Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 4
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*. HOP! STAR, HOP I, ARKNSAS Thursday, December 5, Thursday, December S, 1946 HOP t '"' V HOPE, ' •• 4. ARKANSAS Post F!v«. Agreement on |este Would Represent Russian Concession „ ^ T Yugoslavia is still mak- njfe"lriottcin§ toward Italy In the iope ofW'better deal on Trieste,.it ippearst'ttat the lou£feoVe> kgre<£ nent aMally will gS^tfird'ugh. *ftf- lizing the port on terms •esent one of Russia's war concessions. ^i>'i .observers have recog- —•eat aeal of justice in la's .claim t _, from b imic -stan .of Austn nfflndicatibn that he-is out of favor. The renarations which will be paid into the-ftussiah sphere by Italy, once the treaty is signed, are too inconsequeniial to haye^hurried the decisioh^Tlxere Js ^o\ tfj/Wdnce so far of any real quid pro qub, such as a .U. S. promise to relax her intention of putting the screws on what; she corisittirs unhealthy governments, such as :those of Yugoslavia 'and Poland, through with- Heads Ldwyers t forcing the residents, to ; equivalents tor -their is one e confusion the ' - •atftie-of-a-general disturbance, pend ing the opportunity for more direct action, is a familiar Communist ' e'm- "" i'e'Saf ea?a population.' But Italy suc- ^iSTiaVi'j*— —T_.-W«—V,~il..' «.,>! + nW .-(r*..-.n .. i'e'gdMdloiuy/tiarually, and. the Vene- ita«riiihii» sins?.*, csriduoted. such a , . , csriduoted., such a Mils- Jia-Sl &U'.;;wn S 1 Kf-'S-SpiJiSLi '.:•- .-.-.3 •- i~-£i' ii kii^_- TT Ewffi>FsSS?E."c^j• Ai~-fi g 'i3T?i-m-TvaT -II ^^^^fes'.|var-cl--'pu-:-;-,y :;;;iU:iain H^-^(^^i:!3^ 5 *.^«]ijw—-,-*.v.« xj«^ t .^,.^ rT M.I L - Bu't to'take this view is. to reject the general belief that Russia, re- gardless'of how she may hope one day to spread her ideologies, 3yants,pe'ac'6 Jof'Tiow. ' '_"' , ~»Coming.sim,ultaneou,sly witti the ~..'(iiii«ing' ! of her'demobilization in Gi.nai;:>y, .with- agreement on the principles-of inspection to ftirther -of-international.- interests- ^'in-Vthe ^Danube • >th^ jBusfiw' Trieste s'ee'fns"m'dre 'Mobile, t 4 ./ iiigh ~ Sorne of his ernbroilirierits, fie western powers,./there. : is Carl Barnett Rix, above, was elected president of the American Bar Association at the. organization's 69th annual • meeting in Atlantic City, N. J. Senior member o£ the firm of Rix, Kuelthau and Kuelthau, Milwaukee, Wis., he is also on the lac-j Ulty of -Marquette -UnivsrsiW ,: ; Law'School. ;' ' , .- * . 'EC ' i ;Thy or.mol ii|.^P^p'eTj C9Tnp|iny ( bffi id l aV'\feorrie ^bf iHnc# cdifi- ifspiitriM-Krafl rhr ^wu« uw ,.ou]3 be. lorced-Hp shui doivn-Jwithin .t\vo aays-.after the'na- tionwide -railway freight ,embargo Becomes; effective Friday. '.Maj.^J. Hi Friend,^bompany~vice. president-and general manager of the. Southern •'division ,aid all the "Snails- had .a low; reserve supply of "ba'§iei,raAVMriaterials and that a curtailment, 'of *', • r a A 1 transportation eventually^wpuld. force all eight plants," to shut down. ;.. " "Some.- of our. mills would -hav.e^ to shut ..down. in two days," he said. ; -fVThe* others could operate a little'"ionger>.but our supplies of raw materials are so short that we couidH-'t-go" very T6n|."" .'."" •'•-• •Ittternational's .southern . mills ar^l'6'cated'at Camden, Ark., Mo- eor.gejowi, S. C., Panama Ha!;-La;, '.and two'mills at 3, .LaV•-'•"—•- - Kroger Brand Products New Trade Noise Cincinnati, O.—Adoption of a brand-name—Kroger — for all first- quality private-label Kroger merchandise — was announced today by Joseph B. Hall, president of the Kroger Co. The Kroger brand will take the place of Country Club, Latonia Club, Embassy, and various other brand names under which the company's merchandise is now being.sold. Work of creating a new Kroger signature and developing the packaging and labeling of the Kroger brand was done by Ray- jmond Loewy Associates, industrial designers, of New York. The new labels will be distinguished by a white Kroger signature on a blue field. This signature also will be used in all Kroger newspaper advertising. "The name Kroger is certainly appropriate for the new brand," said Mr. Hall, "and has tha advantage of being short, simple, e?.sy to pronounce and to remember. It immediately idenlifies Ihc product with the company. It also puts the Kroger name prominently in the customer's home. And the new label, in addition to its high display value, will enable us to group many -private-label brands together under one family name Introduction of the new brand name will have no effect on the com pany's policy of handling a com plete line of nationally advertisec merchandise in Kroger stores,' Mr. Hall added. Raymond Loewy Associates were retained for 1 tha label and package design job after a thorough sur vey of the industrial design field Mr;. Hall. said. The Loewy group designed streamlined locomotives, for-the Pennsylvania Railroad double-decked buses for Grey hound, 'and redesigned the entire line , of Armour' & Co. products. • • ii •. - ' —o -.: , ' •' l 30 Pounds of Bacon Stolen in Little Rock Little Rock, Dec. 3 (/P).— Someone around these parts will have plenty of bacon for the rest of the year unless the police catch him. A shipment of meat for Little Rock markets arrived early today at. the Motor Express Company's warehouse but before it could be de- ivjered a thief broke into the ware- louse and stole 30 pounds of bacon. BLUE PLATE SPECIAL Chicago, Dec. 4 —(fP) —Policeman 'hillip.Sylvester .was just about to start-, dating .in, a loop restaurant agt night when a stranger sitting atshis; table reached over with a !ork arid speared a hot potato off -....•• Russia Guided by Peace Policy Says Red Representative New York ,,pec. 3 ~(/P)— Andrei Y. Vishinskji',1- Soviet deputy foreign minister',- says his country Is guided by a policy of peace and tands ready to negotiate non gression, disarmament and com mercial treaties with Capitalist ountries. Speaking at a "get together with Russia" rally' at Madison Square harden last night, Vishlnsky'called or lifting "the iron curtain which hides 1 the 'truth about, the Soviet ] Union fr<>m the rest M, thd world." Vlshlnsky said , Generalissimo Stalin expressed confidence as far back as 1927.. that the Soviet could reach commercial accords with capitalist states and added that "trade forms the basis-'for agreement,"- . • "We need credits and the capitalists need,- returns on those credits,". Vishinsky declared. He said "the Soviet Union always pays promptly oh Its credits:' 1 In regard' to Russian foreign policy, Vishinsky'declared "If is based on :the"principle:of ,'frleridly and peaceful:.cooperation with -al 'friendly states:. ,0we^e the ' of the Soviet delegation at the General Assembly and you will understand what the foreign policy of the Soviet Union is." age ho estimated there was n total of 3,SOO,000 pounds of meat -" on Hie hoof. REMEMBER SHORTAGE? Chicago, Dec. 5 — (/P>— H. C. Pollock, superintendent of the .International Livestock Expositions meat division, viewed with a butcher's eye the more than 10,000 cattle, sheep and swine on display. He saw 50,000 steaks, 143,040 pork chops and 152,000 lamb chops. In addition, Pollock said, there ;ai!e ..thousands "t pounds more future roasts, stews mid hum- 'burgers. .- i • ' 'Recalling the recent meal short- REPEAT PERFORMANCE? Chillicolhe, Mo., Dec, 5 — (A 1 ) — It's beginning to look like history might repeat Itself In the current coal strike and force Chilllcothe citizens to resort to another wood- culling bee. Jusl 27 years ago today another coal strike sent 400 residents, nrmcd with axes, into the timber where they cut 100 cords of wood in one day, enough to tide the city over the fuel famine. Situati6n in India Is Becoming More Critical, Should Not Be Overlooked DeWITT By AP Foreign Affairs Sweet Country Club Large. 12 N ° Q ™ '2.10 Yellow: Corn Country Club Whole Kerne! f i ; MacKENZIE Analyst There's plenty to distract oui attention here at home—what with Ihc cold-wave to remind us of the wintry potentialities of the cottl stoppage, and Ihc hc;wy gunfire in our U.N., pence organization—but let's not overlook the impending Indian round-table : conference which opened today in London. The 'I n d i a n problem ranks among."the'vital issueS'6r our tiinc. ((•Fnilure to .reach a satisfactory sol- Billion might .result;in the catastrophe of civil wUr iii thai country. That's a hard thing to have to say, lhal but it's true and it is we recognize the facl. well The mo- . round-table conference is a mentous affair, Throe of the world's outstanding personalities have come out of the Far East to sit down in the British capital with government officials to try to figure out ways and menus of bringing India's warring Hindus and Moslems together ahc thereby implementing England's offer of independence to that subcontinent with its four hundred millions. There IS Field,Marshal Lord wavell, viceroy oi the king-emperor's greatest imperial possession. There Is Pandit Nehru, the aristocratic Hindu who heads the present inlerlm Indian government and, nexl lo Mahnlma Gandhi, is he most powerful leader in Ihe counlry. There is Mahomed All Jlnnah, brilliant and highly cultured head of the Moslem League, who guides the destinies of 90,000,000 Moslems. Upon those three menj more than upon any others, rests Ihe im- ttediate' future of,India. Wavell's role .is;largely 'thaj, of .conciliator. ;la mi 'scourge «**wwt-^ •-- .--.-, --;--- -;• .. -'-his- £un-v,dth..e<j.ua,lj y.; s,ati§|a.e;j.. .lory . results ..on Japanew 1 pheasants ! -af ! W.hiJ.efiel«,UJyie. . J'^ahd"i- a'dage oiiff jbet^rf .fnt '• (>•»,/ -»^»if. t wot-tivoi"-.-"''•.<* *"-* . ( M .x^5Sfc - • ' ' ^ * .^••clori may bav* a Cby'wiitli4q |hw«port '\;-t 'Synip C4» Sbiiviport, la. 'Sylvester suggested he would buy ihe'man- a meal L£ he was hungry, 3ui>he ignored' the offer, and reached! again fo rthe policeman's tray ofifood : ."This time Sylvester's coffee wa"s dumped.- •-'• JS just -don't- like; cops," the in 1 -' :ru'der,.told'Slyveste>\:.; . : ; •> $lyvester arrested .the man, who sgid he was Raymond C. Chappell, 2(Jf on 'a charge of disorderlv cnn- diict .and-.took him.to central sta- tixin...;V V .'-' : •;; : .:'.'. . •&t ttl Johnnie FAIn SV RUP JW ,.... •• •••'.;-.. . •-.-',/;:> | "'' "' ^* ii < ; r--_.|. f-if'. :: -•'•:•• " 4 . I' -»ff d *<i \~\ ** -T-rV* ila I: J .'^«j .^A < %"»•. f^ < 1 WOK 1 THE JFOOD CAtciuit in t^e new K£-j^jn»ts"'ino&'! • even distribution of: the jfine, active ingredients « throughout the baking pow'der. This promotes more - r '-"- L '-- •• f --- ; eftion — give? bakings the light, smooth • » New KC;a>wte5 fug flavor of , : 9iJK* iQ* YQV, 199.1 <?+ KC-make* eyerythiig you bake with it a valuable * source" ofTobp" dJfrciUM-adding 2 to 5 times more •ft ifoop CAirHfMlrhin thg£twh milk'usedin a feakiog. * depeiidwg 9gjb« ***P*;'Qv* KC joio» ffliik M » BAKING POWDER Jack -Fen-ante, 83,. of Philadelphia Eagles,, scares Jong., gas? out of air«ssHank*So&1v.l5; ol N.y. Gjarjte, fails to soar high enqughMW knock down ball. Dick Humbert, 81, and others 1 took-wing oftc.r bt.JL ' ' : Palestine Chief **•* 'w '* '?•?;£&** ' */<' 'j*, „-, > f. J . '.'jKl ', ffV'\ "Maj.-Gen. G. H. A. MacMillan, above, will take over command c>f British forces in Palestine on Feb. 1. He will succeed Lt.-Gen. 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OPEN EVENINGS TIL 9 In the Winds,of those two political ihemles, l ,Jinnah,.'hnd Nehru,', is'.'a terrifying 'powdr which it Has beeh given .few men to.posses,.Wavell's part is.,even.jnowudifficuj.t,..thari that of the two Indian leaders, but h'd bringsifd!H'lll«5itf aMfiMflspirit kvhich. we' aaw'fi«]<hfsf ;K ' ' message to his ' : 1041:' : *. ' Herc'asl' the Arkansas Income , Per Capita c Is Increased "'.. Sprlngdnle, Dec. 4 —(/i 1 )—Arkansas' income during the last five years has-iricrea^d from 4,4-; to 57 per cent of the tiationnl average per capita incomt! due to an industrial revival In' the sta'te, C. F. Byrhs, Port Smith, editor, told the Arkansas Horticulture Society at a bnvention 'banquet session last ht. , .Jyrns said that future profits or the slate'He in a combination f- producing raw materials and manufacturing thfc finished prod- banquet climaxed the ^firsl ucts, The n situation iri ;tl h^ -' :iui. f . ' i i n • • I i" < • Aftc* much sfmrrihg ahd. heart burning both the'Hindus arid the Moslems agreed tb'.participate in an interim government.''Nehru was made chief minister; of. this, pro visional regime.since :he was pros ident of the major political organ izatlon, the predominantly Hindu All-India Congress.- Both Hindus and Moslems were 'given positions and things got under'way leading up to the imeetihg of a,, nationa asombly to frame.--a ; ••proyisiorta constitution. '-.--" ^ ••';•• ' " v However, the 'old •> ahimositld roke out and the v Moslems .with rew. They • said they.' had no hance of faiw treatment'by the Hindus who outnumbered .the M6s : ems- three- to-pi & , from Ar icssion -of a two-day meeting, at- cndcd b; '" J ' ' ;arisas; JtherY Speakers by 125 persons Missouri and Oklahoma. V vu« f , Speakers .included Dave Bell, fruit-grower' of Grafton, 111., and ''faculty .members of the col- .eges jot; Agriculture of Arkansas and Missouri universities. the worst of the situation. Terri- ale communal rioting has been go Ing on'for weeks-iii various centers between the Hindus and Moslems Thousands'of. lives have been los and great 'numbers have been in jured. , In the, face of all this Jinnal and Nehru were persuaded to ac company Wavelltb London for th conference. Now It's the task'of th meeting to bring them together in viewpoint, for. they- are the tw men-.who have tile influence— : anybody has — to; control the com munal warfare. If the hand o peace doesnH .r'^ach out tq...slay this..strife, soon, there's no, -telling where the conflict :T(iay lead, -j • Appointment of Coaches Face Problem of Rule Changes By! HAROLD CUAASSEN Ndw York, Dec. 4 (IP}.— College football rules as a whole, are OK ris they are, the nation's coaches jnai- ate(;l today by their replies to an Associated Press questionnaire, al- hough a few of the gridiron profes- ors thought there was need for iome revision and clarification of he code. Probably the two most outspoken mentors were Charles Caldwell of 'rincelon and Lou Lille of Colum bia.: Caldwell recommends the elimination of the automatic -five - yard oenally which is assessed when a iefensive lineman is offside and makes contact with a player on the ofi'ense. '•As this rule now stands," Caldwell said, "it invites coaches to pin / unethical football and yet slay within the rules by developing trick formations to draw the opposing linemen offside." "For instance," he continued, "in DUr game with Virginia we were '''' [",. J'UIST RECEIVED . ". ':4 TREES! 'Of Air Sizes '• - -. Please get yours .early. Give us your orders early.for HAM, TURKEY; HENS for Christmas B & B GROCERY Phone 801' FREE DELIVERY ^om,)lelel" taken in. Virginia used the T-formatlon and on four occasions they faked plays from the T, then merely shifted into a kick formation to draw our line offside. In each instance it cost us five yards and brought Virginia a first down." Litlle long has advocated that the ball be brought in 20 yards from the sidelines after an out-of- bounds play, instead of the 15 yards now permitted. We talked of it first but didn't do anything about it," he added, but the professionals have gone ahead and made it a part .of their code. I think we should do likewise." ,. ' , .. As head of the football coaches rules committee, Little •'•• says the mentors favor a rule which denies a recovering'team the fight to advance with a fumbled ^lateral but declare' all' other loose footballs should be picked up and advanced fort to mastermind from the bench" and also in the belief that the rule tends to develop Special' ists. Fritz Chrisler of Michigan, Howie Odell of Yale and Dana X. Blblfe 6f" Texas all favored free substitution, Crisler asking a rule that would permit the inserlion-of three play era without penalty whenever the ball changes hands and the clock ifl tunning. , ' , *, ' ..Bernie Jiierman, mentor at jy ntsota, suggests that the clock. , donc-away with entirely and that a quatler consist of 40 plays. > { - ~, * -Aficither 'Suggested 'rule ' 6Hang<r I ^ would declare the ball, dead if the * 5 pigskin wfere blocked or fumbled* &*» on the.W yfor the extra point'. * **w*« ' If possible. , The substitution rule- alSp drew numerous fcomrnenls but none of the coaches expressed strorig sent! rncnt either way. W. A. (Bill) Alex ander of Georgia Tech, is opposec to free substitution becausi coaches "tend to abuse it in an ef .'Washinglon.vV.Dec.' .4 — (#)— O. Max .Gardners shift, from, second Spot: in"-'the.; treasury, to. thc^A'mer- ifean- jEtribe'ssy•; .'1W-V Lpndqn7'.; ijnder- Tmed,' today 'the"-'imp'ortance''- the ynited.-Sta.tes, attaches' to 1 ihterna- lional economic cooperation; as the World v tries , for. '• a post-wat;, come- Iba'ck'.'' ' .'->'•-', • •" " ' • -Hi .•''.'"•' ' The -foi-mer North CarolJJrta 1 gov- er.nor,' -whose appointrnenf.yas ; am- bas,sador was' announced by President'- Truman yesterday, has, : dealt a big. hand' in. .ecpnomic^'-rarid fi- •rxanctal affairs . both ' as .^treasury under.-secretary ..and as chairman of the board of advisers to the office of iWar Mobilivation aijd. Re- conversion. . :,:; -i'v'",'. 1 .Diplpmatic officials exyect; him Thin-Skinned, 8 Bag 39C : WHifi ;•;,,'.'; •- i.3..lb, bag 39e ' SUprern6',Nira'. New Crop. VCRA'CKERS'lb:bqx21c • Country Club.'Salted, crisp SWANSDdWN < .'44 "oz. box 37c Cake Flour. Fine Quality. FRUITCAKE .-: 2i lb? cake 1.59;.. Country Club../Mellow. 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"The National Suoeessplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS $e fell off. a'500-foot cliff, land- cjd on a narrow 1 ledge .20 fee below, clung tnp're until rescuec by deputy sheriffs, got a sprainec a!nkle. Mountain climber'Rockne Gibson, 16, of BeU, Calif., : here I, ••' ' recuperates'. '.'.' : .'' to? keep oh playing it in London, sirjce British cooperation js vital to! success of American :-plan§.>-|pr. a freei. cxpanded->>vovl4 trade/ai;S ba^sis.for .;\ypild•:r.i?coyery;,;and->con-;, tuiued-'pease. ;; ;VM-' ; . • .v^-V^JiCXi^-i THfevwjst"-'at ; ;;the:. Cpurt^gO^'iStB Jdri-ie's-'ftppaiTi'e-vacant >-;\vhei3*I?Jie denti Truman, moved Averell Par m!an 'to the' cabinet rcplacihg- Hfenry A.\ Wallacei ; JlS:ji.hfe^ rf Commerce DepaVtnierit;'i'.'-'"-,..":?; '. Now 64, Gardner's" background is. that of a lawyer and industrialist. He has been closely connected with the textile industry. Mr. Truman had nothing to say about a successor to Gardner as treasury under secretary. o To be kind to your food budget, protect your leftovers by storing them wisely. Cover meats and leftover custards made with with milk and eggs. Place them in the coldest part of the refrigerator since they require a lower temperature than leftover fruits and vegetables. TURN IN YOUR USEP FATS! 'They're Necked Today, efore. MEALS TASTE BETTER RIBBON BREAD I i OUR PRICES OUR ».:.,;. t^wi'. ' Ipv^a l*5»fj s m l;rj'?^JK : ;» il OLD FASHIONED HOOP CHEESE Lb: STREAK OF LEAN — STREAK OF FAT SALT MEAT ' * '.. -;>,*'-*i-^'- : K*.^Wr. i ''"j;V' ^Se^rtfee:^-" Lb. ; GRADE • ; ,.vfg*,; : ••>••*?&£ syililBAGQN I-' ' : ^is'jv.r-4 T'M':-.''.••..:•• "• ." :t '-.' Li WILSON'S CERTIFIED ;, .-.;>:. STEAK '.'r**'ar I."-'. "'I -»)%> -_,it WILSON'S CERTIFIED " -:v; PURE MEAT 4UC MIXED MEAT CANNED 101 (REAMING VIGIWIlli-UJ! fit ENGLISH PEAS 16c No. 2 can YELLOW CORN 17c No. 2 can TOMATOES 19c : No. 2 can Ranch Style Beans 12c 16 oz. can Beans With Franks 24c No. 2 can PEACHES Del Monte No. 21/2 can No. 2 can PET Large, can - JJefefnper 7, 1946 (• . cracken, 2V4. m. ,.-'/» tfaipoon .bakiog • |od» ! 2 (e«ipooni baking i ..powder . ^^obCiu.p^ H Vi'Wiipoon ».It J -i itnall .pplri " i 1- cup dried prut*** ' numi .. i -a. »i <f Vi cup ihclUd nut*. i/j cup Pet Milk' 1 well beatea egc Vt jup. tugu /. i - " 'l t M ,poon gr.lid', cringe rind :< '» -I'll t . TOMATO SOUf Scott County 10/2 oz. can PRESERVES Strawberry ^ g-.jjr- Lb, for' . ODC Heinz Baby Food 8c Can Chili Hot Beans Brooks ... No. 2 can Aunt Jemima Flour . FQII Cream Flour 'as.b.i.as K B SHORTENING 4 Carton 1.60 Q Carton 3.20 I- cup dried prunM ot C/Jlf U>.) * •-: •*•* f *">< i i*'.' -, ;*,'!' -^ »« ! ?• v tuTrw dn-oven;-Jet » slow^32)*F.)., •; Qrrase ^ 7'/*•>"• tube pan or 4.loaf | of pan wiftv greajed.paper cut to fit. > ' Put graham crackers through me- ' • •^ihptil^ b» !3Vis.. cups .crumtiJ^iMJ'!. ,UHp.roughly. .irito crijmbj .the .bgl;ing : (. v»bilaifr baking?- 1 powder,"allfpice^and ;f^ ;'»»}t.--Let"8tapd.' P|irq( and c6r£JS|Jf^ :ple8V,^wh iiru'nesl^iTrMfiJ,^^'jfSfiftSJXfi^.;, ; and nuw, Add.njilk, ,sgg, sug^Jf.-Jno^v ^ Classes and- orange . \ gigajp pan, ae, I* hours, oc .-. until ftrjn to. tKe touch, Remove frpin- oven; let stand 'in pan S min. before 1 * " dig*. JCkeria<5S lowers,, and nuu. Graham ...-•'. • *• Crackers ib29c §un Maid ^ Raisins p^ 28e Walnuts Lb43ic Siuearts Gro WE PIUViR ,-- '-"-v^**^' J-& .<.-4^J 209 South Walnut Bfton^447^ *1 &&*&*• * ' "••— 'v*wf£l ^.^J^iaTir^---^-.'—

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