New-York Tribune from New York, New York on November 18, 1857 · Page 2
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1857
Page 2
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BROADWAY TnBATKR. M- ? A K.f.iA.1..??'''??? (AVwfre We.nO M T* *" ? acdthroe? A?5*drni) of Ml?i% Em,* :- p- .a > ' ? B. Codw.t.Stl?- Man.,, r Ooi.i? op.-j ?' i,i Tw-jh, ?Ith Overt'ir* et 7,. TVrrJ b?tt of tue mlmitehle ron.edie?. Mr ( HARLES MATHEWS W > pn?.?DAT, Bot tl tt'7, ?rill ?? preacetad P.ib-Vi C' tttetea Ceiurt; lo two ?cti eBtft ed NOT A BAD JUDGE. Lovate, (hu Ollglnai cbere<t*0 .MrCiia- ? s Me'.l.awa L'. Im.IT.Mm.? B Conway After wh"-r. N?e laoghsWe fyre r allelIth? PRACTICAL MAN Cloor??:. j (bis orlxlLtJ character).Mr. Curie? Ma'.hew? Tecoi <. ,4< with - A CONJUGAL LESSON. ' ?. ?.Mr W Devldge Mrt l...llabv.Mn LGi-i.-We.ton D?TMBort Till RSBAY-Po .fa eight of Mr. Matbewt. AI'KA KEEN K S THEATER, No 624 Broadway, above Houcton et CONTINUED SUCCESS 0? THE . GRAND SPECTaCUlAR DRAMA, In Im e< '?. acknowledged to be one of the moot petleet repra ?e.'eti .-i ever ?Wen on the Arr.ert. an Stag" Wednesday evening. Nov. 18, (end every evrnii ? dirin? the we?k,) THE SEA Of ICE i Or, A MoTHeat Paavea. LnaUedr Laaroura.I . _ Oae.-ite, the \\ Ud Plow er <f Mexico.... > ....MlttLeireNe-oe Merl, de la. n.> r?ii?e. ?i. AdveotoMi.t.j|r. Qeo. lord*! Manilla del Monte.' Mar aba* * teikar.* Je"?reo? Rn? da I-Mooere. CepUln of the Urania.Mr. Wheietieurh D jiIxu: the eeo oC eet of the Above play, th? AU? RORA BORFaLIS * phenomenon peculiar to the At ' (pen. I* ?tbibrtid with a fidelity whirh bee called firth the we/meet roavomiuinx end enthusiastic appleme. end eolltlee it t-. (he dUtloetloo of bei"? one of th?- oor! singularly beautiful ?rente eSotts ever produce! upon the ?Ute To? breaking np ?>( trm Pleld ef Ioe may alto be regarded ee ? trinmgb of roe coeaieel ekill Not i f- BA.i-.ny Cheln may be secured thr?e deyt In ?d Wanoe, M) rei tt Mon Seeti In Pem .) Circle only 88 rent.. Doore open et 64; to cocmenoe et 7g o'cloeh prer.Urly. NIBL0'? GARDEN. WEDNESDAY EVKNINO. November 1?. V>31. B:1 .tot ?-..<.., of MARIETTA ZANPRETTA. ?Nie tbi'r Brothers. OABRIKli. ANTOINE end jerome, In tks MBiif piene JE ANNETTE end JEANNOf. MARIETTA ZANFRP.TTA in male end (emale roitume igt" CORDE TENDUE. JEROMES I.Ahr NOVELTY BOREAS. Doore open at ?; to oommen w at 7) /clock. TICKETS S<> eenu. Upper Boxea 35 eenta. CRDY'" NATIONAL THEATER, CIUT IIAM-ST ?Dreee Circlee 25c ; Pit, Ua | OrcbetV* Chain, 80e.; Private Boxea, 2d circle, a>5exc|.i*tve. er * I for each per ?en. Door* open at 64 i curtain will rieea'7 ?THIS EVENING: REBELS AND TORIES. Vi'm Marnier.. Mr. J H. At en I Na the ma.Mn Nlcholt DAMIO AND PYTHiO. Darxio.Mr. 0. L Pox | Sal Anthy.. ...Miss H tthawxy WALLACE. _THE YANKEE HEIRESS._ WALLACE ? THEATER ? ANOTHER TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. Seroad Light of the aew comedy, bv K ... . G ? ?Sri h and W'etdrn TO-NIGHT will be pr?i?uted the new comedy, in three arU. ent'.Med THE MAIDEN WIFE, Or, RoMAI I Arvaa Maaauca. b; Me.?n Bake Letter, We' Mi, A. H. Dav.nport. Mn Hoey, Miaa Mary Gannon Mix s. BOtwent, Ac with Mr Bourrlca''i brilliant aStp'atlon THE INVISIBLE HUSBAND, by M.ttrt Letter, Walcot, Holland, !>*yen port, Mit? M Gannon, Mr?. Alien, Ac. BARNI M5 MUSECM ? ANOTHER DECN DAD NOVELTY.-THE ROAD OF LIFE, which will bs performed in a aurpaaeint-lv elcxai.t manner, THIS (Wedue*. Set. AvTERNOON. Itlo'i In k. at well at THIS EVENING at *!? o'clock, at as apt a?.d seasonable of Lialur a .d IttLesMLt! Wtallb and its Temptationt! Want and Itt Con aeoueocet! with a rait cf wholly unapproachable ability In ?Jcltlor to the AQUARIA mtybe seen the HAi'PV ?AMTLY, L1V16U SIRE EM, Ac Admis.iou, 25a., ChildreL under I", lJc._ WOOD'" BUILDINGS, BrtndwAj, ?f&r l'rinre at, HENRY WOOO Proprietor. OEORGE CHRISTY and ?VOOD'S MINISTRF.L8, open arider the management i f H. Wood and ?. Christy. OFFER KTHEOPIAN MINSTRELSY, a id la<t week ol their new pitwe. PETER PIPER PEPPER PODOE. Tickets 26 > etita Doort open at 6; ootnmeuoe at 7) ..Yli. k EMriRifHALL, No. f.INi Broad way. UNBOUNDED .SUCCESS. dr. KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAOES, Wi ha Deie.rlption by CHARLES OaYLER ISq , The popular Author and Draiuatitt, Illustrated by A URAND SERIES OP PAINTINGS, Portra>ing the BEAUTIES OP THE P1LAR REGIONS. Exhibited EVERY EVENING at 8 o'clock; WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOON a* 3 o'clock. Adrr.ittlou, 26 . ? r tt, Children hnif price WILL CLOSE DECEMBER f. THE EXHIBITION <>E PAINTING-; By MODERN ARTISTS OE THE FRENCH school atbb b ia now open at the OLD ART UNION ROOMS. No. 4*7 Broadway, fromSe tu to 5 p m , and in the KV?NIN9 from 1 to |tteipek. N b -The Pirturet will he i xhiblteJ I y gat llabt during the day when necessary B. FRODSHAM. See. A A4 BROADWAY (late Christy A Wood's). Hi1*.1* N AO le's AMERICAN JUVENILE COMMU Ar-'S. Thla eelebrated Troupe ol Children will apjear every even Ir.g ti. the abo>e elega'.t arid tparioui Drarnvtij Temple Tftl, combinatn u of |esJthlol talent, 28 in number, all ucdef 12 year, of ape. have been indorsee by the Press and Public throut;hou the coi ntry at unequal' 1. Fall not to at e tb. meat, at novelty of the axe. Admiaalon....Si eenta Door* op, u at 6 o'clock. QoMMefsMa a'. 7' t/eioch. TRANIiERH ghimld not fail to bbs the ?reat D?SSELDORF GALLERY of PAINTINGS?POWERS'8 ?REEK SLAVE THE ADORATION. THE FtlKIES, art aweb worth the price of admistiou Open day and tvenlag M?. Hi Broadway. THY. HORSE FAIR?SHORTLY to CLOSE.? ROSA bONHEt R'S ORh.\T PICTCItE of the nORSK ?AIR Ii dow on BaklMtloa at the Galleiie. of WILLIAMS STEVENS VAILL1 AMS A Co., No V>j liroadwty. Adml*. ?ae* tri eenta N . of (?.>?? from 8i a. ? to A4 p. m I^HE GREAT D?SSELDORF GALLERY*? Open day end eeeulna? POWKH.8'8 GREEK SLAVE, and over one hundred magulSeeOit Pain' mat No. 54B Broadway. AdxoJieton 2^ ot* POWERS" GREEK 8LAVE. MARTfUDOM 0? HUSS DIANA AND HER NYMPHS, are a few among the hundred w.mterf.l Works of Art on exhlbltlaa at u DUSe-.ldokf GALLERY?day and eveuiog -No Ml Broadway Lost anb /onub. JOST ei STOLEN.?Th* bOuwiM fWriVed J ACCEPTANCES have been LOST or STOLEN,and all persons are rsutioned aaainst nesotiatiug ot reeetvi-g the saane a* Mytneot hat been Hopped: One dieft drawn bv J bu Tucker, Philid. Iniiia cn Charles A. Heeks-her, Ple.liwi t odPoti .t iMpTUiaMMl Co.npiny, N. Y., Oat''* 8,pt 15, lb67. at foul la .Ullis' date, aud ac cepted.S2IM0 t? I?*., dated Sept 18. . I.tjll) Vi l>.> . rat.d . ept in. l.i' .0 88 IK) , ds'.d S pt )m. 3 Jci ot. J>>. dated 21. 2 rj> 50 Any pen i. finding the same will please rwiBM MatM totita ?nd-i.igi.d John ru. KER Zo fanrtetfl anb CDtt)frfl. TREES arnt PLANTS -K. M.WATSON. Old Colouy N'ilter.e? Plymouth, Mt**., . from N. w Y'-ik City ?.III eeul his Full Descriptive Prtood CATALOGUE of TREKS and TL ANTS, for Fall Planting to auv vidr*** CarvUer ? fall nackases r?W tt) N-w Vo-k a* Boston CDaiitf AQBADUATED EwoptMei Lvly. c^\bh t.? tetxh Kiei fb, Mutir OeOUl and ih~ -ii'itl b.ancl e* of F.Oic.Hio, ?;.be. ? sit.atiou a, GOVERNESS in? f it* tain'ly. No obi-cto n to ?be S Best r,-fc-reoc-m g.van. A..di.?i p. L , o. i No 188 Tilktiaa Ol ClTl^TION WANTr'D ?Bv a t>>s|??ct ibie P.-nt %J M?t?t ycoti? W? mat', a* COOK. vVASflERkad ltVONER| ?OaW?Ctiol to do Cnamb.r?o.k. c* i giire good relir.nce. Caa be eeeu for two dayt at No U'4 Char' -t it YVAN1ET ?A ailtiatiun by a highly rrtp?r;*4tWe ?f ><uat Woman as DRISSM ACER axd F*M1L>' fF VM ?TRI SS In gene el Can Cut aa l Fit Ladies' and i'u.ldren's Dreeeet end e)e?a,"ci W. u.dhr wtJUu to d.> Chaui'ietwuik t r would M at Nurae and Seainatresa Wi Im? to make herseU g-1 era ly ueefii) No olj-.-ti.n to ... t, th- ettj OmM ?eeo for two d*v* et No 1'? M' lb.'ry st ?hree d . r. ??? la*M ?t thud floor b?ck run , "r I all la th- ptkMtw st-.r-. G>.d rlty itfer.ace from bar last emp.oyer. Wagee nut to um k an f'byect at a borne WANTED?By a r<?aix?f tahl?? Wosmb, ? ?i'ut Y v tLotcri. Ike OOQE1N0 VFAJ9IN3 m4 IRONINQ of a in all piiva'e family; I. a e?od plala Ceoh aad a Sret rate rale Weak, r aad Irotver, i. a!., a pood Baker. Beel of alti r> fete ret ran he given. Can Ix- ie-ri for two days at N . 16o Sit tt . ... ? r! floor. ba< k aa] \\rANTED?By tt Widnw WoiMI who i* aSmit J' tobte** iph. use a Mtwatltv* t* SUPBtUNTENO aad MANAGE Ui* KITCHEN end COOKING Hatlivei with ?ot* wea.tht in the rity Per economy In latnag'trieot not t be wi passed by any, f.r wbi?h the can refer. Hat twj young xsotter, that <be wool! wish to take with her the on? at Ltua mmm or Caaanb. ,n aid, the eib?r aa Seamstress or Nurse , the la.ter ta* ?orked foe the lest three year, at rmbr-td-ry. a-1 ?tUaidwiah todotk*,an:e kladof wom Ad Lets, pert .aa. y t>r by xvote d inng tklt week. No 44 Writ Tenth tt , o.rnar of U atrrle) p>ac* CtrARrED?B) a jtmaa W..m?n, in bu^ arTi AMiiTSaf a ii,\"^tfc!. b2? ,h* *" ?*????!. a ait .?'.loa a CH^liBKR,fVli.."1dlc>1, Pl us SEvVING. or w? dd go ~ U.^*l,*,v.? 8' " L? ul< ' ?'- < !" * oxtforteble kou.e i. ! thau Uth wMet No oh jectiot, to ?? to. the eoutrr,. c*Ji at Ma 221 We.t K h It . tear Ptbav., for tbiee dayt. If not encageA WANTED?Aai.uation, ??> ar?pe,-ttM^ W..tna"' at COOK, has no object'on to a.sis- in Wa.hi.., mi Irooing. Can give the b. it eg Ity rcfrreoca Apsiv at Na, ing 7th a* . be-ween ]7tb and ItiJj-tti -Canly St.f*, ?.at d,, ? t, ,jb> Mltalen (ekatca. Ceo be aeon Kr twodiy* WANTED?Bf a rrtjifftable- Woman, aiitunVo-i at COOK ? .od WASHER ai d (RON? R, iiJibum .... ?el'eat BAKER and PASTRY COOK Can give th. k**4 of city ref-rence*. Mas oe objection to Brooklyu. Call at Nu. 2b A'aat SM tt, up slurs, fc st laom, No A IVA NT ED? A Situstm? b# a reepwttt.;* ynntki WY r V.'.nt Otrl to do OEN> RAL 'JOI'HK.VURltr COOK WAlH ?? IRON ae.nail ? ?eieta. f <?~l r.f. leecet (i k?i !?.t p'e<e. ft-'-" are- | *mr*. Ajp'yetNi. i ij Ai'.el- ?t ?17At\TET>?A ?it ii it ion by i r.?p.rt/iv>l?? PM >! Mtast Oti ? ' GENERAL HOUSCWORE or m CHAMBERMAID Ma WAITER: <an furni.h tferc beet of aEj W filmtet 'r""> her l??t rmpl->w?. Hit no objection ta the geaatrt. Can be i'-n for tiro dayt if notrLttgrd. at No. 21i5 9th ?t 2d floor, front room_ IVANTEI)?A ri|uRata bj a re <p< r table Prot Y? ..Ui t W. n ta to do BOtffEVfOtt for B ?rr.i I family It a ?'-od p'eir c<-.k and food waili?r aid in.ner. Can b- a**a axtl ivf fi at tag* Waal i' th at. bet ween 10th and llth an. \VANTKD?A .ttutttif ii. b] a tmpwbM* yorjrii Olri at CHAM i'ERMAl ? and WAITE i 9g te So OES ERA I, HOUSEWORK 'Tiwilnt and ob|lf?nt Hta g*.d re'i rnata, .1 tea ;cd. Call at No. M 7U. av , near itth it ,f r two dija._ WANTED?P-v ft <?irl InHy arrived, a HOME ? f for the Wit ter i ?bo ran do Homework Waihtng and I mint teetrt.of a* CMt reu? H nraai makea heraelf aw-fal; a i ail |l, eat] or I 0_iy, miiki aid chuini. Cad at N>. 21? Ea.t 2 xl .t_ FRENCH (Male) COOKtfrrfrwa h p!?ce, in a private f.mirv or at a Cfat ? Re.t?tirent MaaWaAa wage. aex -nt. d ai d < itj r-f.-r. t" -a giv o. AdJjeai J. ? T. POOK Tribune Ofn?e._ OVEhNESS ? WANTED, fin Eni/lith, E^iu enpe) GOVERNESS, able to tearb French Muelr and the Beat! brancbee. Addreaa S. DE \ EES, U'niverarty of Viri-uia, Virginia. _ I>01 LTRY MEN.?Wanted, to take rhsrf>e of an ext*T?tv?i ben and chicken eetabliebment. a MAN, with wife and other femalea in hia family. To peraoni of npirln'? a tt-"i piav* la open. Nona otheri need apply. Addrxi. with pa'lieu ara of former experience and reference!. Boa No. 2,549, GeLerai Port Office, New-York. ANTED?SIT CATIONS at m<>denU> ?m->* in the city or country at a good Cook and to Wath and Iron: at Chan,l.ertneid and Waiter at Laiittdrcii, at Nurte and Seamttreii, at TJhembermald and Seem,treu nud to do <J. neral Hoctework, b) rary competent Oirit alao, at Nurie, or to rto Light W< rk, by a tidy gii. of 15. Call atgNo. 72 6th at., |U the atore. WANTKD?A y..nn,:.MAN thoroughly Arqiwnted with the European Banking buaiaeet aud Etching**; mutt he quirk at agate* aud hare good lefereucea. Addreaa Box N" 2,5f-4, Pott Offi e_ Chancre for Sneirusa ?len. FOR SALE-A NEWSPAPER; and JOI! PRINTING OFFICE, dnint a toodftnitineia. In a fl uiriib inttown M the Weit. For particular!, addreaa M. CCETO TON, Beav. r Dam. Wit. NWSPATER f.-r SALE.?A WEEKLY PA PER, with g...d Jobblnt Offi. e, near New-York, for tale on reaaot fihle term*. A a-...d chance for aa active, practical Printer. Addri at CICERO, Tribune Office._ CAP FACTORV.?The LEASE itn.l EII -,1 TL'RES ofawe l appoi:tedSOAP FACTORY for SALE at au ai)vn7it?geouipiice. Termnaty Everithini r?ady for manufatt nli g, and potteation given lawwdla'tXj. Apply to J T JOHNSON. No 'it B-rlfrg ?iip. SEALED PROPOSALS will be recmed by the Board ef Water Coamiationert of the City of Hob k> u for furnllUnA or for furnlthlng and Nyiui about t'i iMWfeet of I EX) PIPE, ranging in rapacity from 6 te 16 Wichet in diameter. tetteJ by n preaaure of .TfO poaadt to the ?i|i..,re inch, tob? delivered in H' hoken without delay. Partie? withii e to vati-nale will raeetva all neeettaiv delallt by applying at the office of the Board No. l\l 11 nthingtou at.. rioboken All eitiniatet wi 1 he opened on SATURDAY, the Tttb tf No vemLer, ItSf, at 10 oYlock a nr. Tbc C .mmitilor.en reierre the right to i et ute any or all bide, if i oni'.ilen-d to th. ir btapBtl ao to do. Sealed prr^Kita't inrlot?d hj ajTalopea mirVe-l " pr..p," rrutt be aodnterd, P.oard of Wat? Conimittioip r?, Oflat No. Ts Wa.hlniilon at, Hobokeu. N J Oha?. CAWTOtl, Clerk. EDMUND CHARLES, Pretldent. WANTED to FXCHANGE?LAM) ir, Mori r.rf- Coaaty, Iowa, for Dry fjoadi Boota a-.d Hin.-., .? Dritt? and Mediituea. For particular! apply by lett. i or other a i..-. to l, DE LAMATER, Plymouth Efchland County, Ohio. 4a!*>H I'M If ? ?W vou to rteli vour Store, ?4P ?' f,' IUU. Hotel, Saloon, Patent Ri?ht, or want a Paltrier l:i any kind of bu.ineta c?'l on tiie lub.ciiben Loan! i-fT.ited. M'Jtcy invi tted, and no eommiwlio charted, unleei the bithlne.t ii aix-omplUhed. GEO. WHEELER A Co., No. tet Br- adwey. Office No 13 SbC f|fW| ?A MANUFACTURING WJ91 %P*}%\f'j\J? NESS lecureo by p ilent tltht.ln iu--euful operttloTJ, for ta!c, or artll exclmi?i for BPlxveti tab trad real ratatr in thitcity or BraoaUyn, Itvaalic at No. 72 Mvrt'e ?v , Bnokljn. JAME-) VOUNO. s do UUliom it mcrj) Concern. Ol ri( r. or Rrcnvm Ol Tax* k I New Court- Ho tat), I No 82 CliamtH-ri at., Rgw-Tlgg, Nov. 1, 1857 i PTOTICE is hereby giVen ihftt I per cent will be ? add.-d on the Itt day of D< < < o ber on all Tau ? rom?iulu( unpaid ; a!?o that 16 per cent will be aided on the 15th day of De einher. UweAl and bill! on City taken. Fnvelnpi rontnining money and billi But. No money reo. ived afW 2 o clock. _ WILSON SMALL Receiver. NOTICE to eniP_L_TEB8.?Ce?pi MOSES HOYT, Aunt of I'lidcrwri'-er. for N^.tau N. P., aud it. riebaity, lute been aecreiaod ?ith a raitablt VESSEL an 1 WBECKINO MaTV.RI als. in i.r.l.r to crui/c on ami ab-ut the Bahama Bank, hi ?'. reader advtoa aadaaa_ta_tete veoaeti atranit) il or in dlttre.a. Shipmatteri who may taatatre aid or ?,iin.. 1 in eata of ditaater are rrvpectfully taajawtaaa to c infer v> Itk ( >pt HOYT, ami a Bite u itl. him in mi. h meataiei u may 1 be hett for the ii.tcrc.ta of all concerned. NOTICE.?Trie tHiiiiTeifjued hereby ?ivee notice tliat h-h?.i l~ ea appoi'ted llec.-iter of the prop it* auJ effect! . f the NEW-YORK BRICK COMPANY ??! *h ? City of New-York, ay ? Hon. Jadge Peabody, one oi the JaaWoaaaf I hi aarftaaweyaaat A!l pen?tat inialited t<. toeh Cmapati/ a;e hereby nqulredtn render a:i a-cjit .f aD debt, and ..itu-oi BBoaavy i.vkiiiavtr. tbeu. t!velj to him ?? tAV>h Receitcr, and h piy the larre wi'l.iu j") day. from tbe 2?tb day of (Jet >ber, IB67 at the oflj. e <>r .aid Receiver, Noa. ISi a.,d 165 Eaat 2iJ at., Li the City oPNcw Toik. Ail per? ni holding open or ?ibiiitlng contrar'e of inch Com? pany are r, qatri d to preaent th- r*ll*t to ?aid fit oeivW, la writ h i and in detail, by laid day aad at taid placp. All p. leoui baviag in their p>.?te.t'. ii any property or effeett if talo ( . inpai y are required to deliver th? uoit to laid Re *ei\ir by tb. day and men'h aforenid. Ai d all creditor! of .aid Comp?: f ar-> rcq .'r- d to dellter thotr lll|ill<llt aniMBiatiailll urmum. t ?aid &e<eivM by the twelfth lay ol Dei i mb, r rut Dated New York, Sept. IS 18.=.7. DAVID T. MEEKER Re-iiv-r. Pttt^o?, H\t>r k Jim.Attoraeytfot Reoatvat, PENNSYLVANIA COLLECTIONS.?We are 1 it'tkiut lullec'.ioni ad all point! in Penaaylvauia of BANKABLE and MAT! KIM. PAPER, and ran remit pr< B ptlj on New Yoik for tag lame at the iowett t?te?. PiMtaoaJatBtttatloaipaid to th. anaagtaiatit ai ,laimp.^ Vie We refer to fMaaaatylal aa?i_ba_ teaerai'y. Davis 1. BIDNE1 No 3S South 3.-d it , rWhldalahlg rr%BE AMI- KHAN IN.VnTl'TE l^iniTin^ I.e.-;.,.- THE CEYSTAli PAI'ACE withSseam Powei ?uj > l.a'-;..r f,.r civil g Ma-hiio ry ..f all kiodi, are prepared t ? reretei N>? IntrtntiatM aad all aiefui ptod irtnui in the Art? W B. LEONARD A. WI 81 EEN COLLECTIONS ?Aa eipff saesd fl Laaryiral Ceatntl Near-Ycch wl.l depart on the . i!i Irat aa a Cuileetttf Toer taraafh the fraget af Ohio, limit, \\ i- . i .'t low a at d Miimeanta l'er.ou? de.iiiat bia i^rvloei in co laatagf, aptar h I or c?mproml?ing . ?im? or iadgtaatita, ?i'l ilea.e n tke iloir wiatet known a' the L.w Oih M of BEITTON i ELY. No 3* WUlltm-et, ta thit cty. w-rr. full pmth .Hai? uay he exchanged ani the be?*. <.f rafereucoa fur alaAad 'ESTERN COLLI?CTIONS -VTNCENT'J. SCOTT. BarV.r. Detroit, Ml-b., will C M.LECr :u the ?ity and tbn ntl'out tb* State and remit prompt y at i aiamt rat. i. Kefc-i. bo KTRAt HAN it SCOTT, N. Y., ED MORRl ION. N. Y. Boaib arib fiooms. fOU RTL A NDT-ST. HOTEL, \J No IP Coartlaudt a?. Board Reiured from t>2t > SI .V per dat. J. 8 STEBBINS, fVprlet r |)OARD nu\ IJ( .?MS.- A" hnndeome front ParkTr A ? eommnnica'ing a ith Inrte I., driom and two roomt for ilu tlegentlimen. at KM Et.t |?_ .-. oppmlge Academy of I>OAKDlNO?At Nog. 45 47 and 41> Etat Hroad ?ay. fur Gtutl.meu and their Witee and for Stugle i.e. i tlen.i n._y BUL'TON. 1 i('A RD WAN FED. and nii-derate-gized, well BJ?fi.inUh.dEoi Bk, bj a yotrng Gen-Irmau iua private family, Dot ah ve onh it , near Bro.aa.t Addreaa, tcrmi aad . M M fan i.y. Hog No jag Tilbure OtBaa. P? RM18HED BOOMS Is LET.?-TW trat flow ,, s"i'J,,T'|1',T rofna? 00 U" th Ti nar>T btudaomey far n... .d t.. I.t, m hoL- N,. |? \V...t . j !, ,t , . Br..aj? .v. T>9_f'K""KOOM81 vti-h or withOE, bo.trd.~at Nes BlaatBMg Tertna ateaaiata; tafniaaat rrq.ireJ. V O V R T H-S f.?ROOMS, n.atly "fur Mabed, tadtaU, fat Stogie Ooallitjaa; thehiaaa It 6r.t r'aat. i.ewl, g.,,d up. h,rio, ,? ,h. , . conv BiaaJ to cat. _id ,u*-, diuaei atl{ rtlereu. et 4 tt qua tjonott to Cct. q\> LET?The t-ati.ry STORK No | j4 Ueek A BMB-tt, hetwraa Water aad Broat-ata, n?ar Faltta Mar? ket we" ?I t.ated for art tail haMkaaai of any de?< npti, a J will be let "it tiOBi to r.iit an apetvemt Atply to _T. > AN /ANDT. go 5 Utievraity.pla.-e. goners anb Xanne CDanttd. VIr A NT ED to 15UY-A "?>od FARM of from 5<> Y V to ;i I acr,?. itrui -^Ke-.-i ..r a ith b>il a iratil m jrttaia, within two houri of New Yo k by railroad or iteimhurt Ad dn it or ipp y to R SALTONSTALL, No 3g Well at BRUSHES, of ferry deacription, at the Brnak Fa<t,.iv, N< . 379 prarlat, Franklin ?q? arm All articee -???at Uie .......... |.r. .. paiat ?r?. ??? ?,-.-,, ji q tHty ttaalasttj oo hatil JO-N A UGPPEU ?old ?ei>or Reit ??tau for fjdif. FARM f'T BALI?CjSjiainiog 110 r.cres of BB> c. I ' it Ii M --t ia Won't bot Itsfolf til I ' i '?*? w..t ktu k of Ct.. (? Lehe. 7 ml e fi im Uba ?. N I Tie '? ???? ? i < ( tbe fsVn. la particle, j keeltby and et? rJ^ ? i- v fa mim par eeChig or fishfag. It La* a arge Peach asd Appi* Or i-Lerd c.f early e:.d ler. vs.i.ties an ) a? ?Bali la -iL- - fr iR all i, fatatJ l-aiirg ke L ?I stst. of <. Itiv.ti. c wrh s < ,m'> ttbl? PaiaaBcaaa poertotolaai II ro ms ??> d Teuan* II use, a .d i ? BffWM ft' AMMlaft It baa?4too?e>r.fa8tl ; lgtln|l ? g-tt W?t?r in ???<j field Por fm?ter put .Nr? Inq-uro af J HENRY . tayata?at( ,.? .-.d U'ta er F^OR HA I.K?A BOUSE, MStfaUlaiaf II r<H.!lH, tritt 1 t' I *ce, ,,f land and ?pring of pur? e ft wtt?? pleasantly tittta'ed, ?t ba?e 1 f O-er.g? Mi ? sta.1.. ?e'thio 'ae hxir .ftlo 1 ty. Ar.p\ 1 L S. HASKF.LL. Ii llf'lirit,4 Kegle B et, N. .1.' _ FOK .?ALL <.r TO LF.T?An tSf?? fir*t-cl??i fouratirv HOUSE in )Uo-?t. brown steine f-nnt; bullt and finished tnrouromin the rnoet superior ttj>. with every improvement Will he toid on ree?on?bie terra?, of will mIm at a eery modere?? rent to a rood tenant Apply at S* 38 E ttt S4*-*t or to WYLLYS LYMAN Ra tj L befty-tt_ CiLT RID ?f VO?B DEPRECIATED HANK I STOCK ?TLe llutlisti wil aril a aaattVwttble tnr-? tt' ir frtn.e Hou.e. with Extension Roovnt two at l'i high, cor 'aji kef Bath Ott Range kr . together with two full LOTS of OROUND, fur fe8,4*M, aad wtTJ r-> ive ia payment th?r~.f BANK SIOCK at PAR The Oard-n it uendt ,n.e',y laid it with Shribbe-y. Pruit Tre?t Grape Viaet If. The pr.perly It lotted in PrtLkl'r. near Put a..., e*>ut n mutet? ride from ti e Kulton Ferry. TM? it t bargain, and it e p. tin t 5 safe Investment Any amount Lb* our-naa-r may aVtue can rrma l < r. ?:or!i>g? Apply to j L SM'TH. Courier Office No. IS Spruce at. tecocd do jr. Jnatrmtioit ALONZO FLACK. A. M., Principal of ITT7D SON RIVER INSTITL'TE. at CLAVERACK. N. T., (Pupilt received November 9) fleet Board and Tuition fx fr ' ir a year. _ ACIRCULAR of tie HOME SCHOOL. New Haren. Conn, can be btd .'Mr BAD ORR N> M Broad way; or of the Principal, the R. r A G. SHEARS, A. M. AMERICAN SCHOOL INSTITUTE, No. Broadway?A practl-al Agercy tot tupp.yio? Scioolt and Farni in ?i'h competent Tevbert, Tear her 1 with ti' .a: and Pareete with School Cir clan Particular attenti >n paid to ordert per mail. Wanted, 2 Ladies to teao'i Mutes Englith, one party to go South._SMITH A. BJVD. FORT PLAIN SEMINARY.-Winter 1.nil. It weekt opein Noe. 17. Bill, + ?? 75. Addrest for oimilara, Ree. J. E LATIMER A M.. Kurt Plain, N Y._ R E N C II DAY - SCHO 0~L PGR YOUNG LADIES Uo. lASSd ar. Madame PABREGOL will ope,, or: MONDAY. Nneemb?T 2. a DAY-SCHOOL for YOL'NG LADIES Pup Is '.irnitatd to 10. EO C. ANTIION? CLASSICAL FRENCH and ENOL'SH SCHOOL. No 872 Broadway, corner af 18th tt, 'eopect Sep'. 7. Sir A-s ?ta ? T -. . ? ?? and a V . her of (ijmntttirs. I.eaeont a* far at pottiMe taught to Bt)8naL There it a Primary Department Sat Bojt of from 6 to 8 yeart. Clreiilan may Ik- had at the St booi No. 1.t8 3d at., and at Randolph'! Bookstore, No. 683 Broadway. EO. S. PARKER and JOHN Mt'MULLEV CLASSICAL FRENCH, ENGLISH and PRIMARY SCHOOL, No. 923 Broadway, entranoe la The new term betici Septeml>er 7. fnipili are prepared fir college of the ? iv , - r. Thoee between the afet of ? 1 and ton are ander the rare of a female Wher The fjymt.aei.jin is >peu to ?II deptrtcienta t - 1 may be obtain'-d at the scbooi roomt and at the bookatoret of E. Loekwood A Son, f Cr *er. and C. S. PranclA f ALBINU8 CONS T?ELOCUTION ?? e ACADEMY ?STL'YVES ANT INSTITL'TE No. 8?J V.l. a.lwtj ? ELOCUTION taogfct iu 1 gtM ion with t systeo. rl VOCAL oVMNAaTICs ai 4 gaaetad PHYSICAL TRAIN? INo, lor tie' der? l.pmeit ani cultivation of toe Voioe. OUNT WASHINGTON COLLEOIATE HIGH SCHOOL, on Wathlngton tquare. No 218 eth tt, er.rner of Macdougal tt (CLARKE and FANNING. Prtnei< palsl, opened ill Fifteenth Aca lemic Yeaw on the Mfek of Sep? tember. Puplit of all ages, to the Lumber of 2)0, are reoeiyed in atM fnriior Middle anu S-oi rg Departments, and thoroughly ktatntereel for txtaa. ...<w fjolje^e by twelve ajoouplisaed an 1 eaperier.oee Profetturt and 'iVaotie,.. ?.. aatiavStodto viiit this inttitution, where Intetviowt with the r:::.. .K. otrtaloguet of ternit, Ac, may lie obtained. A few jam <t 'its preeent pttront are referred to: The Hey. Gr.o Potts. D. D.. The Hon. Wm. P. HavKMiYita, The Hon IlLtiT E. DaviKf, Idr Lorn E. 11 mi .... . Mr. F. L. Tai.coTT, Mr. Ta> uwcll KkTcHtM, and one bundr<d other profeaaioual gentlemen tad merchants, whoee nanict will b< found il the catalogue. MYSTIC HALL SEMINARY for f?UNG I LADIES -In addition Calltthenict Dtuciug, Il-.raebvk Ridii is A Catalogue may be had o( tu? l'riiaipai. B \, But? ton, Matt. R. RINGHAM * SCHOOL i* in geaj.i<.o fnnn Sept 1 to July 1. The number will be, at heretofoie, strictly limited to tticnty young men with provision for t few smeller Boyt P,:pll? are regular:) fitted fir Harvard aud Yale CoSege. and entrauee warranted, a* well at prepared fir h.lei? nest. French and German are taunht by native Instructors. Mr. B i? det-Mi ii ,?' that tue Schoo! shall V, In all retp-ctt, the very best of iu kind in the city. Bible House, Astot pltce, iifu Classical Gjmuaaiiim. POSTPONEMENT.?SCIENTIFIC auJ MI1.I 1 TAllY INSTITUTE. Perth Amt-.y. N J ?The Rev. B. Schein k, A. M.. Principal. Winter Term 1 tattJtOBOOt Mol day. Nov. IC. Kor cUculart address Principal, 838 Broadway ARRYTOWN INSTITUTE. --CirctlUrs, with tern.1, references. Ac , < au be obtained at K. Goid enongh's Bo> k.tor. , No Ut Nassau at., up ttairs, Now-York er by addressing A NEWMAN. A M . Principal \\T ANT ED?Two fm *!?? MUS IC TEACHERS. T * |(.,k1 \ oi alitts aid Piauitts, tl oroughly edncatod, retio-i ( br'.titn iadii s. and inernl.i re of an Evafgalicai f hurrli. 111. to . ne < t tt,.-first Ferxaie lostitutioas iu Ohir. App'y ?' to a. 8 BARNES, ? .u , Na 31 Johai it, N.m York. ?C ?BOOKKEl?PIN?'fi.r BlIBIS E8S MEN *?e at t CLE8KS ?Bl parti. ar resjOtwl Mr l)l)I. AR. No 888 K:,,a Kiav. has decided to form CLASSES I'M the hard times at gt.S lot a Doub.e Entry C< urse Gentle neu joinlr g thit class will be prscticaJy qualified fir heal or assistant Bookkeepers by January 1. Darning 2Uabcmii.0. ADODWORTII" DANCING ACADEMIES, a No 806 BROADWAY. NEW-YORK. No. 137 MONTAGUE PLACE. BROOKLYN. Cits', s BOW open for the r?-i:eptiou of pupilt Weekly A.aembllea for I.tiles and Oent.e-r.eri M b .ei ?ee^ri Ushnieuts. fir practice in tue Lanier UiadrtUe, Gerrnajj Cotil? lon arid ai' otbat dance* P..r Clrrulart of te-:ut, Ao., apply at eJtair of th ? Acaderniee FE I .'iFRds DANCING ACADLMIES? No (SWaal Ulh st. New-York, No 122 Clint.m at , B-mklyt.. noa- op. ii f ? n ep'iou of p ipils Cir.'uUr. a' Um Artl-ni-i $iano-foxtti anb iUnei;. APRIZE MELODEON, HAUMONICM, or REEDOROAN ?itn o,... two, three ai? araighl el . for ?>>i (? W. ?>6", S75, R|?8, ilio. g.200, *,j?.iur RAM, AmoT Uvli . r 11iL j, coutttxtls f i sale by _S. T GORDON, No 237 Broadway. AGREAT BARGAIN far c ash ?A f^T} I*: ? <ut . f rnr BtJ htvr a magnificen: Ri tew.iod 7 oettv'e PIANO FORTE, csrved eise, itla'.d with petvLOttTrtiakai Original coat $1 o Wi'l sei the Piano, i gethe: wita Piauo St til aid #20 worth <t Mu?i- fog 0 til Ct;: be see- f Na 1 ri 1st ?v . lattrti' ath and ltth-stt. CHICKERING A B?Ntf PIANO-FORTES, Including the varioLt ttvl-s maaufaotured bv this I ?? ?nis? te d rttablithmeut Al.oalarg- vt'ietyofse-ord Sai.d FIAN08 for tale a*, vi ry red' c-i price, a: No. i>4 Br >adway H. WARREN. G RE AT IMPROVEMENTS in PIANO? FORTES -Mcrt LIGHTR NEWTON A BRAD BI RVS. No 4.1 BrH.meat., respectfully unite attention to tbrlr PIANO-FORTES UlUajlM let] with tie pai nt AR H Rl .^T PLANK, whlra It undoubtedly the mj?t iib*taii!*a. lor pioveui. nt ever introduced Into thit p.pular lnetruo^nt GOLD MEDAL PIANOS.-STELNWAY tt SONS, N?-a 82 and 84 Walker at., aaar Broadway New. Tork, nia^ulacturer* of Grand and Square PIANOS witi Patent R.-petiUoa Actioa have take- the First Premium over ta.>?? of the beet mskertof Bi^tm New-York, Phiiede'.pala acl Baltt a?-r>- Am ni the Judge* were OCiTTSCHALK MASON AND WOLLENHAUPT Warranted tally for three yeart Pricet moderate. HAINES BROS.' CELEBRATED PIANOS, new aidaecond LET or let SALEoa IN IT ALL MENT8. tt their Manufactory, No*. JJO. UaaJ til .1 a. eoraer if 2 tt .t . N.w York, by_j si PELTON. ' MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS at COST PRICES. ?Piano-Fortet. Melodeona, Guitar*. Plate*. Viillcs, Ac rotdeoni Klutiao*. Baojot. Taxboiaet. Dram PiVs, Flage-v lett Clarionet*. Violin and Ouitai Strings. Mutte Pape? and every kind of Mnsical Laetmmrat and M.?t ?. il- ? ^ : . ? ill tie sold at ooet pnee M caah. Thit It Ika largeet and beat ati..r?ed ttock eyer offerel In tb* e^iuilrv. totb< ably ... ptrrcbaor' good* of all kinds 8.... uf al. '.he New York State Banks takes In aaym?nt WM HALL IRON B5a ?3* Brieelwiy, N-w Y)rk, (OBsptjttat ta* Park). P. S ? Peraorj* orde-'af tVun the oo'jtry will be at UV,rally aad faithf. ily servei a* if p.??.at_ RTVEN. BACON & Co. (?\ic?m$on to lUtx* A Raveni, PIANO-FORTE MANUPACT REES - Wtrer xtm, No. ISi Orind-*t, near I. *:?? where afu! aenrtment of INSTRUMENTS may be forial g| aar own manafa. ture, warranted in every r-saaart. 'bis It the largeet and beat ati.irted ttock ever offerel la tha wtrv. Our entire wholeeeJe department it ale* to rows op-n lie retail trad* at coat price*. Thar* never we*, and pr ?b y will not be again ft.r many yean ei.cbaaopprtuiii.ytc AtiscfliaTifons. S7UDLLY- EXPRESS ciBi ia anj pixt ,,f New Y. rk or Br< oklyt f r BA0GA0E for the New Htv-n ? tit Office* O d P-pot Canal tt . Tth st tnd 4:i*. , ? No I Sendt st., Bru' k.yn. N B For tale, a large UM tt uew and see. ud bend IXPREIS W AGON?. _Pointe, ?.om. &t. J t K O 8 F. K E OILS. No. r.o BFAvr b sr. t inanral. STATEMENT op THE AT FAIR or SSI MVT'JLL Llfl IN8I RANCE COMPANY of NE *'-YORK Mi Trt tartans umi 3.?t ncToir* ISSt. RECEIPT* DURING TBl QUARTER. Premium*.ST!rT.5?sS >5 ?? ?- i :? ? at.. i.*t2 Sft-S^'i' DISBURSEMENTS. Paid ctdoi* kf 9mtk u d titUi.ooi u Mm?.. ?Je,'.*? !T Pail 6jrr?i. i?r?l P->.'<? -? Ml tdli tint hi taste. II ??) " Paid for Atinuitie*. tfitM 37 Pi 1 ' r CommUtjt>t?s.. Ii.*"! Pa ii rltiet ?dr?r?nir|. Fichaif. P >'u: Lew F1 r <-? M ' t I'ran.iam n, Rent Sa'.ar a Pa ?L Station-ry. A'. V 4? H- 10,11t 1 aj.^.?.T H A I i In M AtteU. aa per last Rep ^rt. A r. 31. ?wt..?4.1*1.9? ?2 T>u. Ajmij.?Alo,.?o7 0? ASSET!. Ciabon la- 1 inj in bank. ? ?;>'. ?4 Bond, and Mortaag-t. 4.151.99-1 2* Deposit f' rTaxet and Fir- It.rjrar.eo 4 *< !5 Amount d ir from Ag-ntt. 19,521 0?- |,20fi,??T 1? The Berate amount !a tlflasftB of premium* du* and not re eeived. interest accrued, but not ?M and amoant of J?rVrr? I premium are aunt: Folieiee U*ueJ during the quarter. Sal Policies in fur* lit November, IBfl.10,472 I have eiamiaed the above repot t, and believ* it to be tone-t. 8HKPPARD H0MAN3, Actuary, BOARD op TRUSTEES. PRIDERICK S. WINSTON, JOUN WADSWORTH, MILLARD FILLMORK, WM J. Bl'NKER, DAVID HOADLEY, 8AML'EL M. CORNELL, WILLIAM V BRADY, SAMUEL e SPROULL3, HENRY A SMYTHE, JOHN M. STUART, rob T H M'CURDY, HAMLIN BLAKE, JOHN V. I PRLYN, ALFRED EDWARDS, WILLIAM BETTS. LUCIUS ROBINSON, ISAAC OREEN PEARSON, SAMUEL D. BABCOCK WILLIAM MOORE. OEO. S. COE, JOHN h SWIFT CHARLES J. SfEOMAN, W E dodoe, CEPHAS H. NORTJN, RICHARD PATRICK, WM K STRONO, JOSEPH BLUNT, EZRA WHEELER * NATHAN EL HAYDFN, WILLIAM H. POPHAM. JONATHAN MILLER I.YCUROUS ED3ERTON, ABRAHAM BINN1NOKR, W. SMITH BROW", JOHN P YELkFRTON. OEOROE R CLARK FREDERICK 8. WINSTON, Preiilent, ItAAC Arbatt. Seertisry, SiirrtBD HoMAJH, Actuary. M:*Tta? Po.r M. D . M-dna. Exarnln-r - m: s Dbai-xi, Auctionee*. BY .SIMEON DRAPER, Otfi.-e No. 46 Pine-st., ? of William?Auction Sa>* at the Merchant*' Ex change TUESDAYS acd FRIDAYS : alao, Spatial Salei on any other day? when required. Stin k* and Souda bought}aad sold at Private Sale 1 ? a at the Board of Broken TO STtU Soltti .? qu U'.i'.n an i fa i'itate tho?e who desire to make hose fide aale*. Mr. Draper trill be. pr< lent at the Mer? chants' Eicliar sc at 12) o'clock p. ra each day. and rstHve f ir 1 aale at pol III anei- n * a-u C-rMie.tea of Ba?ckl Bonds, i.e. as thai, there be pre tented for that purpose, in addition to hit regularly ad> erti<ed list. bPECIAL SALE THIS DAT, at 1!- oV - k at tha M r chants' F.a> hange. For partvular* tec Catalogue. An?:*? H Mll ill. An. 'loj, .er. ?Olfioi No. 5 Wall at. SPECIAL sale of RAILROAD BONDS on THURSDAY, Nov. 1:>, I8..7, at 12> o'clock, at tb- Mer abaflttf Exi bar*. . ? 141,'oo M* tug in S u'len aid Northern Indian R ?.'r ii C. n.psr v 7 per cent Bonds pa\abl. if .v interest piyabl^ M iy ? ? ? N. veil bet (hypothecated/ ?1 fCu etch. $14! I" iJi'.r'.h. m ... . .,,.t Toledo Re'lrotd Citnnant 1st M. Cihh 7 p-r cent Bocdt. piyaSle in isTo, lniereat parab.e IVliruaty and Ausutt A I.OPO eacO (hyp.tbee tted I fjn HtO Miciiitn S .u'bem aid North, rn Irdiana RtTrosd C mpeny 8 per cert Bondt. ptyahle I?67, as total by tpecltl tiikirg fuud, at the rateif AI.'.OOu per m inth, . July I. iBA9: intertit payable January and July, RtvM?each (atpr-the at.-di. is'.e c; 3to< k? and Bondt every Wedne.dty and Sat ardey. 1 Special sal et on all other dayi. DRIAN IL MULLER tsill h<>M hi- rci-iltr Auction Sale of Stockt and Bondt THIS day at 12\ > '. 1 ck, at the Merchants' Ex. b*n*e, ? hi-n Corn Exchtnse, Mercantile Mutual and ether Insurance St ickt trill be itTe-.-d. togg the,- with St. riiiigtou Railroad S'.o- ks, and a variety of R til road Bi nd* and Noti-t. (2 293) OrricE or th* Metropolitan Ftm Iviumvcr. Co.,) N. v. ??, 18.57. ( DIVIDEND.?Notice is hereby irivon, thtt the Direitort of thtt C.-mpany have thi? day decUred a 81 MI-ANNUAL DIVIDEND of FIVE PER CENT the Capital btoek there, f, ptyahle on and after the 2'>th day of Nov. mi er intent uctil wtlcb ds\ the Transfer B .iki are clj?-d._E A STANSUL RY. Se. r-tary. Paciric Mut. iTCSMSItP Co , N?.*-Yosk, Nov 6 1857. I^HE DIRECTORS hnve this <Juy declared 8 DIVIDEND <f TEN PER CENT out of the profita, pay. ej.e tJ, the Stockboldert e.n and after the 1 Ith Inst The Tianefer Book will be rl->sed uutil the I2:ii inst By Tder,_FREDERIC HOFFMAN, Sec'y. Omer, or the Ci imin and Tolf.oo ) , CoMPAjrr, Nov 4, 1857. { rpiIE MAI FRED ('< >I.'PONS of tbe H nnis of the J TOLEDO, NOR ? ALK snd CLEVELAND RAILROAD ' Ott PANT, JUNCTION R aIL K )Al) COMPANY and the CLEVELAND er d TOLEDO RAILROAD COMPANY wll! he paid at the BANK . f NORTH AMF.RICA. ?i Y . until far ther noAtc*) is given. Tte suite -f offices No. 18 William at are for teat Iiuuirti of C. JENKINS, at the ot?>e _J B WaRINO. Pretident. Oil ier CLIVKLSB0, FaiBl.sViLl.S IaVo A>HTabii.a Rail I scan compamt, Cl 1 i r.i. ?so, O. t 15.1.7. 1 NOTICE is heroby triven that h meeting of the stfM kin Men of this C uipany hat been Itslksl hf the Din Ctors to b- held at the OSice of lbs CompaTy in Clevelan.i, Ohio WEDNESDAY. November 25 1857. atj o'clock p, toaotlvotiseaa INCREASE of tLe CAPI TAL srocK. under to- pii.visloLt of act ( f|th- Oenerai sVaseinbly ot Uul >, paasei April 15, 1887. B] order of the Board. OEO B ELY, Secretary 0? r ,cr. oi ril MlTBoroLlTAM Fiai huvaaTCS Cts.? I Novrmbe-r 18, 1857 ( T the Anniial Eiertior of thin Couipiuy, held on the Cd day of November instant, the fol.owing p-r? .ns. ?. ,a^ ? I .-expired . n that day Were elected Dire., ton if This Coa part for f.' .r yi ars i-l* lieg: JAMES L'iRiMERORAHAM, HENRY V BUTLER. MOSES TAYLOR EDWD W HI TKIiOUSE, BOWEBR MclLVAJNE, WARREN DELANO ir AlI at a s-jb? ? '. saeatiaf of ttM B. trd. JAMES LORI Mi'R ORAilAM ?si tssan isly ree'actetl Prt^dtttt E A STANSB?RT, S-cretary. Basa, or < oMMraci IS HsW-YOatK. Oct. 2? HA'. THIS liirtitntion, in piirsuaui'o of the resolutions of its B.*r<f alreadl pel. .hed. will continue to receive Ooid ntt Siiser Cote and Balii p on lap s.t fjota All Itt leal en at d c?tre<p< udentt, and place the tan.? to their credit r-sp.-t ive.y in 8pr< ie acc< unt, bl i will rep.iy the amouLt ot, deiuaad ": Spstls to su. h datpoattors on Lb. L Checkt drawn piytble in A. :t. And dtri: g IsM ? ipensi ir of Spot la Pnymeuts by th ? Bat.ks 'a the City . f New-Y .ik nil I.rther n this Bmk wi.l r. n ive in paj ii ent jl l.-ant snd di? ntt! paper, aud on de poaN the ?<??<?? ai d Certi6ed Cueckt of other Br.aki intiel -'vdii a- tdf . atti at as current f .' ls a id will ps? Caaecks of dej>-?itr r* on Cunent Acct u-t la tech cu reucy . nfy P i -n Hi partris d p .sitlr? piper f S ? I I will bt I...., I toocc.r in thlt arrangem-nt, ualeet immedia'e and written DOtttM to 'he contrary Ive glvtn t. 'b't Bt .k. JOHN A. STEVENS, Freti^nt. Hrsav P V*a Ctthlrr. vkw-vork CENTRAL RAILROAD.?The x* Ar.tuai El'Ctic: cf Direct-n is held at Albany on TUES? DAY, the Wh of De.'en.Sei LeiL At an iuf. rniai eonferet.. e of several ttockholiert largely ll atsttst it was concluded to re, .oju.en ) tbe aalt af a Sea k kt deis' meetiLg. t. be held at the City Hail Albany, 0- aa? - . r 9 at in a m urgl_g all to attend who .-an pisslbly do so. A ao, to thoee wi, ctnnot ettend, to give their proxies to relia? ble partiei. who are not < mori or director! in the Company Ni adverse action toward those gruLjeiLen is -ontemplate.!; b it tbe Importacce of attention of Stock* ilders to their pr..p Bltp, at Seatt once a year, will not hu tbete tunet be q ictttoaed by sny i ne._ Omci or the Srsicvat, BivcHaMT. v A N Y R. R Co.. / Sita in Nv* 16 W. ) THE ANNUAL MEETING of the stock? holders of tut COMPANY wtC le- h.-li at th* ()*-- of the Company in theili'yof Syracuse on '.he FIRST WEDNES? DAY ithe 2d daylof December next, for tbe election of THIR TEEN DIREKTORS blI THREE INSPECTJRa OP F LECf ION. Tbe Poll will open at 11 Cel. ok a ra. an ion ul .? cpen until 1 o'clock p- m By order of the B >*rd of Di H ,.. _CLINTON F PAlUe PaSK DtrABTMIkT. ALSIVT, ve. - ,- ISM. bCOTICE is hereby gircra, purauaiit to the statote [l ia svioh a- ? made and provided, that all the CIRCULAT aNO ROTES ieeu-d to th* LOCKPORT BANK AND TRUST COMPANY (a banking attociation, Lockportl, mutt be prav aealted tt the OsV.e ot th- S-ipcruitec lent of the Banking Use sasTUnect at" the Bute of New Tagt f. r payment, wttaia two Crs from tabs dfle hereof, or the fan it d'-pueited for th* rt> iption of teat oareailaiAng notet iteaed to Lb* *atd bank wM be given p aS8UwW2y M SCHQQNMAKER 8af>eric>adena. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, N>. .96 Warren tt . one d-.or fr .m Orcenwicb tt. Iatereet at the rate of SIX (< PER CENT oc sum* bom * I to 4)500. Opes daily from K' a m to 2 p m. and on MONDAY, THURS? DAY and s AI LSD AY tr-jn. I tola m. V. L BriTos, Ser'y W. W. CONCKLIN, Pr-tldent. R" E MTT r?N CEE to EHOLAID, ITIMLAXD, SCOTLAND BLd WALES Wt lASUI SIGHT BILLS OB THt ITfTON BANK OP LONDON HATIONAL BANK OP SCOTLAND BELPaVST BANKING COMPANY. Ireland, Ia i in.t from A : upward, at 4)5 per i. Addrett TAYLOK BROTHERS, BANKERS. _Nc. 76 WALL ST NEW YORK. PasMraa Bask. ii? ??>???> I BaiDtstuBT, Conn . Nov 12. IS57 | F^BOM aoJ An'EB tbii dtte (until further notie* I th* a. tes of the FARMERS' BANK. Bridgeport. Conn. W . be r deem ai bj L 8. LAWRENCE A Co . No 184 Nat mm at New Ycik. at Ma per rent disrount. we having disocn kssMSeaJ to r-devm at the st8.ik Bank. Boston S. TOMLINSON, Pre*ld>*>t A th? Ba?a. Bcidiepjrt, Cooa, A A LBERT H. MCOLAY ?.?ho..I*?}" [}[ .!.?,.tJj| ? rl .ku'tbe V-,Im:...'K.? bea?a . .-I',4 F.*m' p~<-"'?'' --"* _ ? -I ? . ? ? th--; ? N l?W Tbl'M'U N ? f. .?er- .er ???'." * Kol ?,.? M INDA. M I'M -4?A1 . " Nj? ? ,-,t?ct<??t >:?<-.. aid Betidebou*Btaadto I at i rl?***** anletMe Br^k'-i' Betdon til BtlltHg laSj ?I* *? iJ'Brreie deprive-on true' aud divdendi ****** A lir? varutr cf a .ai erd Lotnl* c.?.t?-i If "o t'l"""'' ALBERT H NICOtaT, ? l?T)_8'p- k A" tioneer end Hir.k. r. Sc ? * "ft B.sTDir?aTMlBT ALiINT N?v II 'Wl 1TBE W006TEB SHERMAN3 BANK | \\ .tier Mrw?l I ?hi. i?fj Hed intbli (Sr. a notice ..f th- ap potutticiit ol the BANK Of NEW YORK. In the City ?>. New Tori. M agent f t the redemption ?I ?U circulating n '? toe.tb. r wrb a reverttioo of th? appointment of tb? Me-t'o^ pollttn Bank ?? *?rb agent, agreeable ft* the not eutit.ed 'Ad ft to to erd tl? e?veral Arte relating to Irieorpir.t-d Rat ka Banking Aaeoriatirm* and Individual Beakere," pateed Apu It, 1RA1. JAMES M COOK Superinteodeut. C'atx'l I IUill -HOBOKEN CITTY-WATER tnf )\ ft\ n tl r, 1,0 VN ? .o-caiedptop-..?:<tri,l,w-r''c-lead bt tbt B< aid of Wit? CommiHitwri f the City of Hobokeu rfj bbMI SATt BDAY, theilh day of November. 1?57 at 1? r/eleek a m . at ?hew taaVat. No Tl W.tunrtta at. lo .\il Cltv .f H' b k-n. for loa whole at any part of the Water L -a:: ol" aaid eitv. Ittoed purtuent to aa act of tea Lf?i?:at' re . t' tb? Stl f of New Jeraey. eutitled aa act to en tp,,rre 1 m Water O itmitelouen of the C<ty of Hobokeo t-> roi trad lot and in'rodnee water into laid city, and to provide <orthepevaaHM thereof; approved Mtrrh SO, 1a57 All pm r? .a i ? aal ?Ute the tin e th? tame the-1 be taken for (not to be Eta than tea nrr more ttan twenty year*), fa tercet not to ex? ceed lever, per cctt p-r ein'?m and to be payable on the lit dtvf o! January and Jule in each year. .... , the acrr will be Utued la ???? aharet. and all the real eetat* ar> rltattett in 'he aaid city ate made liable fot the prlamaal and ua'?--?t rf the tan e Pr. r> in aealedetre'ope marked. "p-ope^eji^r loeri. to he eddreoe.l. Board of Water Coaimiiatoneea, Offl. e Mo. 73 \%a?hirt*' n ?t_. Hchokta N J __ _ tHi?. CtiaToa Clerk. EUMl'ND CHARLES. Preetd?i:t. Ht*t\ B HriTv jr . An. tloneer?By HttTt h M.)*-. AUCTION NOTICE?On TUESDAY au 1 WMDNZ4DAY Nee. It and V> and Oa BBIDAY tad BATtTRDAT. Na? S7 tad 21. At the tpru loua prrmifct No Sf* Broadway. Directly oppoaite Thompa )n'i Balaam. MAMMOTH AITTIOS SALE of JOHN N. OESIV? ec'ire ?t.? k f e.-.i:.t :..*?! t EC BS. ROBES Ac Valued at oral BIB*,!** y. iin. HERTS J. MOSS have received iuitn -tion to cloie out at auction itabi-ee. the entire la'ta and matoln. eTit it h k of vade up Kurt, which will b? removed f?w convenience of ia> tr m n> rin'i Bt.iv. ai d alto from hii lower tfre The i, e a ill c.mprm Iii? eiiMre aeaortment. all mift up etpr-eely f r i -tt r'an city trade, and under bit own tup-nuted ien. ??? An . I t th> aiK :'tiM?r.? ?i'l le f .nod tome real Sahlet of very greet value; all M ? lahaa, Royal Ermiue and every other tnde.f Parra tea a a an it" at to mention; ateo a large etock of Bleitb-Lap tnl Catrtege Robet, MnfPien. fcc . A4 Tbe ?i tire it.^-k ?i!l be irranged, and the p.emiaee thrown epen t^ the public lor Intpeetlon on MONDAY. Nov 13, at 9 r/cioek when Detcrlptive Cataloguet will be reaiy Th?iale ? ill ccBJDience at precla?lv It "'< ock each day, and buyeri are reitue-ted to W punctual a? the itock being to vary large, reo den It receiaan to eonimeuc? eailr. We guarante? that every ; i:tively told te the hlgheit billet will out any reacrve._ B^ Hi ri> i, Wn" - Hi\av B Hann jr . Auctioneer. ASSIGNEES' BALE?<>u FAIDAV, Nor. 20, lafl MtMr/gtstaV at the Saleinximi N >. M Piuc tt . of READY MADE CLOTHLNO, c aaagitaag over eiu/Ou worth of eeee?-n?b.e Sack Bleab, Dteee. Buiiueta. Ratlau and Over? t'oata of rvery arajalWl 'eaeripttaai alao Caitlmere D e.ku tod Betdaet Paxtalooci; WH Hatli Velvet ?': -h, Thuh and Pthtl Veeta; a b'fe total I'ie, r-Oooda and Trviiimut?. Ereimil inj Ert'.ith t < ' e.-ci, Doetkiut PeVrnhant. Pil t 11 tl? \ . ?'.:: ??. I.i't'egt THoinitnga Berget, Atp?*a* BMiaata, ac To be peren ut.uiii i'M lor eaih by Bfliagof AMl/MOti, Ctt^lnguci retdy tally '"n the morning of ta'e. M B Bin r.a, Auetloneer. AUCTION SALE ..f SPLENDID HOUSE? HOLD KI RN ITC RE, Ac?On WEDNESDAY Nov. It, at 1? J .????i.'ck. ?t So. M 1.1 IIB it Bat. aaMat tf Par or and Bed r. ? ? Betnttata, in latin, brocatelle, and m.~|iiet; Pier and Mantel Mtrrora, CbandelUia, Carpeti Oil C'n tht Beddiug. Kit. hen t. c.i s I i. ; a to. ,.na toeewoinl Piano. De?, riptive rataloguea c n BSOrnhlgof Sale By A M Meawm, Auctioneer. BY BANCS, I.KOTTIEB & Co.-Trade-SalB Rrxin.i. Sr. IS Park row V\ EDNEBDAY AND THURSDAY RVENINOi Nov. 18 and 19, at ? o'clock. VERY VALUABLE LIBRARY-Cmprltlng an extensive c iVctiou ot Engluh and American li.oki. moatly In tine cm d.tii.n, embia. ing rr ^'oy of the boil library edltiout of choice ?tandard worki in Hiitory, Biography, \ . yagei, au 1 Traveli, Poetry the Drama Artt and S. tta/eta. B. lloe LeAtraa. Theology lad jflaniUaaanat IilttTariira. including a variety of Mtfa-B] Illeitrated worka in hue binJIugt; alw< (ncludliig uiauy rare a-id faJaAwa bvoki in for' Igu laaguagea, Ac, he. Catafiguea aru bow raaiy. _ _ tVr5ti l)tt i ' Liv.niLtv, Au-tlmeeri, WOULD rail tbe attention of Furniture) Imy-f?? to the large and ui reaerved aale of ? |. gant HO'JSEHOLO EI RNITL'RE tobe made by tiem THIS DAY (WVduee day)at the leaidence No 15.'Weit 2lit it. bet weeu 7th and tthavi. The entire Pa'lair. Chamber, Dlr.iug Room a:. Li Lrary Fuillttura tt of tin < hoi. .'it deaciiptiou, having at! b.-en uitde to order Alioareat rattety ofheaattfal Paintiugt Statua ey Chlneae \'aa?a. ele^aut roaewuod Parlor Su'tei loh carved rtaitwoad r . K . ; Ma'.toland Pier Mirrori, and r mpritiDg over tMt W 0 worth of everything t^ be fjut.d in a t-th:. natie and c> atl) fuiuithed hou?? t>a t will coi.imem ?? at lt^ preclaely. Catalog. ? ? at liouae Eor particular* aeo Auc Uou coluixm of Herald and Evnulug Poit. ?\ac\)\ttexTit &t 1ERICSSON 8 CALORIC ENGINE.-T> Bab J Kriber, ater.t for the patentee, hai the ? ati'faction of in? forming the pubic tl-at t'li renmrkable M0T1\E EKOINI EEQI'IEINO NO water, absolutely EKES pro vi DANOEBOP EXI'LOhlON, EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL IN FUEL, and requiring no .engineering att-mUnce, B IS JUST BEEN PEBBECTED, At thii Entiue it of aniveraal applicability, l?i motive agent beiug atmoipheric air. but a few of the putpoeei fi.r wrg. li it it miitable need he euuiu.-rated, vi-: WOBKINO SHIP S PUMPS and HOISTING gear fob LOAUlMi AND i nloadimo CaBOOj IVORKINO PUMPS BOB Bl PPLTINO VILLAOES WITH vVtrKrt, AND KOR PUBPOSEB ok IRRIOATION ; WORKING PRINTING PEESSESi Bl PPL YI no MOTIVE POWEB POE TBE \ARIOUrt OPBBATIONS Of THE FARM? YARD, sawino wood. filling CISTEENS, Iva t >r private eitablithmenti: driving MILLS BOB OR! NM vg COEPEE AND Ol her BPICEBi tVOBEINO IIOtSTINii OEAR for tVABEHOUBBS, Ae Coppernaitht. putt*re, wo. d-t'irneri and tiinilar artittnt. u ho ratn. it aSbtd to ctnp'oy . i . .-> ra ond at earn enginea, will not only tiud in the 0\L )r IC ENGINE a r.-ady ii.ttrurneut to d?i their drudgery, but alao one tt.a' ? bile It may be (eft without attendance fur noun, will wnm I hill Wirkibopaan I aeeh their food at tje unit time that H luppliei gaaggf* i^iwer; mineral coal, wood, peat or uiiarcoai being all mttaMc fog fuel. tor t.Uli.g citt^ixi of private h. uaea iu ettaee, a tn* burner prod teg in He ient heat for actuating the engine. Vie auh tcriber la ready to rx.-i ute agaatl forthwith, and wiil he glad to afljrd a.1 racnwaBa ii fonrati.-u on th? iubj -.:t. JOHN b KirCHJSG, No. ,'J7 WUllani it. COTTOI MACHINEKY for SALE.?110 f LOOMS, with the preparatiTi Machinery, aiueh of it n- .'!y aaej [atatra at K Courtlandt it of S. B. 8CH?NCK MATTE A WAN STEAM-ENOINE8, MACHW I6TS' tools, and Cotton, Woolen and ail klnda a MACHINERY and CASTINGS, at No. r_ O urflandt ar_ WOODWORTH PLANERS Bl MAT TEA WAN, N Y , and No. di Courtlaudt it., New-Vork. 8AMLVL B. SCHENCK ?ano iTJiirranto. T AND WARRANTS WANTEDbr *~4 TAYLOR 1JROTHKHS? BANKER? No 7? wall-st , Nnw-yoit?. We wil tuppiy orderi promptly Warranta alwart on haaa) Profc68ional Notices. QUBOICAL CARD?EDWARD H. DIXON, O M D Editor of The Scalp-I and Auto.,r of . p,-a ".ioal Tieatiie on the u.or- obtcure diieatet of the Sexual Syitem af-t.di tlilaaltalyta Operative gurg'-ry and ifSeeaoaaoltaV ti li OS e hruirt fr'ot 8 to 9 1 to 3, and 7 to 9 ev uluti at Dr b i reaideu.'., B 4i 5?h iv ; a' all otn-r bouri h<- it a" hi* Private U. tpltai. where -very comfort It provided for thoen who require inrii. ai or iWatltle treatment. ' CntltTTj, ^arooare on5 Jron. CUTLERY, PITTED WARE, aVo. Ameri. as tad Ecgiiih Ivory Handled KNIVES and FORKS. Anivn i nly , Beef and Game Carveet Tatl" Btaeia. gi'ver-niated P utt. Saoona, Caitert, he. i lapanne? Tea Trari and v. ait>n ka great variety; and a hug* aaeertment of HOCSE PTJRSISHING HARDWARE. For aa> by CHAS 8 LITTLE h Co . Nue Ai aad 'ig FaUooil o. AMES & SON * SHOVELS and SPADES? For tale by JOHN W. tiUINC Y. No. 9? Wuliein at C PELT ER, ANTIMONY, BANC A TIN, CUT O NAlLS-foraaie by JOHN W. O.U1NCY, 98 Williaai et THOMAS PIG IRON-S..ft, freej ttrcng, ao<I? warratted tubatlvut* for S-'ct- h Pig. JOHN W. QCINCT. No. BS William-rt. _JnTTtitnre._ ENAMELED CHAMBER FTTRNITTJRE.? New and beautiful ttyle* of enameled, aolid oak aaid grained CHAMBER FURNITURE Houaekeepert In want ol three olitap and fa?hi<4iah!e ttylei of Bedroom Furniture wii Sod an extentlve aatortmeut at H P. FARBlNOTON't Ware rootnt. No Sag Canai-at., oppueite Wooeter-tt, New York. GroceruB anb Prooietona. [OBI D W I G II T & Manufacturer* of double REPINED AND FAMILY SALERATUS ; BVPEB-CARBONATE OF SODA. SAL SODA. ETC., No. 11 Ol.] ?Up Haiover Kinare. New-York PURE CREAM Or TARTAR ALWAYS ON HAND. SnUoitig fiUUrialB. ENCAUSTIC TILES?For VwtibuUxg, Halle. ^.'Jrlli-' Dining-nMitn*. Cooeervatijrte* Aw. OAENK1EK CUIMNTT-TOPH. DRAIN PIPES, Ac. For aale by M1L L IK A COATES, S >. V* Pearler., M. T vToparl(KrollNotitc,. \<>H< E af DtMOUlTIOH -Ttva r???rta?>, 's-,.. . joms ii r:-c i ? ' . ., ,. pavtl cr.Mp hturi <. . ? ., ? , .v,. J'?hn m PR<inrK. j SM??: fl ?KK*TI -it u II L?H H ?*?,? K ? V. rk. Not 17. I8A7. HENRY HOLT?! THE COPARTNERSHiP~h"?ivt',f,,r? ..-Jr under the firm ..f v\ aTERHURV ?. MO "s; ,, ?"? .(???< i\ed bv nwiufc oonaeast T!i- ? .ai;;.-.. ,/ih-!???? - 5 i-e .ettied bt BENJAMIN P M?l NT, ?Lj bIhlc .? tu thei?- J t? ?> Nit tbe.*ji.c Signed If* wm. H W4TPRBrjBT NVw York, Nov. l?. 1W7. BF.NJ. p. mo;'.it * NOTICE -The Spar Makleg hoaLe.* u t?.lf _ dinted by 8* Verbory ? ???<? ?!' I? carried ee u tk.lS .und No M Frort .t , N \ . and th, fcot of Nock Et* Bm*jj% E ?> . '7 BENJAMIN P Moi.fVf ' Ocean Btcamcn, stt. GREAT REDUCTION in FAKE tol?'ROrf ? Fiirt Cabin, #?' | Second Cabin. ?Sa?|., the Mtldk* w ' ? ? ?te-anrahipa arieu 2'?? tana, C 0 UtloT ! :.-..:? r. and NORTH star. iSu? tun?, P v.. ? JSf Con rrander, to aail from Pier No 3 N irtb K. er at ajoea LB ei*ely carving the UNITES) ?t?te* mail* n, *^ Lea" NEW-YORK f> r SOUTH-] ?ren ,? f.,r lltrro and AMPTON HAVRE and BRE-u?banvptrAl*ia-hampt?i NORTH STARSatnrday, No? VIsafy. IW ?} wJ2 , D^j? ARIEL. -.,-'?*at|y. No*.?1 Wad . Da* | tKIEL,.-? 7. wean .Ml Thcae .tean.abipa Lwicri at Havre. Jepene delivered in Lo* iuu and Paria. For p??tv*e 0? freight ?paly to I) T0RK4NCE.S? 1 Bowling raoM auico?, no? iiw-rvaai 1 . ? ? - ?-? Edinburgh .... Sa urdey, CM. SIR-laagow.0.A It fTtnia? *"llllialaT. N'*. *5| New York .Nor. tl New Y >rk. .Wedteiday. Dtt 18 Edinburgh .IV? * Edinburgh..Wednesday. Dec *>IO!a?*:ow.Dec. U aaraa cr ra**at.a. Plr.tCl.**.1.???.H Third Cla?*. found with 00iked pnviat >n?.BM An eiperieroed aurreon atf. h?d to eatb SUatuae. fm ?eight or RAE Bf RN. Ai tt, No 17 Broadway. Now City M l* at gold only receiTed for pmaga. THE BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN ROUL MAIL BTEAMSHIPB. Prom New York to Llrrraool: Chief Cabin Paaaag*-.ft* ?tatygkl Cabin Paaaag*.. TS Prom Bo*ton to Liverpool! Chief CaNn Pa??ag*<. fr...! I.''.. Pauage-. 80 The ?hipe from B<>?ton ? all at H*ti*aa PEBS1A. C*Pt Judkio*. CANADA Cap* Lang, A R A hi A. J Btoaa. AVBtlCA. ASIA Capt E O L 'tt. NIAi.tRA. C?pV Rrrw. AFRICA. Cap* Shannon. KI'ROPA,C.p? J U*. Tn. ee Te??el? eerry a < le*r ? bite light at ina?t head, green oa atari-*rd bow, reel ou pii.t bow . _ CANADA, Uug.I^, Bo.ton...Uedne,, .y, N.e II ARABIA. Stone.Leave* N York.. Wedne* lev. No* at NIAOARA. Wickniari. Leave* h--'o,, ..\Ardoe.d*y. Dee ? AFRICA. Shannon.l.-ave* N Yoik..\Ae. ,,. .. ay. Bag I AMERICA. L-tt.l,. ,v.*,...We. ?e?l.y. Dee. m El KOPA, Leitcb.L-ave. N Yoik..We.iai. eday, Dee. ? Berth* nut ?et ored uutil paid for An eiperleuced Surgeon on board. The owner, of th. *?? .hip* will not b* aavvoonUble f?rIJRBJ Silver, Bullion. Spo< le, Jew?lry. Prerloo* S'one. or Metaja, ?ataVaag h?l* of lading aie.igned therefor aud the value tkiiagf ?1 T, ?ipre**ed For freien* or pa.'aie apply to _ N,,T 1 F E CL-'NARD/N?. 4 How Ing greaa. FOR LIVEBPCOL.?The? I n t-d Statra Mail rteaintbip ADRIATIC. Jan.e* vVe.t. eonnnauder, will de? sert with th* l ulud State. Mail* 'or Ku'ope p ntlvelyea BATI'RDAY, Nov. IL at U o'e'oak ? fiom her b-ith at tk* f(?>tof Cenal F>r PreUjh'or Paaaage having ine,| (*l?|a*. eomniodation. for eieaanre and eomfwrt aoplv to ' EDWARD K COLLINS. No 56 Wallet. Pa?.t nger. will plea*e be ru board e'11 o'eloek a in AliieV teia aaaat pa*, through the Pott-OnVe; any other, will be 1? TRa A TLA NT IC, Capt. 0. Eldrldge, will tuejeel the Adri? atic, and tail December Y NoTica ?The .reamer* of thli l'ne have impaeved water t 1 '? mperamrn*.. No rxpenae be* been .pared to make the ateameri of thl* iiaa In all reapict* a* go^d a* o-w. Tte thorough extuiinaUaa given them prove, their mode o'eon.truetlon let uneq ialed. N. B ? IlereaJter the n gular buiit ablpa for thl* line will pat foim the entire leivh-e. r1^>jiEr^:^Y?RK anJ LIVERPOOL UNITED J STATES MAIL avTBAMER-S.?The ahip* cornpeaiug tat* UThe AILANLIC Capt. OHver FJ.Mdge. The BALTIC. Ce*t Joeepb,A. The ADRIATIC, Cept Jame. Weet Tbeaa-.hip* having been billt by conkraet etprei.ty for lb* Oovernment feivhe ?-viry cue ha* b?en taken la their oao ttrue'i. 1 , a. IBM in U -ir enelue., tv iuaure eareugth *nd .paed', and tb< Ir ai?< ou.modatioua for paaaeuger. aro uneajtaUd lot ele? gance and comf1 rt. Price of p.a.??? from New York 4o Liverpool, In Iret mm\ 8)190- In .econd do , 8)75. E> ? * of extra .lied eat* HMD, b>3o,y prom Liverpool to New-York, ?' and iu rihaea*. Aa eip?ri-nced ?orgeon attached to en h able. No bertUwoa* he .. . med until paid for. The ibip* of thi. line hav* Improved water tight bulkhead*. PROPDSED DATES OP BA1LIN0 raoM stw ? irk. rann unfajaj. SATURDAY.Nov. Jl, 1*-*>7 ( W KDN US I) A Y.. tot. ?. ? SATURDAY.'>.-?. 5, 1857 WF. I)NESDA V..Dee.. JL IM7 I WEDNESDAY.. Deo. ?,N8? For Freight or P??**g>, apply to EDWARD K COLLINS, No 5? Wall ?t, N. T., RBOWN, SHIPLEY A Co, Liverpool. STEPHEN KENN ARD It Co, No 2 Auatln Prian, LondoB. B O. WAINWRIOHT A Co Pari. Tlae ownei. of tfaeae .hip. will not be *. eorjntahle for gold, diver, hellion, .iiecle. jewelry, preciou* or me'al*. unit*** blllioV Lading are (igned therefor, sad the value the reof thi rein. TIRE LIVERPOOL. BTEW-TORK AND Fil IL AOE1LP HI A S1KAMSHIP COMPAMY'8 Clyde trail Ir Iron iafaw (tcauishlp* CITY OF BAI.TI MOKE.1.387 to.0..Caaf. R LeWrb CITY OP WASIIIN(iTON....V,.?itun.....Capt P C Petrk CITY OF M ANCHESTER....2.111? tun.....Capt J Kennedy KANGAROO.1,874 tuu..Uapt Je?*; The uudernoied or othet v? 1 ?x* 1..1 . - 1 to aail a* M low?: Pf M LlVKBPOOI. CITY OF,v. 4 And every altertate We.diieeday. Fbom Nsw-Yoa* CITY OF WARHINOTOM.Tuureday .Nof. | A:, i .-very a,*-mateThuraday et l2w>'cl ok m. Rath, i Cahi? I'AjaAi.a.-Fiom New York and PUIadai ohia, e Prom Liverpool, 21 guinea*. 17 guinea* aal Li guinea*, a., ordiug to the accommodation Lu Ibe StaU raavra*. all having the aaiue privilege in the Saloon looiudiug Sta>w arJ'? feea. Thiri. ei.*?. Pa - - r:\or rs ? 4 limited number of Third (He*, paaaeuger. will lie taken and fouud in a* much proviaioin a* re? quired From Philadelphia and New York, 030, Pram Liver? pool, f iS Theie .teurieri are oonatnu-ted with lroprovol water-tl|?4 looipartment. Fw h veaael carriia an eiporie.jca?d targaon, and e very attention paid toth* comfort and accommodation e4 Pa**er gi r?. I' air- on Liverpool froaa f I upward F r tie; ;l.t or pa.a**e epply at the Oltloe of the Ceeipaay. JOHN O DALE. No. 15 Broadway N< w- York Agent. <>t WM. INMAN. I and 13 Tower Bmlifljga, Live 1 pawl Agent. Steamboats an? IlaUroa?f. f^OR BOSTON and PROVIDENCE r!a NEW? PORT and PALL RIVER.?The aplendld aad ?1 pert-at Ceamer BAY STATE Capt Jewett. le.yee New York evetj TUESDAY. THURSDAY end SATURDAY, rt4ocJooAp ?. and the EMPIRE STATE, Capt Brayton. leaeee New-Tot* ev-ry MONDAY. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 4 o*ade?t g ... : from hat He 3. N. H . near th* Batvry , bo'A Uiocaoag ?t Newrn.rt ee. h way. Hereafter no room* will be regarded a* e> . *r?l to any appB 0?nt uitil the **me ?hall have been pani f K Freight bo Bo.Um I? forwarded tbioug'i w.tb great da*pa<vSl by an Expreu Freight Train. _UM bOhDEN, Agent, Not 70 mnfl ""t**^ 1WE REGULAR MAIL LINE via STONING TON, for BOSTON and PitOVIDEtfle-luia il 1**1?) the anorteat ai c u <?.? din . t. carryiag tu* EaaOoru Mall Th* .t. arr er. < OV MOIWK h. Captain Joel att-iia*, ne4 C. VANDERBILT Cart w M Fiaaee, In noune, tion WiLB Iba STON1NOTON ?8 PROVIDENCE and BOSTON .ul PKO\ IDENCK RAILROADS, leaving New York legi* (Sen day* cxieptod) fre? Pu r No 2, North River. fir*t wn*.f a e B?tUry place, at 4 o'clock a m andSMonington at I AM n nv, of on the arrival of the mail train whle* leave. Uoatoai at ItM p at TheC VANDERBILT from New-York, Moirday, VVwIneaoay arid Friday - from Stouir.gtoo Tuetday, Thuraday and aarurtuy. The COMMODORE from New-York Tue?day, Tn.r.aay .ad Saturday, to ni Stouintto*. Moaday. Wed nee day aal Frialap Paaaenger? proceed from Slouiiigton p?-r railroad ae Pruvi* denc? and Boaton in the Expreu Mail Train, reachiiat aail place, in advance of tl..*e By other route* and lu ainp'e tiaaa for all the early morning Iiaa*connecting Northai.d Eaet Paa eengera to*; pref.-r it remain on board the at?*tner, eejoy a night'* r*at undiatuibt-d, breakfaat if de.ireai, and leave Stoa? uigt> nlu the 7:15a.m. train for Provldmce. A haggage-Diaater acoompamra the ateamer and train tkroajfh eav h way. For paaaage, bi rtfaa. itate-roeaajg or freight, apply on board the ateaoier, or a the Fre^hl Othce, Pier No. 2,North River, erat the ofli. * No. 10 Baon-ry place. November 1* pENTRAL BA1LB?AD of NEW- JEBSET? V. Connecting a' New Hampton with the Dakarare, L?**J wanoa ani We*t?in Railroad, and at Eavttom with th* LeaaR* V a. ley Railrr?d. FALL ARRANGEMENT. c->mmeticjrg Oot 2?. laW-l>?e?? New Yort for Eaaton and lntermod'ate puce, froio Pier Si t North River, at 7J a. m., 12 to. and a| p. an ; lot aViaaavrvil> ?? above train* and Kip m. The abeve train? eonneat at Ellaabeth wtth treina oa th* New Jetery Ra. r- a Wabicb leave New-York from the foot of Coaare landt-et at*^ and 12 a m , and 3.2* and 5 p. a . Paaee-ngeie for the Delaware, Leckawaana and Wee4et* Baw road will leave at 7* a. m only. For Lehlgb Val?y Railroad a? 7J a. m. and 12 in. JOHN O. STERNS. 8upa uiteBB?a8_ i;H,SHIN(i RAILROAD?Lea?** Eultuo M?' A k.t Wbaif. by ?>amer laland City. a'. 8 45 I and Wa J? and L 3:50 and 6 p, m Tbe Cer* leave Fluahin?. L I , ?tine hour., meeting a. La. banging paaeenga-r. Wik tre- *? aH^.Potnt. Through *W\t7wtEj2? HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD.?F'ross 0_sj8; bat 18, 1157, Train, will leave Chagohera-a*. Statlea*^ Iowa: Evpree* Uain* I a. m. and ? P ? i ZT. im Prelght Train 7 a. an.; Albany Pa*aeogor Train, Pi ?*> LJUgmi Hing Sing, 9:45 a. m. and 4 ?. ? i for PwigU^^^rr--^^ I.Uip m. i for Pe?k.k?t.5:i0p m. Tba P^mgSnYav*?*?**^. tklll and sing Sing Train. *t?p at the way aaUtione J^mSm taken at Chamteare, C*n^, Chrl^ pbe. ~.a VmTi for N.w Y.?k leeve Troy et 1:30 ? 0?. and\ ~A 8.4? P Eaet Albaiip a* 7 and I.? a. aa^aajl "

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