Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada on May 25, 1973 · Page 23
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 23

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1973
Page 23
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Popularity: Survey Indicates Nixon's Continues to Plummet By GEORGE GALLUP Copyright 1973, Field Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. Republication in whole as this, by a President, serves | Besieged by inflation, particu- to boost his popularity rating. But in this case it fails to check a three-and-onp-halt-month de- or part strictly prohibited, ex- |cline in Nixon's popularity. The cept with the written consent I current figure represents more of the copyright holders. i (Special to the Nevada State Journal) PRINCETON. N.J. - The American public's approval ot President Nixon's performance in office continues to plummet and now stands at his low point to date -- 45 per cent. This nationwide Gallup survey was conducted shortly after the President's televised April 30 speech dealing with Watergate. Gallup Poll lady of food prices, disapproval of his Southeast Asia strategies in Congress by groups who had previously proved receptive to his policies, and particularly the ubiquitous Watergate affair, I Nixon still maintains his previ-; speecn and r efeased earherThis ous level of approval among; week . the lssue of corrup . an issue during last fall's presidential election campaign, is j now high on the list of most important problems the public- feels are facing the nation. According to a Gallup also taken after the Presiuent's his own party members. Three- 'fourths of those in the survey calling themselves Republicans tion in government/Watergate ranks virtually equal with the problems of crime and drugs j Generally, an overt action such in late January. | than a 20 percentage point drop in Nixon's popularity since it peaked at 68 per cent following the announcement of the peace agreement with North Vietnam (74 per cent) approve Nixon's as , mp0 nant ones with which, handling of his job. j N j xon must deal . Tne high cost | Among Democrats, though, I of living continued to easily top J K N K L L 1IO\\ KLL \ 1 I K K STANKO only about one person in four (24 per cent) approves, and slightly less than half the independents (49 per cent) agree. The Watergate affair, never Gaming Action Eldorado Hotel Granted License LAS VEGAS (UPI) -- Theiagcr of Smith's North { Nevada Gaming Commission iClub at Crystal Bay; Thursday approved operators of | _j a mes Green. Robert Hcn- thc new Eldorado Hotel-casino seler and Bernard Hill in the Shore Elementary Schools Share Safety Honors The Orvis Ring and Agnes Risley schools will share top honors as co-champions in this year's annual traffic Safety Patrol awards. And for the first time in the history of the Safety Patrol, the figure on the award plaques will be that of the f e m a l e ., , t - I · " · · "Winged Victory." will have 2 crap tables. 1 rou- |Hcwson and W l l l i am Hewson in Reno police Community Re- lette table. 6 black jack games. the Zephyr Cove Resort at Lake' lations Division officer Brad a Keno game and 200 slot ma-j T a h o c ; sCrase sak) m former yearg thfi c i --Forrest Woodward II. vice i figure on the plaque was that The commission licensed Hu- pres idcnt of Paradise Road Ho-1 of a boy in Safety Patrol gear, the list Nixon, never particularly pop- ] ular with minorities, receives his lowest rating from nonwhites with less than one in 10 approving. Others giving Nix- 'on low marks include younger j people (41 per cent): manual laborers, both skilled and un- White Pine High School Graduates 153 Seniors \evada State Journal Friday, May 25, 1973-3 U of N Regents News Reporting Views Different The only two journalists on ation at UNLV without jeopar- the University of Nevada Board dizmg the rights of individuals of Regents have different views right to a fair trial, about the quality and accuracy Mrs Joyce disagreed with As- of news report ing of the re- sistant At'ty Gen Proctor Hug gents' Mav I I meeting j r '-, interpretation of the Ne- Mcl Stemnger. co-owner and vada open meeting law that dis- editor of the Klko Daily Free cussion in personnel sessions Press, charged in a Free Press could include discussion of stu- editonal t h a t reporters ' inject- dents cd their own jealous personal- She also disagreed that the itict," into reporting on a closed state narcotics officials should session dealing w i t h narcotics have been invited by Regent officials Jame.s Buchanan "if there was Nedra .Jo\ce. a KORK-TV in any possibility t h a t the discus- Las Vegas and a f o r m e r odu- sion wouldn't h a \ e nation reporter w i t h the La 1 - and tree Vegas Review-Journal, said the ELY - White Pine County Iskilled (41 percent); those with Hi h , Sch ° o1 Wl11 hold Jls al 1 commencement cere- Mike Stanko. son of Mi and c ' o x cragc w -" f a i r and accur- Frank D Stanko of Mr- al ° ·IPSC formal r-rinr-atinn io r OI .' annua l commencement cere-.Gill. was named s a l u t a t o n a n of The session \ \ d s dosed for 1\^OO { . U i l l l r t l LUUL*^ LJ.U11 \ *)lf UCI i · *** « i i *4 *i ' i i i t L r _i j 11 i ' c e n t ) - and nersons at th 1 'Conies Wednesday in the W h i t e , h i s senior class. He uas presi- a oriel pciiod to allow the rc- ,end of the income scale (38' Pme County Hlgh Scho ° 1 Gym " denl of l h c N a t l o n a l Honor So ' ^ C l l t s t o dlscuss ' Specific is- oer cent) nasium, or the Ely City Park ciety. vice president of the sen- s ucs i n v o K m g specific persons" if weather permits. iior class, president of the f r e s h - ' i n relation to a number of drug Ine President is most popular The ceremonjes win bcgln a( man class, and was active in anc.sts at thc Las Vegas cam- p.m. for the 153 seniors. .sports, including serving co-cap- pus Assemblvman K e i t h A s h - l | a m . o n t h c varsit - v f o o | b all' B u t stale narcotics officers in Reno which opened its doors to the public Thursday night. nerv ilie: The 10-story, $6 million hotel! --Gordon Topaz Lodge Casino at Gard- Hewson, Margie with those in the professions and business (54 per cent); other white-collar vocations (53 per cent), the college-educated (47 per cent j ; those in upper-income team. worth, D-Clark County, speaker i _, of the Nevada State Assembly! Semors Sraduahng are- told thr regents they could not discuss specific persons and the ^rv-i ^ v - " i / , iiiuoc i l l ULHJd-UlLAmiC - - - - - . - . - ,, . rasinr\t i-n^ A t U 4 *./.i«.J brackets )56 oer cent)- and old- wil1 be guest speaker. Ashworth,! cay Lynn Abci Dorothy Ann Ahistron- regents leopened tne meeting v- c v a r |, uracKcis joo per cemj, ana oia __ * . £ : _ . . . »,_.. James _Rncy Alien, jeftry j Anderson, «,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,. ,,,:.,, .... , - Ncx drifl Bookmakers In Hotels Opposed LAS VEGAS i t PI i - bert McCoskey as general manager, Robert Goode as casino manager, and owners William Carano, Donald Carano, George Yori, George Siri, Jerry Poncia, and Richard Stringham, all of Reno. The commission approved 3-1 the application of the Treasure er people (46 per cent). Nixon's popularity, under 50 iper cent only once since early 1972 and before Watergate became an issue, has now registered below that mark on two consecutive surveys. Interestingly, as the President's popu- tel Corp. doing business as the Thunderbird Hotel; --Tom Davis as casino manager at the Ponderosa Hotel in Reno; j --Bally Distributing Co., Reno, with William Redd as president-drector, W i l l i a m O'Donnell as vice president and _. . . ,, ^,-i I I I I -' l - ' W I U I V l l U «J V IV-U W l 1-.91UV:1IL O1*U Chest in Carson City, which will d j Vucanvich as have 2 black jack games andl s c c r e t a r treaseurcr and dircc . 45slote. The president and trea-j and j Red(J as dircct surer-curcctor is Donald Owens; J with half interest, and William | -George Thompson as slot Ferris is secretary, director and! m a n a g e r for Mccca lnc - of Las vice president with half inter- | Vc § as --Thomas Carroll as president-director, Harold Baker as vice president and director, Donald Pearl as vice president and director who will be- est. It was the licensing of Ferris which caused a "no" vote by Commissioner Jack Diehl. It was reported he once had Marv- come resident manager in Reno, bookmaking interests in land. Other approvals included: --Warren Nugent as casino manager of the Carson Nu *8 et; ias Mills Bell-0-Matic Co., J. --John Gahn as director of|n. Keeny Co. and Jennings and the Golden Nugget in Las Ve- Co. and Morrow Garrison as secretary-treasurer-director, all in the P J M Corp. of Elgin, _ ,111., which has operating divi- i y |sions in Reno doing business "but the female figurine this year is highly appropriate because, also for the first time, more than 50 per cent of the patrol is comprised of girls." Runners - up in the annual awards competition this year are Glenn Duncan, Jessie Beck, and Hunter Lake schools. Crase said judging for the awards is conducted on a point system based on appearance, punctuality, accuracy of reports turned in on traffic violators, and reports turned in by police officers who periodically and routinely monitor the s c h o o l crossing safety patrols. The plaques, donated by Nevada Bell, will be presented at student body assemblies in the various schools next week. a native of Kimberly. Nev., graduated from White County High School in is a public accountant and cor- 1 Elizabeth"Breitnck"'Georgia"T'^rooks, porters rather than the facts. r . . , . , , ,, V,ary J Butcher Susdn i_.vnacho J« Commission Peter D Anderson, Bernicc M Archu leta, Denise Mane Ranghart, Edward M Barrlnger, Lydia Diane Barton, Dawn Ella Beckwilh, Brent Samuel Bo R MCP S Bnwlr- Don Ear! Brandis M porate vice president of the Sa- Stemnger's editorial said u a s W d r n o d Thursday a pro- TM ws f counts of the meeting poscd r c g u i a t l o n allowing book- reilected the frustrations of re- makcrs f o , c m cb - nn b f rM"\rt.irc l-'lthrtr- thir, t H r t f'-*r*lc- ' w i t h large casinos and inaccurate." open thc door for federal inter- hara-Nevada Corp. in La s Vot ^ c^f C j'«r q cy a ' c^ch^^'cn' a n d t h c , uar P cd Presentation v c n t l o n mlo N c v a d a - s pnmarv gas. Teresa Kay Cooper, Bartley Howard was \ a s t l \ more abUSlVC Of the .«j........ gas. Kay Cooper, Bartley Bruin, Susan K Crump Sandra Curtis, Jencll L. Howell, daughter of' S f l e n B Cumm.nqs Dale A Oemms, . _ . . ,, ,, ,, . Smile Mamanne Divmgnzjo, larity declines, there been Reno Office VA Director gas: -Robert Duillo as shift man- The commission denied Ball- Real Estate Examination Defended |Fox I n c . which does business i as the Saratoga Race Book in I Las Vegas The applicant was | Edward Avakian. who agreed [the application should be de- jnied. The Gaming C o n t r o l WASHINGTON, D.C. - no large corresponding rise in the per cent of people having no opinion. The percentage of those disapproving is up 17 per cent since late January to the present level of 42 per cent -- the highest disapproval rate ever recorded for Nixon. Nixon's current level is, however, not the lowest percentage ever recorded in continuing Gallup audits of presidential popularity. Both President Truman and Nixon's predecessor, Lyndon Johnson, received lower approval ratings from the public -- 23 and 35 per cent, respectively. These levels were recorded, however, when both the Truman and Johnson administrations were mired in highly unpopular, undeclared wars. ! Here is the question asked in the current survey, as in iall previous surveys on the sub- jject since the late 1930s. "Do you approve or disapprove of the way Nixon is handling his job as President?" Following is the trend since the beginning of the current ' °. Smile Marnanne Divmgnzjo, Bruce D o l - i a r t i n n tatnn Mr. and Mrs. Jack HOV/ell, E a S t l n c y , fcarl j _Dulton, Shern Lynn Ed I" 1 - 11 "" Ely, is class valedictorian. She i vcVry" tl more abusive of the i n d u s t r v right to know than any wards, Janet Eldndge. Paula K Etche sue was ar»tivo in tho e^hfinl'c Ann Forrnan ' Peter Alan Francis, Mary | p-rn.-H Was dCllVe in me SCnOOl S Ann Virginia Gallegos, Mary Ann White ^ Oscai Goodman, representing D , ., , , . the Hollvwood and Derby ^ .^., J ^*'.* ho ..* sa :,books. told the five-man Galleaos Ruby marching and pep bands, secretary of the Girl's Athletic As-|Rober sociation, district winner of the, American Legion speech contest, a drama participant and active in sports. She plans to enroll at Baylor. Waco, Tex., next fall from the trom tne start, said. °D% vld An B n M Graham, Colle*n Gray, Randy Green- Kim Gubbme, Heidi Jeanette Han government , c ,a ( v,« , . , ; ! would use the bookmakme oper- ^ Jair andac'c'ura'r * atlons to ' ndict the entire 8 h£el- " casino. He cited examples of "I d o n t fee the press was! fcdcral raids on Nevada book . e f a i r and ...... sen, Dcnald Mark Hardcastle, Anna Lee OVPfTC^rtinP TnPV WPTP a; vim i i , i Hargrove, Mane Bemadette Haiiey, cm- , .' c d t l '"k mey were as v i g i - makers and said such Havenstnie University,^ Hcnd He _ d _ . ,, ~ , . lant as they, or I should w,. should always be When . w a s , a rc { ) ? rtcr - l dld evci -y- gressman David Towell has an- vear " nounced the appointment of Her- oert Rainwater as director ot thc Veterans Administration regional office in Reno. Disap- No ApproveproveOoin. O'Callaghan Salutes Adult Students raids m a j o e f f e of employes. Goodman also cited the fact of the LiiirB. s ;-jonr K Lafrd. ·En^beih-Ann ,ll c gal happened I'd certainK r cdcral , Sfike Force and the uarsen, Lmda tee, Richard H Lee i b , iid|.jj^in,u. i a L c r i d m i i n t e r n a l Revenue Service intelli- Ea-l Lmnrll, Maureen Ann Llnnell W I P rl Hl It. Irjpnfp t f a m 3t1rnHorl tho nnh Timothy Luian, Arnold D Mclntosh, Su- , cu ,, . . . . |gt-nce leam dlTOnaeO me pUD- s«n Gay Mclntosh. j w Maidonado, silo said sne would nevor \ i o - M l c hcannc on the nronnspH r*o- Luana Sue Mangum, Lisa K Mansfield, i ],,·,, nr rficr..^ anvthmo " · "K«-^ · - rquardson, W i c or O-1SCUSS anymlng »n ." m a ron L Johnson, Robert Michael Jones, personnel sessions from happen- , ha , scvpra , -lenna Kaamssce, Gordon E Kaamasrr-, \ ns , an H ,f ] fniinH nut am;»hinnl S L V L I d l Danny Kapetan-x, Brian Kru« S er, dm '"8 aiia 1! ' louncl oul a n v t n i n § ! Federal Stri ELY (UPI) Gov. Mike Journal Carson City Bureau Assertions that a recent state real estate brokers examination was unreasonable and vas administered in a questionable manner were denied Thursday by an official of the Real Estate Division. The claims are related to a petition reportedly signed by 300 prospective brokers and their friends asking for a Carson District Court investigation of the division's operation and administration. "We think it was a fair test and we don't see any grounds for complaint," said Angus Me- Cleod, deputy administrator o f j the division. McCleod said the exam, given in March of this year, was not substantially different from "old tests" given prior to a controversial March 1972 exam. The latter, devised by the educational testing service of Princeton, N.J , was declared "illegal, invalid and void" by Carson District Judge Frank Gregory. Those attacking the present test -- failed by 87 per cent who took it -- said it required knowledge beyond the 96 hours of study required by law. They said also the division weighted certain sections more heavily than others without informing candidates. "It wasn't the questions asked, but how they were asked that made the test confusing and misleading " one man said. Board has recommended denial Prior to ms appointment. on grounds it could not de ter-| Ramwater /as a program management officer at the VA Cen- tn 1 Office in Washington He served earlier as chief of the mine the actual source of funds and Avakian had failed to meet certain specific requirements. Innocent Plea Given in Reno Shooting Case Veterans Employment Service iof the Labor Department's Man- jpower Administration. May 4-7 April 27-30 April 6-9 March 30-Apnl 2 Feb 14-19 Jan. 26-29 Jan. 12-15 Pet. 45 48 54 59 65 a 51 Pet. 42 40 36 32 25 25 37 O'Callaghan Wednesday saluted a group of adults, including one grandmother, as they completed a course of study leading towards a high schc^i d'nloma. "Your presence here indicates your recognition of the value of classroom learning as well as the education by experience men and women receive in life," he said. "I know that for you the hunger of education has been a consuming desire " Pet. 13 12 10 The findings reported today are based on interviews with a total of 1,531 adults, 18 and older, interviewed in person in more than 300 scientifically se- ilected localities during the pe- I Rainwater, 54, and his wife, | nod jvj ay . |Irms, have two children andi NIXON POPULARITY INDEX 'two grandchildren Per - Cent Who Approvt i Until recently, the VA region- Current A 63-year-old Reno man plead-a 1 office and hospital in Reno ed innocent to an attempted were run as a combined opera- murder charge stemming from lion. Since their separation, Daa shooting at "The Cribs" m ' v i o Wall of the area field office April. .m Washington has been acting Trial for Walter Muse was 'director of the regional office. Average m current year Average since taking office High since taking office (recorded Nov. '69 and Jan. '73) tow since taking office (recorded PCI. 45 63 AAanann Manch, Fred w Marquar Johnny Martin, Alfred B. Mascarenas, Patricia Fern Matney, David Medina, Patti Lvnne Middleton, Joseph R Miller, Michial Eugene Miller, Roger Dale Mithcell. Carl Morley. Virrle Helen Murphy, LaPrele Ann Martinez. ' Shelley K. Oraill, Mary Lynn Orphan,! Kevin Iryl Oxborrow, Tom Sue Pearce, | Carolyn Peart, Laura Arlene Perkins, Donald L Petersen. Milton Piscovich, Fook Kan Quong. James Allen Rattazn, Deborah Reck, Jan Lois Reger, Lance Reynolds, Jeanette Marie Rico, Edwin Taylor Riding, Carolyn Roberts, Ronald A. Roberts, Steven Morel Roberts, Sheryl Lvnette Romeo Sheree Lynn Roskelley, Robert Craig Rushton Trma Lynn Russell, Doro'hy Saiz Stark, Richard Santistevan, Jerry L Sena, Susan Kay Sevon, Debra Kaye Sheridan, Kathenne Simon, Gary Slaughter, Michael Lawrence Stanko, Doyle Stuart Steele. Cindy Colleen Sterling, Douglas Howard Store, Teresa Marie Stork, Scott Lee Sud weeks, Beverly Maire Terhune, Martin ssen, Debra J Mascarenas Thompson, Janet Ellen Timko, Joe A. Toanar- elli, Paula Raw Turner. Mar'a Fflve Tve, Donald K Urnzqga, O'Callaghan, speaking at thejg*^ D ^^VdwTM' 6 £ w^: D. Stephen West, Anne Claire Whiteside, Jo Lynn Whitmore, Thomas E Wiskerchen, Debra Jean Youns, Robert William Zehr x-Absentia went on in a personnel session ulation The commission took thc petitions for a change un- if it involved personnel only, dcr .submission and said a debut if anything else was dis-, cision might be made at the cussed she would walk out. , n e x t mee ting in Carson City. Stemnger said thc "regents! Present Nevada gambling reg- took considerable care to com- ulations require bookmakers ply with both the letter and [operate in facilities which are spirit of the law in a rather|separate and apart from any ticklish situation " 'other form of gambling. The "A representative of the attor- downtown Las Vegas Casino As:y general's office was at thejsociation as well as four "Strip" session to keep the meeting in hotels proposed the regulation careful compliance with the statutory balance between the public's right to know and adult diploma program graduation for White Pine County, said it is hard to put in a day at work, then put the mind to work again in the evening attending class. "It is difficult to turn from the pleasures so readily at hand from television, conversation with friends and other light amusement forms, and apply your brainpower to education," he said. Cape Canaveral Revival Sought TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UPI) -- A bill renaming the land area at Cape Kennedy as Cape Canaveral has cleared the Flo- jrida Legislature. change to allow bookmakers to set up show in connection with casino-type gambling. right to a fair trial, "i i n general, small bookmakers He said the regents were try-| 0 pp ose d the proposal at the pub- ing to find out about the situ-|| ic hearing Thursday and said ,it would run them out of bus- CallfOrnia \ North Sw anson, of the Reno V M I I I W I I I I U _ f c]ub g^ ]arge h o t e j s CAfiafo AKc could afford to sustain a loss iJvlKIIC Vl\5 in a bookmaking operation in order to accommodate the cus- Animal Measure tomers. He said the number | of bookmaking operations in SACRAMENTO (UPI) -- Thej v a d a wa s based on economics final legisla-'and the state could not support a bill prohibiting public school teachers and Edward Hagen, of the Sara- May '73) OTHER PRESIDENTS Per Cent Who Approve set for July 2. Victim of the shooting was Robert H. Hensley. 63. He and Muse both are residents of 400 E. Commercial Row, known locally as "The Cribs." Hensley is reported m fair condition at Washoe Medical' Center. LEASE SPECIAL ONE WEEK ONLY! ! land Merle Allen, who is due to retire soon, has been hospital director. High Low Av«. Pet.Pet. Pet. 5- 70 President Eisenhower President Truman QUESTION: Do you approve or disapprove of the way (name of incumbent) "But when the appetite f o r i The space center itself would [students from conducting pain-jtoga Race Book in Las Vegas, education exists, learning is the (retain thc name Kennedy Space.ful experiments on animals. jsaid if large hotels had book- only appeasement. 'Center in honor of the late Pres-' The bill (SB112) by Sen. AI-!makmg operations in connec- He said the diploma does notlident John F. Kennedy, but the bert S. Rodda. D-Sacramento.ltion w i t h the casino 80 83 79 87 35 S7 49 23 mean they have to quit learn- ]historical name of Cape Canav- \vas sent to the governor on be put out of business Drove ot tne way (name ot incumoent) ln i\. or ,,,,,,,,._,, ,,i QC eoc ·' is handling his lob as President? 'Ottter evening Classes. ing. "Many of you will continuejeral would be restored to the a 23-0 vote to accept mmor| The four "strip" hotels favor- to seek education, through thelgeographical land mass jutting assembly amendments. Similariing the change in policy includ- --:i_ ..^ ...I...i_ - - - ' i n t 0 t ne Atlantic Ocean along j measures have died in the lcgis-,cd the Aladdin, Stardust, Tropi- mails, extension schools and Florida's east coast. lature in the past two sessions Icana and Sahara '73 CADILLAC SVOCNOOMmOM FACIMY AIR (·NMTWNINt, FOWIR MM 19CKS, * WAT SIATS, POWER WINDOWS, RAMO, TILT TELISCOP INC WHEEL, LOAKR. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY STARTING AT $175.87 P.rMt. ISM ·. Vlrf !·!· ·!. ·Ml* Until* TEDDV.;HAVAS MWMl *···*·» YES... he plays the game to perfection ^'i ~'. '?'·$?' }\( p l a \ s the tMm= tr. pprfrrtirn' E \ e r v t n w i k nf thp ppifp t i o m M Hi? piofp?Mrnai and home projrr ts the l i f e nf a man \ \ l m looks at'trr his affairs- u i H l ^ debt-- ,i|l(| f 111,1 M( 1,11 li'di-M ! .1M 1 n l d f l h . F i l l thrT llP IwS UlkPtl nut of ln^ l)iis\ l i l c i i i t.ilk \ M t l i a M ' p i r ' M ' i i t ( V n i P l m Both }}c .UK! hi*- t'aniiK l u \ c t a k e n a \ p o i n t a l m i i t t h e i r p M ' t c i c i K c foi otic ot t l i o o t l M o u n t a i n \'io\\. It became a l a i i i i h dpi Mod 'o mak coniPtrrv ananuonifiit.-- at t l i n r IciMif l a t h ' - ' i t h a i , at a ' i n n 1 of MI:'!V v. TOO . . t h r \ a No knew t h a t l\ dci i d i i u nou l o i i l r l e ( , i i their i i i ' - u r a t v o u h r n l a t e r , p i u f s muld I n - p a v m c ' n t - 1,111 h e a n a n ^ c d imu u i t h I M - i n t f \ o u p l a n t o t a l k u i l h n- to(j,i\- 0 1 u i t h o u Should M I I I j t i c f p i our i a i n i l v lot.-- in M o u n t a i park\ \ a \ thp\ ( a n Iv pun ha.-od tor as l i t t l o a 1 * slh.'.tKi \\ l iv not see us today . . . then \ o i i i an s e t t l e in to pla\ me t h e name ce of m i n d and s a t i - t a i t m n \ o u ( o o a P.O. iOX 45, RENO · 43$ STOKER AVE - PHONE 329-9231 NONPPOHr - 1 - U L L S t R V I C E . C E M t T t R Y F O R ALL f A NEWSPAPER '.WSPAPERr

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