Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1946
Page 5
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f*«7 ' HOPE STAR. H 0 M, ARKANSAS Friday, November 19, 1946 FrlrJoy, November 29, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE By Chics OZARK IKE By f: saws** **T i PLEASS PLEASe, CAN 1 •"gV« .r-'i u ALL QlSHT, '•'> ALL K?;:GHT-- { \ TH£??£,~A'•<»=. T{ HEM / CARNIVAL SIDE GLANCES ;U&*77.7^ i/RrvX By Galbraith VIC FLINT I;* COPB. i»»a nr MIA senvict. rac. T. M. oca, u. B. P«T. orr E > INSPECTOR ; is^s^^r^l • ^ w "s-ssfwjjs surface, Growl hit the Lilts' float wide open^BL; ^jiB ALONE.' V/E COULD HEAR Michael O'Mallev A. Kaloh i-ane fQack at the ledge 1 came up face to face 1 with the killer. W&*/ ,AV\N& GROWL.' t THIHK AETHIMG'S GONE ALONE.' V/E COULD MEAR MUSIC OUT TKERE-THE ELUS DAHUBE-AHO TKE»! A SPLfcSH JUST LIKE THc HI5HT V/HEM CLIP DISAPPEARED.' GREETINGS, SUCKER.' NICKED YOU, EH? WELL, THIS TIME I'M GONNA SLICE YOU INTO LITTLE ByChick '' OZARKIKE P«r*fe five f I L.-.iL-ni-.nMrm- - .1 \mtt By Roy Gofifo *• Vf» X ' "VHi' ;: -V"''H' -^Mpti ^ ^m '!& CARNIVAL By Dick Turner >".''• Kinf iiii SIDE GLANCES WAV TO GREET A \ HUSBAND AFTER ) A HARD DAY <tf AT THE OFFICE J j •2 < ?.......-:...™ By Galbrairh WHY, BU&ZY... THAT'S TH' HISTORICAL B'ARSKIH YUH GOT DRAPED OVUH HI-BAWL/ AN CELEBRATE • W SURE, HONEY...NOBUDDY,l' TH' GREAT ^JH. CALLED "TIME OUT" M«BATT /"WfT...^..^ WHEN THEY FLED.,. VICTORY/FlHUMH I so AS YUH RAN TO BUT, OZARK. i HAD HOT WORKOUTS I'VE BEEN GIVIM' HIM. __ WULL, LE'S G6 HOME. AVE BUGZY, YUH CROSSED TH' GOAL LINE WITH TH' WIHHIN' TOUCHDOWN* VIC FLINT Bv Michael O'Mallev & Ralph WASH TUB3S By ^-cslio Turnci- 'm SORWf Y Wf. VOU USED TO BS * OU SCY5 / FLIGHT SWINDLER. ^Op.T.. >A= I VJORX.IMG OWLS BIG "ME GW5 L1K.E ^s*»js?'3S*K£i«.'ai»'«*' 2il-at ^ 6y Walt Disney DONALD OUCK "Where is your professional spirit, O'Dowd? You can't let a little cold get you down—the show must go on!" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer : "You heard me—he's 11 years old! Do you Ihmk I'd perjure myself for 25 cents?" 5RECKLE3 AND HIS FklEV^O!: By Blosser ^ f <"4E HORSE I'M SUPPOSED TlW AFRAID YOU'LL, HAVe }DlD TME ^ RIDE SIMPLY DOESNT J~K> ISIDE HirA AsJVWAYr y^-W5 KICK "'^ ME, fAISS PAY/ ,—f~-__ LA£D/ ...... -7-—-f VOU, . r—i,—^ ^ . r-i r- \ FATSO ? A.S/SW Bv Carl Anderson HENRY *'I got Urcd ofemplying ashlrays!" Mo, BUT HE TRIED YDUE. WEIGHBOR. LOANED HIM TO ME ! THE HORSE UKB5 ME/ HAED ENOUGH .' DID HE COME FROM? THAT -EXPLAINS WHY YOU AMD I HAVE MOWIN- IM COMMON / ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. rijli'-" 1 ' ThimbJe Theater ^Y,IT. .KIM NOT 1 WE SEARCHED THE /f -_- i,ynw r c tuip C|(? WE \ OP THEV 5 POUMD NO TRACE \V NO SUCH 'OF A 6TgAM6j&!A TMIM( 5!!; OSCAf?, W!LL\— VOU 6O 3ELOW GIVE IT TO ME . AMP IF SEE A GHOST TELL HIM THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS GHOSTS!.' WHAT'S THE MATTES WITH (OOP 1 r • S s \ » ?']/ir* .&**•$ I ^a4< I ((*. •-••-«• ,10 'i. vy-t. ^ _r"r r-^f*.f\imfff^-'V r • - , 1 •«:,'.' ^Ji^^^t/^ »4t>-V^»sCfei t%\y- ' fei ^-"^^^w^^n mm^\^2^ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William. OUR BOARDING HOUSt- Wirh Major Hoople TO* GOSW «fiKt4, DUD, LOOK \ AR. laufT-^&^o'^'W Tt\t Hirato PV &BV. TO 10UCH TO ft tAOTOR. T 1 I 'VJF'D BPTTFR \ /NO, WO.' WE'VE \/ WSLL CARVE THE MEAT \ApUT MATCHST 1CKS ( THEY ^THE WTCHEW--U ^"^;^ 0 ^|-7 00 J ^OUC- ,-r- i/-.^CLCKIC, TH /N OF-TE-M--CaE f xl I rlKOUC. TABLE ,_. YOU SI L E /(f ^ IP li-tf-Y DON'T.' " THIETV VEARS TOO SOOKJ ' ^.gii'.^ sTr DiO VOL) 86ACT A. 51-01 , 0oscoe/ WWCT is OUR. /V<P3T SA.MOR.Y Wt'Mt. f,P.D To VOT OF T\W£. Bv c red Harmon VOU TtVV. ^CUttA TO TWt\R. OVW i i V.OO&E- UPPED CWT- CHftTV THE EA5IE.5T W E 1 EA OFF HE CLEAHtD UP THE -— HIS l«i-\^N£ 15 REP COPR. 19^6 DY NtA S^RVIUL. INC. T. M. RES. U. S. PAT. OFF. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY, FLINT/ ME WITH A KNIFE AND YOU WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.' ONE BARE HAND, SHIV/ I'VE GOT A KNIFE TOO, AND I OWE YOU SOMETHING/ THEY'RE FI6HTING IN THE WATER/ HARDY/ INSPECTOR GROWL/ OO SOMETHING/ THEY," JAN ? I SEE ONLY ONE IN THE WATER.' WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner [YOU'RE RISHT. WINDV! THERE'S Xbp COURSE, QUITE * PROBWSLY LOTS OF.POOROLD/ FEW 00 WIND UP IN ..BIS HOUSES WITH X HWW. LITTLE WINP0W5,AND/ I5H, PHILANTHROPIST! HIGH STONE WALLS | FOUNDER OF ft HON£ FOR. hGED ^0 NEEDY GRAFTERS! NOT BhO... BROKEN DOWN SWINDLERS LIKE VOOTi WITH NO PLACE TO.lNf HOMES RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT... AROUNP 'EM! NOT BN) NT N.LI .GIVEN ROOfA ftND BO^RD. THEV COULD RNSE THEIR. OYW SPENDING IAONEV BY' SWINDLING DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney '"Maybe it's art, Ma—hut I can buy a live horse, that's healthy for a couple hundred dollars! "No, I don't approve of female hosses! I couldn't take orders from a woman, that is, outside the home!" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser AM EVE ON OOP. BOY- MB.. DUNTLEY— ME PLAYS THE PART OF PAUL REVE£ E / T WELL, THERE! WHEN I KICK I GET ACTION! LISTEN, J AM ITOR... WE'RE. ) PCEEZIN'.UP T e-V I'M SIR...I'LL BE RISHT UP I IS THIS THE \PARTMENT THAT'S COL.P? HENRY By Carl Anderson^' COPB. me BY HE* StUVICE. IHC. \. M. BIG. U. S. f AT. Off 'No guesswork with this elector!" I SOT A HORSE IM , THH PLAY, TOO—DOM T KMOW WHAT PART HE HAS, THOUGH.'' RUSTY LINK. BORROWED HIM fOR. ATMOSPHERE. 1 HOPE NOBODY TRIES TRIDH HIM.' GOT A NASTY DISPOSITION / «ivr VJHY,THATS rue LOOKS • LIKE PAUL LARD 13 J REVERE IS GONNJA MAKE HISTORY ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin ' POPEYE Thimble Theater POPEVE, HAVE VOL) DECIPEP YOU ARE NO. I WILL WAIT TILL WE REACH PORT. 1 ! POPEVE, PO YOU KNOW WHAT I NOW NOBOPY CAM STEAL VOUl- —-" id,MYN YOU'VE SEEN XeiJT,NEETAH--\YOU'VE v.uw» ir11 i /I-^TJ »& Lx'i-t-i •» y- c-u i / |it^i_ i/-ii i HEAD" S A PEETTY -d O\-\l KEY,I WAS IVJ-IEPE I felCliCA1ANi)lASeiSTONXKlNc3,) .fSA.D,..... A*,! -r c* ^-^^ '•',-.''/• : '•<_!'<-'-\-' rLi «-j>)"wr\' | 'V i i'y^jrt//ir» v I ;'nri»'*ct-l' •' IN A1C*xD.Vi MDW'P v ) '•TIMBi'' .. 11-21 BOOTS Bv Erfoor MorHn d OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople _-x^ / WHY. THIS IS \ I^NO, I'M STUDYIM' FOR WIGHT *S\f APPALL1MC3.' i\ WATCHMAN)--1 WANT TO ; ' "•"-' YOU AM HOUR V LEARM HOW YOU'RE SO COMFORTABLE AM' SATISFIEP WITH A JOB LIKE YOURS/ EGAD,80VS.'THE CLU6 MEEDS A KiEVJ HEATIMG PLA1AT A^O AT LEAST DEEP LEATHER LOUMGIN& :HA\R/'-*fT. l LL START THE i?ALL f?OLL\M6 WITH A 1*100 DOMATIOM, AND WE'LL iPOSTTHE REQUEST FOR. 1 FUNDS OSi We. (BULLETIN " I DUNMO—THW OLD 6TO\!E HAS HELD UP : PAMT5 ) 6TOME1 ON A. STAsTLie./ SESIOES, \ EMER^ \ FOR MOST OF BODY DRW CLEW^ERS GET INi THEIR . POCKETS/ 6V | GLASS HERE f %uA£osnc&, RFO RYDER By Fred Harmon , AT

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