Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1946
Page 2
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Twi HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, Novehifefir 25,194(5 • \Vhale milk is not essentially different from cow's. ftiilH. Canada is the world's second largest exporting nation. it. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly be- fcause it goes right to the seat of the trouble.,to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw*-tender, in- Harried bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to seU you & bottle of Creomulsion tnth the understanding you must like the way it . allays the, cough or. you are s CREOMULSION t For Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Chattanooga Back Has Scored 105 Points Nesv York, Nov. 23 — (/P)— Scoring one touchdown against mighty Georgia while his Chattanooga team was absorbing a 48-27 boosting. Fullback Gene Roberts boosted his season scoring total 105 points tops in the nation's collegiate circles. With one more game to play, against Rollins College Thanksgiving Day, Roberts figured to cling to the lead through the final week of the season. Andy Victor of Oklahoma City University rocketed into contention over the weekend by scoring foul- touchdowns and kicking seven points after touchdown in his team's game with Bethany. Victor is only seven points back with a total of 98. Giant earthworms in Australia attain a length of six feet. Visit the Located at 306 East Third Street We Buy and Sell High Quality NEW & USED CARS and Models. STANDARD Byron Hefner — Beverly Johnson — J. B. Beckworrh 306 East Third Phone 1003 u> I'm going in for farming/ - •*. -So faf this year more than 12,000 telephones have gone into service on farms in our five-state territory. They arc the first in our program to make good telephone service available in every rural area where we operate. Construction and installation \vork now in progress is adding daily to the growing number of farms equipped with telephones. This rural extension and improvement program is one of the telephone company's big postwar undertakings. We figure it will take five .years and 14 million dollars to do the job in 700 communities and do it right. Shortages of material have caused us to run somewhat behind schedule, but the future looks brighter and we expect to catch up before too long. Meanwhile, you can be sure we'll be coming your way as soon as we can with new and better farm telephone service. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Market Report POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Nov. 25 — (/P)— Butter steady: receipts Friday 429,200, Saturday 10,545; 08 score AA 8.25; 92 A 82: 90B 79.5: 89 C 77. Eggs unsettled: receipts Friday 10,545. Saturday 4,flG9; U. S. extras 1 and 2 — 52.59; U. S. extras 3 and •!— 45.48: U. S. standards 1 and 2 — 44; U. S. standards 3 and 4— 4H: current receipts '11-42; dirties 29- 3i- checks 29-30. Live poultry: hens steady, others weak; receipts 27 trucks, two cars; FOB prices: fowl 27.5; leghorn 22.5; roasters 29-30; fryers 35-37; broilers 33-35; old roosters :il: FOB wholesale market; ducklings and heavy young ducks 27; light farm ducks 23. ST. LOUIS IVESTOCK National Stockyards. 111., Nov. 2 (ffl. — Hogs, 8,000; fairly active, weights under 250 Ibs steady to 25 lower than average Friday; heavier weights strong to mostly 25 higher; under 160 Ibs steady; sows mostly steady, spots 2 lower; good and choice 170-300 jbs 24.50-75; mostly 24.75; late to all interests; top 24.75; odd lots 310340 Ibs 24.25-50: most 130-150 Ibs 23.00-50: 110-120 Ibs 22.50-75; lighter weights 20.00-22.00; sows 23.0; stags 17.00-18.00 ;most boars 11.0- 13.UO. Cattle, 7,000; calves. 3,000; shipper demand moving some steers at steady prices with last week's close; several loads good 23.0024.00 and medium king 17.50-20.00: J I tie done on light yearlings; cows also slow with big packers bidding unevenly lower ; bulls opening steady; good beef bulls upward 16.00-50; medium to good sausage bulls 13.50-15.50; vealers steady with Friday, choice at 2.00; medium and goo d!6. 00-23. 75. Sheep, 2,300; market opened fully steady; several lots good and Hope Star Mar of Hope 1899;-Prex 1M7, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published dVerv wpukdoy aO«"-noon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex, H. Washbum, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star building 212-2U South Walnut Street, Heps, A--V.. Alex. H. Washbum. Editor & Publisher Pauf'H. Jones, Managing Editor Gaorge W. Hostncr. Mech. Supt. Joss M. Davis, Advertising Manager Emma G. Thomas, Cashier Enrered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hopo, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Mtons Associated Press. (NEA!—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Court Rules General Fund Not for Salary Little Rock. Nov. 25 —(,V)— The Ark.-insas Supreme C'ourl tocliiy enjoined the tudopondcnce county judge from collecting hit; r'.Uiu'y from the county general revenue fund and the county treasurer from paying warrants for that, purpose. The ruling \v.is contained in an opinion on one of a series of suits involving the fiscal affairs of the county in general and Sheriff Edgar Baker In pnrticular. The case on which today's opinion was based was filed by Baker ag.-iinst the National Surety Corporation, County Judge Forrest Jeffery and others. Baker sued the Surety Company, which wns Jel'fevy's bondsmen when Jet'tery svns sheriff, far ,50,(171.23 covering a group of alleged irregularities, Independence chun- "i.'rv rouri denied DaUor's claims including that for an injunction to iLnuimi Juiu.Ty liom cunucihig salary as county judge i'rom \he general revenue fund. The supreme court commented that the "method employed" by Jeffery in making settlements to various funds while he was col- lector "was highly irregular" but added tint Ihe limitations for bringing action to correct Uie transactions had expired. The court sustained vhe chancery court in i'efuN.ing the judgment but reversed it in its refusal lo grant the injunction sought by Hakcr. The court held tint the judge's salary should come from the sr.l- arv fund. er estate. Miss Aughenbaugh was a practical nurse who attended Mrs. Sinner. She suhso'iur>i->tly married Mrs. Singer's busbr.nd. Evaporation from the surface of . the Great Lakes vnriss from 20 to (.10 inches a year. Garland probate court was affirmed In allowing Bessie Aughenbaugh $4,000 i'rom the estate of Mrs. Delia Singer who died Oct. 11, 104-1. Th ebeiiuesl was opposed by the Arkansas National Hank of Hot .Springs, executor of the Sing- Child's Colds Relieve Misery -Rub on Time-Tested Subscription Rotes: (Always Payable in Advance): Sy city carrier per week 20c; oer month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp- steed, Nevnda, Howard, Miller and laFayetto counties, $4.50 per year; else- rfhero $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dollies. Inc.; Memphis Tenn. iterick Build.ng, Chicago, 400 Nor'h Mich- laan Avenu«; Ne»' fork City, 292 Madison Ave.: Detroit, Mich., 2842 VS. Grand Slvd.: Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg. Maw Orleans. 722 Union St. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled tc The use for republlcation ot all news dispatches credited to or not otherwise choice wooled lambs mostly good at 22.00-50; 33.00-50; medium and good lot s20. 00-22. 00; throwouts ilargely 13.00-14.00; good and choice clipped lambs, mostly No. 1 pelts, , credited it! this paper and also the loco •lows published heroin. !2.50; ewes not established, -o- GRAIN AND PROVISIONS .Chicago. Nov. 2 — (.V)— Grains moved into lower territory today under the leadership of corn. The 'ellow grain ran into hedging pressure attributed to airly large eceipts over the week-end, cash corn also was lower. Trading in wheat was on a small scale. At one. time the January contract was o 5 cents rom the 26. year peak established last Friday. Oats were more resistant to he decline than either wheat or corn. Bids on barley were again raised. The Southwestern Miller, a trade publication, said the production and marketing administration was expected to make a urther ad- ance in its pric eor lour. Wheat inished 1-8—1 3-4 lower, January $2.13 1-2, corn was 1-4 'ower to 5-8 higher, January $1.35 1-8—1-4, and oats were up 3-8—7-8, December 81 1-1—3-8. NEW YORK COTTON New i York, Nov. 25 —(IP)— Cotton utures moved irregularly higher in late dealings today, ollowing earlier declines o as much as :?2,75 a bale. The 1946 crop deliveries led the advance on aggressive mill buying and short coyering, while 1947 new crop deliveries lagged on the upturn. Early reaction relected the issuance o 30 transerrable notices against December 1946 delivery, nervousness over the coal situation also stimulated early hedging and liquidation. Futures closed 95 cents a bale higher to $1.40 lower than the previous close. Dec high 30.80 — low 30.28 — last 30.80 up 10 Mch high 30.50 — low 30.03 — last 30.49 up 19 May high 29.85 — low 29.41 — last 29.85 up 10 Jly high 28.40 — lo W28.05 — last 28.35 of 13 Oct high 25.68 — low 25.25 — last 25.52 off 28 Dec high 25.12 — low 24.75 — last 24.95 off 18 Mch }948 high 24.50 — low 24.35 — last 24.50N off 23 Middling spot 31.54N up 34. N-nominal. o NEW YROK STOCK New York, Nov. 25 — (ff>)— Individual stocks continued to operate in the recovery ranks of today's market despite bearishness over the coal dispute, but many leaders backed intolosing territory on one overs since last August, fn the smallest full-session turnovers since last August. Apathy ruled alter a arily active opening and the ticker tape ''re- quently dozed. In the- fourth hour extreme declines of fractions io '.'. or more points were trimmed here an dthere with scattered advances of as much appearing at the close. Transfers ran to around 300,000 shares. Rising copper prices propped Anaconda, Kennecott and American Smelting. Resistant were Chesapeake & Ohio, United Airc4aft. American can and Standard Oil (NJ) .Steels were narrow. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Nov. :'.5 —(/P)—Colton futures recovered their early losses here today on trade buying and covering. Closing prices were steady -10 cents a bale lower to 25 cents higher. Dec high 30.70 — low 30.32 — close 30.75B Mch high 30.45 — low 29.90 — close 30.40-45 May high 29.82 — low 29.25 — close : 29.80 Jlv hish 28.34 — low 27.98 — close 28.28-29 Oct high 2.46 — low 2.2 0— close 2.43B B-bid. There can be no deviation from instructions in prescription filling. That's why our stock is always complete. Our pharmacist always cautious. Prompt, Long-lasting Relief for MUSCULAR ACHES-PAINS Help* Break Up Painful Surface Congestion, Too! PHOOEY! YOU TlfUK THATS BAD! WHAT IF YOUD DRpAMPT VOU HAD AUTOMOBILE TROUBLE AND A TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE, POP. 1 DREAMPT I WAS * THERE WERE FORTY Flvl FIRE IN EVERY BLOCK- TO TAKE IT TO FOR REPAIRS - THEN YOU VifpULD BE IN A FIX! HEFNER NASH CO. 114 f. 3rd Our Motto is 'Satisfied Customers" Hope, Ark, Phone 44? GET A TEltfDER TURKEY... AND THE SIZE YOU WANT PERSONAUY SELECTED! - 4-POINT BLUE RIBBON PERFECTION l, f . Personally selected 2. Best of finest flocks 3. Specially fed for flavor „' 4. Carefully dressed Serve it proudly! Rich, golden brown —temptingly tender. Because these elegant birds are personally selected on 4-point perfection . . . you're guaranteed the best turkey you ever tasted. Be sure of yours —order tomorrow at your Kroger Store. - Pound Fat, Plump. Dressed and Drawn. Tender Pound Long Island. New York Dressed Royal. Makes Delicious Pics No. 21 Can Country Club 2 Fancy Country Club Sliced 12 Oz. Cans Can Dressed and Drawn. Tender. Fres-Shore Selects. 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PEANUTS . . . . 8 oz. can 19c Kroner's Suited Spanish. CORN FLAKES 18 oz. box 15c Country Club. Crisp, Fresh. STALEY SYRUP 5 Ib. jar 40c Golden. All-Purpose. KROGER: "I'll get him for you, lady!" LADY: "And while you're at it, pick up some cranberries, pumpkin pie and nuts, too." KROGER: ".Lady, you can buy everything for yojjr Thanksgiving Dinner in a one-stop Kroger trip. And you know that my high quality and low prices make Kroger values the best in town." Kroger Selected CELERY Golden Heart or Pascal. Crisp C APPLES ^ 15c Boxed Washington. Red Delicious. Monday, November 25, 1946 \\0fl STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS" Page Ttirci Social I Phone 738 Bntwwn I a. m. and 4 p, m. Social Calendar Tii c sHay, November 26 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday evenim; at 7:45 at the home of Mrs. S. A. Whitlow with Mr:;. Henry Hnyncs and Mrs. T. M. Jones 11 s aM;-ori;Ue hostesses. Coming and Going Mrs. J. W. TimiT will leave Tuesday, (or a visit with her son. Bob Turner and Mr;:. Turner and children, .in Shreveporl; Louisiana. Mrs. K. A. Poo of Kansas Citv. Mo., will nrrivc Tuesday for a visit with her brother, ,.T. F. Gorin and Mrs,, Gorin here. : . Cpl. Burion F. Vales' arrived Saturday from Fort Sain. Houston, Texas', where he was discharged after Ki'rvini; a total of two and one half years. He saw service in the European theater. Following his vacation visit with his narenls lv.M'0 he- will i;o lo Washington, U. C. lo make his homy. Personal Mention Dcnlon. Texas;, Nov. 25— Five Hope tfirls, iMudenls at llv Tevas State College for 'Women, will arrive home ourly Thursday morning for tlv; ThniiksHivlnK holidays. - Makinfi tho trio on a chartered bus from the pollctro in Dnnton will b" Laura Oaranfja. 122 South Was-'h ins/ton: Martha F.ason. 1420 South -M'ain; Frances Lewis 1120 •Sculh Kim: Rrllif! Colt-man. 303 Soutlrlti-rvpv: and Martha Ann Atkins, -U'2 North Main. to One Seriously Hurt When Auto Crashes Into Ditch An automobile driven by Earl I'hoi nton crashed Into a ditch at Park Drive and Spring Mill road about 9 o'clock last night and seriously injured James Kennedy, a pa'sscnger. Both are Hernpstead men. Kennedy was thrown through the front windshield and .sustained a severe head injury. Thornton suffered bruises but escaped serious injury. Police investigated the accident. DOROTHY DIX Abused Husband Hold at Hotel A district's TtrmndlabU' will be held »l H.-l:-] r.ai-W at 7 o'clock U MIOI row niyiit. This is ilie dis- tricl's ri'jU;lai' IIK-I thr.r. Following a dinner business will be discussed. P,t.hver:i UMO 'r,-i'l 1"-il), industrial production in tlr.- United Stales ulnui.st clo'.'.bk-d. NOW B: TUESDAY JIIRILL! You'll iovo them together! V/nU»<*a ASiii'UniN't •IBISIEM IN MARJORIE MAIN t. CARROI. NAISH NOV/ & TUESDAY CAULIFLOWER Tongy-Tart. Fresh Sound, Ripe Berries Fresh California Emperors. Juicy Sweet, Juicy, Thin- Skin 1C with PATRIC KNOWIES JOHN HOYT . Richard EEWtDICT An estimated SO'pcr cent oC the U. S. population arc clmich-mcm- bcrs. ©• DEAR. MTSS DIX: Will you plcnsc help a distressed husband? 1 have been married 10 years and have two children in high school. 1 Jov- cd my wife very much, but she has treated me so badly that I have lost all affection for her. She has nagged me to the verge of insanity about every move 1 make, how jnuch money I make, what .[ spend it lor, who 1 know. She docs not allow my .family to come to her house. I can't even go to sec my old '/either and mother without a scene. She gives me the devil about the way I vole. There is no other woman in my life, nor has there been or will be. I hate them all because of her. What shall I do? My children are so like their mother I would be happier away i'rom them. I would gladly support my wife and children il they will leave rno, but they refuse lo go. But I will never know hap- THE STORY: -Russ is dospon ivory while nightgown. She looked 2iU, tells Red (hero's nothing wort up in surprise at Ehse's irrelevant dent, living for. In Denver, he disappears from their hotel room, Red. fearing suicide, is about lo sound an alarm when he returns .Russ becomes angry tells Red he doesn't need a wet nurse. XVII That Saturday morning moved tediously for Elise. By 11 she was watching the clock and wishing H was lime to quit. She seemed in Ihc lasl few weeks lo have losl any real interest in her work. It was just a job, now, lhal had to be done. There was no longer any her. Thai mon complicate one's life. she though). They upset things. She had expected, once Red was gone :"rom Ihc laboratory, to settle back to her Uirmer routine quite happily... but she hadn't. Mendel called her name and when she looked up lie motioned !o the phone on his desk. That meant here was a telephone call .for her. She went over quickly. Janice Condon wanted her challenge or zest in it for was what came of letting question, a pux.xlcd little frowr creasing her while forehead. Yes. I know. He called las night—long distance from cnvcr He said he and Red were at tin Colonial." Elisc caught her lower lip be Iwccn her even leclh. Why wait un til Russel came home? She'd write lo him. She'd Icll him that she'c changed her mind and that shc'c marry him. She made a dozen slarls that ev ening and tore them up dissatis tied because they read too stillc or loo impulsive. The one she fin ally wrote was short and direct an unaffected. She lold him simplj that if he still wanted to marrj her, she would be happy to taccom his wife. She signed the letter, "Yours, E lisc." and scaled it and put an ai mail .stamp on it and caught wit a sudden urgency she thought: "V. mail il now." There was a mail box on th corner. She caught up a co.il an belled it over her pajamas and ma ki litllc , .JMJIK very ncct her for lunch and then go so1 " 1 bedroom slippers shopping. Elise accepted eagerly. At least it would fill up Ihe afler- 10011. The two girls ate in the lea room in the fifth floor of Ihc town's biggest dcp.-irtmonl store. They had chicken croquettes and green salad ncl the tiny lender rolls i'or which .he lea room was locally famous. Models paraded p.MS I their table while they ale showing the lalesl things from the store's various departments. Janice regarded a gray suit speculalively. "I really could use another suit n my trousseau — don't you think I'd look well in gray'.'" "Definitely," Elise agreed. "I'll try it on after we finish cat- ing..." For a moment Elise was conscious of a twinge of very feminine envy. II would be tun lo be able to buy anything one liked— just any suit or dress or had that caught >ne's fancy. She had noticed a yellow topcoul on her way up io 'ihe lunch room lhal very noon... H was the sort of thing she could wear superbly with her dark rich coloring. Bui it wasn't the sorl of thing one bought on an income of y4() a week. And now Ihe quick thought darted in like the treacherous sirike jn Kdcn. "If I were married lo Russel i wan I, sound in her she down the stairs and out the front door and down the darkened street to the iness with them. I am a young nan in my thirties, old and broken eforc my time. MISERABLE HUSBAND Walk Out on Her I ANSWER: Be a man instead! f n mouse. Gel up and leave Mrs. litlcr to whom you are married, nd who is not only crushing all he happiness out of life for you but Icstroying your manhood. You needn't get a divorce from her. list separate. Go where you won't e nagged incessantly. As long as on support your wife and children ou will be doing your full duty to woman who has never done her luty to your in any way. If your children were babies, you night feel that you were called upon to endure a marriage that is a icll on earth in order to help form heir characters and to nullify their mother's bad influence on them, aut they arc practically grown now ind Mother has gotten in her work. They evidently care nothing Jor you You are just the man who pays the bills for them. And, anyway, if you have the spunk lo really leave your wife instead of threatening her that you will, you may bring her to her senses and make her see that she has to treat you decently and make you a peacelul home if she wants to keep you. When the mem- oers of a family cannot get along amicably together, absence is the only reliable cure - all. It does make tlie heart grow fonder. DEAR MISS DIX: I am a girl not quite 19, at the age where want to go with different boys and make new friends and have lots ol fun. But my mother has picked out the boy slic wants me lo marry and nags me all the time about him, and she finds fault with every boy I go with. I like this boy, but I am not in love with him, and I don't want to marry anybody yet. And the boy is only 20. Don't you think my mother should let me be free for a PUZZLED GIRL ANSWER: I certaimy do. wny your mother is so anxious to have you marry is one of ihe mysteries of motherhood that nobody can explain. But most mothers have it. They seem to think that it is some sorl of reflection on them and not their girls not to go "steady" with sa f some boy and a positive disgrace for them to bo old maids: so they begin pushing the poor little bobbysoxers into marriages for which corner. -, — •p-'l Ir-Hr they are not ready by the time they got out of the school room. slipped the letter in and listened to ! Yet statistics show that boy and inc.. Jiule metat clang as the slotlS"'! marriages end jn ; divorce far closed again. Jttcr nearl w:is aglow with a new and precious happiness and a strange peace that she had not known for a long time. No\v everything was sctlled, she thought, and she ran back to the house and slipped quietly up the stairs and into her bed. At just about the same lime that night Russel Condon, white- faced and disheveled was sending a telegram which was to shatter completely Elise Varney's newfound feeling of peace and security. (To Be Continued) o I could buy Ihe yellow eoal could buy all Ihe clothes 1 just like Janice..." They looked at the gray suit after lunch and Janice bought it, and the silly, gorgeous, frivolous hat thai the model had worn with it. Then they went to the lingerie department and Janice spenl an hour buying fluffy, frothy sheer silk undcrlhings. Janice was marrying the man her family had expected her lo marry, a nice young attorney who was due in a month to be released :?rom the Navy and return uo a wed -ordered life as Janice Condon's 'ins- band and the inheritor of his i'al- her's law practice. Life worked out so perfectly for some people, il seemed. Elisc stared unsceingly into space Life could work out nicely for her, too, if she were to marry Russel. Why..why had she hcsil;ilcd? lie wanted her so badly; she had near- v broken his heart when she refused him. She knew thai. Perhaps il was utter foolishness o I'ccl thai she couldn't marry lim because she wasn'l wildly in ovo with him. Perhaps that kind of ove didn't come until after mar- .•iMge anyway. The Kind that caused your blood to race and lo pound I'.ncl brought that breathless cclasy o one's heart. The kind one read about in stories. All at once il seemed to Elise that .she had been a fool, a silly, ncomprehensible little fool. She'd confess thai to Russelwhcn le came home. Or belter slill . Impulsively she turned lo Janice: •Janice, did Russel leave- any forwarding address — do you 'know .vnere ne is'.'' ' Janice was concentrating on a choice between a flesh pink and an James Lafayette Anderson, aged 75, died \\\. his home on East Third Street early Sunday morning, lie had lived in Hope 27 years. He is survived by his wife, two brothers, W. F. Anderson of Hot .Springs, and J. C. Anderson of Little Rock; ,'i ni.'ices, Mrs. L. Simpson, Mrs. John Smith and Mrs. L. Bailey of Hot Springs and a nephew, N. F. Anderson of Odessa. Funcial servic-js will bo held a). 10 a. m. Tuesday with the Rev. S A. Whitlow officiating. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Active pallbearers; Pal, Alvin and Gar-jtl Willis, Joe and Jim Bowden of Hope, and Felic Recder of Nashville. ; , oftcncr than the marriages of ad ulls. And this is inevitable because ,hc youngsters arc undertaking a job that is too big for them. They are untaught, untrained, undisciplined, unfitted in every way for marriage. They have not had their playtime in life. They are not ready to settle down and generally they haven't even enough money to live on comfortably. Tell your mother that you don t want lo marry for several years yet, and that when you do decide to get married, you will do your own picking of a husband. DEAR DOROTHY DTK: Ever since I can remember, I have looked forward to nursing as the profession I would enter after completing high school. I thought my patents agreed to it, but now that I am ready to enter training they refuse to let me on the ground that they don't want me to undergo the hardships of a nurse. Is there any .way I can make them change their views as I do not want I" hurt, thpin? DEVOTED DAUGHTER ANSWER: There is no other pra fcssion mat a girl can enter dial is so noble and altruistic and thai enables her to be of so much help to poor, sufering humanity as nursing. To ease pain, to save life what career can be finer than that? In addition, the trained nurse is. well paid and has priorly over ot her girls in marrying. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) DINE & DANCE 1/2 Mile East, Hy 67 Closed Sunday & Monday OPEN Rest of the Week 5 P.M. til 12P.M. Plenty of Choice Steaks Chicken Dinners C SALE I will offer for Public Sale on Wednesday, Nov. 27th Beginning at 11 o'clock A.M., 8 miles South of Hope on John L, Wilson farm, on Parmos Road, the following to-wit: 4 Milch Cows 1 Good Horse 15 Head Mixed Cattle 5 Meat Hogs 1 McCormick Peering Movyer and Rake 1939 Ford Truck, 1 l /z ton — New Motor, Good Tires 1 Hay Press 1 Oil Cook Stove Some Corn 2" Circulating Oil Heaters 300 Bales Hay 1 Lot Canned Fruit Purple Hull Peas (Thrashed) Lbs. Black Diamond Watermelon Seed 1 Kitchen Cabinet 1 Table 4 Chairs 4 Dining Chairs Bed Springs & Mattresses 1 Sewing Machine 30 20 2 1 1 1 1 1 Bu. Sweet Potatoes Middlebursters Breaking Plow Planter <T Fertiliser Distributer Wash Pot 1 What-Not Wagon 1 Library Table 2 CuStivafors 1 Ironing Board 1 Bermuda Grass Digger 1 High Chair 1 Pair Platform Scales 1 Baby Stroller 1 Living Room Suite 20 Dozen New Victory Steel Traps. LUNCH ON GROUND AT NOON PAT RATELIFF, Owner SILAS SAN FORD, Auctioneer 2 BIG DAYS 2 Tues. Nov. 26-Wed. Nov: 27 $ Sale now for Christmas while our stock is complete. Be sure to see these speciaS odd lots Tuesday and Wednesday. They are real values that you can't afford to miss. This is our loss and your gain. A big selection to choose from. Solids, florals and prints. Sell up to 3.95 yard. Tuesday and Wednesday Only Floral designs in medium and large. REGULAR PRICE 98c Five colors to choose from. Regular 59c yard 100 PAIR LADIES House Shoes, Oxfords and '-Dress Shoes. Values to 5.95 — Now Only $1.00 5 ONLY Regular Price 2.95-' K ••** ~ iiiT" 14 ONLY — CHILDREN'S S Sizes 1 to 5 10 Pair Sold for 6.95 Tuesday and Wednesday S Sizes 3 to 12 Canvass and Jersey gloves Tuesday and Wednesday Hand Towels 4 for ALL WOOL We are selling out all our wool dresses. None will be held back. We must make room for our new Spring goods. Be here early for the best selections. These are all Nationally Advertised Dresses Darna Lee Laura Lee Virginia Hart Miss Virginian Jackie Jill Kitty Fisher Peerless Judy & Jill Sharla-Ruth AA Classic BUY NOW for CHRISTMAS Use Our Easy Lay-Away Plan Dresses^ -t Uniforms f, < A real buy. Ttfiese q;re ladies print dresses and Ivq ' ' ** «' * i I imbde uniforms. I each Men and Boys Work Sox Heavy work sox in all sizes. Regular 25c pair. 5 pair $1.00 For the men, ladies and boys. A good buy for this winter. $3.95 pr. 23 pair of Boys Overalls Assorted Kinds and Colors $1.00 Ail Ladies Coats and Suits Reduced to Sell. Use our lay-away plan. Boys Sweaters Slip-over and Button styles. All Sizes. 50 Only Mens and Boys HATS Felt and corduroy Sold for much more. Only $1.00 'We Clothe the Family For Less' Menskcmd -Boys: CAPS Only 50 of these caps..They are regular $1.00 value. Tuesday' and Wednesday 113 Has?-Second St. Stores in Hope and Prescott Phone 781

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