The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1954
Page 8
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FACE EIGHT BLTTHEVILL1 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 21, IfM Red Air Buildup Is Reported Near Formosa Fighters, Bombers Soid Concentrated Opposite Island By ELTON C. FAT WASHINGTON (AP) — Red China's air command is reported to have concentrated a substantial force of jet fighters and light bombers along the mainland coast opposite Formosa, seat of Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist government. That buildup apparently has been made since._the Korean War's end allowed diversion of air power from Manchuria. The Red buildup in Chekiang province consists almost entirely of MIG15 fighters and IL28 twinjet bombers, information reaching Washington indicates. Although the shift is receiving attention here, there was no indication today that officials were uu- duly alarmed over prospects of an Immediate move against Formosa. The redeployment appears to have been gradual, a part of a broader program which has sent even larger numbers of aircraft to fields in southern China, close to the Indochina border. The United States still is holding fast to its policy of promising sea and air aid to head off any invasion attempt by the Beds against Formosa. Dispatches from the Far East report Red air sorties over islands off the China mainland which have been seized and Held by amphibious forces of Generalissimo hiang with Nationalist planes challenging these Red air movements. But there has been nothing suggesting direct invasion attempts against Formosa itself. While Washington officials were reluctant to discuss details of the policy for the Formosan-China mainland area, the Indications are that strikes against the small off- *fiore islands currently held by Chiang's troops would not be considered a reason for involving U.S. ships or aircraft. Most of the island positions held by Nationalist troops now were taken after the United States enunciated its Formosan protection policy in 1950, at the start of the Korean War. Former President Truman at that 'time ordered the 7th Fleet to stand guard against aggressive attack on Formosa by the Reds — and At the same time toirestrain Chiang's forces from operations mgainst the mainland. When President Eisenhower took office, one of his first acts was to strike out the second part of that order. He ordered that the "7th fleet no longer be employed to shield Com- munnist China." The 7th Fleet, at approximately the lull strength of Korean War days, is.- still on station in the Far East, maintaining with part of its force patrol over the Korean Straits. The United States also has numerous planes within easy fly- Ing distance of Formosa.. Temperatures Will Vary The weather maps below give you the XT. S. Weather Bureau's long-range forecast for mid-May to mid-June. It is not a. specific forecast in the usual sense, but is an ESTIMATE of the average rain or snowfall and temperatures for the period, EXPECTED PRECIPITATION Precipitation during mid-May to mid-June will be subnormal la Golf state*, upper Lake region, and the Great Biota, Abov« normal rainfall indicated for Atlantic coast and Central Plain*. MUCH ABOVE NORMAL ABOVE NORMAL I 1 NEAR I—I NORMAL a lELOW NORMAL «„» MUCH KSffi BELOW NORMAL EXPECTED TEMPERATURES Temperatures during mid-May to mid-June call for below seasonal normals over eastern portion of the tJ. S. Above normal temperatures expected west of the Continental Divide. Philippine Congress Ends Session MANILA (ff) — The Philippines' Third Congress adjourned its 100- day regular session early today with a 33%-million-dollar public works bill still hanging. Machine-Madt Worship LOS ANGEIES (£>)—When a worshipper enters the Faith Morningside Lutheran Church at llth Ave. and 85th St. he passes an electric eye. This starts a recorded worship service which includes a musical j selection and a short address by the pastor. THEDFORD, Neb. (yP)—Educator Dale D. Welch told the Nebraska Sandhills Cattle Assn. meeting he viewed "with alarm" what he termed the lack of discipline in modern education. ^ "We spend* so much time trying to understand the rising generation, when above all they need firm discipline," Dr. Welch, president of Hastings Neb. College, said. ''Genuine teaching takes place when you have great teaching in an atmosphere conducive to learning," he said. '"I find myself unable to believe that the best atmosphere is one .in which the students vote each day on what they shall do on that particular day." Mapmaker Dies CHICAGO UP)— Andrew McNally, 67, chairman of the board of Rand, McNally & Co., printers, publishers and one of the nation's leading mapmakers, died yesetrday after a short illness. President Ramon Magsaysay was reported considering a special session to act on the measure. The Congress approved a batch of important bills during the closing hours, including the national budget of $260,322,936. Magsaysay had asked for $334,134,930. National defense got $85,419,171—a record —and education -$85,054,395. The Congress also approved a .$26,270,187 counterpart fund for U. S. mutual security aid. Sage Observer OKLAHOMA CITY (#)—Franklin Kaiser, 11-year-old fifth-grader who edits and publishes his own community newspaper, summed up the vacation story in hi* latest edition this way: "School's out June 4. Kids can't wait. Teachers can't wait. But the mothers can". Although the first clock dates back to 996 A.D., it was not until the beginning of the 18th century that they had two hands, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. LUXORA NEWS By MRS. EARL M. HEWLETT True or False? The belief that pan-beating will bring dow^ a swarm of bees is very old, but modern authorities give it no credence. Aristotle mentions it in his writings, and the poet Virgil states it as a fact in the Fourth Georgic. The custom is practiced widely throughout the world today. 'HOf r j k Mr. and Mrs. George A. McLendon. of Victoria, announce the marriage of their daughter, Mollie Jane, to Conrad G. Ashe of Hampton, Virginia. The wedding took place May 8 in the New Liberty Baptist Church at Hampton, Va. A piano recital was given Monday night in Luxora Baptist Church by the pupils of Mrs. Lem Stanford, consisting of children of Lux- ore, Burdette and Blytheville and Victoria. Taking part were Brenda 80 »••*• MAIN SnUJ? WlBOKWfflSKP KNOW* GOOD WATER HEATER? / Midsoutti 2AY2 44EATMASTER/ CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR or DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE Distributed in This Area by Midsouth Plumbing Supply Co. (Wholesale Exclusively) Rtat 213-215 Walnut f Nona 3-8353 Long, Peggy Quarles, Sandra Thweatt, Linda Whitmore, Phyllis Brothers, Gloria Lutes, Wanda Stanfield, Carolyn and Virginia Howard, Janice McHaffey, Lalla Ann Callis, Pat Holder, Frances Weathers and Mary Ann Ellis. Mrs. Dorothy J. Baker of West Memphis is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Baker, Sr., here. Miss Dixie Hazel Howard was home for the week end with her parents, *Mr. and Mrs. Charies Howard. Jr., Dixie brought her roommate home with her on this visit. Miss Elizabeth Hanna, who is a student at Freed-Hardeman College Henderson, Tenn., Drought her two roommates from college for the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hanna of Luxora. The roommates were Doris Rowiett of Dresden, Tenn., and Bertha Faught of Covington, Tenn. Mrs. Roy Vaughn and children, Linda and Janeene were week end visitors to her mother's in luka, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey from Chicago were here for the week end visiting friends in Luxora and Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Reese from Poplar Bluff, Mo., spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Willie Denton. Mr. and Mrs. Deas E. Looney and Mr. and Mrs. Farriest Chisholm of Detroit, Mich., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Looney and children, Joyce and Ralph, of Luxora. They will be accompanied home by Mr. Looney's son, Billy Wayne Looney, for a summer vacation. Mrs. Jack Long and her sons were week end guests of friends and relatives in Memphis. Mrs. Jack Flannigan has returned to Luxora after a long visit with relatives' in Texas and Oklahoma. The eighth and ninth grades went to Hayti, Mo., on a hayride Friday night. They also went skating. Following the baccalaureate sermon Sunday in the Luxora High School Auditorium the seniors were invited to the Rustic Inn. The hostesses for this dinner were Mrs. Charles Howard, Sr. and Mrs. Houghton. Mr. „ and Mrs. Cleo Hanna are the parents of a girl born Saturday in Osceola x Memorial Hospital. She is the former Miss Mollie Jones of Osceola. Mr. Hanna is stationed at a Naval Base in Hawaii, where he is a naval Instructor. Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Hewlett and son, John Di vid, were week end visitors in Memphis, Somerville and Rossville. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 45 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate; a Majority of all the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: THAT THE FOLLOWING is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senator, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopts such amendment, the same shall • become a part of the Constitution of the State or Arkansas, towit: SECTION 1. The Executive Department of this State consist of a Governor. Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State. Treasurer of State. Auditor of State, Attorney General and Commissioner of State Lands, all of whom shall keep their offices at the seat of •• Government, and hold their offices for the term of two years and until their successors are elected and qualified. SECTION 2. The annual salaries of such State officers, which shall be paid in monthly installments shall be as follows: The Governor, the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00); the Lieutenant Governor, the sum of Three Thousand and Six Hundred Dollars ($3.600.00): the Secretary of State, the sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the Treasurer of State, the sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00); the Auditor of State, the sum of Seven Thouand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00); the Attorney General, the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000.00); and the Commissioner of State Lands, the sum of Six Thousand Dollars ($6.000.00). SECTION 3. The , above mentioned State Officers shall be elected, by the qualified electors of the State at large at the time of the regular general election for voting for members of the General Assembly; the returns of each election therefor shall be sealed up separately and transmitted to the seat of government by the returning officers not later than the last day of November of the year in which the election Is held, and shall be directed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The General Assembly shall convene in special session on the first Monday in December of the year in which the members of the General Assembly are elected and shall be in session for a period not to exceed three days, unless called Into special session by the Governor. At such session of the General Assembly, and upon both Houses being organized, the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall open and publish the votes cast and given for each of the officers hereinbefore mentioned, in . the presence of both Houses of the General Assembly. The person having the highest number of votes for each of the respective offices shall be declared duly elected thereto; and shall immediately begin his term of office; but if two or more shall be equal, the highest in votes for the same office, one Of them shall by chosen by a Joint rote of both Houses of the General Assembly, and a majority of all the members' elected shall be necessary to a choice. SECTION, 4 The General Assembly shall meet in regular session of sixty (60) days, which need not be continuous, at the seat of government every two years on the first Monday in February of each odd numbered year until said time be changed by law. The members of the General Assembly shall receive as their salary the sum of Twenty-four Hundred Dollars ($2,400.00), except the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall receive as his salary Twenty- five Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($2,550.00).- for each period, of two (2) years payable at such time and in such manner as the General Assembly may determine; and in addition to such salary the members of the General Assembly shall receive Tea Cents (lOc) per mile for each mile traveled In going to and returning from the seat of government over the most direct and practicable route; and provided, further that when said members are required to attend an. extraordinary or special session of the General Assembly, they shall receive in addition to salary herein provided, the sum of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per day for each day they are required to attend, and mileage, at the same rate herein provided. SECTION 5. There is hereby created a joint ad interim committee of the General Assembly to be selected from its membership, as may be provided by law, for the purpose of conducting research into governmental pro^- lems and making audits of State agencies. The General Assembly shall fix the amount of per diem and expenses of committee members and the compensation and expenses of the committee's employees. SECTION 6. (U) The General Assembly shall from time to time provide for the salaries and compensation of the justices of the Supreme Court and for the salaries and expenses of the judges of the Circuit and Chancery Courts of this State; provided, that such salaries and compensation of the justices of the Supreme. Court and the salaries and expenses of the judges or the Circuit and Chancery Courts snail not be less than now provided by law. (b) Tne v^enerai Assembly shall by law determine the amount and method of payment of salaries to the Commissioners of the Workmens' Com- pensation Commission; provided, that the salary of any Commissioner shall not be less than now provided by law. (c) The General Assembly shall by law determine the amount and method Of payment of salaries of county officials. Nothing herein shall be construed as abrogating any right of the people as the State of Arkansas under the Initiative and Referendum provisions of the Constitution of the statutes of Arkansas. (d) That Section 23 of Article 2OX of the Constitution and Section 2 of Amendment IX to the Contitution of the State of Arkansas be and the same are hereby repealed. SECTION 7. That Section 39 Of Article 7 of the Constitution of tn« State of Arkansas is amended to m* as follow: "for every five hundred elector* there shall be elected one Juitlc* ot the peace, but every township however small, shall nave ttro Juntict* at the peace." SECTIGn *. ThU amendment thill be in. force upon its adoption and shall not require legislative action to put it into force and effect. Approved:. March 26. 1953. C. G. HALL Secretary ot MISSISSIPPI 1801 W. Main—Phone 3-8151 -new FORD Triple Economy Pickup { . NEW FORD 6^-ft. F-100 Pickup, GVW 4,800 Ibs. Big 45-cubic-foot box. Only Ford has toggle-type tailgate latches with rubber anti-rattle cushions. MOST POWER MOST COMFORT MOST ECONOMY With new 130-h.p. Power King V-8 engine, the new Ford F-100 Pickup is the most powerful ever built! Or, choose the 115-h.p. Cost Clipper Six—the most efficient 6-cylinder engine in its class! Both engines develop more horsepower per cubic inch of displacement than any other Pickup engines. High power with small displacement normally means gas savings! ONLY FORD gives you a LOW-FRICTION, high-compression, overhead-valve, deep-block engine in every truck model! Why drive o "down payment"? Come in today and trade for one of the new... 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MORK TRUCK FOR YOUR MONKVI Broadway & Chickasawbo Phong 3-4453 GREAT TV, FORD THEATJtT, WMCT, THURSDAY 7:30 P.M.

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