Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1946
Page 5
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Wectoeitlay, November 2?, CLASSIf! 18 ,. •*«• to 25 . * S6 lo 30 .. SI to Do .. ' 86 tb <0 .. **>4I to 43 . * 18 to 50 Rates Ad» Must Be In Office Day 'Before publication One Three Six~",£>neO : 'Das Days Days Month — ' "" 4.50 ,45 .60 .75 .00 1.05 1 20 1.Z5 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 ?..40 2.70 3.00 -1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 6.00 9!fao 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 .— ««».~~ are for Continuous If "• Insertions Only All Want Ads earn in Advance Not Taken Over the Phone for Rent or Lease SAWMILL COMPLETE WITH power unit, 2 good log wagons, - N. Bailey, Rt. 27-Gt SERVICE STATION AND GRO- -cery store with living quarters. M «ii mouern conveniences. Near high schooL See or call M. S, - Bates or Wood Nash, at Stuean's Grocery- 27-3t Wanted to Buy JSCE BUY HOUSEHOLD .FURNI** lure, one piece or more. Any amount. What' have you? Phone ~ 61 23-2mo For Sale GROCERY STORE, SERVICE station on 20 acre farm, living quarters in store. Good barn. garage, 15 miles on Hope to Rosston road. W. N. Bailey. Rt. 2, Rosston. . . 27-Gt 2 log trucks. V 2. Rosston. 90 BUSHELS CORN. S2 PER biishsl. Located 2 miles above Crossroads on Hope and Columbus Road. Parker Rogers. 27-3t Fair Enough By Weatbrook Peglor Copyrlflht, 1948 Bv Klna FpnturesSvnHlcate. ONE PRACTICALLY NEW 1946 ton and half Studebaker truck. Stake body, 8:25 tires. See Buck Williams. 6-tf CHRISTMAS GIFTS. FULLER brushes of all kinds. Especially stiff bristles. Mrs. Phone 138. Leon Bunclv. 19-lm .,. NUMBER YEAR OLD LAY ing hens or pullets. P.O. Box 297 ! OP phone 24-W-3. Hope, Ark. 27-31 Real Estate for Sale _ NORTH HERVEY AND WEST f -Ave. G. 5 rooms and bath. Sale price $2500. 5 additional lots and •*•* barn available adjoining. Priced * ior quick sale. Foster EiHs. 108 E. Second St. Phone 221. 26-3t 80 ACRE FARM, 6 ROOM HOUSE, lights, gas, on school bus and mail route, sood outbuildings. H. G Moore. Phone 1097-R. 1 mile out on S.P.G. road. S10.000. 21-6t GIVE A PIANO FOR CHRISTMAS. Write or phone us and we will make delivery immediately of a :iice rebuilt and refinished piano. Reasonable prices, easy terms. Also reserve orders accepted for the new Kimball and Mason & Hamlin Spinets. Little Rock Piano New York. Nov. 26 — John L. Lewis, damned by New Dealers, now is Franklin U. Roosevelt's gift to the United States. Roosevelt rescued him and his union, the United Mine Workers, from obscurity when the union was weak and its treasury low, gave him the powei which he now wields under law. and encouraged Him to place the union always before the nation if any conflict of interest. He is no more dictatorial or ruthless today than he was in the thiritics when he was chairman o the committee ior industrial or ganization, the predecessor of the present C. 1. O., and, with Roose velt's active support, was running an organising campaign iu thr steel and automobile Industrie which inflicted a reign of terror 01 areas of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsyl vania and Illinois. Trained Communist street-fighters and dynamiters, vandals and nightriders of the Ku Klux type took part in these frightening disorders by which Roosevelt drove American workers into unions which they plainly preferred not to join. Roosevelt knew all about -lewis then and knew that his rule over the union was as despotci as :he Stalin regime in Russia, which Roosevelt, in a patronizing speech SPORTS It Ml, hunt* Jt. •solute within the union. Like Roose-. >elt in the Democratic party, ho \<is in recent years been sole to ceep down ambitious underlings, •me result being that hie. name ROCS before the men on a Hltlcrian bal- ot. But in-!.he last serious, though not dangerous. ctuillenRO, twenty years ago. John Brophy, who ran 'or president mid was counted out. demanded aim investigation of flagrant discrepancies in the returns. He was rudely laughed off. Inasmuch «is Lewis and his men run the elections, count the votes and certi- y the count, any rival would have to rely on the dictator's self-denial and honesty .lu win. even it it were possible i'o'r a rival to give him a contest. This command of the "districts" West Point, N. Y.. Nov. 27 — tfP) — Glenn (Junior) Davis, Army s one-man athletic squad.-iikely will make » 'few Madison Square Garden appearances this winter —but not as a member of <ho basketball team on which ho played last win- tor .-. . Davis, ;i lop-rank sprinter, is going out fur the track team while Coach Stu Jlqlcomb goes out tor more height on his cage squ<ul. . . . Holcomb will inherit a good bit of material from the football Cornell's Joe Distasio, neighbors in Newark. N. 3,, plan to have Thanksgiving dinner together ntlor tomorrow's big tussle in Philly . . . Frankest statement oE the grid season by Ray Barbutl (head of ine Metropolitan Officials' Association), "That rule book should be thrown out of the window and rewritten in English." Math Lesson One of the signs on Cadet barracks has West Point Saturday's game all worked out by algebra: "As 1944 equals 32 A 7 N; 1945 equals 32 A 13 N, therefore, IV i us 85 plus 41 equals sink Navy." . . If you're :iot up on figures, ic last three numbers are worn by mold Tucker, Doc Blanchari 1 id Genn Davis. squad Arnold Tucker, basket- under the rule of men who might ' " be compared to Hitler's "protec- " tors" in Poland and other con quered countries is not peculiar to ,^l|llt.lV-l * v i » i wi « .»,«-. , ball crtpluiii and as good a leader on the hardwood as ho is a quarto back 'on the gridiron; tall Jim Rawers and Bub Folsom all were regulars last winter while Hank Folclbon'. Plcbe Arnold Galiffa and Bill Yeomnns may join them on the varsity. Quote, Unquote i Ray' Swart*. Navy assistant ' any . coach "in football coaching, some and | vea ,. s vml w j n (tames; other years ""you build character. The trouble at is that we don't have Lewis' union. It is familiar in many I others. In the hod-carrier"' and' common laborers' union, the na-, V(H| ouun tional bosses did not hold either a|lA, lni ,p 0 lis convention or an election for 30 onollgn O f those characters." elected themselves Company 2-4149. 216 Main St. Phone 22-6t 260 FEET 1 1-2 INCH BLACK pipe. Paul DcLacerda, Route One, McCaskill. 25-6t ONE OIL STOVE. ONE WOOD ~ ~~ ' miles stove. A. J. Kent, nine south on Patmos road. 25-3t A GOOD HOUSE WITH 5 LARGE rooms, front and back porch, to be moved from present location. " " a quick sale. Moore Priced for Bros. 25-3t 1 TEAM MULES. 1 WAGON, CUL- -tivator, 100 bushel corn. See :o a gang of young Communists on the White House lawn, denounced as a "dictatorship as absolute as any other dictatorship in the world." Roosevelt knew, and so did Mrs. Roosevelt, Frances Perkins. Harold Ickes and Phil Murray, Lewis' old associate in the mine workers and his susccessor as president of the C. I. O., that Lewis had suspended the home rule, or autonomy, of two-thirds of the "dis- vears. They -------- _. and their successors as old gangsters died or were knocked off and the locals were dealt out like principalities to gangsters who shook down both the laborers and employers and established embargoes to keep building and paving materials out of certain areas. Yet, in the face of this record, throughout the war, the Roosevelt government gave these racketeers exclusive hiring and shakedown privileges on government projects. The graft ran into millions. If a president of; the United States were to suspend the rights of a majority of the states and send in personal representatives to rule as governors, that would approximate the Lewis system in the U.M.W. Turkev Talk Cornell vs. Pennsylvania: Coach McKcever's Eager Beavers Are playing with men When they take on Ponn. Kansas vs. Missouri I think Will piny Missouri like fury. uuiy, ui iwu-umus ui uiu uis- politicians wno IIKC to can inem- tricts" of the United Mine Work- Uelves "liberals" or "progressives.' - Phil Murray has enjoyed a Hue press not only from the far left but even from some publishers and politicians who like to call them- ers, containing more thnn third of the rank and file membership, and placed them uncier "provisional' 'officers, his personal satraps, subject to his orders Neededi KEEP They're needed moreihan ever before. Walter Baber at Hope airport or j and indifferent to the desires nnd call 34. Washington, Ark. 25-Gt | demands of the miners whom they , ;ruled as subjects. This co-dition Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netian Blinds, wood or metal, outside metal blinds and awnings. Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo LET US RENOVATE THOSE OLD mattresses or make new ones. 229-J. Cobb's Mattress Phone Shop. 23-lm RACTICAL NURSING. SEE Mrs. Alice Clayton at Crossroads on Columbus highway. 25-3t Wanted to Rent FOUR OR FIVE ROOM UNFURN- ished apartment or house. Pete Laseter, Phone 416 or 34-J-o.^23-4t FURNISHED APARTMENT WITH private bath. References will be supplied. Call Mrs. Fred Duncan T 1 ^*^ . TT_i_l OC fl* . __ continues and it is good union practice, in the approved Roosevelt version of "Democracy", unit all was done within ihe "framework" of the miners' constitution. The same practice has been followed by Dan Tobin, in the Teamsters' union, and by other -iriends and political proteges of Mr. Big. Incidentally, inasmuch as that term now seems -to 1 'have entered our language as a synonym for any man who regards himself as a great brain, and a great boss of the people, I will take occasion to say that it was a contribution of :hese dispatches but was originated by a colored woman, a cook, who called the young son of vhe household "Mister" and the head of the house "Mister Big". Henry Mencken might like .. to make a note of that for his exhaustive but sometimes erratic histories of the American language. uu,. the only difference between Vlurray and Lewis is that Lewis las more vitality, audacity and ability. Murray was Lewis' accomplice for years and lie revealed limself in a whining speech to the Z.l.O. at the Boston convention of 1942 when he literally compared Himself to Jesus Christ." "I told John Lewis," he said, "that, in .all likelihood, he would make me go through my Garden of Gethsemane. I knew that he would. He and his agents drove me to a sick bed. I wanted his support but he deserted me and persuaded his friends to undermine my leadership. While I was lying on my .sick bed, his director of organization told his followers in the prcs- nce of men' who arc in this hall, You have got to keep after this ellow, Murray, until you kill him. He has got to be gotten out of the vay.' I could tell a story that would tartle the nation but I am not ;oing to do it." But Lewis is acting within nntnhc rights connferred on him by Frank- Georgia'Tech vs. Georgia Bui I think that Ga Tech Will win, be heck. Texas vs.. Texan A. and M. The A^'gics will weep Right into their beers When they get knocked down an trampled By the Longhorn Steers. Off The P.eservation Johnny Snuc.r and Jacl: Green from the 1945 Army team likely wi be back here next fall to help wit the coaching. . . . One explanatio of why Larry MacPhall likes hold his press conference al Yankees' Fifth Avenue hcadquar tcrs on Tuesday's is that it's the only day when Reuben's has pineapple on-the cheese cake . . . The families of Pcnn's Tony Minis! and Little Rock, Nov. 23 — (/TV- A ugnr branch office to receive ap jlicntlons for sugar ration books, urlough or temporary rntlons, will ic maintained In the old postoffice biiirdlhg here; 'District' OPA Director Robert P. Hall has announced. Relief At Last For Your Cough Cfreomulslon relievos promptly because it BOOS right to the seat of tho trouble to help loosen and expel Kerm laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucoua membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you B bottle of Creomulsion With the understanding you must like the way.it quickly allays the cough or you ore to have your;'money back. tf for Couehs.Chost Colds, Bronchitis DINE & DANCE at Barlow Hotel. 26-6t OR 4 ROOM UNFURNISHED apartment or house. Couple only. Telephone 22-F-3. "" ^ 26-3t Wanted 50,OQO^M to kill with GILLS RAT KILLER Harmless to anything but rats and mice. Guaranteed MONTS SEED STORE ...111*-^ ii-ciii j.cui£uu£c;. In financial matters and in elections, Lewis is not only arbitrary but beyond challenge. In 1936, the C.I.O. gave $500,000 to the Roose velt presidential campaign fund by way of a Lewis organization callec .abor's non-partisan league. Inas much as the C.I.O. was thenin its struggling and swaddling days anc largely reliant on gifts or loan from the miners' treasury, the $500,000 was commonly regarded a a gift of the miners'- money irom Lewis. It was not necessary :'o Lewis to consult the rank and file for he had 'sufficient authority under the laws of the country anc under his union's constitution, which, as in all other cases, is re- garded as a private affair of the ROOM AND BOARD FOR WORK- union, even though the government ixw^/iYi. . . , habitually has :oreed ostensibly fiee American workers to join such unions. Lewis also used money belonging Wanted NEW OR RENEWAL SUBSCRIP- tions.to any magazine. Order your Christmas gift subscription now. Phone 28 or 369-R. Charles Reynerson at Hope City Hall. 15-lm REMOVED FREE "Within 10 Mile* DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texar.kana Rendering Plant Phone''883-W (Phone Collect) If No : Answcr Phone 3158-R in D. Roosevelt when they were jolitical allies. It is his right to tie ip coal production and bring about economic collapse and revolution, and the power to do all this will remain absolute until Rosevelt'r, laws are changed. CALL 119 ing mother and care children. Call 83-R. for two 22-6t JOB AS PRACTICAL NURSE. Will care for invalid or childr ren. See me at 722 West 3rd St. 27-31 Lost VISIT Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop Clothes for Infants — Toddlers — Children Gifts — Toys — Cards SUE and LEE Tots to Teens 223 S. Walnut Phone 949 REDBONED HOUND, WEARING small col'ar. No identification tag. 'Reward $10. Notify Roosevelt Garland, Hope, Rt. 3, Box 243. j-j\_ v. io n j ju ti^tvi a i II_M ic_v ucj.uii&iu£^ to the miners to pay the cost of ganizing his C.I..O. empire which he later was to relinquish to his old friend, Phil Murray, who had been one of his vice-nresidents in ihe U.M.W. After th"e break, Lewis sent a bill to the C.I.O. saying the money had been loaned. Murray in sisted that it had been a gift, proving that the pious Mr. Murray was not above dipping into a union's treasury for money to promote per- ORDER NOW Don't take chances on your fuel supply. Winter is here. Hope Butane Co. Hope, Ark. Phone 188 — 554-J FOUR MONTHS OLD and white pointer pup. Answers to name "Pete". Reward at Whitehurst. Phone 052-J or 74. 26-3t 26-6t I sona l projects of its rulers, and , Murray and Lewis became en- BROWN'emies. Nowadays, Lewis' power is ab- YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better pnces—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly AU. WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture fhone 152 411 S. Ho*e! BatViiy Raised TURKEYS Fully Dressed and Drawn Order Now for Thanksgiving or Christmas 69c Ib. Langley's Frozen Food Locker Phone 48 .. Prescott, Ark. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Card* Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. For o Quality Job... By Efficient Workmen and REASONABLE CALL HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. HOUSE WIRING — INDUSTRIAL REPAIR APPLIANCES and FIXTURES FREE ESTIMATES ON All JOBS 1 lost 3rd It HP P e,Ark. Phone 61 i'S AMERICAN CAFE PRESCOTT, ARK. • • Open 24 Hours Daily • • Meet your friends here, Day or Night. We're always glad to serve you. Robert A. Gammill Mgr. Let usfhelp you with your bedding troXibles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size ol mattresses. 1 Dav Service in Hooe MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We Sell Sleep" 921 W. 3rr) Rt. Phone 119 COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Refrigerator REPAIRS Phone 800-J 24 Hour Commercial Service Savage Refrigeration Service REED MOTOR CO. 100 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAM?' • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop VISIT OUR NEW AND COMPLETE RECORD SHOP Records and Albums for every age and taste. MAKE THIS A MUSICAL CHRISTMAS Srop early. The perfect Gift awaits you at COBB-TOOLEY RADIO CO Radio, Phonographs and Radio Service «» Wednesday, November 27, 1946 H O P E S T A R, HOPE, A R RAM S A 9 Pago Fk BLONBIE tfy Chlex rouho OZARK IKE Bv Rav Gotto O 1/2 Mile East, Hy 67 Closed Sunday & Monday OPEN Rest of the V/eek 5 P.M. til 12P.M. Plenty of Choice Steaks Chicken Disiners See Us For INSURANCE Insure with the Stronger Mutual Companies. Complete Protection . . . 20% Return Dividend on Your Insurance Cos:. In other Words, Maximum Protection at 20% SAVINGS! • Fire • Tornado • Casualty • Automobile Real Estate LOANS « Gl 4% Interest • FHA 4J-% Interest Purchase Your Home Through Us ... Up to 20 Years to Payl MONEST; IT. WAS UNINTENTIONAL.) 1 LOOK OUT BELOW/ OM. MY SOODNESS.' I DROPPED THE LIGHT BULB .' DON'T USE 'SUCH BIG WORDS, (DAG WOOD By Gaibraith by Uick. Turner ilDt CAIvHIVML. COPR. 1»46 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. ' COPR. 1946 BY IIEA SERVICE', INC. T.'M. REG. U. S. PAT. OrF. ' - ''. ....'. Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 "Science can develop atom bombs and rockets to tbe <! ,"Hcnry and 1 agreed that be could lay down the law as j ' moon nnd all that sort of thing, but they can't figure a , loi'tcn as he liked, provided he accept all my amendments!" '. v/ny to eliminate shaving 1 ." FRECKLES AND HIS FkiEViOS By Blosser , A;i MAYO'S Teitb'co Service Station 3rd and Washington Expert Lubrication New Tires and Tubes PHONE 6 Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. .Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs MARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone : 2S9 Hope, Ark. At Christmas Time There is one gift you can be sure will give grateful pleasure and lasting happiness. Your Photograph Open Sundays Till Christmas The Shipley Studio "Artist Photographers" 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark, •OUR SERWCl MUST BE OF THE BIST! MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this company. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on which we have hired every member **' ; of our service'-with-a-smile staff. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 William R. Herndon Photographer Second floor First National Bank Phone 493 Christmas Special 8x10 Sepia Portrait and One Dozen Personalized Christmas Cards (from your choice of 4 negatives) $A f\f\ 4.UU For Only Additional Cards $3.00 Doz. Spray Painting Buildings • Houses Barns ® Vehicles • Etc. Waller & Wal'sr Phone 710-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. Doug pi-TV Carl Bacon Vol I I Jones ELECTR3C CO. —— for — House incruirrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair! Phone 784 WANTED White Oak Loi and Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansa* CASH---- inloMinutes! Borrow money from us on your cor, or almojt anything of value. We'll lend you all you nped if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cash. Ask for Mr. Mel-arty, at Hope Auto Co. G'BV E, MOM .'MRS. \Gooo ALONO LATER./ THOMAS JEFFERSON LUCK NOT SUPPOSED TO 'BE—AND IF YOU •GET ASJY LAtlGHS,' IT'LL OMLY &E BE- '. CAUSE SOMETHING-' WENT WRONG/ AND I ARE SHOVIN& / WITH OFF—THIS IS OUR J THE" " We'HF-'GONNA HAVE 1 TROUBLE, R4L/ PAUL REVERE IS AFRAID OF HIS HORSE/ j-j- "IIow's it on stripes? 02AfW'S TRYIN' T'SAVE LI'i: BUGZY PROM THAT BI& OL' BAR...AN' 7^ NOW (SOflilc) THEY LL •OTH iE POOR OZARK'S A VIOLENT CASE FOR A STRAIT JACKET,,. HES PLAPP1N HIS ARMS-; AN' YELLIN' LIKE A UNKNOWINGLY, OZARK CROSSES me GOAL LINE WITH THE f WINNING TOUCHDOWN; Michael O'Maiiev &• Rain* Lane ffne Knife slashed acrossj^Mtf NOW, FLINT, my wrist and Hw LET'S SEE YOU the next. moment the boat went over and 1 By i-^slle Turner , HEVrVODT! fc MINUTE SLftD TO SEE X THM CN=E GKSHIER. VE*H...TOO IMD1GN&NT- "Y.-.THftTiS .DOWNRIGHT VOU i IN).. .BUT \VtoS KMSHTY INDISNfsNT TO EXMMNE IT CLOSELY. \ tMSHONEST.-SOOT... LET'S GET OUTPs WHEN HE SfW THNT BUT NOT fcS SORE -V?& NEIGHBOR- / ^10 BILL OF WURS! HE'LL BE WEN HE FINDS 7 VOU WERE TOPS IN YOUR 'S COUNTERFEIT!^-^ FIELD.WHW , By Walt Disney DONALD DutK. THIS IS ONE TIME I'LL OUTSMM2T THAT HOUNPJ led by H ng I ntuin Sjfid cite Bv Carl Anderson SWEET PICKLES POP£YE Thimble Theater '. fvYHAT KINDA 1 LOOKIN 1 GHOSK! \- • { WAS HE?? JUST A REGULAR V—7/- 3HOSK !.' HE 5BZ S *HE COME'P __/• OUR SHIP OM ACCOUNT OF HE dOULDN'T PIMD A HOUSE TO HAUNT.'/ rr ^"' H£LP OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSi With Major Hoople •1 Heort and Sap Cypress Across Street from Hope Basket Co. HOPE SHINGLE CO. Phone 1000 VISIT BYERS' to i Do Your Christmas Shopping Early We Have Many Gifts for All the Family Toys for the Kiddies Christmas Cards, Seals & Decorations Use Our Loyaway Plan Upstairs Over Byers' Drug Store 117 W. Second St. Phone 535 VOU TV\\NiU.EE CHrXRLEV (V\CMORS')f> EGAD,CHARL&Y/ ONiLV ^ OLVT FAR. UK.& "2Jb rM #7.35 <-. POUNDS WEEUIES? -~- L/VE>* FEB' >g& HERE,OLD FELLOE, is STAR-Tee LNJMDLV BILL, \A TEM^£R.-^- Keep Tvoice SEVEI^ TIMES ibcet^rs-«~- jy^ CHANGE.'-*--AND OFTEKi MORS SrtlRJAMD COLLOVJ A'/ "Tll^E, MN^K VOO,3LJ5T A TIMES GlrtCB ~~ ADD UP f^[ PlMCK LESS OF STARCA TOO MPvM^-w- 9EVEM ) V IM THE NlECKBAKiDS DOLLOWS THUTTV FLV CEKTTS/ M%&?r^ HAR-/?UMPH " - THERE IS A BIG SHORTAGE ALL RIGHT-VOU SPLASHED A LITTLE, BUT HOW MASJV SWALLOWS DID VOU TAKE? AIM'T GOT IT ALL OUT VET— --V 'AT HOLE WA=> ( FULL UP WHEN V I FEU. IM IT/ — THE DISCREPANCY AULEY OOP Bv V. T. Hainan r _ ^ND/MAkrE\ (~ WAS IT LIT WA&--&UTSME ^., , YOU'LL P»vA VOUE5ELF A J - u \ W/5£ TO\ CONN&7-T VOU WITH FOGTHI^- )LAU(3HING STOCK?} LET HEP J IT... NOW LET'S I'L L EEFOEJVYOU'EE NOT THAT 7 I^NOIV ~N DRAG OOP IT— J&[ DUMB.' r-^XwHO SLUaGEO J DOWN JO -HEBF.r^^plNNV^ND ^x ,^ ^M^m 5CRA ^^ 11-27 Sfe,' m j« •V.T ty,—XA> U BOOTS By tdgor Martin e\\_\.v i x OF -5UCH Pv TWMG JIU Harman r ir i E.V3.1V. c-vrch Hif\ _ 5o Hs.tr c\£ ru KlU. ( V>\Xv k \^~^~}^^ O

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