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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 6

New York, New York
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Thursday, November 19, 1857
Page 6
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f lattice raid pod books, and if It shall appear upon ss d eiamlnarioa that a majority of the cast at ajM eketwm be in favor of tha " CoitetrtutHn with Slavery," be shall inm?ediately have trea?rni'ted the j OaastttHtioa so ratified to the Cocgres* cf (he Ciited Mates for admission into tbe I'aion as a sovereign Wate, ander said Constitution Uot if, upon sq< >i ex asriaa'ion if said poll-books, it suall appear that a ?M>>Ttfj of the votes ca*t at said election be in fbve ef tba " Constitution without Slavery, ' then tbe a-ti ele piovtd law for Blavery shall bestricken (roes, tb Is ' Constitution by tbe President of ttos Convection* or as bis a bee we by reasoo of death, resignation or otherwise, by tbe President pro term, and Slavery shall te loager exi?t in the S at* of Kansa? (except t-V tb t right of property in slave* sow in tbis Temtory, sha'l ha do men er be interfered witb), and he shall inrosdi ately have transmitted tbe (J institution so ratalsd, to tbe Cotgreaa of *be United States for admission into i tbo Union as a sovereign State, under tbe said C otott Mhtv Bzc 9 Every"white male inhabitant whonariti MB of tbe United States at tbe time of the fat elec tacn, acd is above tbe ace of II years, shall be dee nod aa vector at tbe fares elecHrm to be boideo in 'his ftlefe; tM any elec tor qualified aa aforesaid sha'l be entitled to be elected to any office cr place under this State Coastitntioo at tu< L election. tic. 10. The President cf tbis Convention shall ass** writs of election to three householders in the aeveral counties, requiring tham to cause ax election to b* held for (eovenior, Lleuteaact-Governor, Rep? resentative to Cocgress of tbe United S'ates. members ?f tbe State legislature, aad all other officers elective nadrr this Coesritntion, ia tlielr respective c^an'iee, districts a*d places of election, on tbe firet M >iv\\y aad day t I owii ft ef January in tbe year : - >\ vhion ?Ire'ion rhall in all other respect' be conducted in the nasser prescribed by tbe cow existing law ia the Territory of K etwas; and all retarns of said elections ?ball be made to tbe President of this Convention, who at hereby authorized to receive, examine and count tb* votes, and to declare who Is ele<rtod; and all of? ficers thus duly elected shall enter upon and continue ? tbe discharge of tbe duties of their respective of? fices natil tbc-ir sur cc*sors are elee'ed and qualified. r-i' II. Until tie Iegislatore elected in accordance witb tbe provisions of this Constitutum shall otherwise direct, tbe talary of tbe Oovernor shall be-per aar Lt., acd the salary of toe Lieutenant Oovernor ?ball be double tbe pay of a State Seua'or; and the pay of members of the legislature shall be-until ethenshe provided by the first LtcitJa ure, wtn.-h sball fix tbe salaries of all officers other thun tie e elected by the people at tbe first election. Sac. 12. Tbis Consti ution shall take efT-< '. and be in force from and after i*a mtification b) th j people, as a> ie r f*?r? provided. Sic. ill. Oaths ct etrice maybe vlmiois'.er'H by ?ny Judge, Jnstice of tbe I'eaee or Cl-rk of any C run of Jterwfd of tbe Territory or State of K taWM. until the Legislature of the State may other srise direct. 8itc. 14. That after the year Mad. whenever the Legislature sha'l th'nk it necesoary to am-nd, altar aad change this Constitution, tbey shall re 3 jtionend to tbe electors, at tbe next j-weral election, tsro-thirds of tbe meoibere of each Mo -e concurring, te vote (or or against calling a Convention; and if it appear that a majority ofwll the citizens of the S ate have voted I >r a Convention, the legislature shall at its next regukr aession call a Convention, to c inrist of as rnaoy mem? bers as there may be in the House of Representatives ?t tbo time, to be chosen in the same mancur, at the aanie places, and by the same 'electors, tbat chose the Representatives. Said Delegates, so el-cted, sball meet vritbiu tLr.. months titter said election, for the purpose cf revisirg, amending or changing the Coa etitnii<>n. Put t o alteration shall be runde to ?fl ?< t the right of projerty ta the owuerahip of slaves. CLOSINS HOURS OF THE C< ?NVKNTIDN. Lei ompton, K. T., Nov. lrv>7. The intense effort and anxiety of a protraatcd otrafgle bad thrown a lassitude over the Conven? tion and its members. The subject at issue once deteiuiioed, it w as difficult to keep the delegates together, or to keep them at work. <?ily a few, whose acute perceptions of their own suitableness for the task kept them at work, toiled at tha fag cud of what Father JkOoe, the Cbap'ain would have atyled their "useful and graceful labors." The night, outside of the ball, was dark I a wending my way up for the closing night session, ?o iaapetetrable was the gloom that nothing short of the luminous body I was approaching could have enabled me to reach tbe place in safety. The twinkling lights of the grog-shops were only beacons to mark the rocks and shoals whore mariy a mortal craft had foundered. As I passed s >me thirty yards from one of these, 1 heard the noise of a rcgu'ar battle?oaths, threats, blows and fin/ally a crush, which I stibffquently ascertained was the demolition td* a chair over the head of one of the belligerents. Not deeming it my particular province ti Inquire wb? ther the damage bad been inflicted ou the occipi tJs bregmatis, or t?e lnmbdoidal suture, 1 went by, tike the Pharisee, on the other side, bearinc some? body jell befoie 1 f*A out of ear-shot: 111 in a Southern lights man, by (J?d ' " " I'll stand up for the right* of tbe South ' " \S henever I met a group, it was a croup of drunken, or partially intoxicated men, and the sound of profanity was the only indication that humanity was in the darkness. The hall was not verj brilliantly lit up. It is a filain room td some twenty-five by forty feet, ptr ially tilled with tables covered with black cotton velvet?in niouruiug, 1 aippooe, for the demise of Snpular representative government. The hall ozen candles in the room gave a dim Rgbtj like the acetic of a badly managed magic lantern. Some of tbe honorable members sat, and some o! them stood, and some marched about. Most of the Hitter- tl td their feet projected up, some of tboffl at an angle of forty-five degrees, while, from lit incoim ler tbk number, wreaths Of towfifOO inaohe were grace? fully up. Astheui^'ht wore on, several members itlwfafced themselves on the top* of the tables, like Mb thai bad not found lav or. It became clearly evident tbat the majority cf those pie-cut bad f teile M MM to " something to drink," and not a few, by their rather eccentric " walk and conversation,'' indi? cated that they must bate been the recent participants in a spiritual circle. At onetime, a resolution was olieml to increase the pay of their eflieial reporter, and, on a motion to lay it on the table, the President announced the question thus: " Tbe question is to la) the reporter on the table." poor reporter was accordingly thus dealt with, but, as they had already voted h u? $1,-M> with tKit aftiaiofi ? e?nMti\nm ,,f t\iliitln,|( the task tor which he bad U eu aaTjadoiiai, koeould lie there romplaceiitly. The Committee to ?trinr? the ('.>n ?tirotion together made a few very radical amend? ment*, such as making the S hoo! Township I'm,! n MMeVhtWO1 one for the State. On the final passage td the whole of tins iMOaki instrument, only 8H aftriiiative \oU's could be tttoitsoil And thus it was the Constitution of tbe mioorityof a Conveution. while the speakers of that Convention, bj their own debates, admitted that the delegate* were ele< ted bt one tiftli or one seventh of the people. Among the rioting scenes, were the usual coinpli inentary rese'luti- n- and apoicnns. Among th-so tbe remarks t f the Presnleut wt re aa signilicaat of tbe cbaravb-r < I lhi? t ouveiitiou as Hat] ?rero amisaiog. He said: " Th\* Conventi' r met nodi r tbe ni"?t<tntWr? circ njtj stances. Elected by but a sm-ili vott, and Ibeb authority to act ceBsd in (jiie'ticii by a lawlest set of men who had got into tl is lVrrit.iy; st-u^lm/ >>e, ocarce'y ab'e to get a quorum, and fir iura1 time witb ? at one; the r^very ? \i?t>nee threatened, and naCSf taia what u.omect a lawless set of pe.,j>'e would take their Ii*.?; i.eo. ssi'ateil to got the nulit ary f ir thiir protection; yet nnder all these circumstances thev bad Roer od ard i either turned to tbe right hand nor to ths (eft. bnt bad framed a Constitution for tbe State of Kastas." No wonder the President fomplimented them for their rxouM ss in persevering under circumstances so "embarrassing." Ihe > ice-President, or Presi deot pro tern., did cot rise to cotnpl'ineut theiu or bimself, but to give assurances in the mutt eoteann tones, before hi- God," lor the pun't of his in ? tives, and that he had not been bought nor cor? rupted. At leegth the fire of partisan dutt ha<l burned down in its socket, and several of the oaawSeS h .1 ovtnked out, wbeo tbis au<ust b-?u? txdv completed ks ksii rs. and the gavel mi the ola-.nous Preeideut? new the ifhistriors PritfM aWnatav Kansas?pn> eiaiuaed tbe teninnation of its local nihgusiuo At tbat moment, onecharaetcristi.- fetln* exhibited i; aelf. One prominent aatJaahei exclaimed with a loud ?oiee, "How, boys, let's come and take a drink ' Tbe Couveutiou having thus "gone to take a drink," let us turn to the People of Kansas, and eco hew tbey are to meet this new struggle, which ruf fan fm is tUJTe? ritory und Hup! 'ry out of it hat? thro?t upon taem. imtt*, rtkcf ?r birth, RXJioiacB, pbafbbsibin asd roLiTir? or the bios eosffrTOTi sal fOBvriTIOI iT CEcOMPTO.N, B OVEMBEH, 18?7, as WRITTEN BY THEIR OWN HHIn j_ ft k s *; r. s im?. * s * ? WMJfM**??? '* ?-. \ RT-B~?bRH:g5't. J~fn stag ?So n o-gs 5 li: 11%}. : : i : E: : : : 111*1: I S?: i 111 :: : C:: : : : :::?:::!: : : : 5: : : : : I2 MiFsPlr Hi ^HmWhW R^'o 1*' Fo r> >!?- * so f5s' nines'. I If J II f I ? ? Bf *?? t p a ? a a sT a ifttif S3tK;?*f**!9fJl3a2*; Sills 5 V2, r; " i * 5 x?; 3 : * : 5 3 1 8 j - ? g j - p. --?? ^"B . r, . . . - -J ji 111111 fillMillfiiiliiHifiiri WWW . tr.n :::::: tr:::::::r B ?r-T: !::::::: r; It will be ietu that the Convention it largely of Southern men. Several of the 111 subscril*? them? selves a* mdifier*, or what is the si tue Iii-ig. Ob j- ctu 11 was ni?t?Ie to the Topelia Constitution on the ?round that it was trained by thine not BOlithMl y orthodox. Let them note the above. It is proper to state" that most of those who subscribe themselves " 1'emocrats." merely mean Pr<-Slaver). Ken? tucky gives 19 Bicniher*. Virginia". Tennessee ?, tJci rgis 0, 2 each from North and South Carolina, 2 from Alabama, 2 from Missouri, 4 fiom Peun?\l vanla, It from Ohio, I from Illinois, I from M ts*a ehuhetts, 1 from New-Yoik, and I from Michigan. Of their profession*, II? are farmers, 10 BTO lawyers, ri merchants, "> editors. 4 physician-*. 2 surveyor*, I carpenter, I stone mason and I maftiajlio It is needless to add that all of them drink. MILITARY MOVF.MKXrs AND OTflEB M A U K K S. Li WEEK B, K. T., Nov. II, K'>7. The lsst detachment of n. litiry haie crossed Kaw River, and are off in tbe d rection of Fort Lcavenwo.'tb. The moment the C invention ad journed at Lec'mpVn, the troops around it began to break up camp an! hurry bvk to the Foft They have all gone?at filler j, infantry aud oavalr ?and the rebellious of Laurence are as much l<sf to the ? freedom .f their own will" as the Border Ruffian* are. to their rswoaaee*. A lar-ie numh-sr u troope will winter inKm?a*. Kxtensive a) thonch the> aceommodat ons are at Fort leaves wcith, mechanic* bav-s been bu.y there f,,r ,,?,,? time increasing thtiu. It .? the same at I rt* Riley and Kearuey. Gov. 'Walker is at Leaven worth City. He is ejpected here to-day. Tbere are rumors Haiti? is a^cutto leave the Territory, and tha1. he will rever rtturo; that he has acomphsh-d all he cuna Ibr in securing a Slave State t 'onstitut.on in reality while it is so arranged that he and his compeers can prefect! that the People have adopted it. Oa the olher hand, several Free St itc bjmbj conCd-atly expect that he *) ill convene a special session of tbe Territorial Legislature, in order that this high? handed scheme, wlich threatens the public pe, -. may be arrested in a constitutional way. We shall toon fee. The Pro-Slavery men Lave already hfjun the.r mtrigues for this dodge ele-tVi. Some of tb* st r(.r ge st n?en they have will tale the ttump, not oo nmrh to make eeevertass to he an apparent expla? nation of tbe k'ud of ejection tbey *iil have. A Free-State Convention wul no* be celled to determine what action it io belt to take in view of these elections. There bee been some ex< it>?nient ihe par. week abeut pegro-burite. Several <Jaya ago, s?.rr.* r m paijiee of drafcfK.rii went up wit. a civil e.flicer te Topeka. seeking runaway negroes fron M aaouri. A ?.:.r party bad been op there a week before on tbe same errand, and bad considerably outraged n? pu'ar sentiment by their violent mode of searching be um *. On this latter occasion, the civil officer re? ferred to was our o'd friend Butcher, ex-SheritF of Douglas County, who received the e.ffi'C ?f Deputy Marshal fr< m the g.*??l Democratic function iry sent here by Buchanan. Mr. Butcher, true to his in? stincts, led a company of drat >ons up to Topeka in his necrr -Lnrttir j (perations. Having conceived it to be necessary to the eueeees of bis mission, ke left pert of his military force, sod. taking six dra gf^'Ds. proceeded to the house of Mr. Ritchie Offtt it place, arx] there demanded admittance Mr. Ritchie, having an idea of squatter sovereignty of his own, threatened to shoot any one who n. gbt venture to come in Upon tbis. the irfleYetigsbie Butcher went after the remainder of bis dragoons, and prtx-eeded to force open the door and make gbod a search of the premises. No re^ro was found, however, there or elsewhere, and bootless and negroless the " Demo-retic " party went the way it came. Upon the whole, I think it will be better for the elegant Butcher and his cotemporanes to con? duct these " Democratic'' proceedings in a milder form, unless tbey want to get into trouble. A consie'rrhbie amount ef feeliDg b exhibited by the Free-State men at the result of tbe IV-Si r.ery Lecunpton Convention. A feeling of rage is toe most common. At Topeka, when the citizen* got intelJiirerce of what was done, some of them openly talked tigbt. The Free-State men bad b>en t*rn porarily lulled into security by supposing that they had in tbe late struggle settled tbe matter. You ii.ay imagine their feelings, then, when tbey see the fruits of tie October election thin jeopanlei, and their impudent enemy stepping in to rob tiiem even yet of their richte. Cold, bleak weather has set in. Yesterday, a slight mow fell. Kansas River is very lowj it is alreadj frozen up toward its sources. Building is still carried en brisk'y in Lawrence, and a eonsid erable amount of business is done. The commer oial difficulties do not seem lo ?feel business ma? terially. Prices of everathing are high?MOi hiebe r than at this season last year. Provisions are likely to be dear this Winte r. Tbe Missouri R.ver navigation will probably dose in a few weeks. There is not much doing in real estate or town speculations, although prices are nearly tbe aame. I io not be uneasy about the runor* w hich tell you that Oct. Walker and Secretary StanNn are likelv to he murdered by Border Ruffians. They are per? fectly safe, in that quarter at least. I also think that the Low line about Gov. Walker on the* part of fire-eaters elsewhere, is merely a part of the same sehe me to cover up the iniquity of this ConstHu ti' nal rn< vement. I orseive tiiat some of the Eastern Democratic journals take up and cireoJate a report tint armed men came from Nebraska at the October election and voted the Free-State ticket. This was like a g-oed many of tbe ftories that the defenders of Kan? sas Derrocraoy get up. The story was a very slujiid one. By refefriugto the results, its absurdity will be-seen. The thren counties bonleriog on Ne? braska tare Brown, N'einaha and Mai*b?ll. In Bre.wn. only some'." I votes were cast in all?not one third of w hat the oanty could have polled. In Ne maha, only !/?">, oue-third of which are Pro-Slavery. In neither county was the lull vote out In fact, there weie only some two or three precincts opened in both of tbcm, consequently many votes were loot In Marshall County, the result shows 961 Pr - Slave ry vote- to ore Free-Stab*. Now, in wbi )h of the-se couDtieg did the "three or four hundred armed men from Nebraska" vote I About tbe Mar? shall County veito I bave learned, what I at first suspected, that the I'ree-8tate men at the Black Vcrniiliein and nnotber precinct threw between two and three hundred votes. AtMirshall, where there arc not twenty voters, a vote of 2? if) was m ide up and returned, ard, as the r<>uoty officials got bold of th'j returns from the other precincts, they suppressed them. _ THE MORMON REBE! LION. Sorre interesting doe uoaeDta have b?en rene.ved by ti e War Peparlnient from the ejmmenderoi tbs I (to expedition, auong them a letter and proc'.ama ion from Bii? ham Young. Col. Alexander was within thiriy miles of F>r*. Bridger, which place i? oocapted by Mrman troops, ?heuhoreceived tbe foOewieg le'ter from U''^ban Vcurg, Ihrough :ke comxatcer of the "Nauvoo Legion: O?vLfc?oa's On nr. t'i?n TaaaiTCev, , Gro?i 8?i.t L?k* Cirv. Sept />. IR">7 < T'J tit (iffictr C- ?urn.mdinj Ike PWSM ?vie I M 7 < ' i itTy : Siu By reference to thea-t of C'^ress passed Sept 'J, Ifou, organizing tbe Territory of I'tab, >oa will :.r o the Mowbrg: "Bsc. i Andbtit further rnecttd. Tint ?r>e ei?-n'ive ewer ?rd ?rtberit; Id ?nd uyrj Mid Trnltory ' ilai ?tut,6* v??s?a In ? U^Trrii'.r who ?h?ll Sold his ofti e fir four j??ri, snd im.) tit loeiiior ibt I b* appoint'j a^d qaalified. ldi^m mm t.-r r> Qjovrd It the I" >'.Ju,t of the 1'r.lti d SU'.et Turn florsrsef ?b?l! ie?V>- witbin fJ* ft-rritory, liull be Cimcutde.- In C 4 of tbe tj.iiiiu ikeseeg ai." I am Still the (Jovernor and Supsrmtend.ct of Ia eliar. ArVus for tbe Territory, no pucees'orhiviugb-<ea a|>pointed aL?l quabned. as provided by la*-, nor have I i n t -me veil hy the PrendeLt of tte Caitci States H> virtue of the authority thus vested in no, I bo re ir-u*d end forwar Jed to you a copy of oiy pro lau.a tie r foil.icd.rg the entratce of armed Lr>?-s i-f tan Territory. Tbis you have disregarded. InowlurtLer eiire? t t!i*t you retire forthwith from the Territory, ti ? esme route yon entered. Should you deem tn. in prsatiooble, and prefer to rwaaafo uutil Spring il the \ baity . f >< ur j rennt encampment- Black f'oik oa Ur^eL River?you cau do so la potaCO acl aniOfrfsol i i ii Of ncitio? that v >u deposit your trms aud ammuci lien w'ih Lewi* KobtBOOO, fV'ia't'rmasts'-f' tori] ' the Tat rib ry, and leave in the Soring a* so aa tbe OCneltioO of the roads will permit jjo to mar.-h; a-J she uld yon fa'l short ol nrovinor.s, they .ai !>? fi? nished youap-oc caking tne prepjr apph.ati.n there for. lim. 1>. II. W( Us will forward th^ and riicsive any evil ilui koatl 'i. ywo may have te> u.ake. V>iyreepertrony, BP.I1HAM TOt'^O. ? iaraevaa I 8ur*nnter.!>. i n ir.. a*?iii. The followiit; is the proclamation referred to by Bogbaal Ycuf r: PBOClSMATIOl PV IHE eiovrRVoK. ClTlZxai i UtaB: We are luvaJed by ahootfla tot e, ?ho are evidently assailing ua to accsmp^isaour oveitbn w and destruction. For the last twenty rive years we have trusted officials of the trovernment, frod. Cc tietables and Jus'Kes to Ju lres, lijvnor? al d IV?.dents, i c!y to be s-crn-d, ball iL deri*'. in, i sulttdandhstrajad, oar b'?n?-s ha?e beenp'.aa dt i< d atad tiiep bumtd, our fi-Us laid raate jur orin ctpal rnes awtoborod while unter tbe p'^d~ j faith of tt e ti-.iatmmeLt tt their safety. & id OUf famil M ??riven from their hones t) fin-? tbat shelter .a the b ar? ten wilderness atd that prjt?< I on ?moL^ h etile sav> aces whieh were detied them it the b*. a^kd aood.;? of ( biislietity at.d civilization. The Constitution of our 008?UI c< u-.try gtartntt c* onto u- ell tbat we do now or have ever e'?ime?. If the ron?tituticBal rights wo. h pertno uct i u? as Ainericen citizt-Ls wer- extended b> Utah according ta the -pint and mearnrg thereof, aid fairly avi 1 m +r tishv anwdakyatred, it i* alltoat aecou'iaik?alltiat we have ever asked. Our oppenente have availed themsilves tf p-rj a dice taiet Dg against u?, becacse of our reli^: >a* ftixb, to send out a formidable h ost to faCCOfflpiish et etruetioat. We have bat do privilege nor op? ir*.a-i y tf def. ndirg ourselves from tbe !'i:-e, ioz* an 1 aajast aepersions against us l?e'ore tbe nation. The G ^rera txect has net condeiceid-d to cause an iavest.^at r.; ? ou uitue er o'her peison tobe tent to \a\i.T9 .atj ar.d aswitaio t!ie truth, a* is I aatDiuaiy ia ?o h ca- -. We know tb?.??e aepeaiocs to he fal'e, bat hvt *v ?.!t us :.utb'Ug. We are COOdoaWaad loboord, and ( 1 to an i*sue with an armed auefCentaJj moh, w'j|h has been ssnt asainsf a* at tbe lo*< ^ati -n of an i*.?u < letter writers, asbani'd to father the base, s'arjaerou* tsleebeKHl* wbieh they have gtv?n tc the puH. 'N nifj 11 fli -iais, who nave broc,'ht (?'-? i, Tt'iou avail st us to ?i reen tberxstlvet ia their own af'any, aLd of hireling priest* ard bowling editor , whj p.o tttnte the tiu'h for r.Itby lucre < -%ke. 1 he irma whi"b has thne been f >rc?d apaa u* peN us to raoort to the great firat law of self proper SB tier, tod sfatd in our own defviu-e? a right "u4*ant-e 1 f fo n* by 'he g?t las of the institu'i ras vi eur coun? try, aid upon wb'< a the government;* hated OBI duty to oaiselaes, OS oar faaailsae, requires u Bot vi taatly sabioit to be nnveaaad slaui w.^hout an at lean! to f reserve oars-1 ree. Outduty ;> oar *? "ci'ry, our holy r?lig?on, onr God, te freedom and liberty, re '.' A at *? -r. j ?1 i ? . *r , -t.ll fc 1 ???> 'two fetters forging around u which ore ealr?eted to ? a <) brag Majeejal >o Co to ociA*fol mili Un despot'em. eu h u ru o:jnnv;?:i, .n a country of 9o???ii-j?ioE?l law, torn t-urpetioo, tyranny eni rppre?iin. Tr-ere f?.re I. Bng'iam Young, Governor vi B*ptr in'endentof lad'an Affin f>r the Territory of Utah, it ibe psme of fte peopl- of the Ut-lted S aiee, ia tbe Territory of Utah, f rfcld, Ftnt: AU armed force* of evry descr priori from eomirg iiitothie Territory, under any pretensi what? ever. ft mJ Tbr.tellthe for.:*e in Mid Territiry h lid then serve* in readine** la man h at 1 moment's notice to repel aey ?i I ?II rock r.. e?i 1 Inird: Martial law if hereby derlared to exist in tbii Territory from end af>r th* publication of tlie proclamation, and ro pertoc ?hall be alliwsd to pa? or repeat into or through or from thta Territory with cat a permit fiotn the proper officer. Given under my herd aid mIj a? great Sa't Lake City. Teirtory. f I'tab, t>u lith day of September. A. 'r>, 1?j7. ard of the Independence cf its United Stares of America the eighty second. B rI3H1W vor MO. The A llowing ie Cot Alexander'? reply to Hfighan Yourg: H 1 ????.- Tt ? th Rfcimivtot I?rt?t*v, i r?Mf Wrvfirt o n* H?w'? Kos* W ! HW. 5 BltCHAM ToiAC (<q , fiottmar *J l'tak Ttrribrry : Sir I have the honor to ackuiwlf dg? th? receipt of yrur c^mmutieetion of Sept. 9?. 1867, ?1' h twoCpes? rf a proclamation and one of th* law* of Utah, and haTe given it an attentive consideration. I am at pre?ea< the ?enoratd ( omr.aading officer of tbe troop? of the United States at tr i? point, and I will submit yoor letter to the General commencing a* eoon as he arrives here. In tb? mean time I have ocl v to say tlia* fbe?? troop* ?rc here by tie crderof the l're?ident of the United S'af-?, aid tbelrfartler m VwmtmmtM and ojieratioaM will dtpecd ectiitly ?pon or^er? Mflied by lOtnpeteftt military authority. Vtry re?pei'?fu'ly, E. B. AMfXANOER. Amotg the document* i? a !etv;r frnm CM J theftco, rfnUd from the camp on the Three Wingnoi' tie S v.>. ? wa'^r, addreeeed to A'Ija'ant-f;?n?t^ If-D ?wel', New Y'ork, in ? bich be confirm* the bureing o? thu 1 ontracton traim by the Mormons. Ur e\yn tae Govfaor'? wcort it four dtja' tnar.-b. behind him, with two ccmpMiif* of ?!:...??> Tfe know* of n<> r?-aeon wby C<?I Aleiander ihoQ'd attempt t> reach Salt Lske by Bear River, ?'?eptirj? from the fear that the >l m .ri have burned the graw on the AartflT route. HoftJdi: ' If I eon!-1, oomnracica'e with C >1 "Alexander, I wocld d rect him to take up a good " poM ion for the W'in'er at Ifv ? Jfmk? The r?ad ' ie beeet between thi? ar.d Ham's Fork with compa " tier of Mormonr; 10 it is doubtful if I ^bal! be able ' to ccmmuxioate with Col A. ' Fr <n TXt ?.*. IauU Republi c-. .V>?. !?, Mr. lender, who is contented as Chief Ko^ineer with Magraw'? WapoD Road Surrey, p?.?*??d thnuch tili? city on hi? way to Waabiaftoa, on Sitvrday i v-\ This gentleman, who i* a well kewn c;vil engineer aid ei;-lor r, Ji?-t'na'ii?bed himself by % very tiering t?ip tcroas the t'ontment during the Summer of the Si-111 war, with a party of four meu. only od*'if whirr arrived with him at the Mianoni River. II ie elfo mentioned ae the author of 'everal able repottn to fongrt ?c on the ?--.pct of a I'aclti 1 U \il *oa<L Ibis gentleman ha? performed, ?ioce the 1 >tb day of June la<<t, the unprecedented feat of nding 1 '. mil*?, much of the distance iu unex^lorsd mountain 11~ . - urd all In rough tltld ?ervioe, without a tent, or ordinary basrsage, in the short ?pace of ?<{ months ii otaditg IS camp day?. He tOBBjaewed with a party of 13 uiec, tour of whom return?d with h<m to the ^tartirg point, at Iid*-]^LdeL< <', Mo, Maay uf the oiipiral party were di.<abl?d by illnc.-*", and boom re main in the mountain1", or are on their way to the set? tlement*. Wm. II. Wagner. John II In^le, Calvin J. Crocker and Alexato^r Mitchell ar^ the namea of tboM who snived with Mr. Lander. This severe labor wa? performed for the purpjee of ?electirg the ehorh;et practicable route for the now wsg<n road, prior to the arrival of the working train ir charge of Superintendent Magraw. FiOaB scarcity of gra<?, ard other obltBcltl not foreseen by incxpe rit-rced ]>?rtie?, the main working train oely arrived at the South l'a?e in seaeon to go into Winter irt-r?, wit re it row is. I! ?? Mormons having bumed all the grass on the Sinthern Wint^rirg grounds the wagon roa J expedi? tion has selected t? . amp on Wind River. It h sur ronnded bv herds of titTalo anrl elk, with which, in eveLt of failure of -tn. . meann of sub-inteci j, lite tiain n ay be supplit d. II. F. Kickiin, one of the aeri>>tant engine era of the advance party, wbo had distinguished himself ia dc tftcbed firvice, bad been detailed by Mr. Lander At the re<|te*t ef Superintendent Magraw, to purc'ia?e fiiibb at d other provisions for the train. In pertbrm ;ng thil duty, he wes sarroiisded near (>reen River, by rlalj well-armed mounted MofBO irw. II ? gave them eva>ive answers ai to the nataro of his bi:-. ard wa* at length allowed to depart He rod* at ence to the command of Col. Alexander, many miles '?:a'i, atd informed that gentleman of the advance of the mounted armed men, and of the in mors that tiv* h nr.! red hal crossed Green Rivet, going in the direction of unprotected (i >v. mment traits, but before aay ef-ert woe sent, three truins, embraeirg ?eventy-six wagons, were r -sfbed aid eoinpLtely destroyed by the party of ?ixiy men first seen. From th? destruction of these ttains of provision*, the Eaetern mountaineers were cirp?>?ed to hold article* of ?ub-ietenoe at a bi>?h p'iee. Floar was thirty dollars a hundred at 1'iatti B.-ilge, one hundred ard twenty-five miieo beyond Kort Lar? mie. atd rbing: and a general belief prevailed io the e> t ntry that boetillfie-? were oemmenced. The miii tarv forces were in bigh spirits, and tb) igh traveling, ?Ju every prospect 'f BMW lag great ha-dsbips, en tbuxiaffii to a mit, and prepared for the worst. The exptoratior.s of the aovacc* party of the vf*bmb iio&a Fspedition bad proved of great BBTtioe to the obbbbmbo. The ertire region between the 8 ill Lain ? td Soake Riv.r, the SjuthPas?aod Th >u<aL ! "?,>ri-.^ YaJl?y, connecting the work of Stanbury and Fre rroct, anl birberfo uneiplorec, bad b-;en ?urvey^.: ?rd u a;ped; sixteen mountain pitses examined, bJ] the tributaries 01* tbe Upj^r flreen Itiver detliej to Ike : fonrcee, the Great Waheatch c ba r. foiul tio; li-t <d f^nr distinct ranges. \um*r.)u- sup;'' 1 tras*, wood and water have been d *.overed, 1 i rious" ". ; routes two 0: wbirh avoid tae Gracd Dreert of the Saudy, and oae seven day* shorter travel it a dis'anoe or" hve hunJrel miles, th,n any prev!. u#lv k;v>WD. Th*?e n"?y 1 - r - 1 r; d ?s ?ihih of the rest Mi of the explorations. The m l.'vy f * 1 ad, therefore. ihiadoiBil th" oil ?m of appc ' ard were advancirg ur-ja the vallay of the Like by the oree piaine ol the" Westers desce;it of the Bear ard Matade Kive-s. l)ur iiifjnr aat, wn? wu a fjrrr.'r BBBBbav0/ Mr. I^andtr's party, aeeures us that Bjuk imp^rta-.r 1-.'.. ligence, to which be can have n > a"-e*s BntO It rea-'h * tbe Interior Pepirtment, w.'l ihortijbelaid befort Ike i " We forgot to ett'.e Iba* Sow, CaujMBBagB an.l laiy with tie secretary )f tbe Terr nry. were mst ab sat two dajs marc 1 Matal Fort L'ira r.i* wi:? Col. C j Ae ard tbe Utah mail train. When Mr. L. informed (iov. Cnnminf s of the c >m n m . Tn.eiit of M >r: -.o -turban **?,?rj). ie-tru ? ? of Government fains, t"irg the first to b :ng this in teUifer e, Got C quist'y remarkei: " Tell ail my "fi!?nis Si-, that I-tarted to ob-'y ; .--j tionaaadt? " go Int3 Salt LsAeTiry, and / 11 ? ? up. Brigbtm Yotng had already dis?iaioi<d ir.y ra-: 1 pati' n or ktowl- d& cf the overt act of buaiag the ?npply frame, and the best jaigee of cbe M ? character believe that th- Nal*rs of thi? singuia to irtv will contiau* to BBjeVaWOB to b'ied the eyes of Ihs genera! G-overcxent ltd pot off the day of a s*and-np ti?:ht to the last me men'. (?a the other hand, o'a monLta'c? ?rs irt preduiir^ tke m-^t "isastrjas c nfn^iences if the troops are Bot able to rl^ht their way iLto the etty. The graes bu.-ncl, the f <ra^e w< 1 r igb eaten up Witter sef.irg ia wiA sevr.ral Jeep eaows, meob t?( tbe e->mmaDd far id the rear, an i a gres: raBge of rioca'a z* sbi'tir^ i: ou* 'roan the r.'r'berB wint?r>. . ' ! ^'in to giva we.gV. to tte sntpositicn t":a? tie tt] ditiou wi? act oe a su - i aas IM oie. Oaebe >'%lley, wv..^ '* an aatw, w?i' g:v??d p'ain, in which sre BBTataJ V. WMfirms, r.nd o*er wbics roan great h-rdi of avi? aiid hor??e the property 0: the Chnrch, will *ooe. however, b: rri t?. etrtkirg ciitauee rf rbe CiMDES AMD AM BOY HA'l.hOAU. REPLY TO THE CARD OF HR. W. W. DECueir. reav BMa* */ 1%? K v rrteu?* S ? I <?a- piti*ta'- *t '.hi rxeetLrg of tie D.f: -s l?e'a?rai' ate Kantae Caaal. asd Carodei aod *? y Ra'lrosj, a..d Trasipertatioa CVmpanie* at i'n-.ittoB on tbe \Sti <? 'ober iaet. ref-rred to ?r'e ? e .m-tt e: ^. 1. I?* hat, pub 'sLed ia ymp9*r* * ti* csja tiice, aad desire to add u the "statement < ? .e. made in oae of thsc ;y pa/*71 ?' i~'-g li ve ni) cratradict- >n cf Mr. Dechcrts There are leTeral laaceuraciee ia 4it ?tateatf it vhUsVlt is bo*, reeesaary mow te e:rr?*t M- Ditiert ajt i*e ie aaaorW u <*u:j ?dj of kw anrpscioet ar tit pro?*? to fwttaia them hs HM ha b*d not ?officwot Um? for prepara' oo or f >r ?bt ether reason. IIa did detail ?onu- ?up.cioc?, and, when asked 1/ he c cd atate * mg'? fact to ?ustam or ja?if/ hu stu? pse w?, replied that h? eoak! tnt, and only bad sa? picionsv Vo itfimatioi im given that he bad o'lar than those n>eeti >n?d bj him. CoB.n>. dor? tStrrk'on did not (as Mr. D. assert* approach Mr. Dechert with angry ge?ticaV.i >ns and *Mmt laagna-e at anytime; HC did Mr. Rs tard fl'orkton jene a bandle of p?p-re from under Mr. Dechert'? ajm; nur was he knocked down ao 1 beatsoo by the on'ted etTor?? of the Cc-tnmcd sre and hia aons. After M'. IWhert had said fta he stated at the time, aJl he wUfccd to ?ay, he was requested to leave thi room, e'id did leave it. Subsequently, while we were at dinner, he twioo re <i?m ?tt-d arotber interview which wasaccorded tob;m. At thin seond internet, he m*de no attempt to add axy'l.TCto hin previ tie 'taternents relevant to the matter bti re the Boari. but attempted to detail some ?landen Dl natipaboil Commodore Stocktin and the Ovverntrett ship 'he- PrtogatO?) of more thau ten year? itsndirg: atd, although called to o d^r one or ri'ere time*, end repeatedly reo'iefted, and at length peremptorily ordered to leave the room, le permitted n mek eg ofecfiva remasks, kftvtag no pcrt'tten?./ to the affairs of the itoard. At 1bi? time I eaw Mr. .Tshn P Btoohtrsi appmac's Ma quietly, and I b ard him (Sto?klM|, in a gentle maoner request l?chert to go out. What ;n,xr.fdiafel? occurred between the two I couH net ?ee. hnt I know that Commodore Stockton, land I lM*k Kiohard 8tockton) was not near enough to tench him. I have do ?fooM that Mr. Deehert struck Mr. John P. Stcckton first, and I thick that the latter exhibited more 'erieroy ard forbearance at Mr. IWherl'sanp plk-tticn? than many men wonll under like provoca? tion, even though r*?e*?e?ed of Mr. S'oektoo'f power* of self-defense. Mr. Dechert most unncceeJarily provoked and ;as I believe'' commenced the affray. (AM BRIDGE Ll\ UfOfTOR. Kr* Yc-k. Ed v. 17, 18!7. PUBLIC MEETINGS. COMMTSMONKRS OK KMiaiUTIOV. The Board mtt T'sterdav afternoon, at the offi ?? ia Worth ?treet, the Hon. Ouliou C. VtaWLAVCI in the chair Sat i.lined is the usual weekly statement: Nuar.Ur of ea??Tai.ta Mit? J I? N. v lt. 1SS7.m.fuC : n. t ? ?.!.??? ?.. I' N ' 1'. iS"' t t?-.\t?.m To Mm* <Utr 111 ISf?.HB l*.>7. IbiS Kn. rf Ii.",???? In ti:itlt>itinn? ?t v ....... -. l.rrn i,t3S Re. us Martne Ho.p:?|. II? 1" M T"fil. l,7bl l.Soi 1 l>> Ortfdr?ft?r. Bsiik, Jtoairy 1, !?67....$9,Vi 1? Btxelftt to Not 1> ia'7.t>Sj?,?j 1? R?r<4fti >tcc* to N' ? If. tor ?ubuui.:*' ?es ?f tbtn ;u?c|ci, kc. t.XS 0 ?tV7.jn? it Pi ?!..<?.?81 IDS SO ' .> l. ..i - it p?i prertouiM<uum!to Ri t 11. IU7. ?7.807 74 ?ttdiytseeiewof X?v.4aM 11. t,74i ?-? u B?!?rcr (?{ ron.iiiUt*tlnn fund.-* ti '>'*'> IB The CfWnittJotMn have prepired the followllf* re? ply to the (Quarantine L'ommi^ioners ic reference to ScRuine'e Point: Oi rii i or tu! CoxMlMienu or Emi..i?tios, ) Nrw Yo?k. Not 13, :8S7. } Ketsrt. IInx. Bowvr. md BiSfOS. i'<?ninilutonc r? oa '.b? R' uirv?l ot Uotrvtin? Oor-tl^mcn: V">ur note of 31 ?., to wMeh tob uiriitii d thfi tnuirolntou to tlic Comn.luior.rr? ?f lu-liratlnu of thr trpoit of tb? (ioveroor, Ll??U<uaat-CJi>t ? Mior *ud Controller, act dlaopproviaf of th* prvpuatUm at Criu'rir'i Point, knd tu ?hli:h jou ?tat? tint \oii will keep I ?? I hintn tlrrt* until dth init.. wbon he Djiiit b<- dUoLiirfad, " ) 0 i uo fui dt t>> pny blm, th? ipprooriatiuu ?riiu a8> "bin??t-.l" bw l>??n r?-r?.|v?d. >i d ?J* wholo lubU'ct of i h,? ??in t??n aaiefaHy aaaailnaalaa)4eooataetatl TboCinmtm ajafjen of BBaitratl m, aeteitlieliai h???. b*^n aaaMe to ahaBae their opiiii.n oVliix-rotelj f irnieci ? ,d viprrM*d bj tli?m on 13th rf AVfUat laft to your Commixi n iu rv??rd to the akwiltH of orcon'n;< d?tl'ii? it Sernln-"? Poiot, and their >i:?. i ni-viy*\ov from any Ivtf to tak? .'.htrgo of the baaaJD lai I th?i ti"? th?rr>. Thr UoTrrtor. Mcitetant Oorerror and Contro'ler, ?hhouf h aii'hoHifd by tb? Wtutrantirr R?rro??l ?. ? aly t?aWWWeof the rip*rt??. kara qna ift-dly ?ppro?ed rf tb*> b'iUdiaa?, and by ioplirstion linaiiillllilaj fhii Cornm'ulon to iuuxi1 the care < f them TbU being jo and your Comniltaton beim with oi.t fiitidl lny loL*er to guard thi m, the <'ommii?toi:ett of Enii f'atioi., aa oftu'tri of t!ia State to whirh thi* property beloos?, ?i.d for the parpoie, If practicable, of aecurlni it from waate or dettrurticD, l ansot refute in the pre*?r.t emergency, to relu ve 2our Coo ii '.???.. : from ita rmbarraiami nt and uppuiot a peraon o protect the as binSdiuaa. They arcedv to your rrqueat, how? ever, Ii. tiil? lamest, proU?tiLa a<?-i??t any obliaatiou upoo llieru to ......i,? the trii?t and In tbo cirM ctntion that tbo ex> I ? i ?? ? tbn> loa iliai will ultimately be reimtmrMd from aoin* other than Ika Fmiiraut Kuud, all of which will be required d irir p tka approacliin* im lem-n'?ea<on, aagrtvated aa it* ae> ?erity will M by the aenera! liualne?? proatration .?f the ,-oon. try, to ?opport the vmiararita from wh mi it baa b>fn eosaaaaai. and to whoae u?e it haa been aacredlr pieilged l,v tli? Stat^. AND CaRRIOAN. rvRfs < i;rtis<i RUDOLPH ?ARRI?fE. COMMI88CONEB8 OF EXCISE. At lAet ?niiiethltig is 'ikely t.t be dune by thin B >*r<i to test the validity of the efiential proviDions of the Kioiee law. The Liquor Dealere' Sorioty met on Tuef day for the pnrpone of connidering the .?ubject of P'epsrrjr f nitab'e ease? involviug the poinU at iosae, to be carried through the Supreme Court directly to ti e Cotni of Appeal?. It in iinderntiiod triat they lecfed the name of Mr. David S Paige, eerner of West ard Spring ?treete, who i* the financial oUL-erof the Society, aa aca^e repreaer.ting; hotel k- Michael Unlpin, correr of Twenty-eixtn ?-treet and Ninth ave rne, will be taken as a case for the p?>rter-homes. Keepcra ct other kinds of injuor eatabliahments wii] lieueula? re|ireaentati>e'< to tr-st the rights oUioaed by their rcrpeetive darsea. The liquor dea'ers are raid to have eipraged Manlel I'lltiiiimoeconnnel, while Commirsiontr llolmea will act for the Hoard of K vife. The ('orr.niiiifioners of Kjeise have only six more da>i> to sit BCOOfdiag to their own ouetru'-tion, and (he fan e of their lat< meetinr/i) will tic refore soou bo ' played out. TUR WOBTH MOHTMKVT CELEBR4TIOW. The Sub t'onimittee on the centafal(|ue met at II doch ve?ter<l?y mer?icj? arid m^reed t-> a<'<'ept the r 'a:, ot Henry W ilaon. ul.1. rtak;r, wbjaol to any al? terations the Committee may require during its can ?tnMtiosM Tba Joitt Cosnniittce on the ( elebra'.ion mat yester? day ftftenoM in the library with the Mayor ?n<l ..t|j err prerent. The previous resolutions were approved. CnuDiirrun Wkmii (?Mj?a>ente)d the, pmpri.-ty of commnricatici'ws:h the Po i<-e bnaadiaaafj t > imke arranj- ip.-r.ta (, r th" preservati' i. of order, which tue Mr.)i r =aiil he would attend to. It wae further moved end i arried to have th< SuH Coamitfee OR n,il;fary arrarjremontu iuetruct^jd to hive the military in readiness at II a us. that the car aui atAiM he in rflSdfcatai at 9 a. ? ; t! <,t the eavtakMlM D ? teed at the grave; the box and the recep? tion of tie astirl^? to be s/aied in it to begin with: rb*n the Andrer-1,f the Mayor, and thu clergy. The Macoi k > trenaoaiei f.i'l'.ar. It wsi re?o!ved .hat (?en. ?cott bo invit. d t> attend fbi s "it in?etii-if ef the COOSBtttt?? in relation to t*i?? phll->ear*rs; also 'Lat the Chairman Ik :,> proceed to Albany te> confer in person with tue widov of fieri. Worth a* to ?hat ?he s..s -ht want dme oo that dav as regard* the umily, clergy and physicians; that 500 tii k< ts ha iaMcdL tbat bom of them '>9 traus '=rable. Invitations are to he sent t-> the relatives of Qm Worth, to the Pre.-idesit cl the l' Stitej an i the a' iie? asdtoBobatt Maicy, Deputy Grind Master cf the Cras ?1 Laif* of Htm and Accepted Mi.*>n?. It was further resolved that the member* of the eOBWBoom CoumU gavry tbo long itftff 9t oaVea, ... 1 the Cctnmi'tee the ?h?rt stave. The ""(? u iff e a< jvm ed to .' p. m |o diy. MEETING FOB THE RELIEF OF THE POOR. Ab fi<i'<j si,e.-tinij of the resideDt-i ?.f thi Kat? ern Daamct of Brooklyn was held last ni^ht at W'wh iigt.m IIhJI, eonai of i-ourth and S-<utli giTwRjtl strt? tr, to tfavift uhajutls to relieve ttia p >or iu that ?M i->b of the , :>y. Ei May< r Wai t .--rrupied the . hair and Jo-<rrii II. Ai A?i? a- ted ii Secretary. Mr. GlOMl Hi A^?riw? of the Committee ap? pointed at the isiesiirK ou M >fl\y eveni.?' Rttd tae oatlirea of the plan of atwwfaaiieai Ibltawi i An Fsfei.tire C.imniictee of ae?<-c a-ctietnerj tba;i be deiig tat?d, la tt. ui '?ai! b>- in*r .?ted tb? loaarvtaiaa aasl l ef tbe ?yat.B 'I OSip-orlrf reitet Thi? Cucmit ee >uall meet week'y. or ?fterer tt neeeraary. ani* make mor!?b!? r?p->rt? tttrooan toe tatty pun TLcy ?Lol. ttvids aaak Vv ?ri :uto dia ar-d ttriin r'.ch dletriot to riatsora, wb ? ?LjJ p rsntiily avvesataaai ??ery cue of waot that may b- rfport--d. Th. y .'.??liTe p wirt.) ? ? iz: ilet iLa :, appoU,; a rJecreU.-y ard lf-.r ibs I ? < catltute a q'- 'rnrxi. A T;?a<..?r ?hall bt appointed by thi? rae?.tint. with wh >m ?toll be d- p ?*t'd a): aoca rf mo y wolch trat b i-jotribi.ted tj?a.d the 'by ? I (N which tula luv''..Lt i? held He ai^li ?*T :. r ?) eW a-y purpote except jpoo adr?.rt. .iantd by a ma >r iSy of t4e Tie. ;i?e Conoi ttee He aba'laleomahea rjxiothlT repo-t so b* pr.bliahed almultaiieoualy wish tW of the Execu t.?. ' i u i aod h>? ?" oc-.i? aoj vjucWi ahat] b. aubjoct to the ir tter;j. a ' f Sbtt '".?riiniltee. The Ceuisnittee aleo recoiBmended the following .a ? : ?? r. * ? furIfct BiaHatliaCiwl law. Tbi-'eerih H'ar.!?Jdha Braaek. Fourteenth Wa-'. T kamt frlley e 'rfSlt W*'d ?|lj:i(el M?m*r. M>tai Wal ?Haan Ottawa jevenr??ota Wird? 3etiiain:d E. Da?'a Pfftti 'f.i> w aiiJ-Nioho a? & u,ri,?, ifi?at?eutk Wari? wnaslaliJ hr ? n. ??r Treasurer- < ? r?- FW :. ?in n.ot; m IM report was laVrptl J. ^h-r? a:!ref?ea w?re rrade by ex-Maror Wall MM fulrer. Ad. Kalbflei?ch, ex-Major RtjH, (; ? H Af'-ewo. Mr Bn Uey and ?Piers. A ?ub?c-ipf. .tt ? as tbe: rtuM and re?ul:ed in raising aboat $?.' flO Mr N?an Hatertory aad ei-Mayjr Wa I each irave t-CO. fcabscriptune will be left with the Executive I (: tt.ttee, ?t the three bai.ks, and at the hrries. rowdyism akd IUOtT DfMroyiiig Prop**rty wrthoot faa*,. A NEWSPAPFJt CAM TEH QAJHOThD. Ten of ihr Uiotcr* Arti st^, OnTce^ayBightalawleee gejg/of m^^.^ bled in the Twetty-eeooud Ward, ?Ej *everal outrage* upoe p.-*-. r,: and noofT^^** rece. It appean that a Deenc ratio priuaiy ehJaaa wu held in the upper part of the Ward. which**, largely attended by these gang, of rowdiot. rw were two parties, eteh frietdly to the other, kxow* the " First-avenue Regulators,'' J#d ^ ^ notofi?|J Patrick n<reymao, aad the "Buffs Head UgML" led by James O'Brien. At the terminatiosi af meeting the Regulators ard lights ditidsdW?-^ of ten. fifteen or twetty, and proceeded in aSS direction* about tie Ward*, evidently determined \? perpetrate all the outrage* that th?ir base avad? might suggest. They made their first descent npoa % Dutch grocery ?tore which had jaat beta eloeed, the lights Mt beirg yet extitsruiautd. Oae or men rapped on the door dercacdirg admittaaoe, bot tat proprvrcr failed to eorupTy ?ith their demand, aad (key burst open tbe door* and entered tbe premises, help. irg themselves to liquor* aed other articles, aad a>e*J. icg several meat and cheese kuve*. Kvery person, who came in their way they beat, mere y by way sj amusement. Almost every corner grocery store vaj ?ntered by tbe K*gulatots, who stole meat aod cheat* knivee, cleavers, and such other artiolee as they could ?N as weapoE*. gergcant Van Orden of the Twenty-eeooad Preeiaet, heariDg that the gang? were abroad turned oat with bis reserve brat and scoured tbe Ward. The fe?owa toon get wind of the movements of the polce, hat nevertheless coBtirued tbeir outrages, tiavebsg abjui from street to erreet as fast a? they could. Captain Speight of the Twenty-first Precinct, also taraadont with a platoon of men ard searched tor the rowi'aw, having beard of their enterirg several ttjre? in hie Ward .md iteaJiugoktives and other a tide*. After tearchirg about for some time a large portion of bsth gangs w as discovered |b S-cond avenue, near Thirtieth street. Tbe police made a rush on the party, aad, after a desperate fight, succeeded in arresting tea of the ruffian*, among whom wa<t Patrick Honeymaa aad James O'Brien. Nctwith?tanoing theee arrests, the other fellows still continued their depredations, ka-wk ii I dew 0 ai d beating every citi/en whom they met. Among olher recett acts of the party was a robbery of Joeeph Taylor, a news carrier in Fourth avecae, corner of Twenty-eixtb street. Taylor had been oat collecting returns and ww standing by a gas laiap makirg an entry iu bis'memorandum-book, wbenfoar of tbe party eei/ed him and robbed him of eotne $5 er *1P. Otkwa of the gang now oaine up, and undsr pretense of protecting Taylor, stole his watch wort? JN. The combined force* of the two prex iBct* Ueenag that the remainder cf the gang waa in Ttiirty-eAh street, proceeded thither, and after another fight, Ite ceeded in dispcrsixg them and restoring quiet tbjoagh out the Ward. Tbe pii.-ocers were locked Bp tat tbe remainder of the tight in tbe Twenty-second Ward Station-Hoasa, Honey-man i* the man who was arrested on elecioa day for rioting and incitirg to riot in thla diatrlct aad wa? un<!er bords to anewer the charge. Yesterday mornirg the prisoners were taken by Officers Jennls, Mclntyrc, Connell, l'.ldridge, yuidor, (laillard, Mathews, Myers and Armstrong to the Jef. ferron Market Police Court before Justioe Devise*. Before ai \ proceediegs were had in tbe case Hofley i si. * surety aj>peared and surrendered turn to the Court. The following affidavit was made by Cap'sin Vat Orden i William Van Orden, acting Captain of tbe Treaty eewiid Precinct Police, being duly sworn, depose* aad say> - lbat on the tight of the 17th day of .Vor., I8J7, James Donovan, James (J Brian, John Cuinuaing*, John Mi Ardle, John Cumifkey, Patrick I^nnaa, Patrick Honeyman, Potfick Coleman, James Lvkie. and Michael Cannon, now present, riotounly assembled hemrelves together armed with cm be and other effet llvt weapon*, at tbe Twenty-*eoood Werd of said (ity. atd awaultcd diver* ana eundry penoru on the pvbMe highway; aleo, willful'y aed wantonly breaking windows and store doors, and stealing propsr-y expos? ed f r *ale ou the ou'er tide of the doors, making a great noise, breaking the public peace, aad inciting to riot. Tbe prieorers were then severally examined, aid replied a* follows to tbe various interrogatories: Kamt Ate. Satian hirlhjiaet 'VvxjwHr*. J?: ? ? O' BrlVn.i .huh.. Inland.T.... Hbsrpo'r. Mt< Wl Caraea.VI..huh.. Inland.H .^-?'uj<. i*n>r* I.tikiu...... .?.S.. /ruA.. Ireland.L,*h?rrr. P.trirk Cirn.pi..\% . huh. .Irrland.HaHrtr. POiirk Hon. yn.tJ>..?. .huh.. Pcitri. k !<? ? nr.)t..hiih..hrlcind.AiKllof. Jim?l C-'" ? -?y.... Irr i I.<?l nt t?t<i?f. John M'-< ?? ??.\t..hi?h..hrtand.?*:?<?.? CiMer. Jnuu Cunnnlni*.It.. huh..Now-VorkCity.. N. O. -tuast's. Uv ? i I'uaovsu.Vi. I'.-H .N-w V ,rk City..Roi>>. M*ker. Of etBJBBt they Bevera?y deni?d any knowledge of the dirturbance*, although caught ia tbe act. The magistrate comm'Hed Honeyman and O'Brien, in default of (1,000 bail each, for trial, and the reetot the tribe in the sum of Jt?OO. THE UNEMPLOYED AT THE CENTRAL I ARK. It wns apprebetded yctterday, from informatioa de? rived frcm various source*, tr?nt a large kody of the unemployed poor would make ai attempt to coeroa the Superintendent of tbe Central Park to employ them. A large number of persona did start for his ctiice, in SevcUy-Btntli ?triot, with some such tsten tioc*, hut wisely concluded to refrain from physical derr<Hn<tra i..ns. From 7 in the inornieg until 11, there was a Irrgt- crowd in front of the office, m<*tit of them b't^icg f? r work, but some only anxioru fcra distarb niir. Be (Ore ibdulgina* in speech-making, Smith, Neil eel Btlar, who headed the erowd, tried to obtais an interview with tbe Comn ihsioner*. Mr Vi lit, Chief Engineer, a?ked them if they wert in reed of work. They replied that they wanted work), and were unable to get it. "Then," sale Mr. Viet*, " we will give you work at once. Come rifbt along wifb bjm (putting hi* hands u|?>n their shoulders), aad] I wiil put you in with a gang at once; and I guarantee that ea.ik of yon ?ball have a |l a day in cadi. ' t rb, no' answered the dotrtitute Cominicteemenj " rt are if,.- rrjtreai riMttet of tbe^e men." " The representafivee of whom V aaked Mr. V. " Of tkttt destitute men who want wjrk; aad we * ant to see them set to work before we get It our selves." "Corre alorg, come alorg," said Mr. Viele; man certair.iy owts a duty to bis family bet?re any one el-e. If >c n are in need of work we will give it you; there will be three men relieved. Just as fast as we can w#?ill put others to *ork; and ae far as that is concerted, it will make no d:fi'-renoe whether you are at work or makirg speeches; for the men wi'l be pat to work a* fast in the ore ease as in the otb<-r." " Btt we dare not do it eaid the Committee. " We thr uld be mobbed by these men, if we a cept work wi Da they are left witb"iit P." " But tl ey CAnaot blame a hungry man for g.dag Ut work to get his bread when he has a caac-e,' an -wei#d Mr. V. 1 be CoBBBB it tee, however, could not be convineed. It la ?ei.l fl at Smith offered to go to woik if they woo d put him in best of a gang, and pay hon $1 50 a o'ey. N ot after ibis conference. Smith mounted a huge roekrearly oppcte.te tktWafatttT House, and prt f r. iti to glorify hisnlf'SaOTtfloa in rej^? ting work for I :: ? f, btcause he c u'a r o". ^et it for all. *' WoaM you have me eell you 1" ?cid be; " would yoo have r* etep in ami take the places and send you boms *ta?vi g to ycor families 'Cheers nnd Cfita M ' Saith frr*ver']? It is your IttHttfa 1 ano lo king for V( ice?'tOive u* ? drir k of braody'j. I will not sell yen out. I have had ctl'ei* of a cay by BedMfaBBtJ to go to werk and crt agitate this *ubject; bat I wit n-1 sell jcu fcr work or n.otey [|. If they will (et you to work, I will go to work with you; be* not r. tier wise ICrie* ot ' O od ) They want to get rid of us and of these meemgs; but we have a ngfct to sseemble in a peaceable manner and cip'e** .oaf rpitiot*; and m lot g as wc do that, f defy th* www* or their miniens to 'ay tbeir hatd* up-n ms. TttJ er? fortifyitjr the ar*?nat; l"it we d) tot ww? arK-tal-we watt work. Why dotbeynot^iveiltojM tanar j body fell I Thev have got tbe m .o*y; ?L rxt set as to work with if T [Voicse?"Tney w? *?r

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