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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1857
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Vol. Xvn.N?- 5,07k NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 1657. PRICE TWO CKWTS. TIIK NHVT.VORK DA II. V TU I III n K It fvBi.isHxu EVERY MOBBING axd EVENING, (Seamy bxcl; ri-o,i BT ORE KLEY k McRLRATH, W raisest MUMS coaxxs or Sassau asd MM STBEIfM. OrroSITE TWIT CITT MaIX, SSM delivered to l.ttj ?aftassfeatl a' 12s} iHilir" HabscartVeri, $6 per iuiiiulq, to ad vain ? For aix anootha. *S TOB NEW.YORK "wKKKl.Y TKIBI SB, * A VT.RT LAKOE PAPER H?R TIIK . CM NTRY la pnUUbsil .-very S.tvbdav Moasiso. at the la* p*oe of $2 p. r MA La ..Wajir*.; TV.-. OptM for #>| Five Coplsa for ?>?; T?a?^>btr* fof fill- and a |>>wl? to bo aase aontmned > i.S Ii*, time f ? who h it la paid, tdvsrtitemento lu The Weekly Tntoin*eoM(>NK DOLLAR PER LIME tor each l?? se 1 ??.??. - TFIK ?r >i I. \\ I kk I y TRIBINB as published every Tvcsoar and FainAV Moa.?i?6. P" auDum; Two Copies fur ?5; Five C pice for ill iS. a;... S*? Cupiea, Sis Ceota - TIIK NKW-VOKK TKIUL.NK FOR EUROPEAN CIR( I'l.ATIOI at paMtaaH-a or. tbe departure af ete-h Mail S'eanej for Ldvot Mai at $6 per au~ j?, p. tUge inaludad. Copiaa, eta Centa, - TIIK NBW-VOKK TKIBI NB FOB CALIFORNIA. OREGON, AND THE SANDWICH ISLANDS, at pabtlahed un lb.- departure of each Mai) Steamer for Atpin Wufl. at S>1 Ml per tnnoiu. Bing!? Copies, Six Centa. Special "re Fonrf'' Pnjir of Thin Ha?'* Tribune. IiklOdS'e NEW Pa TENT PERFS.CTEU PI an M. l\lr IBM l'l INO* I N 1 lit WORLD SEE TIIALlil B<. S ( r I' l IHiaTE ON THE FOI'RTU PAOE Of THIS ?APKR. N. c OUTTM I i A LK'H Corctlcat*, and MASON'S, and MKAhostHS aioi MABETZCK'S, ai-J WOLLEN It AI I'VS, ai.d EISFELD'B, and otb. r great Mjs caj Au? thor.tie a, ON THE iOl'MTil PAOE OF THIS PAPER. THJI IS a Itr.'. ? ?Li l. i.N IN PIAM)-FORTE MAKING KOtlre.? The i.i. ...I a.eetu.s .1 the ASSOC1 ATE ?LI MNl el Ua ?REE AfAUKMY artllae In idat tfeai 1 ustiutiou, room No .. or. v\ EDNEsDAi tS4 Lost , at 64 o. ui A f,.U atiead mm** la Haast?A HOIim.Y u. Kl.Mil ALL. rpaaMaat, ( h?i H 1'k.TT, a? r-tary The Ai.nnnl I'trur.lns I'ienlo af the ?anadaj aasssMetadw itt, ths> Kir.: Fraawtll Baptist ti.ureh w.ll take p!a<< on IUI USIiAY Uta ISd bastaat. 1 be steam, r Maxeppa will lease the foal < f West Teotb Hate An o.i street, at I s ui., tout Is ug at the loot ol Spring stre? t. N R , ann liroon..- street, E K . lor St. A. nan's Well, r .ushiug, L I. Tickets 50 ce-ilt? ahildren 26 cants. Thirteenth Wurd Kciiuhllcun C lub.-A m^tioi ? I Itw Ta?ltaaatk U srd Club will take piaea oU THl'R^DAr y \ EN I NO, .'ol) 10, a OsnlaatWak Hal., coroer of Chutuu a:.d lirat.0 itt , at B o'< lock p. m. By order at EDWARL? ? OLLIN, PresiOant. Brsj. C I>r?s, II. S. JtSNISOS , Secretaries. Nolle*1.?The JOINT SPE'IAL C'OMM ITTEE of the Com Boon Com.' t! i I ?).. DISPOSAL ol the l.uLU IlOX h".j .eatbed bylitneral Andri w Ja> ksoit, will liold tbeir fiual meeting on MEDMBBDAT, tk* ad mat., at II n'olnat a, ? Ail persons having a tla ai an partitulaifj requested to be present and stow lh?ii car- befoie the Committae Pl.TLK MONLOHAN, Chalrnau. J II KtJMABts, Secretary. 1o Alanasers af I.yreaasa, berisrp Aaaoelit tioii?, ?V e.- i ne sisbacnu i. bsmg desirous ol makoy his ar rangeuienta to Uatsjra in the rarioas parts of tnr Cuited Ststas tuid ( aus la as early at ne, fat Uta aoaataa Aut con mod Winter tent ns r..|i.e.l. r Ual It Her? ins> he adilr.-..ed to I'AhK BENJAMIN, No. M West 17th .t , N. I. City. Fourieeulli Ward --A pubi c u.eetmg of the X1VTH W a It li nt.l L t.Ll? AsV l LI B ?in '? haU ?t ibeir K.kj.ii, No. M tstaMat, on vt EVBM1MO, July 2s, at s f>'< lo< k TL? EepuMti an. oi the W arc are invited to attend. 1.saai DA (TUM, llr.NKV U SMITH, II. ?AKItY.aud (/Iber di.tinglil.tiei! spaaki is, will address toe meeting. Hum v si i in, N cr.t.ry. 11 EN K Y SENDEN. Pj< sideut. Bsnlsranl InlelllKeiirr Ofllce and Lnkor Hi ' .luge be. Seas reo. >.?. Irom No 2 ffSanl gt to No. SI .in ?t. (late Arlhouvst ) a lew doors we.t of HroadMnay. HoO, . , ? , JAMEh P. FAO A N, Super int. ..deLU Thr Caae of fired r?rolt hat been sonuvtised knta a tar.t , saatpSSI l BT] blat 4 net page's, aud is now for .ale at this Orhee. lie. PaaapsateaaSaBaai 1 Tl.. Csas as made up lor and isbiuitied to the I'. S. 9o preiue Court; II. The Judgm.ut, at rendered by Chief justice Tau?/, with ' hi. Dj isl n lu lull, ou the various MSjatta in uisputs; 111 The bob lerne and varying I'oiuts of ti e wbojy or par I Ually concurring (>pinions and P lnts of Jastises S\u)io. Nelson, tiro i, ITantal. ( amplM I and ( utron j l\ The Ml.uiice and Point, of Justice SlsLesu's Oiss?a.t li - Opinion ; T Tb? illts. ntibii Opinion in full of Justice CniUs: 5 1 An Auaiysi. ol lue Points Rub d, and the UplnloBi de kveied) VII. The Report and Ret'ilv -i with tefarenee to tblt DsSjJalta of the 1, gi.l.tur? of our State. Prka, 25 sent, singly i live aefAM for $1; twelve for $2; ty \fi per kuudred. We res''.otfully solid: o,dert from all, of whatever s.ot or paily, win ?re, that tin. roost BMSSBSjSM adjinlicatioB ahoi.ld Be unuer.tood and^eoDsidervd by the Am.rl. ?i. People. AddrtMs ORa.EI.EY k MSsVLBATH. Tnuoue Otiiwe, N?w Volk. (CJEE FOUKTH PAOE <>r Tills DAI" ? TKIBI NE. DBlOOrS new pa i'en i PERFECTED PIANOS. THE BEBT PIANOS' IN THE vVOHLD IBB TUAXBEBO's CERTIFICATE OS HIE FOURTH PAOE OK Ulli P \peh. See OOTTSCHALE'S Ceitinsata, aad MASON'S, and Flli a rom II'*, sod MaBBTZBE's, and WOLLEB* HaI pi S, aud EISrELD?, attd otlier great Matins! Au? ll . i .lies, ON THE FOURTH PAOE of THIS PAPER. THIS IS A REVOLUTION IM PIANO-FORTE MAKINO. ?innoi-nit ate. ACADEMY OF Ml'SlC?New-Vi.rk, July IS' - Mr. STI ART bi g. to announce that ha uas lea*-.1 tut. tl itat, aid la s. i joucto.n with Mr. D10H IIOL'KCICAL'LT wUl imsois tbe uirtciion of a URaND MUilCAIi FESTIVAL, ir r w Ml h pssfBSaafSBS Bie bting rspidly mvle. 1'he.e i I.H 11 >n nieuta flven In aakuow ledgmeut .if the pat ?tiriage and kiudneaa extended to bou Lu Ms past, will be uitde worthy ol the t.s'e ol N. w-Yort. wmle ai the gaa e tilBS tae pile* el adjie.nou wnl he .ueli as to briog tuit ?luaiaal lea.l witblu the enjoy men: ol ail c.Useu. an ' filtuid* NI Ii L () ' " O A R D E N. ? Doors cpru at 7 ] to r nu e. ;.. e at t o\ lock. Tirtr'.s IS cei f. - CUMgaaj I alf price WBDBBSDAs BVEB1M?, Ju.y..', i.37. ISxti night of tue trrb.e .i ? lestiaev Tiir PBOMEMADE ( o.M y ur IN THE ILl.l MINATED OABDEN. ORVNI? HALLET AND VA1DEV1LLE. Tbe grses i.i.d In a M I I10MOBIN ? Til ER F.s \ RoLLA ti. BELLA LA rAUUEBBTTE, tu wbii b .1.? a III saBtata i >ai i fcttasti rs. T'. conn i.-U! e a Ith Mi W R Plxke. Mr 0 rosy ?mw, Mrs w R. Blske, Miaaas Nkii (..i n n aud e.i. i a lallet. In the isoglisble larce of Pol'flNl TUE UI ES.'ion TIll'KSDAY?The WaaMasral Knv. .,' ...t appearance iu LIAM o, He i'.< mi ii d. f.-u.-eits aud KIM KA. VV?TT?ck ? TUfiATadtl. f f INDIAN Pl'NKAS eontiLi.e to setltcr fie.h lue. ?i through Nils Theater render tut It as coo and pl.aeaut a> Hi Ml even,in in Spiiug, vn BUNE8DA >, July a, lentb n.gnt of thai ?? aatital CtanaisSin ne, MKS JOUM WuoD, who will appear bio'n as Fi.n i.e In 'IKIsT TO THE MILL, aiid in her ctiebr.ted tsaaaetM ? t JENNY UNO iu whiah she wilt sing sunoiy op. istu uaaMaaaa a Is Briguoli. Auiodm, Ac , and tin fsvonte F u!ad af 1 My M .ry Auue," top Walcot Mr? \ ernon. Mr Phillips, kc. The alsasai t alten the yoimn widow. with Mist Emily Muti u, Mist Muuunt and Mr. Davruport lu tin . a-t TO MURRoW- THE WVMBMsB PHINCK._ 1?! Ii i o\ - M \\ Till ATKK?BROADWAY. J* OR A M> PROMENADE CONCERTB ?VEDMBBDA) EVEMIMO, July U. Tbe l abile imi r-?p? i .ii.l.v laforaaad tSal ?JONOR ( ARLO Jai oPI, (Tbe Arne,. an Tenor, | Saving ncovered fiuru kit IMsaS ?<It < re indisposition, will ap p. ar ou tint SSSSSaM Miss II BEIIREND. Tbe CHQRI s at tb. At tDBsiV vi MUSIC i Tk. br.ub.r. MOLLENIIA( ER, Vtulls and Vk: msRs| LUt IS.-tklEorll Consti J'be Biotl.ert KIKTAEL Flutists; X Kil.ltK Claixawl It m Ii Ml r... r i. .. , ii in. . I. OULRMAMN, Obaat wttkao tniBIVALEO MONBTkJl orchestra. Condcc'oi.losepb Noll Aou.ia.k-u.25 eeuts P~~VH DY" NATIONAL THEATER.? Dr. s. ClraJca, 25c ; Pit, IJc j Orchestra Chairs. .We ; Prwate atca.a M ilrele + 1 ?xr u.l.e, or #1 fof rbfa mrs-n. Doo.t SJJMSS will rise at 74-THIS ETENiNO, I N( I e TOM S CA1HV. ft, Cktar... Mr II t Howard i Kv.... Little C rdelta H .ward To**).Mr. (. C I n srd I i, ...Mrs. 0, f. JS. I .. THE MAOlC BARREL. THE ? llAttl .? ,1. Hl HNKR TaMBSSSM Verdict.O L. >oa | Edith H.n u.Mrt. Radinski OLYsaPIC, KrisHdwuy. MMMstite IkttTopoUtaYi Hutel-Prv*.Tiet. r. T W ME10UAN; Maaager, F S CHANMl ti ?ASassasA i 2.S . atai t> he.tra, 5deeuta ?>THiM ASlf.KN^oN as I ft SINO l I C ii A L E r. THE MAID WITH ?HE M.LKINO pail. omni M'S. O L V m p I A N A WHO RFCAKS FIBBT1 ai l THE WORLD'S A STAOE ' f> A D N V M ? AMERICAN Ml SEUM.? 1> '1 HIS AFTEKS'i'!'--.. EVBNINOal I iO\ ELT? ES aad ^ .- MIM ?? I I thai P N r -tuau a. ,. |-r..t nur IV'VMAN bis exti ihxj ai -,.,'. .. ated 1st of SCI EST! I IL1 JK ?S3, VE> Lf'lsM ke Preiraua to whl h, Uleoai-isted Tablea- x ist DIS itlLVINO VIEWS tV ? u : COSMO (STUDIO is stall opea The Happy Eaiuily. tue as I I.i. leg Serpent Acaslasl. n t5 <vuts. 'hildreu under taa i3cts T H ~ A L B E K < I . a sasi'ted by Ms -it e tVANOBL wUl g re a URAND iu.NCEBT .a SABA'a'OOA . a AEUNES?AY, JuJy ? RTHALIiERG. asslstr-l by Shawie ELENA ~* D'ANGRI, wiU shortly ft** CONCERTS iz Cape Hay. Baratt fa Newport, Nabant, Rockaway, Sharon, ar.J Niagara KaUla. THE D?SSELDORF GALLERY is cjma Vm Use Uall of Dr. CHAPIN 8 Chureis, No. 5*8 B.oattw-ay X? old Iceat '.--fr<te '0 o'*io?A a> m., nnttl IS ?. :. ?? p m Ad i 25c?ela. CADEMY ?f MUSIC to LET?r or Operaa, - fVncerte BalU. Laoturea and siruilar raspaoAaMe purposes. Apply to N H WOLFE. No 9 Sonth-st. SEE FOURTH PAGE OF THIS DAY-8 TRIrlf ne DAIOOS'8 NEW PATFNT PERFECTED PIANO-. THI BEST PIANOS IN TIIK WORLD SEP. TUAUiEKo > CERTIFICATE <>N THE FOfRTU PASJK Of THIS PAPER. See GOTT8CHAI.K S CertiSeete. ml MASONS, and STRAKOBCH'B, and MARKTZEK'S, and WOLLE N IIAlPT'S. and EISFELD'S, and other great Muaical Am tboritiea, ( N TRI F< '1 HTH PAGE OF THIS PAPF.R. H IS II A REt 0LUT1OM IN PIANO-FORTE M ARINO IS"cm Pnblirations. STARTLING PICTURE OF NEW-YOBK FASHIONABLE LIFE AND SOCIETY. HARPER & BROTHERS, Nos. 1>27 to 888 i Franklin ?q iar. ), PlkLisii in s Day: I. MARRIED OR SINGLE P A TALI By Miss CATSlATrjiS M Srnn wies, Atrtker ?4 " llop.- LeaUr,*1 'Redwood," ?? Home," Tb Lii.w.,.,da," kc . Ae. 2 ?oll.. )2rno mualin, AI 75. In IM? hoik Misa Sedgwick has enternd New York Seeietj and Selected it? people aa her actors. Witbout a pait.cle of (at ? ftiiiing. even pareoai ia draws froaa HSs, with ail the UA U*l and all the virtual that aiake up a freq .enter ot New fork rircles. It ia a aim pie yet an absorbing story of modern ofe It. it? ; rrireaa married life i? laid narn i f a.l ita eoncna'rnents, ai d the ocratraet with ?in sieness Of hi art and Ufa la made plain. Tl.> punt, ttiala, troubles, mrinvi ant agon'e? teaolting marria?e. are among the prominent Incident* in ita history | yet the moral ran inn ri) tie raid to tie in favor ot ?iogle life. The novel cannot fall to attract attention. Society haa sel dom ?in h opporti.uilie? of looHagj its. 11 in the face, and truan who are cot iL and ol it seldom find auch araurate drawings from ita II. THE A T H E LINOS; Or, THE TIIK V.F. GIFTS. M> Mr. OLinUtTT A.thorof "The Daj? of My Lit.-." Katie Stewart," "The Quiet Heart," Ae. Sao , paper, 59 rents. From The N. Y. Observer. There is in the writiufa of thia author a unh.i) of strentth and t. akag ran ij to bi found, and tl.i w...-k. are have r. ad Irouj in r |? ii ha the attention, em ite strong MM tiu.M, and mike a deep impression." From The Meaastager. 'The au'horess ia one of the m ..1 truthful delineators of .' Bieati nie. We h?ir o-n ttM8eaht that the tame mas aa of p. rmai.ti.t fapas whi< !i yet abide by the talea of Vti.t Edge Wi rtk and .Miss Austen, en i the BOYt Is of leott ami Hulwer, ate la .;u;i- lor thu anted lady'tagffoaabio works af liction " Fr .m Tile Lutheran Jbserver. " C< mmendtag b. r f. r tin p. ? . iai , .aiitu ? of her pen would M liki ' i auai ..... Bi of . r ( ucpei " Frotn Tht ( brastiaa SVIiasaa aad Charta Adrooat. "Mia. Ohphact has earned a d.aerved.v hicn reputation An. label production from her pen Mill lie bailed With pleasure." THE NEW BOOKS OK THE SEASON, rl Rl lain l> SY HARPER i BROTHERS. VIRf.INIA ILLUSTRATED: - outaialng a Visit to the Vir ahilaa Caaaaa, and the Aeteatuiea of Porta Crayoa and kla Cassias, lllustiated from Drawinas by Porte i rayon. 8v>., tnasliu, 82 50; half calf antique. 8*38| half oalf, extra gilt, s> I. LEONORA D oRCO. A Novel. By O. P. R James, rid., Author of "The Old Dominion." "Ticondengn," "slguea Soul," "A laifa cf Vicissitudes," Ac, Ac, Kvo., paper, 50 cents. 1 HE PROFESSOR. By Currer Bell (Charlotte Broute). 12mo.; paper. bO tents . muslin, 75 cants. Till" ROMANY RYK. A Sequel to " Lavengro." By Goo. Borrow . 8vu.. papar. 50 aenta. T7.NT-I.Iir. IN TITF. S80LV LAND Bs Wen. C PtAsaa Autl ( i i f The Uld H. use by lue Rivor," and " L?tei Taaasa,'1 lllarlialioua. 12uto , auualiu, s> I 26. BOAT-LIFE IN EGYPT AND NUBIA. By Win. C. Pr sag A .thi.r of " The OKI House by tbe hiser," and "Later Years." lilbatrationi. lZino.. muslin, 81 25. THE EOKTCNES OF i.LENCORE, A Novel. By Ch&i Level. 8vo , paper, 50 tents. NOTHING NEW Tales, emtrariog Lord Erllttoun, Al ?vi? First Wiiia, M. inattailui Phe Water Care, The Laat I .. n t- Street. A Fatnny in IsOTtL a L w Mi.r..,.' The D.alile House 11) the Aatbot of " Joga Ualitaa Ot L man." "Uiiva, " i'ne Ogiiviea,'1 " The Head ?t MM Fami.y." " Agatha's Husbsuid," 4c. bvu., pap* I, 5u cents. RANDOM IJUTCHSI AND NOTES OF EfROPKAN TRAVEL, in 1856. By Rev. J. .in ?. Edwarua, A. M 12u.o. luuaiin, 81. THE DAYS OF MY LIFF.: As Al'TOBlocRaPiiY. By tha ai tl ? r o| " Margaiet Mait.unU," " Liliiakat," Ac. Ac. 12uiu. musi.ti, 75 seata ISABEL; Or. Tnr Yot \u Wirr sko the Old Love. By JeM (only JeaabsAtoa, auiLut vi 1 Ctawa itise,'' Ac. 12n.o. a 75 sae?a VILLAS AND COTTA,!.ES. A series of Pstfcrj? prepared tor Eaecati d fasthw Daitad States. By Celvsul \'ai.?. Axoht. (lata Ttavrrainf 8 \a.,\, Nawhargh eathe Hsslane li.ustratsd by awi ?iig;a?u.g?. Statu Ediiiou. 8vo musllu, 82. Pf^hF. By a Stroiler In Euiope. Third Edition, lime l, 8L THE CHILD'S HOOK OP NATl'RE In Tliree Parts I'bt! I PlaiTS , Part ii. ASIBsALSj Part 111. Alt. Wsrta, Hear, LieNT, Aa By Wertalaatoa HooAar, M D. Richl* LUustltttS. The thrte parts <-omrle'e in one vulume. Small St.. , mi ?liu, 8)138) separately, muslin, 50 tents ea. h. SUPERIOR LIKENESS OF EUGENE ANDERSON, THE MIRDERED POLICEMAN. TAKEN AS HE LAY IN HIS COFFIN, BY ( NK OF OCR BEST ARTISTS, WILL BE PUBLISHED IN THE NEW-YORK SIN, THIS DAY. WEDNESDAY. WITH FULL PARTICULARS OF tue DREADFCL TRAGEDY. 1' R A V E L E i< S ' II AX ?-ROOKS. Pi'kLiiHrn ar D. API"! FTON A Co, No. Woaiid*?! Rroadwav. New York. 8PP1 kTOM a RA IL? av and STI KM S a\Iua TloN Gl IDE l't kLiaHs.i> Mokthi v 88ossuta. APPLETON'fl ILI.USVKA. BJJ HAND-BOOK OF AM1KICAN TRAVEL I tel. .21110.?'* aajea *>2 APPLkTOS-SlLLUaTRATEl HAND- Roi.K OF AMr.R. ICaN I'ka\ I L Part i. (Oootaiaiag the NorlUnrn aud Ea.: ern State? an? t 1 81 25 a? PI ETON'S ILLUSTRATED HAND I0OK OK amer? ICAN IRAtEl. Part 11 irualsaaiag I hi Bet8iA8S? ssai TTeaS r:l. S ales 1 8 I 25i TN] A.MERU AN ANt.LER 8 GUIDE. 1 v. l., lluio. 11 1. attsi. A 8)188 ? l.i" ? i ?? w . K - tsttiVr* s-i.l N'ewa a tarts T'llt'l CUTS. KEELIXGS AND FANCIES. X ByC r. Isrss. Jut*. by W l L i 1 a H ALlfSD, No. 351 Broadwav Om Val , limo , Fan. v 1 ,-th, Bev i B. arda. 0 t Top, 81 ? fl m l^.e Baa Yitk Evangeilat. "Beautiful in conception and ter.r in expr -aiHiu. the frultt of at. eateuaive .'bservalion and a keen sa<a -<. tie- v..i line a. a wb< le la a highly suggestive o'e abounditu with far ma of t1 . u^bt. and eauatMiying tbe rvaults of mucaan.t BaSeSal sMBbsS. Sucli s lul-Lir, a. Ur pn i'l t uii.r uuud. it t.-u.) s man. 1 SVee* Th. Chrl.tian Frremaa "This we regard as oui ,1 Iha lisSjaat SJSataal Ika seas >n. It ekairt provea tbe autkor to be a hta tiforosM autl IM ?<r and we BTaoat heartily lsspasasasssa>d It totnsary ii ?el baa t reader. No psj-e ran be r.?d wiinout r:.tertsj,niisrut and proSe." F'om Toe Observer. "AM ndlrg in striking thought'on m aim -at ead.eas variety . f iub>. 1? ia which the a*lJW diaputjrs U.U.-U fra? lai tcauug a. .1 thru-king " F*raa T?e Chris-tan Intelligencer " Tbjs ia one .4 th- vert beat pa'l >r b.v.hs that baa m-1 o-r eys> in mauy a .lay It rquajs. tf it d??s not aand Frnan The Dsilv P. nu.yivan'an. "Tht rwrfurae tr>m a isrdeB . f readtat and rbe seed of rp?Tj. d ih .naht, it la dlatingutaned by go<J sense and caief il obsavt 1 M RS, BTEKEINS'* ILLUSTRATED NEW MONTHLY FOR AUGUST WiLJ. 1 i. READY BY TUUASDAY. E If E R 8 O N CN1TTD PTA ITS MAOAZJNE. 1 THE YOUNG GIANT OE THE MONTHLIES" Thi? ycutg Monthly ii of the tire ar.<3 MB afthe leading first MM Maxir t*t ia this country and Eurupe. It contains tsro Urge ToiiiBM per y*tr. c<,irn-.encing in Jo.7 and January, sad embellished with nearly rix hundred fie pictorial t? .?trati ms We riL. fr't' ut no U ?:? I ? . < f the merit* of thi* Mara r'ne tbtn Itt tneeest. It has already oatstr;pro l In aireuhation and popularity many of the oldest Maxarines, and it rapidly In fWtVJllsfi From ..resent Indications EMERSON' S It deati.ed not only to Msasaaa a powerful rival of the ? Oisn' Harper's,', tut 10 takeitar laf e at the head of America:, Magazines. So popular Is it fecn.irr in n-sry le^ti.. |that ata tistl? At-oria ti< l ht\e or teat] J 0.000 COPIES of each issue for the '??. ing year. Ssy ? Vfce National Ittel?r. mm r of Wa.h'ngti.n: "We tsie lately been at m..rh gratified by the Dental af the IPCOrttitt i luii , I tfc't Matsziue. '.hat we think it doe to its i titerpriie.g p'li.i sher. and able editors, a* Well as, we may add, to our own nsaaWta. toaafl piit.lie attei !i.,n to it at out of the Boat d< -e; .ing American peri aBcala The long Ute? ri, re experience and cultivated taste of its ? liturt would of ti.cmsr'v.t bare been a tulfi. lent guarantee to it f .r the a!'? e< ndi.. t af the Mtgtzlce ? but an examination of its varb d aaav :? . '? ; ?.- r. ... . .. w .:l a ?' .. i >-t ? ? .?? on n's and rlair. . upon t.'.e public patr nage. Pr .fussly adorned with pictorial l.instrttioDs. !t doe. not rely merely upon these, but ri-t/aifis tlaa an amae.:.! of '.Itersry matter which, no 'eat I >r !:t ex ei 11 n< e than itt vti.ety, con hard:., fn. to grv.iij '.he tiste of every reader. "An org the features which etpeeially attrr.rferl our attention. It tare ut pleasure rims time since to notice tbtt onr old friend si n rresp.,idi at, Major J*. s D' wning. was r w rtti. ril g tbit MgtaMt a a : pWta coPeetion of hit valuable political Writli gs. w.'.icJj. SX tend tag as they d > fr en the preaent Uj ? period SO tar baft at thl \? I I - ..nd forming as they do nn.mpoittrt eontribuMon to the literal ore of Ar.ieri.-an p ta\o rt carl redattkabandt af the M.j i the title of 'Thirty Years Out af 'he t'nired States Set ate; or. a History of th? A\ :? r g. i f American Potttiatai ? f r Thirty Years.' Ac tit . w nil b he h< neatly confett.-t was first tuegetted by that ..I Col. Ben ton'* valuable ard Vulumlnout work, and the propri? ety of which te ni.tifiei by the sttertlon that. a. 'there is an ont.Ce at well at an intid'e la STsryi ig' the American Sen? ate can reasonably form M exception to a fact as universal. " It ran ?urely not h* neceesary for us to say aught In praise aftkaas letters, with a Mew r>( ( ominendint them to the rea<l ert of The Intelligencer. and we but ect. the gi ? n ei.t ol th C'Bipetent judges whi n we aid, it the words of aa int. Qigi nt (? t> u.p. . thai tin if atTtkot kt, wi'oi it doubt, 'tl i but j ainti r o| Yankee peculiarities that ever wrote. He attract,'re, tnd never I ar.catiirn. but, we;,, u'. oarica turing it n oat uiiuaiug ' ' In f he July number it commenced a new ? l.if- of Wash btglOB.' whoa, i pi ning chspti r? ttT-.r I the prou.i.e -f in run Lining to .-ar.hy of the Patrr Pat'im?a ? ilje.t ?bich, hoi e-. i r frrqui , tiy treated, still remains an exbsustlest therm laleiait It dtaailiaa liadllt and which, in the hands of the aeeatt tlaallld wrti.-i whom w. ntV ri!a:..i to be the author of the fi rtbc n.lng u ? men, cannot fail to retcive a fresh and pe? culiar chain.." M'LENDID Nl'MBER FOR ATMOIT. OI T TO-DAY. GET ONE COPY OF FMERSON'S. AND SEE WIIA' YOU THINK OK IT. T'ti-e M f ta F. r ttle by all DEALERS. J. M. EMERSON k Co., Pat.ii.hert, No. 371 Broadway. 1TOE NATIONAL POLICE "GAZETTE OP TIMS WTZX will contain THE E\K.( lttiom OF dor8ay, ILLi TITRATED. PRE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE OF L THIS week will CONTAIN THE LIKE Or v1docq, illusteated. HE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE OF TBtf WEEK WILL CONTAIN THE seduction ON THE HiOH SEAS. rpRE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE WILL A contain IN THE next M MREIt AN EXTRAORDINARY murder IN SCOTLAND BY LADY. THE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE 0K THIS H l-EK will contain THE continuation OF I HE MORMON LETTERS. 11BE NATU7nal POLICE GAZETTE OF rius we ee wii.r. contain E\ ERYTHINO ( O.N.NEC TEIl UMH POLICE MOVE mkjtt8 1^11E NATIONAL POI.K'K ca/.I'ttk OF this weejl and EVER1 week IS SOLD wholesale HY ROSS k to?set OK NASS AI -st A SUPERIOR LIKENESS OF EIGENE ANDERSON, THE MI'RDtRED POLK EMAN, TAKEN AS HE LAY IN HIS COFFIN, BY ONE OF OCR BEST ARTISTS, WILL BE PI HL1SIIED IN THE NEW-YORK 8L*N, THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY, WITH'FILL PARTKILARS OF Tli1 HREADFI L TRAOFDY. A L L Y S H A N C A S T L E . ? A NEW LOOK FOR THE TIMES. Tl .- Rev Hr I T. Peck. "One beautiful, thiulieg 1101/." The hiv, Dr Dowling. " The scenet it relates are of turpat.iug interest," The Rev S. P Hill Chapla 11 C R Senate. " It 1. s M k f at ti.atle trutl lor its basis, and com I n.. - w ith a cha.'e slJ cultivated itvle, tb-purett and salett teutinici ts It It '.'.1 every roped free from tho.e bleuushel mar te cm t. I 'be . .rr-11 li'.etstore of tae day." From The New York Trih ire. 'Without 'be dullceas that ofM aacOtatpaadsM what are called religions novels. Itt auimate l delineations of persona! ex? perience, and Itt fredneiit touches of pathos, axe tailed to attract the atsv at lot . I tkt resder " Kt TI 1 New York Evangelist. " The st-.ry 1. |u|: in a 1 at .ral and plea Jag styi.. and the In? ten ?t is w. 1, s .a an ei, without n sott to toe Ireq n-ut res uue of the mystrii' ng r terribie'' N T! UK ALS k Co , No. 118 Nassau at., up sta'rt. SUPERIOR LIKENESS OF Et OESE ANDERSON, THE Mt'RDERED POLICEMAN, TAKEN AS HE LAY IN HIS COFFIN BY ONE OF OCR BEST ARTISTS, WILL BE PIBLISHED IN THE NEW-YORK SEN, Tills l'Ar WEHN! SDAY. WITH r I'LL PARTK I LARS OF TI! E HIIEADFCL TRAOFDY._ 1"HE TB IB L 1 E ALMA N AC f o r la addition to the aroal Calendar Pagss and Astronomical I alcalf. ulio a/SRl full AND tdMI'I.UTi ELECTION RETl'RNS, by Sute-. I ..1 paaat aal Districts and C'ourUet, for last, aar? rally compared tie returns of form-r y-ara THE IMPORTANT At Ts OF 11 N . iltr..- - . ondeused. TilK ou\fRNMENT OF THE UNITED ST .TES. LIST t)E MEMBERS OF THE LAST tX/XORJMf, aa . of tb. text as far at elt.te J, alastified puUtieaJly. A t ( Nt ISI STATEMENT OF 1UE DOINGS IN KAN? SAS u ng the ps?t ?JIACCI l NT Or THE REMARKABLE CONsTEST FOR SPEAKER of the House ? f Repr?sentativ t >v AM R LE ON THE STATE OF KI'ROPE. AN Ai 190VRT Off THE MOVEMENTS Off OKNERA:. WALE'R and bis Fiil bcit-i C-upaniou. Ui N.. araaua. A t LAS.-IFIED LIST OF THE GOVERNORS OK THE STATES T^ies of Heldicg Eiectioua Meeting of Lcg^la t - a IHK PLATFORM OF THE REPt BLIt'AN PARTY, with f 1 . , :-tat ..ei : tin.' I t-e ilSMOCS.Tic and tail ra* Pari ?. Ii K JF'FFFRSoNIAN ORDINANCE -f 17M. a doeoanent xu't g. Mtal v t-.....t ii and whirl bad it Bean adopted, would ba?. niaile Kei tnckr. Ilattait M .tissrppi and Teausssao ffreo ?lat<. Thr. s vear. .ater the OH nance . f 1717, apptkabls aoJy ii K Wait ? ? waaaaVipt - Sirtb t . r"?. i-t oili, # 1 per Atm : f7 4}* P*>. P .:ast 11. tfie At Masac (one cent each 1 isu.t be prepaid. Ori-.i. inc.. aixg the caah .-espectfalga ttts GRXELCT k McELRATTL Trlbans Ofia*. New York. NEW MUSIC.?" Ws Pivh oiirTitstv. on the DM CaSBJ G-. .d,' Few Days, Few Days." "And f ti 1 M S avery An. Iber Round, an Freeman on ." at tang by List III 11 hitlBa ffatkirj Price O r.nU Just published Uit day, by HORACE WATERS, No. 331 Broadway. A FKE?B BOOK of TRAVEL and ADYEN A TUBE Now re ,.:, ard for -a - by tb' Book ?eilen: WILD NOBTHEKN SCENES; o? SPORTING ADVENTURES THE RIFLE AND THE ROD. By S H HiMX^in Aatb' r of ?? D."( Lakei ami Petes* Streams,"' ate. From tkt Autiur't Prtfaee. Tb? ?cecerj I hare attempted to aeecnr*?the lakes rivers, paooi 'iln*. Islands, rocks, va!!?yiand itrtaau.. ?l! b? 'ound m r*. i ft ri in Loii volume I ? *? .um pcrtion ? f that w'.I.teruet* '.t<* inmrvcrr.od found pi.-1 j < f treat and abur.dane. of dr?r. I hear t tu- ha wl of toe w. 'f, the sen-am of the panther, and the hoarse bellow tt UM Oj. ??????*? t r nij?-lf, I hsv? r arne to regard these mountains, thoae laki ? itt t.-> n.-. 'i i r. old for-?:?, aud a!. th:i .a-'.Id region, aa n J tettle.i nr. Bet r ?ort. :n?tc?>l "f th* ili?cetni">rt?. the jam, th? e.> lten. ..i. lad the UBirst of the watering ptav*a or '.ho aesshor* I t'tit them fat their calm ?ed .?. n. their pure air. their ratoral rhcirfii.r< re, thi i- tra-:--t liairt btanlT tiissr aril Uent mornings, their ?Joriou? sruse-.s, th.-ir a' and .-?puw I'i too. ber?-r?- when among then. I can take >gf the am.rr w hi. b i tie 1a compelled to wear, and remova the w?:. a which i :.e mutt set rier hix^clf, in th ? tTOt/dod th r.-ighr'ar.-s ef 1Mb. beieate i eaa witterte ?in:, ?nout, hurrah aad b. -i.j without cacitii.f the i. ., la : pr 1% ? Li the ?<.'?:. .-up'. .>{ th* w< rid In ?Atari, hwoaaie I oee g" b?.k ??> th* daya of old, aud afJi U t, tM feel like a " a boy again." c< nTents. tlurrah ' for the Country . Th-i Anew Way of Tak'ag Rabbit?: Depart u< i the Sta* Hounds. IA Peer Trapp--d . Vj- BaaaHei The Chase: Round Lake Tin la Combat: li a>k ng up Tr jt; Dcrt-ir a St. r> A Sl'f p-:y | A Fight with a Buck : Topper's rial A FrifLtentd Animal | Lake, A TL uasTsti St. rm In the t- ifirTr. I The B-.*t .Forest TW Bet/tot* the Wetfl m?;'? t. ry The L'poet Ian | f.tpt jt i.g V.iyageiuan t der aac i Spectacle Pt.ncs.The Dwi.weuip A Fair Slot aad a Miss; that l'.rk.d b'u.self t.. Dr...h iDlOWBtug I Bes-. Spai Ml ft mi t.r Rri? k, Agood l.uiewit?|B ar Story | Tue t hate on :no toe Tn ut; Rackett ititer.T in fala-id . Ratt.etnr.k- - aud au I v p. r s La?. ; H .ntiig by Torch Poo!: Out of the Wood.. The light; A New Solii.I in the Martin and Sable Hanter| Foreet; Ii. ? Ces/erssJ with Tbe Thouiaud Islands; Hutu* H a TU Flr-t t'baiu of Again. Pot.df. SliootiL,: by Torna; Ott? bandst n.v 12rao . illustrated. Prtae -ft Also. AN<>T"r.R NF.W NOVEL: THIN J: AND MINE; Oa. TDK STEPMOTHER'S REWARD. By FLeaa Nm.ior Rsltimorc, One neat l2mo. Price Pet t hv mail, postpaid, <>o receipt of price. DERBY at JACKfOM Pi*lHlhlTT, No 119 Nassau tt, New York. ^ BUP111O R L I K ENS88 OF Kl Ol ne ANDERSON. THE Ml RDF.RED POLICEJIAN, TAKEN AS HF. LAY IN HIS cofi . BY ONE OF OCR BEST ARTIST*. WILL BE PUBLISHED IN THE NEW YORK SUN. THIS DAY. WEDNESDAY, WITH PULL PARTICULARS OF Uli DREADFUL TRAOEDY. -1-IIE IOWA CITIZEN U tl.?> beHtt pan-tr m ihe JL (Patt, as a D.edi'.m through whlah to a.l?ern*e It also gl sea a detailed ac so rent of thepragrex of Weatarn ilv.r i and Land Sp?cul*ti<.us. and la a so ore* through whiek Cpital'.sU ?s ? i-ure p.-ofitable 1. oun .-nts Tarm* 03 past year. AA tress W H FARNKR Dec M i.- Iowa SHE FOURTH PAf.E OF THIS DAT1 TRIBI NE DB II.OS'S NEW PATENT PERFECTED TIANOS. THE BEBT PIANOS IN THE WORLD. 1X1 THALBEKu's CERTIFICATE ON TUB FOURTH PAOE OF THIS PAPER S.e OOTTBCHALK'S Cert.ti.ate and MASON'S, and sTTRAKOfCHI, and MARET/.EK'S. ami WuLLt^n H AI I'T'S. and EISFkiLD'S, and otUer great Musical Ad thoritirs. ON THE FOt'RTH PAi'E OF THIS PAPER THIS IS A REVOLUTION in riANO r'oR rs; makimo. ?umontTTi ant) famn <&oot>m. BOWNE & HA8BR0UCK, hm****!*4 Bat Ree. I?4 san 176 Pissl sr., N Y IMPiKlTERS ?..d M AM'FAt TURERS, ofl. t for sale at low cash ?grieee-> <r) variety of A.count i: - t - Paper, Fancy and Staple Sui i, i, Wt 'it.g Pape.?. Notea, DraAs. Money aud Shipping Receipts. I lukatanda. Memorandum and Tim* H - Pens, PancUa, Kate. I'. n Kus. .. Che?? and Backgammon Board?, Ju., and all articles usually kepi by Use trade. JOS PRINTING and j LITHOGRAPHY ei.cuted jat h w rat-a. Cards. C;n.trik/?. Mil. Heada, As- COUNTRY MERCHANT* INVITED TO CALL. _ ^ J mmmmmmmm*BBBm1mmmmBX I.. as.assssj?assss SEE FOURTH PAOE OF THIS DAY ' TRIBUNE DRiGOSS NEW Patent PERFECTED PIANOS. THE best PIANOS IN THE WoRLD SEE TBALBERO*! I EBTIFICATE on THE foi'RTU PAr? E of THIS PAPER. See gott.-'t H.VJ K'S Certtieato aud MASON'S, ami STRAK iSt II S, aud MARET/.EK'S, and WOLLEN? HAI PT'S and EISFELD'*, and other great Musical Af> ihurui. ? on THE FOURTH PAGE of THIS PtPER. THIS IS A REVOLI tion IN PIANO-FORTE MAXIM - pnirniiij. EPTARLISIIED 1*50.?LSA-\C J. OLIVER (Successor to Oliver k Brother) STF\M PRINPEH, MsiMe Pailding. No. 52 BEEKMAN-ST . near IVRRsjsm Iis?? Htadi,, t'ert-'ari, State mm tt Chtckt. t.\:t-Uogutl, U> cttker with errrv description of PRINTING, eieeuted NEAT QUICK!! CHEAP II_ 1\v -, rTv iN 0 iRi PROITUfO.?WE i ?~>! SCL J Vf?TlXO, ADDRESS tad Bi UREM I AADA ggai tsrry eV.ciiption of ENGRAVING and PRIRT1RO la the lest ar, j . h> afwit mtL .er. Order? br Mt? tmtit t- 1. UbWsVsV lion and specimens seut if applied for w.ta P??t Ortice ?ta-ops WK N. DL'NNELL, No.,adway. JOES a. gray,-Nu. 375 BBOalDWA/, mi Not 1? and 11 JACOB-ST . can COMPOSE. STKRBO i*i PE. PRINT. ri LE and BIND-anything reiuired, .t th* SHORTEST NOTICE, and in th* ??ry BEST STYLE. His faaihtia* art the MOST EXTENSIVE .? Ua sjaf. Ori ES ~u,m~PRIsnTjKOaT isCKIsEB-*? H*> 27 FuRuu-at., If yon wiab it done ne-;ly. proaip' ?1 aheaply. Card? #1 5i per th. .sand, BlLoeads e*j per r.-auv riliTl?N't BUILDINGS.?FBINTHNtJ ..f ew-Tj descaiptioB lr in a Card to a Book, at that Lowa.t Caaf Pr.eea baker a godwin Trtb. ^ . 1.. u SEE FOURTH PAGE Of this DAY'8 TRIBINF. DR100S*a NEU PATENT PERFECPRO PIVROA THE BEST I'lANu- !N I HE AORI.l) BEX THAL BERG'S CERTIFICATE ON THE FOURTH PAOl Of 1 MIS I'APF a Saw riOTTSCHALK'0 Certificate. s..l MASON'S, and SiKiK ,-i S m.d MARET/EK'8, and sfuLLRN RAUrJ *, ail EISFELDS and uLbar great M...^u Au OR THE FOURTH PAOl OF THIS PAPER. THIS I- A REVQH 11 . N PIARO FORTE A ?KING. Ho /tram on5 (Dtljcro. FOB SAI.K-Tue. th..r.'i.-li-br.-.l sbod-IrorrwH ' I( i. ??! d by Ki k??si:igt..n. ah* nsosd tan fstertil tte -iabth nl>- t 1st Janua-T. Ik.i. wi'if f '11 Mid s-nKl|'0:i-c ,sr^so-.ii.i a.. 1 i g< .-r r*g? w.L.ul- i' ? eatat, red fmtt. aud sa.<? by eompetra* )- L-s V> ba so* or tie IsMBst annuals .u t?e cu^itrv. T ila Bui. it of Ut taleb-at.d Babe* baaad A'dre.. H ?. C . TMbeass 0?-*. N I ajorscs, (farriigts, ik'c. T.KMi >M MnCi.AV h'M^l.S? For salr?, ' ot.i f*i- lay HORSES fis* year* ..:? sorfl HORSE seret ?r? o'.ii. snd oue gray M?RE fitt years <.d?*.. r.jy scper-or k. r?-a and warrt. ted Ib'j ue at *?. JO Suuitysn at, where tb.y cau be seen, or at n". 17 Sjra e at. ?oet ano /onu5. CHILD LOST.?ATODHG <;ikl. M fsstrs of ?Sie. nsrr.eo MARY ANN V.NRIGflT. -sld. :| with her m. tb- r U gl, q st. Ha. t-een ir.'.saing tsAstt 'lie t:h last., sjir sil .ff- rt.f t:u her I s-.e Keen u-asai.- .t. She was the navu'Btav of % widowed mother, and an? Inf "maUosi r-?p*.tlnp her w D bt thaoTfany itettisS b? Mra MaRGARK f EN BIOhT N< Tl U ML,a?rir,m?t, N?w-Y -t Ff'IND? 0? Rr.?viway, ia fr-nt .?I Staitrtrti vt . MOV ET, whArh tJa* osrrtff may reeeir- apoa p-o? hig pr?f?rry and payiag essat *f atrertiaesn-nt latioire lj- H_ F RiOt.S. at ReyaeUU, De a or a. Go 's, Raa. IOC aad 10* Ful tuc at. RETVARD.?L08T, ? RED COW, tritb white bag and belly, siao whit* spot hetwaesa lire gs. tad a braat knob oa on* burn. Tbe ends ?f :.-r boraa bat* krta paintsd, and aea/ly sun off. Wboersr will gtva la f. rural, n of lbs same, and retarn the Cow M IJrXh at No. 3, Etat BJper will bt eatit.asi to the shore reward. B. M CAOWELls. iTJ.i Ma. T SITT'ATI? rlf WANTED? Bf aSfotoh rr..t/?*taut Woman forHOUSEWt RK. or: isiif her**: I pn> rail] ? fnl it of t quirl. Bifid ditpnailioe. willing to work Wtd BM ire a je d; ttudie* toe lute' >; of hei ca.p.oicr. Cbj bt teen t: No 2113 7th-a*.. nrtu itth .t. \\~ANTYl>?The WASHING ..fa teiar li.i ? ? ... i l! |?iilliaatB b* t comprtenr Laundreaa. who : ;orou?alv ondr rh? b.ainr.. in all it* braacue* Caactat ti Beat eitv rifereco u to capability tui character Ali km it of ? lothrt done in the neatrit aud he*t toaaner Gall aotl M a w U U MAFIA KELLY. Na 279 iota**., a I BRRet. IV AN TED?Ky a rompett-nt flir!, witb exctlltMii fa at* reference, a Htoati.u at COOK iu a reip? cU' .c faoii I? . b.i i'ure lie covktfg. baaing, pna'ry, aud wa.hi-.ig an.! I tDii in her latt place: underttandi meatt and poultry; duet up lim d in tty.e ; watet *>?- Call at Mo iU Eaat 23d ?(. SCOTCH or WeUh Girl want*! to d? CHAM? BER WORE ai . ASSIST taOENERAL HOUSEWORK. A eft and goad turp. re I QU n.jy "iud tu.? a permanent bom*. Applr tt the I V.'ed Statet Ltaaat, corner of Fultou aad WtU" iti.. art.r 3 o'ch ? k p. m. B??KKEEFEK*^SITUATION want*-! hf a married man of atr-adv habitt, and well reoooi in ended f.>r tb'.dty. mtegr*ty, at Inquire of or addratt I a, F. COFCl'tt, Ko 348 V. it .-. EM FLOYEK6 mt Tmmmh Servant*, ui Town and Country, can obtain thia (la* a choice of retpeetahle, re iafelt and m mpetet t 8E?V ANT*. Protee ar.t* a id othert. at WESLEY'S SELECT FEMALE O/FIt E, Nj. ?d 6th av , near IJd it A i ? !j in ttteodance. j^HKirFltT^SMEN. ?WntiNsl. imm-dit v!I. Lw it No. I a Full on ?' . one or two workmen, ror the beat I'ut aiid Work NV.ic but coiupntent. tteady aaaaxteeaeaatj U:<ne?t wafat paid EACH E R8 of M US I C ami M ODER N L A NO U I t. I S . 1 FATHERS of the ENGLISH BRANCHES; TJtACHl es f ?' . SCI1 K( ES; aadTeaeatrt (Led*** and OaaUantaiJ of hieb .juiiiticttloot raa h.-cngtged *t the AMERICAN SCHOOL INSTITUTE, Appleton Rutld,t'f. No 34C Bioadway. Te.i. heri tuaklnt aa* tatemmtt thouid addrett SMITH a BOYD. HP <?l'lTl N T E RS?A tVMP??ifoR ami M. PR essm *.N wiihe? t peruiauent tituation. It a tteady and reliable band. Can give good r? IVren.-et. t-ldreta H woodford. TrtbaaoPSW. TO AlVTlTiNEERS and MERCHANTS.-^-The idtatlliat. fcawittf had tOO yearn' experience in an A B> lion.-. i't i 0ea la ELglaud in Keeping Book* Bad in the .li.poaal , t rat] detcrtj.ti. I i i fti pattj . oi.he. tor EMPLOYMENT Satlttt. tor) reb ren. et g ven. Addrtta Rf,, PoatOuV?, Har i aa, aL T._ \\'ANTKD.-SITUATIONS prot-uivd abrSSssl T" l,?t n, lo.verneatfi t lerkt. Conduetort. Saletroeu, Ra.atgen.rn an I Brakeameu , St. wardette*. O rl? to travel, and I. ft para trad at Charge* mod. tat* Apply to OILLEN A CO . No 6 V?at Broadway YY A N T E 1? ? A jri'rmanent aitnatioa a* f " I RAI OUTttMAM In a la g- mav-Line tb..p. IdiiaBI Box Nu. Vi, Sarit. ja Sptirg?, N Y. all' AML I >? Serein! BOTcfj 15 tn 17 y- in?..t v I age, win. retlde with thtir per-utt, to learn the Dry OtMidt Salary tb.- ftrtt ?e7S. appl) la 'he "'hrhrgli aVpartaacat. ARNoI.O. CONSTABLE at Co., Canal tt , comer m- n er Vl^Nl'l^-A SITUATION bj h rsitMcibtUs tr tn.l int. ...'.. g Boy. 18 yeartof age, from th.-N>n'i af lr> and. of Pr. ti H i patent age, recently c*m?j to tblt city ex perm < to u.n t rYlaadt| but it unable lo tiud them. He la in a <Je?tit lie ? i.J ; ,n. ai J hta beeu received Into the botr iirnt 1 ?* of the Amerii au lu luitritl Ataorint'oii, No. Ii7 tir-en w lei at . until ha ctn find a iltuatloo He would like to go iu'? a ti Btli n.aii'" lan.Lv to Uke care at a Horte work iu a i i ir :? tad to Wat* ..ii TaMe, hav ug been uted to thl<, or u. w?uld bu d huntrlf to any a tpectable mechanic. WANTED-Two m tkice CimTmiTi.^EB8i tv ihnte that perl.ctl) undetatand their huoueta will te ? ? >e liberal com p. ntation and tteady euipioym -tit. Ap^>!y at No SJ Amity tt AV ANTEI>?SITUATIONS in the eit> ..r conn ?vv try at t g< <id Co. k. and to Wg<h an I Irou , at I hamber maid ai u Wait, r ;?? S. auiitre*.: at rhaoiru ran. d and Seam itTCBi at Nurte.Bt (bamberuiaid and Lueidrett. nut to do grnerai b"Baew< rk by very comp, tout Call at N?. i.OUi afaj in the Bookttore. \\f ANTED? In ;t Watch ami Jewelry Stor", un ff active intelligent LAD to learu the bu.iueta. Apply at No 171 Broadway XJkJ A VI Fl?- die A(. I ".N'T in erery town ami v? city in the United Ntatet. Ry aeudiug |our aatdrn.t, w lib atamp to pay re'rirn ptaat^Bav, wr a it: <iee ao ageuey, with fu.i partlcnlart, and tb? per oen'ate allowad VN Pl.l AlMFlt 1 Co , Plaiatow N. II. SEE FOUBTH PAOE OK THIS DAY* TRIBUNE DRIOOS'S NEW PATENT PERFECTED PIANOS. THE BEST PIANOS IN THE WORLD. SEE THAI.bEHO'S CERTIFIl ATP. ON THt FOI RPH PAOE OF THIS PAPES See OOTTSCHALL'S Certitictte. aud MASON'S, and STRAKOS? H S, and MARETZEK'S, and WOI.LKN 1! AI I T'S, ^ud EHFELD'S, and otoer -real Mutb'tl Aa thoiillet, ON THE F< I'RTH PAOE Of THIS P\!'l H TIMS Is A REVOLUnOW IN PIANO SORTE ma KIN-? \to ITJtjom it man Coiuerit ACLERO ?'MAN, wLile Irtbt.ririK '?i it Misui tnnry I i'hem A.ia. d;<-overed a aertalo and pcrunucit CURE foi CONSUMPTION BRONCHITIS, COUOHd COLD aad NERVOUS debility; alt., t thaple taoda ot la ha.ii g Iba rrmrdj wi Mac ta b?.ue:it hit tat#ertag Mlttw. I ?!*' net at a ui h a* poatikl?, ne will be happy to tend the r? ? ip? (fne/I tucb at tletire it. with lull and explicit direction* f. r prepailnt lid on uaiug the article. AddeBtB tat Re% ( ?. BCRNETT. No eJl Br aJway, N.w York City. ADVERTISINO reu l.e d'>M? tn the) ItftrCity And Ceaatn P?p? n f.r and near, at V it. PALMER, AD VERTISISlO and COMMISSION dvOBNCT,Titbaai Build Inga DIM FS sod HAEF-DIME8.?FertwiM within ?.. .Man trim ftM to tJ'V) per week in DiMF.-t an 1 II ILF-DIMES at par for COLD, may addieat SPECIE B No. IMi Poal OtBm. H EALINO BY MAGNETISM.?The celebraW twaJtaVJ Mita ORACR A. DAVIS fr o Cbeiago, ba. ' ?--i ip ber r< tn.eic-iu Brooklyn and ia prejaued to up ?tale fbf !h? ci re of c'laeaaet. Sbe can be vi.'tc^ at N 31 en tt., Vt fuaiutburgh, or will attend patioutt at tueir ow j boa***. I LVFOBMATIOM WANTED of ASHEK I' I't Ku kapoo K.?er. Wia.ou.iu J i y 2? ti r eol ?;r27 IBI6, for Spriugfii l i. Hi. addtaaa I W. OROVRE Caaoord, Mi iugau Ciotok Aqt't otcT DtPtaTMtxr. July I. luvt NOTICE m h. u i.) gfi^n that the? WATER RENTS are dne tni payable anuualiy nn the lit of May. On ike lit of Aagoit f liowirg S p?r eet t tt addtd to alt au paid, and oa tbe lit cf N >v-mber taaraefter an additioual .Ope- tent (See A. t? l.egialat. e t pnl | 1, I BJ| j A.I thoae tttig .* ? tl ps] ? l e ?.:. r .ff tl.ete B?fl? ail. a. mo.: pay bet?re tbe lit ul Auguat _R. tt HANCE, Reglatag. CEVEN PEB CENT CITY REVENUE BONDS 0 will be. ia.ued bv th. CoBArolltW, in tuo-t not leat than * payable 'rom in month* t?> one year, a* may be leai-ef The n t.y may be < d with A V. STOIT. Cha?.t/.-!atB. In lata and L? "the r Bank luterett friau date of dep. ait To MEDICINE DEALERS.?].k osm Knt r? ?* I :>.. morse's INDIAN P.O PT PILLS, Mtati A I V aa* mt aetn r b y thetn . f F. C W.-L? k t , . for we i.. Bat ? r - |v ib. n with our Pillt. The ua-ae aud aig. aatai* at A J RhITS A (? are on all the ?ta Sfat Dr. >(.??? I- . On ..>.?* i-e it tbe t-.t For ad? alao by BARMCai4PARE A. J WHlThku, R e j ,. pr|. tata, No. SO I^-onard-at , New York. rVi> MANl FA( II REES und OTHERS, with A bag to tatei.o : in ir k wiaaaa - The aabtarihtf avatvi ravviaad aa ' i t ;i ? la A e?f f i . a-ge Mawufar" irltia H . i*.. It Pad a talpaia Bar taaj it at SMarioatt i tat been aoaf ail -the S . i m ru -'. bn a. atal ?t BttM Ol tS- N irtb , U ayajl a-^uaiufe 1 wi n a lane LLn i.r of the mott tolvent Southeru mercOmt* b.v.og at I e butlne** with theu ; rail hifluaue? altuo.t any bran b of tiaoe I w i i. to er r. -e w.tL am ikat Houte to take at-aWt f > re . i... c ,,, ? ?(, carry aaany tamflca. I wil; give ?. - ? b*at of refert . ? I travel with a borte t^a k .air. 1 e >e rthel lataf Auguat. Addr aa T. D A. P gf ( fj . '.,w Terk. f. r te. ?avt. C.,anr.e9 for Unstnesw SXen. AN UCNBID oi-i'iiRTi Mrv far fU'Si NE8"I ?Th-adv-r:i'er w'tbeB to dtap te of hit long ea tab.i.htd SHt?r STOS nt if tbi %at a tttaaial ibbIMi. i It ft- ? o..try He will ?eil It, wttb or wtthout the atoea, or wJ] r.d .'-ir Bttai to auit ti.e iceaot of type. auta. Tn* *t .re t* t.' l-oti .I. i.tteinp with r< tiLt-rt iBelviufa and ftraltu?? ata in* I i*n eaa I*, tnd ha* been. v. ry pr-nabln. |. W|'; na af.ld Lew to a retpoatib'e per. m n vry ac. ..camo i .-itig t r m ^iti.fat ton r a*, in will he givec for teihn iddreaM foi fu.i pa 'ieufai. C S , at the Ottoe of IIa New Y rk 1 Nc 1 j ^(ircre at ' L'OR SAJ K?A Rt?t*lJ DRUG STORE, in Rw 1 lcwey fax. of tieet'y. weil etuMitael. *n,l dciag a a A App I, ST.'R'N v ..I'ERhER N ,. 7 "... , ? rcR PALE?MACHINE and LOCOMOTIVE iL 1^1^ ^% ^ ? *'i?R?k: and BOILER SHOP. ^i.^ ?'j:k; it* Sf*?' ,l81^ *">"d. POUNOERY Wxa? ??od; -^eihe, Wuh ta, moat perle? ^ ,4 T-u. aad WMiTE^vrlt^rSi^f *^ *,,,0UT: ?i??u*?K?4 * VVHITK B!VER JlNCTlcN, Vt,, at tae jiaettno Aim Alto ten IT* EIJ-'Nia-xtot'SES may be h.d with th- S . p. If avtired. Toe aaovt wiU be mid very .-heap and ItaM tili** for pajautaU jivan. Addreaa; at WaiU River Juu te.n Vt N- B. ooEr j.tJ. I1TERARY.?An Author hat a toio?J>? Work J read; f. i pre**, tad : If ? partner who wiTI a ' -a: e. a tu all .mount and take aa interest In tb* puhlt. atassi It baa f ? ? ? .ft :.?.d by ear ami ruin. Dt literati An- :???? u aVa%> lr? la eaarrlaa Iba naatter may ..dr.?aPROFESSOR ALFRED TrbenaORo*._ S1FAMSII IP ATL?KT? -For Sale, THREE? FIRST CLASS PARBAOR TICKETS r-f St*. m r AT LAM IC. I at Augaa' i... L.verp. i I Three ofto* -e.t Beruh? in the tbip. a#t?e?ed b* aa t r,J vcy.t..T Apply to it HBIKK a 1VFS. No .it gaaaaaa. oo. tu?, st. rfX) WHOLESALE STATIONESiTW aaf. X TritiHt u irapaiiu* for the iraiket a aa* artiela at that Star... in* I'tt- aod wlthel to ir>?f ?tth sum* Wh mmm H. I AM '-? ?? FNT;T. F I *>NTROL "f the SALES, thai be mat ?tlrnd ?arlativt'v t 'he u anotarturlnf s?r partieua a/a s.i'dtrs. ATM B< - No. It* Ch't. am *jWS_ PoatOaVa. M aoroa AanoicT Orrict. RBV Tot?. Jana ?. ISo?. O CONTRACTORS. ?prupoaaJa for th* eonatrrirtir.:. of the EMBANKMENT* of tAa NEW BRAND KE!?F.RYOIR of toe It too A decoct will aa r**aiT*?f uxtil the 15tb day of Augu*t o*?t at ncoa. arbaft th* ps^-ntle w ie prned. I _ TV. R .erreir wttt eo**r aboot sat-** of land, and arttl baj Id Japih 40 feet The qaanu.y of work to ha it _* kf apptoal ? ? ?'? ah. wn aa follows: M 504 *uhi. sarda ot soC to be eteavstej aad plow ad in apoal tat is 74.00* aahir yards of puddle. tit.'-- o et Mr yards ot excavation and embark laarat M As) euhic yards of roek earavst.oa. ELMS' . ubie yards of bmt*? stone. 47 trbt* yards f stotte psvi-ig or alop* wnB <' ?? t is rarda f eor..v?t? 55t) eabie yarda t,f btiek wall, kid <a as matt. ?.0M eebtr yards of penis laid in .?tnet.*, 3?4.tso R M fe t of she.' rdttn? It ?he lowest bidder refuse or StaAl to a. ot pt tfcs stork, within for; v eight hours art. r written n tire of the sward, the sontraet wi:; h- iv'.s n:: ?r d far But !. ?than ten days, sad rolet, I iaas and ?prrlfrat,->u? will be reaJy for axa uluaUot. at tola onV e or and a*rr'be ?: .v fj .nest. T'.!. Board wil, be ready to el tfc>< n-saoory fortis* fate hone?? ami r pe rhambr-e apnurt- rr -. ?? t.> toia Reservoir, and alto tot ?K lane Ii el . ..: NSN M ? ? w rk In . short timw. I>nr n. Hi e . f ttn 'et:ins will be given. F r fvrther Information aT-:.ty U< OEOROE S. OBEENE, Ftigi: ' > r in ch?-?e f the work. M \ AN HUCK Pia.ide.ut, ) Croton T.1F? R pe FOREST Aas t Coto'i. } Asuedue? A W I RAVEN. Chief Engineer, ) Buard. rfwv. H??RDff K?lTcE t'OMMIS.<IONERS 1 ef the METROPOLITAN POLICE DI^RICT e-tU .*> esfve prog.aals (si supulyiua the Dtstrtrl wr.a BALLOT' BOXES, utUltbetst day of A. (n.t next K. older of thai Bosid OEO W EMBR1 EX, CAM CIera, protein. IX? JKWKl.FKN.-FOR 8\|.e. IhV STOCat gsjd FIXTURES of an old . rt sMsahasj JEWELRY STOBB in a g.-e.i 1. ration. Address i S M . T. ? iau. tlib. e. \\\\NTEIWWra"s!TMiul fir^-oU-s I.x'va Und* T ? p. ,ir ra.i.oad s mod era buiif HOUSE with lit or 14 R .si, in or near the rlty. Address D H C, No. 47 I nj st ill i Tt Ii \T\ - in?H ? m i ? i i - p v r i v e h. O I IF.VlM f. wanted for a MAN I FOTI RINO BUS!. Nt SS whi. h '? in- b..t In the I un ii th. above amonnt I? the Iraat we make dunrc any rear. s>4,0W0 to #5 sr>0 is'rw quired to em In aod no kit. wl-da* of Hie b-.sines* naoe.sary? Ad^rs.s P t B >s No. !*? Tnbun* OtBro. -To .TEWELERS and WATCH "?.^MiriF, M A K F HS t r ?a!e-the STOCK. FIX 'M RES ard two .rsrs ?r.eipire.l LEASE of * wellestabllsh?? ?'d pr- tit-' la li-welrs Store will be sold on aor. mnjodatin*; t-rn.s sou >a'i.lsrt< rv n a?- Bf g.v. n for dispaaiug of the b.i* inesa ApplttoO II ILLS No 19 Maiden lau*, or to HILL4 h HFNNEf Cauaodaigua N Y. IliMI ?J lllS sum in rush will imrobastt O ??,lf\WF, 30 a.r*s St HUSENHALE BTDXA[*U0 CEMENT aad LIME tjl a HR I ES. free frin Inmiinbraiioa, situated near th* Roudout Creek and adrerti-ed one day ?ulj Apslyto C van REI ben., N \. Summer netrrats. l a v i rack si m it es BOAiDora V HOUSE - Four b.-urt' rid* troos New York Per-ons de. siring a pleasant SUMMER KETKEaT will rlud aurh at I l.A\ ERA' K Columbia Co., N Y Hoard ir-.tu t>4 n #7 a w. rk. Sil lamilles w ho mav wish to bring thnr servants with thetn, and dotAtil own tt srketiug and eoofclua ran p ? a suit. a. fFIRN|,HEl! Rl 'OMS, a private Dining Hail f M I Utsl CimAIcs U'.isils, by paving s> .V> a Week far earh rmian <H.rupled. Ad.lrsss JOHS W. LYON. C'ol NTRY ROVKD, AMOVE THE HIGH LANDS.?For a dir, healthy atmiaphcra, larae rooms, plenty of milk, fiuits, Ar., fine drlvtt. an I a kteMoa every waj de.irai'le, ?pply at No. JS Au.ity st , troiu III to I KITTATINNY HOI'SE-Delawari', Ps.?I* now open for th* reo. ption of visitors. Situated! In the midst of ?ran3 at.d varied inam IJ this wait ilug plw e I* antquail. d in att:a. tlretieaa. Terms of B ?rd aaenje as Wat see* son Arersslble from New A'oik by raliwas. Laslng PI. r No. 'i North River at 7, and arriving hete at I e'ehaai _w A ijODHXAD, Pr..pti. LATtU'RETl E HUCKE, IWa*?ii V^u\ N. J., la uow open for the r*eeptloa of BOARDERS. SAMUEL T SBOWF*. AFRENCH GENTLEMAN, wishin? to *p-nsl a .1 upl* of month, in the ueaatlf, d> tires to give LKSSONB iu his < wn langusge in eirhang' fjg HOARD Refereoesw ea* ebaig. I Address FRENt II and AMERICAN INSl'ITI.'TE, eoru. r of Mardougal and em it. , Mew I ork. ,.J UJ-po--v*2raf--X - jkioarb anb Boomo. BOARDING at 45, 47 am! 40 E.-at IlnNt.lwaj ? Houus for Oeut'rmen and thoir Wivea, also ft s' a ?? flea* Sssftossa, shtfltai the r its froui a I# I AH par dap 1 i Ifi IECK I L'-ST.?HaRilwiiTit>rv Vurnistiod ItfOsnd mil in ilod fain !y APART*! ENTB to LET, s.ili't vtitboot HOARD. K. t' renn? . required. 1 - jjj."ja-HL-L-j.. . . ?l.|.|sj|''tL?"jat t3.ujo?8 tO Cfi. TO LET?The H<??MS ll^w ?M'4'iipis.(l by the S.? I' it Cl.arlnt li use. b. Ins the entire aeeoml ?t.?rji ? t No t>2 Broadwav. exteri.Mn? fo-m Broadway IM real sV ep to '.. t. tt , 24 feet wide; lighted Iretjt and rear an I by a large sky i .i' E*.r ttatuis. inquire at the ' le.rm? II na.- on ans biui> i . ?? 4 v ap.-r II ..'. i..rk a, in .f OEOBOB D LYMAN. IX) LET?Two ce-nteel COTTAGES a. Havene w-?.i wuaOROI'NDS sr.d STABLES, .:.p ?t? to lha Sfeaiiibeat Landing of LOWER RAVENSWOOD ? rt stery hour to Ore*i<p..!ut. WI'tlaro?bn'<h and Brejk'TTa. ply u> J. S. HARRIS nswr tb* premise*, ot to HARJAlaV l/FLAY A Can. No ? Peek all?_ TO LET-A OTOBE in No. IS AuiiH-pLi'rt I he upper part of Laurent?: ) o. tw?en Bloeckar and] Amity ?ts. fjouocs anb /arms UDunteb. 1%'ANTED?A aiimll FARM?SM RBt?fTTORR ft or two ..ours'ride from New York - i.i 'i I f.r im pit t. d real "ist? in Brooklyc. (.'all at the L'imbar Ya.d oof nsr ?f tolumtla ibd Harriaonat?., or addreaa Box No M, P O, Br>' ?l)i. Red Rotate for Sale. BEAUTIFUL COI N! RY-SEAT at ISVINCr* two.' .rv Man?'..?, 54t*i, w m all the impi v. met'a batba. wai. r rioa. ta, g.? pip-?, \ . Large Carriage U ar.! sir all Barn, mid about 4 i las I ? w. Jlfrn.ted, afld baa a b. aattfltl view I f the Hudtou II... r .? ? - fourth mile from dep-1 F r sain on east u rma. (1141) A J BLF1ECF.ER. -ON A Co., No 7 Br. ad st. F\~R SALE?l?ruj?4.ui?~< 'HS T R Y HE AT at OAtoUSfkA, Cesj? O ..-third Ca-h thr other tw., third* ia \\'. .ten. Hai.r ?d Bouda Poaaeta' ... v, ai.d the n.a of : .-n tore till Fall. Bog tnr brr lafomatioa tnouira of HO? MER MOKOAN No .Finest_ FOR~lTALE~?rEXCHANGE? For Htoni^?m; fie.aware I.arkawan. : VVV.1 - Waiter. '?'?* Y s i. l V. ?* ha.-i, ie ? ll?..1 . . -t?? l ? " B nds a HOC"E, .o I ti nei.<:? n.. iy ?iusned. n Uiaoklyu > Apply to HOMER MOROAN, |.i,?4?) _No. ?Pttsfsfc HUI SE for HALE.-No. Si Wert llth-at.? A 4 ?tory Brown Stone ftr?t-?isas HOUSE A.r ?*l*, baa all the a,. ?iem ianpro*. merits and I? atri' tly a Srat-rlass House| I.a? St baas ai d fiet,.oed tnrougbout In the te st 'sa ? oar and is in tomplet. o.-d.r Ti. LflT ia aVjxiai feel T h. .,!d, as th* own?i i* sheet Ut !? u t. '(? :i. tue i llj I ..rue I ;?-e J . .e.ti .u f .s. u. The Houae tau be awen oetwneu the b./ora of I and IS ?V saV, at from 1 to I p. au Apply at _No. 81 8PRUCE-RT. SI RING FARM f.r HALE?tin the Hitdtia BMrr Star aiilte htliitr I' cbAea>a?ls>, and a >iu arte* of a S fi tr Mill i E' rrj Railroad II- p.' and Milton Ferry i eon* lam. IS astss of highly raltivtled land : healthy, b aotifnl. 'on snd t rnieopp./rton.ta A;^.;t J B BIlVVbHH, No IV Bowtry, corner Orand ?t, or a.l4r.-*t V. H. HALr LfiCK I o.iibkeepai. or im; r? ot. the premisea. A I Er7K)WER7~wTtto op witbsjat F?CTO^ ?.r? fr.r SALE and U. LET, at MiUteewa... R. T , Rj a?n tnm New y. ri IsTsnire *; No. n r.itirtlanJ'. ?t. or to I m Ht.lrNtK Aseot Mati.aa.. N Y vv inounaion. ASHI AND COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE.? >I . ' i AlsJNOTlCF..?The ser.^d Summer Quarter cons, m. r r.s July 22. Oo* of the Pnneiusua mat he se. a at Mr. Edward uough1?, 1H Naaatn st , on J Jj ?, Jl and 2i Hl I 'SON RIVER INVrflUIE at CWrack, N. w York, Male si.d Female ?Board siid Tuition ?!? .ar Tetm ./pen* S-r'ember III Oe:,,en Iostruator* I P aioMaaic, Palntn | and Mo<U>rn Languafaa. Htsiw ia ?t . . ..-a n.? The Bev A. FLACK, A. M , Priaap** LEs>( >NS nrui 1 RAN.-LA J IONS iu FKKNCIf, OKRJXAK, ITALIAN SPANISH. COMPOSITION an I ELOCl Ii?.N by an e?r rien<ed French Lady. ?*e mrttom Ei'gUab rori. tiv and t. a. uewthe shot* laa?atajea tj l?*?f ? ;..d: from:.'ehrst /..d.j.?nt? ot graram*/ t > t s SO n,i ,. ir. m New York. AUdr.?? FRENCtl LADY, Tr.bana Otfi- e._ \\it?tic HALL SEMINARY for Ywiof, Udj, * , AZCatal. irne may^d ^ Prmcipel. Roa. Besttsa Mass. mM RH ?kILL'- BOARDING ami DAY II I ' ' ,. ., i Sm. g al J 1" f l-titoo Ptar?. will be re .?pallet ii i Y S? ?t 15. App'iaatvana earn he aaade by lavtar '^2. Ir : '. le'i bJ??- antti ->e,t Ist. aftaf wu^?aa. i* mill Vsa In town. _ ____ _ _______?__?_??_?? TAERYTOWN INS I I l lTF.?C^rralara, ?wn raiumg teisos, r? f?reot?? new of Lbe Inststute, h?-, eaa t* ?buantsfkj addrettuii A NEWMAN, A At, rrtaaipta.

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