Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1946
Page 4
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Its members have been depicted as a high-busted group of serio-cornic. middle-aged-to- elderly she-Rotariiins who concern themselves with ilovycr arrangements of cat-tails and milkweed pods, listen to lectures and regard communism as legalized rapery, as whv shouldn't they? These girls are as they are and, weight for age, no less toothsome (nan the dames who lambaste them, no fatter scrawnier, n* less 25-11 Foot bail By The Associated Press Yale 27; Harvard 14. Dartmouth 20; Princeton 13. Delaware 20; Muhlenberg 12 Georgetown 19; New York Uni- Write or phone us and we will make delivery immediately of a nice rebuilt and refinished piano. Reasonable prices, easy terms. Also reserve orders- accented for the new Kimball and Mason & Hamlin Spinets. Little Rock Piano Company. 216 Main St. Phone 2-4149. 22-6t 260 FEET 1 1-2 (JNGH &LACK pipe. Paul DeLiacerda, One, McCaskjll«,~Y. . Route 25-6t ONE OIL STOVE, ONE WOOD stove. A. 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Illinois 20: Northwestern 0 Indiana 34; Purdue ''0 Minnesota 6; Wisconsin 0. North Carolina 22; Duke 7 Georgia Tech 41: Furman 7. North Carolina Slate 37. Florida 6. San Francisco 39; Wyoming 7 Texas Tech 1C; Arizona 0 City Univ G1 lEcthany , ^ -•'£ ^ur^ca "B" 27; Midlar.rf "o. .m.,''T as " B " 13; Kansas State •D 0. , i'ermessee 7; Kentucky 0. University of Virginia :il ;West Virginia 0. Clemson 21; Auburn 13. Mississippi State 20; Mississippi Notre Dame 41; Tulane 0 Southwestern (Kss) 10; College of Emporia 6. Emporia Teachers 21; Pittsburgh f _ (Kas) Teachers 0. U.C.L.A. 13; Southern Stanford 25; California 0. . Oregon State 13; Oregon 0. Washington 21; Montana 0. Columbia 59; Syracuse 21. Boston College 13; Alabama 7 Georgia 43; Chattanooga 27 S.M.U. 35; Baylor 0. Rice 13; Texas Christian 0. Oklahoma 27; Nebraska 0 Oklahoma Aggies 59; Drake 7 New Mexico 14; Kansas State 7 Wichita 13 ; Toledo 7. -o- 26-6t VISIT Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop Clothes for Infants — Toddlers — Children Gifts — Toys — Cards SUE and LEE Tots to Teens 223 S. Walnut Phone 949 YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Mope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 41 IS. Hotel Few Football Teams Remain Undefeated Now York, Nov. 25 — UP)— Fourteen college football teams remain in the unbeaten-untied class xoclny and all but four of them have completed their season schedules. The only perfect record club to am by the wayside Saturday was Muhlenbcrg, beaten by Delaware, &\J~l £i, .•The xinbeaten and untied .'ist: Team Ueorgia x-Missouri Valley (Marshall; x-Delaware UCLA '"..:; Hardin-Simmons .... x-California (Pa.) Teachers ...... x-Mayrville (Tenn.) x-St. Norbert's x-Wesleyan intelligent or courageous in their convictions and second io ;io other gioup in their unconditional American patriotism. I thought I would mention these matters by way of establishing their right io their opinion on immigration or anything else, subject to no discount on ihe score of looks or their preoccupation with low-priority interests while .as it were, Rome burns. Alter all. it wasn't Mrs. Talmadge who brought a personal protegee to Washington on public salary to divert tho masses from bombs bursting in air by teaching ballroom versions o£ "Turkey in the Straw" touched up with squirms of Hollywood kootch; or, touching on the subject of manners, who served pink lemonade, spiked with square- face, to the British prime minister, knowing him to be a bandy man. Coming now to the mater of the admittance of more "displaced persons," I am in a position to say that our present immigration laws and policy are so leaky, complex and confused that the only desirable nersons who are really excluded are good Germans who had to submit to ihe Nazi regime for the same reason that millions of Americans hn.d io accept the domination discipline of Mrs. Roosevelt's iriencls of the C.I.O. — to wit, in order to live. We have been letting aliens into New York alone at the rate ol lo.ooo a month, when native Americans can't find living quarters, as Franklin. Jr., has been bellowing through the political loud-speakers of the American Veterans' Committee, and at a time when a native American never knows whether Mrs. Roosevelt's political comrades will let him earn a day's pay or make him pack a placard, throw bricks at the cops and put in :cor relief to feed his family. few days ago, after a class of European displaced persons had been sworn in by a district judge, ten of them, described by an attache of ihe court as "bc- jewelcd and befurred" types, which abound in expensive hotels and apartments along Park and .b ifth Avenues and in ihe region of Central Park, inquired before they left the building whether they could now -get passports and go back to Europe immediately as American citizens. The fact is plain that ihe selection of the lucky ones who receive visas permitting them to come here is up to the American consular employees in Europe, who are slaves ot bureaucratic hum-drum and not too well paid and, presumably, -10 more likely to spurn graft than others more highly placed in the political party which sent them abroad. The recent Garsson case, which recalled an earlier regime of bribery and shakedown in the immigration service, set up iittle red flags of caution in the present situation in American consulates abroad, which probably will be ignored. Breckinridge Long, an assistant secretary of state, in a con- iidenlial report to a committee of the House of Representatives in 1943, revealed that frightened ap- ..,„,.. plicants for • visas had slipped - PTS OP| m .°» e y into their papers and other- 0 437 031 wi s . e . trlc d to bribe the consular trnffr' «*-. .- ,, 4 it,. _i . - . . SPORTS a war measure That would leave the minor league governing body with no income but rm ui- bership and protection and with a uipidly dwindling reserve uind . . Without cash. ;he .association couldn't do much and might just as well move its headquarters in Cincinnati and become a satellite of the commissioner's office. It fofc I fttferteA, ,T». SV— New -York, Nov. :?5 — (/P)— An independent minor league baseball club owner claims the bit; leagiis moiails "are .-ittempting and practically succeeding in rilling — and ruining — the national association." ... If that is true, iho uig leaguers should find it very ensv to take full charge at next 'week's meeting . . . All they'd have to do would be to vole down ihe restoration of the two percent "tax" on player sales, which was dropped :is e I earns >easons This Week By AUSTIN BEALMEAR New York, Nov. "."< •— l.'l')— With the Rose Bowl .'illed and <;everal major conference races settled, the college i'ontball teams which haven't quite had enough will pick up the .loose ends of Ihe 1946 season this week as promnters select, the opponents for other post-season pa rnes. The "ina! week of the campaign will divide its grid :'are between Tli.-mksgivini; Day and Saturday with the big four — Army. Notre MONOPOLIST Mill Valley. Calif., Nov. 25 — (/P) — The Homestend Valley volunteer fire department gave a whist party with three Thanksgiving tur- Keys as the prizes. After some intense card ulayini 1 , Mrs. W. C. Dreschsler won the lirst bird. competition resumed and in due time the second gobbler was awarded to Mrs. Dreschsler. She won the third turkey too. Hints, Not Guaranteed Wllll lllo „, fom . _ A . Notrc Soon after the football v/olvos | Damo, Georgia and UCLA —risk- Began to howl after Michigan; ing their beaten records on the State s Charlie Bachman, Back-1 week-end dale, leld Coach Johnnie Pingel flatly, Ai my, shooting lor its third turned down an offer from a Lans-[straight season without defeat, ing industrialist for a job at almost double his present pay. But wi- also hear that Johnny isn't 100 -annular and that the Spartans really have iheir eyes on Ari/.on.-i's Mike C-is- teel ... A "dark hnrse" among Ihe. possible successors io >\ndv Kerr at Colgate is William "Ki" Young, who quit coaching at \u- burn, N. Y., high school "after an unbeaten season to look" after his insurance business. Young, a Col ......... u ..i.,. U uoiiii:a:>. i Dung, a v,oi- i iv winniT -probably will PO in sate grad, is a close iriend urt tho Sugar Bowl and Georgia'' can plays Navy at Philadelphia. The Ciidcls will be vop-heavy :'avorilcs In crush a Navy It-am Ih.-il hasn't won a game since . ; ls opener. ^ Georgia. which brctv.od past Chattanooga, -1K-27. • to run its por- fi'd ire'ord Io nine- wins, will be invaded by Georgia Tech, a team tiiat trampled Furman, 41-7, for It:; eighth triumph since dropping its opener 10 Tennessee. winnnr probably will 150 vo Tli clinch a lie /or iho Southeastern Conference championship. Tennessee, which squeaked -oast alifornia Dots All, Brothers '•• i .icunessee, wnicli s(|ueakrd -oast Did you know that Ty Cobb held Kentucky. 7-0, In match Georgia's the record for votes in the Hall of '•'on^rcncc tocord of :'our wins and FVimn .->ir,nii/-,,>c. ,,,:n, .!.„ no losses, will be al Vandcrbilt. - — .vwv-.. ... L1IL 41-.111 \JL r.-unc elections with U\c exception of the unanimous choice of Lou Gehrig? All but four of 223 baseball writers' ballots went to Ty . . . Dick Schultz, the Cleveland pro basketballer, also wields a nifty paintbrush and turned out some hand-painted "liltle brown jug ties last summer in honor of the big horse race in his homo town of Delaware, Ohio. o Football Results By The Associated Press All-America Conference Chicago 38; New York 23 Cleveland -12; Buffalo 17. San Fr.-mcisco 30; Brooklyn 14 '. Natioral . League New York 7; Pittsburgh 0. Boston 40; Los Angeles '21 Chicago Bears 12; Detroit G Washington 27; Philadelphia 10 Chicago Cardinals 24; Green Bay American League Akron 20; Long Island 0. Jersey City 28; Scranton 17. Newark 21; Palerson 14. o gave a damn. On top of all this, the sailor held a card in ihe National Maritime -. A Tennesse . ioss and a Georgia ( . , • ."••" ...... 1. .^ V. ,/ 1 £^ III triumph would give the Bulldogs the title, whiln both would .-.hare the championship by winning. Tennessee already has accepted n bid to the Orange Bowl, with an opponent expected to come from the Southwest Conference. T IPI,A. which won vhp Pacific Coast conference title and tho ri"hl to be host team in the Rose Bowl by turning back Southern Calil'or-l ma. iS-Ci, winds up its regular sea-! son against invading Nebraska . Southern C.-il. ine-imvhile, will invade Notre Dame Saturday whose unbeaten but once-tied eleven swamped Tulanc, -11-0. . It was all over but iho shouting in the Big Nine, where Illinois won he title and qualified to represent the East in the Rose Bowl by whipping North wcslcin, 20-0 Other Big Nine finales'hist week saw Michigan slaughlor Ohio Stnto ,i.i-fi, Indi:in.-i defeat Purdue, 34-20 and Minnesota clip Wisconsin I'.-O North Carolina, winner of' the southern Conference title with a ii-( triumph over Duke, closes out Its- season al Virginia Saturday and other teams in thai, loop argue over second place on Thursday Saturday's schedule in the Southeastern Conference will find Mis- ..10 .10 387 337 29(5 4(11 274 211 223 165 OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Dfvision-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. For a Quality Job... By Efficient Workmen and REASONABLE CALL HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. HOUSE WIRING — INDUSTRIAL REPAIR APPLIANCES and FIXTURES FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL JOBS 228 East 3rd St. Hope, Ark. Phone 61 to put them ahead of others and his description of this only confirmed observations in Danzig and other Baltic and Polish cities alter the first world war, when American shysters who knew the law and the ropes went around herding their clients ihrough ihe works at so much per head. The immigration service now is working under a presidential "directive," one of -those ambiguous .writs which mean everything and nothing and allow CI-OOKS discretion to okay for admittance here the sort of individuals who believe, and with increasingly good reason, that the United States now ?s as rotten as France before the f.-iss. Men actually engaged in the immigration service on this side of the water disagree so often on points that should be plain that obviously the law, ihe regulations and ihe exceptions are a mess to be administered by intuition, by guess and by ear. In a recent Stowaway case Federal Judge Murray Hulbort had be- lore him a young, educated Spanisn merchant sailor, possibly a Communist, although he called himself a "Democrat," who had hidden his brother aboard a freighter and tried to smuggle him into New York. The probation report on the sailor recommended 18 years and suspended sentence and when Judge Hulbert asked a man representing ihe Department of Justice whether ihe government would deport him if he did impose and suspend this sentence, the D. of J. man said he didn't know, be- c/iusc that wasn't the business of his particular office. The judge .hen gave the sailor a year and a day, suspended, and, as an officer of the government, demanded to be advised whether the man v-vis deported. Otherwise, apparently, he would have been allowed to enjoy all privileges of life in the United States except the vote. And when Judge Hulbert asked about the stowaway borther, the answer was :hat he was still on Ellis Island, lying on status quo avec cham REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R pjgnons and in no danger of'early eighcr. They just didn't Jeporlation _.„...... „„„,, Ju ^i. ^un i. know. Nobody knew and nobody ORDER NOW Don't take chances on your fuel supply. Winter is here. Hope Butane Co. Hope, Ark. Phone 188 — 554-J AMERICAN CAFE PRESCOTT, ARK. e o Open 24 Hours Daily e « Meet your friends here, Day or Night. We're always glad to serve you. Robert A. Gammill Mgr. -' winnor .'-i-J'i , Ali .' ba ™. which A V" 7 dccis ' on >-° Boston Al . lbl "' n - . ^-'3 victim of "' 37 -° ll ° r to MAYO'S Texaco Service Station ' 3rd and Washington Expert Lubrication New Tires and Tubes PHONE 6 -- _ JP . i.» 11_ Aitt nuiitii jvi; Union, of Mrs. Roosevelt's C. I. O., which took a firm oicum against Franco, whose government our country now recognizes as a Col friendly power. Ho had bc.-n called ri, m*, ,, . m • , tor routine duty in the Span is N o"h"& -o in , ^ "' a ™, ,„ i ' Army and here was the United <-.i.oluui State; .and Tulano States on the point of offering asylum to a military abscond?? merely because he didn't Jike the government, as though all the drafted Americans had been joyously devoted to Franklin U. Roosevelt, Sidney Hillrnan, Ickos, Pepper and Guffey of Pa. For extra precaution, "displaced persons applying in Europe are now being "screened" by both the Army and the Stale department but, having in mind the 'larcenous avidity of Arrny personnel in Germany and the State department's notorious partiality to any color jusl so it is red, that is a mitigated assurance. The situation is thai, aside -TOITI •1 wives and fiancees and ;iegili- ble other categories, "displaced persons" are what we ain't Melting nothing else but and with none of the normal restrictions to assure ourselves that they won't be picketing the White House or filching the formula for the atomic bomb for the rulers of the workers' paradise in the U. S. S. R. Sometimes I suspecl thai Mrs. R cloesn I Lake enough care in gathering material for her deathless prose. Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St. Buildings • Houses Barns o Vehicles • Etc. Waller & Waf'^r Phono 710-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. Doug f a *\ a 'W"y Carl Bacon V*io i I Jones ELECTRIC CO. House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 at Louisiana State. Rice, still trying to share the Southwest Conference title with Arkansas after trouncing Texas Christian, 13-0, entertains Baylor Saturday with Texas Christian playing at Southern Methodist, which blanked Baylor, 35-0. Oklnhqm.'i, assured of :io worse than a tic for Dig Six honors after boating -Nebraska, S7-6, winds up at Oklahoma A. and M. Other major games Saturday will find Holy Cross at Boston College, Washington at Oregon Stale, Washington Stale at Michigan Stale, Kansas Slale at Arizona and Temple at Wichita. Thursday's top game in the East will send Cornell to Pennsylvania with the Ivy League title depending on the outcome. Cornell can .win the championship by upsetting the Quakers. Otherwise it will go to Yale, which grabbed the Big Three title last week with a 27-14 triumph over Harvard, unless league officials decide to count the one lie on the Hli record as a half- game won and a half-game lost and flume the standings on a percentage basis. Such a decision, still pending, would throw the lille into a three- way deadlock if Penn whips Cornell as expected, with Yale, Harvard and Pennsylvania all owning .750 records. Another Turkey Day clash In the East will iind Colgate at Brown. Kansas will be al Missouri Uuirsday to see which car. share the Big Six title with Oklahoma. A tie would hand the undisputed championship to the Soonurs, who beat Missouri but lost to Kansas. Southern Conference games on Ihursda" have Furman at Davidson, William and Mary at Richmond, Sown Carolina at Wake Forest and Virginia Tech at Viruinip Militaiy. Texas A. and M. will be a'- Texas in the Southwest Conference and Arkansas will play its iraciilional thanksgiving Day contest at Till- sa. Elsewhere on Thursday it will bo •Arizona State at Wichita Bradley Tech at St. Louis, Colorado A. and M. at Colorado, Colorado College :it Denver, Utah State at Utah and Idaho at Fresno State Is Refrigerator REPAIRS Phone 800-J 24 Hour Commercial Service Savage Refrigeration Service BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repair* HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Hestlng Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS made of You and Your Loved'Ones . By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley Studio 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging WANTED White Oak Logs and fs Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more derails Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas Heart and Sap Cypress Also Pine Across Street from Hope Basket Co. PE SHINGLE CO. Phone 1000 The Hope Bobcats nre resliiiR In inn-cl place in conference standlm; £ l ,' l , w .' 11 llave lo win from Pine Bluff here Turkey Day to hold it. llie locnl team had quite a scare al I'ordycc lust weekend, finally ovci-iToming n 14 point lead to win ." ., ' 1 I? x n |lk »»a's loss to Beiilon put the Cats nhciifl of the border city eleven. Little Rock and El Dorado nre the two top teams in Hie standings. The locnl loam was refused permission to piny a postseason oair-e against Rogalusa, Louisiana Oc- cembsr 0. With that off their minds the local eleven today settled down to hard work preparing for the Zebras. Although the games havo always been close Bobcat teams have never been able to -beat Pine Bluff. The Hope boys arc favored .u y i? ; "' but b( ? th the coaches and the boys realize Ihoy probably arc in store .for a tough bailie Thursday afternoon. Meanwhile the AAA announced its All - District selections as follows: Ends: Carson. I.itlle Ttork, Winc.1- ham, 151 Dorado. Tackles: Williams and Much, both of Little Hock Guards; Hushing of Little Hock a:ul iMiclell of K) Dorado; Cenler, Slock- ton of Texarkana; Backs, Schaufelo and Albright of Little Hock, Parks « f .EI Dorado and Rogers of Hope, tiill Morton made second team guard. Selections in district 7 were dominated by Magnolia with throe Nashville players. Tollctt, Hunicutl, and Bohannan winning berths CALL lf9 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size ol mattresses. 1 Day Service in riooe MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We Sell Sleep" ja_j W. 3rd St. Phone 119 COMPLETE RADJO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division Si. Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAM* • Complete Repair Shop » Body and Fender Shop • Complete Pgint Shop Monday, November 25, 1946 PRECIOUS ITEMS Clara City, Minn., Nov. 25 —(/I 1 ) — A salesman walked into William Donner's jewelry store, set down his grips, and immediately rushed out again. He returned a short time Inter, carrying a box of eggs which ^he carefully laid aside while m\c opened the grips to display $CO,000 worth of jewelry. "Do you mean to tell me you left those valuables .here un.ittended while you went chasing eggs'.'" usked Douncr. "Sure," answered the salesman, "Eggs arc hard to get where I come from." VISIT OUR NEW AND COMPLETE RECORD SHOP Records and Albums for every age and taste. MAKE THIS A MUSICAL CHRISTMAS*, Slop early. The perfect Gift awaits you at COBB-TOOLEY RADIO CO Radio, Phonographs and Radio Service See Us For... ^ INSURANCE Insure with the Stronger Mutual Companies. Complete Protection . . . ZO'/i Rtturn Dividend on Your Insurance Cost. In other Words, Maximum Protection at 20% SAVINGSl • Fire • Tornado • Casualty f£ • Automobile Real Estate LOANS o Gl 4% Interest « FHA4i% Interest Purchase Your Home Through Us ... 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Monday, November 25, BLONDIF HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARRAMSAS Chic* fOUtttf OZARK IKE By Ray Gotta HERE COMES ';. DID VOU KNOW MRS. MSNUFF WEIGHS 320 POUNDS? r" '>' I LOST THE --^ SAME SIZE AH'LL SNEAK ^ A PEEK... ; HE HAS A WIFE /!•> FAMILY -•;---- GROCEPV LIST COULD I BORROW YOUR GROCERY LIST, 'U AS MINE - • — \ _ . . __ ' SMALL ^ CHILDREN hdtvio *: L- •"^" S^'^.^iBi /_m^m^ 11-25 By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith By MicRaei O'Malfev & Ralbh Lane ^t twenty to ten Growl phoned, saying Bubble was leavin Blue's and headin for WELL, IF IT AIN'T ' 10 o'clock sharp in the shadow of" Corson's Ledge I Heard that music. And just as Clip Lilt must have done, I listened. I TOLD VOU WHAT THAT CANDY WOULD . DO TO YOUR TEETH, the lake. I told him to'delay" Bubble THE BLUE DANUBE .' I'VE HEARD THAT BEFORE! LOOKS LIKE A BOAT OFF JIli, THERE--CIRCLING/ By tflslie Turnefr fVlEANWHILE,THfST LAV) UNSPEAKABLE ROSUEi BUCKINGKm ISM. \S BUSY WRITING HIS fA "TWO DECADES OF GOOD, CLEAN FRAUD". 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