Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1946
Page 5
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HOM STAR, MOM, A R K A N S A § F R- CLASSIFIED t to 15 ...... .45 ' J. 16 to 20...... .60 ,* 21- to 25 75 "88 tft 30 90 , , 81 to 35 ..... 1.05 88 to W . 1.20 lft~ x 41 to 4ii..... 1.35 48 te> 50 1.50 IK'- ^ Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only All Want Ads Casn In Advande •-• NOt Taken Over the Phone l.oO 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Sale _ PRACTICALLY NEW 194G ton and half Studebaker truck. Stake body, 8:25 tires. See Buck t ,^ Williams. 6-tf TCHRISTMAS GIFTS. FULLER * •* brushes of all kinds. 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Phone 61. 23-2mo Wonted to Rent ,j» p la^b :ACRES, GOOD LAND, s ACRE asture, orchard, 4 room house, good water, wagon, . culti- valor, all other farm tools, 9 Jniles south of Hope, % mile cast *| "of highway 29, 3/4 mile northeast *" of Milo Shepards home. Priced to sell. Elisha Burns. _ 20-Gt 80 ACRE FARM, 6 ROOM HOUSE. , ilightSj gas, on school bus and mail route, good outbuildings. H. G. Moore, Phone 1097-R. 1 mile " out on S.P.G. road. 510.000. 2l-6t Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By Klna Feature* 8v«Hln«t«i GIVE A PIANO FOR CHRISTMAS. - ,Write or phone us and we will , make delivery immediately of a nice rebuilt and refinished piano. • Reasonable prices, easy terms. '" Also reserve orders accepted for the new Kimball and'Mason & , . .Hamlin Spinets. Little Rock Piano FOUR OR FIVE ROOM UNFURN- ished apartment or house. Pete Lasetar. Phone 416 or 34-J-3. 23-4t FURNISHED APARTMENT WITH I a conflict of the national interest private bath. Refaienccs will bel wlth the plans of the boss union- New York, Nov. 26 — He probably knows what he is doing, but I like my heroes all in one piece, so it regrets me to observe Gen- oral Eisenhower in a bow to the C.I.O. at the big convention In Atlantic City the day after old Whitney, of the Brotherhood of Trainmen, attacked President Truman for having the audacity last spring to appeal to the trainmen, as citizens, to put their country above their union. Whitney's speech was a fair expression of the snarling and insensate effrontery of professional unioneers who regard their members as subjects and expect from them the dumb loyalty c-f dogs to their masters. Labor, Whitney said, meaning American citizens with rights, duties and personality, should beware of those, including xhe president of the United States, who, in supplied. Call Mrs. Fred Duncan at Barlow Hotel. 26-6t 3 OR 4 ROOM UNFURNISHED apartment or house. Couple only. •Telephone 22-F-3. 26-31 Company. 2-4,149.. 216 Main St. Phone 22-6t *260 * FEET 1 1-2 INCH BLACK id-, pipe.* Paul DeLacerda, Route , One, McCaskill. - 25-6t ONE OIL STOVE. ONE WOOD stove. A. J. Kent, nine miles south on Patmos road. 25-3t -A GOOD HOUSE WITH 5 LARGE • .rooms, front and back porch, to be moved from present location. Priced for a quick sale. Moore Bros. 25-3t < 1-TEAM MULES. 1 WAGON, CUL- tivator, 100 bushel corn. See ''Walter Baber at Hope airport or „;,*fcall 34. Washington, Ark. 25-6t ~ ~~Wdrited ~"~ to Game With Porkers By KEITH K. KING Tulsa, Okla.. Nov. 26 —OF)— The shoe will be on the other .toot when Arkansas University's ;!ootbal team, host designate "ior the Dallas Cotton Bowl classic on Jan. 1, tangles here Thursday with Tulsa University, whoso bowl teams of '•ecent years have beaten ihe Raz?backs unmercifully. In four 'of the last :"ive traditional Thanksgiving day meetings, rushing defeats of Arkansas olev- SPORTS ROUNDUP •If Bui i ftStetaa. ,t?.. New York, Nov. 26 — (/Pi—With the news that Norfolk's Granby High will meet Clifton, N. J., in the "Oyster Bowl" gnmp at Norfolk Va., Dec. 7 and ihat Long Branch, N. J., is planning a "Clam Bowl" tilt Jan. 1 involving the semi-pro Branchpoint Eagles, it becomes obvious that they're .going to do up the bowl business from soup to nuts this season . . . How about this meal? Clam Bowl, Oyster Bowl (soup). Al Lacombe's New Orleans "Toikey Bowl" (it would § o better if that Maine vs. Idaho pud .Bowl had been arranged); Oil Bowl (Houston) :'qr salad dross- ing. Orange Bowl (Miami) ior dessert; Sugar Bowl tin New Orleans coffee, of course), Pea nil' Bowl (Columbus, Gn. and Raisin Bowl (San Jose, Calif. Ho fill \ip the chinks. Glass Bowl (Toledo) for wine. Cigar Bowl <Tnmpa> or Tobacco Bowl (Lexington, Ky.) . . . After that_you could go out among and By BOB GRUBB New York. Nov. -(,V)—Army comes up lo the Navy j;amc in Philadelphia Salmday still chosen by voters in the Associated Press' weekly football poll as the nation's No. 1 teani.> Tlv.is the Bl.-ick Knights of Ihe Hudson offer Tom Hamilton':-: Middie:; one' more psychological ad- off in the Sun Bowl. Oh, Yeah? I of salvaging a game from a so-far I disastrous season by blasting the A news release from the Cincin- !' <^f h, N , v » ?f ho ,lvm ati Reds' Gabe Paul quotes Owner f 0Jt „„'le FiH B'Vi ;! q mPM •••?, •owel Crosley thus: "We are will- .'V'P.'.,.^ r ,,?':! h.!-'! 10 .: ,,,;,,', ens have provided the impetus that 1 oral Eisenhower got up landed the usually bowl-willing h"nocritical platitudes Hurricane in n post-season en c 've- C.I.O., a new, similar tnent. °'° existed. This time. Mi But this time it's the Razor- ^acks, certain of a tie £or the 1 "_tiqns to any magazine. Order your !V Christmas gift subscription now.' 4. Phone',28" or 369-R. Charles Rey, nerson ait Hope City Hall. 15-lm * ROOM AND BOARD FOR AVORK- , ing mother and care lor two r,, children. Call 83-R. 22-6t Southwest Conference championship, who have a bowl assignment whereas Tulsa, 20-14 loser only to Detroit in nine games, hasn't been too-loudly mentioned in conjecture over New Year's matchings. Not since 1941, when Tulsa be"an its five-year string of bowl sits, has its neighboring state -y.-il tasted triumph. Beginning the llowing year,, powerful wartime ulsa squads under Coach Henry -"'- now of Tulane, trounced ears, would turn the members against "their leaders," meaning him and his kind. He referred to a historic incident last spring in which the president, acting for the entire nation in a crisis which might have caused God only knows what calamity, found himself so bereft of power, to match his terrible responsibility, that he had to propose the humiliating expedient of drafting railroad workers into the army so as to put them under military orders to run the trains. Mr. 'Truman, General Eisenhower and all the rest of us knew that this was a Hitlerian labor draft, and ,in time of practical peace, at that. And they and ; all the rest of us know that Congress and the nation had never intended the draft law to impress civilians into military service to run trains, sell groceries or stitch buttonholes. However, the Roosevelt system, to which Mr. Truman frequently has lowered his eyes as though it were some heri- , t.age of holy source, had given him this responsibility, without power, and Whitney his terrifying power but no responsibility. Even as Gento splatter over the situation existed. This time. Mr. Truman was trying to intimidate John Lewis and dissipate a monstrous coal strike by Blowing a police whistle. In this case, the president had to make believe that the miners were striking against the government because the nation had drafted the mines, instead of draft- nati Powel Crosley ing to spend any amount, and there is no limit. 1C a ball player is worth $150,000 nnd we can gel him for that amount, we are wiling lo.dn it. A Her all, money 's n cheap commodity these clays." One-Minute Sports Page Although Philadelphia long has been noted for its lightweight iight- ers, tonight's Bob Montgomery-Wes ley Mouzon tilt is the i'irst lightweight title fight ever held 'there. Benny Leonard fought a lot of no- •the nco Lost REDBONED HOUND, WEARING —small collar. No identification tag. Reward $10:- Notify Roosevelt Garland, Hope, Rt. 3, Box 243. - 26-6t FOUR MONTHS OLD BROWN and white pointer pup. Answers "to name "Pete". Reward at wWhitehurst. Phone 952-J or 74. 26-3t Real Estate for Sale ON NORTH HERVEY AND WEST Aye...G. 5 rooms and bath. Sale price $2500. 5 additional lot's and barn available adjoining. Priced for-quick sale. Foster Kills, 108 -E. Second St. Phone 221. 26-3t _,, - — -*. v*tju LVCll J I. Thursday's clash, in fact, has tak- n on the -flavor of a neighborhood Turkey Bowl," the last reserve icket for whicn disappeared weeks Mole Help Wanted MAKE UP TO $150.00 PER WEEK ~ calling on 35 homes per day selling framed photographic hand colored 8 xlO enlargements made from any good snapshot or nega- * tive. 'Every home a prospect] ^1 .Write for sample offer. Economy Sufiply Corp., 150 Nassau St., New , York. . 26-lt VISIT Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop Clothes for Infants — Toddlers — Children Gifts — Toys — Cards SUE and LEE Tots to Teens 223 S. Walnut Phone 949 YOUR CREDIT 18 GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly ALU WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — W« Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 4115. Ha*el rnk rkansas; that year it was .10-7 n 1943 the Hurricane rolled up a 1-0 margin. The following fall it as 33-2, and st season the difference was 'la- Bowl rumors, however, have own about Tulsa workouts this /eek and with prospects that a vic- ory might again be a springboard o a bowl bid, Arkansas has its vork cut out. The Razorbacks' Cotton Bowl ap- earance probaoly will find them o better matched than they ap- ear to be against Buddy) Brothers Coach T ii Is a J .0. team. decision scraps in Philly Inci- I'irst place in the nation's rankings. Should the Middies accomplish 'he scemini'lv impossible by scoring an upset -it Franklin Fir-Id, lliL'y • probably will unseal Army from tin 1 position it .has hold ovury week but one since this S;. - ;IKL poll slnrtrd. Only other holder ol the top spot this year has been ill- The Irish of Notre Dame have been pushing the Ocuiots :!or vho first-place perch all season and al- crs. A would posi points. The Irish were just 29 points behind with 1.144. On the other hnnd, the South Benders col- ected 59 second-place votes to Army's 89: Other flrst-plnce ballots gave unbeaten nnd untied Georgia and U.C.L.A. fiVe each, which put -(hla pair in third nnd fourth positions, lespecttvely. Georgia Tech and Ten* nessee each got onu vote s'oi 1 ilrsl place, and little Delaware, unbeaten in 30 games, was named on two ballots. Illinois' Big Nine champions held on to fifth place and Michlgan'.i Wolverines jumped from eighth to sixth on the basis of their fiB-O blasting of Ohio Slate last iSnlurcltty. Georgia Tech dropped lo .seventh place but has a chance to recoup in its clash with Georgia this Saturday. Tennessee slipped n notch to eighth and Louisiana State held ninth. Southern California's Trojans, whipped by UCLA in the coa-sl conference clincher, full from the; top ten to IGth place. They were replaced,by Arkansas' Razorbacks, host team in the Cot- Ion Bowl. Ranking of the top ten teams (points' b.nsecl on a 10-9-8-7-0-5-4-32-1 system of counting): Team, 1st place, 1st place ties, points respectively; 1—Army 2 —Notre Dame 3--Georgla .. •1—U.C.L.A ;">—Illinois G—Michigan 7—Georgia Tech .. H—Tennessee .. . •.. 9—Louisiana State 60 32 5 5 12 12 1,173 1,144 no? 838 590 510 •152 Navy victory undoubtedly . t dentally, the real grudge between "'.?/ N o t ,IT Bobcat Bob and Willing Wesley H on ;„ icxl week'- "in-il noli of 'ht- likely will make them .'orget ;.'"",,,!," ° UCK ° inal puU ° C thl - they'rc in the city of brotherly 'Jove. Fights Last Night By The ssociated Press Chicago — Dave Clark, 158. Cincinnati, outpointed Casey .Tones, 162, New York, 8. Omaha — Arturo Gocloy, 199 1-2, Chile, outpointed Tex Boddic, 192, Omaha, 10. Washington — Holrnan Williams, 161, Chicago, outpointed Deacon Johnny Brown, 16G, Baltimore, 10. 15 lU--Arkansas 05 This .second ten: It-North C.iro- linii. 94; 12-Yiilo, .'10; 13-Hioc, 70; 14-1'ennsylvimia,' 75; 15-Delaware, (2\, -17; to-Southern California, :(7: 17-tic between Boston College and Oklahoma, 20 each; lU-Mississippi Stale, U); 20-Tcxas, la. University to Observe 75th Anniversary Tuesday, November 26, 1946 jnpko .is larper thnn the three Sallfornin and Mmitan.r. " - Fayettcville, Nov. 32 ~(Afl— Under tentative plans, observance of the University of Arkansas' 75th anniversary will begin shortly after Christmas and continue through commencement exercises next June. Classes at the university opened 75 years ago next Jan. 22. The program for celebrating, the occasion is being made by a committee of students and will include not only campus ceremonies but also observances throughout' the state. ' • Cumulo - nimbus clouds which figure in thunderstorms have a spreading anvil - like lop which may reach as high as 25.0u.000 feet. -o- B'y United Press New York — Roman Alveroz, 139 3-4, New York, outpointed Julio Jiminez, 137 1-2, Mexico City. 10. Holvoke. Mass. — Joey Angelo. 139, Providence, R. L. outpointed Umberto Zavala, 138, Mexico City. 10. Lewiston, Me. — Maurice Beau- ing the men,and now pretended that c hcne, 143,'Brunswick, Me., stopped the mines were government prop- Leon Le Blond, 137, Lisbon, Me., :?. erty. He got the legal authority to draft, or seize, the property from a set of ominous heresies devised by Roosevelt's evil counsellors and described as the president's "aggregate vyar powers." These "powers," in a notorious, war-time case, permitted Roosevelt to seize Montgomery-Ward as a "facility" and turn it over to the army for operation because the company was drawn into a dispute with a C.I.O. union heavily infested with Communists. Under these "agregate war powers,'" the president, technically still has a right to seize all the prses and radio facilities of the nation and turn these means of public expression and information over to the same ideological reptiles who demoralized the army in Europe after V-E day through the insidious G-I publications and saturated both the army and the reeling populations of Europe with calculated anti-American propaganda through the unspeakable O-W.I. if the newspaper guild, by a Communist conspiracy hatched in some Red cell in New York, should plant nickels and create an artificial labor "issue" with the International News, United Press and Associated Press, Mr. Truman legally could seize these "facilities." And any of several traitorous organizations of pseudo-artistic type could give him equal justification to commandeer the air, as Hitler did. General Eisenhower couldn't have done his job in Europe if he had had to ask his armies to do as he planned, instead of commanding them. But the president of the United States has no power to deal with men who have power warned to appear "in" this~"court ^ starvo the country and wreck within thirty days and answer the"l the government, and still the peo- „ 1 _ • . j V ,1 ' „. . .._ 1 _***'* _*"'*- r\l(7» n V n/lf. t ll i rvi 4 n rtf. V, ! n -i^vl-i go. Performances against mutual oes give the smaller Missouri /alley Conference champions a Punter edge. Against Oklahoma L. and M., both scored ihree touch- owns with Tulsa snaring a iwo- 'Oint victory and Arkansas gain- ig a tie. Both counted two touchdowns m blanking Baylor, but the Hurricane also got a field goal Legal Norice WARNING ORDER No. 6605 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. ... Plaintiff _, _ - Defendant The Defendant, Reese Gibson is J. C. GIBSON vs. REESE GIBSON Providence, R. I. — Wayland Douelas, 149, New York, outnoint- ecl Henry Jordan, 148, Philadelphia, 10. New Britain, Conn. — Dennis (P.nt) Brady, 129, New York, knocked out Baby Sanchez, 12G, Mexico City, 3. Boston — Buddy Hayes, 128, Boston, outpointed Tony Costa, scason. As a result of Ihe Irish's 41-0 thumping of Tulane last Saturday ^2 of the 124 writers vo'.od vho Lcahymon No. 1. while 12 more called it a tie between Army and Notre Dame. Sixty-six put Army on top to give the Cadets, 1,173 12K 1-4, Woonsocket, R. T.. 10. Newark. N. ,f. •— George Brown, l. r >:i 1-2, New York, stopped Lou Angelo, 157, Bayonne. N. J.. 3. Belfast, Me. — Johnny Marra, 15IJ, Boston, utnpped Russ Goukl- inp. 149. Newark. N. J., :1. Rofhostor, N. Y. —Johnny Ma- z.inob'e, 14ii 1-2, Schenoctady, N.Y.. outpointed Irish Pat. Scunlon 142 .1-2. Now York. 10. Baltimore, Md .— Curtis ohep- parcl. I9n. Philadelphia, knocked out Clarence Brown, 201, Chicago, Scranton, Pa. — Joey Falco. 149, Philadelphia, stopped diet Vinci, 150, Rome, N. Y., 9. A treatise on wlien in 1311 be- lievod to be the first pointed, dealt solely with wines as medicine. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmorc Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main that would give him even an imaginary claim to a sprig from "the laurels won by American troops on the battlefield." And nobody but a union boss would have the shameless effrontery to hold still in the presence of such disgusting injustice to the men who actually did the fighting. There was no danger here at home and only rel-- ative discomfort and certainly no hardship as soldiers knew it. Sweepers in factories got $80 a week and bumb of both sexes loafted, shot craps and snoozed in quiet corners of ships abuilding in the yards on both seacosts at ian- tastic wages. Moreover, Eisenhower could have stabbed a Singer at Walter Reuther, of ihe United Auto /orkers, and said, "there is ihe oss of a union which sabotaged ational defense at Allis-Chalmers nd North American aviation ;n a ro-Hitler conspiracy with Stalin nd the American Communists ght down to Pearl Harbor." An undignified performance any ay you take it and I hope a mere misadventure and not a true indi- ation of the character of General Cisenhower. But if it is, ihis is a ood time to get a line on him. complaint of the'Plaintiff, J. C. Gib""in. Witness rny hand and the seal of said court this 4 day of November 194G. C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Omera Evans, D. C. W. S. Atkins, Att'y. for Plaintiff Lyle Brown, Att'y. Ad Litem (SEAL) Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26 OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co, , por 9 Quality Job ... By Efficient Workmen 4nd REASONABLE CAM, — HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. HOUSE WIRING — INDUSTRIAL REPAIR APPLIANCES and FIXTURES FRii ESTIMATES ON ALL JOBS 228 fe$t ?rd St. Hope, Ark. Phone 61 plo expect him to do his job. There was no necessity :for Eisenhower to so to the C. I. O. convention at all or, having gone, to belittle his own honesty and intel- lit'ence. It' he is suffering from political ambitions it is so much the better (hat he made a spectacle of himself so earlv, though the demolition oC a Man Who Was will bring no pleasure to those who know him thus far only as a mil itary hero :for history. Eisenhower told the C. I. O. that American labor "rightly shares in the laurels won by American .troops on the battlefield," which is I the damnedest nonsense of the season and certainly violates his own information. American laboi got enormous wages in the so| called war effort and loafed, malingered and squandered money on booze, entertainment and jewelry and the record of those very unions to which he addressed this idiotic flattery was so disgraceful vha even the very men whom he trice lore to woo must have been con emptuous. These unions struck iver childish causes, such as the color of the ice-cream and the pop :m the hokey-pokey wagons, they slowed down and stalled, they pro t'iteered and racketeered and the rank and file, the workers, enjoyec Jie highest wages in history while the troops were winning their lau rels on the battlefields. And Eisenhower is one who {news it, too, 'or it was Eisen lower who had to send back wore that he was short of shells and big tires, soon after Roosevelt, in the 1S44 presidential campaign hat boasted of plenty of cverythinp when and where it was needed. H< knew that the notorious "m strike" pledge of "American lab or," meaning the union bosses was violated ten 'thousand time and that no more mercenary am selfish performance could be founc in the history of all our wars, in eluding the shameless profiteerin of the contractors and manufac turers in the Civil and Spanish American wars. Nobody in the great commercia scramble on the home front wh has any decency would have th gall to claim that he did anything REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSJ-S. TOWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R ORDER NOW Don't take chances on your fuel supply. Winter is here. Hope Butane Co. Hope, Ark. 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Second St. Phone 535 <f f I PE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Chic* roun> OZAftK IKE By Ray Gotta THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS, COLLECT; ON THIS MINK COAT YOU HAVE THE WRONG HOUSE-THIS IS FOR t THE BIG HOUSE h-f I UP THE STREET ) -^r-V—^ --/ TH WAV EVERY60DY BUT OZAftK SET SAIL, YUH'D THINK THEY'D « SEEN A SPOOK/ -> 1,.™,,, HE'LL BE SO HAPPY WHEN WE COMES TO AND FINDS IT WAS ALL A MISTAKE AINT NOBUDDY IN SIGHT BUT LI'L' BUGZY SITTIN' BACK UFTH'FATPIELD GOAL LINE... By Galbraith By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Michael O'Mallev i. Raloh Lane f could see the boat more clearly now and I sensed a trap. IT'S A BOAT, ALL RIGHT. QUIET, TOO. MUST BE AN ELECTRIC OUTBOARD. s the record reached the end, the music stopped and I could hear the needle scratching. VNNT, Y" TH^NKS POR TH' N\EM, BU8...IF VOU'P.E B NOIGNftNTLV tHE PROPRIETOR SNOTCHES IT UP, SUPS IT IN'» IHE C7,SH REGISTER, W^DRINSS UP 45*.... . KIND OF / SNINOV ly BROKE SOMETIIAE . (AE3BE I C^N DO CH&RITV HAVJEN'T I WORK PO 1 KNOWN THKT VOU PLftN \ GUV SOME' HERE'S VOUR CHf\N6E- Y C'AMJN.WIHDY, I, *9.55...NOW GET OUT! TlRECftLLNOW. THKT'S OLKWT 'COPR. 1946'BY'NEA"3ERvicg, INl.. .. M.'REO. U.' g.'PAY. Off ISM DY NEA'SLBVICE. INC. T. M. OEO. u. s, PAT. ore. < .' It's rather late! Why don't you let me put you up here?" By.V/alt 0-sney "If there hadn't been a war, the government wouldn't have sent me to college and we'd never have become cniiaficd—isn't fate wonderful?" FRECKLES AND HIS VvW TWe TirAftS, j I'M SIMPLV AMD HILDAC / UTTERLLV DESOLATED/ — .^ -/I DIDN'T GET A-PART IN ^^ , THE PLAY/ v FUNNY BUSINESS COE MAKE -, MWTCWTHE PAINTING/ IMAT'S A , \ I'M Jusr CUAK^CT Ult HA / A r>A\\/kt WORRY, -HILDA —I THiWK .we CAM ARRANGE IT/ HILDA/ A PAWM, AWFULLY / OF FATE . SORRY / . S NOTHINS- EVER HAPPEMS To ME TO . PEOPLE ENVIOUS/ "Jones ran out of ammunition, but he never gives up!" j ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. Hainan EIGHT SMACK IN MIDDLE OF YOUP BEAUTIFUL Thimble Theater AHOY, VA LOOKS LIKE VA JUST SAW A CAME /— VI ABOARD YOU« THAT, ME LITTLE ik SHIP BECAUSE PAL - ^ A LONGISH mvmt . COULDN'T FINJP A HOUSE TO HAUNT — /STDRVr/ THE v-5,i L I LArxlPLOCP PUT ME OUT - AMP ' HAVE HAP A TERRIBLE -r|,v| E - VOU KNOW HOW i / / , 1 CROWPED EVERY OKWS cuyyv 1 :. sttt^ tttfw.- IWb THIW&5 WR 1 :. TftV\< TO >(OU S n'6 NOMt OF ftt*0 1 ft DOWN TOWN TOOfW > tV)EK> ifViE HRvEWT VOCRTE HECK V? 60IN6 ON, - OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSfc With Major Hoopie COUNT TEM BEFORE YOU ALL RIStAT.TVJlSGS/ 6LVT TIP — FOR THE CLEAvjEE,^^ VW RI61AT-BACK ThAAT T • Kls N1BS KWE> Jm rz&tz CASH—x TIPPED (WE OFF HE PLAMS ,• MEED A^V WO£f TO SHARE THE WE^LTrt ^^ ASTRAKHAN WHTH VOL) A5 A CHRIST/WAS M WAR^AER'3 J OR Sir-T— LET Bl^A PO IT v-^/A COLLAPSIBLE HIS WAM AMD HE'LL BE )^>%A MOTHER.-OF- A9 KAPPV AS A /—- J &iL\ PEAR.L ^^^^itfninr^ 3 ^ BOTCHER'S CAT By frsd Harmon \\iiTH iiVj-W/7''W:1 CUT! 'N J-Vi . J'£ L-U,V>UT) i^ot ! N \E-'L'oX 1 IT'S SOtflJie.! riihJE TrtAl) i>Ui IF E.f4 A WilE£L SHElvlFF C-\M Ru.S ) C/ML O^,--\l£, "fKlr^o-S, RED'^XC SH=liiFF' WORD TO \M\6B 6ANES A "THE BOTTOM RUNG t.».««.».» «,.„"

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