Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1946
Page 2
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Page Two MOM It AH H6M," ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK .. *t«t.ml Stockyardss. 111.. Dec. 4 m S* 6.000; market slgw: ever '170 Ibs, including -jj^ws 2o >0 lower than Tuesday's O 1 -ar.^e lighter weights 50-73 Jow- .fir, \Mlt good and choice 17CK!00 tltis fMOO^j: later sales largely "8-iOO.ifl jfuciieal top 24.25 mainly "ft-u -neiyots under 2-10 Ibs: small lC* ettlv 24:40: 130-150 Ibs 21.75- -a'"iO 100120 Ibs 20.00 21.25: good v >v>, j2-' VSO; str.«s 17.00-1H.OO; _mtM? x»at=; 11.00-13.00. - Ca'Ui. '^00: calves 1.500: active jfcid n? c*--. .generally strong on all «H«*i « under moderate. to light nu> »H o \o load top good, and low choie> ~-'een; 27.00: several, loads nd -) 00 2t>.30: medium to kw 3."od 190023.50: medium replace-' bteora 14.00: medium to law >eire»-s and mixed yearlinsjs «^, ^ £11 P" goo d cows 16.00-50: - -co .VT on md "medium beef cows V *l'">lj00 earners and cutter 1 ; U 0 v e a 1 e r s 1.00 higher. - ,1' 27.00: medium and good -> -•> ^D 1 fcOO: no early action. Hope Star Sfsr of HOD« 1899; Pros! 1927, Consolidated January IS. 1929 Published avery weukday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Paltair, President Alex. H. Washbutn, Secretary-Treasurtf ot the'Star building 212-2M South Walnut Street, Hops, Af^. Alex. H. Woshbum, Editor S, Publisher Poul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hasmer. Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Emma 6. Thomat, Cashier rail NEW YORK STOCKS \<n\ ^ •> k. Dec. 4 —(.«— Stocks ed siarply today on market •"•or'm 'sm over hopes for resump- t'to 1 ol coal mining, with steels in - the \ ^nguard. Leaders held gains of J lo ti'ound 4 points near the close. ^., 3 mi.g firdei-s flooded the stock •fevcnaiiso in'the final'hour, with ?«th2 ticter tape falling behind i^tiattract-on-; for a short time. Earli- cr Ic'cei rallies had more than y&fiift.d our- fractional losses in open- S* ns d" 3 * 1 " 1 -. 8 which had been .attri- X*fci;»ecl to paralyzing .effects of the "ieight embargo.- Total transfers around 1.400,000 shares. v$^ H-ul'oiH bonds improved. Sj? GRAIN AND PROVISIONS fcS Chicago Dec. -I— iiP]—: Purchases 4 «KJf a ou-d 600,000 bushels of corn Pjfcm the t-o\ eminent for expert to jjjJaren .rd Korea created an ad-y,Vance in Yellow grain futures on «5the boairt of trad etoday. Oats rose •wV., * Cl rp but wheat was unable to "S^dl^rlaj corresponding strength. y f~ Ctlsn .S^in prices ruled firm. Simian tnce publications said ex- K-r-an inouuv for Hour remained ...j-jir me^dcus." The forthcoming -j-freimt embargo excludes grains •S^but- it s effect on the grain .movc- . "men* v is not immediately clear to TStrade 1 ^ «.«!. TvXthe?t closed 1 1-8 lower to 5-8 £- rifnr> January S2.03 3-4, corn was il?/^, 21 ^ 1 W—3-8, "and 5 oaVs J were '3S& , Ic ™« tor7-8 higher, December c* 1 o—1-4 NEW YORK COTTON Nc o York, Dec;,.4 . -(^—Cotton futures nlhed more than 51 a bale in late dealings .today. .after losing mo, a than 52.50 a... bale- in -early tj casp Intimiations- in Washington eUsoatcnes that some- move might be underway to-settle-the coal strik preceded the utrttirn. •• ..,.-.-•; oon- -.- price's 'were 30 -- than closed .$1 a bale higher £E H^/-V«qn -iTi •>-a (Wed.) Hope Auditorium JAMES EVANS Presents the HILLBILLY OPERA Eftaturing ... ... ,,,, .7 THE ARKANSAS 5: MOUNTAINEERS with J* LITTLE JOYCE and - EZZIENICKLE8OCK , 4 *> two hour stage show for j.t* the entire family. iT. City Auditorium ^?O'Clock . . Doors open 7 P. M. -^•Admission 25c—75o Inc. Tax ~~*8ponsored by Hope V. F W ^ ' Post .No. 4511 Entered os second class matter at the Post Office ot HODI, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEAJ—Means Newspaper Enterprli Association. > Subscription Ratal: (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per week 20c; per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp- steed. Nevada, Howard. Miller and laFcyette counties, $4.50 per year; else- rfhere 38.50. National Advertising Representative — ^rkonioi Dailies. Inc.; Memphis T«nn., iterick Build.ng, Chlcogo, 400 Noi'h Mich- laan Avenue; Ne»- fork City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 VV. Grand Blvd.: Oklahoma City. 3U Ttirmlrral Bldg.; New Orleans. 722 Union St. Member of The Associated Press: Th« Associated Press is exclusively entitled to Tha use for ^publication of all {lews dispatches credited to i'. or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local lews published herein. to 10 cent slower than the previous close. Dec high 31.20 — low 30.40 — last 31.DON up 7 Mch high 30.8 8— low 30.10 — last 30.60-G2 up 13-15 May high 30.29 — low 29.60 — last 30.01 up 20 Jly high 28.75 — low 20.05 — last 28.49-50 up 14-15 Oct' high 26.00 — low 25.30 — last 25.60 off 2 Dec high 25.50 — low 24.70 — last 25.08N up 4 Mch 1948 high 24.85 — low 24.40 — last 24.65N UNCH Middling spot 31.78N up 16 N-Nominal NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans. Dec. 4 —(/P)— Cot- ion futures advanced here today on mill price-fixing and buying stimulated by the idea that the coal strike may end shortly. Closing prices were steady, five cents to 95 cents a bale higher. Dec high 31.02 — low 30.67 — close 31.05B Mch high 30.90 — low 30.08 — close 30.65-66 May high 30.20 — low 29.5 — close Jly high 28.67 — low 28.05 — close 28.38-40 Oct high 26.03 — low 25.29 — close 25.57B B-Bid. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Dec. 4 —(UP)— Produce: Poultry: Slow 17 trucks, no price change. Cheese; twins 46-47- single daisies 47-49; Swiss 73-73 Butter: 264,880 Ibs; firm; '93 score 85; 92 score 82; 90 score 80 1-2: 89 score 79. Eggs, 5,709 cases; irregular; -extras 1 and 2; 48 -51; 3 and 4; 42-44- standards 1 and 2; 40; 3 and 4- 39 : current • receipts 38-39; dirties 28 1-2 29 1-2; checks 28 28 1-2. S3 iPi!gg*3Y INHERITED? WHAT CAUSES IT? A booklet containing the opinlonj of fa- movs doctors on this interesting subject will be sent FREE, while they lost, lo any reader writing lo the Educational Diyision, £35 Fiflh Ave., Nev/York, N.Y.,Dept. M-131 JUST RECEIVED CHRISTMAS TREES Of All Sizes Please get yours early. Give us your orders early for HAM, TURKEY, HENS for Christmas B & B GROCERY Phone 801 FREE DELIVERY H^ r Only S 5.95 Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop AND TOTS TO TEENS 223 S. Walnut Ph one 949 Public Invited to Singing Program at Guernsey The public is invited to nttend a singing program to be held Sunday, December 8 at the Gtternsy Baptist Church at 2 p. m. A full program is planned. A roused City Continued from PaRe One 4, the physical force of mobs for that government." After assuring labor leaders he .lupported organization and collective bargaining, he charged that their unions were "doing wrong when they, for a minor provocation, are attempting to strike the whole city prostrate." Demands emphasized by AFL abor spokesman in radio appeals, press statements and at the mass meeting were: 1—The two department store nanagements must agree immediately to negotiate. 2—Striking employees of the two stores must be .guaranteed a re- uin to tneir old jobs. 3—City officials must pledge not o use police in breaking picket ines. 4—The truck drivers used in junday's incident "must be sent jack to Los Angeles. • o Court Assesses Continued from Page One mmediately after Federal Judge T. Alan Goldsborough who yester- lay held Lewis and the United Mine Yorkers in contempt, had entered the court after the two hour delay. Goldsborough mounted the bench and the bailiff announced that the court would stand adjourned unit 3 o'clock. Assistant Attorney General John i. Sonnett, in charge of the gov- 3i-nment's legal team, strode rapid- y from the courtroom and left the building. He was escorted fore and aft by deputy marshalls calling, "one side Dlease." Sonnett answered none of the questions shouted at him. "No comment," he said grimly. Lewis had alternately paced the floor of an ante-room and confer•ed _with his lawyers during the be- nind-the-scenes manetivering. Tight lipped, the mine union boss arrived at 9:52 a. m. for sentencing on his refusal to obey a federal district court order designed to avert the soft coal strike. Curious spectators crowded against the closed doors of the packed courtroom as Lewis entered with his team of lawyers. The United Mine Workers president told Federal Judge T. Alan Goldsborough yesterday that he will "firmly stand" on his "constitutional rights," and those of his 400,000 idle followers. On entering the courtroom Lewis mmediately took the same chair le has occupied throughout the trial, which began a week ago today. He sat in silence for a moment, staring out into the jammed court* room.. ;• : :. . .,• i,,> .- ._.. , . Then he arose and went' 'to an ante room to confer with AFL General Counsel Joseph A. Padway. The two returned after a brief consultation. The sentencing was delayed temporarily while Judge Goldsborough conferred with the trial attorneys in lis chambers. The judge was believed to be learing the recommendations of 50th .sides—government and AFL United Mine Workers—as to what penalties, if any, should be imposed on Lewis and his union. Lewis himself sat silent and grim n .the courtroom . as the minutes :icked away. Apparently growing impatient at .he length of the conference. Lewis eft the court room and paced the loor in an ante room formerly occupied by the prospective jurors who were never called to try his case. He appeared tense. The conference in Judge Golds- jorough's chamber lasted about a half hour. Then Welly K. Hopkins, :hief defense counsel, and his col- eagues left and went into a pri- •ate huddle in another room. Assistant Attorney General John \ Sonnett remained in the judge's chambers for the time being. Lewis continued to pace the floor n the adjoining ante room. The defense lawyers declined to answer reporters' questions as to vhether they had made their ecommendation for a penalty for ..ewis. One of the atorneys, Harrison ombs, informed Lewis of the con- erence with the judge before join- ng the private conference of de- ense attorneys. Lewis himself joined the confer- nce of lawyers a minute later, be- lind closed doors. There was no legal ceiling on the me or jail term which could be mposed on the mine union leader or failing to call off the economy- Daralyzing coal strike, now two weeks old. His union itself, the AFL United tfine workers, faced the possibility f a crushing financial penalty on ic same charge of ignoring the ourt's order not to "terminate" a ontract with the government cov- ring wages and hours in the seized ituminous mines. As Lewis headed back to the ourt room for the morning's dteiul session (9 a. m. CSTj, an fficial familiar with the tentative tragety told a reporter assistant ttorney general John F.Sonnett's taff, in eleventh hour conferences, ad favored a recommendation lat the court fine the union $200,00 a day as long as the strike asts. The government staff also was eported to favor a heavy fine or ail sentence for Lewis. It was entirely within Goldsbo- ough's discretion as to what pun- shment should be levied. But he sked the government for its rec- mmendations and also asked -.ewis' lawyers to make sugges- ions. Even before pronouncement of entence, counsw tor the union eader had majjj./i.u plans for a uick appeal from Goldsborough's ecision that Lewis is guilty of 'wilfully, wrongfully and de- verateiy" disobeying the court's top strike order of Nov. 18. In the event of such appeal, the overnment will move to take the ase direct to the Supreme court instead of waiting for a U. S. court f appeals trial, according to an of- icial in a position to know. Wednesday, December 4, 1946 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page ThtM 1 Chas. A. Hcynes Brings You Beautiful, Wanted Fabrics Here's really good news for the ladies. We have just received a large shipment of beautiful new fabrics for now and spring. We feel that we have enough to advertise^but you had better be here early for best selections. 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I Social Calendar Thursday, December 5 Thursday, December 5 Hope Chapter O.E.S. will meet at 7:30 Thursday evening at the Masonic Hall for its regular meet- The Pal Cloburnc C'hiiptor U.D.C. ing , and "." Installation and Mem in , .... . 1. • v ..... ,, i cr.il'\Finr» A f 1111 n i I r\t-\rl n tir, n 11 will meet Thursday afternoon nl 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Grady Williams on South Elm .Struct with Mrs. H. J. F.'Gan-ctt, Mrs. Georgia Hayncs, Mrs. Alvah Willinms, Mrs. Pat Casey and Mrs, Wilbur D. Jones as associate hostesses. ay, November 6 The Women's Council nf the First Christian church will hold a Christmas Bazaar nl the office of Mr. Floyd Portcrfickl on Friday, November G. oi'inl service, urged. A full attendance is \ t NOW-Thursday 'xo/ff Beauty! delightful ,. •ntertainment! WALT DISNEY'S /IN TECHNICOLOR NOW - Thursday Prescott District Nurses Meeting The Prescoll District Nurses Association held its regular monthly business and social meeting at Hotel Lnwson In Prescott on Tuesday evening. The president, Mrs. Mary Mills called the meeting to order and introduced the following guests; Mrs. lla Stcinknmp, Executive Secretary of Ihc Arkansas State Nurses Association of Little Rock, James Pilkinton of Hope, G. W. Lookadoo of Arkadelphia, Dr. I 1 '. C. Crow of Hope, Dr. Al Buchanan of Prescolt and Miss Marguerite Burl of Prescott. Following the dinner a program on "Legislature for Nurses" was presented. Speakers were; Mrs. Stcinkamp, Mr. Pilkinton, Mr. Lookadoo, Dr. Crow and Dr. Buch, annan. Following the program a i roundtable discussion was held. Among those attending from Hope were; Mrs. Mary Mills, Mrs. Clara Wright, Mrs. Edith Murph, Miss Marguerite Campbell, Miss Vivian Jackson, Miss Irene Eason, Mrs. Maybellc McLemore, and Mrs. Lclola LcLong. Frank McLarty to Head Red Cross Drive Franklin McLarty has accepted the chairmanship of the 1947 Red Cross Fund Campaign according to Roycc Wclsenbcrger Chairman of Hcmpstead County Chapter American Red Cross. Mr. McLarty is well known in Hope being associated with hope Aulo Company in business and served with the Infantry forces overseas in World War II. The campaign will be launched on March 1, 1947 and we know that under the leadership of this young man Ihc Hempslead County quota will be over subscribed. Mr. McLarty asks that the citizens support this campaign as they did in 1946 under the leadership of Royce Wcisenbergcr and in ' 1945 under the leadership of Albert Graves. Hospital Notes Friends of Mr. J. W. Strickland will be pleased to know he is re ported as improving at Julia Chester hospital. > ' ' Friends of Mr. Bob Elmorc Sr. will regret to learn that he is a Act promptly, Mother, to help relieve muscular soreness or tightness, congestion and irritation in upper breathing passages, fits of coughing—due to colds. Rub on Vicks VapoRub ... it PENETRATES to upper bronchial tubes with its special medicinal vapors, STIMULATES chest and back surfaces like a warming poultice. Often by morning most of the misery of the cold is gone 1 Remember— ONLY VAPORUB Gives You this special double action. It's time-tested, home-proved... the best-known home remedy for reliev- * Mm ^h ^f ^* ing miseries of %Jf I d* »^% «9 children's colds. W VAPORU6 J. Anderson Succumbs in Hope Hospital Jessie Anderson, aged 53, a life long resident of Hempstcad county died early today in a local hospital He is survived by his wife, Mrs Olga Anderson, two sons, Seth o Hope and Aubrey Anderson of Em met, four sisters, Mrs. C. W. Tatc of Newton, Kansas, Mrs. Walloi Abbot, Mrs. Smcad Daniels anc Mrs. R. H. Tunstall of Hope: foui brothers, Claude, Isaah, Sidnej and Arthur Anderson of Hope. Funeral services will be held a 2 p. m. Thursday at the Church o Christ with the Rev. J. A. Cope land officiating. Burial will be ii Rose Hill Cemetery. Active pallbearers: C. Cook Chnrlie Hair, Henry Fowler, John Kennedy, Steve Lloyd and Torr urvls. Honorary: Aubrey Collier, Clauc autton, Elbert Burke, Clyde Coffeo, ^arlhal Russell, Rob Jones, Elm' Vlurph, and Gifford Bycrs. Announcing A Special Lecture- Ship Week December 1 'through' 7, Different Speaker with a different subject each Evening. Church of Christ, 5th and Grady, Hope, Ark. 7:30 P. M. A cordial welcome is extended you. Remember the Date: Dec. 1-7. Physician of Prescott 1$ Kiwanis Guest At the Tuesday Lujicheon , Dr. Al Buchanan was the chief speaker confining his remarks to the folowing: Socialized Medicine Health Examinations Progress of Medicine during the Speaker's day Dr. Buchanan stated'.that from 881 to 1946 there has been' a won* dcrful advance in medicine the life expectancy having been raised "rom 32 to 56 years. He believes DEAR MISS DIX: I have a daughter of 17 who is causing me a ot of worry. She does not like chool or any kind of work. She ikes to dance and is cra/y hat the discovery of tha microscope is the greatest invention or, discovery of all time. This enabled scientists to determine what is the :ause of many contageous diseases, low they are spread and how to combat them. a- Gucsls were » Bill Smith Dr. J. W. Branch. Dr. Jim Martindale, Elmer Harris, Austin Hutson, Dr. Wright. American Legion to Hold Regular Meet Thursday American Legion Post No 12, will hold its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, December 5 at the legion hall. Refreshments will be served. All members arc urged to attend. Local Rorarians Attend Meeting atTexarkana Twenty - three Rotarians and vis itors from Hope attended an inter city Rotary meet last night at TeX arkana at Grimm HoteL- • Cues' speaker was R. G. ILa /Toumiei founder and president of the Lc Tourneu Corporation. DOROTHY DIX Unpleasant Daughter about good clothes. When I tell lier that vc can't afford things, she says hat if I don't get them for her she vill leave home. And why did I lave three children if I didn't have enough money to give them what hey wanted? She is going to have a birthday soon and she wants a xur coat. She ilreacly has a brown :cur coat and now she wants a black one. She is never satisfied. What should I do about her? M. S. P. ANSWER: Not Solomon himself could tell you how to put any sense n a 17 - year - old girl's head and nake her act like a reasonable luman being, or make her show but herscK. It is her age, which is any consideration for anyone but ijerself. H is her age, which is the grab all and get all phase, and trie only comfort I can offer you is to tell you that she will probably outgrow it. Most girls do. I have known plenty of bobby - soxcrs who were so disagreeable that they were practically unlivable; who insulted their parents and were mean to their little brothers and sisters; who nevei' appreciated anything that was done for them, but who suddenly dropped all of their disagreeable ways and became sweet and lovable. Let's hope that your teen - ager will turn from a pest into a household angel. Spoiled Brat But don't forget that when a 17- year - old girl tyrannizes ihe whole family and monopolizes all of the clothes' money and threatens to '.eavc home if she doesn't get her vay, that it is the mother's iault. She has spoiled Sally rotten. She has'.cultivated selfishness in Sally. And her demanding .-mother fur coat when she already has a per- fectly good one is just the result of your bringing up. You have taught Sally that if she just fights hard enough she can get anything she wants; so she goes on the war path whenever she is crossed. A greater harm nobody could do a child for as long as she lives Sally will be a dissatisfied, discontented, greedy woman, who will have no friends and never get all she wants. DEAR DOROTHY DIX: I am a married woman of 30 and my husband is 33. We have no children. He is very good to me, gives me all they money he earns and never <eeps account of what I spend. He is also very true to me. But don't love him and I am thinking of leaving him. I would much rather sit in a bar and smoke cigarettes and pick up different men you meet in taverns. Domestic life is too dull. What is your advice? LORAINE ANSWER: As you sow, so shall you reap. That is one of the inescapable facts of life. Mull it over awhile. Married life with a gooc man who loves you may not have as many thrills and picking up barflies at a tavern. Doing the dai ly rounds of cooking and cleaning and scrubbing and all the details that it takes to make a comfort able home may not give you the kick that getting drunk does, bu do you ever think of the future? You say you are 30 now. That i: no longer girlhood. It is the begin ning of middle age. In a very :'ev years you won't find it easy to at tract men. Your good looks will b gone, for alcohol takes a fearfu toll of beauty. You will be just ano ther drunken woman, cadging fo drinks. Is it worth giving up good husband for that? Keeping house bores you. Bu Funeral for R. N. Cannon at Saratoga Funeral services for Rilcy Newton Cannon, aged .77, Hcmpstead man who died at his home near McNab Monday, were held yesterday at Saratoga with the Rev. Milton Peoples olliciating. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs, L. Hile of Murph- freesboro, Mrs. Jim McJunkins of Saratoga, a step - daughter, Mrs. Charles Erwin of McNab. patient at St. Vincents Infirmarj in Little Rock. Births Mr. and Mrs. Terrell O. Sword ' Hot Springs announce the nrriva a son, Terrell Jr., born Sunday )ecember 1 at St. Joseph Hospital Hot Springs. e remembered /liss Arthuronc Powell ily. FOR JUST Second and Main merchandise ot Wards! 10% down ... up to 15 months to pay the balance! That's the exciting story now on all Ward merchandise but $50-and-over Furniture and Rugs (which are 2096) and $50-and-over Appliances like Refrigerators and Stoves (which are 331/3%). On all the thousands of other things in our store . . . including low-priced Furniture, Rugs, Radios, etc. . . . it's 10% down, and up to 1 1 months to pay. Any purchase (or group of purchases) of $10 or more will open an account. For the full details, come to Wards today. Copyright by J. C. Nolon; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. JEANNETTE COVERT NOLAN. r hat if you had no house to keep, owhere to go, if you were just anther of the sad sisterhood of the treets? Believe me, loose giving ever pays. DEAR MISS DIX: I am a boy 21 ears old. Arn married and have win boys six months old. I love my wife, but I have been running around witn other women and that makes her think that I don't love icr. What can do to convince her hat I do care for her? WORRIED HUSBAND ANSWER: Stay at home and lelp her take care of the twins. That will be about the most convincing argument that you can use. Seeing is believing, you know. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomtilsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous mcttt- branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. • CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis NO BETTEK ASPIRIN FOR RELIEF OF PAIN of headache, cold's aches, or periodic functional pain, than St. Joseph Aspirin . .. aspirin at its best! You save 1/3 on the bottle of 100 for only 35c. Major Cameron shifted in the straight backed chair, thus easing tne crick between his shoulder Blades. He scraped spurred boots on the porch floor, craned his neck ind squinted at the sksj.-'-which bean to assume the blander blue of evening. he will never be forgotten. And this is April ninth, the anniversary of Appomattox. The spirit of the Old South is not dead and cannot die—" (Released bv The Bell Syndicate, - little dolls eHtounlries UGENIA DOLLS Day of the week dolls in three sizes. A doll to make them happy Christmas We Gift Wrap Packages MISS HENRY'S SHOP Abruptly awars of actual sound,: the Major opened his eyes. 'A high - wheeled red - painted carl rattled on the bricks, a slick chestnut marc between the The time? Rather difficultly "fgold w the bulge of .The Major rose at once, adjusting his gray tunic. Five -'thirty. He his wide - brimmed campaign hat extracted a big, roundcgold watch I shaflR. Judge Logan at the reins. Crom a pocket beneath, the bulge of ~' "thirty. He ..._ ... . „ pulling down his belt over his pau- sighed, an exhalation 6f weariness and dissatisfaction which puffed out and briefly disturbed the contour of his full, drooping mustache. The afternoon had been long; and though he had sat so conspicuously (even perilously) near the edge of the top step, the Major doubted that many people had noticed him or, noticing, had comprehended thn significance of either his costume or the silken banner suspended above his head. Next year, he told himself, ho would go to the busiest section of where Mrs. Sword will this blasted Yankee town, MS the formar everybody would sec him. of this always relieve sore throat coughs —aching muscles of The very idea evoked a moment of that pleasant dreaminess which was the Major's substitute for thought. He shut his eyes and-; a scene swam behind tnc lids; "' his commanding figure (s'toutish, maybe, but military) centering a crowd halting traffic. He heard imaginary j voices (twanging, strident and yel. admiring) all inquiring about the splendid gentleman in the Confederate uniform: "Who is 3 He? What's ho saying?" Here the Major dreamed the thru ling cry of his own resonant voice, as it rang upon awed'Silence: "I am William Cameron of Virginia, veteran of the Lost Cause, which i PLAGUED BY RISING LIVING COSTS? An important job with no overhead awaits you in Korea ALL EXPENSES PAID AND $90 PER MONTH Here's your chance to get a»/ay from it all—and know where you're goingl Attractive positions are open in over 100 specialties in the 6th Infantry Division in -beautiful Korea, Sports, entertainment and travel opportunities are highly developed in this division's area. Luxurious hotels, theaters, swimming'facilities, tennis clubs and ball parks provide more choice of pastime than is enjoyed by the average civilian at home .,. and at no extra cost to you! High overseas pay (20% above domestic base paty),' excellent medical and dental care, good food and lodging and a generous itirement plan make this opportunity too good to miss. Young men who can meet prescribed standards, and who enlist for 3 years, are entitled to designate the 6th Infantry Divisio/i, at time of enlistment. Initial training given before departure from U. S. Full details at U. S. Army Recruiting Station— HEMPSTEAD COUNTY COURTHOUSE (WHOLESALE) A WIDE VARIETY OF THE MOST SALABLE ITEMS INCLUDING CAP PISTOLS, CAPS, AND PLENTY OF CHINESE FIRECRACKERS. ALSO SPECIAL ASSORTMENTS. Write For Catalogue. «* Can Take Care of Large Jobbers on Chinese TAYLOR FIREWORKS COMPANY P.O. Box 773 Wilmington, N. C. nch. As the cart went by, he had struck a most impressive attitude, right hand lifted in a gesture which was half salute to the Stars and Bars, half - greeting to a neighbor. But Judge Logan merely noddnd. Tugging at his mustache, the Major reflected that Logan might be an important county official in Indiana, but in Virginia he would have hr>"n rai<=d f "heap nol'tirian. Heretofore the Major had discredited tne .rumor.that Logan's father had marched with Sherman; hereafter he would believe it. | Major Cameron sat down in . his chair again, just as his wife came around the house from the back yard. She was a tall woman, thick- waisted and substantially built; her hair was auburn, streaked with gray, with curly stray locks escaping from the bun at the nape of her neck. She wore an apron over the billowing skirts of her crisp, tight-fitting brown gingham dress. She had been digging in the sticky soil of her garden; in one hand she carried a trowell and in the other a yello jonquil, the first of the season. She climbed the steps to the porch. "Well, Miss Amy?" sai3~ihe Major. Smiling, she held out the jonquil. "A posy for you. Shall I pin it on your coat?" "No, Miss Amy. You don't pin flowers on a uniform, you know." "Don't you? I'll put it in a vase on tha supper table then. Have you had a rewarding afternoon, Major?" The Major grunted. "How warm it is! I must get put •the hammock and more chairs, rockers. 1 think I'll plant moonvine and morning glories at this side of the porch. They growjil'c lightning by summer they'll niaKo a nice screen for the girls, entertaining their young men callers." Major Cameron did not even bother io grunt. His daughters' young men callers were a bore to him, except at such times as they sang serenades and kept him awake, when they became a positive nuisance. In 'the whole lot there wasn t a young man he considered eligible as his son - in - law; he cared nothing at. all whether they wore screened or unscreened. Perhaps the girls—Rose and bid- ney and little Hannah as she got older — would never find suitable husbands in Blakoville, which was at best a second - rate town, sprawling in crude complacence on the north shore of the slow, muddy Ohio' Well, when the book was published, the Major's book, the girls could leave. The Major would •••end th"m. or take them, on a sort of husband - scouting expedition. South, of course. Hu would take them east, too. and to Europe, voyaging on one of those luxury liners Without effort, the Major drifted off into a dream of the book s publication, of success, riches, release from Blakesville, fame, London, Paris, Lucerne, the .shimmering wuteis of Lake Como — Utopia The closing of the front door behind Miss Amy aroused him. one had gone into the house; and per- luius he should be lioing J" also He not up and unhooked the Hag fiom 'its moorings, letting Us brilliant length slide into his outstretched arms. Folding the Han. he glanced and saw K"^' -'it the- corner. Sl".ider a« a ri-pd. irim in her sliop- ard's wool frock and jaunty straw tailor. Roof was hurrying, almost running, her little inilent - leather French heels clicking a staccato rb'-'lim , . i j The Major stood and watched Rose. She'was beautiful. There was no word tor it. Yes, Rose at 20 was as beautiful as Sonhi- Kittredue had been, down in Virginia, in 1861. And that, in the Major's estl- was the enilnmc of heauty. (.To lie Continued') Copr. 1CUO, Esso Inc. ONE OF THE WORLD'S 6REAT TIRES! Its name is ATLAS ... and it's a IUTUIO to vtiiitiuijei as tires become more plentiful. It's ;. first-rate, quality- tire in every way. Behind it arc sales of uver 26 million ATLAS Tires. And behind it stands Esso Marketers' reputation for quality nn.diit.ts. Especially important with wii.ici m-h mfc ahead-— the ATLAS tread is designed t<, jjm. special safety grip on the road. Throughout, this ruv is. built vo give you service. ; 'i *•% ':.! j*u ?$ . With it goes a ivritten warrf^ty^\^^sf^c^o^ that's good on the spot at over 33,000 dealers in the U. S. and Canada. When you need new tires, see your Esso Dealer and get ATLAS. 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