Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 30, 1946
Page 3
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t, V- *$i ^^S&^Xy^&H**^ t HI- M^, >«** -Fb's #* H 0 PI STAR, HOP I, A R ft A Hi AS , November 30, 1946 n CLASSIF/ED Adt.ttu*t B« In Office Day Before Publication Rutnb*r oi On*< Ifu-ee- SBc OneSh Wordi W to IS. MFtd 20. 21 to 25. «6 to 30. 31 to 33'. 60 75 90 .... r.05" 86 tO 40 1.20 1.20 1.50 1.80 srao 2.40 Days Month L50 4.50 2.00 6.00 2.50 3.00 7.50 3.50" 4.00 9,00 10.50 12.00 lit 411tO~*k...... 1.35 2.70 4,50- 13.50 48 WSL,—. 1.50 a.Ott. 5.00 15.00 RktM- are. (or* Continuous Insertions .Duly. • All Want Ads Casn In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Rent or, Lease. • SERVICE STATION AND GRQ- • eery store with living quarters, t all modern Conveniences. Near high school. See or call M. ; S-<- Bales<K>r Wood Nash, at Stueart's ' Grocery, • 27-3t Wonted to Buy WE BUY. HOUSEHOLD«, EURNI- " ture; one piece.- or more. Any amotuit. What.have you? Phone 61," V"- 23-2mo ANY NUMBER YEAR- OLD-LA Y- ingJiens or pullets. P.O. Box 297 Of phone '24»W-3. Hope. Ark. 27-3t Rear Estate for Sale ON NORTH'HERVEY AND WEST Avei- G.' 5>rooms and i bath. Sale i price $2500) 5 additional-lots- and bam available adjoining. Priced for quick sale: Foster Ellis 4 108 *E.* Second, St. Phone 221. 26-3t For Sale GROCERY STORE, SERVICE station on 20 acre farm, living quarters in store. Good barn, garage, 15 miles on Hope to Hosston road. W. N. Bailey, Rt. 2. Rosston. 27-6t SAWMILL COMPLETED WITH power unit, 2 good log : wagons, 2-lo$* trucks. W, N. Bailey, Rt. 2, Kckston. ..-. . . '27-61 90 BUSHELS CORN, $2 PER bushel. Located 2 miles above Crossroads; on Hope and.Cplum bus Road. . Parker Rogers; : ! 27-3t ONE . PRACTICALLY NEW' 1946 ton and half Studebaker; truck; Stake body; 8:23 tires^ See Buck Williams. ' , . 6-tf CHRISTMAS GIFTS. FULLER brushes of all kinds. Especially 8ft/A<2RBSv 2>«.MILES-:EAST; GAS, -lightsiayaMble. 60• acres in- pasture, ,- Living water.. Bus and .mail route. Goodi 5 room house. r. andj outbuildings. 7^ ACRES, 4 ROOM NEW^HOUSE, 150 acres open land; Deep, well, *•. t:_t.'.L_ _ .._:i..u.i _ i «:i« •• f«*n*v* •cf . available. 1 mile ; Dinrits-.on highway; from 5- ROOM! NEW HOUSED .' ACRE land.' near, cityi limits.'; $2,000. SEE? RILE.Y LEWADLEN. 29-3t stiff bristles. Mrs. Phone 138. Leon Bundy. 19-lm GIVE A PIANO FOR CHRISTMAS. Write or phone us and we will make delivery immediately of a nice rebuilt and refinished piano. Reasonable prices, easy terms. Also reserve orders accepted for the new Kimball and Mason & Hamlin Spinets. Little Rock Piano Company. 2-4149. 216 Main St. Phone 22-6t 260: FEET 1 1-2 INCH BLACK pipe. Paul DeLacerda, Route One, McCaskill. . . 25-6t 1 TEAM MULES, 1 WAGON, CUL tivator, 100 bushel corn. See • Walter Baber at Hope airport or call 34. Washington, Ark. 25-6 GARAGE EQUIPMENT, BUICK battery charger, air grease gun : welding- torch, Jacks, everything to start a small garage:. Phon< 148, Fred H. Cook. - 27-3 Notice WE NOW." HAVE A GOOD. SUP- ply, of, shingles and; roll roofing. *~ ^.Bauterbach, Phone 900, 510 S. Walnut: 29-3t MAN'S. RAINCOAT PLACED: IN my. car by mistaices Identify coat, andt pay; for adf See S: D. . Cookj,, Bhone- 28-W-12. 30-3t Servicet Offered FOR>ESTIMATEStON:lNSIDE VE• netian- Blinds.- wood! or metal; out side-metal-blinds and awnings. • Write* Rilfeyv Gboper,'. 1909 West • 17th St. Texarkana, Texas, 154mo ' LET"TJS~R.BNOVATE:THOSE OLD mattxesses- or/ make^ new ones. Phone» 229-J. Cobb's Mattress Shqp. 23-lm ONE WHEEL CHAIR FOR SALE See or call Irene Wright, Phon ll-F-2. 27-3 TJABLE TOP FLORENCE GA range. See at Barney Gaine Garage, South Elm St. 27-3 HUDSON SEAL" FUR COAT II* good- condition, .size 1!2, reason ; abjy priced. May be seen Satin day at 518 South Main.. 29-lt Fair By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By Kino Features Syndicate. New York, Nov. 28.—Some of the eviews and the promotion materi- il now being used to stimulate ihe ale of'a scandalous book prompt his further discussion of vhe ,-orks of John Roy Carlson, and {her Vnatters. - ' •John'-Roy'Carlson Is • one of many. alse ihames tised jevantine sneak, by a young whose original ame has been established as De- 'ounian. During the war he turned jut one:>ealled' "Under Cover" of vhich 7QO,Opp copies were sold and n campaign'is now under way to ichieve comparable success for a sequel called;"The Plotters." Both >ooks purport to present original rlaterial proving the existence in he United States, of .a. Fascist con- >pira.cy against not only the economy and government of the na- ion but against the dignity and iberties of 'minorities." The Ml. Mb Philadelphia, Nov. 30 —MV- A story relayed nere rroni down New Orleans wny says that Army showed considerable interest in the Sugar Bo\vt invitation but insisted on the privilege of either picking its own opponent or rejecting any team it considered undesirable . . The finger, of course, was pointed right at the Southeastern Conference and its openly-awarded athletic* scholarships . . . The West Pointers say, 'howeven ' that * after the Rose Bowl deal fell .through, the Army team, voted oh "other bowls" and wasn't strongly favor of accpting a t>icl m Seems a lot of Cadets really are interested in going home for the holidays—their only chance —but were Willing to forego that because Glenn Davis was so eager to play at Pas- nethod in both cases follows an assumption that- all Americans who opposed. Roosevelt's foreign policy and. fought the Communist treachery, were Fascists because Roose velt and -the Communists were out wardly anti-Fascist. That many of Roosevelt's- "progressive" measures were taken from the book of fascism and that Josef Stalin oined Adolf Hitler in starting the "ecent war as Hitler's ally are facts forgotten in the nimble and convenient reasoning of Derounian and- those implicated with him. For convenience, and of desperate necessity, Stalin and-Russia turned "anti-Nazi' 'after June 22, 1941. and, by development, 'chose Americans who were not deceived and maintained their opposition to Communism became Nazis because Hitler, too, was anti-:Communist. After a legitimate trial in the book could be more complimentary without reaching the goint o£ flattery. Bolte, of course, indorses "The Plotters." The Herald-Tribune also, however, gave "The Plotters" a prominent Sunday Review and assigned it to Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., who recently wrote an estimate of the Communist movement in the United States for "Hfe," which, on analysis, impressed me as inadequate and, for whatever reason, deceptive. Schlesinger is one of those Harvard prodigies. Schlesinger says "The Plotters" is "an interim report of the current activities of merchants of disunity and concentrates on their at tempts to exploit the grievances and resentments of the veterans." Granting that "merchants of disunity" are so engaged, we may observe that the A. V. C. certainly appeals to those grievances and resentments and that both political parties, the Communists and most unions and the political action committee do likewise. Schlesinger notes that; in one ndena. Carolina Eliund? Bishopville, S. C., Doc Blanch•mi's homo town, turned out a Dretty good high school football earn for a village ot 3,000 population this fall. Now Bishopville is ulanning a bowl game for its. kids Ifid wants Bhmchard, Arnold Tucker and Glenn Davis to officiate . . . Tucker's family recently moved oack from Miami to Calhotin Falls, 3, C.. where the Army quarterback went to grammar school . . . Bishopville. incidentally, claims to nave a successor to Doc in J; W. Jones, high school tailback, who College Grid PloyEnds New Yorkj Nov. 30— (/P)— College football rings down the curtain on the regulation season today with the two leading contenders for the Mythical National championship fighting, it out right down to the wire. Exclusive of a mushrooming collection of New; Year's pay bowl games, today's program of a dozen or so attractive, contests headlined by the A'rmyrNnvy classic at Philadelphia Winds up a campaign th'tit. has paid off both In ex,cite- men! rfnd;g!nte receipts, " While the Army writes finis to its third great year irt a row, ,Notrq Dame is out to protect its unbeaten completed 114 passes in 138 nl-|™corcl by entertaining Southern tempts this season. Calitor^p .^etorc an expected 56,- NANDINAS, ALL SIZES, ORCHID i magnolia, azaleas, large type, i Mrs. Anna Judson, 220 North i Elm, 'Phone 925-J. 30-3t NEW .1% TON FORD TRACTOR, 5th wheel, air brakes, 2 speed differential. See at Cross's Service Station, 3rd & Walnut. 30-3t FOR* BROMPT DELIVERY OF • -sand,'', gravel* and dirt, Gall 138; 30-2\v liost BEDBQNEQ'HOtJND,. WEARING i smaU:c.oU»r. No identification tag. ' Reward' $10-. Notify: Ropsevelt Garland,, Hope. Rt..3, Box, 243. -'.- '- - . • " . 26-6t OLD- BRQWN .. ," pointer- pup. Answers ,'to njtfne; "Pete". Reward at .Whitehurst;; 5hone- 952-J, or 74. ' - , 26-3t 255 . ACRE -FARM, GOOD - ROAD,large 5 room house, large barn, wagon shed; blacksmith shop. Double garage, meat, house ppultry house, good well water. 3. tenant houses, 2 with barns, 2 with wells, 10 acres woodland, 2 good pastures, water year round; . Rest in cultivation; good . fences around: farm. . mineral right retained. 7 miles south of Hop-e, 2 miles • east of highway 29.- -Mrs. L. W. Shepard, 915 West 6th St. Hope, Ark. 30-6t I PAIR MATCHED LOGGING mares,- coming 6 and 7. Weighing. 1400 Ibs. Complete harness ', and log wagon, Moore Bros. 30-3t United States district court in Chicago, under the American system of justice. Judge John P. Barnes said: I think that book ("Under Cover") was written by a wholly Irresponsible person who was willing to say anything for money. I wouldn't believe him under oath, now or at any. time hereafter." Of E. P. Dutton, the New York publishers, who published both books, Judge Barnes said they were as guilty as any defendant ever had been before his court and expressed his opinion that Dutton Would'publish anything for money. He said: further, that he believed the publisher had not made an adequate investigation of Carlson, Jerounian, Munchausen or whatever, your convenience pleases to call'him.. Officers, of the publishing company, said they had checked De- •ounian with the Department of Justice, .a strange procedure, sub- ect to highly unreliable indorse- ments at best, with three persons .istening on the • telephone. They said jthe man'.who vouched for their author: was. O. John Rogge, the assistant recently : dismissed c'rom the department; by: Tom- Clark, aSPtor- ^ey general, in a controversy over Rogge's disclosure of material which: Clark held' to be confidential: RED-'ABLIGATjOR PURSE - at; 'Hop*-, atadium,- Thursday. Finder-' please- call! 900. Reward. - ' 29-3t ONE WINCH) 32 MODEL,CHEV- rolett wheeli and' tire •• somewhere on.- Sixteenth- Street i between Spring. -Hill road and Washing• ton t road;j Return-to City, Electric . Coriip.any-. for- reward. 30-3t | WMfed to | BURNISIJEDtABARTMENT: WITH. J privaterbath: References^ will be | • supplied; Calif Mrs;- Fred Duncan I afBarloy; Hotel. 26-6t STRAWBERRY ROAN' SADDLE colt, 18 months old. Gentle. A fine disposition and partly broken. $75.00. See Donald Moore. 30-3t GOOD 252 ACRE FARM, DESIR- able location, 1%-mile- northeast of. Blevins. Wallaceburg community. Good roads. Priced for quick sale. Eunice Stephens, Ble vins, Ark. 30-6t Wanted; 3j OH-t-4 ' ^OOM- UNFURNISHED : apartment' or house, . Couple only. 26r3t NEW OR RENEWAL , SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine. Order your Christmas gift subscription now. Phone 28 or 369-R. Charles Reynerson at Hope City Hall: 15-lm ROOM AND BOARD FOR. WORK* ing mother and, care for two VISIT Exclusive; ,' Clorhe* for Infanti — Toddler* Children Cards SUE and LEE to Teens -. 8;. Walnut, Phone 949 children. Call 83-R. 22-6t A JOB AS PRACTICAL. NURSE. Will fare for- invalid or child* ren. See me at 722 West 3rd St; 27-3t The median education level of service men in World War II'was second year of high school , as compared with the sixth grade for the veterans of; World War* I. YOUR CREDIT 18 GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. for better wort at better pricefe-Old beds made new ~ Balance Weekly AU-.WORK Qpet d»yf service in town r- W« Call = for and- Deliver Anywh«r»- - Furnltur* BaHcr/ Raised, TURKEYS Fully Dressed and Drawn Order Now- for • Thanksgiving or Christmas, I 69c Ib. ' Langley's Frozen Food Locker ; Phone 48 .. Prescott, Ark. As to the: authority of the court's opinion, these men held-that-Judge Barnes was prejudiced against the defense,, but gave no reason why he- might have been prejudiced on other grounds than an honorable man's growing detestation, in the course of the trial, of wanton, commercial ' caluminators. Moreover,-, although, they expressed :i'aith in American justice and the jury system, they did not impugn the verdict of the jury which also had condemned, them. Judge Barnes merely agreed with the jury, add^ ing some comments of his own, and, conceivably, members of the jury, who have- no opportunity to enlarge officially on their terse verdict, would have; been even more emphatic than the judge. The' New York Times assigned the book for a Sunday review to Charles G. Bolte, the chairman, or chief: executive,* of the American Veterans' committee, known as the A. V. G., an organization troubled with Communist inspiration or infiltration. The A. V. C. has been heavily engaged in a campaign to raise $1,000:000 for its purposes, which include higher doles, and for; unlimited time for persons who are made idle by strikes or other "labor 1 'disputes, a convenient way to national idleness; destitution and bankruptcy, with which objectives no, Communist would :dnd fault .Bolte appears not to be a Communist himse'f. but to be un- equipped'by experience even granting that he has the desire, co frustrate them. He is young and solemn and is currently receiving the doubtful: benefits of acclaim from he left m a scramble by his organ- ation, among other new veterans' roups, to "capture the minds" of le veterans. The opinion of the eterans' mind reflected in the ontest and in Derounian's new case, Derounian assumed, as a plausible'disguise, an Irish name, as though an Irish name were somehow more appropriate to the works of treachery and bigotry than his native Armenian name. Derounian and Schlesinger both disapprove of "Nationalism," a term synonymous in many American minds with "Patriotism," and Schlesinger states that "the busiest Nationalist activity takes place in curious, shadowy underworld," vhich happens to be an excellent description of the congressional dis- rict represented by Vito Marcantonio, the congressman whose- program has been consistent with that of the Communists in all essential matters. Scnlesinger's article in life, purporting to be' a learned,and expert expose of- the Communist; conspiracy, conspicuously,failed to include ;he political, action committee, of the C. I/O. as an organization which has been "penetrated" by Communist 1 personalities and influence. He doesn't refer to the political action committee in this summary of C. I. O. groups. It happens that his own father,. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Sr., a Harvard professor, is listed.in,the reportiof;the Dies Committee on un-American Acivities as a member^ot the Political Action committee ari'd-in.con- nection with many other organize tions and movements which, in.the official opinion of this congressional committee, were either subversive Communist fronts on.traps for innocent suckers. The elder Schlesinger is no sucker. Weak End, Items The Texas Christian U. basketball brochure, just arrived, has the name of. "Honest BUI". .Rosenblatt, former Brooklyn College and Long Island. U. player, carefully crossed off the list. How come? . . . Joe Louis' autobiography, v "My Life Story." which isn't to be published here until January, already has begun to adpear serially in the London Sunday News. Fights Last Night By the Associated Press Baltimore- — Smuggsey Hursny, 159, Washington, outpointed Ellis Stewart, 153, Baltimore, 8. Portland ,Me. — Maurice Beau chene, 144, Brunswick, outpointed Eddie Letourneau, 148 1-2, Sanford, 10. Asbury Park, N. J. — Bonnie Deans, 148 .Newark, outpointec Van Butler, 148, Trenton, G. By United Press Minneapolis — Jackie Graves 129—1-2, Austin, Minn., knocked out Jackie Callura, 125—3-4, Hum ilton, Ont., 7. New York—Eddie Giosa, 13G- 3-4, Philadelphia, outpointec Charles (Lulul Constantino, 132— 1-4, New York 10. Wilkes-Bai-re, Pa. — Walter Ste vens, 136—1-4, stopped Bobby Newark, N. J., Water, 136—1-2, Tulsa Places Five Men on Missouri Loop Team By, U, E. SKELLEY Des Mollies. Nov. 30 — (/P)— Till- SB'S Golden Hurricane, buck on tho Missouri Valley Conference fool- ball. throne, 'took seven positions on the 1940 All-Star team chosen :.or Ihe Associated Press by the conference coaches. The Hurricane not only dominated, the first team but was awarded tour places on the second team. Five- members ot Tulsn'.s solid front wall and two backficld aces were named on 'the ^irsl team. OU- Inhoma A-. '& tiy 'furnished two each to round out the eleven. Tulsn's first team nominees were End Bill Kemplln, Gunrd Vic Jordan, Center Bob Helllnghnusen, Tackles Nelson Greene mid H:ir- den Cooper nnd Backs Clyde Le- Eorce nnd tlnrdy Brown. Hellinghausen and Brown were holdovers from the 1945 Valley team. I Although handicapped by injuries much of the season, Bob Penlmore of the Aggies agnin was selected as n bnck tin the first team and Nelll Armstrong, the Ag- gies' spectacular pass receiver, was a repeater nt end. Linwood Sexion, Wichita's all- around bnck, and Ralph Gruben, Drake-guard, nlso were chosen by the conches to retain places on the All-Stir club. ; ' MurdoY, NftVemtusr 36, 1944, i IBLONDIE HOPE S T A R, H 0 P f, ARKANSAS . players andlDrnke'hntt Wichiln one 00 ;at!BoutH;Bend. Boston' College and Holy Cross iut on their 43fd annual battle in Bcnntown before a sellout crowd of 3,000, with the Crusaders looking or a Sugar Bowl bid. Most of the grid action is concentrated in the South and South- vest, where a number of bowl con- estanls are likely to be picked on he basis of the day's scores. Georgia, with UCLA, the only najor unbeaten and untied teams 11 the country, tangles with its raditional rival, once-beaten Ueorgia Tech. Indications arc the Winner will get the Invitation to act ns Sugar Bowl host, with the loser n line for a Cotton Bowl bid. North Carolina's Southern Con- Icrence champions, also Sugar 3owl prospects, meet Virginia at -harlpttesville. Louisiana State, likewise a bowl possibility, closes against its ancient rival, Tulane. Alabama is rated the underdog to Mississippi State the first time in decades for their traditional meeting. The Rice Owls, who meet Tennessee in the Orange Bow, are out to gain a tie for the Southwest Conference crown in tangling with Baylor at Houston. Rite-is : favored by 21 points to beat the Bears and share the title with Arkansas, the conference representative in the Cotton Bowl, .The Pacific const champion Burins o£ UCLA, matched-with Illinois Cqr. the Rose Bowl, are favored to" make it a oerfonl 'sensoh in their finale with Nebrnskn'.s Cornhuskers who have won. three . Tp"np"cp C , which Ms not. lost to Vanderbilt since 1937, is favored in inoir annum clnsn al Nasnvilie. Maryland meet North Carolina State at Raleigh for the first time since 1924 in. a .Southern Conference battle. Two bitter slate rivals, Oklahoma U. and Oklahoma Aggies renew their feud for the 41st time. 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Wa»hburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the"Star building 2|2r2M South Walnut Street, Alex. H. Wajhbum, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jonei, Managing Editor Geeiae W. • Homier, Mech. Supt. Je*»,M. Puvi», Advertising • Manager Emms G, Thomas, Cashier Entered !• as-second class-matter at the Post Of flee; at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. "(APH-W*'qns Associated.Press. (NEA>—Meqris Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Relief: (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per week 20c; OBC month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp.- stecd. Nevada, Howard, Miller and VaFoyette counties, $4.50-per year; else*her« J8.50. Netlonel AdvertWnft: Repr«»ent«rlye -r ArkanMl D«1U«»- Inc.; Memphis Tenn., jSHev3uUd.'ng; Chicago, 400 Norhi Mich- laon Avenue; We»- fork City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2942 ^. 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FIND DAG WOOD, 1 MIGHT AS WELU GIVE DAISY HER' , BATH PATPIELOS JN.TH' ANNUAL FOatBAWL, BRAWL (GROAN) ouuD.nl'r: HAPPEN HAWGA EVEN WITH THEM */2SBSs>: N.TH PING- P.EAK FIND..A- PLACE OF YOUR OWN/ SWEEPSTAKES/ AGWOOD-- ILL VOU WASH SOME JARS FOR ME? HOURS LATER NEITHER OZAPK& BAWL By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES 1 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner '. BUN THAT:, '^•SNiey,insistedK YOU;MIGHT: ^m I ; , SEARCHLIGHT ^•ion boating WHAVE.BEEN KILLED.;*rrHis. CASE MOW, JAN / AROUND, GROWL fWmp *(-* B • VICf YOU>CAN'T; fc FOR ALL THE TEA HE'S SOMEWHERE'M^hpS"' M HELP CIIP NOW / IN iTHE WATER M Wne " ^® u ^.PLEASE DROP IT/ :HERE .' ^m. searched the.^y^_ ^__J>-7. YOU. STAY-WITH. YO.UR >; waters, Shiv| I/ /-'MOTHER AND ouEf CHUM/ I'LLTAKE THE ; OUTBOARD, OVER TO .HARDY'S AND - THEY, WERE FIGHTING'INITHE' WATER/ I SAW-THEM? , VIC/ i ARE YOU All RIGHT? . By. Leslie Turner^ ^" WASH TUBBS r 'WAve.E,THis:u. HELP vou ALONG/TILL,!. CftN-.GETTHE I HOME STARTED) VOOTV .BUT I, THKT jWATCH VOUR-STEP'ORVOU'RE-A' 1 HEWED FOR THE POKEY LOOK, WINDY! PERFECT 1 .; 3UST:\WM' WHO'OWNS THIS JOINT NOWi BftCK TO. THIS V THIS-IT, BUCKY'. HOWE FORiHONEST BUT /. 1 LIFTED IT BfcCK. PENMILESS GRAFTERS, • OFF VOOT. ALSO WINDV. WE-HEY.'MV 1 H\S SUPPLS-OF • PHONY GREEN' LOOK AN IPEfiL LOCATION By, Walt Disney DONALD DUCK "We're both overweight, so let's drop.in for a banana,, split—then we won't want-so much, to eat.for,. suRpev-lxJ. COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE; INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF "And as an added inducement, Mr. Miggs, with this policy we tell you the name of the person who suggested'you-as a prospect]^' FEET OF PIPE...J KIDDIN'.?, r= FRECKLES AND HIS! FRIENDS TAKE IT OR LEAVE-TIT r.WANTr- FEET- BOYS , SYUVESTE IHAS TD FIX SOWB.-L4SHT3;— , HOLD .THE .CURTAIN-./ JON By Hershberaer FUNNY BUSINESS: By Carl Anderson P FORGIVE'YOU- HEN RY- YOU -ARE, ;7k SO ROMANTIC.' AS,TriE.5ECDMD SCEHB- OPENS, PAUL ' I REVERE; 15 WATCHING FOR. TH^ SIGNAL LIGHTS FRO,\A 7HE-OLD- NORTH CHURCH--- COH. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF. " ~ '• Jj i "J broughtJun.!L«lonH to.help inc-^lhcjv,say.an ; el^j)lu»at{; " By V. T. Hamlin , ALLEY OOP THE ONLY CHILD IN THAT AFFAIR WAS- YOU /'THAT DAME 55' NOW^U-EV,- \ THESE KNOTS \ OKAY, SO I SLUGOEP yOU'BE'STIU. 1 DIDNTCOAIE FROM I VOU...TO KEEP FEVER! SQMBBOPVSTHAT WlT^H R2^V1 ME-AN' I HOOKlNCrNDtlJ YOU KNOW,IT.'.'ITV^ Thimble Theater ••NOW- IT WON'T MATTER. IF M-PO FORGET!!' :VQU SHOULD THE SAFE ; ( COMBIWATIOM, M '?.? Pl/CAM'T , YAS, (• OPIMG IT IR SUMPIN. MAPPINGS oyu REMEMBER By, Edgar Martin* tAt Pi J 1 OON'T i H9 JUST COUVOWT ~^ THftT V)OUVD With Major Hoople By J. R. Williams OUR;BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY , SANDER 8ROVJN.'; DID. YQU 6AV, 'llF t 3D6 AION6 VJlJrt THREE THOU touto THe 8Ai*Ji<f A SMfti-L WPOS1TTO MAKB-v*- > CO/A&. AUONS, WORST' UM.-.YA&/ ROUGHLY -*3,<ni.'« l f--^'/Mft30R/. BY WE g-XNe ESlER. ' Mftt^-«- IP HE GETS LUSSI^G, IT A80UT Oft /^^4 YOUVJHO WAS ONE*S. PERSON, •A i»Y Fred Harmon RED RYDER .THE 5ECOMP GEMERATIOhsJ O

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