hughes money was pumped into the gambling spa, the exterior remained the same but the interior took on a plausible blend of Incan and space age design with glowing reel Incan war masks . . . 65 of black and white polished marble ... combined at one point with a surrealistic wall sculp- iture of burnished metals representing a launching from Cape |Kennedy. The Landmark has 500 moms, a Mandarin Oriental supper club, a gourmet room, a high- rise casino on the 20th floor as well as a 14,000-sqtiare foot casino on the ground floor and its glassed-in bubble fop allows a 360-dcgrcc view of the sprawling Las Vegas Valley. The International Hotel has 1,519 rooms and a showroom which will seat 2,000 persons, by far the largest hotel showroom in Nevada and perhaps in the country. Barbra Streisand backed by a 40-piccc orchestra will open the main showroom Wednesday. She reportedly signed a $1 million contract with the hotel. The Crown Room is perched atop the International and will feature entertainment, such as opening star Peggy Lee, and dancing and cocktails. The International also will provide a legitimate theater with an 800 scat capacity for the production of unabridged Broadway musicals and plays. Mexican, Bavarian, Japanese and Italian restaurants are interspersed throughout the $60 million resort which has an 8.5 acre rooftop recreational deck. NOTICE WASHOE COUNTY Effective July 1, Retailers will collect 3Vz% sales and use taxes (2% State; 1% Local School; Vi% County/City). The following bracket system will be in effect -- further computations are of like increments. RENO OPTICIANS WALT IV.MERS-- OPTICIAN 329-7746 HOURS 9 A .Vv - 5 30 P.M. CLOSED SATURDAY CONVENIENT FREE PARKING 1495 S. WE'.LS AVE. R*no, Ntvada $0.01 .15 .39 .65 .89 1.19 1.58 1.86 2.15 2.43 2.72 3.00 3.29 3.58 3.86 4.15 4.43 4.72 5.00 5.29 5.58 5.86 6.15 6.43 6.72 7.00 7.29 7.58 7.86 8.15 8.43 8.72 9.00 9.29 9,58 $0.14 .38 .64 .88 1.18 1.57 1.85 2.14 2.42 2.71 2.99 3.28 3.57 3.85 4.14 4.42 4.71 4.99 5.28 5.57 5.85 6.14 6.42 6.71 6.99 7.28 7.57 7.85 8.14 8.42 8.71 8.99 9.28 9.57 9.85 $0.00 .01 .02 .03 .04 .05 .06 .07 .08 .09 .10 .11 .12 .13 .14 .15 .16 .17 .18 .19 .20 .21 .22 .23 .24 .25 .26 .27 .28 .29 .30 .31 .32 .33 .34 9.86 10.15 10.43 10.72 11.00 11.29 11.58 11.86 12.15 12.43 12.72 13.00 13.29 13.58 13.86 14.15 14.43 14.72 15.00 15.29 15.58 15.86 16.15 16.43 16.72 17.00 17.29 17.58 17.86 18.15 18.43 18.72 19.00 19.29 19.58 19.86 10.14 10.42 10.71 10.99 11.28 11.57 11.85 12.14 12.42 12.71 12.99 13.28 13.57 13.85 14.14 14.42 14.71 14.99 15.28 15.57 15.85 16.14 16.42 16.71 16.99 17.28 17.57 17.85 18.14 18.42 18.71 18.99 19.28 19.57 19.85 20.14 .35 .36 .37 .38 .39 .40 .41 .42 .43 .44 .45 .46 .47 .43 .49 .50 .51 .52 .53 .54 .55 .56 ,.57 , .58 .59 .60 .61 .62 .63 .64 .65 .66 .67 .68 .69 .70 FOR COUNTIES OTHER THAN WASHOE AND CLARK Effective July 1, Retailers will collect the 3% sales and use taxes on the following revised bracket system -- further computations are of like increments. $0.01 .15 .50 .84 1.17 1.50 1.84 2.17 2.50 2.84 3.17 3.50 3.84 4.17 4.50 $0.14 .49 .83 1.16 1.49 1.83 2.16 2.49 2.83 3.16 3.49 3.83 4.16 4.49 4.83 $0.00 .01 .02 .03 .04 .05 .06 .07 .08 .09 .10 .11 .12 .13 .14 4.84 5.17 5.50 5.84 6.17 6.50 6.84 7.17 7.50 7.84 8.17 8.50 8.84 9.17 9.50 9.84 5.16 5.49 5.83 6.16 6.49 6.83 7.16 7.49 7.83 8.16 8.49 8.83 9.16 9.49 9.83 10.16 .15 '.16 .17 .18 .19 '.20 .21 .22 .23 .24 .25 .26

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