Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 3
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!»«§« fwS ^ti •,—^_ Market Report POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Dec. 5 — (if}— Butter firm; receipts 322,841; 2 score AA 85 :92, A 83.5: 90S 82; 89 C 80. Eggs kJrrefcular; receipts 11,670; U. S. f! extras 1 and 2 — 47-50; other unchanged. Live poultry: steady, receipts 22 trucks, no cars; FOB prices; fry- jJters 33-39: others unchanged. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK , National Stockyards. 111., Dec. rt 3'— l&t— Hogs, 5,500; weights 170 ,., I iS'1bs up steady to 25 lower: most alt:-.loss on weights over 250 1 s: light'•> er, weights steady; sows 50-75 Jower; bulk good and choice 170125,0 Ibs 24,00-25; top 24.25: 250-400 <*., ;,Ibs 23.75-24.10; few 310-350 Ibs ,&V 23.50-60; 130-150 Ibs 21.75-22.50: 100..,,120 Ibs 20.0-21.25; bulk good sows ,,,21.75; stags 17.0-18.0; boars mostly 11.00-13.0. _.. Cattle, 3,000: calves. 1,500; open- r'lng rade active and fully steady (••^o-strong: few medium to low good ;* ,«teers 20.00-23.00; good heifers and • dhixed yearlings 22.50-24.50; majority medium to low good at 16.00- 1D.90; a few good cows 16.00-17.00; common and medium beef cows '12.00-15.00; canners and cutters 800-11.50; good beef bulls 16.50.,00; medium to good sausage Us 13.00-16.00; cutter and comm bulls 10.00-12.00; good and lice vealers 2.00 higher at 27.75^; medium to good 17.00-26.50. T ieep. 1,800; market opened Uy steady, to shippers and small Jlers: about two decks good and boioe wool -lambs 24.00-50; others "1 established. Hope Star Shsr of Hop* 1899) p«M 1»17, Consolidated January 11, 192f 17.00, ulls GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Dec. 5 — <£>)— Heavy de-"«• flour by foreign coun- e created by announcement of -tions for the first quarter of 1947, gave support to whest on the Hoard of trade today. Corn and eats -moved within a narrow range Buying of wheat was credited to alour mills, representing lifting of Hedges against sales of flour. Trade reports from New York said that "Some fairly large bookings of ex- "pcrrt flour were confirmed; ' -At one time corn ran up more , wan a cent on further government - buying of this grain for export to Japan and Korea. Around 1,000,000 bushels were taken yesterday, traders estimated, and additional - purchases of at peast 250,000 bushels-were made today. - 'Wheat closed 5-8—21-2 higher f^ U ? r , y J 2 L 06 ' corn was J - 4 lower ' ™ 1 1-2 higher, January $1.32-5-8— d-4,' and oats 1-4 lower to 7-8 hieh - er, December 81 1-4—3-8. Published every weukday at t«rnoon' by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Al«x. H. Washbum, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Stre«t. Hops, A.-*. Alex. H. Washbum. Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jonai, Managing Editor George W. Hosmer. Mech. Supt. Jns M. Davis, Advertising Manager Emma G. Thomas, Cashier Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hopo, Arkansas, under Ihe Act of March 3, 1897. (AP>--M«ins Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. • Subscription Raten (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per week 20c; per month 85c. Mail rotes—in Hemp- steed. Nevada. Howard, Miller and vaFayette counties, $4.50 per year; elsewhere $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dollies. Inc.; Memphis T«nn., iterick Build.ng; Chicago, 400 Nofh Mlch- taan Avenu«; Nev fork City. 292 Madison A . ve j ; J?^ troit - Mich - 2842 VV. Grand Blvd.: Oklohoma City, 3U Terminal Bldg.: New Orleans. 722 Union St. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for rspublication of all news dispatches credited to i'. or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local icws published herein. YORK STOCKS . "JNew >York,. Dec. 5 — (&>— The stock market dipped and rallied a i • intervals today as hopes for a coa i s truce, which touched off Wednes '• days upswing, faded and revived „ - Losses of fractions to 2 or more B.. points were widely distrubed after *• the opening. There was nother slip h£ h f be Sinning of the final 5, n °H r , an d a: moderate comeback 'Which failed to follow through in iJ??£ Ca ^' ^ h ? n President Green . J$the-A.F. of L. proposed a con- jerencehof mine operators and r «"'™V officials to settle the fue S, nes Predominated ai long -scattered issues to regis- tdv^ances' were Colgate-Palmo- and Continental Baking (on r- :u *6 > - iji Dividends)," Woolworth -forth American and Allied Chem• 1C 31.. ••.•'.' ct 111 ! th t, J 25R? division were U. S. - Steel, Bethlehem, Republic Steel ' .^"ngstown Sheet, General 'Mc-1 ' '° rs - Chrysler, American Tele. phone, Texas Co., Goodyear Ana * SS& iSaf $£$''£$£ auction, American Can Du Pont •m,!*?^ , K ° dak - Southern Railway and Great Northern. Most bonds retreated. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Dec. 5 — (/p>— Cdtton futures were reactionary^ today under pressure of liquidation ana light hedging. The sellingwas Fn- Xluenced, by the less favorable prospects for early settlement of the coal stoppage, which threat- cotfon^ex^LSf^nj 11 tt 6 mnvamant n f >„,**„_. "i """ ">t- or cotton to ports for deaUn Ss the market much as ?2.00 a bale from the previous close. The market later firmed on mill • buying but, after recovering as much af ! B aSi a t,^ e H frri0m the 'W.W lis? agatn turned down. Late afternoon prices were v^ cents to 11.80 a b P ale low^r than Futures'closed 25 cents to SI 05 a bale lower than the previous close. fa To Enforce Anti-Trust Lows New York. Dec. 5 — (£>)— The United States will continue to enforce anti-trust laws vigorously as a protection to small business, Douglas MacGregor, assistant U.S attorney general, told the 51st annual Congress of American Industry today. MacGregor spoke in place of Attorney General Tom C. Clark, who was detained in Washington because of the coal situation. He was the first speaker at the second day's session of a three-day convention sponsored bv the National Association of" Manufac- tuers. "Small business is the beginning and backbone of all business, and the anti-trust laws were enacted as a charter for business freedom," MacGregor said. Warning against concentration of too great power in business," he said, business can be too big for the.good of the nation. It can stamp out competition with the ruthlessness of a dictator." .Every man has a, right,to start ms own business, MacGregor declared, adding: "He is : entitled to- know that the dice are, not loaded against him." . , ' . Reduction of individual income taxes by 20 per cent in 1947 and immediate curtailment .of more than $10,000,000,000 in federal expenses were urged by other sptak-. STAR, HOPf, ARKANSAS fhurstfoy, December S, 1946 Will Allow Germans to Keep Good Size Army New York .Dec. 5 — (UP) —The Big Pour foreign ministers, lenders in the United Nations debate on plans to disarm the world, will sign peace treaties soon allowing Hitler's former satellites to keep armies almost as large, and In some cases larger, than they had in normal pre-World War II days. But a survey disclosed today tnat they are being reduced only" to a status they held midway between the wars, before the armaments race for World War II began. The exception to this is the Italian Navy which Is being stripped from its position as one of the Big Five naval powers to a minor Mediterranean sea power. Oakland AFL Continued from Page One Theye are many eye; aDDealine and palate-tempting W a|s oT preparing cauliflower,...-It ,is .usually boiled and served with;butter, lemon or Hollaridaise sauce. It may be baked and served^'au gratin;" and it is excellent when made into soup and fritters. Then, too very, young tender clusters can be'served raw as is celery, or included in.:a salad. Murry would receive $4,000, the four other assistants, $4,300, and the land confirmation attorney, S3,- 900. Increases for the timber inspector and all clerical help were granted as requested. After disposing of the game and :ish and attorney general budgets, the committee began deliberations on the $1,250,640 budget request of :he revenue department, which was expected to consume the remainder of today's session. The revenue department now receives ^993, lau annually. The committee yesterday was asked to approve $10.000 annual salaries for Arkansas Supreme -ourt justices but agreed to leave he matter of these raises to the «gislature. The committee approved a supreme court budget of $93,565.25, compared to $85,377.50 now received. Rep. Russell Roberts, Faulkner county, moved for the $10,000 salaries. Roberts' motion was a substitute :o that of Sen. Russell Elrod, Bentonville, who urged approval of the request as submitted. Roberts withdrew his substitute motion after Elrod promised "commensurate raises" ior the justices when the Budget Committee pre- aares its recommendations :Cor the various circuit judges and chancellors "before the general assembly convenes." Roberts said chancellors and circuit judges would receive upon legislative approval $7,200 a year under terms of amendment 37, just adopted by the people. "All other constitutional officers have received comparable raises— except the supreme court," he-asserted. "It will make a mockery of the supreme court if those gentlemen are not raised by the same Announcing A Special Lecture- Ship Week December 1 through 7. Differ- ; ent Speaker with a . different subject each Evening. Place Church of Christ, 5th and Grady, Hope, Ark. Time 7:30 P, M. A cordial welcome is extended you. Remember the Date: Dec. 1-7. IT'S FUN AND SO SIMPLE When you do your Christmas Shopping at WARD'S CATALOG ORDER OFFICE See our special gift catalog .... HoLy FRUITCAKE $ 3.89 Rich in fruits, nuts and spices CHRISTMAS A l nl li i RECORD ALDUM Bing Crosby singing Christmas carols 1.79-2.89 $ 3.62 5 - 10" records Christmas Cards 25 for 95e to 1.95 With Name 25 for 1.39 to 2.45 Tree Ornaments Tree Lights Musical Xmas Trees Chenille Bed Spread 9.79 White with floral blue, peach and dusty .rose. Hallicrafters New Short Wave Broadcast RADIO 33.50 Ideal for bedroom, kitchen, playroom or den. 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The possible retirement o( one of the seven supreme court justices also was disclosed when Chief Jus- lice Smith explained the budget request's listing of retirement Way for two justices. He said that former Justice T. H. Humphrey \ v n s on the retired list and thnt -justice Frank O. Smith, dean of the'court is past the retirement age ot 70* He did not. elaborate. The committee also recommended budget requests of' $25000 for the Arkansas Crippled Children s Home and Hospital, now receiving .$15,200 annually; $133,900 for Ihe Public Service ??j"oon ssloni \ v , hich now receives ii l220 r, nnm < a "y for the Stale Plant Board, compared to $23 180 it now receives. ' Comptroller John J. Truemper told the committee that anticipated revenues in the public institutions fund were only 12.4 percent great"- ,m han those for the pasl bien- m nn " d thnt approximately $10,000 was requested from Ihe tund while present appropriations! approximated $G.OOO 000 uprMUOns Committee Chairman Carl Hen- A- ^' fj, owa rd county, named Ren l Wright. Clark county; Rep ™H , Wa T de ' i Vas hingtoi/ 'county; and ben. Lee Reaves, Hermitage 'o.^'dy the physical needs of the lind and deaf schools' plants. —~ o ^— Defiant Lewis Continued from Page One ment after ten days could obtain ajvrite of execution which would send deputy U. S. marshals out to seize UMW property and iissels until the sum is realized. UMW attorneys said bond would be posted for Lewis' fine but indicated they would argue ihe question of bond for the union's fine. And if the strike goes on, Justice Department officials said thev could starl a second contempt action. This could bring a jail'sen- tence tor T>wis instead of just a tine, and could bite another great piece out of UMVV's $13,500 000 treasury. A line ot $230,000 a clav—as it figured out for the first H\lavs of of the strike—is suitable penalty lor the "hunger and cold, and unemployment and destitution" which has been caused, Goldsborough ruled. The court emphasized also that Leu-is deserved jail, in his opinion, and only escaped it because ihe government so recommended A federal official, who is in'clailv touch with government strategy told reporters that evidence is being collected to support prosecution under the Smilh-Connally act He intimated that whether il is actually brought would depend on developments. This law, also known as Ihe War .abpr Dispules act, forbids Mi-ikes aeainst Ihe government and provides a top penally of $5,000 and one year in jail 101- persons who coerce, instigate, induce, conspire wilh or encourage" any strike in a governmenl-held plant Goldsborough already has ruled that Lewis has instigated, induced and encouraged Ihe soft coal When Goldsborough imposed (he bij4 fines, he issued a temporary injunction. It requires Lewis io tni<e exactly the same action as the earlier restraining order which he ignored with the resulting contempt conviction. It tells him: End the strike by withdrawing your notice which broke off the contract coverim' the government-held coal mines. The government could go on charging new "contempts" J>.K lon/j as Lewis fails lo obey. II would take only four such :dncs as yesterday's lo break the. union's treasury. In fact AFL General Counsel t Joseph A. Partway angrily (old line court yesterday that 'this was the exact intent of the "cruel nnd unusual" fine. He declared it was designed to "break the union politically, .financially and morally." Welly K. Hopkins, chief UMW attorney, sawed the air with his fists, pounded the counsel table and let his hair tumble over his eyes as he denounced the "cruel' 'punishment. "Shame u p o n a government which would try to impetrate such an outrage." he cried. But the noisy anger of Padway and Hopkins was like mildness beside the stony bitterness Lewis Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Doctors sny yonrkldneys contuln IB miles of t'nvtubes or nitert which help topurifytho blood and keep you henlthy. \Vhen ?hVy ret tired nnd don't work right in the dnytlmo many people have to set up nights. Frequent or scanty pnssnKea with smarting nnd bS?n 0 "'" thereis t for Doan's Don't waitf Aalt Pills, n stimulant i 5||SgiSS£ evidenced. He came to his feet, his great bulk tense with suppressed rnge. "Sir, I don't wish to ask for mercy from your court," he told Judge Goldsborough. The jurist quickly interrupted with tho warning not to get into "another contempt." His lawyers tugging at his coat, Lewis subsided. Goldsborough spoke qultely but in the plainest of language. "If il becomes a question of the distruclion of this union or the preservation of this republic," he said, "the republic is going to be preserved," EWORKS (WHOLESALE) A WIDE VARIETY OF THE MOST SALABLE ITEMS INCLUDING CAP PISTOLS, CAPS, AND PLENTY OF CHINESE FIRECRACKERS. ALSO SPECIAL ASSORTMENTS. Write For Catalogue. Can Take Care of Large Jobber* on Chinese TAYLOR F8REWORKS COMPANY P. O. Box 773 Wilmington, N. C. GIVE A GOOD, WARM F BLA Ch or r i SOMETHING EVERY HOME The Ideal XmasGift for the Home Come in Select Yours Now You'll find a large selection of pretty blankets at Robison s. Come in and make your selection now for those Christmas gifts. 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Give one for Christmas 19.85 (•••; St. Mary Sheet Blankets A 100% all wool sheet blanket, If you want a real light blanket and one that's plenty warm be sure and get,one of these. 7.98 We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps HOPE W. Robison 6- C The leading Department Store Nashville t> V Thursday, December 5, 1?4<5 S HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone m Between 9 ,. m . , nd 4 p . m . Social Calendar Spring Hill P.T.A. Mtv Monday Ninht c , "fhi> Spring llili \\T..\ - Toys Collected in Hope foi 1 Children • >iiiiiii ;i i-n>hl , M(MKlu.V cvi ,11;!'; ,.! •;,.. ;.',.', for its- rt'juilar iiui.i'liiv ' p-,', "ill! Toys, old and nrw, are bolus -'"'•'" ! ';";.''' c i. "• ''ci'aircd in Hope and ,. rtivoii to nesdy chlldron |C hristinjis. .The drive is in charco i"! a Kinup of local women who . (-'.'Hod. and repair the toys. If yon Hinvo a toy to donate please call or lOBfi. The pro.sidenl. Mi .- | !••!,.. presided and roi-ilii-'lfi" t , , i,, ness !;r:-;sinii. Th- -p.'l-V.A;. i-oi,.;! spon.-.or Itinchc-: tor vh • n-i •:••<.) • loinnaniont Iti.j*.' fn'!V! -iv*i ••.•') I'ilh. Mrs. 7!( : i}M',i l l-'s J M(i (1 i!',' 'V v','!" I'v.-aidcd a jjf )}.!• tn ' T," (,()' < ,p •!-.$>-- • Ing the mo::t pan -i,is : ' i,, ,V -it." ' A o r»K • lie next ror.ular IIM..V.MM:' v.-ll AAp's'TPQC ? J iO> M ? nft C be held on Jimuarv (• i: i,|1 .ill .••.'r' ''t*'** wA,3» L/ICaaSUS fills are in-,ucd . Io' ailoiui.'' A-'nV'-'c- A ment vVili be pH,-/l(!c('i i•,.,". "ji,", I fl small children at; t:-,<. .v v it..,',l. ,."" Gardenia Garden Cltil Luncheon Wcdnesd.iy The Gardenia Card at Hotel Uiirlow a I r VV'ednesdav lu,- :\ ]n\<<-}^ ing. Hostesses \v<- r( ,- ;\] J''ranklin, Mr..- c: V Mrs. C. C. U-v.'is. Tho Junch.ecm laliiv v.-, wilh whitr- c!.nn;r;|- ;.i;,| lercd \Villi a l.irillia;i'l Chiistmas li :H-. K, ii c crystal I'.okh'is nim'r cliha . berries ami -.• 'Moon n i.'hilj m, • O. plctcd the d( Iho dellghUul Rills wcru e ti ee. Mrs. R. [,. Broach finest of Ihe cluli l';ld mas Story." Fointeen mcmboru ;; luncheon. Coming and buing Mrs. .R. L. n-. Robin;; ;.re :•.'•;• Little Rock. Hospital Notes Friend.-; nl' Cly.le ?.Innli; pk-usod lo ITIKAV 'hat lir t^ ed as doing iik-i.lv .-•,: j.jij;. Hospital. Mrs. Soy Uocitor c !(" h !' BY WILLIAM A. O'SRIPN Written for NEA S.-.-rvico Multiple ifii?-;i rni!-i:,.iv! •• .--.-I. a chronic disc:i;-o nf th.- - .system, can procliiiv ;: .-| eveiy part of tlu; body. This disease h.-.s inaiiv fcaluros. 'J'ho aniinii ••< • •.'• special iir;-.ani/,:i;i(,n' laiinchcrl lo stuil" :ii:i'!'i'! Will conic- ;i;; many victims. Mullinl-.' :;cl,->:-o-.;. ; i:; ;l ,; ups and dii\vi>s. N T i-\-.- -.Tur. pear or oKi OMOS l,i'(-:i';v-' yore immediately 1V>l'.-.v.- : "... in which the pptlc-'r.!, aliivi' along fairly wr.ll. l','.• ivii••' •:.more lhan \3\ vo<ns'i:j '!.• -i bcc-ll lt>|)!)lt(-(l 'ill ::;,|LH' " I-'.-; disoasvs, • Strikes Vouha Ac!«1ht ' '• Tho current ivmi 1 !'"- nf t ••••• niuhinlo sclr'.oi-.is-ij-'n,-,i kn ,\vn thoujih UK- r.!jstarr- nii^arenlh- more common I'mt it is ••(•'in.--realized. It is a disease of' \ r;i twoon the ners nf ;][) thoufih il caii n;-cir' i: older ipdividinls. i\fi!:t create:, n.anv »: n|,l,,n) fact Hint ''. si' ikes ilu, :• of iif,-- .v'-.!"'! i.- v--;.-.; i , and develop!^: Th(' -.vaiLst' < : not known. The di." is meat i-c.mm:'ii ; states and in ||,.. r; Iricl; it is ! Leo By VIRGINIA MacPHERSON Hollywood. Dec. (i —rUP)— La- ivl i.-n.nc Day today branded Ray •n'nclr.chs' eh.'ii'Kes that she car: 'ted -in under her own .roof wilh ji.eui ".I.ippy" Durocher. manager •t.i Iho Brooklyn Dodgers, as "do- iiboi-jiUr and ir.alicious lies." The blue-eyed actress said Hen(.1 rites court answer to her "men- i:il cruelty" divorce plea left her ;-o "broken up I can hardly think." "J v.'diili'd lo do this quietly and simply." she .said, "bul if ho wauls •» uijlu this way. the; only vhing I <"ui Ho js :."i;,'ht back." "I'm uoiiii' to /imnnd my suit And n lot of things will, have to cunji;. .out-how," she said. iUiyrlm-ks, who 'manages the Ivic.ai' Horj,'en Airport, wasn't a b't silunt. about their home-life. In ' i'-n an.'V.vcr lo Miss Dav's suit h<-« 111 iilameq Durocher' for his marilial Uoiiblos and said ihe dapper man- •'ij-'cr ol the Brooklyn Dodgers stole MV: love of his actress-wife while pns.ing us a family Mend. Ho nlvo accused Durocher of dis- '(.n-.irnbln ;, nc i vingentlemanly con- di.:!:^ with iVIiss Day and said he riion't Ihink he was a iil person '"or iic-r lo iiiisocialc wilh. "She told me In .u-onl of puro- cner that sho W:IH in love with Hmdrick.s said in a document. "And ho told was in love with her and jwi.iiu-1.1 io jnarry )u-r. Tlie rapidity iiii.'l S!KH.-|; ol liicsi; events com' j'-U'ly 1. u in i 1 i a t e d and ovcr- , \vli'.:hiicd me." '• Me r.aicl he'd been under ihe im, iJi-i-i'r.i.-jii l.Hirotlier came to the . liousi! as Jiis pal. They made sev- '. lal airplaiu 1 trips together, he !'ri:ir;;p;i, bul 'io suspected nothing, 'no .'i-sl hint he h.-irl that all was ii••; i>laioTiic between his beautiful v,-il;- anri his pal, iie added, came i »ul i.ne )iiHht when DurochiM- was a nucst nl the Hendricks' home .:[«•(• n pnvale movie showing,' and ..•vit'ltv. boforo Jus ,, yes . )vii ss p av •r.and Dur.oche.r snuygled togcthoi- a :'.cJ:ise proximity'" on a chaise , ^IJRC . llu-uughoul' the .showing of I 'vifiss Tiny'confirmed his fears the lifoxt- :-iighl, i, be.' .continued. !i,,"- sl ' 1 ' a.tended a preview with Hendricks s;iid. "And words .. upon returning jioine^ w e r e, 'I want a soparn- Tho nfixt morninp, he went on JJmochcr showed up at his house a-" 1 .;! io:d him he wanted "Ho ciandestinely pursued Ihe vt> of my wife under my very roof arid before me and our adopt'•'1.1 criildi'on," Jlendricks charged "In my oijiniun he is not a fit or propor porson ."or her io associate with. She';; only a young girl of 'M. JJurochiM- is over twice her age." me it: ;',I Presentation of Grand Piano Friday The grand piano for eommunitv use. will bo formally prsr.cnl-'d in a program at. the Hope High School at, 1:15 Friday afternoon, Dec. 0. The public is invited. Presentation of I'inno: Friday Music Club, Mrs. B. W. Edward:;, President.. Jalousie, Bodv and Soul. tho Bfguinc— Mr. Luther mdn, Jr.: In Luxembourg Gardens ning; My Lovur is a Fisherman— Strickland., Mrs. W. 10. White, Mrs. Nathan HUirbour, Mrs. B. W. rOtl- , wards. , ' Accomputilsl, Mrs. Basil York: , ; i Polonaise— MacDowell — Mrs. Basil York. |r ...^y ,. ~' WV* "\-a CopyrisMbyJ.C.Molon; JEANN11TE COVERT NOLAN .^5 bwnbuiedlbyNtASERVICE, INC. £.» •-.».«. Begin Ilolla- Man- -^i/ —^x f '>v a",'" t ' • TX >M$s2/.. i.^.-^ FxoMcCfuVfy/ WM'tftiA Del'shiM ^a.W.--:^ Er.lerteLiimti! ^^M(^' , f , .J'W^ ^ %^ ftm & vr^i WALT D[SM£Y ! 5 !; lilfllliS^^S;" PfWTi; illH Kf£ !'i! ioius wiih mulliplc sclerosis "'in. 1 / cciinpKiiii of double vision ntiss, difficulty in walking, ::up.!bness, tremors, speech prob- bladcl-;r difficulties, and other troubles. Ti-.-j strikiv: char.-iulei-istic of pa- lionls \vilh this disease is their remarkable cheerfulness, which en- :ili|f- 3 ihc-m io carry on in Ihe face Ml ;idvorsitv. Altompls'to treal thf disease are br.sccl upon the possibility that it niay b:> caused by some form of 'U-licicnc.v disease, by blood which :!ots too easily, or by spasm of the vcsi.cis in the brain or cord. Infec- uni;:, (.'motional strains, and preg- tiancy may aggravate il, and a '•>.id climate may aid its develop- in.- MI. In mulliplo Kcl-ji-iisis, Ihe spinal viu-il iiii(!i;iKoos' patchy degenoral- "iii v/hich not all of the nerve fib- rs an: destroyed. The patient's a- 'Hiil.v In recover parliallv from lime In timv is due to re;,'rowl!i of ''lie lemainiiij; nerve fibers in (he '.!'.M;ei:ei atocl areas. Roseaiir.h Group Formed Al!:-,oii«h multiple' scl-'rosis has been ,-, pi-obiein for years, it has not oi-ui until recently that an organi- -''tvl elfni-t in eoi"lii'l r^^'Mrch on the disea.se has developed. Fi.r years multiple sclerosis pa- ti'Mil.-: have attempted to help one another by actini.', as clearing houses of information on their cuntli- 'ii.n. Now Ui2 public is asked to nitjiovo its understanding of mul- 11 le Kcli'i-cisis, so that progresj in he diayinsis and trealmenl of the -li.'-ease can be inadn. Anyone who is ink rested in learn- nt! mui -j about this vital project -.lioi.lfl \vrite to: Associalion for Vdvaiu'cmonl of Resenrch on Mul•ii)le ScloroKK. Inc.. Academy of •S'd'cino Bnilriinc. Fifth Ave. and H;i;ui St., New York 29, N. Y. QUESTION: When should a mole 'K> i cm overt'.' Which moles, that is, I!-:.- liable to become cancerous? ANSWER: Anew mole, a mole '.vhitih is ivritatrcl, or a mole which, ..{lows is dangers and should ba rc- .iioYed to pi event cancer. I'.vr-r Irv slipping a discorded pillow slip cover over the end of voui- roRiilur i: '-'I'en ')i • -sinn articles not color-fast? Tt helps i ocular cover clean. ironing board cover thai are keep the HELP E ,S£ ACHIAK? CHEST MUSCLES Schools Over the Notion Cbsed by Coa! Shortage By United Press Nearly 100,000 school children in four sl.'ites were on vacatiotr today as a result of teachers' strikes and a shorlage of coal. Several thousand more were scheduled to begin Christmas vacations Ibis week end lo conserve dwindling supplies of fuel. Schools in Denver were closed for Ihe duration of Ihe cool strike giving 50,000 children and 1 lid) teachers a holiday. The children were urged io keep up on their homework by the radio. Classes were conducted over the majority! of the city's slnlions'. Another 30,000 pupils were oul in SI. Patil. Minn;, sq n result of th" strike:of 1; 160 AFL teachers'over wages. >n Shamnkin. Pa., a strike of 94 teachers to enforce demands for a $300 bonus and a salary increase left 2.400 children wilh lime on Iheir hands. In Michigan 3.500 children have THE STOHY: Major Cameron, vr't'i-an of the Losl Cause, is a man who believes. the spirit of the Old Smith can never die. F.vcry Ap- pijmallipx (i.-iy. ho cloiiK .his Conf-jd- 'M'ate unifonn nnd h.-injrs oul Ihe Kl.-irs anci Bars. He scorns Iho .Yankee 1own In- lives in. dreams idly of b'-'iiifj ab'e to l;,ke his family io more ole-tanl surroundings. As he K'IK ({raiuiiv on )ii;- front porch iliis A|.-pii!nali)v a-uiivursarv nf 1(110, li;s dau^hlor IJosc approaches. Kho is n b"au!y ,r'd remind'.: the Ma- giriia of his youth. No'hiBher praise is possible'. II KoEc.HuiiT.vini/ :"i-om !'ne trolley, '.vai! '.mile out. of Ivoalh P.nl i( v.n's- n'l inwl IUK.II-, 1,/liir.li rinoVirtri iin,. ,V . 1S '.IU JI 0 i." 11 1,1 11' i.-.i 111. i"> : 11 H n't just hasfo which flushed her chaoks, mode hnv blue eyes shine boon sent homo because of the coal f.-rnlm' and 14.(inn more wore schcdi'li-d to begin early Christmas i'nralioi:s this week ' end when school," will close in Lansing. Wi?fie M Suffer; CriificQi Eye Bn^isry Wilhe M. Hailoy, Hcmpsteacl County Lumber Co. employe, suffered a v?ry critical -injury r lale ycplcidny when a knife which--he was using to repair a picture irame. slipped and struck him in the rye. He WHS taken to.-nn eye specialist at Tpxai-karin whero an opera- lion was performed. DinmGiids wci-e used for engraving purposes .. at leaffc 2:"iOO years a»o. The Old Testament pvoi.ihot Jeremiah speaks of writing "with the point of a diamond." How U. S, May Expand Its 'Safety Be!r' ., & I ! nila: Hrof.osod defense line i-ind the starchy frills of her lace ! ;.•!!'-•( 'luttcr I'ke butterflies. The real source of agitation was her liuidly bt'Htinfi heart. t Rose had lust had an adventure. She must rush lo tell Sidney be- loi-e even the tiniest detail of it slipped away . . . "I've met a man, Sidney," she would say. "The one man. I'm in love, truly in love—al last Fate has arranged Because what but Fate could have ordered that Rose , going downtown on an ordinary clay, an .ordinary errand (to match up some thread for Mamma) should have walked out of Lahr's store at the exact moment when the man wns walking in? Why, if not fatefully, would they have collided, jostling and bumping ,so thai Rose swayed off balance, Ihe parcel of thread dropped from her hand and tho spools, like sparks :"rom a Fourth of July Calharine-wheel .sprayed out all over Iho pavement .and in- lo the gutter. Much stranger was Ihe fuel that 'the man's coat was black - and - white plaid, identical with the wool of Rose's dress. Thr-y both noticed the astonishing coincidence. • "Heavenly twins" the man ex. . Could Rose have helped laugh- ^etrieveing Ihe spools took a lit-' ilc lime, which they filled wilh his plea for pardon and Rose's granl- mg it: and after "he had twisted up lie parcel again, Rose had felt thai sne must inank him. He wouldn't in justice, have had to pick up the llhiead nl. all, hecnuse the collision wasn't his fault. Or Rose's either. U-ates) Ihen—this was rather a- maxing—he had grasped her arm, steering her across Main Street to the trolley slop where (oddly e- nouph) he also must wait for a trolley, though probably a different {one. And as they stood there, he had kent his hand on her arm "You're the prettiest girl I ever MW, he said. "In my whole life i-.now what you've done, honey? Made a hit wilh me. From now on us you and me —together. You will find out" 300 to Attend School Tonight \ Approximately 300 persons will attend a banquet at the high school tonight in honor of Ihe Bobcat | squad and the high school hand. Featured speaker will be John Barnhill, University of Arkansas grid coach. Also on the program is a full-length film of the Arkansas- SMU game»which the Porkers took 13-0 to win a share of Ih-e southwest tille. The affair starts promptly at 7 o clock, when attendants will be served turkey with all the trim- mins. DOROTHY DIX - : - -- "•'• •-"• '-_ r _^-^-_ ---_*_--•.-•.. ~-. r ^. .-._ Children's Talents One of the curious things about parents is that so few of them ever on Junior 'arid "Junibrclle and St study their children's personalities what 'their talents are, fof then and try to find out in what direc- '• in lies (heir happiness and <uj lion their talents and abilities lie. i success in life. Apparently, to most fathers and i mothers^ their offspiing are just so! i many little cup cakes that they I | bring up according to the same family recipe, and when some of the batch turn out flat failures and [ others rise to unexpected heights, America's prew.'-ir line of defense in the Vac'fie p;vb!-T] o'i the r ---n.. oma Canal, ana ran from there through Hawaii to Dutoh Harbor •Alaska. But wth the tremondous expansion of tho Airplane's i-ange, bases .must be much further a\v;>.y .Cror.i our mainland, as indicated oa map. 's Somsthsng K'ev/ on Hand nomnnce tnlccs a bcalin" \viien a conpls tries to hold hands in a chilly staclimr.—unless they r.re equipped wilh one cf the new 'bundling gloves" pictured above in uso by screen actor Mark Stevens and his wife at the opening of licilyv.cud's ico hockey season, iiugc mitt is d-^i;;p.ecl so two ncruons can each tnugiila a hand inside it. Drawing Cards X'/TV^^V-.« y/ &Mte&'/////A // ° y /-'®$mP\i f //>'/////, //, ^^ yt&sf**'///, w ^e^rV- A\4&*s-// f ^m^-^\}\ /^mTvW x ^^^r^^S^MM, a»«»s^-7^< y. -;./4 -•- \^-/-;.,- ^iil'^xvij^^^'/te &w/.•'•/;.. lm^ : .A^^ u; ,, nervoy thlng io sa J'. wasn't H? well, of course. A terrible thing It "'P.; nisi beint; :,"resh, that's all- and Rose wasn't entirely inexperienced, she Had encountered -tlirts •^-•d mashers before—and put. ihom in their places, loo. The trouble was mat mis ilirl and masher seemed somehow so—well, close Sno looked up al him; tall hand- f? m S' lls ', 1nl set debonairly on his blond head, he might have been the model for an Arrow Collar ad. The trouble was that suddenly she d felt sure il would be "you and me." She had cound out. bhe was trembling as Ihe trolley came up, clanging, braking with a gusty wheeze. She got quickly Into tne car, glanced back. He had stepped aside to allow some-ladies-to; precede him—before no had swung aboard. The same trolley, and crowded' Rose had to' stand, holding to-an pvei-handstrap. He stood beside her, he reached i'or the same strao Iheir hands touched and clung " But when the trolley stopped al Clark and Governor streets and she got oft ne made no attempt to follow. Their hands parted, the troliev wh;sked on She was left alone m a familiar world which seemed queerly unfamiliar. . Her .flight along Clark Street was interrupted by Mrs. Kerr who thrust up the front window of her collage, thrust out her frizzled pompadour and shouted thai 'Basil B-nrle had lelephoned "An hour ago, Rose. Said he wanted Sidney to go buggy - riding this evening. If he don't hear to the contrary, he'll be 'round about eight. "Oh, thank you, Mrs. Kerr " ivcse prayed that her restrained tones would influence Mrs Kerr "I was taking my bath and couldn't go up to tell Sidney," roared Mrs. Kerr, uninfluenced "Will you tell her?" "Yes, thank you." Nodding, Mrs. Kerr drew in her pompadour. As the owner of one of the block's few telephones, Mrs Kerr served as a sorl of clearing- louse for Ihe communications, with the Camerons prominent on her list of beneficiaries. Not thai she ever complained. Without ihe telephone, Mrs. Kerr would have been a neighbor of little consequence; without the Cameron girls, her fund ol small talk would have been .smaller and less colorful. Hose went on more slowly, her eagerness to reach home and Sidney .somehow abating. Perhaps this was because of Mrs. Kerr, perhaps because of the street itself, narrow, respectable, rather shabby. A typical street, you might say; nondescript houses with scraggly lawns a cross section of any middle-class American residential district. But htiw drab And here was your own house lug nnd really shabby, an atrocity of Victorian architecture, dormers, curlicue cornices, and every thing needing paint. And Papa oil the porch, in his gray uniform swathed in folds of the Stars and Bars like a stocky statue, half - unveiled. Poor old Papa so much older lhan anyone else's father. Oh, probably it w;is fine of him, chivalrous or something, lo observe Ap- pomallox Day and all similar occasions. But wasn'l it provoking, loo? People didn't understand that Papa's calendar was al least a quarter of a century behind ihe times. People living in this town in 1910 simply didn't understand that Papa was still living in the Virginia of his youth. Rose did wish he wouldn't make such a spectacle of himself (To Be Continued) —o Dreamy butter stretcher for broiled tomatoes or cooked summer squash is a mixture of one tablespoon softened butter blended with one teaspoon prepared mustard and two tablespoons deviled ham. Make a I ifnvcrful luncheon dish of vcgta- bles this wav. Arkansas News Items Little Rock, pec. 5 — (/P)— Le- conle's sawfly is causing considerable damage in South Arkansas' pine forests and timberland owners plan lo seek funds through the stale's congressional delegation to combat the parasite, State Forester l<red H. Lang has reported. Little Rock, Dec. 5 —tm— Plans to establish a shop in Arkansas to service the state's shoe factories were disclosed by the state Resources and Development Commis- "sion yesterday. Commission Director Hendrlx Lackey said the United Shoe Machinery Corp., of St. Louis had plans to put in a shop which would employ 20 expert maintenance men. Fort Worth, Tex., Dec. 5 —(ff>)— Mora than 200 employees of the Root Petroleum Co., of El Dorado, Ark., have been granted 18 cent hourly wage increases, headquarters of the Oil Workers International Union here has announced. Tha union seeks similar wage boosts from oil companies throughout the nation to offset the increased cost of, living. Tulsa,'Okla., Dec. 4—(UP)-Paul Griffith of Little Rock was elected head of the Petroleum Electric Power Association here yesterday. Griffith, industri.il sales manager of the Arkansas Power and Light Co., had been secretary- treasurer of the association the past year. He was installed this morning by the man he succeeded, Henry LeVois' of Port Arthur, Tex. Houston, Tex., Dec. 4 —(IP)— Funeral services were to be held at 4 p.m. today for J. J. Allison, former Lion Oil Co., official who died m a Houston hospital Monday night. Allison, 03, was with Lion for more, than ten years as vice president, in charge of refining at El Dorado. Ark. During the war he was chief president engineer for the V-Kellex-'Cofp.,) .which' 'worked' oh the atom 'bomb' at Oak Ridge, Tenn. •>, ' — - • — *- v« wij^^»j^*_i,i.t»j jjtrigina, they don't know how it happened. Of course, parents are bound to ' ( Released by The Bell SyndicaJ Inc.) You should make sure the fo daticns o£ ,vour house go into the ground than the great • Murray, Ky., Dec.(4 —(/P)—Arkah sas State College suffered a; 37-26 defeat at the' hands of Mtu-ray State Teachers, college here', last night in the seventh Basketball encounter-between the two schools. Murray has won all seven. It was Arkansas State's': season opener. * - ".-,,• , ^ ' <. • • Busier Johnson score'd a- crip shot in the opening minute of. play but a few minutes late Murray pulled away and the'outcome was never in doubt. At the hall-Murray led, 33 to 11. ..-. .... -, ; , Mountain Pine, Dec. 4 — (fi>) — Full scale operations at the Djerks Lumber ana Coal Co., plant' here are expected by the end of : this week, Supt. Jess Rutledge has announced folliwinng settlement'- of a tive-week-old labor dispute. About 100 of the 150 CIO union 'affiliated workers who had been on strike have returned to their jobs he said. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Clubs The Shover Springs Home Demonstration Club met November 26 at the home of Mrs. Harold Sanford with 6 members and ona new member present. The new member was Mrs. J. M. Matthews. The meeting was called to order at 2 o'clock by Mrs. Harold Sanford in the absence of the president. Mrs. Sanford gave the devotional and Mrs. H C. Collier lead us in prayer. Roll call was answered by something repaired during the year. Minutes of the last meeting was read and approved. The old and new business was discussed. , Mrs. Sanford gave a demonstration on making hominy in the morning. We cooked four gallons of corn for hominy. We carried n covered dish and we had an all day meeting together. The hostess served cookies • and coffee. The next meeting will be with Mrs. M. J. Copeland, Dec»m- ber 17lh. The demonstration will be on trimming a Christmas tree. Each_ member is to bring a uift. for Ihe Christmas tree. We will have ?.n all day meeting. o- To remove hard to budge chewing gum from your soil's white shirt, chill Ihe ;jum wilh a piece of ice, Ihen scrape il off. If the umn persists, sponge il with clear warm water. ^rr-mmmaS.1^ It f S >~«4!I. if "And catch my acath of cold?" , QUALITY AND QUANTITY n Moroltae, Petroleum Jolly. You get o QUtmUly of the Quality doctors demand. SoolbUig for minor burnt—outs, acrupca. V; ; hen y° ur cold brings on a nnsty trouble* Moniti bronchial cough, spend 45 cents at any drug score for • bonle of BUCKLEY'S CANADIOL MIXTURE—triple octine—to relieve cmi^iing fast. Take • Uaapoonfnl and hold il on the tongue a moment, then swallow slowly and K-el its powerful, pnngclit action spread through the throat, hc'ad nnd bronchial tubes. BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE acts promptly to help lop.ten up thick, sticky phlegm—soolhv irritated throat membranes and ease hard coughing spells. Most all Canada knows BUCKLEY'S—(oils who live up North where e cough mixture has got to do a real job, keep BUCKLEY'? handy. So try it the very tievt lime e cold results in • wracking, stubborn cough—find out for yourself just lifw good it if (or couchs due to colds. Get BUCKLEY'S CANADIOL MIXTURE —m«de in th. U.S. A. — TODAY — «t ill drug •lorei,. WARD & SON RAND ARGHMAKER FOR MEN. MOULDED •^,*. v.uu* »ji_, t^ui CIILS ti j t: UUUIIQ to J"'- 1 -' i'-*\. if, i «nu:u i nan in observe that their children have di'f- depth to 'vh'>h the 'oil ferenl physical characteristics; that , yow i oca |Yn O^'twise'fflr uPim/f nJ& a ^ d -i hu i ky ,' while Percy | ground tinder "IH'e .'"foundafian is little and frail; that Angenlina is I raise .the' weight above it Wne a beauty, while Mary Jane is home- freezes and' lower the house"- ly, bul when it comes to the mental it thaws causin'/the ° divergence of their children, they members'cf the house lo simply don't see it. All kids look' alike lo them, ,and they don't bother 19 even try to find out what gifts, if any, Nature put into their little ands and intended them -to use. So, as happens in thousands upon thousands of families, parents who love their children and are anxious to help, them, let them grow ' up without their .ever having any real knowledge of what sort of people their boys and girls are, or what they are fitted to do in life. They have been with them ever since they were crawlers on the floor, bul Johnny having learned lo read almost in the cradle snd having to be torn away from his book to go to the grocery store on an errand, and Tommy having played with tools instead of toys ever since he could walk, .arid Sally having designed, dresses for her dolls that would win a' prize in a style show and Mamie 'having always played teacher,-have given ! Mom a'nd Pop no tips as to.their children's trends. Blunder Into Mjsfit; dareers ' Hence, when the time comes when the youngsters, have finished school and have to choose their life work, .their parents can give them no help in making a decision. They have not only not helped their children to develop whatever talents they have, they don't know what they are. And so the poor, bewildered, unworldly - wisa boys and girls so often blunder into taking the first job that is offered them which may not.fit their abilities at all and pre - dooms them to failures. b Worse still than the parents' failure to be on the alert for every sign (hat even a baby gives as to what Nature designed it to do. arc the mothers,and fathers who force their children to follow the carpers they have nicked nut for them. A man who.has spent his life building up a grocery business puts his son, who is allergic to canned soods nnd b'lpke*-: of lard. b"hmd a "conn- tor, when his very soul is thirsting for printers' ink." ,An ambitious mother nags her son. who is a born mechanic, into •being a nreacher, or a lawyer,' 1 or | doctor. Thousands of -girls who could perform brilliantly on 'the 'cooking stove are-duds in the professions, and thousands of pther women who are failures as '• wiv.->s would have mafle .fortune's'in busi- npss. if only their oirents'ha'd hela- ed them to'get 'off to the' ri'ght start. : ' ' ' •' - ' ' So I urge all parents to keep tab Support for th» _ _^ longitudinal Arch How you'll enjoy the difference ufien you slip into i pur of the new Rand ARCHMAK.ER shoes. > Ilcres stjle that Sings, with comfort and support that cradles your'arch • and nestles at your' heel 1 rvom pair of Rand ' AR.CHMAKER shoes. " OO to IN ALL BROWN*" Si^ s 7 to 12 i Widths B to D •'Where G9&d Shoes Are,, , Pitied Co'irpctly"', FAMILY SHQE' STORt 'You don't Ifave'tb wear a sack or look like Sad .Sack to be comfortable. Slip into a WINGS sport], shirt for easy-to-wear smartness. Tailored to avoid' < I --V- . -" . that human-ramrod look, generously cut for plen- 1 • ty of freedom. Just ss handsome with or withoui)) •'• tie -': $4,95

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