Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1946
Page 4
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H JJr W iSr.- 1 •*? A • HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 14, 194* * . ...-•-- • 'i- i n* **' ;-iLldHT" DELAY ' v San' Francisco, Nov. 11 —(ffV- Said the 94-vear-old woman, strill- "Bit SWectly at jewelry salesman Malik McAulilfe: '• .\'!I'd like to pick up that silver jri'ftvy'boat I left here to be . cleaned. My sister said she'd be angry with me If 1 didn't get It pretty soon." Said McAuli«e: "When did you leave it? Several weeks ago?" "No—in 1902." McAuliffe found it, too—in the basement. A new method has beeii perfected to deplgment cottonseed and produce an almost white meal. The Dutch established a maritime station at the Cape of Good Hope, Africa's southern tip, In 1652. You've Heard Rumors. Here Are the Facts! There is a world-wide shortage of animal fats and of vegetable oils. This shortage affects all of us. For instance, this year soapmakers have been able to obtain only one fifth of the imported oils they used in 1941-far less domest.c fats, too. Because of the world-wide shortage, manufacturers are r unable to get the amount of fats and oils they need to make not only soaps, but also paints, textiles, tires, leather goods, floor coverings, electrical appliances, etc In the tace of these conditions, American soap manufacturers have done their utmost. They have turned all the fats and oils they have been able to obtain into soap |ust as quickly as possible. But for the help of American housewives, the shortage of soap would have been far more serious. Last year, more than one ouf of every nine packages of soap sojd_was made from used fats saved in America's kitchens. Broadway . 3. -, •. 4. - Don't blame your grocer. He is doing his best, like the f soapmakers, to get more soap for you. Won't you do your ** • best by v »aving and turning in every drop of used fats. YOU CAN HELP!...SAVE USED FATS! American Fat Salvage Committee) 247 Park Avenue, Ntw York ,17, N. Y.' By JACK O'BRIAN New York—The other evening on BS's Arthur Godfrey's Talent couts program, each contestant as led to the microphone by an ttendant. . . In that way, Carmen bel, a coloratura-soprano, kept •om the studio audience ihe fact hat she is blind, eliminating at er own suggestions all possible hance of winning extra attention ut of sympathy. . . The hnppy nding, of course, came when Car nen won .first prize and an en agement on another program. Al Jolson was a guest on Barry Jray's all-night radio show vhe ther morning, and brought along Tarry Akst, composer and pianist, o play a few numbers which Al vas prepared to sing. . . .Barry Gray voiced some concern about he program, which deals in records and Broadway chit-chat hrough the night, but he immediately received a telephone call rom the station's musical direc- .or, Sylvan Levin, who said the icck svith the cost, and have Jolie go ahead. . . Al sang every song requested, the word spread through the saloons and night clubs and within minutes Al had the biggest audience of the after- midnight hours among the stayoul lates who normally were just about beginning their all-night arguments in Lindy's and Reuben's. . . One Jolson fan, Toots Shor, was afraid Al would stop singing so he remained in a taxicab, which he had just boarded for a two-minute trip home, for two hours while Al exhausted not his energy or p-Uiencc, but the program's time. .. . Quite reat, and Barry Gray's character- stically good natured impudence or once was quited. Alan Young of the radio wants to try a Broadway play . . . Bill Stern ,he sportscaster will record a do scription of a hypothetical Notre- Dame-Army football game for use in the new musical, "Toplitzky ol Notre Dame." . . Bill also an nounccd the real thing a :"cw days ago. . . Alfred Lunt's collection o 10th Century toy theaters is having a plush display at the Museum of Modern Art. . . It .is a valuable collection, gathered by Alfred clui ing the years he spent in England and on the continent during Uic war. . . It has scenes irom "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Oliver Twist, "Robinson Crusoe,' and the grand transformation from "Jack and the Beanstalk,' with a flying ballet included. Radio Newscaster Lowell Thomas is moving to California. . Robert Young refuses to see himself on the screen. . . He says he can't take his eyes off himself to watch the picture. "The story is lost in self-study," Bob explained, adding: "It gets tiresome." While her appearance in "Lysis- trata" was a swiftio, Ihc show lasting only a couple ot days in the face of unanimously rough reviews, Etta Mote :o, who was starred, found one little ;iote of happiness in the general gloom: She received three wires jTrom as many Roosevelts. • ''• Three Broadway producers met Marie Wilson at the airport on her arrival here, but she ignored their persuasions, insisting she'll return to Hollywood and her role in Ken Murray's "Blackouts," which has been running four and a half years on the coast and shows little sign of folding. '•"') }. Buyer of Shoe Shop Also Wilt Have Some Help Tulsa, Okla.. Nov. 13 — (/P)— Whoever buys the shoe shop of tne laic Cnnst Hauser will get a business partner in the deal, if no wants him. Hauser died last week but his heiper, .Fritz, still remains in the now silent shop where both had wonted and hvea, Frit/, is n white j'ox terrier. H the telephone rang and Hauser didn't hear, vhc dog would come io him and bark. Fritz' bark also would signal the arrival of customers. Hauser called the dog his "public relations man." C. J. Hauser, son of the late owner, said he didn't want to sell out Fritz in settling the estate. "Fritz would make a fine em- ploye tor a new owner. I hope it will work out that way," lie said. - o St. Louis Backer of Lindbergh's Flight Succumbs St. Louis. Nov. 12 —1/11— Major Albert Bond Lambert, 70, aviation promoter and pilot, for whom Lambert - St. Louis field w a s named, died early today at his home. Death was attributed to icart disease. He was one of the backers of Charles A. Lindbergh's Trans-At- antic flight in 1927. Ho was president of the Lambert Pharmaceuti cal compnhy from 1890 tihtii .the pany was absorbed into the present Lambert company In 1020. He established an early St. Louis flying field, familiarly khown as 'Lambert's cow pasture" and later gave it to the city ns a nee- leus for the present $3,000,000 airport. He served on the c:;y council from 1907 to 1911 aspresiden t of the police board from 1937 to 1941. He was n alive of Alexandria, Va. Ho is survived by his widow, Mrs. Myrtle M. Lambert; two sons, Donaldson L. of Philadelphia nnd Albert B. Jr. of St. Louis, and one daughter, Mrs. Otis H. Bochm- cr Jr. of Laduc, Mo. o-— • ; HARD BITE Shawnce, Okla., Nov. 9 —(A 1 ) Lyke McKcrrachcr, who patrols an oil pipe line from the air, today cancelled his order for another set of false teeth. McKerrachcr and his teeth became separated while he wasfly- ing at 400 feet in rough air near auls Valley, Okla. On his next ay off he drove to the area and mud his plates undamaged. 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Every pound of ADMIRATION is "Cup-Tested" to maintain its superior quality, and the personally "Cup-tested" AQMIRATION way is the ONLY woy Io assure the same perfect blend, oackage after package. Q? 5? Copyright 1949. Puncan Coif ee Company * BUNCAN COFFEE COMPANY . . . ROASTERS ALSO OF MARYLAND CUIB AND BRIGHT AND IARIV COFFEiS Petroleum Jelly . for minor burna-cuU, bruises, clmfos, (xbraaions, ^n akinirritnttonn. Aids licnlln AND ONLY 10< MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD CiTY BAKERY AT YOUR GROCERS and Thursday, Nevember 14, 1946 HOPE S T A R, H 0 Mi" ARKANSAS Page Fire ^ -*•-*. I •» White House Milk in accepted for infant fooding'by nationally known medical authorities. It's approved for vitamin D, content upon periodic, scientific tests. It's easy for infants to digest. It's famous for its croamy-rich flavor. There's none Bettor. Ask your, doctor. 400 U.S. P. UNITS OF VITAMIN Ds PER ?INT THE GREAT ATLANTIC ^ACINCJEA COi 3 fall cans 38c Rainbo Sweet Rainbo Sour or Dill 16 oz. Jar 16 oz. Jar Del Monte Whole Kernel Baby Food CLAPPS can Heinz KETCHUP 14oz. bot. Armour's Star CORNED BEEF 12 oz. Can 1 Ib. can HASH Old Dutch CLEANSER 2cans Big League TOMATOES lona FLOUR ...No. 2cdn Gebhardt's Eagle Chili POWDER 1 oz. jar A & P APPLE SAUCE No. 2 can FRUITS and VEGETABLES TEXAS ORANGES TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT JONATHAN APPLES MEATS, FSSH and POULTRY GRADE "A" VEAL 4 Lbs 25c 10 BLabg 45c 2ibs. 25c Lettuce head 12c Celery . . stalk lOc Cabbage.... Ib. 5c YELLOW ONIONS 3 RED POTATOES 10 Tomatoes . Ib. 19c Carrots 2 bchs. 15c Cocoanuts Ib. 15c SIRLOIN STEAK CHUCK ROAST T BONE STEAK FRESH SIDE BACON PORK ROAST PORK LOIN ROAST DRESSED HENS FRESH OYSTERS CATFISH SLICED BUFFALO FISH Pound Pound Pound Pound Pint Pound Pound 47c 35c 49c 54c 52c 59c 50c 85c 65c 39c 5? O" Nabisco Premium CRACKERS LQRNA DOONE Cookies , • DONUTS BREAD Jane Parker Marvel Dated Enriched 1 Ib. Pkg. Pkg. Doz. 11/2 Ib. Loaf JANE PARKER CHOCOLATE FUDGE DEVIL FOOD SQUARE CAKE YOU'LL NEVER TIRE OF THESE OVEN-TREASURISI 27c or ICED BANANA SQU 31c pUR flUfSt COpKING Each Swiss Writer Is Awarded Literary Prize for 1946 Stockholm, Nov. 14 —(/I 1 )— The Swedish Academy todny awarded Hermann Hesse of Switzerland the nobcl llternry prize for 1!MG. Hesse, born in Germany but 41 naturalised Swiss, Is n novelist, poet nnd essnylst. He hns been only slightly known In the United States because only two of his books have been translated into English, "Step- penwolf" and "Death and The Lover." Most have been translated from the German into Scandinavian and Slavic languages and a few were printed in Japanese. Hesse is 09. He was trained for the ministry, but soon turned to literature. His first novel, "1'ctcr Camezlnd," was published in 1004, the Je.-\r of his one son. marriage!. He has President Will Ask Price Board to Carry on Washington, Nov. M — (/!')— Th White House announced today thfit President Truman will asked the price decontrol board to carry on despite removal of virtually all price ceilings. Press secretary Charles G. Ross gave newsmen this infrotnalion in releasing a letter >"rom ihe thrc- man board to Mr. Truman. "We wish to advise you," the board wrote, "that the three members of this board are prepared if you so desire to hold thomselvs available for any business which may properly come before the board for as long as the present price control law remains on the books." -o Confuscious was not only a teacher, but an accomplished musician, statesman, and champion archer. Odd-Makers Pick Hogs Over SMU By MURRAY ROSE New York, Nov. 14 — (/P)— parcntly .figuring that Army Notre JJmne ore due to break out with n rash of touchdowns this week after last Saturday's 0-0 tie, the odds-makers have made the Cadcls and Irish big point favorites over Pcnri and Northwestern.. The Cadcls today are rated a 13 to 13 1-2 point edge to whip the Quakers at Philadelphia's Franklin Field in the top eastern game of the weekend while the Irisn are favored by 20 over Northwestern in the South Bend contest. Ap and Navy, beaten in 'its last six games, nevertheless has been established a C' 1-2 point, choice over once-beaten Pehn Slate for Ihc Annapolis encounter. Conference slate, Soulh Carolina's Gamecocks arc 13 point Underdogs to Duke. In the other imporlahl circuit clash North Caronna iirturcs seven over a good Wake Forest eleven. Unbeaten and untied Georgia lias been made an overwhelming choice over weak Auburn, the Bulldogs being given a 33-point margin. Thrice-beaten Alabama is nine up on twice-defeated Vanderbill, and In other Southern games Georgia Tech Is nine over Tulano, Kentucky 14 over West Virginia, and Louisiana Stale 13 1-2 over Miami of Florida. Arkansas, lop team in the Southwest Conference, is chosen by 10 over Southern Methodist in a Southwest Conference tilt. Texas rates 14 over Texas Christian, TUcc seven over Texas A. & M., Texas Tech six over Oklahoma A. M., and Tulsa 13 over Baylor in olhei Southweslcrn sctlos. In the Far Wesl California is slim 1 1-2 choice over Oregon 13 talc Stanford is 12 1-2 over Washing Ion Slate and Washington is 12 1-2 over Oregon. o Sally Fans Her Way Out of Court Los Angeles, Nov. 14 — (UP) — Sally Rand was us free today as ho fans she waves after a munici- l court judge watched a "com- Tinnd perform.'ince" and dismissed ndcccncy charges. Despite the complaints of prosecutors that the dance Sally did for the court wns not. as interesting as the one that attracts the paying cusomers, Judge Leo Aggcler dis missed charges. After, hearing testimony that the 42-year-old blonde wore only a scanty G-string and 'a fine film >f talcum powder while she waved ler fans and bubbles over her head the night of Oct. 31, Agecler agreed to a defense suggestion that ic adjourn to her downtown theater to see for himself. Goggle-eye, the judge and his bailiffs sal in the third row while Miss Rnnd cavorted In- what she said was an exact duplicate of her Halloween night dance and the same "artistic performance" she had been putting on, or taking off, for 13 yca.i'Si "That's impossible," snorted Deputy City Atty. Walter Allen. "If her dance had always been as lame as it was today, she wouldn't have lasted one day, years." let alone 1J t wasn't the same show for which (City Policeman O. W. Whitei . he arrested Miss Rand. For one'reported still in a^settons eondlj hlng, he said, she was dancing (tlon. He was with KendricK at tne hen with while spotlights Illurni' time, nating her and her bubble and the xxitlights too revealed things. Yes- ;erday's performance was in a Dale blue haze. The European world obtained tne word China • from the Hot Springs, Ark., Nov. 14—(/P)— James U. Kendrick, 30, injured critically Tuesday when his truck crashed head-on into another truck on Highway 270 near Hot Springs, died in a hospilal here yesterday. in emperor Shin Huang Ti built the great wall of China, which was completed in 104 B. C. "11 «V. rotten .how," he .Ud. ""•fS^"""" " Ch '* 0 •• Victim of Truck Accident Dies of Injuries In the Midwest,'-Illinois, current Big Nine pace-setter, has been made a six point favorite over the contending Ohio State Buckeyes; Iowa is 13 over Minnesota, Michigan 14 1-2 over Wisconsin, and Michigan Stale one over Mar- queUc. Although upset by Kansas Saturday, Oklahoma's big Sooners get a 5 1-2 point edge .over Missouri, unbeaten in the Big Six, in -rt crucial conference contest. Kansas, nnolhcr Big Six contender, is 19 1-2 over Kansas Slate and in the same loop Nebraska is 19 1-2 Iowa Slate. Despite their pel-feet Southern FRESH Bananas .^ed Delicious Apples MIXED Nuts ib 15c ib.!4c , b 60c Walnuts Lb. 50c GROUND BEEF Pound 32c T-BONE or ROUND STEAK 55c GRADE A Pound SALT MEAT Pound 55c CENTER CUTS PORK CHOPS Pound 65c vfi Lettuce Hedd • **C Cabbage Ib. Turnips-Tops lOc No. 1 Potatoes 4c FRESH PORK SAUSAGE Pound BOLOGNA Pure Meat Pound 42c FRYERS BEEF ROAST Pound 63c Pound 38c Broadcast; Fruit Salad With Creamy French Dressing November 16, 1946 AUNT JEMIMA 24 Lb. Sack 48 Lb. 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Vow rill Need: Pet Milk con 14c Fruit ub!4c Salad Oil Catsup B.I25c Mixed Vegetables No. 2 con IOC MUSHROOMS 50e Siuearls Gro 6* Mkt* WE DEUVER 209 South Wqlnut Phone 447 Truce Hopes Blasted in China By HAROLD K. MIUKS Nanking, Nov. 14 —(/I')— Chief Communist Negotiator Chou En- Lai, who for 10 years had sought a peaceful settlement of the dispute •between the Chinese Communists and • th govcrnmnt, told the Associated Press tonight that he is returning to Ycnan because his mission has failed. •Choii's announced walk-out came on the eve of the convening of the constitutional National Assembly in .which the government modified Us stand. : Return of Chou to Ihc Communist capital will automatically end the work oC the committee of three, of which U. S. General Mar- shail is chairman. This group which also included Chou and a representative of the central government, has .sought a peaceful solution of the protracted civil war. Chou described Marshall as "one of the keenest men I ever have known." He said Chiang Kai-shek was "tearing.in pieces" the cease- fire agreement reached last January- by the political consultative corner-once and also the pact for military reorganization. "Those agreements are the basis of my mission and that mission now is terminated," said Chou. "Therefore, there is nothing else for me to do but return to Ye- nan." Asked if this meant the termination of Marshall's mission, Chou said the general's assignment was different in that Marshall w.'is a presidential envoy and his future mission depended on the policy of the American government. Nanking was filled with frantic political discussions on the eve of the once-postponed opening. The Communists and the Democratic League sought to hold.-their minority parties' united front intact. Lo Lung-Chi, league spokesman, said delegates of his group and the youth party had not registered for the assembly. •With the Communists not only refusing to accept Chiang Kai-shek's truce bid but .sending some of their delegates back to Yenan headquarters/-the assembly would comprise only Kuomintang (government party) delegates and thus be doomed at the outset in its objective :To unite China and give her a representative government under a revised constitution. Thrc were reports in some quarters that the Communists' chief negotiator, Chou En-lai, would return to Yenan ior instructions. ' COLDS; FIGHT MISERY ~ •where you feel it-rub throat, chest and back with time-tested T L v ! Our enthusiastic friend is right! Tests prove Country Club Flour gives finer, lighter texture. It's triple-milled for super," fii?e- ness from top-crop • wheat. You get 'big, safe savings, too! Your Money Back Guarantee. Lb. Bag e . ' .. COUNTRY CLUB Drowns Crossing Stream on Horseback Roc, Nov. 14 — (/P)—Roy Newkirk of near Roc, drowned in Roc Roc Bayou yesterday while fording the stream on hoi-sobs? 1 -;. His horse slipped, throwing him into deep water. Newkirk, 50, had been herding cattle across the rain-swol- Icn stream. o • BARTON HONORED Chicago, Nov. 14 —i/P)— New directors elected today «t the 26th annual convention of the Amcri- an Petroleum Institute include: Refining group: T. H. Barton, Dorado, Ark. Natural gas group: N. C. Mc- owcn, Shreveport, La. LOIN ROAST Lean, Tasty Pork Loins. Whole or Half PORK CHOPS PORK STEAK m ...lb,35c • 1. Personally selected ;2. Best of finest flocks". : 3. Specially fed for flavor 4. Carefully dressed SIRLOIN .. Ib 55c Grade A Beef Steak. Jb 73c Fancy Dressed and Drawn. TURKEYS. Ib. 64c Dressed and Drawn. Tender. Bulk Kraut. Ib 9c Fine Boiled -with Franks. SAUSAGE Ib 49c Pure Pork Salt Meat. 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