Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada on February 11, 1939 · Page 2
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 2

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1939
Page 2
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Page 2- -NEVADA STATE JOURNAL, RENO, NEVADA - Satuiday, February 11, 1939 slature Many Requests for Appropriation Not Granted, Tax Cut PENSION PAY CUTJSK1LLED; Fear It Would Lower' Standard of Men __ j CARSON CITY, Feb 10 --'U f-- \ Phe Assembly Thuisday killed i measure that would reduce the re- tin ment salane* of supreme ani district court judges from two- thirds to one-hell their regular pay . i The vote was eighteen in favor | ^nd fifteen against the bill, anil William Kennett oi Nye count- 1 immediately gave notice he wouH ask for a reconsideration A majority of the Assembly f l e e t e d members--21 yes votes-is nee' ssary for passage of a bil In a long debute, opponents f , the bill declared it would l o w i r l the quality of in( n on the bencl « hilo backers said a precedent t f I A O thirds retirement p a y f c r i Mdto officers would be too costl I F Loomis, Reno attorney, said fir saw three consequences if the hill were passed--there would b e i a tendency toward corruptioT) · mong judges judges would net iHire at 70 and qualified men * ould be discouraged from seeli- ng judRpships God h d p the people if j u d g e s ( r i n be bought loi ^200 " answered I K e n r u t t Hf taid that judge s[ o u l l dvcieige that much in re- i n mpnt paj f v t n it the bill were passed C a l l Shelly, sponsor of the bill, r l r c U r e d the .standciid of twe- ilnuls ntin m e n t pa woulJ f i t ifl t h r r iiKhout public servic (·list v,ill come thi othci s t d t ^ off n ( i , then the eounty o f f i c r i s in 1 t h t n municipal anel township o f f i c e r s " he sRid "and I believe t h f \ are as much entitled to ret i r o m e n t pav as the judges " Rills passed bv the Asspmblv noluded two sotting a standard of 7 ' z cents a mile for traveling md $5 a day living expenses fcr traveling slate, county and township of icers Others would allow the Unive - sit\ of Nevada to sell for S75 a part of the campus 06 of an acit in area, would permit guardians to compromise claims against their wards, and would repeal a 19 3 ict allowing the attorney genei il and district attorneys to compro- nisp delinquent tax suit-s Legislative Sidelights 'Br United Press' Wh'le the resolution to repeal the constitutional ban on lotteries lies on the desk of the secretary of the senate, its backers are putting on a behind the scenes drive n the assembly to get favorable con- sideiation when the measure again is presented in the lower house The pio-lottery men are quite optimistic now The} WOMEN ENTER SPANISH WAR (Continued from Page 1) government .soldieis were evaluated fiom Catalonia During conferences here tl e Loyalist leaders arranged detai s of a general mobih/dtion amorg the 8000000 residents ot tie central zone to bolster Miaja s annies of 400,000 troops Jesus Hernandez, commissar general of the cential aimies, leaders of the popular front pa"- tifs and Geneials Manuel Manel lano Jose Arangunn and Leo- ,ieildo Mt nendez joined the consultations Negnn s decis'on was broal- i s t Vote to Continue Despite reverses, the Govern in nt has decided to continue the tight, defending the principles if the independence of Spam whu h uere atfirmed at the last meeting of the Coites (parliament) at Figjeras " the Premier said. "Now that the evacuation sf he army from Catalonia is endi d the government is definitely transferring to the uninvadi-d portion of Spam " At Guadalajara, north of Madrid, girls started duty as muri cipal guards, replacing men moo- ihzed into front line service Popular front meetings were held in almost every city, tcvm and village calling for a mob 1- speed-up NEW POPE TO BE SELECTED, (Continued from Page 1) I the private apartments to the chapel was headed bv the Swiss 1 Vatican Guaidi in the medieval costumes designed by Michelangelo It included the entire diplomatic corps at the Holy See, all the cardinals now in Rome, the Palatine Guards, staff officers of the various armv coips of the Papal State and ecclesiastical and lay dignitaries marching with bowed heads The decision to place the body in semi-private state in the chapel before its transfer to St Peter's restored the traditions of thirty- six years ago In Red Velvet Resting on a red vehtt stretcher the body was lowered from the small barren and almost cell- like room where the Pope died on the thud floor of the Papal Palace and into the Sistme Chapel Friday night only the Roman aiistocracy, members of the diplomatic corps and officials of the Vatican State were permitted to file past the body, but Saturday the weeping men, women and children that knelt in prayer m St Peter's square throughout the day ivill be permitted to say goodbye to "II Nostro Papa" Four Noble Guards with drawn swoids pointed to the floor stood the death watch The transfer of the body to the chapel followed the taking of a death mask by the fficial Vatican engiavei and sculptor, Aurelio Mistru/7i, and a formal act of identification of the body by Car- dinai Pacelli and members of the Apostolic Chamber Premier Benito Mussolini was one of the first to extend his condolences to Caidmal Pacelli Duce's Statement The disappearance of the Pope of Conciliation is a misfortune for the church and for the Italian people," II Duce said "Interpreting *he sentiment of the Italian people, I send your Most Reverend Eminence and the Sacred Col leges the condolences of the Fascist government and myself" As soon as Mussolini was advised of the Pope's death, he ordered the flags of all public buildings put at half niast in sign of rrournmg, and it was reported that he would cancel all but the most important of his official engagements The government decieed that today and on the Pope's funeral day--climax of nine days of ritual--all public spectacles are forbidden and schools will be closed on the funeral day are counting heavily on the reaction on the 'folks at home," and believe the letters assemblymen have received in favor of the lottery outnumber those in opposition Thej will wait a little longer, trying to aeteimme the correct psychological moment, a n d bring the resolution again to a senate vote Adoption there is considered a foregone conclusion in view of the previous favorable vote of 13 to 3 When the measure is sent to the assembly probably a long discussion will be provoked before it is decided whethei the resolution should be treated as new business or as an indefinitely postponed matter Anti- lottery men say a two-thirds vote will be needed to allow intioduction Speaker Bunker will nave to make the decision TEACHERS' FUND UP TOJ2H151 Resolution Has Asked Investigation OLD-AGE FUND BILL STUDIED Would Triple Of State Costs NEW BILLS CARSON CITY, Feb 10--(UB Bills thai would nearly triple state spending for old-age assistance now are jemg considered by the assembly One by LeRoy David of Nje county would shift the county's 25 per cent of old-age benefit* to the state which already is paying 25 per cent Another by Andy J Richard of Lincoln county would ejfeinpt from taxation BILLS INTRODUCED AsMmbly A B 123--Loorms Prohibiting the use of red and white painted j canes by any persons except e blind Senate S B 45--County and county boundaries Requiring consent of three-fifths of the propeits owners in the count} before a county seat can be moved MARD1GRASTO BE HELD HERE Reno Celebration Is Set Feb. 21 Congress Today BILLS PASSED Assembly A B 84--Judicial \ Setting cents a mile and $5 s day the Members of the count} delegation Churchill evidently CARSON CITY, Feb 10-- CUPJ Valuation of the state school teachers' permanent fund, whiv.h i -,, , i. i - ·- -~ · would be investigated under pro- Persons over 50 v^ear^of^age^who | ml i ea gc and traveling expenses of visions of a resolution recently introduced in the senate will reach $214,151 95 on June 30 this year, it was estimated Friday The fund had a valuation of $174,151 95 on June 30 1938, according to the budget submitted bj Gov E P Carville w ith $603704 in cash available for m- 1 v estment Sen John Foster of Peishmg I count} has a lesolution pending asking an audit of the teacheis' fund and the mdustnal insurance fund The teachers' fund in | eludes money from the pel ma- own less that $1500 worth of nudges and state officers property A B 36--Judicial-} Setting j Richard said hi» bill would 7 ! /z cents a mile and $5 a day the, piovide assistance to persons at mileage and living expenses for! the in between stage of life He | county and township officeis | believes most employers now are A B 66--Elections committee j through with workers when they Requiring that esidence cstab leach the age of 45 or 50, and i lished for votir» be actual and the workers have to wait until, not coistructive residence they are 65 before they can get ' A B 30--Barr Repealing an Preparations for a Maidi Gras celebration to be held at the Civic Auditorium Februan. 21 under the sponsorship of \anoub Reno groups, neared completion Fii- dav An extensive program is being ai i anged w ith Harlequin emblematic of fantasj, to act as master of ceremonies Se-veial skits dancing numbers and musical selections w i l l be piescnted The | closing numbei on the piogiam w i l l be a Pierrott plav bv the Reno Little ThiMter Dancing w i l l be e n i o v c d foi the rcmainslet of the evening and j music is to be furnished b\ Reu i ben Tuttle and his otcheitia A large attendance is expected I B N V n n c d Preijt Senate In ic-eciS C urn n i t t u s Loin ne ice tub (nom nations') Agi H ulturc (cost of production Spec al taxition comnittee House In r« Com iiittees Appiopnations agricultu-e sub regular pensions act allow ing the attorney general have little faith in the eventual \ TM*^*"^ e * TMTM passage ot a centralized game control measure to be introduced bv Fred Brown of Reno Two points that will be included in the bill were contained in separate measures Claude Smith and Mrs Luella Drumm introduced this week The Chui chill people want protection for certain species ot hawks and a trespass law and they believe the best way to get them is m the separate bills rather than depending on the passage of the centralized measure. Good Morning (Continued from Page 1) contributions made by teachers undei the retirement act passed n 1937 income and interest and revenue fiom an ad valorem tax of 15 nulls collected by the state The public school teachers' retirement salarv fund is made up of money transferred from the teachers' permanent fund Valuation of other bond invest ment funds include peimanent school fund, $2 787 577 32 expected to reach $2 937,577 82 next June 30, university meducible fund $56,14711. amveisity 90,000 acre grant fund $12228028, suiety bond trust fund, $6500, expected to reach $31 500 by June 30, 1939. Total valuation of all trust funds including cash available for mv estment was $3,582,066 57 This total was expected to amount to $3,647 592 01 next June 30 But the cost of the exemption and district attorneys to compro «ould be nearly piohibitive according to preliminary estimates by the tax commission Taxable property in the state would be decreased about 12 ] s per cent, a 'spot check" made Frida-y by W D Atkinson lav statistician, showed Atkinson took the tax roll of Richaid's own district in Lincoln count) and computed that about 25 per cent of the pioperty is held in amounts smaller than 41500 "It would be a fair estimate," i he said that half of that prop- eity is held by poisons over 50" A 12'2 per cent decrease in taxable piopeity would mean a coi responding increase in the tax rate Atkinson said Such an m- ciease would piovide about $18000 01 about $20,000 less than the guardians to compromise estate claims and other rnatteis A B 96- Biooks Authon/mg the univeisitj boaid of regents to sell 06 acre of p e i t y m R e n o enat A B 82--Social vvelfaie \u- t h o t u i n g use of a check-wilting j machine on unemployment compensation checks BILLS KILLED Assembly A B 67--Elections Piovidmg for initiative amendment of state Constitution without approval of legislature Tabled A B 65--Elections Amending the law i elating to initiative proposals for statutes Tabled A B 98--Shelly Reducing retirement salaries of judges from Larry Spencer Still in Critical Condition Lair Spencer who was rushed to Washoe Geneia. Hospital fo) leiwmg a sudden stroke Thuisdaj night, remained in a eiitical son diUoi it was announced late Fri- dav night X ay pictuies taken Thursday night levealed a blood clot on tiie brain it was reported Friday Phjsicians said theie was little change in his condition since ht entered the hospital ENDS TONIGHT taxpayeis now give the state for j two-thuds to half regular pay old age pensions Table Bills Notice of reconsideration asked you will agree with me, too. I. ttak she is as cruel as she could I j ap K noc k out Blow · * · In 2 Area* Planned MOST OFFICES AND schools Marion T alley Seeks Custody of Her Child WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., Feb. ' 0. UR -- Marion Talley, the opera singer, Friday sought custody of her four-year-old daughter, Susan, with an allegation that her husband and former teacher, Adolph G. Eckstrom, it a "man of unmoral character." AMERICAN CARDINALS SAIL FOR ROME NEW YORK, Feb 10--CUP)-Because of illness, WilLam Cardinal O'Connell of Boston Friday cancelled a plan to fly from his Nassau retreat to Miami so that he might reach Rome in time for the papal election The other two American cardinals prepared for a speedy voyage Saturday's sailing of the Italian liner Rex will oe delayed two houis so that George Cardinal Murdelem of Chicago might board it in time to reach Naples Feb 18 Dennis Cardinal Dougherty of Philadelphia will sail on the Rex with Cardinal Munde- lem, who cut shoit a Florida vacation and caught a train to New York which would bring him here a half hour before the Rex's postponed sailing tune will be closed Monday in observance of Lincoln's birthday, but m order that no unemployment compensation checks be delayed in reaching needy jobless, this particular branch of the public service will remain open No other work will be transacted by the Unemployment Serv ice, it was explained, but compensation checks will be handled as usual * * » A DAY OR SO ago we had a paragraph about the early robins and the hint of spring We also said something about feeding those cold birds during the recent snow. Almost immediately W. F Cioss, night watchman at Hobart Lumber Mill, verified the robin storj, said he had seen fourteen of the redbreast variety, and Clarence Dietrich, 122 Rock Street, said he'd seen some, too, and that he is feeding them. F.ank Campbell, county tax assessor, reported he is feeding 20 quail and a general assortment of other birds during the cold spell And Bob Quivey of Carlisle's [said confidentially he's feeding a ' couple of pheasants. We suspect, though, that Bob is just sort of prolonging their lives for a selfish purpose With another severe storm predicted, most of us will have to start feeding, or see the birds die all over the place And judging from weather reports, those robins sure made a blunder, stopping in Reno this early in the year. SHANGHAI, Saturday, Feb 11. (U P)--Japan was reported today to "be preparing new military offensives into northwest and southwest China to deliver "a knockout blow" to Nationalist Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek following Japanese occupation of the great South China island of Hainan. 3-Day Holiday Solons A d j o u r n to Return Home CARSON CITY, Feb 10.--«J» Senate and assembly members Friday gave themselves a three- day holiday to permit them to return home and consult their constituents Both houses of the legislature adjourned at noon until Tuesday morning All offices of the state government, as well as the legislature, will be closed Monday, Lincoln's birthday. MRS, TRUNDLE ILL CARSON CITY, Feb 10 --Mrs May Trundle, owner of the Marjorie Maj, is confined to her bed Streamline Procedure on account of lllness - Voted Against CARSON CITY, Feb 10-- (UK) The assembly Friday tabled two measuies designed to streamline proceduie of passing constitutional amendments and statutes, by initiative Included in the two bills was A. B 67, which would allow 10 per cent of the voters to propose constitutional amendments, which if approved by the people at the next election, would take effect immediately, without having to be submitted to the legislature The other measure outlined detailed provisions for initiative introduction of proposed statutes. Both bills were introduced at the request of the Nevada bar association but failed to receive the active support of that body. LAST TIMES TONIGHT ADDED WESTERN FEATURE M an PKTWU r«iiim 6EOR6E HOUfTON- Ai W I L D (ILL HICKOKJ A GRAND NATIONAL I GRANADA STARTS TOMORROW ffDaniel Believes He's Now Unpopular AUSTIN, Tex, Feb 10-- (UP)-W. Lee O'Damel, who has been governor of Texas for 25 days, told the Texas Press Association Friday that he had tramped on so many toes "that I don't expect I elected dog - catcher could again. be FORMER RESIDENT VISITS EUREKA, Feb 10 --A R Laird a former resident of Eureka, visited in Eureka last Sunday when he was returning to Kimberley, Nevada, after a month's visit with his wife and daughter in San Francisco, California. A T T E N T I O N All Noblw of the Mystic Shrine and Their Ladies are invited to AN INFORMAL DANCE »t the BIVERfJIDE HOTEL 8:30 P. M. Saturday Krening, February 11, 1839 Given in honor of visitiig Shrmers and Their Ladies from Islam Temple, San Francisco, Calif WEAR YOUR FEZ fiCHIVE® __.. "Todays Best Buys" List Free Any Swap, Trade or Sale . . . Your Best Bargains 9:15 A. M. Mon.-Wed.-Fri. Sponsored by Folger's Coffee Over K. O. H. « Phone or Write K.O.H, Reno T "«/e 'fftt with LEO CARRIUO HENRY ARMETTA LIE PATRICK ·ml (LICKCR.TlMlMl lADDED COMEDY "MUHDER WITH RESERVATIONS" FLOYD GIBBONS "HUMAN BOMB" CARTOON PATHE NEWS HUMPHREY BOGAHT KAY FRANCIS "KING OF THE UNDERWORLD" ENDS TOMITE^ | CHAS. RUGGLES · "HIS EXCITING I NIGHT- STARTS TOMORROW \ \ T A I L S P I N " MICt P A 1 F ·NANCr K F I L Y VITAPHOKE NOVELTY CARTOON FOX NEWS Nevada Solons Lauded For Work on Silver CAHSON CITY, Fib 10 -(UP' N t \ d d , i s senatois ind congiess in in \\ill bo commendod for tneir \ \ o i k t i w . i i d slabili/ing of silvei in a icsolution Assim bi\ nidi R R C r i i n u n n of count 1 ib ha\ ing d i a f k d The states concessional dele gation has been particularly effective m \\oikmg foi a fair puce foi siher Geimain declared Fn- daj Ho pointed out that Sen Kev Pittman is a iccogm/cd leader of the senate's silver bloc and ttiat Pat McCarran and James Scrugham are expeits on fie sih er question Sparks Theatre Phonr 848 Open fi 10 r o P A l -- VATINFt 1 1C BOMTA r.RAVVILlJ- in "Nancy Drew Detective" K O \ ROt.Hls In "Shine on Harvest Moon" SuntU' Matlnrr 1 HO-- t\r ntn« onlfnuouh from A p m GOOD BARGAINS -- IB -- Rnlrliei«tor« ««ibln« Machine* f l«rtrl. Ran«r Wood und Coal Stovei, SlIchtlT Vied Bxlloi f ft uu While tbej Itil (lied Merchindltt Dent H. E. SAVIERS ft SON 18J WEST ST PHONB IWrtO SAVE THIS COUPON Stancforc/ American Encyclopedia Ortit M*tf*rit volumn SIB. of th«a« coupons. Men differently Bum______^ bend, plui DM tp*Hal glit-pncc of fhta offer entitle you to on volume ot the IS-volome nuidird A Ollicw Hours Only 8 to · To Late To Classify N E V A D A S T A I E JOUKNM Spark* Call 2B1S NEW HOMES FOR SALE Priced at $5,000 - $6,000 - $7,100 $8,000 and $10,000 See Blue Prints of Other Houses We Invite You to Phone or See HANCOCK HANCOCK General Contractors Phone 21723 1325 Lander St. LEARN FRENCH- W i l l t*arh com*r»R t k n » l Pn-nch For tppolntm'ni rail 21047 Reasonable 2-ROOM cabin ( u r n u h r d $1650 w a t ^ r Included Phonr flparkR 25*)r 1EOUT.AR M K r r i N O K o n r A A O N M S 8a! r f » jvbr n r v 11 7 30 P m B i of mnortaiHc All Nobl's im Election And Installation of o l f c f i r D BLACK. RwonJfr DIEBEL F N O I N f K R Tral"ed exptrHmed an opfralor and nr-chanlr on mil! and m i n e w i u i p n i p n i Ae» 19 faobfr b r Box 4M8 Nevada fit in." Journal PROUD OT A P P K A R A S C r ' Thfn \ l c t o i do s o u r r i R j i l B KW f UTTAR -Sarrenrr 10 64" Mill TODAY'S BEST BUYS N n t l o n n l r » r h R r f l n t i I P s i n r r in OK-J »! foi $10001) M j d P ^ n T r r o Apt i i ' l t 1Q21 r h ' v r o k O « n f r v l l l · \ ' t ' H n r ".' I f t r i ' on · i m bargain* and »cor*l of ' hT f- "H o f l ^ r HKS rsn br f in 'h' r i . « « M f i » « F»r Ion of The » a Mi ' K l a t m r k » ")B IS fl'll f a n All nlnrcri S U R E SHOT L O C A T I for an APARTMSNT HOTEL Bounded by 3 Paved Streets 3 Minutes' Walk from Heart of City tnobstiucted View of Reno's Premier Scenic Attraction Also Financial Assistance If Dcsrirpd WASHOE REALTY CO. 10 'V 2nd St Phon. IS19

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