Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1946
Page 5
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w^*^ i~* *,U> ^ffil^yffiffjy^>jfe&^^ fr "^ Friday, November 23, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS , AE,. sf-dkr- itffii *&&&«& :: . 13,50; - .Robs-it '.. HOUSE'. -KLTSC- ' Qrvsctiqcl bn's route 1 . BV i y 1948 • rM Svridleata. k»CI . . Jsr,si5 \MciISt03h at. Milt-":; Crttv.i), ! 2ij L mile's on Higfnvav 07 wj^i. 1 ; N'e\v Yo.r!-. Vo-.-. •".' ..... Federal' ~ " Ijj-fif j.Iudgo Jdhn C. Kr.ov. "f "Nc-\v York,' StlSiSiPixG JiOOMS. CLOS'K ; ceilii. Pho:'e '!0.5-'.V. ' ' W. I our t,f .his Vo-poi'o the U i-hnracfpr to pnc.k • >f .inbor . Main SC hear' A ,., , !nd? , p Kuo:( . •; ovvnc 1 anrt vVii'U'! r* ' < I up by ;hr '-.'.'.i.f: i Iric-.'l Georjie i f!':)f!', t\VO ;i£ . vevniin'of ilic-' A. P. -of l,,, arcH 1 ha's hrid; .other, c'-'perioncc'in. union ' , c:-ses. f-fis r.'ia'l, '•Hritod by jiir, 'vig- ' ^C'VOvis IcinK^^i^^ ;p ci'iMc'.sni ^^f the ' . . ... . - *•,'RocsovoU'sysfom yf -unicirism Jikr ' , tjons to.'froy uiagn'.'.ino. Oi'dO'v your ' ;n.y c,\vn ror-c'tmortcnfo • itn? "i- ' j CIVtist*,as «(ft. subscription iw.v.'cluclcc!';nnnv "pr.^ipMc l^Hers" Yrorr ! j Phofte.,2S.oi- ;JCP ; K. ,Ohafl<\<"'Rpy- vvorlitfrs and ti-.rir ..vivcs ^-,n , l: , vr I i nerson at rT-ipc City i-r:i!!, l?-lm | sutTcrgd .'.rop.v .u-.c tio?sism of the': ris sho-.ikl ihnvc ":ind".! shnulcl ' any yugjj^sotion .Lhnt I \vi.<h'f . S iibont I'hrir drStruetiori." Thns'c have' b.ccn my '>',vn scnti- j ihronghout tor. years of' 1 S -.v I CrtS"* iivf>i« nWisitvn (.'ol Dnrt'ttiO\itl(.' ons<>-. SotrtHt Alfthrrnin over ' ovf-r W Vli'Rlttlh. ov^r • Vtv ifcnn- (.r"t>r Auburn, North• Slntf- o«>f Flomlfi l''(irmftn. i,(inisi;i ,SI;ilr> ! !< v . ( of A'. I? 131. - TVrh 1 J <iluv«r>tv, IM :-..fjilii I i5lili>(' > rt .i irti Yuri:'. fSfV. <int- v, :'<W, tlnl- B y HA RO L d C t. A8S fe N Nfw York, Nov. 23 i/Pj J<V>o1bR'H-l 'i-U'f> nvflr T~: ilrwJf shlf'.s 10 tlif Pfioiffi- ,,;o«si I South*«tv MptlirxIlM DIP '..'iiadvl ; '\rinnil l,*-p i '.orilsjl'ili. |.':-ilt Hlv--v, : 1 .f;i««- li 'ii '.'ivividm-ti'p'. •ml'tuMv lupk. Mfl UnioVlyn. .(•! Hoiithf.ni CHllfiir- nl;> is -'host 1 TC> 1he;Uiilverj4ify of Cull L'onUn at \,'y? Angelas in ;> tliat will <Jt iftfil, v.'hii-h .'hr-iw.lim, . 5i-\'. v*>r B'n-ylor. : t'.ohliv Now iVTfsivO over Kansas State: | Mnss' F ftp West: i Sliinforri'-oveT ; 'nllfnrni», Oregon i "" ;; ir^e <..%-. jStnfo ovpr -:)r>>,ffon i-i'iritiXi'tcs aRfliiitt A!)ion "" •'""• -i this"'voar v.'hilf Hu> Trojans Akron'* a^^n'm^T^ii. >«j ,mrsf«.r»rl ..v OW-TOH Shih-.-ji.:.;, (; ; i,.-n,.|.-l, .V. ,i. i'.'K-. O Toinun-1 in ii -contpp^ncc i.us.«!<-< -m<1 ! Mills. 1-U !-;>, v'nlli'.v Siivim; 'M. Y. j : hy OMoSIliH", .1 -to •();• in :m uilcr- i.(/ Don* A • . ., Q-3t ' • Owner loavu-.: Fordhnrn fpotbr.!! tigaitv-brcrtfiii? 1 b' lapse vvith iTPurnMrior! ct' Scirtt •wittr Gacl'.t' Hav'Ttnnn • All-Ajv.c Wcdcm«yer snakir;. : r>l<>»th ;u1(.! this fdvepsst^r pr^tota thii( !l»».'y '-.v-fli pftsM Uif> t'irsf. bint ,,11 i Nolvf PM>IIC d\'pt- T«ilnni>: Th" i ; thut '.v'H p.rnvft atnl .ov rh<« :i,)iith-l ; cvni'i'--. unicst: tiv." Iri/n tako ;i i . <.i(!Ht;i m !h»- !:»'Xk' .snns'nltuv III : ;hin'lt! ;>(-• otic "f ,.:ttlu'at<>n Molvs j ' N'o'-'h C!Hrf,li>i!( iver .littko: T),,-i Urt Rntftirrt, i itort 'Billy.) . . ;]-'(, WashiiiMton. Un(n.>kr»d. .n ;• unssililtt v Uii- Uiop : | ulil ,\Ior»n4 nv.; l incss--Coriov.';n;t-'Ln>'i'e'-;-eRV nvv'^.'';^!!:'^?. ot Polo C'rcmmlM, 'ca' bM-:k- .\Vovtatn;tR Herman ;-'rv.- Vovk bov/. . . . ?.Tusf sell, i garded as o«r .j-nnn jodiciai "''^ost j . His 1 ovev Ohio : ; ',l:-ti> i'eri a viotorv h« Jliinois! -i.iy Ncvi h*' "li?K -.Nine '.i!li? i;vrr Nf)v!h\vrst( 4 rn' 'itU 1 i'iSi> iho Illinois ..! nose fi-.nvl irtp; V(M- HftV-li-fl; ,.\ if ii-Rii seldom i.j tlef ChtklMsn'c Shop Clothes'' for" Gi-f fs -^ Toys '. -— Cords Tbl 1 ? >t6: 223 Si VVnltUit ' ffi>TC^^j«gyj^ ; W.waiwitj» r y^e^tyra^W, "^faaaA:;:?. i Ncv Vnr'-r. NAV. :'^ - -I-V Th" rgjrayr*J"affr>"t'.'a3'tliy i r>*-\ JIT • •' •* r < 1 , j hi'fiiinh )h( J ynars i\entnc«r. iws'l *tMi«: h'ftlf) ynu wll-h ynUi' beri- linti'trcuhli'Bi We "niafe'i" nffVj of tnovat* nny klrtrt, or s!2<y ot fltf.'tsses; ! Day'Service-in ".r+otur MARTI N''M'A'mR'ES'SiCCf; "Ws: S>ll Sicrn" '?1 VV. ?.t".t">t. Phni>ff- !I9'-.' SHOP'- Rncoi-rtn anrl; Alhuuin fop- every ,1150 anrt t.inta; Ship early. The- porfact . aiftawalM you..nt GO. Radio, and Bob £5m<vo Auto Supply | Pfi»ni» 1*4 2!fi S. Main' .20-21 D; : s" ACRE FQSTKR-EtTJTS , np . Jl)B J Phone- 221 : j tie tjavo no.tjronnrl /or any'.such 1 ' ihojj-:'. sf; i;c m-iy iinve' boon" point-' a ' lho i.-dsf" - --- .. .ipamstci-f;' ^trikr-p .-incl their ; suits' in Xcw.York, all of ..wlrich By' CAHL BEL'L- Associated PV-:'sr- Sports 'Writer i i:oi.-Kl na-,'e oof;:i o: v ovc'"!o'd. ;i'nd! Bnc 1 -:orr ihr- •.•i'-Torv- n'l'h " .ho ' Kr:n!r,o .-In.vv pvi^n ioirn.oss under; law.. lp' the" ''ctrt-'f?h drivr- :ho ilion O-A'ls .•'.re.l"-'" •^^'••'.'i'jril Pii'o'n'ft- 300- J • •3ervic« ' Rcpolrs- o'ns'-.2S»-.. . Hb'pg, ,Art<. h'ovo hiodfe of YOI..I ond- Moor liovod' (5nes j By ARTIST Pnotbgrtipher; 520 :?,-• WnlMtit rtopci- Ai'k. 108; Eijst Division Sli - <a< ^ vw: ilAYMOND HUSTT av; '\\<i »- Compicto * 3ody Paint. Shop? Sec il Irinurc v/ith Iho oirr.nqcr Mutual C.->mpVirJi?s. Gi>mp!i»ts P'otec- tlon '! . . £(!'!' n-lturn Dividend. on Volif Insurr.ncn Caitt. In othar Wortta. M;;xirn"rn Protection '.af 20% S'AVIHOS! Atifornoibile nj fefato V \ ^v 3 ' i-** % Inthrost UK .. e. Your Htimt Tlirouijh Up to 20 Y-uars to 3ay! Fmsfer- Elli ! Ec-tato ct d'' ©ires'. No; ^ift 1 ife More .- . . .- M'oro Phono, -193-or 1 M- j for cjivappr.inltvuwit* h!OW, have your Chrisnnas shopping ••.ver cin'ti' avcict- the lost; minute rur.hi. I : ir3l- Nnlir.nol Bonk B 2i-.i Finnr 3S Fr^'rh J. Hilt, riiVO'i'f'-Aclrni'rii-'Vi'ilf-T^o C'O.-.; riv/or.-;y --.".-jVilr't -o^i-irir.r, or n't U'jij F::Ulc s;/ fr^fl v 1 /. £j>;)J f j-'M'.i't'. "i ill 1 " rc^'iT-ir Arr.'prirnV \- ; iv • : " "" rJfCCSBCcl, , Ad.Tfan'.'-'rn'.ion hb'im ; !f -i'- cruo!" ivfT.-*" .vw'.-t'i -lo-..,,-.-.- ".'.."-or n^-i' !n» ^iv-v-i,»,5 p T ..;,.,-i^ v •,.. Oct/iV'02-Jp. .l.?4fi; . . . *'f!. nrirnj VK'/O ^ufficiiWv'.of ^i-i'^or riT-p-iv^" "'-,•,'(,. /...,< ,.-C v ',., VJii I U f' !'T i- r i I V 1 - i , . , *•', VOTK CR'EplT f3 GOOD |3' Down — B'afan'c'e' 'We'eVly ^ii - ^^k Gt/AnAfrf EEO ' D;;,v J.,,- , . -., .. ... , One day service in trr.vrf — ILE-CTRJC CO, Phone 784 Oak ' MOfI HEADING COM PAN Y . C/ Scf/oof Sdff fines Xf'Jt .f..?ti$ls& (% o? ii-.j Cfirisir f \9'9, C.-j'rds ' '' , Perso'n'af Workmen >^: Ml'JS'F' ai£, !:er:,-iur.,? rhr.r'-. a f'radifiir.r, with liii;: crju-- pcny. MUST Sis, biirijur..i rlnnt's whcr yoLj.«:.'pecv< wlnemiyow drive in hers. SIW •U4J'5T S.£,, bftoauue HmwTi a condition: an which' we hav>? hicsd e\»e«v misralier of our si2rvi<T.e-wit!hre i ".uri<le srcff. OUR. Al'OJTTTO IS "SATISf I'ED C1LJGTOA,<V£15S" HEFNER NASH CO. 3 ; 14 E, 3/<j. tywn H«f»ev F*i««e 442 n.ri-i-y M : firr.fiy.n~ . hVi--.• <t| — IHByftRjAI, REPAIR NeES M4 FIXiURES i |$friMAtp ON ALL J^BS 3W Sf. Hops, Ark. Phone 6! .f'^ll' " : -r,th ,ijr--;iir!f firc-rrit fr: 1 !? f-'Tc ','rof--.53 fo rf-optif'jlr "ii:~ '~ i rncr'jR'-off/i j . ill- • , '• n f " ',T J (( 'f,tf \ry *"' In r-|V'•'"'(' 'Of ,'f|" 'fn; ;l. -^i-i-prc-i^'-'! ri"! !:• 'n-jihtrjl Mii;-Ur'r! th<* -,'hv fi'nr ORDEK MOV/ yrvir iif- V/ifilf:'f Hope Dulutie Co I In pe. Aik. pJujitK I'Qfl' -- H5-I J FOR SALE Hc-cirl and Sap Cypress Also Pine ffj»?ii Mope Co. IOPE SHINGLE CO. ('hone 17 ,... in 10 Minutes! 's^,/ Borrow money from ui on your car, or almoct any- rhing of value. We'll lend you oil you need if we possibly con, regardless of where you live. The metre you want the bcMoi gelt you the cash. 'here yo you want the better we like it. Ten minutei usually Aik for Mr. McLgrty, at Hope Auto Co. ;") » ^ BLONDIE ALVIN, I'VE GOT A BIG APPLE AND A LITTLE APPLE-TAKE YOLJF? PICK MUVIIN|1 nCMKW' IMm AND I WANT TO COiTlGPATULArE YOU ON YOUR UNSELFISHNESS CARNIVAL T~~~ , l WANT YOU J' TO EXPLAIN TO ALEXANDER THE HIGH MOTIVE THAT PROMPTED VOU TO TAKE THE SMALL APPLE By Dick Turner S OJl6£ rvrouNtS SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith Lil ')''><J»ltticMb' COPR. 1W BY N£A SERVICE. JHC. T. M. SCO. U. S. PAT. OFF!' • "This article says women .arc going to be weak' and ; feminine again—I .wish I could remember how I used to be!" BV NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. POT. OFT "Bul, Pel, lie simply refuses" to understand what six per cenl interest means!" JRECKLES AND HIS FKlEtttfe. By Blosser FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcraer ,-,. ^-, I WAS ^ WONDER- INS HOW THIS PLAY OF YOURS WILL EVER. HOLD UP WfTMogf MY PARE" . TOUCH / Wfe >^^ WOULDN'r DARE ATTEMPT A P/.AY WITHOUT , VOU, RUSTY/ I'M WRITING YOU IN / "And that's my silk ha! the kids nc-xl door Imfiaecl when they i<ot archery sets last week! POPEYE Thimble Theater AIRMAIL.'/ MOKE ' 'ELLIN' POPE YE WHAT TO PO WIT 1 HIS I HE WILL AWSWER ( EM WIT' } HIS OWN) WAV OF > COOK IN ( SPINACH// WEALTH.'.' T AMYBOPV 'AT GETS THE AMSNER KIN BE 5TROWG ' AM' HEALTH'KY LIKE POPEVE rrr HAH!/ THERE'S ANOTHEB BAG/' OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* 11-22. I..,,, r. OUR BOARDING HOUSt. THEV MUST BE A LETTER FROM'A BILL COLLEC H^TOR IN IT// SIMS* "" WJlVi Major Hoople VOOH-HOO, NAABE L. — CO.V.E ,}&'£• WATCH ' SP/XRKS FROhA . ..' VILLAGE _ FORGE--THE K v ,' DOM'T D. DO YOU, KIWD SIR? \ 7l<ID^T^M" I VNoTNOU k \ [ PAYS DiPMT 1 HAPDA \ , HAVE ML1CI-1 TO EixTTER- 1 TAIM THEM, PID THEY? HUNT FOK IT—MOW < YOU HAFTA \ HUMT A PLACE TO / GHT AWAY / ] FROIvl J -] IT.' ^1 + t>* •* li I i i " »• "* * ^ ^ ^ i . " '-IM>i..~1hi ' ' TJ^ T-T1 "' ig& •- /i-zz" rr.R.vjituAM^j j MEMORY'S GARDENS' ' MP ,. ,...„.„„».,«..« J .•XWIGGS/ANOTHER THOUCii IT OCCURS TO ME THW BOUGHT SURSL/\R AL/M^M SHOULD A COLORFUL WRITER.TO HOST= LYRICAL COIVMWERCIAsLS/ W £-•-- s w' . "" ^te^l /^TLIK^S'/ ^ A SLIGHT PROVING THE iNiVEr-iToR, You PRETEMQED UE THE IDEA — 3DST LOOSE] MOT REALLV OlsiLV A BIT OF QUIET pZARK IKE By Ray Gottd HE'S IN TX'CLEAR/ 7 O2ARKFADE BACK TH' BAWL AS PER AS YUH KIN«,,AH'LL 6IT ...IT'S A SUR TOUCHDOWN . IP HE CATCHES OZARK'S- -•• PASSf UNNER IT, OR MAH AIN'T NAME MERCURY BALL ON THEIR OWN TEN-YARD LINE... WHUTS'AT BEHIN' TH' ^AVPIELD „ GOAL LINE? VIC FLINT By Micp.ael O'Mallev &• Raloh Lane «r •non.-iEVCT^-zsiarc.T—jr* YOU'D BETTER PUT THAT THING ,"" -^v AWAY, BUBBLE. I'M ON MY OWN PROPERTY, FLINT, v—^ AND YOU AIN'T/ YOU MOLEST ME AND I'LL SHOOT YOU BOTH DOWN. NOW TAKEBALDY FOR A RUBBERNECK AT SOME OTHER PART OF THE LAKE/ -S-i TOO MUCH CANDY IS BAD FOR YOUR TEETH, SONNY. NOTHJN' WRONG WITH MY TEETH. YOU GOT A FEW • TOO MANY/ WASH TUB3S By ^-<!slie Turner* "J**.k-vpgMA a Jri.i/->.^3eg'" IT'S TRUE.BOVS. WE SOLP OUR RftZOR, PLfXNT. BUT ONLV SO WE CftN GWE OUK UNDWIDECJ ATTENTION TO WAKING BOBB 1 / PINSi RADIOS, BABV BUSGIES/ TRACTORS AND WHEN WILL THE Glfwr «KEE TRW4SPORT Pl.lNNE &E R^DV FOR ITS FIRST TEST WWTRESSES! fWE YOU V COMfAENT ON TBE (SRT-1CI.E "WeKEc, TITA!) OF AWERICAM WDUSTR-Y'L- IN "HE CURRENT ^SS l aE OF SIR, VJOULP VOU C^RE ^ TO DISCUSS SOUR RECENT ENCOUNTER WITH THE I NOTORIOUS BUCKINSHWA 1SH? r WOULD ^SOT! DIDJfc NOTICE y 7IT&M np 40W HE COLLhP?EO 7 -ll'"™ w « LIKE A PUNCTURED / SHREWD BUSiflESS fAPkN.. TIRE ^FTER.^H^T / OH, THE HOLLOW WiOCKER-V SWHW.ERS N^E I Or IT N.U ^AI5J; DEEDS '. WftS MENTIONED ? \ TWICE THKT BftMEN \ SR^FTER, ISH, HXSi kAftOE A SUCKER OUT OF (AE! DONALD DUCK By Wait Oisney- HENRY Bv Carl Anderson I CAN'T GET JOMMY OUT OF BED TO GOTO SCHOOL - ? HENRYl SEE WH^-- 0 —-^ YOU CAN DO WITH HIM / CAftl_ P ANOEPbOS — J'2?._ J ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. \VHY FBET ABOUT WAS IT STOOD UP WITH WHEN YOU NEEDED K AT YOUR CORONATION SJD LITTLE N!==TAH VV1LU ALWAYS BE ANDING AND, ALLEY, ITS A PERFECT NI5HT TO SEE TriE MCOM- LIGHT FROM INSPIRATION POINT/ «,*--,, - * ^-VTH^-JTA. S^coi'ti j9-iu til t;CA STRVICL'. IM: T M RFC u ^ PAT err •> M*1Z, POOTS X'U. StT OUT H MISS COBRW3 1 ^T, //-zz- fifJBVinenKKivx* ur« By Edgar'MortJn RYDER By Fred Harmon 1 LL

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