Pittston Gazette from Pittston, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1951 · Page 5
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Pittston Gazette from Pittston, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Pittston, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1951
Page 5
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- I -THE PITT8T0N GAZETTE- rAQC r: There Onzhta Be A Lav By Fagaly and Shorten fir 9 Nothing Like it . . . Absolutely Nothing !l 15 te 12 CALLON CAPACITY Electrically Heated Water J.HIS new Automatic Electric Water Heater Just doesn't have any competition . . . Electric science developed it, you can prove it. Here's a water heater that's absolutely SAFE and dependable. No valves or gadgets to stick, no moving parts to get out of order. It's clean inside and out, no flame to worry you, no flues, no soot and it's completely automatic, keeping the hot water at an even temperature 24 hours a day. You'll have all th hot water you want at any time, day and night. The heavy-duty tank is completely insulated, top, side and bottom with Fiberglas that keeps every bit of heat in the tank. Surveys by the Office of Civilian Reauirements, The National Electric Manufacturers and a contest conducted by McCall's Magazine, show that 3 times as many housewives will buy Electric Water Heaters this year as those already owning one . . . they're what housewives want! See the newest Automatic Electric Water Heaters at THE SCRANTON -ELECTRIC COMPANY, or at your dealer's. The Scranton Electric Company Xm tm White Haven Borough Buys Water Plant White Haven Municipal Authority has completed the purchase of White Haven Water Company, which originally was established by the borough In 1S36 and n-Ji to private interest! in 1S65 to enable the borough to pay troop bounties levied against the borough by the Federal Government during the Civil War. The authority recently floated a (108,000 tond issue to purchase the water company. From this fund, the authority will pay J87,C98 to stockholders of the water conrvpany or 1,204 shares of stock in the company. Want Male or Female Help? A GAZETTE Classified Ad will get It for you. .. .Phone 1000. HERE'S A GOOD JOB FOR YOU In A Progressive Company Group hospitalization, sickness and accident insurance, em pleyee retirement and life Insurance plane. Fine working conditions. o ASSEMBLERS o ASSEMBLER LEARNERS o QUALIFIED WELDERS o HELPERS " jx electric and mechanical . general plant work. Learners and helpers in various Other occupations. Training or experience not eesential. Earn ' while you learn. Call in Person LUKEI1S STEEL t COMPANY - Employment Department Strode Ave., Cpatesville, Pa. IhW A. M. to V:00 P. M. ,,- Interviews Monday through - 'Friday. . RADIO PROGRAM EVENING PROGRAMS (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) WNBC 660 :0O News 6:1 Answer Man 6: 30 Scoreboard S:o 8 Star Extra 7:00 8ymphontte 1:Z0 News 7:4 One Man's Family 8:M Railroad Hour 1:30 Howard Barlow 9:00 Concert 9: 30 lavelle Band 10:00 'Pops Concert ll:0O News 11:16 H. V. Kaltenborn 11 : 30 Bare Oara-way 12:00 News WJZ 770 6:00 Cavalcade 7:00 News 7: Ofi Headlines 7:15 Ne-we 7:3 Lone Ranger 8:00 From Homicide 3:30 Henry J. Taylor 3:45 Foreign News t:09 Documentary P:S4 rreamiboat 10:00 Orchestra 10:8O New 10 : 43 News 11:00 Choily Knickerbocker 12:00 News WCBS 880 : 00 News 6:10 Baseball Sours 6:15 Our Times 6:30 Hollywood 6:45 Lowell Thomas 7:00 Beulah 7:15 Jack SmMfc T:SV Club li ":45 Edw. Murrow 8:00 Playhouse 8:OJ Talent Scouis 9:00 Theater 10:0:0 My Friend Irma 10:80 Bob Hawk U:00 News 11:115 Orchestra 13:00 News CLASSFIED ADVERTISING For Sale Sweet cherries Inq. ware ave. 313 Dela-22jSt HOTEI, FOR SALE 14 furnished bedrooms, liquor license business district. Complete with business only, phone 5574-R. 22jt FOE I, lot Bo'Ur cherries, 15'c a quart. Inq. 179 Norman St., Phone 2445-R 22J3t i Sweet Cherries. ('White oxheart) I Mo quart. Phone 24S2-W. 2ioj2t Kelvinator. Apartment size. Good condition. $49.95, only $5.00 down. Appliance dept., Lazarus Store, Pittston. 25j3t Female Help Wanted Girl for general office work Old established firm. Shorthand & typing necessary. Reply In own ' hand w riting, Box 66 in care of Gazette. tf i GREETING CARD SALESPEOPLE Fastest 1951 money-makers ready! 1 Low priced, brilliant designe sell j easily. Up to 100 profit. 21 -Card $1 Assortments, big line. FREE Samples Embossed Personal's, 50 ,for $1.25, up. Other Imprints. Assortments on approval. Write today. nariVDSHIP, 971 Adams, .Klmira. N. Y. 23J It Wanted Union plasterers wanted on large housing job, Scranton, Penna. Steady work for good men. Apply Valley View Terrace, Pear Street and Crown avenue. 21j5t Board A room wanted on West Side. Wallace E. Lynn, 115 Parke street, Phone 384-W. . tf Miscellaneous TONIGHT'S VIDEO PROGRAMS WNBF-TV. (Binghamten), Ohan. 12 6:00 News 6:15 Perry Come 6:30 Family Star 7:00 Kulka. Fran and Ollie 7:30 Fays Emerson 7:45 News Caravan 8:00 Video Theater 8 : 80 Concert 9:00 Horace' He'.dt 9 : SO Hollywood Stars 10:0 Summer Theater 11:00 Girl Wr:s tiers Authorized Hoover Service 8ta-rlon. Phone Rov Stauffei's. PltU-ton 158. J. L Havward. representative. M.W.F Wanted to Rent 4 room apt. by middle age couple. Vicinity of Pittston or West Pitts-ton. Phone Scranton 4-2162 25J8t vtwTk tyitj boll cfTSTsai.tmose must be UNOByeuowo jmil&-m pictures i shou IWSDITIM OP THE GANG UP AT 9$H,Na YW&J1 HE LAST SUMMER. JSjWBT.' I VOftGOT All ABOUT , rmfX-'tWlU. HAVE 'EM jp ..Y DEVELOPED .J5 ' TBPPtt I AND "CAP" STTJBBS (thevwnTbe) (M after TOMOCWW? ) READY UNTIU I CANT WATT THAT ION (j! ( Sfi?J?05R JL-Hf JGOTTA NAVE 'EM RIOHT VJOMORSOW.-p AWAVJ KM ADVEBTlSE . jfifeySx OMB DAY f RVICI, p PONT VOUIljJ, "UkaALLtrr fRAHCIS AGteSTI. too cMPm., 8HA0OOCK , PA . i-f W j i ' I .,'1 The Good News Signal WELL, TAMW OF TW TEACHER SATIN' CAP AKT LI L OK WELL mxjlo fail if they didwt STUDV-AN US MAKISI' 'EM STUDY- AN THEM 6LIPPIW OFF TO TURTLE POND WHEKI WE WEREN'T LOOKIN'- By ED WIN A ' CAP H M ETuri'.. TOSTUOfl AN LOS1M' WIS-1 MEAN ETHELS 6E06RAPMY, AN' MUNTIN' IT, AN FINDIN A SPY RING INSTEAD. ANf-f WELL . II JUOI 3HUW9 HOW IMTORTANTi STUDY IS!! ) i h. . - a mm HOCKEY FINN 4 Sr, U. 5. fL OSaa S HURRAY! WE S (GOT PROMOTED!! ) OH' OUB WAY By WILUA23 x&zr- . -ri in un, m' v WHERE DO W tLsL ONE THAT Y ONE THAT W SEE m-fJV LOS LIKE LOOKS LIKE A CLOUD O BbSf y J t RAM GOHG A BEAR LIKE THAT t r&mt tTM W-WITH lAWAYFRONA LADY LEANltfY ( ARDMPADOUR U HORNETS ), OVER: A r-PilST S WASH TUB .,.4 MY PAVORrTE LE3 SHOW- :'. . S3Pr;5;:a:5:' JUST ACROSS MOST L-1S cow twi v mi Mnet mc. t u. iica t mt ttt At druifittt 3c OAK er SUMAC Stop the itching, dry 'ip the blisters with gentle, SAFE Walter Hoover's Band To Play At Country Club The Dunbar Twp. High School Band under the direction of Walter S. Hoover, -will present a concert at the Irem Temple Country Clulb, Dallas, nxt Sunday evening,' July 1, at 8 p. m. Mr. Hoover, Is the former band director of the Moosic and Pills-ton City High Schools. The Dunbar Twp. High School Band, received a superior rating at the Forensic, and Music concert, held at the California, State Teachers' CsKege, last Itere&t lt. U, S. PL OSka MiNmM SrWkl, h I SUPPOSE JEANIEYws-miVENTH IS GOING TO STAY HOME LAST NIGHT WITH HER FATHER EVERYTHING WOULP -UP IN SAWP1TS? BE OKAY -IF WEEPY rr-ad JWASN'T IN THE f 710 FLINT WELL.MAYBE YOU'RE WORRYING A LinLE TOO MUCH ABOUT HHMICKEY REP MAY NOT EVEN SEE HIM AGAIN -AFTER A COUPLE OF PAYS AT THAT CAMP' Heavy Schedule! SHOSW- JU ST ACROSS MOST L-1S ANY CREEK Tf?vm.bM& I'Vi' i ..Xix.iai, i ,. ,Li,. ......igfai By By LANE LEONARD I HOPE YOU'RE RIGHTJ Am Fritz Retaliates WHAT ABOUT PHL? NOW THAT ALL THE EXCITEMENT IS OVER. PO YOU THINK HEUI SPENDING A LITTLE MORE TIME HERE IN THE OFFICE? OH, YES I'M 1 r WOVE BEEN SWEUf TU GClM v SURE HE KNOWS I NEfiLKTINS VKtM Tft Pi AY man 71 T rf ? iTHAT HE1S GOT GOLF THIS YEAR, PHfLl PAY N0W-FOR H xl A LOT OF I 1-HOWABOUrn.AYlMV tup RPcrnctup l - catching up J L rnunaanw? atuura i .iiLr By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN ' ' ' ' ' tw- w w i w , i . twvvim. b nnTMiiiiiinihri. v i i ii , li r 1 11 jmmlj - - uki ehkh I OUR UST; eKOWUE -5AWEONE5" 5UTUKE-. SEEN PATCHING UP AW POS W05RTAL... I 1 WITH THAT SALAMI h LETS 5EB IF HE WAS VI6ITEP By AN6ELPL66. FELONS. I CAN STILL vi (vEStST. FtOtZl) i unnjnw r " ? hemh Me-nk Ul 'l' ir " MAKE A LEGAL UVINGy ffT I in PIT Tl S -Z W"illiUiiVlM IIJF83 WITHMV HANP5. t" SCALPEL HE VOU AAU5T WAVC. MTTA V-tr!N. pkS llffl r "V ATTACKTED AA ) HIA A0GELPU5S. HE I X Pj " AYOOP ' Bad Guess ' ' ' " By V. T. HAMIJIij MUST SAY GUZ WASN'T MYfiOSHyC I DUNNO, HrwWwT( LjOOKS LIKE WHERE I' PEER THERE 7 fu;K b KIDDIN' WHEN HE FOOZY, I DON'T BUT .I'LL GO rWliWiifr fm'iWM YOU MADE A NSURE IS SUMPIN n V-V DOAA .iil' FRECKLFS AND HIS FRIENDS we BOYS ARP ON THEIR WAY 70 ALTA icoee WHERE MORBID MORTON HAS UNEO UP B6LLHOP Let's Go I tWKITWE" H LETS EAT OR THIS LL BE fZS Mns made that teL my last mle a you MEAMiweX HAVE tmeybootmer, tVEIi " AT- WAITRESSES AT ALTA LOC6E HAVE IT ALL OVER THIS CHICK 7 By MERRILL BLOSSKS " . EVERY DISK WORWKJG- AT ALTA ts A BLUE PLATE SPECIAL Tmento heck with eating lets hit twe ROAD WEteE .VVASTING- TlME Cm ' ssssssi OKI K :i i PERCH. 1 LOVE-? I1 PIIW." i - - ' (III HI lAiUlll !'"- " """" '""

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