Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1946
Page 4
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* ,*, ».L. HOP I STAR, &\.. jEontro! by UnitedE:Nations proup Might Foresail Race to the Antarctic •is'it possible to place the rela- 'tively "free areas" of the world tffider United Natidns control now, thereby establishing the first tiny in toehold of world- government practice? ..: ' , ;,Thc 4udSttott pops up immediate y in consideration of the sugges- ion by Prof."'Leo Gross, of the school of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts College, that such a step be PlacerYour •*• i is » Orders Now For Thanksgiving TURKEYS All Sizes Moore Bros. f . - , '^ -,--•- v . <"• f-k» * ' iv ir?*'-,-j-S>--j,.-,-, :••,*-., . - Phone 767,.... . LU Ua ^*UllCgt» vim w w «*••• " «"T aken in Antarctica to forestall an nternational race for domination of that area. So far, such claims as have been aid by different nations to parts of Antarctica are on a rather tenuous basis. The United States holds hat mere discovery does not constitute a "staked claim" in such areas, although they have been made in the names of ' various countries including the" United States, France, Norway 'and even Japan. Argentina and Chile claim some rights of contiguity, and the British expedition which has. been in the area for two years mny meet at least a part of the U. fa. contention that development and occupation, not discovery dates, are the important factors. *•• Prof. Gross infers that the su's'-' pected presence of uranium in Ant-; arctica might make it a very difficult problem if its solution is left until vested interests are established. He doesn't mention the Arctic, although his argument would seem to apply equally well m an area which is under discussion because of its military location. The gross plan would seem to be even more logical in connection with the attempt to give the United Nations control over the sources of atomic energy. If, as seems r-uite likely, the possibility of finding uranium outweighs the generally-professed reasons ior the various- pending expeditions into the Antarctic, the U. N. might avoid trouble by stepping in now instead of later. , pule in this field. Britain has sub- Greece to Appeal to UN for Aid in Border Fighting Athens, Nov. 20 —M— The foreign office announced today that it would appeal to the United Nations for investigation of Greek border fighlng as a week-old battle in the Sura-Notia sector seesawed across a connecting mountain road and hit-and-run raids con tinned at other points. x An army spokesman at Salonika said the "invaders" had been driven from Skra and Notia but that fighting continued outside the towns. He said advancing troops found the bodies of 21 soldiers around Notia military headquarl ers and fixed the number of Guer rilla dead at 12. The spokesman quoted refugees from embattled villages in the area as saying that 'Communists' in those communities had joinec with the attacking bands in tlv fight against the Army, •o VISIT..... BYERS' Oil Dealers Favor Auto Tax Going Into Highways Litlle Rock, Nov. 20 — (#>)— . resolution urging that all specia automobile taxes be spent cxcli sively "for purposes of construe lion, maintenance and administra tion of public roads and highway and for the retirement of highwa obligations," was passed unan mously yesterday by the Independ ent Oil'Marketers of Arkansas. The organization, holding its ai nual convention here, agreed t submit the proposal to the 1947 gen eral assembly as a constitutiona amendment.- Among other things the oil ma keters advocated was repeal of th federal tax v pn gasoline and oi . The group alS(5 opposed any boost in taxation to finance highway construction in Arkansas. Ireland's linen industry flourished as early as 1210.ji Atlantic City Brings Gridder to Man U Named Grand Master Mason Do Y&ur Christmas Shopping Early ' : %$Ss ' • • • - • • % We Have Many Gifts for^JI the Family '•*•* Toys for the Kiddies Christmas Cards, Seals & Decorations Use Ouf^Layaway Plan Upstairs Over Byers^Drug Store 117 W. Second St. ~V -Phone 535 There- is already Qhe minor dis- mitted a 'tentative U...N. trusteeship agreement or ^.Tanganyika which contains a clause, reserving control of tho counlry's minin'g. The United- States protesls that equal trading rights should be allowed U. N. members in all areas under trusteeship. The division of opinion didn'l seem to mean much unlil it was revealed that, although not yet found in workable quantilies, pilchblende in Ihe area conlains uranium salts, thorium ;md olher radio-active materials.,;. Since control of the sources gt missionable material is a part of the atomic control plan now oemg studied 'by the U. N., it is not impossible that such areas will eventually come under international ' control anyway. An even more explosive thought lies in the possibility of .grouping under U. N. all the undeveloped p->rts of the world, uranium or no uranium, which can be transferred because they play :io particular role in already-established economies. It might start a pool of world government precedent into which Ihe nations could one day lump themselves, as many believe they will have to do before lasting world order can be established. By ED F1TE Fayettevillc, Nov. 20 - ,_'here would seem to be little con- icction between the famed Atlantic ;ity Miss America beauly pageant nd the University of Arkansas' irst look-in at a Southwest Conference football title in a decade — jut there is. The connecting link is Clyde Smackover) Scott, a six-footer with a classic jjhysiquc and a swoon-dealing grin who can also play a bit of football. The 65-pound kid from Smack over ,Ark., hasn't had his name m the headlines at Arkansas as oflen as he did while performing sensationally for the Naval Acad emy last year and while he wa winninf 20 athletic letters in higl school, but he is given credit Jo much of the rise to likely Nc\\ Year's bowl heights by the red shirted Ozark mountain icam. A rare alloy of being a constan offensive threal and a near defen sive genius, Scotl has been th mosl respecled man on xhe squa since the Oklahoma A. & M. game in lale Seplcmber when he made a running catch of a pass good for 62 yards and a touchdown that broke A. & M.'s winning streak with a 2-2 tic. Bui to get back to that beauty pageant angle. Scott wasn't oven counted in Coach John Barnhill's plans when he made the transfer neve from Tenessce. He was figured as a cinch to be of prim value lo this year's Navy team, which has lost seven slraighl games without him. Fate and Cupid ruled otherwise. Last year, the stale of Arkansas sent a comely lass, Leslie Hampton of Lake Village, to Atlanlic City as ils representative :'n the beauty pageant. En route she was tukcn on a lour of the Naval Academy and there met Seotl. Cupid took over. This year when Scott decided to resign from the Academy and get married, nothing was more natural than he should choose the school where the blonde Miss Hampton was already a student. They were I married iust before the grid sea- I son opened. > He has performed brilliantly on Ihe defense in every game he's played. And Arkansas partisans, who are counting on Ihcir team to be the host- eleven in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas, although the conference still must make the decision in case Rice Inslilule man> ages to tie for the crown, slill poinl lo Scott's absence because of injuries as one factor in the vcam's loss to Texas, the only blot on its loop slate. Arkansas is idle this week, having completed ils conference schedule, bul was busy prepping for a traditional Thanksgiving Day meeting with Tulsa on the latler's home field. Rice, which must win two more games to get a share ot the title Arkansas has cornered, meets Texas Christian in the week's standout game at Houston. Southern Methodist and Baylor meet in a battle for the cellar in the week's only olher game at Dallas. Once-mighly Texas, • ils bowl Ltltle Rock, Nov.. 20 —(/P) —John W.- Hamilton, Ptggolt, was elected Grand Master of. the Grand Lodge s'ree and Accepted Masons of Ar- cansns today. Noah Stockburger, Winslow, was elected deputy rand master. Itie election marked the closing session of the Grand Lodge's 105th communication. Others elected were K. D. McNeely, Dcrmott, grand senior warden; Baker Clark, Berryville, grand junior warden; Lester Hanna, Russcllvlllc, grand senior deacon, and Allon Clift, Camden, grand junior warden, Hamilton succeeds J. Miles Roberts, Pine Bluff and Stockburger suceeds Hamilton. Hamilton said he would nppoln Donald McCluncy, Rector, to sue coed Morris Lewis, El Dorado, as grand tyler, .-and Kennelh L. Spore Liltle ji Rock, to succeed Fret Schwertdimann, England, as grand chapla,iii. f-.-i r —o JUDGES/TO MEET LittVjjxKock, Nov. 20 — (/P)— The Ai Kansas -"County Judges' Association will open its annual con- vcnlion here Friday. Senators Ful- brighl arid McClellan and Governor Laney are scheduled to speak during th'e meeting Friday and Saturday. ' • . / OPA Increases Price of Sugar Washington, Nov. 20 — (IP)— OPA increased the price of raw sugar .oday and notified housewives and other buyers it soon will boost the retail price of the refined product ay about a half cent a pound. The agency estimated the increase will add about $50.000,000 to consumers 'annual iood bills. The retail price boost, will come when grocers get sugar refined from the higher-cost arw sugar. OPA authorized an increase of 36.5 cents a 100 pounds for raw cane sugar and 40 cents a 100 pounds for semi-refined sugars. It snid the price hlufi, second in two months,' was required under terms of the sugar buying agreement between the Commodity Credit Corporation and the Cubat government covering the 1940 anc 1947 Cuban sugar crops.' This calls for an increase .in the price paid for Cuban sugar in ratio to ad vnnces in this country's index of etail food prices. A price increase in September, Iso attributed to the Cuban agreement, added about two cents a lound to retail sugar prices. OPA said the new price increase pplies to both cane and beet sug- r to maintain Ihe cslablish- hopes punctured by defeats at "the hands of Hice and TCU, ana" Texas A. & M., both arc idle this week before closing out their schedules at Austin Nov. 28. Husbands! Wives I Want new Pep and Vim? ThouitanflA ot coupled urn weak, ^-orn-out. exhausted Solely bccniuc body looks Iron. For now vim. vltnlltyAry Ontrc« Tonlo TnlAjta. Cniunliu Iron you. too, may nwd for pep: nlm> mippllft jfu*m» DI. Lew exxtl Introductory >Ko only 36o. At all drug stores everywhere—ir Hope, at Cox and' Gibson Drugs. eel price cliffcrontlals between the two products. It applies also to domestically produced sugar, and Includes shipments from Hawaii and Puerto 'Rico. However, OPA said, the higher price will bring a corresponding drop in government subsidy payments' on domestic sugar. MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE •, '-t&Xi&J W-^&\i:^fffc.$?J&l&rt M&&-J BLUE^IBBQN $READ \ i •i AT YOUR ,p j- T V RkB^PRY GROCERS «nd V* I I T D A S\ H BY I Will Throw 'Jinx'Jewels Irs to the Sea By GENE WOOD Kli/abolh City. N. C.. Nov. 20 — (UIM— Grey-haired Stanley Brick- hoiiHi- today planned to take the ItH.'kt-t and bracelet removed from lus^ pro/tnnnl, unmarried daughter's Ki'Jivc and "throw them In the SIM or burn them lo keep thorn from luii'lini; somebody else." II i-usl Ihr humble odd-jobs worker $125 to have the grave »ot Mar- fin rcl Brickhousc opened yesterday. "But I'm glad I did it," he (said. '1 wanted to get that locket and bracelet." The Jewelry had been given the pretty '17-year-old girl by Haymond Mann, handsome 84-year-old father of lour children, shortly before she committed suicide. Two days after her suicide she was buried wearing the jewelry, and her family found suicide notes naming Mann as Ihe father of her unborn child. Shortly .afterward, Brickhou.se pepncied Mann with bit-shut in revenge. The 47-year-old lather, normally calm, broke into subs when he showed reporters the bicycle his brown-eyed girl scout daughter had enjoyed so much. But his voice wag evcrt",as -he told how he and Mnrgnrfet Ifslcnfcd to a'radio program'—• "Kiss and Tell" — the nignt she killed herself. "She asked me not-to say anything uiiring the program, out afterward we talked about the future — how we hoped to. buy n >sandwich shop and make some' money. I didn't suspect anything." A few hours later she shot herself in her room. The lockel and bracelet were being polished by a funeral home to be returned to Brickhousc. "The heavy silver clamp bracelet bcrtrs a large heart in the Center. The .small gold lockel had the initials "M. D." etched on the case. Meanwhile. M.-inn tirrnly. proclaimed his innocence and was loy- ally supported by his 27r. wife, now expecting their child. ,, The broad, i blue-eyed victim 'a Brickhouse's vengeful wrath aj- peared visibly, hffected by wmi had happened.'He apologized nerf- ously for the pearl-handled revoif- er no wore in. his belt — "oniy when I'm at home," he explain^!. Mrs. Mann said her husbarti, who works at a iNaval Depot -,in Norfolk, Va., was "good and fa^'fh- ful," but that now they were '\<n- comfortablc even walking down ifhe street together." . > Brickhousc, awaiting his scq/md trial on charges of trying lO'ldll Mann with a shotgun, said he was "sorry I used a gun — I could have hurt him more by shafriing him nnd his family." Oklahoma Rule Halts Plan for Charity Game Oklahoma cny.. ' nnv. .-,; — (If)— Rules of the Oklahoma High School Athletic Association appeared vo- day to have blocked any chance for n proposed charily foolball Chriflmns g.imc at Day Fort f r u FOR* TRULY COMPLETE •*u t. S..V r "/%, *%v *; ' V<, Vs/i Thanksgiving dinner, served in the customary way with turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings, is a great American tradition. ADMIRATION COFFEE, too, is served in a tradition—the tradition of fine quality. Complement the succulent taste of your holiday meals—serve "Cup-Tested" ADMIRATION for perfection in flavor, aroma and richness. Make Thanksgiving dinner truly complete with ADMIRATION —the coffee that is personally "Cup-Tested" by taste to assure you the same perfect blend—package after package. 5o«*] Copyright 1046, Duncan Coffee Co- JUICY FLORIDA Easier to Peel, Slice or Section. Full of Juice. CAKE DONUTS PECAN FUDGL DEVILS FOOD LADY BALTIMORE'- SQUARES Del Maiz Cream Style JANE PARKER MARVEL ENRICHED bqz. 11/?. Ib... Loaf JANE PARKER POUND CAKE NABISCO GRAHAMS 1 Ib. box NABISCO RITZ 1 Ib. box WHITE HOUSE O MILK ^ Tallcans A & P '- lOr APPLE SAUCE No. 2 can I7< - SULTANA Q7r FRUIT COCKTAIL No. 2/2 can ^' <- RAINBOW , •. ^^r Sweet Gherkins 16 oz. jar <J<^ JANE PARKER 79r FRUIT CAKE Ib. f, *°** fONA — MEDIUM SIZE 1 C r PEAS v No. 2can '* M - SUNNYFIELD * -. $O -I"/ 50 Ib. sack ^•' l/ . FRESH FRUIT ^VEGETABLES THXAS JONATHAN I tAAo iiB^B^ir"** ^ ORANGES 8 £, 39c APPLES 2 ^ LETTUCE Hi* 12c CELERY CARROTS 2 B ch S 15c COCOANUTSi Yellow Onionss ibl lOe ^Cauliflower L ENGLISH WALNUTS GRAPEFRUIT TEXAS RED POTATOES •• ; -'^'«w ji—"•• ^ ^ TEXAS ' l ^e< 3 «.£ 1« PUNCAN COFFEE COMPANY . f . BOASTERS AISO OF MARYLAND CLUB AND BRIGHT AND EARLY COFFEES Lb. Ib. pkg. Lbs. This is a leftover carrot, trying to hide behind the counter. But the Kroger Manager has spied it and out it will col When you trade at Kroger, you got trosh produce. It's clelivereG evnry morning—and usually sold before closing time. For irosh/iess is a big part nl the bettor values that millions ot American women go'; at Krogci every day. FRESH APPLES Boxed Washington Red Delicious. n/"\T A T^IT POI AIDES Washed, Selected Red. Triumphs. ^ Siriilh^ Ark., between the champion high school tearfls ot Okla- nornn and Arkansas- Fort Smith's Aniorila Grotl Shrincrs voted to sixmsor such a gulfle, billed'as an 'Ozarks Bowl' coiitest, with procee/ls to be used for Christmas gifts for undcrpriyi lege'd children in we Fort Smilh area. ; Lee K. Andcrso), secretary of the Oklahoma Higl; School Athletic Association, said tint under the association's rules tne ingn school football season cltfees the iirsl Saturday' after Thanksgiving unless a loam .its in the stole championship playofti >' He said there'• w.-is no way an exception to the; rule could be made by the asrpciation's board of control."He adced that a similar proposal by a veterans group in "•cxaikana had.ilready been lurned own this year; Items Arkansas News Little Hock, Nov. 19 — (/P)— Col. Gerald Galloway, U. S. District engineer here, said today extensive recreation development at tfimrod Lake in Yell and Perry counties probably would be delay ed until tne spring of 1948 by Pres dent Truam'ns public works moratorium. Col. Galloway said it was doubtful the project could be started be fore late in 1947. He added, how ever, that, in the interim, one year leases would tac granted on six temporary commercial boa dock sites at the lake. Invitation lo bid for the leases were issuec today. joarding houses, motor and tour^i sis courts or any space rentedjjn uto and trailer camps in re: ontrol areas have been remi py Ihe OPA office here they ilc supplemental lalements before Dec. of houses and apartme jffecled. Little Rock, No orilies of almos* tp by Democrc Republican and icnls in Ihe Nov. Lion, a fial official disclosed. ••",''*. In Ihe governor's'cb cralic incumbenl Ben'.L ceived 128,029 votes ijb'r rt ceived 128,029 votes Mr rt Ve. *P X-3'' ••' ^aK&tt* r I -^^ lo 24,133 for .Republican n. ^ &a&'& ^r 0 ./-? Uk<i W. T. Mills. _ i __ >C^%$^A> Lbs. ; . 39c COCONUTS Fragrant, Sweet Meat. Lb 17c • ! ,Lb. i Bag45C Tjpngy Tart ESH GRAPES i^l7k Red 'Emperors. ' SPINACH Home Grown'. Fresh, Green. 2 ibs 15c Texas Marsh Seedless. Full of Juice. Ib.bag45 | Proceeds to Charity Fort Smith, ; Nov. — (/P)— An Ozarks Bowl? game bringing to- iether the slt'te high school foot- jail champiois of Arkansas .and Oklahoma miy be staged here hristmas Diy with the proceeds oing lo chrrily. The Fort Smilh Amerila Grotlo Shrincrs vo,ed ycslerday lo sponsor such :i postseason classic and said they Itid sent out "leelers" to he Little Sock Tigers, heavy fav- orilcs lo win the Arkansas playoffs, and o iour leading Oklahoma elevens. Playoff in both stales are to be completed by Dec. 14. Earlier this week the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce announced it was seeking a postseason game for the- Tigers but. slipulaled thai an ou-of-siale classic was preferred. "/ ', o Little Rock, Nov. 19 — (XT)— Gov crnor Laney today appointed Armil Taylor, Clarksvillc, as his legislative secretary for the 1947 general assembly. Taylor, former member ot both legislative houses, held the same position two years-ago. Little Rock Nov. 19 — (tf 1 )— The Arkansas Construction committee of; the Civilian Production Administration today approved' consturc- tion of a $16,000 automobile sales and service establishment and a $15,000 grocery store in North Little Rock. The approved applications were submitted by Poe Motor Co., and' Harry J. fStacy. Applications of Wilbur E. Be'rri- hoft, Weiner, for a $9,000 cold sljo'r- age and food processing plant.J and of Lakeside High school, Dj^trict' Nino, Hot Springs, for a $8.5QQ 'vocational shop also were approved. Little Rock, Nov 19 — (XP)—Op- erators of hotels, rooming, or Country Club J Lb. Strawberry ••' -...J.ar Even tho v/e don't always have those items, we are gelling regular shipments which are sent immediately to buv stores. We list them in our ads so you'll know iur prices WHEN AVAILABLE. -'V Price When Available ".. Bar / C Ll O we Our Price When Available. 2 Bath Bars Our Price When Available. Box U Kraft L Spread Kitchen Tested Flour 50 Ib. bog . .$3.19 New Crop Dried 1 " j)=% k I A • OMA Libby. Value B ARfTI F' .r-y\ B L.L Country Club APPI F * ;T\S I La EL. t Moll's. Creamy Shortening. Pound Pkg. . . ? TCI Spaghetti Dinner .<j M Lb. -,.„ .41 Loaf 2Lb yjiq r ... Bag 'HOC 46 Oz. OQ^. .... CanZiOC FRESHER IN THE WHOlE BEAN !'.: A A v #303 ^>1_ .Can £\C Lb. $• Ctn. Box Dried Prunes /. . Ib. pkg. 27c,i Hunt's Lai-f-o. Tancy Quality. White Rice ./. . . Ib. box T2,c River Brand, rino Quality. . Clopp's Stroned. 3 cans 25c Chopped, 2 c?ns 23c. Blu White/ box 8c Substitute fo,' Bluing. Cheezits '. . . 6 oz. box 15c Sunshine C,(ecse Crackers Waxed Pbper box 21 c Cut Rite. /125 ft. Roll. By BOB MYERS Los Angeles, Nov. 21 —W')— Pacine Coast Conference officials here today privately expressed disappointment over the Berkeley Rose Bowl decision, but the public,, at large was not so discreet. •"• Interested observers, alumni spokesmen, sports experts, and literally hundreds of Jans didn't wait' to be asked for an opinion on the Pacific Coast-Big Nine bowl;'pact which slammed the gate on Army. The consensus in Southern Call lornia was: An agreement might be all right, but after all these years of official and unofficial dickering between the two, it could' have beer dated a year later, leaving the way open for Army to pla'y-in the Pasadena game next New Year's Day. There was a healthy minority who didn't like the agreement ir any form. They opposed the closed- door policy against other teams, principally from the South and Southwest which have provided ihc Bowl history with many a color- iul chapter, win or lose. Particularly painful was the suggestion as reported from, ihe Kasl 1hal the conference was afraid to meet the grout Army outfit. Thai one hurt, for it was U. C. L. A and Southern California, who meet )-aturda'y for the right lo represent (he F'str West-in Ihe..Rose Bowl wliicjfiMcd the losing battle at Berk- clcy.fto bring the Cadets to the IJP'W. .,:,%. Outvoted in their own conference, two to six, with two members absent, both U. C .L. A. and Southern Cal favored Army ever before the hurry-up session was ca'lnd at Berkeley. '' There were other phases in the .""i -iii'-nl irml many could not understand, especially the one whicr K-•' i-'vps me Big Nine authority to designate, if not name, c-l.sierii opponent .ior Ihe last wo years of the five-year contract. No one, it appeared, doubted that ne Big Nine, year in and year ut, offers tremendous football. 3ut — this year ihere was a truc- hampion Army team that might lave come out. Tea is believed to have originated n south central Asia, Our Price When Available. Med. Bar Our Price When Available. Grqde./i Thick Rib Cut. Tender, Juicy, Tasty. SLICED JSACON Lb 69c Snowdrift Our Price When Available. B Lb. $T| Jar I heese Lb 65c Rouwd Steak L« 49c Am^ican Cheddar ; : Grade A Beef. Swiss or Chicken Fry. V. i ^Jw r* t , r\*t *^E? Shi)rt Ribs Lb ZDC Bak< or Boil. c v Rose Fish Lb 39c ': Render Filfets. D-ssed and ^ £ ^ Prawn. Grade A . . . ure Rdfined hile It Lasts ...t'. Cut From Lean Pork BuFtS.<, Pork ( Center Cuts Little Rock^'Nov.- 19 —(/P)~ Ti. Arkansas Power 'and Light Company on NqyV 1-ltad distributed all but $08 of iihe $1,000,000 which the Public Service Commission ordered it- f to refund to electric consumers, ;ihe company reported to the commission yesterday. Huhtsvhle, Nov. 19 — (IP)— Damage unofficially estimated at 310,- OOQ,,resulted here last night when fire,gutted a two-story stone building owned by William Cain and snrc'ad to two adjoining buildings. Cain, who lived in a second-fl apartment, was burned slightly. Texarkana, Nov. 19 — (IP)— Two young Tcxans were killed and^two others were injured in a traffic .accident here last night. The dead were identified as Miss Edit Marie Brower, about 20, of Avery Tex., and Clifford Steelman, abou 24, of Dekalb, Tex. Little Rock, Nov. 18 — (JP)— In creased employment was brough V@®/ WANT TO TALK Table Dressed SALT MEAT BBTTER SAUSAGE FRUITS ^V *~j?6T MILK SUPPLIES EXTRA VITAMIN 0 EXTRA FANCY RED DELICIOUS APPLES L O 14c TEXAS A ki/ircc > Doz. FRESH, Cft'lSP Lb. Bunch Lb. 15c Pie Broadcast t November 23, 1946 Vi "cup light brown sugar "-'• ' 2 teaspoons .lour !/3 teaspoon iclt >.W teaspoon c;nca<- moa '/^ tea-.poon nutmeg Vi teaspoon ginger Vb teaspoon cloves : ,,-,| Iv cup-cooked or^ »' canned pumpkin ,^ a,cup\pot Milk 1 slightly beaten . . cpe y ; ol!c _ 4 teqr.poons dark , ' molasses ^ Aunt Jemima 25 Ibs. .^Red 10 Ib. Mesh Baa FLOUR 1.85 I POTATOES 39c K. B. 8 Ibs. m 2 Pound Shortening 3.20 | Fruit Cake 1.95 — I — —:— No. 2'/ 2 Can fj Plenty TOMATOES 33c I TOILET SOAP Salad 8 02. jar DRESSING 23c Ranch Style 15 oz. Can BEANS 14c Sunmaid 15 oz. Pkg. RAISENS 33c Mixed Nuts Pecans- Walnuts 1 Ib. 25c 2 Ibs CRACKERS 45c Turn on over.; set at very hot (450° F.). Mix together brown sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and . cloves. Add pumpkin, milk, beaten egg yolk and molasses. Stir until^ smooth. Pour into deep 7-in.,pie pan*,* lined with unbaked pastry. Bake 13,;,! min., then reduce heat to slow (325° T F.) and balie 25 'min. : 6V'Until firm,-'- ' Note; l'/j teasp. ground allspice pjr^ prepared pumpkin pie 'spice can rc,j,i. place cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and*, cloves,' ' " '•"' ' "'•* For Sweet ^Potato Pic, substitute for T the pumpkin fresh!/ 'cooked Q?_ canned s\veet potatoes or yams, put* through a sieve; rcduce'brown sugar^j to '/3 cup, omit molasses and add^" 1 teasp. melted butter ormargarire. -..M» ft m For Squash Pic, follow recipe for- :-| Pumpkin Pie, 'substituting coo'iced"-;-1 winter squash, thoroughly mashed,'"'"'! for the pumpkin. To cook squash,,, cut in pieces, remove seeds, ai>a ;tcam 45 min., or-until-tender. .-.-« You Witt Need; ***'•• Van Camp CHILI Can 39c COOKIES Lb. Faultless Small 5c Med. 39c I STARCH lOc Gro 6- WE DELIVER 209 South Walnut Phone 447 ft 4 i.'J '»••!

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