Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1946
Page 6
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MO ft ft* StAH, AK*AM»Ai94 SS/F/ED ^'Words ttft.to.15 ... «>lfl io 20 . .93: to 4 23 2fi*srtO 30 . SI t<5"33 . Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication One Three Six One®' ;— ~~ Dav Days Days Month .90 " "* " '" /- November. 1,4, -19,46,' ... .45 '.. .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.33 1.50 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.5f> 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 are for Continuous , Insertions Only , Want Ads.casn in Advance Over tho Pbone For Sale Washington By CHARLES MOLONY (Fop Jane Eads) Washington —Want a genuine. government-m i n t e d. 1793-date bronze medal commemorating Light Horse Harry Lee's Revolutionary War exploits'. 1 Enough By Wcttbrook Pegler ' Copyright, 1946 By King Feature* Syndicate. New York, Nov. 14—Tn reading "The Plotters" by n young fellow who calls himself John Roy Carl New York, Nov. 14 — (/P)— This** writer doesn't pretend io know what's what on the Army-Hose Uowl situation, but these facts can be established: Army likely would have said yes last year if the west coast folks had waited until tiller the navy game. The weather and the Cadets' December examinations would make it very difficult for lI0 ^ r ?,thPfl«tnedol«vevrnade on I type him as a cops-and-rob- by™he Ui. S Mini, turned out the bcrs character 'roublcc^b^ fenr. Kitf vr\it onn tfnt it from tho Mi lit SCllGl* CllllCQ U IKlOl t^OVCl ( \\ IilCJl out you mti sv.i ii- 11 uiii 11«. i» *» i-i i ^ *i i m*o nf 7(10 000 cl LIT iti 2 the ONE PRACTICALLY NEW 1946 ton and half Studcbaker truck Stake body, 8:25 tires. See Buck .. Williams. 6 ' tc SwcTllOW CASE TRACTOR AND . iojolements, B. E. Green. Hope. » JfU? K Five miles out on Sprmx- 1 x ljill road. 8 ' 6t NEW ADDING MACHINE $75. '^New Davton Scales S175. Meal ''"Stteer $125 Fred's Place, Phone fG05. . n ' 6t iThe^re^e . - 1793 Tne B ureavf of the Mint new displayed un Although his "pt.i never OttB TON AND HALF SCHOOL "fius chassis 1940 model Chevro- ', "let, See at Mac's Camp. Guern\ sey Public Schools, v Vinrn i nvide'a secret of his veal name, I has-assSed Sr .the »t.£'S! Hnd-jjo njenliop of hi. real name collection of aii" the coinmcmora-jDcrounlan., ""y.^c . »i live medals struck since Ihis coun- Cover ' or The Ploltois . trv was made up of British col- We have had thus Kind in me onies, The result looks like a col- "^P'P*!' b" 8 "!" 8 13-31 1936, DODGE, EXCELLENT MO- <s~.toii good tires. Call Paul Hooten. «r836-W, or 78 after 3 p;rn. 13-3t IM.USEHOLD F U R N I TURE Cleaving town. A real bargain if ; '"you take it all. See M. R. Shook. Quality Cleaners or call 1027. l3-3t 3TOY' RAT TERRIOR PUPS. 8 *"«'weeks old Highly bred. Call 922. "" * lu~ot ' 1934" DODGE SEDAN. GOOD. CON' dition. See Hulan, White at Hope 14-3t there. lellows •, who here and were police buffs or fans and played detective. I remember, one whose expense account once contained xhc item "to $2f>," and set the city lector's — or maybe a swindler's — dream. •Leland Howard, assistanl director of the Mint, says, however, that there is surprisingly little swindling in Ihe form, of passing of f i newly-struck copies-as ancient orig-| inals of these medals—nothing in the class of the "rare" coins racket. Nevertheless, says Howard, there have been cases in which ••;* ——— ••-- . ,,,. f i 1> ,., U n,.i r | Pns even a collector of ; rarities has mit pickpockets and "^''^M*:,^., up perhaps $20 ior an old-date',sips any city-side ) . c "° lf . t .f. I1 . li *{V? lc ^ f * , , r • . -. , ..,,_ j. )-rt^ enn ". mn npr.^fltm 1 ACClUainivlIlH- Army That's tl\e same sort of thing that delayed the Big Nine ~ •- • negotiations. Pacific coast 1'he Midwesterncrs want limitations on pre-game practices so their champion won't be at a disadvantage . ..On another angle, the CalifornLms may want a final fling at a free selection .before that five- year contract is signed because chances are that'll will be strictly a Big Nine affair afterward. The deal calls for the Eastern team's dough to be split up among the conference colleges and it is improbable that an outside learn would lake the game i'or :» tenth share. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Philadelphia — Jimmy Collins, 134 Philadelphia, knocked outDor- >v t.'iv 137 1-2, Philadelphia, •!. Binghamton. N. Y. - Lulu Cos sey Referenda Count Still Minus Vote of 14 Counties Little Hook, Nov. M —(/I 1 )— ISecrc- tnry of Stale C. G. Hall hopes to be ' able to complete the official I'Sinvnss of returns from the gen- ] eral election by tonight; but MI counties still have not reported. Kelurns from the H counties could cluinge the trend in at least two ot the tour referenda proposals on the ballot. The latest count showed: I*J I , UK I II VxVJO" t — .-.. ._.,- /-.A f»l>« 1-1 New York, out-! Libii.ry tax amendment. 5.5.7W * ...... . .. _ • • r.t .. ..... I ,ln "Vnfl .1 ii ri in i) ( A Voice on a Chcrce (News item: Dixie Walker less, doing "i'ntelligoncc" work during the war, although honestly the stuff he turned up by Sherlock- To the ing around with a calling list of i cheer. x named Brooklyn's sports man of year because Durocher spends spare time in Manhattan.) Durocher ha dgone to Manhattan When they picked Brooklyn's man of the year; Chuck Dresscn's affections had shifted To the home of the famous Bronx pointed' Bobbie" Williams, 135 1-4. Miami, 10. New York (Jamaica Arena) — Jimmy Carollo, 20S. New York, outpointed Johny White, 208 !•<!, Jersey City, t!. for and 40,7510 ... Hand tax amendment. 42,15!) for and 55), Hi!) against. School districts act, 52,35)4 and !)G.!i92 against . Salaries amendment, . r )2,2!12 for for Kiinsns City '- Jackie Darlhard. i "'ul fll 441 gainst.. 148, Kansas City. knocked out i ' "' ' '' r ' 01 141. KM.. Donlon. Cleveland, Drew, Frank- By United Press Providence. R. I. •— Maxie Starr, 142. Baltimore, outpointed Patsy Brandino, Ki8, Hamilton, Out.. 10. Bangnr. Me. — Jimmy Mulligan, ICO, Lowell, Mass.. outpointed Clint Perry, 161, Hyannis, Mass., :>. Lynn, Mass.. — Jennings Brothel-ton 136, South Boston, outpoint- ed Joe Gillis. 137. Springfield. Mass., 10. ,ig. SMI. Lee, Mississippi. Pike. 1'rai- lie, Sebastian, Sharp and union. Dildy Not Takinc! Chances, First TeamtoStart Conch Joe Dildy flntly f.lnled today .that he is planning !<•• start the lit si string Bobcats. iiulicat'-.iK he is "Uneasy" about thai outcome even with the starting eleven' in. "In this year of upsets I nm not Kointf to take tiny chances of a de- teat. I'm Koint! lo start the first team and do our best to win. Ourdon is gunning for us and will do >.i!l in their power to beat us. They would not more credit out of bent- ing Hop-? Hum any other mime they played this year, he said. It Is evident, Hint Oui'don lias r mor^ powerful team thnn local, fans mny have realized. They aver- a«e 153 pounds which Is n nrclty, fn'ir sl/e for a hifih school eleven. The Hobcats• arc over - confident, ind will be ripo for an upsol. Whether Ourdon has the power to knock - off Hope will be determined 1'Yiday niKht. Conches Dildy and 'i'ollelt believe that it is n possibility and they are In.a position to know. Anyway the Hope squad is bcin!• put through rough woruouts in preparation. CALL 119 Let us help you with your bed- ding'troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size of mattresses. •| Dav Service In Hope ! MARTIN MATTRESS CO. ; "We Sell Sleep" o:>1 w. ?.-'/ St. Phone. J.J9; "They have u good size high school team and their backs (ire larger than ours. Truthfully I'm •swooning swan of the Soho," and woiricd mid nm doing everything ncvei Well- ,. C a S onable personal .icquaintancc in the police department could have gathered by phone. • Hardware Co. WE* HAVE A NICE' NEW FIVE | commemorated also.' medal he could have gotlen from the Mini for $2. : All presidents, sccrelaries of the treasury and most directors of vhe Mint have been honored with medals, along with army and :iavy,« "•* ~* - -• --*.—- , heroes and miscellaneous citizens, their silly secrets, but 1 am DC- Exploils, many of them veiled :n ginning to get just a little pctuiani the mists of history, have been over the recurring suggestion tnat ..-„ . ** I.. , ...__•_ 1 J! ,~ .-.It. r ->11 ft oil 1 il f\ Branch Rickey hangs out in Ohio But it fills Brooklyn hearts full of joy To select, through the verco of the peepul, ..v. „. ....... _ -, .- ------- . I don't fault our hero for using a I Dixie Walker, a Birmingham monicker here and there in joining a lot of Kluxy organizations to set j bigotry, racial ferocity and, all the boy. jt t n.f^- V d *»- it -H-'J-j , fc ' *-* « *. * • •«-» -iwiiiintiuvi.cit.1-^ tiitjw. j«j*t,wv»,/t - — — I, ~- t • "j room F H.A. home, ready for im-•. The presidential series began as|ornery trails of .numanKinct meHiale possession to G. I. Avail-' "Indian Peace Medals." These]found exclusively among •- '-•*- -"-•--- -«-- carried on a tradition under which Saxons. I could stray ott .. to any white citizen after November 20. Five pieces plumbing All citv convenience. Sam Hartsfield, 1008 West Ave. B. 14-3t NICE BIG HUSKY CEDAR POST. 8 feet in length. S30 per hundred delivered. Dalton Hulsey, Wash- . likenesses of the Englis h King'some interesting bypaths pursuing Georges were distributed to the pre-Revolutionary redskins as hopeful hints there'd be no toma- this, but let us get back to the reason whv I think Derounam has throat trouble, as they say in the hawk tossing or *.* Ut ,-lU tVJIIlCl- HI i U tl L n VIM •_»..•»., »-— * w other disturb-1 baseball business of a man who ington, Rt. 1. H-3t For Sale or Rent 70 ACRE FARM WITH HOUSE. Will sell house separate. See J. B. Bailey, Rosston. Rt. 2. 14-31 Services Offered TOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE" petian Blinds, wood or metal, -outside metal blinds and awnings. Riley Cooper, 1909 West George Washington holds record for medals, with ten honoring him. Lincoln's the runner up. Howard, a Southerner, pointed out sorrowfully thai the Confederacy's Robert E. Lee has never been j honored like' his i'alher, "Lighl I Horse Harry." The U. S. had seven medals minted in France before the TT. S. I chokes up the clinches. wilh fear in the He says he "had a close cnll" when he went calling on Bob Reynolds, then n senator from North Carolin;\ and "a strong nationalist and America firstcr." and I will !h:we to interrupt myself again to Snorts Before Your Eyes Welterweight Johnny Greco, who vvns brought up in a large, family, figures he wasted a lot of his youth wailing for his turn to wash. So in building :i new house. Johnny las installed five bathrooms and is seeking space i'or more . . . Ace Parker gives baseball credit for his football comeback with the Yankees this fall. He says playing shortstop for the Portsmouth (Va.) Cubs last summer helped him re- gin his speed and timing. End of the Line An all-LSU crew, including the pilot, co-pilot, radioman and. two stewardesses will man the plane taking Louisiana State's Joplball British Start Drive for Fight Champ By BILL MacKLIN i London, Nov. 14— (fP)— Boxing' •Promoter Jack Solomons has launched a new drive to strcnglh- ?.n Britain's challenge for the world heavyweight title held by Jue Louis. ] Solomons told a news conference yesterday ho hopes to lure some .vorthy contenders w i t h 1.000 pound's ($4.0001 as prizes in an open heavyweight contest starting Jack London — both one-time British heavyweight kings, will be opon .onlv to novices who have 1 n.-.id a professional bout. known amateurs will be ineligible. They must be between li! .and :M years old and weigh Mire than HI2 pounds. The promoter hopes to un'•over some unknown champions from the armed forces. That ivoulcl give him raw material for more world title bouts. His pioleges already have failed S against Light Heavyweight Champion Gus Lesnevich and Lightweight NBA Titlist Ike Williams— \ although the lights proved renum- ervative to Solomons, coming as t.hev di'i in the midst of an empire' sports boom. I can to prevent an upset," Continued. he See Us For ... • to interrupt myseit again to id^me ^.uu-...;.ia o^.^ o -vy^»", wolgnt , tnat we mus i encourage that this icliow is dead against team to Miami for tomorrow mght,, youpgsters who havc lcarncd the With only one good heavyweight contender in hand, Empire Champion Bruce Woodcock. Solomons feels there must be some younger swatters in the United Kingdom who might be induced to come out for cold cash. "There's such a difference between Woodcock and Freddie Mills (British light heavyweight champion who sometimes fights above weighli that we must encourage COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators ol home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS REED MOTOR CO 108.East Division St. Mint was established, but vhe tionolist Philadelphia Mint has the origin.il patriotism were felonious plates for them and sells all This notorious nationalis was a nn\ion,Usm He even speaks o game . . . Although local basketba 1 nationalism «e e | na _ experts- are high on New York Um- Rst" in a way to suggest thai I yersity. word .,^m Ihe^Midwest seven. - VC11 . |woman employed in Reynolds out- Many of the, early medals were;or otfict- and our boy sort of hid designed, by. celebraled artists, j his face and nerved out the ordeal — • Du Vivier. They'of waiting. He bad abused ner !.n REGISTERED O.I.C. BOAR AND "lSomm?rville. Stallion. See Dalton ^Jpiils.ey, Washington, Rt. 1. 14-31 - Wanted^to Buy WE' BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- J * ttire, one piece or. more. Any 2!ampunt. What have you? Phone Tei? j-i-o^^ For Rent 1*PVaS 15~imO ISU-CQ H J A i tlHV,^ »J U VI T 1T1W1. k »( V-^ V* ,,i..v..-^. . 1 ' show in fine detail entire scenes j "Under Cover" and-was afraid she f-battles.— charging horsemen, recognized him. His ".heart same moking guns and cannon, lines of iflemen and what-not. Biggest and most expensive medal,, however, is a $10 bronze umber, four inches in diameter, minted in 1888 in honor of one NICE FRONT BEDROOM ADJOIN- ing bath. Garage if needed. Mrs. G. D. Compton, Phone 840-W. 9-6t BEDROOM FOR RENT, PRIVATE bath <and private entrance. Suit- 'aHe'-for man. Call U55-W. 319 Elm St. 12-t B1Y FARM 132 ACRES, GOOD house on highway 4. Hope & Rosston road. Eleciric pump, running water. 'Mrs. Georg3 L. Johnson. Hope, Rt. 2. 14-31 Lost BtACK AND WHITE ' SETTER birddog. Answers to name o '4Nip.',' .Wearing collar and tag ,.,Telephone 331. 13-3 1VBRINDLE COW, TWO YEAR: ••' old, Sales lag 098. W. E. Rear > don-, Route 3. Box 69, Hope. 13-3 oseph Francis, inventor of a sys m for saving the lives of per-' ing ons aboard ships in distress. It eatures an intricate, life-saving cene. Mint officials say there arc scv- recogmz..- when she passed a note to another woman at a desk .nncl he was "sweating it out" when Reynolds came out 'to greet him. "Was Mrs. Washburn." the notorious nationalist, "wailing until and South is thai Adolph Rupp's nlucky squad is the loaded-cast them all this year, o- ral ihousand collectors, of medals,, and .a lot' of others vhe who uy pretty number; to give as Christmas presents. The Mint has ssued approximately 200 different medals. Washington — Since December ast year a small group of men and women has been planning to help Ihe stateless children of Eu- ope—the children ior whom no jovernment.is particularly responsible. Incorporated here as the State- ess Children's Sanctuary. the group expects to start its program oy se'tting up a horns :'or 50 of Ihese children on Ihe island of Nevis in Ihe West.Indies. group is the 3ois, 'ormer chief of U. S. Army Chaplains of the Western European Command. Moving spirit of the Sancluarv is T was with Reynolds before expos; ing me or were some of 'the boys' being gathered : f or a litlle 'reception'"to Ihcir• cx-nalV" ho writes. His \isit with Reynolds was untroubled, but still. "oncer on... the street." he says. "I made, sure I wasn't followed." Well, now, Bob Reynolds is a big Eellosv. to be sure, and Derounian, I understand, can make 135. But. in the first place, Reynolds is strictly a gab-man a carnival professor to the Hfe, nol a scrapoer, and moreover, weight HARD BOILED, ANYWAY Elgin. 111., Nov. 14.—(/P>—Police Sgt. A. H. Gurgeson and Palrol- man George Kern sped lo the home of Mrs. Frank C. Berndt, wife of a policeman, after she reported strange popping sounds in the ! basement. ' "Maybe a hardboiled yegg," the officers said as they, went inlo the basement. But the popping noise, they discovered, was six hard.boiled eggs which hod exploded when the water in which they were being coked boiled away. •„.. . .Mrs. Berndl said her husband started.lo cook Ihe eggs i'or a-hunl- ing Irip—and then had lorgotten aboul Ihem. The fruit of Ihe pandanus planl resembles the pineapple in flavor. rudiments and need a chance to show their prowess," Solomons explained. "I think that with sufficient money encouragement these boys j will conic forward and any one. I he wins or not, who shows enough promise will be placed in the hands of a well-known irainer." . The talent hunt, reviving an old j British custom that "Phainting" Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main Street Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAMP • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20% Return' Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. Real Estate MONUMENTS Call o'r See R, V. KERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 .Representative for AU'LEN MONUMENT.CO. Little Rock, Shreveport • Tnxarkana BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixture* Plumbing Repairs HAfcRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Hcatino Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Say... MERRY CHRISTMAS To Your Loved Ones With a Portrait! No Gift- Is More Personal ..... More Appreciated Phone 493 or 1 1 4-J for on appointment NOW, have your Christmas shopping over and avoid the lasl minute rush! WILLIAM R, HERNDON, Photographer First National Bank Building 2nd Floor Presidenl of Ihe Rev. Albert J. du , , and.size are. heavily discounted by years and sedentary living. A fairly healthy lighlweiy.ht of Derounian's youth probably could scratch him uo in ;\ short scuffle and if Reynolds had grabbed him to lean has" weight on him, there still would have been things a little guy could do. An aggressive little quirt coming at h'm with a glare and a roar might take Ihe play away, i'rom him and run him around ihe room. This is nnt a text on iudo or <\& wavs to kill a man bv hnnd without breaking the skin. But, all factors considered. I think Deroun- Notice I WILL REOPEN FOR BUSINESS < Salurclay morning at 7:30. T. P. •" 3eard,'Third & Louisiana Streets. " •• r " - 1V1U V l*»ij JV/lllfc '-'J- nii_ uMiii-kMwi.i ..— -— — -_- - . energetic, bright-eyed Mrs. Vereiian m.ikes himself look silly un- Smarl-Alexander, who came to this Inressarily in revealing his fear of continenl with her ihree children .Mistsh Bob, suh. and the tortures in 1940 from England. inflicted by his imagination as ne Mrs. Stuart-Alexander, who is i sat there and conjured a gang of staying here with her daughter, I "the. boys" coming on the run 10 Thyrsi 18 who works at the do him down. And his fear of being British Embassy, says she became I followed on the Ft reel confirms my nleresled in the movement when I belief thai this "el!_ow he learned how many children vere living in old concentration amps abroad because there was io place -'or them lo go. REMOVED FREE \Vithih 10 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try 'Hope Mattress Co. For . better work at better prices— Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargain* _ In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411 S. to get oul of the young King Brady business and take up coloring Christ- m:i? cards at home. I r have hprl onitp a talk w>lh two t uict^c: — wt iiiwtii nj ^*'- , ---- - _^ % *-i She says she feels that since her officials ot E. P. Dutlon and '-om- hrce children wele so well-cared | pany. -the publishers ol both ol Ue- or in this country duping ihe \var rouni:in's books, John Kdmonson vhen her funds were cut off, it- is and Elliott M-.crac, and just ' her responsibility now lo help other children less happily Hxed. Immigration quotas have can't understand why an old house wilh a handsome name m ,he 'oub been Ilishing business would Id ntseU ' 4.JltJtlllKl.Ublwil v^uvy V'^o nu > i~ tvi.^it|«»— ra ~ —— ..._. ssucd for British, French and »'or the comment ol -Indue John 1 . other European children. Nothing |B-«rncs of Ihe United Slates dis- she claims, has been done for the Uriel court, in Clnr-aao, that Duttou - - ... | wa s "wiliint; to publish anything : or money," including "Under Coyer," a writer of whom the judge abandoned ones, mosl of whom are too young to know their own Wanted 50,000 Rats to kill with GILLS RAT KILLER Harmless to anything but rats and mice. Guaranteed MONTS SEED STORE name, or country of their birth. It was principally Mrs. Stuart Alexander's idea that a f.-mcluary ..aid, "I wouldn't believe- him on oath, now or at any timo here- I don't believe myself that Dut- lon has sunk af= low as Judee Barnes thought. But 1 do think :>tij oonducl here shows thai some of the firm have gol themsplves into a men'nl fix which gave Ihem \o uut the Dutlon urestiee and imprimatur on books which, on almost every page, take liberties with ihe repu'tnlions of others. Edmondson and Macrae certainly aren't happy nver the .iudge's comments on 1m:ir irm. but they are damned careless of the right of other men lo their ;ood character. This furtive liltle sneak, Deroun- lan has a way of lousing un a ner- son without actually accusing him of anv wong. just because he doesn't like the viotim or agree with his beliefs. He speaks of a woman wilh "a thin, scrawny face." Meaning no offense, maybe your wife or mother has a th"i. scrawny face. A.ne will do that, ^le savs a man in Reynolds' office :or- merly had worked for another :• el- low who had "a history of 'ivi-r.- molions' " of Florida swamp land. Observe that he doesn't s:w ihis BUY himself promoted Florida swamps. It was .iiist lhat he once had worked for a fellow who was •-•Hewed to have done so. But Franklin D. Roosevelt m-omoled German marks and mechanical salesmen vo disemnlov retail clerks, and a man hiuh in the interns! vevenup iok mo the nlher day. :->ow ''iut Roose veil couldn't crush him like a bug 'hat in his professional .iudf'inen Roosevelt's part in the gyp of Johi Hartford was felonious and should Health and Accidsnt INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St. Now you can have SIGNS and Spray Painting Buildings • Houses Barns • Vehicles • Etc. Waller & Wal'sr Phone 710-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. PHOTGiGRAPHS made of You and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley Studio 220 S. Walnut: Hope, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging WANTED and Job Printing, Office Supplies ond School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Card; Business and Personal Gentry Printinq Co. For o Quality Job,.. By Efficient Workmen ond REASONABLE CALL be established at Nevis. She says: "Apart from the I'acl thai entry into one of the 1 British colonial possessions will be comparative!;, easy to effect—provided (hat wi. can show satisfactory financial support—the cost of living in the I island of Nevis is easily six times I lower than il is here, or in Europe." The island of Nevis, birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, she says, !•; one of the healthiest places ou the earth. It has an average annual temperature of (10 degrees and is V'rv dry. Mrs. Stuart-Alexander says the Staleless Children's Sanctuary will take children between the -i.Kes of three and nine years. It plans a 15-year program that will lake them to college •.•ntrance. She estimated Ihe project would r-r.sl f: but it $100.(100. She is Iryine to rai.se it voluntary through donations. ir tl'i: finaiuial support and of- Clear and Cleon Doug /^ITTV Carl Bacon V*il I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House SndusTriol Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bofts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansat HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. HOUSE WIRING — INDUSTRIAL REPAIR APPLIANCES and FIXTURES FREE ESTIMATES ON AU JOBS 228 Eost 3rd St. Hppe, Ark. Phone 61 fers ol voluntary service exceed the requirements, Mrs. :-Huart-Alexander say.s another children's sai•'•tiiarv will be onened elsewhere and another 50 children will be provided for. i "It is the policy of the Stateless Children's Saneutary. Inc., to limit the numbers of staff and children to 15 and 50 respectively m each sanctuary," she says. "Such proportions will insure individual attention for the children." have gone to a grand jury Carlson, or -whatever you wan to call him, says Reynolds sen him a Fascist tract entitle "Here's how you can become nolitical leader in your district. Well, lhal certainly is sinister, s let's indict him. Bui lei's .indicl Mrs. Roosevelt, ioo, and everybody else on the C. I. O.'s Political Action Committee, because- ihoy did it first, and better. When he describes the "thick accents" 'Jt a speaker, he does il real mean, xne way Father Coughlin used to sneer the word "Jew." Bui Dave Dubinsky and Sidney Hillman together fould have revived Weber and Fields without a script or a rehearsal Never me to advocate a bovcott or suppression of anyone's book, excepl for filth or falsehood. Bui the 700 000 who bought "Under Cover." and probably twice ihat number who read it. orobably thought they were reading vhe truth'by an honest and courageous cruiuder against, enemies within. And now a federal judge, after hearing all the evidence in a suit aaainsl Dutlon, says it made outrageous charges, wholly uniound- ed, and sends Derounian on hiji way. soliciting your confidence and your money, tinder the 'for his new book stigmatic sign "I wouldn't believe him on oath, now or at any time hereafter. ' (4 JH...-in 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your cor, or almost qtsy thing of value- We'll lend you all you need it we po$$it>ly con, regardless of where you live- The morr you wont the better we like it. Ten ntinute» usually geti you the cash. Atk for Mr. McLorty, ot Hope Auto Co. M OPE 5 t A H, H 0 f 5, A R It A M S A 5 Tfiufstlny, November ^^ l 1946 Poge Sfiven v " j OZARKIKE tfy Chlefc roung By Ray Goffa NOW, DINAH KNOW WHUT HAPPENED •""H'MISSIN! B'ARSKIN/ :M!W.i KNOW ™ COOKIE \MHAT ARE GOING O DO WITH WAIT-> NO/ ( DON'T TELL ME L DON'T WANT TO KNOW/ GOTTA GO NOW.,. TH' FOOTBAWU'S BEEN PATCHED. NO USE GETTING GRAY HAIR PWNTS LOOK OOD Oh) ME. XCEPT THAT THEY'RE TOO LONG YES, OZARK... APTUH BEIN DAID PER OVUH A HE'S RETURNED TO HAUNT THESE ...AND TO AFFECT THE OUTCOME OF A FOOTBALL GAM& BUT IN A . VERY UNUSUAL WAY/ By Michael O'Mallev A. Raloh Lane CARNIVAL By Galbraith By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES 0ri a table in the TWOSPOT'S cabin I picked, up a crudely carved head wilh one ear sliced off. • re • Tornado • Casualty • Automobile B^ Mislle Turner, v -^ ' WASH TUB35 7 THIS IS K FIHE X J FISURE WE CW * £££*L / H<WDO,.WH_ WppwjS&KSLyiSg? List Your Property for Sale with Us. We have 25 applicants for homes in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. *soSOU'HPd>TO y EXACTLY! AND. FILUN& STOP FOR GA.S / STATIONS *W= SC^RCE• EV ERV TEH PR. (• OUT HERE, SO WE HfcD TWELVE IWUES; V TO.CfcRRH NiR'tAtfKEE'. Foster -Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 , Qyew w< WHEN ;wtt>'J»;o TO PK.P. UF Ntt> EhS.V... f DON*ALD"~DU£K WILL ONE OF VOL! PLEASE corn. 134C BY NE'A'seiwict. INC. T. M. EEC, u. s. PAT. OFF. ' *•"» COME SLEEP WITH ME? I'M FREEZING I COPn. 134C 3Y NCA 8CHVICC. INC. T. M. niiG. U. S. f*t. utr. —-.<• ^ t . . - !,„„ < _c _ ( ( ,, CoIllc ,.5,,,^ , jnck oul i, cre niu l finish fixmfi tliat broken ; in'tl like her, Gus! Good center of gravity, slrong i \ . n . cUY cute . irc i,'t you. asking .my advice and lei-, , face tension, iulercsling suspcMision, clean lines and a I » l - ting me do it!" ting FRECKLES AND HIS brilliant coiiversalionalist!" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberoer I TMIMK STARTIMS- AW ART COLLECTlOfO \ WHY MOT MAKE- If A FOR. SHADYSIDE HIGH IS A SUPERL IDEA.''. PAIMTlNG OF SOME- LET'S GIVE A PAINTIMS- TO TME SCHOOL/ j FAMOUS WOMAN IN AMERCAM MUST BE, because that's a tradition wilh '.his company. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you OUR.SERVICE 'MUST El OF THE BEST/ C clriv£ in' here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on which we have hired every member of our service-with-a-.smile staff. I'LL PASS our SLIPS, , UADV GODIVA WASN'T AM AMERICAN! WOMAM .' OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 VOTE RDK.THE- WOMAN YOU WANT Bv V. T. Hauinii ALLEY OOP "The more I think about this, dear, the more I we're uawekomsi iaie.sL$.L" 8USY,.SOrU. / FOOZV.-I SHOULD BE ^A FIRST IT'S ATTEND TO ANVl SDU'REA TAKEN CARE ^RUSH, NOW IT'S ] NEETAH HAS MESSAGE \AFftl-i Jlk OF AT ONCE/ DE-LAYj WHAT IS \ MOVED IN OOOLA MAVX 58 ^.^^.^^-.^ MAKIN 1 YOU - sEWDiT m^^^M|^j teL T, i i S wAY ? .r^.KNTir ; ,\ A^ L__—^&flKMWte^ v- COPB - 194 ^ BY ' NE * SERVICE: INC!'T. M.'BE^U. s. ryr. der.^/ J TWO .THOUSIKJO FOE HELPIM 1 HELLO, U POPEYE, My POPEYE JFCIEWP, MAY // YT \ 5P£ AK WITH \\ A MOMEMT iw PRIVATE;/ POPEVE, '1 WILL PAY YOU $2,000,000 PQg VOLJg rTi* OIL WELL." T— 7 ————0 VA A\AKE 2,002,OOO?? OO-OOH.THOT »AOON!\P Gear your going to the safety and non-skid protection ol Gocdyear tires , . . built in two tread designs io meet your driving needs . . . the famous All-Weather diamond tread, and the saw-tooth DeLuxe Rib. Stop In today — wo may have your size in stock ... if not, we'll keep you going solely with With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUS£ By J.R. Wiliom<« OUT OUR WAY I POM'T MIND BEIM 1 A v HORSE AM 1 CARRVIM' HIM" BUT WHY POH-S HE HAFTA USE MY POCKETS PER. _—, 5TIRP.UPS? Goodyear Recap^ ping or low coat lire repairs. TEMPORARILY-' once Walnut Phone

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