The Evening World from New York, New York on July 24, 1908 · Page 4
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1908
Page 4
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I L 1 THEVENNGWORLD FRIDAY JULY 24 1908 I II Jr ROOSEVELT FAILS f TOEYEN PROVOKE JUDGEGROSSCUP I Criticism of a Good All 4 Around Lawyer Vould 3c More Disturbing He Says tWILL NOT QUIT BENCH I Corporations Here Are to w Stay Sane Work of Reconstruction i struction Is Demanded Hon Juxlge Grosioup ot Chicago one of the three Judges of the United States Court of Appeals who were the ubjecf i t of an attack yesterday by President I 1 1 Roosevelt for their reversal of the Landle decision by whloh the Standard Oil Company had been fined j9240000 I was in New York this morning 1 An Evening World reporter law Judge Grosscup Just as he was starting 1 Berk for an automobile tour of the t w ihlres and White Mountains with hili i friends Mr and Mrs W W Outlay I and their daughter Miss Helen Gurley r of Chlcngo Sitting In his room at the WaldorfAstoria the famous Chicago Jurist i dictated this answer to tho remarkable r strictures that had been passed upon him and his associates by the President of the United States Had uuy good ullaround lawyer I who hlul ludled the UAIC laid that the oulnlou would have linen different In the cnie of n weaker I r defendant mliflit have betii OIH t whut dUtnrbcil but the comment r of the President y terdar dO < r not dlitnrh me I Judge Says Im Not Provoked i Thats all I care to say In addition L to what I wrote last night for the t press said Judge Grosicup I am f rot provoked by the Presidents statement r r What Judge Groiscup wrote last night wu this There Is no more reason why I should take notice of the comment of Mr I I Boosevelt than I would that of any r i private citizen for the omce that haS > fills and we office that ths Judset of f the Court of Appeals flij are entirely Independent though coordinate branches of the government The reporter called Judge Orosscups attention to the oftenrepeated story that he meant te retire from the bench i I and return to the private practice of fair t fairI hare DO present Intention of leaving the bench be answered I have f pawn tired of denying thl report which crop up every little while I It I yen dQiretlre from the bench however I shall practise law and take l i for clients Individual or corporations I i whenever I see fit to accept their cases t MI haU never pUce myself In a position where I should be the hired man of any one man or corporation J Corporation Here to Stay i The reporter reminded Judge Gross t cup that formerly he had been regarded K as a strong opponent of the corporations I speaking generally With a smile he replied I Well as a man groWl older his mind I I develops Then In the same connection be dictated the following The corporation Is here to stay It J already embodies more than onethird of the property of the entire country f Onehalf of the people of the country r ret their bread and butter out of It It Is the form In which the largest proportion I of the property of the future I t will be carried I My position Is this That the cor poratlons should be made so secure as J t a form of holding property that the 1 corporate domain of the country will < Invite investment by the people Just Uti the farms of the country are distributed among tho o ope j I would like to see every clerk every i mechanic and every other kind of employs have a proprietary Interest In the t enterprise to which he is attached end this can be done If we RU about the i wurk of corporate reconstruction sanely I and constructively ti This ended the interview as the automobile wa 4 about to start for its month trip through the Naw England States The Presidents Statement The statement made public last night by Secretary Loeb Is as follows The President has directed the At torneyGeneral to immediately take steps for the retrial of the Standard OU case The reversal of the Jeclslon oft the lower court dues not in any shape or way touch the merits of the case excepting so far as the size of the line is r concerned There U iib olutrl no i < uuentluu of the uullt of Site dr i i fendtiuti or of tIe ciupptlnuall i grave character of the ulleuae L The Ir ldeut would regard It I II III u gruff uilnVHrrlitue uf judllue I If through teclinluaJltle of nny n kind the deUMidunt viunved the yunMiiMint which would hOve liven uiKjuuilloimblr weld out to ant weaker drfrmlniit who hAd IIPIMI ffulllr of neh offeine The Pres r aent will do everything In his power I to avert or prevent such miscarriage of Justice With this purpose In view the President I k has directed the AttorneyGeneral to bring Into consultation Mr Frank I r D Kellogg In the matter and to do I everything possible to bring the offenders to Justice i THREE MORE SUSPECTS t IN BOSTON HOLDUP TAKEN BOSTON July MThe police of ni Titian 10 captured an Italian In Box hury today and It beiame known r Itttr In the day that a foreigner am wvrlnK the dencrlptlon of the man under attest ha1 demanded foot of a Kernvood road man ruler a thivui that h e would shOot her She ra Into the house nnd the man win I frlifhtuKHl nwny In the mans iiocke was u card reading Ilruno Oenar Is a uimtxr of the llaverhlll Mass narohtss society Two men carrying1 revolten anti with their jxxVeu td with cart rlditiM were arrested In the Newlham wnodt jliorlly aflet noon todi y T eye I uVtn to station h dflTLT I fJU lJ i rer MERCYSTRAINEO AT COURT FOR TINYCULPRITS I Justice Vyatt Doesnt Give the Cop the Whole Show Says One OLD OFFENDER AT 14 jnlvatore Just Naturally Swiped Rolls From Doorstep There waj t lively nr In the Children Court on Third u nine and East Eleventh street this morning for the batch of Juvenile ball players who Interpret the game to mean the bruising of the bystander aroused Justice WyiUtt Ire till they promised that theyd quit Besides the Judge thought that the younjr mernhant who practises without a license was headed the wrong way for a business career and told the young offenders so In no gentle speech Also five little fellows from the Fagin school came In for a reprimand At tho striking of 10 the whitehaired JUdge arrayed In the funereal kimono which does very well for Judicial ermine over on Third avenue made a stately entrance Into the courtroom and all the bad little boys and all the little girls with naughty Inclinations looked up quickly and then looked down and shuffled In their seats MADE BROTHER KEEPER OF BEGGING YOUNGSTER Eunrr Mentelll the officer called I and a tiny lad of eight years arrayed In a red flannel shirt of decollete cut I to wWlch was attached by a brass safety pin an abbrnvlated pair of trousers made a trembling ascension to the platform where already a husky offloer In blue had preceded him prepared to relate the dark deed of tiny Emery I This boy was found as minus of shoes I as he was of stockings begging p < mnl a at the One Hundred and Twentysev enth teat siTray station under tho pretense of selling chewing urn The policeman had kept on eye on the lad ye Indeed Tour Honor he did Just to see what his game was but he thought the ragged little fellow ought to be hauled up on account of his tender age Well what did Emery have to say for himself Emery lost his tongue and to the accompaniment of much perspfra tlon and pleadsome looks admitted his fearful guilt Then Emerys brother a tr ppng boy of twentyone was called to account for his Infantile brothers duds I and promised to put the little fellow straight I Discharged called the officer while the youngster straining his dirty brown legs to the utmost and peeping up over the bar of Justice nodded his head vigorously and cried I Golly hes all right fellers Ha dont give the cop the whole show 1 HERES A FOURTEENYEAROLD 1 HABITUAL OFFENDER Next cam Salratore Atero Theresa bad boy for you Do you know what It was that caused that fourteenyearold hopefuls third appearance within as many months In the Childrens Court Listen Salvatore had been using his teoth In a most offensive way for he Wt Albert Francis proprietor oa prosperous newstand at One Hundred and Thirtieth street right on the wrist And that Isnt the only thing Salvatore can lay claim to for two bottles of milk and a package of role he Just naturally appropriated from a near > doorstep Swear to God I didnt swipe em alt Salvatore vlh a volley of plead wiping a Iterated cheek with log rooks llp ng a dirty rareed cap Hut Justice Wyatt has his records From It Salvatore seums to have a fond ness lor doing naughty things With pleadings and sobs Cie s banished to the Protectory with minute Instruction I from the Justice all 0 a nsuled bath i PUPILS OF FAGIN SCHOOL ARE UNHEAVENLY TWINS I Benny Kaplan and Joscoh lpstein are eight years old each nnd their activity In certalp unconventional professions place C mon a par with the class of juvenile celebrities that Fauln used to make Sometimes they are called the I Unheavnlv Twins I diKit kiiw what to do with them 1 sighed the weary Justice wiping his tiica with a handkerchief Thlj Ka > Ian boys brother stole Vft from tine Countess Marie de Hawteuolc a couple of weeks aim but I cant end tem to the House of Refuge until they are twelve ears old Bo HB thin wai their first offense reprimand sufficed and the unhwenly twns arcmpaniej hv Ire ni iMiions and a we < v > lnir wMlllne mother I were hurrloJ ou rt s urtrnm with tho throneH wMoti always hntiK around oldln HaysHai S3 mm m Health f MW Never Fails to Restore i Gray Hair to Its Natural Color and Beauty i No matter how long It his been gray or faded Promotes i luxuriant growth of healthy halt Stops Its allinc out and positively removes Dan Urull Keeps hair soft and glossy Refuse all substitutes 2H times as much In 51 M Soc size Is Not a Dye S1 and 50c bottles at dnijIsls toad ic tar fee book TIM Cut ot the lUlr lHIVj fiti Hn e Co Ntnirk N j Hays Hnrllna Soap 4jl Iimpiu red couch and cluptwd hand md all ka itpe i KKIX uln fin cad soft 333 Ifll e ni ae ffm4 book Th Ctrt ot UM SUa 1 SACRIFICES HER I PET DOG BECAUSE HEBITA CHILD Spot Wass All Widaw Lene han Had but She Ordered Him Shot As a vrtnran and conscientious innnv ber of the Ooolety for the Prnyontlon of Cruelty to Animal Mrs Kilt Lne han an elderly widow of No fJ West One Hundred and Twentyninth street pronounced the sentence of death upon her pet fox terrier Spot this afternoon although she woi certain that Spot wag not sufferIn from rabies But Spot bad lightly bitten eJjhty earold Mar gerl Coyne of No U7 West One Hundred and Twentyninth street and Mar genes father John clamored for the do1 Ute I dont think Spot bit Jfargerl pur po ely aid lire lADoehan He played with all the children on the block and bid no harm In him If I must kill him I mint but Id like to have the advice of the Bergh Society about 1U I havent chick nor child only Spot and I hate to lose him I She called up the S P C A and was I advised to have the dog destroyed Policeman Matt NeaJey of the West One I I Hundred and Twentyfifth street stlon WM accordingly summoned u the executioner I Utile Spot emed to know that he had been condemned lIe cowered In a corner of the back yard whimpering after MM Lenehan had stroked his glossy x at and put hIm away for the last time Ai Lenehan raised the pistol Spot shivered slightly a deafening roar echoed anionc the rear courts of the tenements and the neighbors knew that hit widow had mad her sacrifice Mjtrgerle was playing In the street when Spot ran up to her and Jumped at piece of candy he had In her hand She ran from him and he nipped heron the right leg The wound was cauterized and Margerle took rwr first I treatment at the Pasteur Institute within three hours after ahe was I bitten I TRAIN HOLDUP I F m THE CATSKILLS I TLOBUT SURE I I Robbers Took Their Time in i Looting Mail Pouch and i Baggagemans Cash > KINGSTON N T July 10Two highwaymen held up a baggageman late last night on an Ulster and Delaware Railroad passenger train between iouth Gllbec and Stamford and gave anne display of nerve They letoureiy helped themselves to the contents of tho mall pouch took the bareagemans gold watch and JU In cub and jumped from the train as It glowed down Into Stamford and disappeared Search Is being made for the robber but without much hop of stl eels TAFT SEES REAL STEAM ROLLER ANDENJOYS IT Very Useful Thing Sometimes Says Nominee as City Machine Passes Hotel Just fu Presidential Candidate Will Inm Howard Taft came out of the Hotel Plaza thl morning A crtw of Street clBuicfn CAm by convoying i pair of huge s tean roller that had been crushing itone up near the Sherman Utu facing the entrance to the park Jue do you tee that 7 laid one of the rport i who hid been waiting wbilt he breakfasted at the Plaza with hU brother Henry W Taft the New York lawyer Mijba theyre hunting for you Well boyi n tell Tooi said the ex Secretary of War A steam roller U avery useful thin sometimes Walk Down Fifth Avenue From the Plaza the two TafU walked through the hot aunt down Fifth avenue 10 Fortyeoond meet and thence to the I Hotel Manhattan where the Preal denUat nominee was In conference with loal Kepubllcan leaden until time for him to start for hIs home In Clnlcnnatl on the Lake Shore Limited at 6 oclock this afternoon A little crowd of perhape thirty persons followed him It was late last night when the can dldata got back from Oyster Jar where he had gone to dUcuss with the Preel dent his speeth of acceptance Never thelejj before he went to bed at the j Manhattan he spent more than an nour In consultation with William NelSon Cromwell the lawyer one ot his close friends It was aoorly 3 oclock this morning before he finally got to bed Nevertheless he was up at S and half an hour later had started for the Plaza for braktut In an automobile aoom panled only by Mr and MM Henry W TaftThe The statement that exSecretary Taft Is bantlnir undoubtedly untrue Final Draft of Speech Comln out of the cat he told tIN reporters that the final draft of the speech had none to tie stenographers today to be later turned over to tho Dress associations held until he de livers it to the Notification Committee at Cincinnati next Tuesday On the waY to the Manhattan ex Secretary Taft was several times halted by oersotis who shook his hand and 1 hailed him as the next President The lame thlnir had happened when he was at breakfast He found a number of callers wait log for him EAGER DOG DRAGS MAN IN Svcnion Mbu Held Strap Iell Into Vntrr Heailflrit Because of the eagerness of a great Dane to get Into the water at PIer A North River last night Gustave Sl non fortjnve years old of Xo u Greenwich street was nearly drowned Svenson had taken the dot to the fer and was leading him by a leather strap As the animal reached the steps at the side of the pier It made a frantic leap and dragged Sveruon head first into the river j Patrolman Reilly and VliIam May of No 72 Greenwich street rescued I 8ven on with a boat hook unconscious I 1RELESS mo ROMANCE OFAN ARMYDESERTER British Soldier Caught Aboard Ship on Way to Wed Rich American STEAMER TURNS BACK Fiancee Smuggled Him Aboard at Bermuda to Await Her in Baltimore The itoiunihlp Beirmidlan whloh docked here today iron Hamilton behind her oheduled time brought a remarkable tory to account for her tar < tneai The romance of a prlYate In the Briti h army and a young woman who li told to be the daughter of a wealthy Baltimore merchant that led to the Bermudlan being wirelessed by I the garrison officials when she was fifty miles out and forced to turn back and j deliver the private who was a deserter from his regiment and a passenger on I the ship He Is now In the military prison at St eorge while his fiancee li reported to bo seriously 111 over the disastrous ending of her roman i rhe young private Is Paul Goodwin He met his American sweetheart who j curiously enough U also called Good I vointlel first name Is Catherine a dance given In Hamilton This was about a year ago and she had returned to the States soon after promising to become his wife Smuggled Him Away Some weeks ago Miss Goodwin and her father male another trip to the Island and It was uhen the plot was hatched by which Goodwin was to be tmuKKled out of the army Privates In hte British army are not allowed to marry or fID Goodwin told her friend she would have made even that sacrifice for the man she loved The first stop waj clearly to got I Ooodv4n out of the country and In I sOme way that la not made clear hi1 was put on Jioard the Bermudlan and his paasnce ixild He appeared on the first cabIn nasjenjtw list under an assumed i name Miss Goodwin remained I behind hut It was decde that shn should sail on the next bout and they were to have been married In Baltimore next month j The other nassencem In the hH < > ttm Miey hd to 4 > ecome acquainted with him found Goodwin a charming companion p Admits His Identity I It was durlne lunch when the team er was flftv miles toward the land of his hopes that the Quiet voin man In a cray suit became revealed to his fellownassienirer as a deserter Ills absence from roll CAM had hen noticed and In some vn the details of his psrap became known to the officers of thw reelmenit and the wireless was atf once nut Into motion An accurate de jscrlotlon was sent to the Kermudlan i anti her rantsin hat no difficulty In ulnirllne out Goodwin II s the man wantNI j A steward Interrupted his lunch with a request that he step Into the captains < Abln Goodwin made a clean breast of It as soon as he was taxI with his Identity I WIles flushes conveyed word to the tlrltish officials that the do < prti > r had tiepn discovered and the ship was ordered to return at once to Hamilton i Four hours Inter vounc CVxxlwIn han1 omitted between two rMcmts and es 1 rorrd hv n picket was being led back to barracks THESURPRlSEjSTORE THREE NEW YORK CITY STORED 523529 8th Avenue 138146 W 14th SI N W Cor 3d Av 83d StOne Between 36th and 27th Sis Between and 7th Avs Block From L Station GIGANTIC SHIRT SALE Thousands of dozens of this seasons goods All fresh and clean and all well known brands Every shirt guaranteed 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the order of Mr Hart When Stelnfeldt failed to return at noon Mr Hart called up tho Nineteenth Ward Dink and was told trmt the boy had not been there Then he called up the Stapleton National Hank and told Cashier Scott not to cash tho check If I I any one presented It Stelaeldt had picked up his friend Meade and the two went to Stapleton to get the check cashed Intending aa Btelnfeldt explained to have a good vacation They went to Thoma LM lero who Is employed only two doors from the Stapleton Natlonnl Dank and ukfd him to have the dieck cashed I Llttero presented the check at the bank and the cashier called In Policeman Smith Uttcro explains and Smith I found the boys outside Tncy started to run The policeman pursued The boys crossed and recrossed tile railroad track dodglns behind CRT and finally raced down Water streot At the yacht club house they found their esoape cutoff and wore about to plunge overboard when Smith grabbed lwth SINGER BUILDING ELEVATOR KILLS AORKMAN I Woman Faints as Alpert Is Cnrshect Trying to Board Moving Car Hli Mern Ai to let to hit work on one of the upper noon of the Singer BuildIng on time led today to the death ot Samuel Alpert a plumbers I helper Ht was trapped In the mechanic elevator In the rear of the I building on the ground floor and his I body crushed between the floor of the I I ascending car and the edge trf the SlHLft I Alert entered the building at 915 The elevator man Gus OConnor according to eye witnesses oi the tragedy either did not see Alpert or Ue was In too much of a hurry to wait for him for he started the alevaur up without the young plumber i Hold on there shouted Alpert and before any one could stop him he had squeeied himself between the sliding door as they were doting Just what happened then Ls not so clear but the police after examining a dozen persons who witnessed the accident say that OConnor Mams to have lost his head and forgot to hut oft the power Instead he tried to pull Alpert Onto the car 1 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