Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1946
Page 5
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J! ^xum3if>f'ayf'"-e>tt«f!ti«yHff-i<t^-!ti.ie^^tuM, «i»»*»»»>•»»•••••w-'vw- .«-«<•« 0 -v><,»«.«.:«»,^-.swt-j*.i«'>»*»»*«.'*<wua«»i»54Ji * , H o r *., A R K - A * \ 13,V}' CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be Nuirtber of One Three JSix Day Days Days-Month A3 .90 1.50 4.50 .60 1.20 2.00 ! 6.00 .73 1.50 2.50 7.50 .00 1.80 3.00 :9.00 1.05 2.10 3.50 10.50 1.20 3.40 4.00 12.00 1.35 2.70 4.50 13.50 1,50 • 3.00 5.00 15.00 are for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads casn In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Sale Day Before Publication One'® '—' '— Words Up to 15 ... 16 to 20 .. 21 to 25.. 26 to 30 .; 31 to 35 .. 36 to <0 .. 41 to 4i>.. 46 to 50 .. Rates Wanted to Rent FOUR OR FIVE ROOM UNPURN Ished house or apartment. Don •Reynerson at 196. Call 8-31 Salesman Wanted 'ADVERTISING SALESMAN, 33 to 45 with car anrt 8-10 years outside selling experience, tor vacancy by big national advertising concern, established -1883, AA-1 rating. Largest most diver- 120 ACRES LAND IN SEC. 24 ; Twp. 14, raitgo 25, about 12 miles south of Hope joining Buck Martin on the North. Write John W. Turner, Kilgore. Texas. 31-121 BEAUTIFUL 4~ROOM HOME. Priced to sell. Fletcher Easterling, Phillips addition. G-6t SEVEN ROOM H O U S E, 402 North Hervey, ne%vly papered and painted, lot 70 X 150, you can move in. Priced to sell. Floyd Porterfield. 6-6t Fair Enough * By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright, 1048 By King Features 8yndlc«t«. t\f\-i minis, ij.nsuoi m'-'si >.nvci- conunuaiion 01 an earner u slfied line in the field. New line jCarlson, published in lf)43, contains many plastics, fine lea- "Undercover,' 'of which ther gifts, advertising novelties, souvenirs, also exclusive calendar line— for needs of every type New York. Nov. 13 — E. P. Dut- tori and Company, book publishers, of New York, are about to present •a. new work by John Roy Carlson, who admits in his preface that, vliis is an-alias. His real ii.imc is Derounian. It is called "The Plotters." The price is $3.50 and it is a continuation of an earlier book by called 700,000 copies were sold, also at $3.50, a gross sale of 32,450,000. Undercover" was a subject of ROUNDUP '•fMI.tiBfttM.Jfc New York,'Nov. 13 — (A*)— The 7 *United .States .Golf Association is rolling the competitors in vhe 1040 amateur championship as to whether they'd Mice to have the tourney returned to all match play. . . . Recalling the comments heard at Baltusrol, this corner's guess would be that most of the top play business concern. Qualified man bitter controversy during vhe war can readily earn $5.000 to $10,000 years. It was criticized as a or more first year with us. • Our | " Smear - by inembers of the Dies top producers earned over-$20,000 [committee and by John T. Flynn, in 1945. Weekly check against | a relentless and professionally im, sales. Write qualifications: S. W. Allen, Jr., Kemper- Thomas Company, Cincinnati 12, Ohio. 11-lt Lost 33i,A ACRES WOOD LAND OFF highway 29. 8 miles south of Hope, Some good timber. See L. A. Stanley, Highway 4, 2 miles east of Hope. 6-6t ONE PRACTICALLY NEW 1946 ton and 'half Studebaker truck. Stake body, 8:25 tires. See Buck Williams. ' ' 6-tf TWO ROW CASE TRACTOR AND implements. B. E. Green, Hope, Rt 1 Five miles out on Spring Hill road. ' 8-6t NANDINA BUSHES. ALL SIZES. See Mrs. Anna Judson, 220 North Elm. Phone 925-J. 8-3t peccable rebel against the political, moral and intellectual terrorism waged by the Department of Justice and by private agencies which he has called "the thought police." George Sokqlsky, the most DOUBLE STRING OF PEARLS scholarly of the daily commenta- lost between Crescent Drug Store 1°". regarded "Undercover ^as nn and A &.P. -Please return to Inez outrage. However ,the book thrived Smith at Vanity Beauty Shop. !°» notoriety and on a Sunday night 12-lt' nationwide campaign of radio pro'. : motion. It was particularly popu- BLACK AND WHITE SETTER Mar in the great military, naval birddog. Answers to name of and marine corps camps, .whose "Nip." Wearing collar and tag. j.voting transient personnel were not ers would be against it flicy had enough trouble with ihose 1R- liole "sudden death" rounds as it was without adding one or two more. Deep Reverse Although Alabama U. and Auburn haven't met in :"ootball since 1907, it was 'Bama that delivered a top-flight passer 1'or its intrastate enemy Back in 1935, ten-year-old Travis Tidsvell listened to the radio accounts of Dixie Howell's passes to Don Hutson in 1he Alabama-Stanford Rose Bowl game and decided he wanted vo be His _._.._ and Travis, sis you may have heard, developed into a star iootball pitcher . . . But instead of: following Howell and his old high school teammate. Harry Gilmer, to -Bama, Tidwcll decided to-do his throwing ior Auburn. a grent passer like Howell pop bought him a football Washington By T. L, EASLEY (For Jane Ends) Washington- 1 Congress Is expert- cncins its longest rncoss snu-c 193B "but that doesn't mean the city is without its lawmakers It Was Moral Victory for Notre Dame By CARL LUNDQUIST York, Nov. Subiaco Forfeit May Put Conway in Playoff Little Rock, Nov. 13 ~-i/l»—Arkmi- Holland Loses Plrtce as Leading Ground Gainer Dallas, Tex., Nov. ~(/P) — , ., . nv Holland. the dimiiHitivi.' clyt Now Nobody sns Athletic Association licci-clni y . Johnie Burnett said today it looked |d tin- UniveiMty us though Cnnwriy would represent |hiicKlioui. .ins the fourth district in Ihe ;:lat(? high'lhn Southwest (. school footb.ill •playoffs brginnin;? , scored, lull for his boys H v;ns a 0 to 0 ."victory" and legion of followers all over his the Apparently five months Is too long for most of them to slay away from Washington, so accustomed have they become to being hove throughout most of the year. Box- ens are here at any given time. They return for a week or two of conferences with Sectoral agencies or at the White House. A good number of the younger legislators have come back to enter their children. In the local globe will never regard it as nny- thing bul a glorious triumph. f Ark; ' "in lr I-HITI.M- ,or the ut:,t .im. next work. nHhoU)',h ho hml nol lo-.snnsoi ceived an official report m;:ircl Ing forfeits made by Subiaco. A news dispatch Iniin Hubincu to clay Raid Coach H. P. Mans had iur fcitetl the Trojans' viotorU-s over Persomilly he scorns any praise Greenwood and Clurksyilli- bocanso as much ado about nothing - l0 he had used an ineligible player, nothing and his disappointment was as keen us it' Mis team jiad been drubbed unmercifully. Moreover, he doesn't think "the lads" will win another game all season, but If he is serious, he isn't kidding anyone bu t himself. He the number one pessimist in the business, but the records show that his opponents should be Telephone 331. 250.'BUSHELS CORN AT $2 PER bushel. One pair smooth mouth mules, 1000 pounds each. One spotted Filly Colt. 15 months old and saddle bred: -Will make a nice oony for a child. One butcher hog. Am located two miles above Cross-roads .on Hope- Columbus. Parker Rogers. 8-3t ONE BARN FOR SALE, 24' X 27', metal roof. J. L. Beckham, Hope, Rt. 1. 9-3t 1 BRINDLE COW, TWO YEARS old. Sales tag 998. W. E. Reardon, Route 3. Box 69, Hope. 13-3t Segregation Essential Says Sparks • Montgomery, Ala. Nov.'12 —(/P)— Negroes and whites can live vo- thought . Dutton should be gether peacefully and harminous- ' pelled to pay a substantial amount ly.' Gov. Chauncey Sparks declared . and so moved for a new trial "on today, only if they recognize vhat I the ground of inadequate dam- Sports Before 'Your Eyes Newsreels of the Army-Notrc Dame game-indicate there may be some support for 'Bill Gompers' claim that he made first .down :"or the Irish near Army's goal before tie-went;out of bounds. But Army .vouldn't permit any slow motion pictures to be;taken so ito hard peal to their credulity. | ^o be sure what happened. Jack On Sept. 25 of this year, in thel-McGill, who tended goal for the schools Some in town now are old the glum ones — and they invar timcis who won't be on ihe roUjiably are at the Jinisii. when the 80th Congress convenes Jan.. 3. Rep. Hatton W. Sumners (D-Texi is among the latter group. Retiring voluntarily after 34 years in the House, he figures "it will take most of the rest ot the year to sort through the tons of letters and _ _. documents he has accumulated team for three seasons were kept over the decades. Some of the material he will keep for himself. Some will go to schools and other institutions. Much will be thrown "This hasn't been reported In me officially.' 1 Burnett said, "but apparently that is the case." away. Most of the congressional' offices He's the United Press conch of the week. Frank Leahy of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, \vho slopped Army's all-victorious three year inarch at !J5 straight. The groat Army backs, Glenn Davis and Felix Bhinchard, who hnd "teai'M-rollcred veam after _..„..... HI CHOCK and _ end there was revenge :'or a Notre I PMIIIP tcnm that had suffered hu-' miliatin'g 48 to 0 and !>9 to 0 defeats to Army in 1945 and 1044. i\epi intact iiis record of 13-3t • equipped by either experience or knowledge of the ways of organized propaganda to resist this ap- GOOD USED BABY BUGGY WITH pad. Phone O. B. Burns, at 20-F-2. F 12 GUAum WINCHESTER PUMP gun. Good condition. $40. See it, 994 West loth St. W. M. Ramsey. 1 ll-3t NEW ADDING MACHINE New Dayton Scales S175. $75. 'Meat . slicer $125. Fred's Place, Phone 605. ll-6t United States district court, in Chicago, Judge John P. Barnes ruled on a motion by George Washington Robnett. who had brought suit against E. P. Dutton and Co. to I vindicate his name of aspersions included in "Undercover" and for damages. A jury, had found for Mr. Robnett but" had thought that a moral victory was sufficient vo make him wnolc, and thus awarded damages in only the nominal amount of one dollar. Mr. Hnbrictt com- "absolute segregation" is the "first essential ol! a'workable racial -society." And, he added, the prospects for such'an era "good." in the South a-ges. Judge Barnes denied! the motion. Then, by extraordinarily vehement and contemptuous comment on the New Haven Ramblcj-s during Jim Henry's absence, is the third.play- er of'that-name to perform in professional hockey. Cleaning 'The Cuff The new regulations about ticket sales for Garden basketball games make it tough on an old grad who'd like to take the twins to a ,^ame. Alumni are permited to buy only two tickets to a game, but if the demand isn't too heavy, public sales can go as high as four remain open during Uie recess, I never yielding a point to Army in with one secretary on hand to nan- die the mail and occasional home district visitors. Correspondence these clays includes numerous requests from all parts of the country for tickets vo the Army-Navy football game at the four seasons his teams have faced the Cadets, in 1941. 1942, and .1943 before he went into Vhe navy and this year in his first postwar Philadelphia Nov. 30. Each congressman gets tickets free. (He must pay an 30- cent federal tax on each), and an addition riiay buy a limited nnum- ber to satisfy the desires of his grid-enthusiast constituents. He is the most pessimistic big time coach since the heyday of Report on State Hospital Conditions to Be Heard Little Rock. Nov. 13* --(/P>— Results of a probe into conditions at the stale hospk.'il here probably will be announced within the :i£xt few weeks, according to Walter' 1 .",'. Guy, foreman of the Pulaski county grand jury. The grand jury was ordered 'o investigate t h c hospital's condition in September and also directed to inquire into gambling and vice conditions in the county. A subcommittee m a d c the hospital piobe and Guy said its "interim report" probably would be made within the next two or three weeks. There are desert tribes in Africa and near cast wearing sandals •almost identical with those made by the ancient Egyptians. Holland lost the ji>tul io Russ of Mice in their (Hid at Hock last weok. nHlKiuuh Ark won the ball game. 7-0. Huss hay 11 tolal net giiin 61' MO .' Holland's 380. .. \ Holland, however, ret;lJ!ed . ond place in individual total" fi-nsc wilh 014 yards rushing 'i passing—Ir.'iiling only Texas' '.. by I.iiync, who hijs 1,241. L. also still leads in forward . with !I7!) yards on.vM complete in 133 attempts and in scorinng •Ifi points. Toxns remains the leagues' offensive tc.im wilh :?.!l(i:t y.'ir 1.451! by rushing and 1.407 1hr< tho air. nice continuos, to boast best defense having held seven pniionls to 1.110 yards. fk j Richards of Southern Sfethi)' is the leading punter with an rf' aRo of •!!.(! on 3(! kicks. F Guess of Texas is the No. I v,.|"nic'r with 21(i yarcls on 12 backs. .urn Cnnady. Texas wingb has increased his past load with a total of -118 yard.-Hi catches. 1 "Gloomy Gil". Dotaie. ihe two crv-babv. jind his dark Cornell outlook sterns from his first season as head coach at Boston College.'He predicted ;i victory and the team lost. After that experience he told friends "never again will I predict While voters write in only once lone of my teams each year for .football game tick-,hasn't either. He io a .person Texas A. and M. In answer to a list of questions submitted by the Associated Press, are|ethics and character of "both'Cut- ton and Derounian, or Carlson, he awarded the petitioner extra moral compensation. iinally busted -an Arkansas U. football string when it beat Southern Methodist last Saturday. Up vo vhat time every team that had played Ihe Porkers had been beaten the following week. the Alabama chief executive spoke "I think I may properly state out strongly against what he that had this case been tried by termed "outside interference," and Uhe court without a jury, the-court warned that the South cannot solve ; would have assessed damages in I its ^racial problems "as long as weja very substantial sum," Judge are harassed by cynics, the spite-1 Barnes said. Iful critics and platitudinous! His remarks were extcmporanc- ONE TON AND HALF SCHOOL (preachers, either without or with- ous, a fact which will explain the Vine r-hnocis Ifldrt mnripl Hhevr'n- rf " I innv ... Baldwin Is End of ets—and of course only relatively few have this on their mind—they do write throughout the year and in large numbers ior such things as farm bulletins and pamphlets on raising babies. This prompts much swapping between congressional offices, for each is allowed - a certain number of publications. Consequently a legislator from a busy seaport, for instance, will trade off most of his He Is a perfectionist .Ttid though he is close to his boys ,'ic can't tolerate mistakes. Once this sea- yon when the Irish were going through a poor practice session he called a halt and said: bus chassis. 1940 model Chevrolet, See at Mac's Camp. Guernsey Public Schools. 13-3t 1936 DODGE, EXCELLENT MO- tor, eood tires. Call Paul Hooten, 836-W, or 78 after 3 p.m. 13-3t HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, leaving town. A real'bargain-if you take it all; See M. R. Shook. Quality Cleaners or call 1027. 13-3t -TOY RAT TERRIOR PUPS. 8 • weeks old. Highly bred. Call 922. 13-3t Notice DAY NURSERY FOR CHILDREN. Now openeu. IVirs. A. n. .t,iujcn. Phone 83-R. 8-3t Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netian Blinds, wood or metal outside metal blinds and awnings Write Riley Cooper, 1909 Wes 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI ture, one piece or more. An> amount. What have you? Phone 61. 23-2m For Rent by Roy E. Puller, Ihe official reporter, in part as :.'ollows: "The charges in the book — in ». , »~ .. Pa "' e 500 pages of twaddle, just twaddle, with a lew, outrageous, charges, wholly unfounded, of which dny j loyal citizen inay properly com- n." | inexact and disconnected rhetoric One step in the direction of bet-1 revealed _in a transcript certified er Negro-white relations in Ala- arria, Gov. Sparks said, was the ightening up on voter qualifica- ions written into the state consti- ution in last Tuesday's election, 'he law was admittedly designed o "prevent a flood of Negro regis- ration." He predicted the new restrictions ivould produce "an understanding! m the .part of both races that heir 'problems are mutual and not dissimilar; that the welfare of their egion concerns both, and that the character of government which hey have should be beneficial to 30th races and not ior the benefit or advantage of either." Had the voting qualifications remained as they were, the governor continued, Negroes could have registered en masse, thus creating a "Negro party against a white party," with "each seeking to attain advantage through numerical strength or suppression of the other." "This," he declared, "will always be harmful and lead to nothing but physical conflict, if not armed conflict.' ' Elaborating on his assertion that the South must have segragation, •By TED 'MEIER . New'-York, 'NoV: ;-13 — Joe Steffy, Army guard, 'smeared Notre Dame men all over the place in last (Saturday's '"game-of the "Lads,there .is only one course f j open to UK. We must go back to i' bedrock fundamentals and start ' all over. Now look, this is a ioot- ball." Fullback Jim Mello, who had Agriculture Department literature j been making most of the mistakes, on raising hogs-or alfalfa to a mid-• raised his hand for permission to western congressman for the lat- speak and Leahy asked "what is it tor's share of navigation charts of James'.'" coastal waterways. I "Coach, would you mind going a en blocks of granite" who led the Hams through one triumphant son- son after another. He followed that up with his :"irst tenure as a head coach at Boston coUp»c from 1H3D and in two years the Eagles won 20 out of 22 games for nini. His big opportunity canii 1 when Elmer Laydon resigned at Notre Dame and .he tooK over more in 1S14I, rolling to eight victories and a tie in his :'rcshman season when he was 'lamed "coach of the year." Christopher Columbus vi:l England and sailed in northern before embarking upon of discovery to the 'New We »..i.- ~- - 5y, cr ;y ear " ;>t lhe Yankee- stadium. For i Federal agencies sell their 9!:! and damaged furniture and office equipment at auction. A carpenter in the wooclshops at the Capitol has developed a big enterprise buying this equipment, 'assemblying unbroken parts and selling it back to the government. Recently he bought a large number of tables from the agencies, then sold them back to'the Capitol without touching them, and of course netted a nice profit. Gov. Sparks wrote: ."Contact is irritating (and) is not essential except in business or labor relations. With his own churches and schools, hotels and cafes, swimming pools and recre- plain. And they charge — I think they charge plaintiff —this book charges the plaintiff with being disloyal, being a Nazi agent, being dis- enemy of the United States', and being anti-Semitic. And I 'didn't hear any evidence of the truth of those charges. It wasn't attempted to show that he was a Nazi agent. It wasn't attempted to show that he was an enemy of the country.'It wasn't attempted to shosv that he was ani-Semitic. I didn't see any evidence of that fact. "I think the book was written by a wholly irresponsible person who was willing to say anything for money. I wouldn't believe him on oath, now or at any time hereafter. I think thru book was published by a publisher who was willing to publish anything :-:or money. That is what I think about it. I don't think they made an adequate investigation of the author of that book. If they had, they would not publish it unless they cared more for the almighty dollar th.-in they care ior human decency. That is the way I feel about it. So I say that had I been trying this case, his stellar performance the Cadet from Chattanooga was named today as the lineman of the \yeek in the sixth Associated Press weekly poll of the season. "Steffy was -superb defensively and offensively amongst an array of outstanding stars," was the tribute to Steffy's feat by Herman Hicman, Army line coach, who seldom goes overboard on a player. Steffy had the stiffest kind of opposition .in the balloting :'rom Ends Alton Baldwin, of Arkansas; Neil Armstrong, Oklahoma 'Ag- gies; Kelly Mote, Duke; and Jim Martin, Notre Dame; Tackles 'Ed. Champagne, Louisiana State and George Sullivan, Notre Dame; and Centers Chuck Bednarik, Pennsyl- sylvania, Dick Scott, Navy, Bryant Duke, Georgia -Tech and Bryant COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main CALL 119 Let us help you with your ding troubles. We make new renovate any kind, ] or size ' mattresscr.. 1 Day Service In Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO "We Sell Sleep" ; 121 W. 3rn St. - ' Phone 1 NICE FRONT BEDROOM ADJOIN ing bath, Gil-age if needed. Mrs. G. D. Conipion, Phone 840-W. 9-6t ational grounds, the Negro will not | there would have been substantial only be encouraged in developing I damages assessed against this de- himself and his race but will find a fendant because I think he is measure of satisfaction in ihe seg-' guilty, as guilty as any person has BEDROOM FOR RENT, PRIVATE bath arid private entrance. Suitable for man. Call 655-W. 319 North Elm St. 12-3t REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phonal 52 41 IS. Hotel egation that gives him an oppor- unity to develop independently, x x '.'In short, he must learn to de- elop independently, just as the vhite man has had to do, and aus strengthen his character and onsequently his position in jody public." ever been in this court." Judge Barnes then affirmed his faith in the jury system generally, but with the comment that "there are a lot of people out on the lunatic .fringes of these questions," some of whom sometimes "get on the|the jury". He remarked, neverthe- The governor expressed hope the outh "can demonstrate some- ling the world has never seen — lat two dissimilar and different- y colored races can live together vithout regard to amalgamation. and in equal justice, protection and pportunities :"or all." But, he warned, any effort (less, that it was to the very .great 'credit of this jury that they had found .Dutton guilty. A favorable propaganda campaign already has begun over the air and in syndicated newspaper material in anticipation of the new Derounian, or Carlson, book, "The 'propagandize one race against he other on the basis of :'alse issues, unobtainable statutes and tin- Plotters", through the same chan- to nels which extolled "Undercover 1 " as a patriotic work. Some news papers doubtless will receive this motivated promotion material in Meeks, South Carolina. The complete list of linemen nominated this week. Guards •- Joe Steffy, Army. Vine Difrancesca, Northwestern. Herb St. John, Georgia. John Mastrangelo, Notre Dame. Odell Stautzenberger, Texas Aggies. Billy Healey, Georgia Tech. Tackles — George Sullivan, Notre Dame. John Goldsberry, Indiana. Ed. Champagne, Louisiana State. Al Derogatis, Duke. George Connor, Notre Dame. Bernie Gal 7 lagher, Pennsylvania.. Ends — Alton Baldwin .Arkansas. Jim Martin, Notre Dame. Neil Armstrong, Oklahoma Aggies. Kelly Mote, Duke. Barney -Poole, Army. Lewis Holder, .Texas. Leon Bramlett, Navy. Bill-Long, Okla- noma Aggies. Paul'Cleary, Southern California. Jack Zilly , Notre Dame. ; Centers—Chuck 'Bednarik, Pennsylvania. Dick colt ,'Navy. Bryant Meeks, South Carolina. Lockwood Frizzell, Virginia. John Cannady, Indiana, Roland Nabbrs, Texas Tech, Paul Duke, Georgia Tech. o^— Both Teams Claim 'Cripples' for Hog-SMU Game Lack of Official 'Counts Leave Proposals Undecided Little-Rock, Nov. 13 —W)— Only 51 counties have certified officials returns from the general election to the secretary of state, leaving undetermined the status of tho four i-euerenda proposals on the election day's ballot in Arkansas, •che vote in the 51 counties was: Amendment 37 (Salaries increase) 30,133 for and 37,995 against. Amendment 38 (road tax) 33,657 for and 43.-199 against. Amendment 39 (libraries 41,391 for and 36,429 against. Initiated Act No. 1 (schools) 41,482 for and 41,884 against. Counties unreported are Benton, Boone, Cleveland, Dallas, Drew, Franklin, Garland, Hempstcad, Hot Spring, Jackson, Lawrence, Lee, Logan, Madison, Mississippi, Ouachita, Pike, Pope, Praries, Sebastian, Sharp, Mississippi and White. little slower and take one vhing at a time?" Mello asked. The wisecrack broke the tension and the rest of the practice clicked with precision. Leahy, who is moQLjt to a i'ault about his own talent, says that the 194G Notre Dame eleven is "one of the most coachablc groups of boys I have ever worked with." Leahy, a member-of Knute Rock- no's undefeated national champion Notre Dame eleven in 1929, is a native of O'Ni'ill ,Neb., and grew tip in Winner, S. D., a town that became synonymous with ihe kind of football teams he turned out. He became line conch ut Georgetown in 1931, the first year after :iis graduation from Notre Dame and .joined another-'ex-Irish star, Jim Crowley as assistant coach at Michigan State in 1932. Both Crowley and Leahy moved to Fordhatn in 1933 and the Rams had an era of great teams with Leahy's work as line coach mainly responsible for ^producing the "sev- REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL. JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAMP •'Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop See Us For SURANC1 Our Companies Give Yo_ Complete Protection PlUff 20','r Return Dividend on thej Cost of Your Insurance. • e rirc Tornado Casualty Automobile List Your Property for Salej with Us. We have 25 nppli cants for homes in Hope. Also many property. calls~for /.irm| Fester -Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 dersirable relationship" can have I the guise of informative comment Lithium is the lightest of all solid elements. 3Ut one result: "A stiffening of the opposition of .he southern white man to any reasonable and just approach xo :he settlement of xhe race question." o Quinine was used centuries ago by South American Indians. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. land may publish or reject it at their discretion. Radio stations, however, have no facilities by which to eliminate selectively from national programs material which the operators may regard as false and surreptitious. Many of them thus probably will become agents I for the sales promotion of a book' % by "a wholly irresponsible person, j willing to write anything for I money," and utterly incredible "on Fayetteville, Nov. 13 — (/P)—One of the hardest workouts o£ the season was scheduled for'ihe Arkansas Razorbacks this afternoon as Coach John Barnhill continued vo work against chances of an upset by Southern Methodist here Satur- MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. 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John Edmondson, an official of the publishing company, an attorney himself, said "I take it" that Dutton would not contest "in any legal way" Judge Barnes' total , and unconditional charge against ,-jthe integrity and reputation of a firm which is almost 100 years old. Hitherto this had been a ilinc reputation. For mitigation and cumt'ort Edmondson fell back on a theory or belief that .Judge Barnes developed "strong feeling against HOUSTQN ELECTRIC CO. HOUSE WIRING rr- INDUSTRIAL REPAIR APPLIANCES ond FIXTURES FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL JOBS lost 3rd St. Hope, Ark. Phone $1 some personalities" in defense, thus impugning his judicial fitness. He did not identify the personalities that he had in mind or undertake to support his charge of prejudice but said. "We do not feel that the character of Duttoa can be decided by one citizen, even if he is a judge." dp The Razorbacks drilled until dark yesterday in attempts to set up a defense for SMU plays and were due to work on their own offense today. Barnhill said there now is a chance that Joyce Pipkin, blocking back and captain, will be able to see some action against the Mustangs. He previously was counted out with an ankle injury. Meanwhile, at Dallas, bMU i Coach Maty'Bell was in doubt as to whether two of his better ends, Gene Wilson and Sid Halliday, would play against Arkansas. Both are injured, as is Blocking Back Ramsey and Fullback McKissack. The Arkansas athletic department said today that definitely everybody who comes to the stadium Saturday will gel in -- even if they nave to stand. SIGNS and Spray Painting Buildings t Houses Barns • Vehicles • Etc. Waller & Phone 710-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. The southern tip of Africa was rounded by a Portuguese explorer five yeajs b.efpre Columbus dlscov: ered America. AUDITION OUT Tulsa, Okla., Nov. 12 — (/P)— For nearly six years Fred Jones, automobile dealer, worked to obtain a x-adio station. Finally came ihe clay of dedication for KFMJ and there were greetings on the air from Tulsa civic, business and political leaders, but non from Jones. He woke to Discover he'd, bis . ..oi. a husky whisper all day. Doug /"MTV Carl Bacon V-J I I Jones ILECTRSC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairi Phone 784 Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS made of You and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley Studio 220 8. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this company. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on which we have hired every member of our service-wilh-a-smile staff. OUR MOTTO IS 'SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. WANTED White Oak Logs and ing Clear and Cleon 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas CASH ' n ^ Minutes! Borrow money from us on your car, or almoct- anything of value. We'll lend you all you nt.ed if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minute* usually you the cash. Afk for Mr. Mclqrty, ot Hope Auto <5o.^ . f 0,*,,itK±ii,.iiLii.i--ii'~---p~**-~-mm«i: i n .iii..,,ii..iij ly^Jumumir Wednesday, November 13, l(M6 Bv Rav Gbtto OZARK IKE Uy Chicx reuno. ...AN' TRAVEL! N FASTEfVN A KITE IN . A CYCLONE/ DINAH, AH SNUCK UP HERE WHILE TH' FO.OTBAWLS BEIN' PATCHED. I'LL TRV TO .GET OVER- BUT S-H-H-QUIET DON'T LET MY WIFE HEAR YOU IT WAS JUST A DUCK FLYING SOUTH FOR THE WINTER INQUIRING ABOUT DIRECTIONS 'M GETTING UP A LITTLE (SAME N MY GARAGE -CAN VOL) JOIN US ? OH, OZARK,.. AH'M SO THANKFUL IT AIN'T YOU THAT NEEDS THEM PATCHES A By Micitael O'Mqltev &« Ralph Lane BUBBLE? THERE SOME MAYBE YOU'LL BE SORRY, FOR BEING NOSY, FLINT WASN'T EMPTY, IF YOU'LL PARDON DOUBLE, I'M GOING AROUND By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES CARNIVAL By Galbraith HOW SHOULD I KNOW? I WAS IN JAIL LA5T NIGHT MAYBE IT WAS STOLEN AN EMPTY DRUM COULD HOLD A — IA6T TIME I IOOKEO THERE .WERE •TH«EE DRUMS,.BUBBLE WHERE'S THE THIRD? " MISTAKE, COPPER AND LIFT THE TOP OFF THIS FALSE .WATER TANK., VOU'U .FIND OUT.' By i-«sHe Turner^' WASH TUBBS MOTIFV PRISON N1THORITIES. THW WE'RE TA.KIN6 THE K\DNN?ERS TO OFFICERS fll!.«WOO» WOMDERFULi ! THM'S WONDERFUL! HELLO... IttR- W'^E ? 3UST 'CPsLLED TO SKI THW PHILIP. ORION WS FOUUC> - SOWS. -\\WE- TO SET THERE. ...AND VJE -\HI\VB TO STOP VlONPERBO \ WILES NOW SINCE THE \F VOU'D PICK. WD SOIAE-ER-WORK ON THE cM» US UP TttERE Us) A NW/X3O -TRKMNG.POST TWRTV.^ILES FRO/A CWCORRO: By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK. cr-"R. 1946 BY N£A SERVICE, INC. T. M. KEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. BUZZ MUM3L.E-... "The \vuv our family i's increiisiiiL;, it's jusl as \Ycllwe couldn't "build when we wmiled to durin« the war- now we can jus I go on adding rooms to the- plans I FRECKLES AND HIS FRiENOS By Blosser "And if the subject-doesn't pay, you threaten to m oilier creditors that he DID pay 1" NOW,- M4P SENTU.EMEN GAME THINS, BLINDFOUDEP.! B>y Hershberaer AS YOU ALL k)gQW. |S CUSTOMAR.V FOP. EACH SENIOR. HISTORY OME CLASS GAVE AM OAK TREE AMOTHER. GAVE A CURTAIN! FOR TftE STAGE AMOTNEE. SAVE A MOVIE PROJECTOR-— L THINK IT MIcSHT'B NICE IP THIS:CLASS STARTS-BAN:.. ART COLLECTION FOP. TUI= .<srur.ni /. F«INNY BUSINESS CLASS TO MAKE" A SIFT Bv Carl Anderson OF NATURAL I SCIENCE TODAY ONLY/ GENEROUS SAMPLE OF "FUZZY" , HAIR TONIC NOT THE. KIND LAED SMITH, THAT3 Bv V. T. Hainan ACLtT OOP He's nickiiig lu's teeth—you don't suppose—? OH,THE SWEET VOJNG THING I THAT'S WE SELECTED \RISHT FOR VOU TO ESCORT TO CORONATION FOOZY AN' Zl WOW IN-I WANTCHA T'MEET NEETAH REALLV SHOULD WIZERS -AAV, OH VISIT OOP FIND OUT Thimble Theater VA KIN TASTH IT AW SEE IT AIN'T MOLASSES!! LEAVE ME ALL I HIT WAS CONCESSION FOR LAUGH 11*40 WATEBS YES, ALL EXCEPT OME NEW WELL — THE WELL POPEYE PUG, 1 ,' Bv Edgar Martin f Tt\t REDUCTION ENOU6H FORTOPftVV ft em VOOK,, MS, X CPlU. you ROD UHLS OP DRft6 TUROU6H RPPUCftTlON Of With Major Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSf- By J, R, William. OUT OUR WAY S^SI^I^SofSl FCOL.' WHEN) 1 TOLD VOU TO GUARD TH' GROCERIES I THOUCpKT VOU HAD SESJSE EMOUGH TO BARK PER HELP.' VOU AINJ'T GOT MO PEPI6REE, ID UPHOL.P--YOU'RE OMLY 'OWE-EIGHTH AIHEPALE AM 1 THAT WAS A FULL-BLOOPEP OME "NOW LOOK DEPOT ? PER 60MEBUDDY Bv Fred Harmon i?ED RYDER BORM THIRTY VEACS TOQ SOOM Phono

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