Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada on February 4, 1955 · Page 10
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 10

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1955
Page 10
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Fight Polio Join the March of Dimes journal PAGE TEN RENO, NEVADA, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 4, 1955 ESTABLISHED 1870 W E A T H E R YESTERDAY--High, 32; Low, 19. TOMORROW--Fair and partly warmer. Reno Turf Club Permit Revoked Bets by Moil Bring Drastic Action; Hornstein to Appear Next CARSON CITY, Feb. 3. (UP)--The state tax commission voted unanimously today to suspend the state {··ambling license held by William Stremmel, operator of the Reno Turf Club. Stremmel was accused of accepting sports pool bets by mail from outside Nevada, a violation of the commission's regulations. A commission investigator, George Coffill, testified ie placed several bets with A · | · Stremmel's establishment by Il9|ttl|l(y I IPAHjCA mail fr° m San Francisco. UQIIIIIIC iVIVVIIvV Following a chapter and verse -- recital of his activities by Coffin, Stremmel offered no defense whatever. He told the commission evidence is irrefutable." He said he had never operated a sports pool until last October and added "in all my yeais I operated I have adhered to the tax commission's rules." "I just hope you are merciful," cense Differences To Be Discussed Legislators M acting With Commission Members CARSON CITY, Feb. 3. (U.P-- Legislative leaders of both parties will meet Friday at 9 a.m. with members of the state tax commission to discuss gambling problems. In part, the meeting will seek to smooth out any ruffled feelings which may exist on the part of tax commission members because of the legislature's action in imposing a temporary moratorium upon issuance of state gambling licenses by the agency. Two commissioners in particular, Gordon Lathrop of Ely and Paul McDermitt of Las Vegas, ' hfve said bluntly they did not approve of the legislature's action in calling a halt only to gambling license applications already on file shutting out any new applicants. Lathrop in particular said he would "not be a party to any plan which favors those who already have their foot in the door." Gov. Charles Russpll, tax commission chairman, said at the close of today's tax commission session that the commission would offer its cooperation in any move the lawmakers might suggest by which the problem of tightening gambling c o n t r o l could be achieved. "We have nothing specific mind," Russell said. The commission has adopted a policy -- although it has not been repressed by formal action -- of deterring all action on major licenses, or those such as Las Vegas strip hotels or large sized gambling clubs in other parts of the state. It got off to a good start in this - program of going the legislature one better by holding up action on applications for Cal-Ncva Lodge at Lake Tahoc and 1he Rojal Nc\ada, Flamingo Hotel and Moulin Rouge on the Las Vegas stup. Applicants seeking a gambling · license for the Desert Spa, another new Las Vegas strip hotel project, asked of their own .".c cord that action upon their re quest for a gaming permit be postponed Applicants Unacceptable The commissioners at the same time served notice that three of the eight applicants for the Royal Nevada are unacceptable and that the Las Vegas resort hotel's application will not be considered until they are eliminated. The three are Frank Fishman, millionaire hotel man who holds interests in many states, and for s mer Miami gamblers Sam Miller » and Herbert Manhcim. * Fishman, the tax commission ? decided, has an unsatisfactory · background of activities and both ; Manheim and Miller were deemed . to have undesirable gambling backgrounds. ' Fishman sought a license for a 30 per cent piece of the Royal Nevada while Miller owns -- or did " -- 191 , per cent and Manheim, 16'... ^ Ro\al Nevada applicants who passed muster when their backgrounds were reviewed included Albert B. Moll Roberta Mae Si* mon, Herman E Kohen, Barnett 1 Rosenthal and Joe Leibman. In minor license actions taken '. today, the commission granted a ·· license to Donald Yost for the · .Alibi Club in Pittman and denied ; an application hy Rav Plummer for the Ranch House Bar in Hen* derson on grounds it was too close 1? to a school and a church. "the nf\\ kJTI Mf I ID tne fact tnat tte loca l Ground Observer Corps needs more volunteers, I \J\ IN I IINV3 Ul Gov. Charles H. Russell reports an aircraft to the Sacramento Air De-, fense Filter Center from Reno's new GOC tower, 1200 E. Second St. Mervin ' T Iap) Brown records the flight data. Persons interested in giving tim e to GOC's 24-hour aircraft spotting service are asked to get in touch with Robert Manker, chief observer, at 3-8853 or 5-2446. Stremmel said. "I'm sorry I've embarrassed the tax commission of the state of Nevada. Stremmel is a former Sonoma »unty, Calif., gambling figure. Hornstein Absent Another former bay area gambling figure, Joe Hornstein of Careless Reno Motorists Pay S362 for Errors Bench Warrar Out For Two Who Did Not Appear the Nevada scheduled to Turf ' Club, was appear before the ; Underwear Cache '.' Found in Alley ~ TW elv e pair of children's under- « clothing were found by police 5 es- ·· terday in an alley in the rear of ;" the 800 block of Unnersity Ave. ~, Officers said the underclothing " was stuffed between a garage and *' a high wood fence. They are about I the correct size for an eight or *· nine year old child. commission at 2 p.m. to show :ause why his establishment also should not- be closed down for accepting out of r^ate bets. However, he sent the commission a telegram saying he found it impossible to attend since he had to attend a funeral His hearing was continued to an unspecified date. However, commission officials said they had what they considered an airtight case against Hornstein, Coffill, questioned by Commission Counsel E. Frandsen Loomis of Reno, spent the entire morning session testifying about his investigation of Stremmel's activities. Between Oct 28 last year and Jan. 14 of this jear, Coffill testified, he placed 19 bets for a total of $46.20 with the Reno Turf Club from San Francisco. He bet on football and basketball cards sent him at a rented San Francisco post office box under the name of Walter A. Cronin For all his betting. Coffitl said, he had only one winning card-for $10. But indicating the commission's investigation of various Nevada bookmakers which has been underway for s e v e r a l months has been both widespread and effective, Coffill reported "I had better luck elsewhere. I changed clubs." During the period of his investigation, said CoffUl, a former veteran federal narcotics agent, he received football and basketball pool tickets, "special memorandums" offering other betting information including Kentucky Derby, Santa Anita Handicap and baseball "future books" from the Reno Turf Club. Pie said he made five football bets and one basketball wager, sending Stremmel one bank money order and five postal money orders Originals or photostats of these were offered into evidence. The bank money order bore the endorsement "Reno Turt Club per Bill Stremmel" and most of the others "Reno Turf Club by Olivas." Jimmy Olivas is an employe of the club When Loomis asked Cotfill where he obtained the original announcement of the "Reno Turf Club Special Features Service" which offered odds and betting sen ices, the imestigator replied it came from a "confidential source." Girl, 12, Held For Parents Police yesterday arrested a 12- year-old Caldwell, Idaho girl and charged her as a runaway juv enile. The girl was released later in the day to her parents, who came here from Caldwell to take her Dack home. The girl was taken off a bus after Caldwell police telephoned that she would pass through here on her way to Los Angeles. Police said she was "indignant" at her removal from the bus, but admitted that she ran away from her home without permission. Five New Chest Directors Named At Annual Meet Total of $118,508.98 Available for Use This Year Fiv e new members were elected o the board of directors of the fleno Community Chest last night, and members of the chest were nformed that there is $118,508 98 to be appropriated during the coming year Unanimously selected to serve on the board were Mrs. Frank Peterson, Mrs. Mark Eisele, Emory Branch, Louis Capurro, and William Cashill. They will each serve a three-year term. The new directors were sug- ;ested by the nominating committee, which had been named by President Hajes E. Schaffer. The committee included Chairman Joe McDonald, Joe Demmg, Mrs B. M. Zimmerman, Lester Summerfield, W. W. Hopper, Tom Little, and Mr. Shaffer. Retiring as members of the board of directors are H P. Dayton, Mrs. William A. Edwards, Linn V Hall, Morris Stewart, and Mrs Pveno Thatcher. The funds available for 1955 will allow for an appronriation of appr o x i m d t e 1 S96.908 to thje ?nciPS which aio benefited by the chest This is 54,021 moic than was made available in 3934, accotding to a financial report je- Icased last night. The receipts tor 1954 totalled §121,503.45 from pledges and another 5864 in interest. Harold S. Gorman. 1954 campaign chairman, road a financial report which indicated that although the ful' drive goal was not met, several groups did commendable work in collecting the funds. He called for more determined effort by all chest members in future drives. The Community Chest aids such local organizations as the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Welfare Agency, the Salvation Army, the YMCA and YWCA and the Campfire Girls. ' At last night's meeting, H. P. Dayton gave a detailed treasurer's report. Edith Haley served in her capacity as executive secretary and Mrs. Forest B. Lovelock was ticting secretary. WANTED THREE BARBERS for Iht new Rylond lorber Shop Apply ·old** M»lol Mrb.r Shtp SHIM'S · RENO A|^ ·Tarps STORE .Sq. Ft. 6 »«cloim«d--Sutplui--All Sim r C«t«, Teol Bom and 1001 Olh.r j lltmi loo numtroui to nwntion. i 309 N. SIERRA i Acroti Harold't Pig*on-Ho!* I Parking I PHONE 3-4665 Special Deputies Have Been Abusing Their Authority; Sheriff Is Planning Curb Too many cooks spoil the broth--and too many deputies are likely to cause all sorts of difficulties. For that reason, Sheriff C. W. Young announced yesterday that he is revising the special deputy program in Washoe county. In the future, special deputies appointed by the sheriff will have the authority to act only under strictly controlled circumstances. Sheriff Young sa'id several instances have been BattleLooming On License For Stralla's Hotel Ex-Gov. Carville Says 1,000 People Have Money in It Cattle Rustling Is Investigated Cattle rustling in the Havv- Hiorne aiea is being investigated by Sheriff Al Jensen. Evidence that a young steer or calf had been butcheied in an isolated area three miles from Kmkead, east of Hawthorne, was discovered this week, the Mineral County Independent reports. All meat of value was removed from the carcass, but the remains indicated inexperienced butchering, the sheriff said. He is checking to see if any ranchers or cattle companies have been missing stock from their herds ranging south and east of Hawthorne. CARSON CITY, Feb. 3. (UP)-What may presage a battle over a state gambling license sought by California gambler Tony Cornero Slralla was indicated today as the one-time gambling boat operator's attorney issued a statement concerning Stralla's application for a license for the new Stardust Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip Former Governor E. P. Carvillo, a Reno attorney, issued a statement to the ptess concerning the pending applicalion. Stralla is seeking a license for the Stardust despite a previous warning by the seven members of the tax commission that they will never grant him a gambling license as long as they hold their present posts. Stralla and several partners plus ] ,138 stockholders submitted an application for a license for the Stardust Monday shortly before the legislative moratorium on new gambling licenses was signed into law by Gov. Charles Russell, tax commission chairman. Carville's statement said"The Stardust Corporation is composed of more than 1,000 stockholders from all walks of life--men and women who have invested their money in an enterprise which is the largest of' its type in the history of Nevada. "Mr. Stralla and every individual connected with Stardust is prepared to present to the tax commission the full and complete background of this undertaking, including the personal history of the directors and major stockholders, "Based upon my investigation and cognizant of the rules and regulations governing the granting of gambling licenses in the state of Nevada, I can say without fear of contradiction that the record of this corporation and the people behind it can stand the ANNOUNCEMENT PAUL WIIG, M.D. and S. E. ROSS, JR., M.D. Announce their association in the practice of obstetric! and gynt- colosy, beginning Feb. 1, 1955. Telephone. 2-1682--3-5151 closest of scrutiny. 'I feel confident that under Careless Reno motorists yesterday paid $362 in fines and forfeitures at the weekly municipal traffic court session. Although 28 drivers were cited to appear for hearing yesterday, only 24 either posted bail or showed up in person. Two neglected to take any heed of then- summonses, one had his case dismissed and one had hearing of the charge against him set over Grand Jury Members To Appear at Hearing Subpoenas Issued for Arguments In Detective's Bribery Cose All 17 members of the Washoe county grand jury jeen subpoenaed to appear in district court Monday, defense attorneys will argue their motion for dismissal of bribery charges against two Reno police detectives. The subpoenas, possibly the first ever issued for grand jurors here, were served yesterday at the request of attorneys for suspended Detective Sgts. James H. to Feb. 8. Bench warrants were issued reported to him of special duty card holders abusing their au- Ihority and assuming authority :hat had not been invested them. i Many of these persons, Sheriff Young added, have special dep-' uty cards which are far out-' dated. He called attention to the fact that it is not difficult to purchase a deputy badge, and :hat some persons have done so and attempted to use them officially. The sheriff said the authority :o enforce the laws and regulations of the county will be invested in special deputies only when they are empowered to act as auxiliary officers during emergencies. Special deputies will not be authorized to carry firearms or other weapons unless when on actual duty or under the direction of the sheriff. All applicants for special duty cards will 30 fingerprinted, and their cards will carry a specific expiration date. Praising the w o i k of special deputies as a whole, Sheriff Young noted that "The program is indeed an outstanding one when the privileges are not abused." He paid special attention to the Washoe County Sheriff's Aero Squadron, the CAP Jeep Patror and the Nevada Rangers, all of which operate under the special deputy program. such circumstances the tax commission will view this application with the same fairness and objectivity that have characterized its official actions in the past." * NEW LICENSES Two new business licenses have been issued this week by the office of City Clerk Elliott Gill. One was granted to the Drive In Cleaners, which will operate a cleaning and pressing business at 1022 E. Fourth St., and the other was issued to Harold's Club for a new restaurant. "A good, controlled special deputy program," the sheriff said, "serves as an auxiliary to the regular staff and is a recognized asset to any law enforcement agency. Our goal is to have a program of this nature." . * Police Rdieck Garroway Loot Police yesterday recounted the loot recovered Tuesday from Duane Garroway and learned the San Diego travel agent spent or misplaced slightly more of his $7,000 haul than they first believed Garroway has claimed amnesia since his arrest at a downtown casino tor burglarizing his former employer's San Diego travel agency on Thursday. Police first listed their recovery as $4,790.' A recount of the blank travelers' checks and cash found on Garroway's person, however, disclosed a $1,000 tabulation error In a message to A. E. Jensen, San Diego chief of police, detectives said yesterday that the actual recovery was $3,690 in travelers' checks and $100 in cash. Garroway has waived extradition to San Diego. The"200-pound : 35-year-old travel clerk claims he is a victim of amnesia and cannot remember burglarizing the travel agency. for the arrest of the two persons who failed to post bail or appear in court. They were Ronald H. DelSoldato, cited for speeding, an_d Henry Wilson, cited for driving without a license and operating a car with out-of-state license plates. Charges of driving without a license were dismissed against Chester Miller, and hearing of reckless driving charges against Clifford Sanford was set over to Feb. 8. Speeders Pay Most Nearly a third of yesterday's court proceeds came from three speeders, Alwyn E Hutt, Harland W. Funk and Jesus Gomez. Mr. Hutt was fined $50, Mr. Funk $40 and Mr. Gomez $45. Other speeders included Howard Johnson, who paid $15 plus 55 for failing to heed a stop sign, 55 for driving a vehicle without mufflers, and $2 for operating an improperly registered vehicle; Richard L Wheeler, who paid 515; James Halley, who paid S15, Robert L. Ely, who paid $15 plus 10 for driving without a license, and Donald Fox, who paid $15. Edwin A. Reeves forfeited $15 for reckless driving. Paying $5 each for failure to heed traffic signals were Alice M Brown, John G. Hammond and Marion A. Pearson. Driving on the wrong side of the highway cost Geoige M. Ti otter $10. Ida Mae Meckley paid $5 for failing to make required hand signals, and Celia Berger and Martin J. Huerta each forfeited $10 for failure to yield the right-of-way. Lawrence Stanton forfeited $15 for failure to heed a stop sign and $10 for driving without a license. Paying $5 each for stop sign violations were John S Ghilin, Pollyanna Jeppson, Ray Pastonno and Thomas G. Horan. Robert T. Sullivan, who left us car running w h i l e he lastened to the police station to report an accident a few days ago, forfeited $10 for parking in an intersection. Norman V. Tombre forfeited $5 for violating Differential parking rights, and William Nemyer forfeited So for illegal backing. The 28 drivers cited for the c o u r t session included nine motorists who were given tickets as a direct result of traffic accidents. Rail Walkout Threat Aired SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3. (U.R) A strike of 250 engineers against :he Western Pacific Railroad was :hreatened today by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Arthur K. Rummer, vice president of the union, said government mediation had failed and the union was ready to call out the engineers who voted strike authority last November in the dispute involving the pay scale of ixtra engineers. ' Kummer said that current mileage requirements regarding engineer's work resulted in the extra engineers earning $150 to $200 a month less than regular engineers although their qualifications are the same. Franklin and Michael Salonisen. Two court reporters and a secretary in the district attorney's office also were included on the subpoena list of 20 names Franklin and Salonisen are seeking dismissal of the grand jury indictment against them on the grounds (1) that the names of certain witnesses examined by the jury were not listed on the indictment, (2) that the names of certain witnesses whose depositions were read before the grand jury were not set forth, and (3) that the grand jury was prejudiced. PechartlsNow Being Employed By Mapes Hotel Former Palace Club Aspirant Well Known Here PLUMBING TROUBLES Jobbing - Repairs - Water Heaters Alterations - New Installations Call HARRY GINDES-MI i« · ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN · Questions Evpectrd In view of the fact that the grand jurors were subpoenaed to be present for the hearing on the dismissal motion, it is expected the defense counsel will seek to question each member of the jury as to his attitude toward the police officers It is likely that the district attorney's office \\ill fight any effort to place the grand jurors under examination. Judge Taylor H. Wines of Elko will hear the arguments on the motion, Judge Grant L. Bow en having disqualified himself. The indictment alleged Franklin and Salonisen on December 6, 1954, "asked for or received" $180 from a Jack Youngblooc with the understanding they would intercede for Mrs. Marlene Little, a friend of Youngblood who had been arrested for forgery. The two well-known detectives were suspended from the police force pending outcome of the criminal case, but they flatly denied the charge The law firm of Drendel and Dixon and Attorney Bert Goldwater represent Salonisen, while Franklin is represented by Attorney Frank R. Petersen. Deputy District Attorney William J. Raggio will represent the state at the hearing Mondav. The court reporters subpoenaed yesterday were Richard Tuttle and Gail Clary. Marion Belcher of the district attorney's office also was ordered to appear in court Monday. if, · Marriage Rate Stays Constant Washoe county's marriage and divorce business during January compared favorably with the same month a year ago, according to figures obtained from County Clerk Harry.K. Brown. There were 230 divorce actions filed here last month, whereas 202 were filed in the same month of 1954. The marriage license bureau issued 1,183 licenses in January of this year, a decline of 32 from the January, 1954, total of 1,215 licenses. "Big art's employment, Mr. described the former Woman Is Released, Told to Leave City Marilyn Jean Allen, 23-year-old local hotel resident convicted of prostitution last week, yesterday bailed herself out of the city jail. Police said Miss Allen was released after paying the $91 balance on her 5100 fine. The sentence imposed on Miss Allen by the municipal court stipulates that she leave town by 4 pjn. on the day of her release or else become subject to an additional six-month jail sentence. Burglars Invade Vacant Apa "ment Mrs. Laveda North of 334 Reno Ave told police yesterday that her apartment was burglarized some time within the last nine days while she was in the hospital. Taken from her unlocked apartment, Mrs North said, were a portable radio worth $59.50 and a silver dollar belt worth $60 The belt contains 17 or 18 silver dollars, and is engraved with Mrs. North's name Two Cars in Pcrtola Damaged by Ice Slide Ice sliding from the roof of a downtown Portola business house did $400 damage to two parked automobiles. Warm w e a t h e r thawed the ice on an overhanging metal roof, and sent chunks as large as two feet square by four inches thick plunging to the street. The damaged cars are ownec by C. A. Lockwood and Bernard Guzenski, the Sacramento Bee reports. Bill" Pcchart, w e l l - k Reno and Bay Aiea gambler, lias gone to work for the Mapes Hotel Casino, it was learned yesterday Mr Pechart was turned down by the state tax commission when he applied m 1952 for a state gambling license. He, Dav Kcssel and Walter Parman had sought the license fo,' the Palace Club in Thou- application at one tune was given tentative appro\al bv the licensing board, but was later denied. Mr Pechait obtained a casino work permit v f i o m the police department last week, according to Police Chief L. It. Greeson. In applying for the permit, he described his duties as "advisory." He was hired by hotel owner Charles Mapes. He was not hired by Bernie Emstoss, operator of the casino. When questioned about Pech- Mapcs Contra Costa county, Calif., gambler as 'a fine man " Pechart has been a resident of the downtown hotel for several years, and was reported to ha\e rccepted employment at the casino moie or less to keep his hand in the gambling business Mr Mapes emphasized that Mr. Pcchart hart no interest whatever in the casino. He said a rumor that the gambler held an interest in the casino was entirely without basis. When Pechart and Kcssol applied w i t h Parman for the Palace Club license they encountered considerable opposition because ot their pievious association w Llmer (Bones) Remind- in Hie operation of various East Bay ;ambling clubs if. Holdup in Reno Believed Solved Reno police learned yesleiday .hat a top Sacramento robbery and burglary suspect may have committed one or more crimes in this city. The California bureau of investigation and identification notified local officers that Delbert Dean Boren, held by Sacramento police for a three-week wave of robberies and burglaries, may have held up a Reno drug store late last year. Virgil Good, a man named by Boren as his accomplice in the Sacramento crimes, was arrested in Reno last month. At that time, it was learned that Boren and ood had been in Reno several limes during 1934 FUEL KIDS LET OIL TANK .. BE ERASED - ·'OUR AUTOMATIC CALLS ACE SPACED Use our heating oil for real wintertime satisfaction a n d comfort. 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