Pittston Gazette from Pittston, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1940 · Page 2
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Pittston Gazette from Pittston, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Pittston, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1940
Page 2
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TUESDAY - -THE PITTSTON GAZETTE- . NOVEMBER 12, 1940 .PAGE TWO I CLASSIFIED IADVERTISINC AiL . SORTS Or JLPVaBTlSlHQ ucb m Wants, To Uet rw Sal, tost, a'ound. Miscellaneous, Aa-houDeementa. etc will -tub undei propar "" : uoa or any deairad classification ?bese advartiaemeau M aid in advance and cannot be inarged tor btlllna and collection Advertising ordered tor lrranilai inaertlone tae me rut. No id U taken tor less Ahao a basis of tour Unas. Oount live average word to the Una An average word oontalne als tettera. Vbese columoa daily brin our Teaderi Into cloaa touch with a ery wide, range of opportunJUaa both :a Suylni and slllna Bunscribflre who bava lane or any- thins alae to axebanga or aaii , can raap rapid and big reaulta by taeans of tbaaa claaalflad oolumna Classified advertising , RATES: Daily rata per una tor ooieu- tlve insertlona: Cash Type like tbla I time .OS Type -like this.. t tlmaa .07 Type like thla tlmaa Jt Type like thla 1 time 30 Type Like this. .1 tune .20 Type Like this . .1 time .20 These ratea apply to classified advertisements only. Legal notices. 16 ;cente per count Una. For Rent 401 Exeter; 81 Bait.; 223 Luz.; I Prospect PI. Store 1 N. Main. W; N. Thompson. CaBh Block. Mon.Tue.Wed.Thur. For Rent 3-room unfurnished anm-tment. Desirable location on West SlHe. Phone 89-J. N1U8 6 room house, all Improvements. 10 Sand Street. Inquire 12 Sand Street. N1H8 House for rent. 6 rooms and bath. all Improvements. 708 Wyoming Avenue. West Plttston. miti For Rent Half double house at 116 SprinE St., 5 rooms and bath. all Improvements. Phone dOO-K. Nlltf For Rent V4 double house or 2-8 room apartments. 218 Stanton St. Inauire 224 Stanton Street. N12t3 Loi Saie For Sale Spinet piano. 30 inches in helKht. 865. Inquire Music Cen ter. N. Main St.. Pittston. N5t6 For Sale Black Pittston coal ranee No. 904. A-l condition. $35 cash. Phone 1167-J. N12t3 Female Help Wanted Experienced girl for housework, irive references and your address, Write Box 95. care of Gazette. N9tS Wanted to give homeless lady srood home with some waxes. Write and give ante. Mrs. Ralph Husted 127 Carverton Road. Trucksvllle, Pa. . .: . ..... Nine Wanted Girl for general housework, only experienced apply. Ina. 145 Broad St.. Pittston. 1st floor. a N12t3 Wanted Woman between 85 and 40, light housework. Inquire 835 Parke St., W. PlttBton. N12t8 LOST Lost Female black and tan bea Tie lost at Y. M C. A. Camp. Re ward. Phone 1235-W. N1U2 Lost Miners Savings Bank Book No. 38309. Return to Miners Sav-lngg Bank. Nllt3 Male Help Wanted STEADY WORK GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call on farmers in Luzerne County. No experience or capital required. Write McNESS CO.. Candler Bids:., Baltimore. Md. Nil PERSONAL MEN. WOMEN! WANT VIM? Stimulants, tonics In Ostrez tablets pep up bodies lacking Vitamin Bl Iron. Calcium. Phosphorus. 85c aiza todav onlv 29c. First package satisfies or maker refunds low price. Call, write Wldmann & Teah and all other good drug stores. S10 MRS. ANNIE M. Mi LAID AT REST HERE The funeral of Mrs. Annie M. Saxe. widow of Miller Saxe, who died recently at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William J. Sedgman, Wharton, N. J. was held here yesterday afternoon. Services were conducted at the Snowdon Funeral Home, Broad street, by Rev. W. Van Cllef-Yaggy, pastor of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Dover, N. J. Interment was in West Pittston Cemetery. Pallbearers were: Clyde Caster-line, Frank S. Clarke. Ray W. Keller and Howard Brown. Hughestown Sunday School Meeting Ah Important meeting of St. Peter's Sunday School Association will be held this evening at 7:30 and all officers, teachers and members are requested to attend. The nominating committee will report officers for the coming year. William Stahl will report on the Sunday school basketball league. Delegates to the Scran-ton Institute will report. Action will be taken on changing the system of lessons from graded to international. Arrangement will be made for the Christmas celebration. GROCERY CLERKS ACCEPT NEW LABOR CONTRACT Philadelphia, Nov. 12. Members of the Retail Clerks International Protective Association (AFL) voted today to accept the offer Of two major food store chains, ending a four-week strike which closed 1,500 markets in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.' -. ;!"..' It was announced that clerka would return to work today In markets of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., and the American Stores Co., preparing; fof the reshaping of tjts. atom taiorw. Legal ESTATE OF MART SKRINAK (or SHRINACH). late of the Borough of Exeter. Pa. Letters testamentary In the above eatate have been granted to the undersigned. AU persona Indebted to aatd eatate are requested to make payment and those having claims or demands to present the same without delay to WILLIAM SKRINAK. STEVE SKRINAK. 237 Wast Grant St. Exeter. Penna, Executors. K. J. ENGLISH. Attorney. 08,15,22,29,N5,12 (few York Stock Market NOV. Adams Exp 6 Allegh Lud 8tl ..25 Allied Chem 178 Allied Stores .... 8H Allis Chal 38 Am Can 94 V4 Am Car & Fdy .. 30 Am 4 F Pvvr .... 1 Am , Loco 17H Am Met .. 21 Am Rad & SS ... 7 Am Roll Mill .... 18 Am Smelt 48 Am Sugar .. 17 Am T & T 187 Am Tob 72 Am Tob B 73 Am Water W 8 Am Woolen 9 Anaconda 29 'A Andes Cop 15 Armour 111 6 Atchison 18 Atl C Line 15 AU Refg 24 Bald Loco Ct 18 B & O 4 Bendlx Avn 34 Beth Stl 91 Blaw Knox 10 Boeing Air 19 Briggs Mfg 26 Byers A M 10 Cal & H 8 Canada Dry 13 Can Pac 3 Celanese 29 Cerro D P 37 C & O 43 Chrysler 83 Coca Cola 111 Colum Gas 5 Com & Sou 1 Cong Nairn 19 Cons Oil 6 Com Can 41 Cont Mot 4 Cont Oil Del 19 Copweld Stl 21 Crucible Stl 46 Curt Wr 10 Douglas Air 87 Du Pont 169 East Kodak 142.. Elec P & L ...... -tiffr Ends Johns 41 First N Strs 44 Gen Elec 34 Gen Foods 38 Gen Motors 54 Glldden 16 Goodrich 14 Goodyear 18 Granby 7 Gt Nor pfd 29 Harb Walk 27 Houston Oil 4 Howe Sound 88 Hudson Mot 5 Int Harv 56 Int Nick 28 Int T & T 2 Kenn 37 Kinney 2 Kresge SS 25 Lorlllard 20 MeKeesport 8 Miami Cop 11 Mom Ward 41 Murray 8 Nash x.elv 8 Nat Bis 18 Nat Dairy 14 Nat Distil 21 Nat PAL 7 NYC 15 No Amer 18 No Pac 7 Otis Steel il Packard 8 Par am t Pic 9 Pathe Film 10 Patino Mines .... 8 Penney 88 Penn RR 25 Phillips Pet 39 Press Stl Car .... 14 Pullman 26 Pure Oil 8 Radio 6 R K O 2 Reo Mot 1 Repub Stl ........ 24 Reyn Tob B ..... 85 Sears Roe ....... 80 Sharon Stl 16 Simmons ........ 20 Soo Vac 9 South Pac ...... 9 South Ry 14 Std Brands Std G & E pfd .. Std O Cal 19 Std Oil Ind ...... 27 Std Oil N J 86 Stew War 9 Tex Corp 89 Timken R B 51 Trans & West Air 18 Trl Cont ........ 2 Twin Coach 8 Un Pac 85 Un Alrcft 45 ' Un Air Lines .... 19 United Corp 1 Un Gas Imp ..... 11 U S InU Ale 23 U S Leath 5. U S Rubber 23 U S Smelt 66 U 8 Steel 76 Vanadium .. 36 Walworth Warner Bros J West Md 4 West UniOn 22 West Air Bke .... 24 Wheel Steel ..... 33 White Mot ...... 16 White Sew M .... 5 Woolworth 35 Yellow Tr ....... 1 Young Sheet .... 45 N Y CURB Aero Sup B ..... 6; El B A S ........ 6 Pennroad ........ 2 12, noon. 6 6 24 24 173 173 7 7 38 88 94 94 80 30 1 1 17 17 20 20 7 7 18 18 48 48 17 17 166 166 72 72 73 73 8 8 9 9 28 29 15 15 5 5 18 18 15 15 23 23 17 17 4 4 84 34 89 91 10 10 18 19 25 25 10 10 7 7 18 13 3 3 28 29 36 37 42 42 81 81 110 110 6 5 1 1 19 19 6 6 41 41 3 4 19 19 20 20 45 45 10 10 86 86 169 169 142 142 r 6 6' 41 41 44 44 34 34 37 37 53 53 16 16 13 13 18 18 7 28 7 28Ti 26 26 4 4 38 38 5 5 56 56 27 27 2 2 36 37 2 2 25 25 19 19 8 8 10 10 40 40 8 8 5 6 18 18 14 14 ;i 21 21 7 7 15 15 18 18 7 7 11 11 3 9 10 10 8 8 88 88 24 24 38 39 13 13 26 26 8 . 8 5 5 3 9 2 1 2 1 28 23 35 85 79 79 16 16 20 20 9 9 9 14 6 4 9 14 6 4 19 19 27 27 85 85 8 8 38 38 60 60 18 -18 2 2 8 8 84 85 45 45 18 18 1 11 1 11 23 28 5 6 23 23 66 66 74 76 36 36 8 4 3 4 22 22 23 23 32 82 U 18 5 5 35 35 16 16 48 44 6 5 6 .2. 2 It Pays U Advertise GIRL SCOUTS ARE MAKING DISPLAY OF ACTIVITIES In conjunction with the opening of th Community Welfare Federation drive at the Y. M. C. A. at 4:30 o'clock tonight, many Of the agencies affiliated with the Federation have arranged attractive window displays throughout the business section of Pittston. Attracting much attention is the Girl Scout window in the Henrietta Hat Shop, next to the American Theatre. Arranged to feature four of the ten program fields around which the Girl Scout program Is planned, the display suggests many of the activities within the range of the normal girl's Interests, and emphasizes the reasons why in Ave short years the Girl Scout organization in Pittston District sponsored by the Community Federation has grown from five to twenty-flve troops. The ideals and objectives of Girl Scouting are similar to those desired by all organizations In the modern community which have to do with girls and boys to provide each Girl Scout with opportunities for wholesome recreation and the discovery of hobbles that may be of lifelong interest to her; to help each girl develop as an Individual, and learn to get Along with people; to give each girl the opportunity and the desire to be of service to others, and to develop qualities that will make her a good citizen in a changing society; to help each girl acquire worth-while attitudes and ideals and high standards of behaviour. Your contribution to the Community Welfare Federation will help to broaden the horizons of many girls, and inculcate character-building principles to better aid them In taking over the task of tomorrow. Give generously and cheerfully. DURYEA Free 515 lb Turkeys LAP BOARD PARTY American Legion Home WEST PITTSTON No Special Game Ticket Sold Total Cost 50c Includes Regular, Coverall Games and Awards 8:15 Every Wednesday Night Miss Nellie Evaskis, R. N of New York, spent the week-end at her home here. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Barlik have returned after visiting In Baltimore, Md. School PJrectors Arthur Bllllnge and Edward Joseph have returned from Philadelphia, where they visited School Director Martin Brennan, who is undergoing treatment at Jefferson hospital. OFFICERS ELECTED BT LUTHER LEACHES Marian Frantz, of Wllkes-Barre, was re-elected president of the Wilkes-Barre Conference Luther Leagues at the convention held yesterday in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Hughestown, which was attended by 100 delegates. The election took place during the afternoon session. Other officers elected were: Vice president, Charles Schaeffer, of Scran ton; secretary Miss Frances Kleeman, of Scran -ton; treasurer. Miss Jeanette Smith, of Nanticoke; statistician. Miss Betty Gill. Wilkes-Barre. At the closing session last evening an Impressive address was delivered by Rev. Paul M. Kinports, of Philadelphia, executive secretary of the Luther Leagues of America, who spoke.on the convention theme, "Advancing With Christ." Between the afternoon and evening sessions, a banquet was held, with Carl W. Hallstead. of the Hughestown League, as toastmas-ter, and Raymond Hutchings. also of Hughestown, as song leader. EP BV fJEJITH STAGE SETTINGS FOR "STAGE DOOR" ARE ATTRACTIVE .n technical staff for Community Theatre's forthcoming production, "Stage Door," Is busily en gaged in completing all details for the successful Btaglng of this re markable drama. The result of this earnest work is expected to be a highlight of Friday evening's presentation when the play will be given In the Pittston High School auditorium. Settings for "Stage Door" have been designed by Ray Patterson, of Moosic, and Earl Jones, of Wilkes-Barre. These two young men have a wide knowledge of stage craft and the quality of their work augurs well for the finished product. All detail work has been executed under their supervision and guidance by the able members of the technical staff which is composed of Miss Norma Rlpa and Gene Cotter of Wyoming and Paul Hart of this city. The entire plan of the technical directors has been executed In the Work Shop, 6 North Main street. It is predicted that the set for "Stage Door" will win favorable acclaim from the audience". The forthcoming production calls for an exact replica of Mrs. Orcutt's Footlights' Club and to Insure the success of the drama it is necessary that accuracy be the keynote in the set's construction. The box office will open at noon tomorrow at Peck & Evans' Drug Store and will continue there 'until Friday evening. The hours are noon to two o'clock, four to six and seven nine p. m. It Is advisable that all ticket reservations be made as soon as possible. Miss Margaret Rowan will be in charge of the box office. NATIVE OF PITTSTON DIES IN WILKES-BARRE W. J. Conway, Sr., retired Lehigh Valley Railroad engineer, of 30 South Grant street. Wilkes-Barre, died last night in Mercy Hospital after undergoing several operations during the past few weeks. Mr. Conway was born in Pittston, but had resided in Wilkes-Barre since early , life. He married Anne Mooney, member of a prominent Wilkes-Barre family, who died in 1936. Mr. Mooney was employed as an engineer on the Lehigh Valley Railroad for many years and for 20 years served as secretary of the Brotherhood of Railroad Engineers. After leaving the railroad he was employed as stationary engineer at Stegrnaler Brewery and Hotel Redington. Surviving are four sons and three daughters. Funeral Thursday morning. William .H. Moran, of South Main street, a lifelong resident of this community, died last night at seven o'clock at Pittston hospital, where he had been undergoing medical treatment. The remains have been removed to the home of his brothel, James C. Moran, 403 South Main street, Sebastopol. from where the funeral will be held. Mr. Moran, an employe of the city street department for many years, enjoyed a wide acquaintance In this community and his death la sincerely mourned. He was a member of St. John" the Evangelist R. C. Church and the. Holy Name Society. He Is survived by one brother and several nieces and nephews. W. PITTSTON -TAYLOR SCRUBS IN TIE GAME The Taylor High Jayveea battled West Pittston scrubs to a 7-7 deadlock yesterday morning at West Pittston Municipal Stadium. Mike Penyak counted for the future Trojans In the opening period on a short Una buck. Joe Mashurak booted the extra point. West Pittston knotted the count In the final Quarter when Young blocked a punt on the Taylor 1ft and Urka recovered In the end sons for the score. Williams passed to Salerno for the extra point. Only Medicine I ever used and now Tm 81! Kept ADLERIKA on hand the past IT years." (O. G.Tex.) ADLERIKA contains t laxatives for quick bowel action with 8 carminatives to relieve gas pains. Get ADLERIKA today. . B0&R A CASEY, Druggists HONORED AT RITES The funeral of Samuel Castellino was held this morning at nine o'clock from the home, 25 Oak street, with a large delegation of sorrowing friends and relatives In attendance. There were many floral tributes. At 9:30 o'clock In the chapel of St. John the Evangelist R. C. Church. Rev. Enrico Glovettl, of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, celebrated a macs of requiem. Interment was in St. Rocco's cemetery. Pallbearers were Frank Barba, Philip Mllazzo, Samuel Mor-reale. Louis Dominirk, Angelo Maria and William Battlia. LABOR- LEADER DIES Frostburg, .Md.. Nov. 12. William J. Carney, 37, regional director for the- CIO in New Jersey, died yesterday of a heart attack 'while he walkd along n downtown street. WYOMING ANNA WUQHM . Repieeentative , Phone Wyoiqt&f 16-M . Free 515 lb Turkeys LAP BOARD PARTY American Legion Home WEST PITTSTON No Special Game Ticket Sold Total Cost 50c Includes Regular, Coverall Games and Awards 8:15 Every Wednesday Night ARMISTICE DAY CELEBRATED HERE Members and friends of Wyoming Monument Post, No. 396, Veterans of the Foreign Wars, following a custom of many years' standing, observed Armistice Day last night by holding a banquet at the Post Hall on East Eighth street. About 100 persons were in attendance, and a stirring patriotlo program was carried out. P. J. Duffy presided as toastmaster. The principal Rpeaker was Gen. Robert M. Vail, of Kingston, who spoke forcefully on the subject of defense, outlining the plans Of the government and dwelling on the necessity of being prepared to meet any emergency that may arise to defend our shores against foreign Invasion. Dr. A. B. Smith, a member of Wyoming Post, was tailed on and spoke briefly in regard to the patriotic work that is being conducted by the organization and of its value to the community. Musical numbers added to the interest of the program. Fred J. Gilbert was sons leader, with Mrs. Maude Owens as pianist. Vocal solos were rendered hy John Edwards, of Luzerne. An Interesting feature of the arrangements was an American flag that was kept flying throughout the evening. Inspectors Of Supplies Needed The United States Civil Service Commission Is endeavoring to secure inspectors of miscellaneous supplies to fill positions at the Jef-fersonville Quartermaster Depot, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Inspectors are needed in the following classes of supplies: Hardware, leather, wood products, china-ware and glassware, stoves and ranges, tents, sheet metals and sheet-metal products, bakery and cafeteria equipment, tableware and kitchen utensils, paints, varnishes, shelfac, lacquers, etc., and gasolines, greases, lubricating oils, etc. The salary for these positions ranges from $1,800 to $2,000 a year, less a retirement deduction of 3 per cent. Further information as to the requirements for the examination may be obtained from J. A. Alexander, Secretary of the Board of U. S. Civil Service Examiners, at the post office In this city, or from the Secretary of the Board of U. 8. Civil Service Examiners, at the post office in this city, or from the Secretary of the Board of U. S, Civil Service Examiners, at any first or second class post office. PRESIDENT VISITS PRINCESS MARTHA Washington, Nov. 12. President Roosevelt, after laying the cornerstone of a new naval medical building at Bethesda, Md., yesterday afternoon drove to Pook's Hill, an estate In Maryland, where he had tea with Crown Princess Martha of Norway. Cou?d Henry VIII Have Had Stomach Ulcer Pains History tells how Henry VIII would gorge himself with food and suffer afterward. Don't ignore your suf- ferings. Try a 25c box of Udga for relief of ulcer and stomach pains, indigestion, gas pains, for heartburn, burning sensation, bloat and other conditions caused by excess acid. Udga Tablets must help or money refunded. At drug stores everywhere. T. j& ZL ST AUFFER .STAUFFER'O ; ; ; r IN GD;'i")'ii -as H Ei fa 03 Ik tap &p CtefflgitiT. cp o v 1 i i 1 1 ii ii IK N WBUHimif Milling gag ASK OS ABOUT THE EMAC MILITARY SERVICE REPURCHASE PLAN Be WUe Trade Now, and assure yourself of a safe, comfortable ride throughout the winter. CHEVROLET Town Sedan CHEVROLET Town Sedan FORD DeLuxa Town Sed. Radio, Heater PLYMOUTH 4-Door Sedan CHRYSLER Sport Coupa FORD 2- Door Sedan PLYMOUTH 4-Door Sedan FORD 2-Door Sedan 32 CHEVROLET voup DODGE Coupa '37 '36 '38 '37 35 '35 '34 '34 '32 $395 $295 $445 $395 $225 $195 $145 $95 $65 $95 2 SUPER VALUES Chevrolet Special DeLuxa Sport 8a-Color black, looka rune like new. Par- fact rubber. Uncon- A7ft ditional guarantee '40 dan. and '39 Chevrolet Spaeial Da-Luxe Sport Sedan. Graan, mechanically perfect, full aecaaaory group, radio and heater. Unconditional $525 guarantee T . tv l"g) Total Cars Sold To date 29,643. BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES. LOW EASY TERMS. 5 w 0 C01 OnK wvflMTWl A v Ti!TITT li! a. PrTOWH! 1KB OTli!ST PTTTSTON N ;iSTAUFFERTAUFFERg:. We Are Pleased to Announce The Appointment of BARNEY DISTRIBUTING CO. Joseph (Barney) Rachkowski . 65 WOOD ST., PITTSTON, PA. as distributor of HAZLETON PILSENER BEER A wholesome refreshing beverage whose richness and delightful tangy flavor have made it the fastest growing bear in this section. If you haven't tried it do so today you'll become a Hazleton Pilaener booster too. Phone Pittston 2191 Hazlaton Pilsner la aold in atainia and quart bottles and ia on draught at your favorite tap-room. Order a ease or two for your home Pilsener Brewing Co., Inc. HAZLETON, PA. , ll85'Je" Brswino j Lackawanna Deaths August Collettl, of New York City, barber, formerly of Scranton. Mrs. Hannah Weston, aged 76 years, of 303 Prospect avenue, Scranton, widow of Chester Weston. Mrs. Isabelle M. Harris, of 1106 Bryn Mawr street, Scranton, widow of William M. Harris, mine foreman at Taylor colliery. Mrs. William H. Jacobs, aged 69 years, of 635 Kressler court, Scranton, native of Halifax, Va. George Smedley, aged 68 years, of 2014 Boulevard avnue, Scranton, weaver at Sen nton Lace Works for 32 years. Native of England, he came here 50 years ago. Thomas J. Evans, former North Scranton resident, at the home of his son, Thomas J. Evans, Jr., at Winwood, Pa. Funeral tomorrow at 2:30 from home of his daughter, Miss Margaret Evans, 820 Columbia street, Scranton. For 14 years he was storekeeper at Lackawanna County Court House. Mrs. Jennie Owens, of 122 Belmont terrace, Scranton, widow of William R. Owens. HUNTER WOUNDED Albert Adams, aged SO years, of Clark's Summit R. D. 1, Is under treatment in West Side Hospital, Scranton, for wounds received while hunting. He was struck in the legs by pellets from a shot f'.red at a rabbit by a companion. START BUILDING NOW Increase your resistance to colds by taking Father John's Medicine proved and praised by four generations during 85 years' U6e. Rich in vitamins A and D. WELL FORTIFIED Those with strong bodily resistance are better able to fight colds. 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